Elihu Burritt Collection

Manuscripts in Elihu Burritt's Hand

And who is my neighbor? n.d. 14 p.

Autographs of Burritt. Yours Respectfully Elihu Burritt, n.d. 2. "Two lines of Latin followed by Yours Respectfully Elihu Burritt, Worcester, December 24, 1841. n 3. Yours truly Elihu Burritt, New Britain, Conn. n.d.

Copy of a stanza from Longfellow's "The Psalm of Life", Providence, January 27, 1854. 1 p. Klingberg Collection.

Copy of a stanza from Longfellow's "The Psalm of Life" Washington, D.C., April 12, 1854. 1 p. Klingberg Collection.

Copy of a stanza from Longfellow's "The Psalm of Life", Washington, D.C., March 18, 1854. 1 p. Klingberg Collection.

Copy of a stanza from Longfellow's "The Psalm of Life", 2, n.p., n.d. 1 p.

Elements of genius., n.d. 36 p.

Family letter No. November 19, 1850. 4 p.

The fraternization of the people [in German with typed translation] October 26, 1850. 3 handwritten pages. 5 typed paqes.

God is love: and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in Him. Sanskrit translation, written and signed by Mr. Burritt in his sixty-eight year, January 28, 1878.

The history of ancient Farmington 1640-1783 or Colonial history of the Farmington family of towns collated with the annals of Connecticut. 3 vols. (Microfilm).

I was born at a place once called Bray's Mill, a little below Norman Hart's old dyeing establishment... signed Elihu Burritt. This paragraph establishes Mr. Burritt's birthplace as the house still standing at 225 Mill Street. Klingberg Collection.

If satan had taken the piece of rhubard... fragment of a manuscript page is numbered 15 and signed by Burritt. Reverse has Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Utica. n.d. The fragment concerns Samson.

Indian orations. n.d. 24 p.

Journal of Elihu Burritt a Connecticut blacksmith [Worcester, June 4, 1838 - August 2, 1838]. 16 p. also 4 p. Oct. 1 - 23, 18? Klingberg Collection.

Life of Amos Lawrence. n.d. 4 p. Klinqberq Collection.

Love For Hate no. 5 n.d. 3 p.

Manuscript pp. 5-8. Articles for one of Burritt's publications? Contents: Hasty pudding: Floridly Superlative; Indian Summer, The Warship Ohio, Afraid of the horses; A strange disquise; Distinguished arrivals, To Mrs. Virginia; Anvil work; Cotton in different language; States at Private sale. n.d. 4 p. Gift of Mrs. James Skinner.

Natural philosophy prior to the Newtonian System. n.d. 38 p.

Peace. God Hath Made of One Blood All Nations of Man. n.d. 53 p.

Prayer. I leave myself in the hands of God...that I am to be as much a brother. London? n.d. 10 lines and autographed.

A plan of adjustment and reunion. n.d. 38 p. Exlibris: Mrs. James N. Skinner, New Britain.

Self-cultivation, necessity and success. Impressions & obstacles to overcome economy & occupation of time...[lecture]. 37 p.

The three great words. God is love. February 16, 1874. Burritt wrote God is Love in twenty-six languages. 2 p. Klingberg Collection.

To all the people of the civilized world. Brussels? September 20th & 21st, 1848? 3 p.