Letters written by Elihu Burritt

*(k)-part of the Klingberg collection






Elijah Burritt New Marlborough 2 Jan. 5, 1831 Describes present situation and prospects.
Laura Cook Worcester 2 Mar. 26, 1838 Writes about his brother Elijah's death.
Isaac G. Smith Worcester 1 Feb. 8, 1840 (k) To the corresponding secretary of the New York Lyceum on why he did not speak to that qroup.
Mrs. Chrystie Worcester 1 Mar. 8, 1841(k) Writes about his ambitions and his mother.
C.J. Richards Baltimore 1 Jan. 16, 1842 (k) Wil1be unable to speak before the association in Richmond.
Isaac Burritt Worcester 3 Apr. 20, 1842 Comments on his travels, lecturing and writing.
Charles Dillaway Worcester 1 Sep. 23, 1842 (k) Accepts invitation to lecture at Roxbury.
My dear Sir Worcester 1 Oct. 12, 1842 (k) Asks that the manuscript of his lecture be returned.
W.H. Cutter? Worcester 2 May 16, 1843 (k) Amusing letter on his autograph and translation of moon language.
Thomas Drew Portsmouth 2 Jan. 26, 1846 (k) Discusses Christian Citizen, printing matters and list of British subscribers.
Joseph Sturge Worcester 3 Mar. 3, 1846 Thanks him for donation and describes Olive Leaf Missions.
Lydia Sigourney? Worcester 1 Jun. 11, 1846 (k) Leaving for England, requests a response from the ladies of Hartford.
Richard Rathbone Browns Hotel, Clayton Square 1 Jul. 6, 1846 (k) Seeks meeting before leaving for Manchester.
Mr. Editor (cyclostyled) Manchester 1 Jul. 10, 1846 (k) Asks if they will print American receipes using Indian corn meal.
Peter Rylands Birmingham 1 Jul. 20, 1846 (k) Thanks him for invitation to visit Warrington.
George Peile (cyclostyled) London 1 Oct. 23, 1846 (k) Requests his signature on pledge for the League and to acquire others.
Charles Gilpin Leeds 1 Oct. 24 , 1846 (k) Gives instructions to get copy to the lithographic printers. Wants another lot of circulars. He intends to send one to every town in the k ingdom.
My dear young friends Birmingham 1 Dec. 16 , 1846 (k) Unable to visit Warwick at that time.
Richardson (photocopy) Bishopsgate, London 1 May 24, 1847 (k) Does not want to make a decision on Richardson's proposal for the Peace Advocate.
Unknown (cyclostyled) London 1 Jul. 22, 1847 (k) Asks that recipient join the League of Universal Brotherhood. This was a mass produced letter.
Unknown London 1 Nov. 18, [1847?] (k) Inquires about the progress of the society, wants to publish it in the Bond.
Unknown London 1 Nov. 22, 1847 (k) Informs the individual his lecture will be on a Congress of Nations.
Unknown London 1 May 15, [1848] (k) Traveling to Paris. Peace conference has been put off until August.
Unknown Bishopsgate, London 1 Jul. 27, l848 (k) Leaving for Paris. Hopes two good men can attend from Ipswich.
Mr. Arthur Brussels 1 Sep. 15 , 1848 (k) Invitation to the Peace Congress.
Unknown London 2 Oct. 25, 1848 (k) Hopes to visit Ipswich. Praises him for work in the peace movement.
Charles Sumner London 2 Nov. 8, 1848 (k) Proposes a Congress of Nations, seeks his support.
Dear Friend Birmingham 2 Dec. 22, 1848 (k) Sending pledge leaves. Asks him to get a hundred subscriptions to the Bond. Burritt wants to raise circulation to 8,000.
Unknown London 2 Jan. 1849 (k) Signed by Henry Richard and Burritt. He encloses (not present) documents in favor of Arbitration Treaties to settle international disputes.
Edmund Fry New Castle upon Tyne 1 Feb. 10, 1849 (k) Reports on recent meetings. Traveling to Edinburgh.
Unknown London 1 Jun. 15, 1850 (k) Thanks him for his work. Wonders if a ladies Olive Leaf Society might be started in Ipswich?
Family Letter No. Frankfort? 4 (inc.) Aug. 22, 23, 1850(k) Describes proceeding of the Frankfort Peace Congress. These family letters appeared in Burritt's Christian Citizen.
Family Letter No. Hamburg? 4 Nov. 1850 (k) Describes his efforts to mediate the dispute between Denmark and Holstein. Includes copy of letter sent, October 17 to Baron de Reedtz, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Denmark. Also copy of de Reedtz's reply.
Family Letter No. 13 Hamburg? 4 (pg. 3 missing) Nov. 5, 1850 Describes sights of Copenhagen, trip to Kiel and his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Holstein.
Featherstone? London 1 Apr. 22, 1851? (k) He is bringing out a series of articles on Ocean Penny Postage.
Mr. Mathews London 1 May 10, 1851? (k) Stresses need for organization. Hopes Leagues in Boston will get together.
