I saw this post on LISNews.  A fine choice indeed.

‘Guybrarians’ – An Overdue Phenomenon at Many Libraries, and a Fine Career Choice

by Bibliofuture

Perhaps no one portrayed a stereotypical librarian better than actress Shirley Jones in the 1962 movie, “The Music Man.” Her character, Marian Paroo, was the town’s conservative, unmarried, bespectacled and socially awkward librarian, who only learns to loosen up when a fast-talking salesman stops into her Iowa town.

This stereotype of librarians as studious and socially awkward has persisted in American culture over the years – something that’s evident not only in film and television characters, but in the McFee Company’s ( Librarian Action Figure, released a few years ago. The action figure is modeled as a gray-haired woman in glasses, wearing frumpy clothing. Press a button on her back and she lifts her arm in a “shushing” motion.

These are exactly the stereotypes today’s librarians would like to get rid of, especially one new class of librarians – “guybrarians,” or male librarians who are daring to take their careers where previous generations of men rarely did.

Full article here.

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