Letters Written by Elijah Burritt

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Ann W. Burritt New York 3 July 5, 18?? Describes Hannah M. Watson and various relatives.
Ann W. Burritt Little Falls, N.Y. 3 July 25, 1823 Describes relatives - receives honorary Masters of Art Decree from Union College at Schenectady.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 3 Aug. 25, 1823 Fled Berlin for New Haven to escape the yellow fever.
Ann W. Burritt Hartford 3 Sep. 7, 1823 Had spotted fever; discusses common place book.
Ann W. Burritt Edgefield Court House, S.C. 3 Feb. 19, 1830 Instructions as to his clothes, account books etc. describes his escape (incomplete).
Ann W. Burritt Columbia. S.C. 2 Feb. 21, 1830 Further instructions to his wife following his escape.
Harriet Benham New York 3 March 22-25, 1830 Writes at length about his misfortunes.
Ann W. Burritt New York? 2 1830? Support he is receiving in the North. Sending letters to various papers defending himself (incomplete).
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 3 April 24, 1830 Has written over 120 letters vindicating his conduct in Georgia.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 3 May 2, 1830 Praises his wife's spirit. Gives instructions about his personal belongings.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 4 May 22, 1830 Discusses Georgia controversy. Encloses a copy of a two page letter to D. Whittney? and others.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 4 August 14, 1830 Describes his situation includes a copy of his letter to Mark A. Cooper, Solicitor General of Georgia. Asks that the Superial Court of Baldwin County investigate the pamphlet affair.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 3 August 22, 1830 Praises Ann for her statement of defense, speaks passionately against Polhill, starting second edition of his interest tables. (With 4 pages type script).
Ann W. Burritt New York 4 Sept. 17-18, 1830 Describes work on his book, the publication of Mrs. Burritt's defense of her husband by the American Tract Society, grants power of attorney to Thomas Watson of Conecta County, Georgia.
Ann W. Burritt New Britain 3 Nov. 12, 1830 Mostly about financial affairs. Has sold the copyright to his book for $10,000.
Rev. Thomas Dick New Britain 1 Nov. 4, 1833 Discusses education. Sent him his astronomy book.
Ann W. Burritt New Haven 4 August 30, 1837 Post Marked Randolph Describes boat trip to the south on his way to Texas.
Ann W. Burritt unknown 1 After Sept 14, 1837 Describes trip down the Mississippi (incomplete).
Ann W. Burritt Helena, Ark. 4 Sept. 23, [1837] Describes trip to Texas and New Orleans.
Ann W. Burritt Houston 2 Oct. 8, 1837 Describes trip to Houston, prices of food and includes a map of the area (incomplete).
Ann W. Burritt Galveston, Texas 1 Oct. 12, 1837

Loss of belongings, describes storm, departing for Houston (incomplete).