Unknown London 2 May 11, 1851 Describes Olive Leaf Societies. Encloses letter (wanting) from Olive Leaf Circle in New Britain.
Joshua P. Blanchard London? 1 Aug. 9, 1851 Extracts of Correspondence. Mentions end of Christian Citizen and that the League of Brotherhood in America is on the verge of ext inction.
Edward Ashby London 2 Aug. 22, 1851 (k) Offers to speak to a group of women on the Olive Leaf Mission.
Joshua P. Blanchard n.p. 1 Oct. 3. 1851 Extracts of Correspondence. Rejects his plan to save the League of Universal Brotherhood.
Rev. Fayette Shipherd London 1 Oct. 3, 1851 Thanks him for his donation and discusses Olive Leaf Missions.
Mr. Burdiker London 1 Nov. 26, 1851?(k) Asks that he send him signatures. Wants to send 1,000 signatures to America.
Mr. dear Sir London 1 May 4, 1852 (k) Requests signature on petition to Parliament in favor of Ocean Penny Postage.
Unknown Havre, France 2 Aug. 17, 1852?(k) Met with members of Olive Leaf Circles in Southampton; starting a circle in France, asks that the manuscripts of the Spanish Olive Leaf be sent to him.
E.B.'s sister London 2 Apr. 8, 1853 (k) Describes activities in England and plans to return home. Has spoken at 70 public meetings about Ocean Penny Postage.
Rev. Charles Beecher London 2 May 5, 1853 (k) Wishes to gain admittance to a meeting at Stafford House.
Unknown (copy) London 1 May 7, 1853 Requests that the enclosed article (wanting) on Penny Postage be inserted.
Unknown (cyclostyled) London 1 Jun. 15, 1853 Has enclosed a description of Universal Ocean Penny Postage (wanting).
Mr. Editor London 1 Ju1. 9, 1853 (k) Asks him to insert attached paragraph (wanting).
Mr. [Amasa] Walker Boston 1 Dec. 19, 1853 (k) Describes preparation for upcoming meeting.
Mr. Frederick North New Britain 2 Jan. 3, 1854 Thanks him for the gift of a book.
Mrs. Frederick North (with envelope, stamp removed). New York 2 Feb. 13, 1854 Thanks her for the gift of clothing.
Unknown New Britain 1 Feb. 2, 1856 (k) Will deliver lecture - entitled the Physiology and Political Development of Nations.
Editor Putnam's Magazine (copy) New Britain 1 May 2, 1856 Sending article (wanting) for possible publication.
Editor Elmira Advertiser New Britain 3 Sep. 4, 1856 Inquires about speaking on The Value of the Union and the Price of its Perpetuity. Includes arrangements needed.
Charles King n.p. 2 May 1857 Enclosed poem written by Rev. Elnathan Davis.
Rev. Dr. Murray New Britain 1 Jul. 13, 1857 (k) Requests signature on a call for a convention, Friends of Compensated Emancipation.
Rev. Dr. Peter Cooper Hewitt New Britain 1 Jul. 13, 1857 (k) Requests signature on call for a convention.
Editor N.Y. Tribune New Britain 1 Aug. 4, 1857 (k) Requests that the enclosed call for a convention (wanting) be inserted.
Editor of the Advocate New Britain 1 Aug. 7, 1857 (k) Requests the enclosed call (wanting) be published.
Miss Catherine Ireland with envelope London 2 Sep. 1, 1857 (k) Offers to speak to the women in Horsham on the Olive Leaf Mission.
Unknown (copy) London 1 Sep. 16, 1857 (k) Thanks the association for the kindness shown him during his lecture.
Mr. J. Randall New Britain 2 Nov. 8, 1858 (k) Pleased to offer one of his lectures in Mystic. Written on a prospectus for the North and South. Lists the titles of four lectu res he is willing to deliver.
Unknown New Britain 1 Dec. 3, 1858 (k) Leaving for New London by train.
Lydia Sigourney also contains Sigourney's autograph. New Britain 1 Mar. 4, 1859 Apologizes for not collecting more for the Mt. Benion Fund.
Miss Harris New Britain 1 May 3, 1859 (k) Apologizes for delay in sending his autograph.
H.K. Hale Walton, New York 1 Sep. 14, 1859 Repaying a loan for ten dollars.
Mr. H.H. Lee Belleville, Ontario 1 Mar. 11, 1861 (k) Thanks him for ride to depot.
G.M. Mather New Britain 1 Dec. 13, 1861 (k) Thanks him for his interest in republishing, Thoughts and Things at home and abroad. Written on a petition for a National Compens ation Emancipation Society.
Mrs. Flint Islington, London 1 Feb. 15, 1862 (k) Apologizes for not showing up for tea.
Smith, Elder & Co. [publisher's envelope] New Britain 2 Apr. 1, 1862 (k) Asks if they will publish his condensation of the life of Amos Lawrence?
Robert Bonner New Britain 2 Apr. 15, 1862 (k) Offers to write articles for the New York Ledger.
