Elihu Burritt Collection

League of Universal Brotherhood

American League of Universal Brotherhood. "To the Friends of Peace" circular to raise funds for Elnathan Davis. n.d. verso contains a list of sixteen titles distributed by the league.

Card for subscribers names for Olive Leaves. Verso contains an engraving with one of Burritt's quotations. Engraved by J. Valentine, Dundee, n.d.

Dublin Olive Leaf Circle. Report of the... n.d. [1854?]. 4 p.

Envelope with an engraving used by the Olive Leaf Society.

League of Universal Brotherhood Executive Committee. Minutes of meeting January 8 and June 2, 1848.

League of Universal Brotherhood Pledge. Worcester. 184-. 2 copies.

League of Universal Brotherhood Pledge 18--. Printed by J. Valentine, Dundee. 2 copies: one blank, the other contains a Journal of a voyage to Boston by I.M. Synie.

Officers of the League of Universal Brotherhood as chosen at Convention, May 27, 1847. One page handwritten list.


Peace Congresses

Friends of Peace. Pennsylvania. Proceedings of the convention of the Friends of Peace, of the State of Pennsylvania, held at Philadelphia, on Thursday, April 4th, 1850: with phonographic reports of the addresses of Dr. Patterson, Elihu Burritt, and Rev. A.H. Witlets. Philadelphia, Joseph Rakestraw, 1850. Speech 28 p., pp 13-25.

Peace Congress, 2d, Paris, 1849. Report of the proceedings of the second general Peace Congress, held in Paris on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of August, 1849. Compiled from authentic documents under the superintendence of the Peace Congress Committee. London, Charles Gilpin, 1849. 130 p. (Photostat).

Peace Congress Committee. Circular no. 2, August 5, 1850. 3 p.

The Peace of Nations Society. List of objectives, January 1850. Copies printed in English, French, German and Hebrew.

Southern and Western Liberty Convention (1845). Principles and measures of true democracy. The address of the Southern and Western Liberty Convention, held at Cincinnati, June ll l845. To the people of the United States; also, the letter of Elihu Burritt to the convention. Cincinnati. Printed at the Gazette Office, 1845. 23 D. (photostat).