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The John Loughery Collection

The Loughery Collection consists of materials assembled in writing The Other Side of Silence, Men's Lives and Gay Identities, A Twentieth Century History, New York, Holt, 1999. Some of the collection's highlights:

The collection also contains extensive material relating to Mr. Loughery's other book: John Sloan: Painter and Rebel, New York, Holt, 1995.


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By John Loughery

I was born in New Britain (6/24/53) and grew up there, leaving at 18 to go to college in New York City, where I have remained ever since.

Being gay -- which I was well aware I was by the age of twelve -- in New Britain brought all the usual difficulties that it did to other men of my generation: lack of information, the belittling need for silence about my erotic and romantic interests, the impossibility of imagining what a "gay life" as an adult might mean. I have met other men who felt no such restrictions or inhibitions in Connecticut in the 1960s , but I was not that fortunate or exploratory a teenager. The few books I found at the New Britain Public Library were profoundly unhelpful, taking a negative and usually psychoanalytic perspective on homosexuality, and having one of the librarians laugh when I was checking them out didn't make things easier.

Media images were no better: seeing the Frank Sinatra movie The Detective at a drive-in or watching Advise and Consent on television in the mid-1960s told me that gay life was violent and usually led to murder or suicide. A breakthrough for me was seeing The Boys in the Band at the Hartford Stage Company in my senior year of high school in 1971; it provided some sense that there were large numbers of gay men out there who made a sort of life together. Gay friendship, anyway, existed.

Moving to New York in 1971 was fortuitous: I met other gay eighteen-year-olds (and gay Jesuits) at Fordham University in the Bronx; the gay rights movement in Manhattan was creating a different climate; gay theater and films were changing the terms of discussion and representation. To one degree or another, I benefited from that change. I graduated from Fordham with a B.A. in English in 1975 into a much different world from the one I had left when I graduated from New Britain High School in 1971.

I also met my lover of the last 25 years at Fordham, Thomas Orefice, and that was obviously a crucial development in my life, both because of my feelings for him and for its swift rebuttal of all the stereotypes I had grown up with about gay men living alone, never finding lifelong mates, and so on.

Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s I worked as an English teacher at a private school in New York City, The Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. During the 1980s I was also working as a freelance journalist and art critic, publishing book and film reviews and covering gallery and museum exhibitions for various art periodicals (Arts Magazine particularly). In 1990 I became the art critic of a quarterly journal, The Hudson Review, and am still writing for them. I left Columbia Prep to write fulltime in 1993 and returned to teaching last year. I am as interested in high school teaching (English, art history) as I am writing.

I knew that I wanted to write a narrative history of gay male life in 20th-century America as soon as I became aware of AIDS (belatedly, in 1982-1983). As an avid reader of history, I was aware of the great literature being produced about women's history, African-American history, Jewish-American history, etc. in recent years. The story of gay men, the obstacles they have had to confront, their changing sense of identity, etc. seemed to me an equally valid, rich, complex topic. In the face of society's indifference (and often the lack of interest by gay men themselves in their own history), on the one hand, and the specialization of gay studies into a jargon-heavy academic field on the other hand, I was afraid the kind of scholarly "popular history" I wanted to write was never going to appear. I had other projects in mind, though, before I was able to focus on that. But AIDS -- the decimation of gay men and the potential loss of our history -- was very much in the back of my mind as I began to take notes and visit archives for this undertaking. Book Cover Loughery

My first published book was Alias S.S. Van Dine: The Man Who Created Philo Vance (Scribners, 1992), a biography of the 1920s detective novelist S.S. Van Dine, which won the 1993 Edgar Award for Biography from the Mystery Writers of America.

My second book was John Sloan: Painter and Rebel (Henry Holt, 1995), which was a New York Times Notable book and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Biography for 1996.

My third, finally, was The Other Side of Silence: Men's Lives and Gay Identities (Henry Holt, 1998), which was a New York Times Notable Book and a Choice Academic Book. It won the Randy Shilts Award for Gay Non-fiction and the Lambda Award for Gay Male Studies in 1999.

