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CT AIDS Action Council

About the Donor

John Bonelli, MSW, graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work in 1990.  He has been a community organizer and political activist since his undergraduate years at Trinity College in Hartford.  He ran as an openly gay, progressive candidate for Hartford City Council in 1989 as part of the People for Change (PFC) slate of candidates.  People for Change, founded in 1987, was a progressive multicultural coalition and political party made up of labor unions, neighborhood activists and Lgbt, Puerto Rican and African American communities and organizations.  The coalition also included environmental, citizen and women's issues John Bonelliactivists.  PFC was successful in unseating members of the Republican minority party on the Hartford City Council in 1987, 1989 and 1991.  Mr. Bonelli was the statewide Co-chairperson of the CT Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, a member of the Legislative Electoral Action Program, the Policy and Community Organizing Director for the CT Positive Action Coalition (HIV/AIDS issues) and a staff person, consultant, volunteer or MSW intern for various electoral campaigns including those of CT State Representatives Juan Figueroa and Evelyn Mantilla, City Councilpersons Louise Simmons and Susan Hyde, and United States Senate candidate Ned Lamont, and other campaigns.  He has been a campaign organizer, fundraiser and volunteer coordinator.  Mr. Bonelli has been an adjunct faculty member and advisor at UConn and Hunter College Schools of Social Work.  Presently, he works at the New York City based HIV prevention research group- Project ACHIEVE- as the recruitment and community relations coordinator and at the UCONN School of Social Work as a Field Education Coordinator. Pictured on right: John Bonelli with Lola Eliot-Hugh (left) and Ann Levie (right), 2009.

Box 1

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act 1995)

ADAP (AIDS drug Assistance Program) Federal issue etc. 1997

Advocates for Connecticut's Children and Youth 1996

A.I.D. a Pet Tails February 2002 periodical

AIDS Action Council Membership Info 1992-1996

AIDS Action Council/Voting Record

AIDS Action Council - General

AIDS Articles 1999

AIDS Awareness Day 1996

AIDS Awareness Day 1998

AIDS Awareness Day 2001

AIDS Candlelight Vigil

AIDS Community Advisory Committee 1993

AIDS Cure Project (Act)

AIDS Data Reporting (An Act) 1998

AIDS Education For a Diverse Community 11/4/1994 - Hispanic Issues in AIDS Education

AIDS Health Update 1995-1997 (periodical)

AIDS Legal Network

AIDS Ministries Miscellaneous 1993

AIDS Project Hartford Women's Initiative Project

AIDS/STD News Report (periodical)

AIDS Watch 1997-1998

AIDS Watch 1998

AIDS Watch 1999

AIDS Week 1996 NMAC

Active Voice 1996, 1997 periodical NAPWA

AmFAR American Foundation for AIDS Research - L. O. I.

APNH Newsline 1996, 1997 periodical AIDS Project New Haven

APRICOTS Restaurant Case 1994-1996

April 6th Reception - Fundraiser (Immaculate Reception (Feast) 4/97

Artist Against AIDS/Grant 1996

(Bad) Boy Next Door Tony Valenzuela October 11, 2000

Berkeley Federal Bank vs. Whitney Development Corp. CUDAG Amicus Brief w/ARCC

Betty Gallo & Co. Legislative Agenda 1998

Block Grants 1996 (Regional (State)

Board Member - Agreement Forms signed copies & blanks

Board Structure and Responsibilities

Board - Info, Miscellaneous

Bread & Roses 1996-1998 (periodical)

Brochure CAAC

CAAC Action Alerts 1998 Miscellaneous

CAAC Miscellaneous Board Minutes 1996-1997

CAAC Miscellaneous 1998

CAAC Tax Exempt Status IRS Letter & Fed ID number for Grants 6/2/98

CADAP/DIM Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program 1992-1996

CADAP Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program 1996-1997

CADAP/FOI - Projections (6/1997)

CADAP/Legislation Revision 4/1996

CARC Standards of Care for people living with HIV in residential programs by Shawn Lang (1992)

Cabin Fever (periodical) Connecticut Alliance for basic human needs 1997, 1998

Campaign Requests/Endorsements 1996

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, UCSF

Center for Interdisciplinary Research in AIDS 1997, 1998

Center for Disease Control (CDC) - General

Connecticut AIDS Action Council

Box 2

CIRA (Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS - Community Advisory Committee 1996, 1997

