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Looking up Lending articles in ILLiad

Sarah noticed something peculiar today, so this brought me to set down in writing the hierarchy of where to look to see if we can send an article full text.

1) Check the Knowledge Base. To do this, use the Collections Tab. If links appear and say YES…click the link to get to the PDF file.

If the KB says NO….

2) Check the Innovative Addon and check the “About Resourse” tab for the title. If it says ILL permitted, proceed to the Citation Linker tab to see if we have the article in full text.
3) If the answer to all is NO…we need to see if we have it in print and get it pulled from the stacks.

Knowlege Base for Articles has been turned on!

The World Cat Knowledge Base for articles has been turned on!!! Now, I need to remember to check the statistics.

New Procedure for Lending Emailed Articles

1) Open BScan ILL Software.  Scan Pullslip.

2) Enter the Pullslip information as follows:

Patron:  n/a, IP: ariel.ccsu.edu; Document ID:  ILL number; Delivery: Save to Disc

3) Scan as usual, do Image Treatment and send

4) The document will appear in the My Documents folder as a PDF and will not be sent to Ariel.

5) Open Microsoft Outlook and email the PDF attachment to the borrowing library.

6) Delete the PDF from the My Documents folder when you are done.