Stitch N’ Bitch at Burritt Library!

Come on over to the 1st floor of the
Burritt Library every Thursday from
1-2 p.m. to knit, crochet, or any other
craft you can tote along.

Novices are welcome!

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5 Responses to Stitch N’ Bitch at Burritt Library!

  1. James says:

    Exactly what does this have to do with the library?

  2. Debbie says:

    Dear James: The library’s primary mission is to support a community of learners, whether that learning is formal or informal in nature. Knitting circles, etc. are being convened in both academic and public library settings throughout the country, including such august places as Harvard. Research has demonstrated the benefits that accrue to those who engage in the handicrafts like stress reduction and improved mental stamina… the very things that can promote student success!

  3. Meghan says:

    What a great idea. I love knitting! Wish I could come, but I’m in class during that time!

  4. Ann says:

    I really like this idea too but I also have class! It’s too bad you can’t do an other time!

  5. Sarah says:

    Ann and Meghan,
    If you’d like to join in, we’d be happy to change the time as the group is just starting out and our times are flexible. Go ahead and send me an email (address above) with times that might work better for you and we’ll see what we can do!


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