Citizens Alliance for Public Education 1997, 1998

Civil Liberties News, 1997, 1998 (periodical)

Clean Water Action 1995

Coalition For Democracy, 1995-1997

Coalition For The PCA Option under MEDICAID

Community Works of Connecticut

Community Works of Connecticut 1997

Condoms in Schools 1992, 1993

Confidentiality/Insurance - HIV Test (February, 1995)

Congressional Contact List

Connecticut AIDS Residence Coalition Annual Report 1995

Connecticut AIDS Residence Coalition - General

Connecticut AIDS Residence Coalition Emergency Housing Fund Ryan White Title I & II

Connecticut AIDS Residence Coalition Member List/Board 1993, 1995, 1996

Connecticut Association of Residential Facilities (CARF) 1995-1998

Connecticut Positive AIDS Coalition

Connecticut Union of Disability Action Groups 1995-1997

Connecticut Women's Health Campaign 1994, 1996, 1997

CONNSACS (periodical) 1997, 1998 Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Continuum Shares Services Program DNS

Contract with America 1994

Cost AIDS Care1994

Center for Research & Public Policy 1997 Cryptosporidiosis 1994, 1996

Connecticut AIDS Education Network (Red Cross) 1995

Connecticut AIDS Education and Training Center

Connecticut Coalition for Democracy, 1996, 1997

Connecticut Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, 1992, 1994

Connecticut Urban Resources Enterprise

Connecticut Women's Health Campaign (CWHA) 1995

Deaf Commission/ AIDS Task Force

Department of Education 1995

Department of Public Health 1993-1997

Department of Public Health Managed Care Workgroup 1998

Direct Donor - 1996 - /Tally Sheets Phone Scripts

Direct Donor - 1996 - Pearl Lerner Kane

Direct Donor/Mock-Up 1996 Final versions "Forms for Steven"

DPHAS Entitlement Grant - File (1995)

DPHAS Entitlement - "Weiner Report" 8/1994

Drug Information - Protease etc. 1996, 1997

DSS Adult Services Programs (Workshop) 1/1997

Evening Honoring Frank Vilardi January 28, 2002

Equity in Education and Safer Schools Task Force of True Colors 1998

Fact Sheets (About HIV & AIDS)

FDA Reform

Federal AIDS Programs (Write Up)

Federal Funding Levels (AIDS) FY 1997

FOI/New Haven Health Department 1993, 1994

Funding Levels - State and Federal 1994-1996

Funding Sources

Gay Rights Bill/Military Campus Ban

Governor's Race 1994/Questions, forums

Government Letters/Responses 1994-1997

Connecticut AIDS Action Council

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Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium (GHAC)

Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium 1992 Grant awarded Grant #1 Reports (1994 payments)

Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium Grant #1 Application and Miscellaneous (1994)

Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium Grant #2 Application (for 1995)

Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium Grant #2 Reports and Approval (1995)

Greater Hartford AIDS Consortium Grant #4 (2/97) Application/Approval

Greater Hartford AIDS Council GHAC Grant #3 1996/Reports

Greater Hartford HIV Action Initiative 1995-1997

Greater Hartford HIV Action Initiative 1995-1998

Greater Hartford HIV Action Initiative/Merger Issues

Greater Hartford HIV Action Initiative/Strategic Plan 1994-1997

Greater New Haven Area Combined Federal Campaign (1997)

Guardian Update 1995 (periodical)

Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective

Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective

Harvard AIDS Institute 1995, 1996

Haymarket Grant/(1/96) Application and Reports

Haymarket Grant/9/99 Application and Reports & Additional Grant

HIV/AIDS Consumer Training Agenda 1996? or 1997?

HIV Drug Adherence (script) 8/14/1998

HIV Frontline, 1997, 1998 (periodical)

HIV Name Reporting Information

HIV Policy Watch 1997 (periodical) San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HIV Surveillance and Name Reporting 1997

HRCF Congress Voting Record 1989-1996

In Action v.1 no.1 Spring 1994 Institute for Community Research Hartford

In Pursuit of Justice Spring 1998 CT Commission on Human Rights

Innovations 1996 periodical SPNS

Insurance and Testing Issues

Internet Info

Kaiser Foundation/Publications List 1995, 1997

Legislative Agenda 2002

1998 Legislative Report Betty Gallo & Co.

Legislative Phone # List

Letters to Editor

Letters of Support - Out (Steve Gavron)

