Elihu Burritt Collection

Memorabilia and Miscellaneous Items

Books owned by Elihu Burritt

Cooke, Frances E. Footprints. London, Sunday School Association [1875]. 152 [2, adv.] p. CCSU Rare Books 920 C77

Front flyleaf inscription, Elihu Burritt, Esq. with kind regards from C.B.C. Birkenhead, June 11, 1875. Gift of Barbara Skinner Calculli. Shakespeare, William. The plays of William Shakespeare, collated from the editions of the late George Stevens, Edward Malone, and Dr. Samuel Johnson...The whole revised by Samuel Maunder...London, L.A.Lewis, 1851. 716 p. Autographed by Burritt on the front flyleaf and dated 1865. CCSU Rare Books 822.33 A81m 1851

Skinner, John. Songs and poems. With a sketch of his life by H.G. Reid. Peterhead, William L. Taylor...1859. 98 [1 adv.] p. "To Elihu Burritt on the occasion of his visit to Peterhead in March 1864, H.G.R. n Gift of Barbara Skinner Calculli. CCSU Rare Books 821.6 S35


Mahagony gilt mirror. Supposedly owned by Burritt. Purchased by Charles J. Parker. Gift of Shirley Shjerden.

Pen with Burritt's, name engraved on the shaft.

Sheffield plate cruet stand with hallmark of Elkington & Co., Birmingham. Gift of Mrs. Root.

Sterling silver spoon with electrophotographic portrait of Burritt on the bowl, n.d.

Stick pin with Cameo of Burritt, n.d.

Table used by Elihu Burritt in the "Ledge School" which he owned and operated. Gift of Lucy Boehm Montague.


Ocean Penny Postage

Ocean penny postage. London, n.p. November 5, 1852. Rroac3s:i de 2N x 19 cm

Ocean penny postage. London, n.p. Dec. 3l, 1852. Broadside 25 x 19 cm.

An Ocean penny postage, will it pay? London, n.p. 1851. 4 p.

Becker, J. Preliminary design for Elihu Burritt Commemorative Stamp. January 18, 1969. Broadside.


Portraits, Photographs, and Cartoons

Bronze bust by Wolfgang Behl, 1959, also, photograph of the bust taken during the dedication of the library.

Burritt's Memorial. Two color photographs, n.d.

Burritt's grave. Color photograph, n.d.

Cartoon. Sunday Express, April 22, 1934.

Elihu Burritt homestead (photograph), New Britain Herald, September 17, 1971. p. 5.

Engraving, n.p., n.d., Klingberg Collection.

Engraving. J. Barrett, del., I.O. Barlow, Sc. Yours fraternally-Elihu Burritt. London, Charles Gilpin, n.d. Klingberg Collection.

Engraving by J.C. Buttre, n.d. With a copy of Burritt's signature.

Engraving by J.C. Buttre, New York, after a photograph by J. A. Williams. n.d. With a copy of an inscription, Your faithful friend Elihu Burritt.

Lithograph by Ken Larson, #5 of 100, 1973, 81 x 60 cm.

Oil Painting, artist and date unknown. 19 x 24 inches.

Original drawings by Art Harper used on the covers of the New Britain phone book 1950's.

Photograph (copy of photograph) taken by Elliot & Fry, London, n.d.

Photograph taken by Elliott & Fry, Portman Square, London, n.d. Klingberg Collection.

Photograph of an oil portrait by Gardner A. Reckard from the original Munn painting. Compliments of the New Britain Herald, Tuesday, May 10, 1910. Issued as part of the Burritt Centennial Celebration.

Photograph of Burritt seated, taken by R.W. Thrupp, Birmingham, England. Autographed by Burritt, Yours truly Elihu Burritt, 1867. 2 copies.

Photograph of Burritt standing, taken by R.W. Thrupp, Birmingham, England, n.d.

Photograph. Copy of photograph by J. Williams. It might be from an article by W. Scott in the People, March-May, 1904.

Print. Titled the late Mr. Elihu Burritt. n.d., after 1879.

Strickland House (photograph), where Burritt spent his final years. Taken by J.S. Klingberg. 1942.

Two photographs mounted on a card surrounded by dried ferns and flowers, n.d. May have been taken by Elliot & Fry, London. Klingberg Collection.


Miscellaneous Items

Boulder monument. Erected to the memory of Elihu Burritt. Dedicated at New Marlboro, Massachusetts, August 13, 1908. Postcard n.d.

Catalogue of E.B.'s (i.e. Elihu Burritt's) miscellaneous writings in Citizen Files. 2 handwritten pages.

Death certificate [copy]. Connecticut State Department of Health. Bureau of vital statistics. March 8. 1879.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments; translated out of the original tongues...New York, American Bible Society, 1873. 770, 24l p. From the Burritt Mission, Burritt Hall.

Hubbard, Barbara (comp.) A checklist of the Burritt collection in the local history room. New Britain Public Library, New Britain, n.d. 11 p.

Institute Lectures. Elihu Burritt, A.M. The learned blacksmith, will deliver the second lecture of the course. This Tuesday evening, in the lecture room of the Center Church at seven o'clock, Hartford, November 30, 1841. Broadside (photostat).

The Last Will and Testament of Elihu Burritt. [photostat], November 27 1878.

Massmann, Robert (comp.) Handlist of Burritt Materials, New Britain, n.d. 8 typed pages.

Savings Bank of New Britain. 2 receipts [photostats] signed by Burritt, dated December 12, 1866, September 2, 1878. Withdrawal slip [photocopy] Estate of E. Burritt signed by Anna Strickland, October 10, 1907.

Saving Bank of New Britain. Elihu Burritt's bank book. 1867-1901.

To all to whom these present shall come, Greeting: I certify that Elihu Burritt has been appointed the consular agent of the United States at Birmingham, England...Washington, October 8. 1864. Broadside. Signed by William H. Seward, Secretary of State.

To Burritt. Three poems dedicated to Burritt, n.d. Postcard.