IUG Wrapup

I just got back from IUG 16 in DC. It was very informative and I thought I would share some of the highlights. Keep in mind you need the IUG user name and password to get to these. Let me know if you do not have them.

Release 2008 Development Update

I attended a session on the Release 2008 development update. This is ironic considering 2007 has not been released yet. They admitted that 2008 will not be out in 2008 either but the 2007 release should be up in a week or so. We’ll see.

Google Analytics

Probably the most exciting session I attended was on Google Analytics. Ohio State is using this product extensively to track data. Okay, I found it exciting. Your mileage may vary.

Webpub.def: The untold Story

This was a very useful session I wish I had attended before going to webpac pro.

ERM Soup to Nuts

Another great session except for the annoying person who took up half an hour with her unfilled helpdesk call. There is going to be a lot more integration with 2007 that will fix many issues currently encountered.
Archiving Order Records in MS Access

This library had an interesting take on order records. Instead of buying more from III they just exported them, put them in an access database and then deleted them every year or so. Shows how creative you can get when there is no money.
What Should We Do with Our WebPAC? Can We Make It Relevant in a Web 2.0 World?

This was probably the most fun session for me. John Wenzler, the presenter, is something of an apologist for the WebPac and addressed what he referred to as the “opac sucks meme”. I am part of the chorus chanting this phrase but his explanations were insightful. I invite all of you to check out his slides.

There were others but these are the highlights. Hopefully they will all have their materials up soon.

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