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George W. Henry Foundation

About the Collection

In 1963, the members of the Social Service Department of the Greater Hartford Council of Churches formed the Rehabilitation Committee which evolved into the ad hoc Project "H" Committee. Its first task was to study the subject of homosexualtiy. During this study period, the committee became aware of the George W. Henry Foundation which was chartered in the state of New York in 1947. It had been founded "to help those who by reason of sexual deviation were in trouble with themselves." Dr. Albert Gross who was heading this foundation was invited to Hartford to discuss his work. Out of that meeting, the group became the Hartford Chapter of the George W. Henry Foundation in 1965.

Since education was a major thrust of the Committees' work members were involved in lecturing, counseling, in workshops, in panel discussions and in organizing conferences and symposiums. A necessary step in this educational process was the acquisition of books, pamphlets, articles, journals, and other materials. This collection which came to CCSU spans the period from the early 1960's through the 1980's. The collection provides a wealth of historic information concerning all aspects of homosexuality and the gay liberation movement through the Stonewall riots and beyond. A small budget is being used to purchase current material.

With the retirement of the Reverend Canon Clinton Jones, officials of Christ Church Cathedral decided they were unable to afford a counselor to continue Reverened Jones' work. By the time of his retirement in the late 1980's, dozens of groups had come into existence to serve the needs of the gay and lesbian community. For many years, the Committee on Sexual Minorities and its predecessors was the only organization that people were able to turn to for help.

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