The gay book took three years as a fulltime project from contract to publication, involving traveling for interviews and research to fifteen states. Despite an ample advance from the publisher I was seriously in debt by the time I finished it. The usual lot of the independent scholar. But I wrote the book I felt I had to write, and it is just the kind of book I meant it to be.

I have also edited three anthologies. First Sightings: Contemporary Stories of American Youth (1993), Into the Widening World: International Coming-of-Age Stories (1994), and The Eloquent Essay: An Anthology of Classic and Creative Nonfiction (2000), which are used in high-school and college literature and writing classes. All three were published by Persea Books.

Box 1

Folder 1: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Gene Harwood (born 1908)

Folder 2:"Coming out" before World War II, Interview with John Calder (born 1909)

Folder 3:"Coming out" before World War II, Notes from the diaries and letters of Richard Cowan (born 1909)

Folder 4: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Floyd Clement (born 1912)

Folder 5: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Arthur Maule (born 1914)

Folder 6: "Coming out" before World War II, Notes from two phone interviews with Stephen Blair (born 1917) Booklet: Hidden History, True Stories from Seattle's Gay and Lesbian Elders, 1992.

Folder 7: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Bob Basker (born 1918)Magazine cover Loughery

Folder 8: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Stuart Loomis (born 1919)

Folder 9: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with George Flemester (born 1920)

Folder 10: "Coming out" before World War II, Interview with Harold McNulty (born 1920)

Folder 11: "Edward Weber: My Sexual History" (born, 1922) given in installments to John Loughery, 1996, Use Restricted, (see enclosed, may not be photocopied or quoted directly until Jan. 2010)

Folder 12: The Invert by Anomaly (1927) (photocopy)

Folder 13: Gay Male Social Life, Pre-Stonewall, Bars, Baths, etc.

Folder 14: Reitman, Ben, Outcast Narratives, mss 1932

Folder 15: Before Stonewall (Odds & Ends)

Folder 16: The Baths

graphic from the equity collection Folder 17: Photocopy of A Scarlet Pansy by Robert Scully, 1937

Folder 18: Articles from Donald Vining: Recollections of gay life, 1940s-1960s

Folder 19: Articles from the 1930s-1950s

Folder 20: Articles from the 1960s

Folder 21: Articles from the 1970s-1980s

Folder 22: Essays: Historical/Theoretical

Folder 23: Psychological/Psychiatry: The Medical View of Homosexuality (folder 1 of 3)

Folder 24: Psychological/Psychiatry: The Medical View of Homosexuality (folder 2 of 3)

Folder 25: Psychological/Psychiatry: The Medical View of Homosexuality (folder 3 of 3)

Folder 26: Interview with Dr. George Weinberg, author of Society and the Healthy Homosexual

Folder 27: Violence against Gay

Box 2

Folder 1: The U.S. Government vs. Gays

Folder 2: Typescripts, Erotica: Motorcyclist, Angelo, and two untitled stories from the 1950s

Folder 3: Physique magazines (1950s): Art & Physique, Grecian Guild Pictorial, Model Man, Physique Pictorial, Tomorrow's Man, Vim

Folder 4: Homophile publications

Folder 5: Come out! A newspaper by and for the gay community (v. 1 no 1-4, v. 2 no 7, 8, 1969 - 1972)

Folder 6: Early gay activists

Folder 7: Early gay activists

Folder 8: The Homosexual Citizen, 1966-1967, Publication of the Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. (vol. 1, no 2-4, 6, 7, 12, v.2, no 1-4)

Folder 9: Early Gay Activists: Stephen Donaldson (a.k.a. Bob Martin)Postcard Loughery

Folder 10: Early Gay Activists: Frank Kameny

Folder 11: Early Gay Activists: Jim Kepner

Folder 12: Early Gay Activists: Dick Leitsch

Folder 13: Early Gay Activists: Jack Nichols

graphic from the equity collection Folder 14: Friend by Jack Nichols, unpublished autobiography, given to John Loughery, 1995

Folder 15: Early Gay Activists: Jack Nichols (a.k.a. Warren Adkins) - Richard Inman Correspondence, January 15, 1965 to August 31, 1965

