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Looking up Lending articles in ILLiad

Sarah noticed something peculiar today, so this brought me to set down in writing the hierarchy of where to look to see if we can send an article full text.

1) Check the Knowledge Base. To do this, use the Collections Tab. If links appear and say YES…click the link to get to the PDF file.

If the KB says NO….

2) Check the Innovative Addon and check the “About Resourse” tab for the title. If it says ILL permitted, proceed to the Citation Linker tab to see if we have the article in full text.
3) If the answer to all is NO…we need to see if we have it in print and get it pulled from the stacks.

North American and International Libraries

Reminder: Be sure to select either NorthAmer or Intl Libraries as the Billing Category. That way the billing is correct.

If you forget or find a request that was coded incorrectly, in ILLiad 7.4 you can always do an “UNDO OCLC SHIPPED” from the Process tab. In ILLiad 8.0, click on the OCLC tab at the top and click the UNDO SHIPPED, red icon.

ILLiad’s new Written Off Queue

Chris and I got talking a while back as she processed an OLD unpaid lending BFR. It occurred to me that I could use ILLiad to keep track of this for us. So, today I created a new queue in lending: Written Off Queue.

When we write an unpaid bill off, just route it to this queue and we will keep it there until ILLiad is gone…..

What to do when Odyssey glitches

New instructions for Odyssey in Borrowing are now on the wiki: http://eblill.pbworks.com/Incoming-Odyssey-problems

Odyssey in Lending: for now we should set all Odyssey articles back to [In Stacks Searching]. This could change in ILLiad 8, but I won’t know until I play with it.  I will try to  working on ILLiad 8 and Bscan during April.

Awaiting Odyssey Scanning and importing into ILLiad Lending

Things have changed with the upgrade of the new computer in the back room.

When importing an electronic document into Odyssey Lending, change the document to a tiff and save in My Documents. This hasn’t changed.

In ILLiad, we NO LONGER have to change the status back to “In Stacks Searching” status for Odyssey documents. Odyssey is looking for the “Awaiting Odyssey Scanning” status.

The problem we encountered is that sometimes when the document is imported the document information does not populate the field and the [SEND] buttons are grayed out. When this happens, just type in the TN number and hit [Enter]. This should populate the screen and the [SEND] button will appear.

Renewal button in ILLiad Lending Web pages

We received a call from a library who has been using our new lending homepage. She wanted to request a renewal, but when she looked at the item in her account, there was no option to renew. Yes, this confused me too.

David at OCLC Support told me that when that specific request was entered, it went into the system with a System ID: OTHER. When he changed it to “LWEB” and looked again at the account, the renewal button appeared.

I am not sure what is easier, fielding the lending libraries phone calls, or trying to remember to fix this when entering a new request. –OR–Radical idea, effective now, we activate the account and send the request back. When did we start this November? What do you think?

ILLiad Lending Web Activation form and list

I moved all of the ILLiad Lending Web page materials into a folder on the S drive.

S:Access_ServicesInterlibrary LoanILLiad Lending Web Activation

Online Full Text Documents

Since it has been quiet today, I have been playing with ILLiad 8 and Lending. As I am sitting here processing the lending articles, I am wondering….

Since we double-check to be sure that the article is actually there in full text, would it make more sense to just save a copy to the S drive, using either the ILL Request Identifier or the ILLiad Transaction Number. Then the student workers could just go there and find the document and do whatever needs to be done. That might actually streamline things. Thoughts??

Lending Clear Customer Email template

When processing faxes or ALA forms inILLiad, the new Lending Clear Customer email template is now operational.  There is one thing I would ask.

I cannot get the salutation to read correctly, so right now it is pulling in the WHOLE shipping address.  So, please edit the salutation so that it reads:  Dear Welles Turner Library, or who ever.  I am still trying to find the correct field tag.  Hopefully some day, I will find the correct one.


Awaiting Lending REVIEW queue

Several weeks back I created some custom Queues for Borrowing and Lending questions. In Borrowing, the queue is used for requests that I need to deal with.

In Lending, they could be requests that we have to email the library and ask a question, or just a request that you don’t want hanging in the Awaiting Lending Request Processing Queue while you wait for an answer.

The problem was on the Lending side, I could not get the queue to show up in the proper place. This problem has now been fixed and will appear under the Process pull down menu when you are processing the Lending and ISO Lending request! Success!