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Le-Hi-Ho (Lehigh Valley Homophile Organization), Bethlehem, PA

AARDE Cinema [Philadelphia] flyer

ACLU Legislative Alert [opposing Senate Bill, 83]

Allentown City Council on Gay Rights Issues [folder]

Allentown Human Relations Commission, 1977

"Allentown police cracking down on lewdness in park..." 1982

Basic Human Interaction Workshop for Homosexually Oriented Persons, Mar. 23-25, 1973 [flyer]

"The Bible and Homosexuality" by Rev. Richard Druckenbrod 7/19/1977

Board of directors minutes Le-Hi-Ho, Jan.-Nov., 1976, Jan.-June, 1977, Jan.-Nov., 1978.

Breton, Rev. J.E. Paul [printed newsletters]Le-Hi-Ho pride parade

Bryant, Anita, Form letter, July, 1977

By-Laws of Le-Hi-Ho, 1975

Christopher Street Liberation Day Bulletins

The Comenian, v. 65 no 20, May 19, 1972

Coming Out! A documentary play about gay life... by Jonathan Katz. New York, 1975 [Poster]

Members of Le-Hi-Ho at the Rally in Central Park Following
the First Gay Pride Parade, June 1970

Company, New York [flyer and brochures] 1970s?

Cornell Gay Liberation Festival, April 20-21, 1973 [posters]

Council on Religion and the Homosexual, San Francisco, Symposium on the Lifestyles of the homosexual. Nov. 10-12, 1972; Nov., 9-11, 1973 [flyers]

Creed, Freddie, Account of the arrest of two lesbians, Birmingham, Alabama, 1973

Crimson Wreath, Brooklyn [flyer and letter for poster]

Emmaus Gay Switchboard & Drop-in-Center, San Francisco [flyer]

Ex Gays Testimony [flyers]

"Experts Seek Help For Homosexuals" by Dr. L.B. Merrick

Falling Stars [Hudson River Cruise] flyer

Franklin Kamery... To Speak in Lehigh Valley, 1976, Le-Hi-Ho Press release

Gala 90 Gay and Lesbian Arts Festival, Philadelphia, June, 1990 [flyers]

Gay Academic Union, New York, [history statement of purpose, conference announcement]

Gay Activist Alliance Gay Dance [flyer] 1973

Gay Activist Alliance of New Jersey [letter, March 16, 1972]

Gay Activists Alliance, Hold Hands Across the George Washington Bridge, 1975 [flyers]

Gay Activists Alliance New York, flyer offering a list of gay organizations, 1970s?, 1972

Gay Alliance for Equality, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [Newsletter, Nov., 1972]

Gay Community Center Dance, Aug. 18, 1972, Cambridge, MA [flyer]

Gay Community Services Center, Los Angeles, [flyers] 1973

Gay Convention, Pittsburgh, Oct. 27 - 29? [flyers]

Gay Freedom 1970. Commemorative Pictorial Essay of the first anniversary of the Gay Liberation Movement [booklet]

Gay Liberation of Westchester, New York [San Francisco charter flight, July, 1974]

Gay Male Questionnaire Sexuality Survey, 1977?

Gay Pride Week, June 22-July 1, 1973, Chicago

Gay Speakers Bureau of Philadelphia, "Homosexuality, 25 questions and answers," 1970? [brochure]

Gay Survival Kit, San Francisco [broadside printed on both sides]

Gay Switchboard of Philadelphia [flyer]

Gayyellow Pages Renaissance House, NY advertising rate flyers

Greater Cincinnati Gay Society letter, [flyers] 1972

Gypsy Feet, New York [Travel for Gays]

H.A.L. (Homophile Action League) Philadelphia Gay mini forum, Nov. 1972, Feb., 1973 [flyers]

H.E.L.P. Los Angeles [flyer letters 1972]

Hockin, Robert. Dynamics of Homosexuality, April 28th 1971, College paper

Homophile Union of Boston, 1972 [flyers]

Homosexual Community Counseling Center, New York [flyers] 1973

Homosexual Information Center, Los Angeles [flyers] 1973

Homosexuality, forum sponsored by Berks County Mental Health Association, Apr. 24, 1974 [flyer]

Homosexuality, Questions and Answers, Reprinted by Le-Hi-Ho

"Homosexuality and Christian Faith" by Theodore W. Jennings, Christian Centruy, Feb. 16, 1977

Homosexuality: Special issue of "Christianity & Crisis," May 30 & June 13, 1977

Human Enlightenment, Wilmington, DE, flyer for ski trip, Jan. 19-21, 1973

In The Life, [TV program, flyers, schedules, newsletters]