Folder 16: Early Gay Activists: Don Slater, 2 booklets: "Don Slater, 1923 - 1997" and "A Few Doors West of Hope"

Folder 17: Early Gay Activists: Randy Wicker

Folder 18: Gay & Lesbian Pride Guides '82, '88, '89, '98

Folder 19: Calendars gay and lesbian pride week, 1977, 1978, 1979

Folder 20: Gay Yellow Pages, New York, New Jersey, edition, 1980

Folder 21: National Candlelight AIDS March, October 12, 1996 [program]

Folder 22: "Creating a new gay culture," by Gabriel Rotello in the Nation April 21, 1997

Folder 23: "Straight America Gay America," in The New Republic, May 10, 1993

Folder 24: New York Gay Pride Parade 1999, 21 photographs

Folder 25: Post cards from cities visited by John Loughery

Box 3

Folder 1: Stonewall

Folder 2: Anita Bryant / 1977-1978 Controversy

Folder 3: Gay Activism in the 1970s

Folder 4: Gay Conservatism

Folder 5: CBS Reports: "Gay Power, Gay Politics" as broadcast over the CBS Television Network, Saturday, April 26, 1980, 10:00-11:00PM, EST

Folder 6: The Radical Faeries/Issues of Masculinity & Femininity

Folder 7: AIDS (folder 1 of 3)

Folder 8: AIDS (folder 2 of 3)

Folder 9: AIDS (folder 3 of 3)

Folder 10: Act Up

Folder 11: Issues of Race, Racial/Sexual Identity

Folder 12: Bruce Benderson, "Toward the New Degeneracy, an essay", Edgewise, New York, NY, 1997

Folder 13: Miscellaneous information on gender, gender preference, gays and lesbians...

graphic from the equity collection Folder 14: Bay Area Reporter, vol. 26, no 14, Apr. 1996

Folder 15: Fag Rag, Twelfth Anniversary Issue, Issue #30-39, 1982

Folder 16: Circus for Life: Tenth Anniversary Benefit for Gay Men's Health Crisis, March 27, 1992. (program)

Folder 17: Coming out under Fire, News Release, 1995

Folder 18: Celluloid Closet (Preliminary Production Notes) 1995?

Folder 19: Booksellers advertisements, calling cards, catalogs

Folder 20: Home Is Where The Heart Is - Our Family Values [Exhibit catalog, June 6-12, 1997]

Folder 21:

*Kent, Nial, The Divided Path: The story of a homosexual, Almat Publishing Corp. (Pyramid Books) 1951

*Little, Jay, Maybe-Tomorrow, Paperback Library, New York, 1952

*Tobin, Kay & Randy Wicker, Gay Crusaders, Paperback Library, 1972

*De Forrest, Michael, The Gay Year, Lancer Books, New York, NY, 1965

*Rand, Lou, Rough Trade, Paperback Library, New York, NY, 1965

Folder 22: Stonewall 30. Program Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, June 26, 1999.

Box 4

Folder 1: Gay Comix, no 1, 6, 10-14. 1980 - 1991

Folder 2: Gay Comics, no 15 - 24, 1992 - 1997

Folder 3: Tales of the Closet, no 1-9, 1987 - 1993

Folder 4: Queer Boys, no 1 - 2, 1997 - 1998

Folder 5: Gay Print & Coloring Book, v. 1, 1980Comic Book Loughery

Folder 6: "GLAAD Cites Comic Books Striking a Blow for Gay Visibility," Washington Blade, March 12, 1999

Folder 7: Flyers, Exhibits, Conferences

Folder 8: Gays, Lesbians & Straights Working Together to Create a Safe and Comfortable Community for All. Spring Symposium, Dwight Englewood School, April 13, 1998 [workbook]

Folder 9: Correspondence to Mr. John Loughery

Folder 10: Correspondence to Mr. John Loughery

Folder 11: Gay and Lesbian Archives, flyers, finding aids.

