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Curr Lab textbooks no longer being sent through ILL

Curriculum Lab textbooks are a pain. They are MULTI-volume sets, and when we ship them it is hard to pack them, and because there are so many pieces, they rattle around in the bags or boxes and then get lost when what we mail them in opens enroute. Or we have some pieces come back but not all, or I have to argue with homeschooling Mom’s who want to buy them, etc…the laundry list of problems goes on and on.

Barb and I have decided that these items are specialized enough that they should circulate here to our patrons, but not leave through traditonal ILL. The one problem I foresee will be the Connecticut public libraries which will be upset, but their patrons can come and apply to be Guest Borrowers and take them out that way.

I am debating about whether or not to just say Not on Shelf, or to actually get a note in the OPAC on each title of the 300+ titles. So for now, NOS….

Here is an example:

Author Hall, Nancy

Title Explode the code / Nancy Hall, Rena Price
Publisher Cambridge, Mass. : Educators Publishing Service, 1976-1986

CCSU Curr Lab C C5 EPS H178e Bk.1