Letters of Support/Grants/received

A Life "Hot" issues

A Life 1993

A Life 1994 (AIDS Legislative Initiative and Funding Effort)

A Life 1995

A Life 1996/Meetings, Notes, Miscellaneous

A Life 1997/CARC - Leg. Issues (Housing) Meetings, Notes

A Life 1998

Connecticut AIDS Action Council

Box 4

A Life, 2000

A Life, 2001

Managed Care

Managed Care Issues/1996

Managed Care Issues

Mandatory Testing Issues

Medicaid - Block Grant - Issues

Medical Alert 1995-1997 Periodical NAPWA

Meeting News and Notes, 1994-1996 Connecticut HIV Prevention Community Planning Group periodical

Meeting News and Notes, 1996-1997 Connecticut HIV Prevention Community Planning Group periodical

NAPWA Notes 1996, 1997 periodical

Meeting Spaces/Directions

Meriden - Arson 8/1995

MIB Medical Information Bureau

MicroGeneSys December 1994

Migrant HIV/AIDS Study October 1994

Miscellaneous Correspondence, etc.

MSM and Risk Reduction

NAPWA (National Association of People with AIDS

NAPWA Positive Action Network Alerts 1997

NASTAD (National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS directors 1995-1996

NASW/Community Organizer Network

NMAC Conference Bulletin 1997 periodical

Needs Assessment/State Consortium by CRPP

New England AIDS E.T.C. Newsline 1995 periodical

New Haven Mayor's Task Force 1996

News From Home 1995 periodical/ New Haven Home Recovery

Nonprofit Advantage 1997 (periodical) CARF

Nonprofit Resource Center/Info

OAR Levine Report 1996

Office of Health Care Access (OHCA)

Organization Member Drive/3rd Request letter, misc.

Op Ed Piece for Courant 1995

PLWH Sourcebook involving people living with HIV disease in Titles I & II Ryan White Care Act

Pediatric Issues

Pequot Community Foundation Grant Application

Personal Assistance Services

Positive Action Conference November 21, 1997

Positive Outlook Conference July 23, 1997

Positivo 1997 [periodical] AIDS Project New Haven

Press Releases - "How to"

Press About CAAC, 1995-1997

Presidential Advisory HIV/AIDS 1995-1996

Pro Visions 1, Conference September 7 & 8, 1990

Pro Visions 3, Conference April 1-3, 1993

Pro Visions 4, Conference June 7, 8, 9, 1995

Pro Visions 5, Conference June 12-14, 1996

Pro Visions VI Conference 1998

Project Inform

Project Inform/ Project Tan Inform

Provincetown Positive 1994, 1995, 1997 periodical

RAP Program 1995

Rowland, John Governor Notes Letters

Connecticut AIDS Action Council

Box 5

Ryan White Care Act/1995 Reauthorization Bill

Ryan White I/Hartford (Planning Council 1995-1998)

Ryan White II Consortium/Hartford 1996-1997

Ryan White Statewide HIV Care Consortium By-laws 1996

Ryan White Statewide Consortium FY 1997

Ryan White Year 6 Plan/Public Hearing

Safe (True Colors) Schools Task Force 1998

Safe Water Drinking Act 1995

Sign Up Sheet CT AIDS Action Council

Society for Non Profit Organizations Membership

Solan, Mark State Attorney = Comments 5/15/1996

Southeastern Connecticut Ryan White Consortium Bylaws 1995 (New London)

Southeastern Connecticut Ryan White Title II Regional Consortium New London Training 1998

State Ethics Commission Newsletter April 1998

Statewide Consortia Membership & Notes 1997

Statewide HIV Care Consortium - Meetings/ etc. July 1, 1995-June 30, 1996

Statistics HIV/AIDS 1995-1996

T. B. Prevention/American Lung Association

T. B. Transmissions 1997 periodical

Technical Assistance Newsletter 1995, 1997 brochures National Minority AIDS Council

Technical Assistance Newsletter 1996, 1997

Testing Issues - Forms

Treatment Alert 1997 periodical

Treatment Info/National AIDS Treatment Info Project Kaiser Foundation

Trinity College 1995

Trinity Hill Healthcare Center 1994

Union Chronicle 1996 periodical CUDAG

U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 1995

UCONN School of Social Work/Jobs 1995

Update 1996, 1997 periodical NMAC

Viral Load Testing

"War group fighting" Peters Retreat 1996

Women Voting For Our Future 1996

World AIDS Day 1995 Beth Weinstein


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