G.M. Mather New Britain 2 Apr. 16, 1862 (k) Has located the sterotype plates for Thoughts and things...which would cost forty dollars.
Abraham Lincoln New Britain 4 Jun. 2, 1862 Draft of a letter to the President concerning the Civil War.
H.K. Hale London 2 Mar. 23, 1863. no description
Unknown Kinrass, Scotland 3 Sep. 11, 1863 (k) Informs him when and on what he will lecture.
Miss Anna Ridley John O'Groats, Scotland 3 Sep. 28, 1863 (k) Has completed his walk from London.
Unknown Islington, London 2 Jan. 4, 1864 (k) Note of sympathy and travel plans.
Unknown Palpirro 1 Jan. 24, 1864 (k) About his travels from London to Lands End.
Miss A.E. Ridley (with printed envelope) Lands End 1 Jun. 28, 1864 (k) "Here I am at last" a walk from London to Lands End, (incomplete).
Miss Webster Islington, London 2 Apr. 15, 1865 (k) Writing for his niece who is mourning the death of her father.
My dear Sir Birmingham 1 Jan. 1, 1866 (k) The Bond is suspended. Will go on at the office of the British Workman.
Miss Vansittant Birmingham 3 Nov. 27, 1866 (k) Mentions that his book, The Mission of Great Suffering is out, will send his photograph.
Unknown Birmingham 1 Nov. 28, 1866 His busy schedule prevents him from lecturing until April 1867.
J.W. McMichael Birmingham 2 Mar. 20, 1867 (k) Will lecture at the Mechanics Institute on the Benevolent Associations of the day.
J.W. McMichael Mayor of Bridgnorth. Birmingham 2 Apr. 2, 1867 (k) Thanks him for the gift of the Antiquities of Bridgnorth.
Edward Marston Birmingham 3 May 21, 1868 (k) Requests that hepublish Thoughts and Notes from Home and Abroad.
Unknown (written as U.S. Counselor Agent) Birmingham 1 Jun. 16, 1868 (k) "Perhaps Peter Cooper Hewitt would give you employment?"
My dear Sir Birmingham 2 Feb. 13, 1869 (k) He has been swindled out of 30 shillings by an American Irishman.
Editor Cornhill Magazine. Stamped envelope as well as the editor's reply. Birmingham 2 Mar. 4, 1869 (k) Proposes an article on the house in which Irving wrote Rip Van Winkle.
Editor Cornhill Magazine. Stamp missing from envelope, editor's note attached. Birmingham 2 Mar. 17, 1869 (k) Encloses article on Irving's home (wanting).
Miss Kortright? Islington, London 1 Mar. 21, 1869 (k) Declines an invitation.
W.H. Ward New Britain 2 May 10, 1871 (k) Inquires if he will print his articles on capital and labor.
Mrs. Sara A. Hubbard New Britain 4 Jan. 16, 1874 (k) Thanks her for her comments on his book. Writes about Booth.
Lee & Shepard, Publishers New Britain 2 May 14, 1874 Asks how his book is selling. Plans to leave for England and requests an advance.
Nephew New Britain 1 May 5, 1875 Writes about himself and his relatives.
Rev. Mr. Knight New Britain 2 Aug. 4, 1875 (k) Requests use of church for a meeting of ministers and lay members.
Jeremiah Beach with envelope stamp removed. New Britain 1 Aug. 28, 1875 Requests that he clip the weeds between the gate and the schoolhouse.
Mr. Ward New Britain 1 Apr. 18, 1876 Requests his help at Elm Street.
J.N. Bartlett envelope and stamp present. New Britain 1 Jun. 21, 1876 Requests any sermon or pamphlet giving the history of Farmington.
J.N. Bartlett New Britain 1 Jun. 27, 1876 Requests that he lead the Elm Street Mission. Gift of Mrs. Skinner.
My dear young friend New Britain 3 Mar. 7, 1877 (k) Mentions his teaching of Sanskrit to a group of ladies.
A.A. Lyman with envelope and stamp New Britain 1 Nov. 28, 1877 Reminder that it is the Baptist turn at the Cherry Street Meeting.
Belford Brothers New Britain 1 Apr. 4, 1878 (k) Enclosing a preface for his Chips From Many Blocks. Discusses proofs.
Mr. Lyman [New Britain] 1 Apr. 9, 1878 (k) Reminder that it is the Baptist turn to head Cherry Street Chapel.
Darwin G. Carey New Britain postcard Nov. 20, 1878 (k) Declines invitation. "I have long been an invalid".
Charles Gilpin (photocopy) Birmingham 1 Feb. 4 "Leaving for poor Ireland".
Mr dear Friend London 1 Feb. 26, (k) A series of questions on his progress and activities with the league.
John Henderson Birminqham 1 Jun. 16, n.d. Inquires when the steamer departs Liverpool for New York.
Mr. Adams Bishopgate, London 2 Jun. 21, (k) Thanks him for article on his visit. Asks that he write an article for the Christian Citizen.