Invisible Minority: The Homosexual in Our Society, press releases, etc. about this filmstrip, 1973

Ithaca Gay Liberation Dance [letter, flyers]

June 28, 1970: Gay and Proud narrated by Breck Ardery, 33 1/3 RPM

Kane, David, Plea for funding of a proposed center in Milwaukee, 1971

Kincaid, Martha, Letter to the Editor Cedar Crest Student Newspaper, Spring, 1975

LEPOCO Report, 1971-1972. Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern

Lambda Center, Allentown, PA [brochure]

Lavender Opinion, Ithaca proposal for a Gay Press International

Le-Hi-Ho Gay Rights Legislation, 1975-1980

Le-Hi-Ho Library: A Bibliography of books most of which deal with homosexuality, with four supplements, 1975

Le-Hi-Ho Library checkout forms

Le-Hi-Ho Miscellaneous papers, 1975-1987

Le-Hi-Ho Praises Article, Elaborates on Kinsey Stats, Brown and White, Nov. 13, 1973

Le-Hi-Ho Proposed budget, March 16, 1976

Le-Hi-Ho Treasurer's report, Jan.-Dec., 1979

Lehigh University, Brown & White, v. 84, no 5, Sept. 15th, 1972

Lehigh University and Gays, 1974-1975 [folder]

Lehigh Valley Homophile Organization [flyers & newsletter]

Lesbian Conference, May 18-20, 1973? Richmond College, NY [flyer]

London/Amsterdam, Blueboy LifeStyle Travel [brochure] 1976

Loud Family, Newsweek, Mar. 12 1973

March on Washington, Apr. 25, 1993

Mattachine Society, NY [flyers]

Metropolitan Community Church, Washington D.C. [flyers], 1972

Montrose Gaze Community Center, Houston, TX, 1973 [flyer]

NACHO Bulletins & Newsletters

NACHO North American Conference of Homophile Organizations, Unity Questionaire #4, July 7, 1970

NTL Institute for Applied Behaviorial Science, Washington, D.C. Basic Human Interaction Workshop for Homosexualy Oriented Persons, March 1973

National Gay Mobilizing Committee, Planning March on Washington postmarked, Oct. 15, 1973

National Gay Student Center, Washintgon, D.C. [6 page letter]

National Sex Forum, San Francisco, [flyers]

New Democratic Coalition, Bethlehem, PA, [flyers, newsletters] 1971, 1972

New York Mattachine [flyers] 1961, 1969, 1972, 1973

ONE, Los Angeles Calandar, [flyer] 1972

Ohio Gay Pride Committee, "All-Ohio Gay Conference" May 4-6, 197? [letter]

Orcas Human Growth Center care of Stonewall Treatment Center, Orcas, Washington, flyer for workshops, 1973

Out Front, [flyer] Philadelphia's first prime-time TV show

Parents and Homosexuality, Conference, Jan. 22, 1973 [flyer]

Pennsylvania Rural Gay Caucus

Pennsylvania State Gay Convention, Pittsburgh, Oct. 27-29, 1972 [registration form]

Philadelphia Gay Pride Committee [flyers] 1973

Pittenger, Norman, "A Theological Approach to Understanding Homosexuality," Religion in Life, Winter, 1974

Playboy Forum Reprints, 1972

Presbyterian Gay Caucus, Presbyterians for Gay Concerns, 1977 [brochure]

Pride '79, "Our Space For Growth" Conference, Oct. 19-21, 1979 [flyer]

Publisher's announcements

Ringer, Francis E., "Toward Responsible Human Sexuality," Oct., 1974. [talk]

Roberts, Pudgy [Female Impersonators, Transvestites, 1972

Ruso, Vito A. "The Jail" announcement for film

Rutgers University Homophile League, [flyers] 1973

Seeds, Ron

Stonewall, Published for the Stonewall Bar, Allentown, PA

Student Homophile League of U. Mass. Gay Weekend, [poster] May 4-6, 1973

Taking Up Needles and Thread to Honor the Dead [article about AIDS Quilt] reprint from "People," Oct. 12, 1987

Trust, Edmund, Gay Love... It Exists! [flyer advertising his program]

Unitarian Church of Lehigh Valley

United Church of Christ, "Jesus Christ Frees and Unites, Human Sexuality and the Needs of Gay and Bisexual Persons," 1975 [pamphlet]

VD Handbook, 1972

Women's Center, YMCA, Easton, PA




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