Welcome to the Basic Information Literacy Tutorial!

BILT is an educational Web site designed to introduce you to research sources and skills. The tutorial is organized in three modules which you should complete in order. Each one takes approximately 30 minutes and is followed by a quiz, so you may want to take notes along the way.

Each module includes:

  • an introduction
  • a list of key concepts and skills
  • main content
  • a quiz

Other parts of BILT (available in the top and bottom blue bars) include:

  • HELP - general tips for using BILT

  • WORD - explanations of key terms

  • CONCEPTS - a list of the ideas is shown 

  • MAP - access to all pages within a module

  • INPUT - your comments and suggestions

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This tutorial is derived from TILT, the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial produced and maintained by the University of Texas.

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