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Ronnie Fernandez has a blog

Dr. Ronnie Fernandez has a blog focusing on

social and political commentary about “race”, ethnicity, immigration, sociology and social change

Check it out at




I saw this post on LISNews. A fine choice indeed.

‘Guybrarians’ – An Overdue Phenomenon at Many Libraries, and a Fine Career Choice by Bibliofuture

Perhaps no one portrayed a stereotypical librarian better than actress Shirley Jones in the 1962 movie, “The Music Man.” Her character, Marian Paroo, was the town’s conservative, unmarried, bespectacled and [...]


Texting Feature in CONSULS

Ok, so by now many of you have discovered our latest CONSULS hack– the ability to send a call number and location information in the form of a text message. I think it’s pretty spiffy and hope you like it too. When people ask why I enjoy working in libraries one of the first things [...]


A New Website Devoted to Envisioning the Future of Libraries

This comes courtesy of D-Lib Magazine which continues to produce amazing features. See



Volunteering in NOLA

I returned recently from a trip to the great city of New Orleans. The main objective of the trip was to help rebuild houses in the Lower Ninth Ward, an area that was ravaged by floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.This area was particularly hard hit, and many residents had water up to [...]


Open Letter from Defective by Design

Defective by design is a group opposed to digital rights management (DRM) software. They have published an open letter to ask public libraries to stop using DRM.


I would urge you all to look at this letter and consider possible future implications for the library world.


Wikipedia and the OED

The Chronicle has a reference to a great post on the OED blog:


Publisher Compares Wikipedia to Oxford English Dictionary by Catherine Rampell

Over at the Oxford University Press’s blog, OUP publisher Niko Pfund paid Wikipedia the ultimate compliment: It’s like the Oxford English Dictionary.

An excerpt from his comments:

“I’m actually increasingly [...]


CIL 2008

Today is my first day back in the library after attending (and presenting at) the Computers in Libraries conference in Arlington, VA. The weather was well, crap, but at least we had plenty to keep us engaged during the very eventful 3-day conference. As promised to many of you great folks who were hanging with [...]


A lively debate

Steven and I have been having a wonderful flame war on the library list that I thought could work much better on the blog so here goes.

Original Post

From: Bernstein, Steven (Library) Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 9:59 AM To: Library Subject: Overvaluing the Virtual

The following letter to the editor appeared in this [...]


Upcoming Presentations at Academic Computing Conference

I will be presenting at the 22nd Annual Academic Computing Conference this Saturday. for a preview here is my powerpoint. Debbie will also be presenting (I think) before she and Susan head off to the wilds of CIL

My PowerPoint