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Safari Tech Books Online database screen

Safari Tech Books Online

Search the contents of over 130 e-books in computer science and IT-related fields from publishers such as O'Reilly, SAMS, Macromedia Press and QUE.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only. Access is limited to 3 users at a time.
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Sage Premier (2008 Package) database screen

Sage Premier (2008 Package)

The Sage Premier 2008 Package and Deep backfile provides full text access to over 400 e-journals published by Sage from Vol. 1, issue 1 to the current issue.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
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Sanborn Maps (CT & Maryland) 1867-1970 database screen

Sanborn Maps (CT & Maryland) 1867-1970

Includes digital versions of the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps for cities and towns in Connecticut and Maryland.

Sanborn fire insurance maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
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Science Reference Center database screen

Science Reference Center

Science Reference Center is a comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full text science-oriented content. This database contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, etc. Topics covered include: biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife.
CCSU students, faculty and staff or CT public library card holders.
Science, general  |  Reference Works  |  Environment
ScienceDirect Freedom Collection database screen

ScienceDirect Freedom Collection

The Science Direct Freedom Collection provides full-text articles from most titles published by Elsevier from 1995 onward where available. Does not include some health sciences, society presses, or Cell Press titles.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
E-Journal Collections  |  Science, general  | 
SciFinder Scholar Web Access  database screen

SciFinder Scholar Web Access

Provides access to the CAS database Chemical Abstracts (1947-present), Registry (1957-present), and CASREACT (from journals, 1985-present; from patents, 1991-present). Users may search more than 19 million citations to the chemistry literature by topic, author, CAS Registry Number, patent number, and CAS abstract number.

To use the web version, you must first register for an account. Already registered? Go directly to search SciFinder Web.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only. IMPORTANT! If you are off-campus and attempt to log into SciFinder Scholar, your web browser may report a problem with the website's security certificate. This problem is caused by a mismatch between the system used by CCSU to authenticate users and allow remote access, and SciFinder's own security system. If you receive such an error message, simply choose the option to "Continue," "Continue to the website," or "Create an exception" depending on the browser used. More information...
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Scopus database screen


Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Please note* If you experience off-campus access issues with this database, please see Off campus Scopus instructions(*updated 12/2/2016)
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
Biology  |  Science, general  |  Nursing
Scribner Writers Series database screen

Scribner Writers Series

Biographical information and essays about writers.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
Literature  |  Biography  | 

Selected Water Resources Abstracts

This database was compiled from several sources for USGS abstracts on the subject of water resources since 1977, plus some earlier abstracts. The method of submitting and collecting abstracts was not foolproof and, therefore, this is not a complete set. The information you find here should be augmented with other methods of search such as the USGS WRSIC Research Abstracts. Abstracts for the years 1977-1993 were taken from the previous implementation of "Selected Water Resources Abstracts" (SWRA) by selecting those abstracts where the corporate author field was "Geological Survey". The full collection of Selected Water Resources Abstracts, 1977-1993, is available from the Universities Water Information Network.
Available to all users.
Environment  |  Biology  |  Geology
Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th Revised Edition) database screen

Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th Revised Edition)

Originally published by Smithsonian Institution Press, this classic reference source comprises 901 tables of general interest to scientists and engineers, and of particular interest to those involved with physics in its larger sense. All entries in the index are hyperlinked to their page numbers.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
Science, general  |  Chemistry  |  Physics
Social Sciences Citation Index database screen

Social Sciences Citation Index

Provides access to current and retrospective bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references found in over 1,700 of the world's leading scholarly social sciences journals covering more than 50 disciplines. Coverage: 1990-June 2015.** Please note: there is a temporary outage for this resource.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
Sociology  |  Education  | 
SocINDEX with Full Text database screen

SocINDEX with Full Text

Features more than 1,300,000 records with subject headings from a 15,600 term sociology-specific thesaurus designed by expert lexicographers. SocINDEX with Full Text contains full text for 242 "core" coverage journals dating back to 1895, and 72 "priority" coverage journals. This database also includes full text for 547 books and monographs, and full text for 6,711 conference papers.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
Sociology  |  Criminal Justice & Law  | 
SportDiscus database screen


Containing more than 500,000 records from journals, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, theses, etc., SPORTDiscus is the most comprehensive database of sports and fitness information. This database is designed for anyone working in sport including coaches, sport scientists, physical educators and fitness enthusiasts.
CCSU students, faculty, and staff only.
Health Sciences and Medicine  |   | 
Statistical Abstract of the United States database screen

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878, The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country. As a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States, it is a snapshot of America and its people.
CCSU students, faculty and staff only.
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