Documents, Photographs, and Other Items from Anniversary Celebrations

Centenary of Burritt's Death (1979)

Hardware City Stamp Club. First day cover with Burritt's Portrait, 1979. First day Postcard with the seal of New Britain.

Stamp Club to sponsor exhibit commemorating Elihu Burritt (In New Britain Herald), March 5, 1979. p. 5.

Elihu Burritt Centennial (May 10,1910)

A11 New England joins New Britain today in memorial to Elihu Burritt, her most famous son. (In New Britain Herald), May 10, 1910. pp 1-11.

Burritt Centennial Celebration. Program, Tuesday, May 10, 1910. [New Britain. Record Press, 1910]. 4 p.

Elihu Burritt Centennial. [Program, Afternoon] May 10, 1910. New Britain, Adkins Printing Co. [1920].

Elihu Burritt Centennial. [Program, Evening] May 10, 1910. New Britain, Adkins Printing Co. [1910]. 4 p.

Jump, Herbert A. New Britain, City of Elihu Burritt. New Britain, Elihu Burritt Centennial Committee, 1910. 26 p.

Klingberg, John E. Elihu Burritt, [poem written for the Burritt Centennial, May 10, 1910, in The Children's home illustrated almanac, 1911]. New Britain, [Adkins Printing Co.], [1910]. pp 30-31.
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Elihu Burritt day May 10, 1910. Scrapbook containing 37 postcards depicting the festivities.

Badge "Councilman" green ribbon, button with Burritt's portrait.

New England Peace Congress. The Elihu Burritt Centennial. [Printed invitation signed by B. Bassett, April 23, 1910]. One of the invitations includes a button with Burritt portrait.

O.U.A.M. Float, Burritt Day Parade, May 10, 1910, photograph.

FESTIVAL OF THE NATIONS (In honor of Burritt). New Britain, Conn., December 12. 13. 14, 1907.

Burritt Bulletin. Festival of the Nations. New Britain, December 12, 13, 14, 1907. Four issues.

Burritt Memorial Auxiliary Committee. Festival of the nations held in behalf of the Elihu Burritt Memorial Fund. [December, 1907]. 14 p. Lists the various committees and booths.

Burritt Memorial, effort to raise funds, finds a new and eloquent advocate. (In The New Britain Herald? 1907). Review of Ozora D. Davis' Elihu Burritt.

Burritt Memorial Committee. Burritt memorial post cards, used to raise funds for the Burritt Memorial 5 Dost cards library owns. 1-4 1907?.

Festival of the Nations, Dec...1907. [Program] Grand Concert followed by dancing. United German Societies. (D.A. Central Verband.) Benefit of the Elihu Burritt Memorial Fund, Turner Hall, Arch St. Program for Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1907. 4 p. Ex libris: Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Groth.

Sesquincentennial of the birth of Elihu Burritt

Dahl, Edward C. Prayer offered at graveside exercises on the afternoon of December 8, 1960. the Elihu Burritt Library. 2 p. handwritten sermon. 1 p. typed copy. Photograph of Burritt's grave in Fairview Cemetery, From the manuscript in 50 years ago today. (In New Britain Herald, May 10, 1960).
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Klingberg, Haddon E. The Elihu Burritt of my letters and manuscripts. [Talk given before the New Britain Historical Society and the friend's assembled at the Elihu Burritt Library on the 150th anniversary of Elihu Burritt's birth, December 8, 1960]. Typescript of 20 1. Signed by Klingberg.

Mast, E. Wallace. Prayer at the Elihu Burritt peace monument, December 8, 1960. one handwritten page.

Memorial stone [photograph] Marking the site of Burritt's birthplace. Erected by the New Britain Historical Society, 196n.

New Britain Herald. Program honors illustrious son of New Britain. (Ceremonies observing the 150th birthday of Burritt. December 9, 1960). p. 8.

New Britain Historical Society. Sesquicentennial observance of the birth of Elihu Burritt [program] December 8, 1960. 2 p.

Proclamation of Mayor Julius J. Kremski for the Elihu Burritt Birthday Anniversary Week, November 28, 1960. Typed document signed.

Resolution of the Mayor and Aldermen of New Britain to observe the 150th anniversary of the birth of Elihu Burritt, December 4-10, 1960. One typed page.


New Britain Centennial, 1871-1971

Hardware City Stamp Club. Three first day covers for the New Britain Centennial. no.1 has portrait of Burritt. no. 2 has seal of the city designed by Burritt. no. 3 has portrait of Frederick W. Stanley.

New Britain Centennial, 1871-1971. Heritage 100. 112 p. The story of Elihu Burritt, pp 58-59.

New Britain Centennial Philatelic Cover Album, 1871-1971. 5 sheets with mounted first day covers. One cover depicts the Centennial Medallion honoring Burritt. No. 688 of 1,971 copies.