Elihu Burritt Collection

Books, Pamphlets, and Articles written by Elihu Burritt

Alphabetic studies. (In Connecticut School Journal, 3rd series, v. 1:2, February, 1871), pp. 68-69.

Chips from many blocks. Toronto: Rose-Belford Pub. Co. 1878. 294 [10, adv.] p. 2 copies: one bound in green cloth; one in purple cloth.
CCSU Rare Books 814.4 B971c

A Congress of Nations. Addresses at the International Peace Congresses at Brussels. (1848), Paris (1849), and Frankfort (1850). Boston, Directors of the Old South Work, 1904. 24 p. (Old South Leaflets), [General series, v. 6 no. 146].CCSU Rare Books 341.1 B971c

The Eastern question. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1878. 16 p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 949.6 B971c

Education and reconstruction (In Connecticut School Journal). 3rd series 1:2, February, 18 7 pp. 67-68.CCSU Rare Books Connecticut School Journal

The Fingers of christianity. n.p. n.d. 4 p. (photostat)CCSU Rare Books 200 B971f

Illustrations of the law of kindness, original and selected. Worcester. Published by the League of Universal Brotherhood, 1851. 32 p. Cover title: Illustrations of the law of kindness, no. 1. The Samaritan mirror. CCSU Rare Books 177.7 B971

Illustrations of the law of kindness, original and selected. Worcester. Published by the League of Universal Brotherhood, 1851. Fragment 16 p. in sheets unnumbered. Chapter heading The Neighbors.
CCSU Rare Books 177.7 B971

Jacob and Joseph and the lesson of their lives for the young. With numerous illustrations. London, Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, 1870. 162 p. Ex libris: Dane Hill House, Margate Fourth class prize for general good conduct awarded to Frederico Gamboni Christmas, 1873.CCSU Rare Books 221.92 B97

A Journal of a visit of three days to Skibbereen, and its neighbourhood. London, Charles Gilpin; Birmingham, John Whitehouse Showell, 1847. 15 p.CCSU Rare Books 338.15 B971j

Kindness in conversation. Boston, School of Printing, North End Union, n.d. card 14.5 x 8 cm.

The Light of knowledge (In Perfect Jewels: a collection of the choicest things in the literature of life, love and religion). ...With an introduction by T. DeWitt Talmage. Adrian, Michigan, Mills, Dodge & Pomeroy [18881). PP. 118-119.

Lectures and speeches. London, Sampson Low, Son and Marston, 1869. 345 [16, adv.] p. c. 1. Ex Libris: George C. Perkins governor of California 1880-1883, purple cover. c. 2. Brown cover, 2 pages of adv.CCSU Rare Books 815.4 B971

Little Josie Banner, died October 8, 1876, [New Britain, n. d.]. Broadside 28 x 21.5 cm.

"The Mind". (In the Rural Gem, v. 3. 1846). pp. 10-13.

Miscellaneous writings. Second edition. Worcester, Mass.: Thomas Drew Jr., 1850. 120 p. Adv. on rear cover for Burritt's Christian Citizen.

The Mission of great sufferings. London, Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1867. 248 p. Library has 3 autographed copies. c. 1. "To Levi S. Wells with sincere regards of the author, Birmingham, August 12, 1867". c. 2. George S. Copner with best wishes of Elihu Burritt, Birmingham, July 8, 1869. c. 3. "To Anna Burritt Lewis with best regards of her affectionate uncle, the author. New Britain, Conn. Oct. 1, 1870".CCSU Rare Books 209 B971m

The Neighbors: or, a short lay sermon to people about home. Philadelphia, printed for Samuel D. Hastings, by Merrihew and Thompson, 1844. 24 p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 252.5 B971n

Old Burchell's pocket for the children. London, Cassell, Petter, and Galpin [1868]. 218 [2, adv.] p.CCSU Rare Books B971o

An Old woman's railway signal in Edward A. Sheldon's The Fifth Reader. New York, Scribner, Armstrong & Co., ... 1875. pp. 59-62.

An Olive leaf for the French people. (1853?). Monthly leaflet. Library has two undated leaflets. (photostats).

Olive leaves for the people. First Series, 1850. Library has: no. 1., 1850. 4 p. "A great cause of the people." no. 2., 1850. 4 p. "Martial Victories. n no. 3., 1850. 4 p."Effecting a balance of naval power.. n no. 4., 1850. 4 p. "The brotherhood of nations". no. 6., 1850. 4 p."Armed negotiation". These leaves were published monthly in English, French, and German.

A Plan of brotherly co-partnership of the North and South for the peaceful extinction of slavery. New York, Dayton and Burdick, 1856. 48 [2 adv.] p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 326.973 B971p

A Sanskrit handbook for the fireside. Hartford, Ct. Brown & Gross, 1876. 96 p. Inscription: To G. W. Eule Esq. with best regards of his old and sincere Friend. New Britain, Conn. U.S.A., June 5, 1877.CCSU Rare Books 491.282 B971s 1876

A Sanskrit handbook for the fireside. London, Longmans, Green and Co., 1876. 96 p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 491.282 B971s

Sparks from the anvil. Worcester, Henry J. Howland, 1846. 96 p. Burritt's First Book. c. 1. brown cloth covers. c. 2. green cloth covers.CCSU Rare Books 814.3 B971s

Sparks from the anvil. London, Charles Gilpin, 1847. 134 p.CCSU Rare Books 814.3 B971s 1847

Ten-minute talks on all sorts of topics. By Elihu Burritt with autobiography of the author. Boston, Lee and Shepard; New York, Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1874. 360 p. c. 1. brown cloth. C. 2. green cloth.CCSU Rare Books 814.4 B971t

Thoughts and things at home and abroad. With a memoir by Mary Howitt. Boston, Phillips, Sampson, and Co.; New York, J.C. Derby, 1854. 364 p.CCSU Rare Books 92 B971b5

Twenty reasons for total abstinence from slave-labour produce. [Bucklersbury, J. Unwin, Gresham Steam Press, 185?]. 4 p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 326.973 B971t

Voice from the forge. London, Charles Gilpin, 1848. 134 [2, adv. ] p.CCSU Rare Books 814.3 B971v

A Walk from London to John O'Groat's with notes by the way: Illustrated with photographic portraits. London, Sampson Low, Son., & Marston, 1864. 420 p. Autographed by Burritt on half title. January, 1864. Front. is a photograph of Burritt by Elliot & Fry, London. c. 2. Gift of I. Thomas pasted into the front cover is a letter to the editor of the Chatham and Rochester News, Chatham, Dockyard, March 31, 1879, from R. G. Hobbes entitled "Elihu Burritt and Ocean Penny Postage".CCSU Rare Books 914.2 B971w

A Walk from London to Lands' End and back, with notes by the way. With illustrations. London, Sampson Low, & Marston, 1865. 464 p. Ex Libris. Delane.CCSU Rare Books 914.2 B971w3

Walks in the black country and its green border-land. London, Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1869. 414 [16, adv.] p.CCSU Rare Books 914.2 B971w2 2ed.

The Western and Eastern questions of Europe. Reprinted from the N.Y. Times, World, and Hartford Courant. Hartford, Hamersly, 1871 . 51 p. (photostat).CCSU Rare Books 949.6 B971w

William Ladd, the apostle of peace. New Vienna, Ohio, Peace Association of Friends of America, 1873. 16 p.CCSU Rare Books 92 L 154b

The Year-book of the nations, for 1856. New York, D. Appleton & Co., 1856. 50 p.CCSU Rare Books 314 B971y 1856