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A lively debate

Steven and I have been having a wonderful flame war on the library list that I thought could work much better on the blog so here goes.

Original Post

From: Bernstein, Steven (Library) Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 9:59 AM To: Library Subject: Overvaluing the Virtual

The following letter to the editor appeared in this [...]


ITC Listserv Discussion

Charles Menoche, Otis Mamed and I will be leading a discussion today about alternatives to the campus listserv as a means for scholarly communication. Tom Burkholder in Chemistry has been kind enough to set up some examples of the kind of software freely available as points of comparison.

Drupal (Full CMS)


WordPress (What [...]


Upcoming Presentations at Academic Computing Conference

I will be presenting at the 22nd Annual Academic Computing Conference this Saturday. for a preview here is my powerpoint. Debbie will also be presenting (I think) before she and Susan head off to the wilds of CIL

My PowerPoint