Update to ILLiad

From ILLiad:

An update for ILLiad will be loaded on Sunday night so when you come in Monday 12/13 it will prompt you to update.

This update is particularly exciting because it has many new enhancements in it. Atlas went through everything in their development backlog that was an issue for sites that made them still want/need to use 7.4 and addressed them. Some items of note are:

– You can click and drag a tab off of the request form to create a separate form or reorder them however you like. So if you loved seeing the OCLC form on your second monitor, you can now.
– Creating a custom search no longer gives you a loooong list of fields to scroll through but breaks them down by table.
– You can now filter your print jobs to exclude any items you don’t want to print on certain forms like you used to do in Word.

Check out the release notes to see a complete list of all the changes:


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