Folder 12: CLGH Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, 1998 -

Folder 13: Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter, no 16, Dec. 1996

Folder 14: The Lavender Salon Reader: The Newsletter & Literary Review for Gay & Lesbian Reading Clubs, v. 5, no 6- 9, v. 5, no 10 & v. 6, no 1, v. 6, no 2 (Aug./Sept.), no 2 (Oct./Nov.), no 4.

Folder 15: Our Stories, v. 10, no 1, v. 12, no 1, v. 13, no 1- 3, v. 14, no 1, 1995 - 1999

Folder 16: The Publishing Triangle News, Fall '97, Dec. '97, Winter '98, April '98, June '98, Feb. '99, May '99

graphic from the equity collection Folder 17: BlackBoard, GLSEN, v. VI, no 6, v. VII, no 3, 4 1998

Folder 18: NGA Bulletin, Fall, 1983; Summer, 1984

Folder 19: Acceptance letter The James White Review will publish Vitae and accompanying copy of The James White Review issue 52, (vol. 14, no 2) Spring/Summer 1997

Folder 20: Letters from James T. Sears to Loughery with a galley copy of his book Lonely Hunters: An Oral History of Lesbian and Gay Southern Life, 1948-1968

Folder 21: Miscellaneous Articles, 1990s

Folder 22: Correspondence to John Loughery concerning John Sloan

Folder 23: Photographs used in the book, John Sloan, Painter and Rebel, 1995

Folder 24: John Sloan, January 2 - 13, 1934, Montross Gallery, New York, Exhibit Catalog with prices in pencil

Folder 25: Hand written review signed by Sloan on Henry W. Lanier's Greenwich Village, Today & Yesterday, 1949

Folder 26: Handwritten statement dated July 4, 1990?. Sloan discusses plight of the American Indian

Folder 27: John Sloan, Painter and Rebel (Uncorrected Proof), 1995?

Folder 28: Owl Books, Fall & Winter, 1997. Catalog listing John Loughery's book on John Sloan, p. 57

Folder 29: Reviews of John Sloan Painter and Rebel

graphic from the equity collection Folder 30: McNally, Owen, A biographer's life (John Loughery), Hartford Courant, July 30, 1995

Folder 31: John Sloan, the Gloucester Years, n.d.

Folder 32: Santa Fe Connections exhibition Catalog, May 1 - June 6, 1997

Folder 34: American Scenes of John Sloan Exhibition Catalog, Apr. 6 - May 1, 1976

Folder 35: John Sloan, a concentration of works from the permanent collection Exhibition Catalog, Apr. 30 - June 22, 1980

Folder 36: Ruth Martin Collection of Paintings by John Sloan. Exhibition Catalog, Mar. 4 - Apr. 5, 1980

Folder 37: John Sloan. The Wake of the Ferry II. Exhibition Catalog, Oct. 2 - Dec. 1984

Folder 38: Pulitzer Prizes 1996. John Sloan book nominated

Folder 39: American Art Nouveau Poster Period of John Sloan, 1967

Folder 40: Sloan, John, Gist of Art, 1944, 2 copies

Folder 41: John Sloan's Last Summer, Herbert F. West, 1952

Box 5

Folder 1: Gay Theater & The Homophile

Folder 2: Theater & Music Magazines (1978 - 1990)

Folder 3: Theater & Music Magazines (1990 - 1996)

Folder 4: "Now She Dances," script for two act play by Doric Wilson (signed by "Doric")

Folder 5: Gay Theater Play Announcements (postcards, programs) Playbill Bent

Folder 6: Playwright Interviews and Theater Critiques

Folder 7: Playbills, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1962

The Green Bay Tree, John Golden Theatre, 1951

I am a Camera, Empire Theatre, 1952

The Immoralist, Royale Theatre, 1954

Tea and Sympathy, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, 1953

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Morosco Theatre, 1955

The Death of Bessie Smith, and The American Dream, Cherry Lane Theatre, 1962

Folder 8: Playbills, 1966 - 1974, 1977, 1980

Malcolm, Schubert Theatre, 1966

Cabaret, The Broadhurst Theatre, 1966 T

he Killing of Sister George, Belasco Theatre, 1966

Staircase, Biltmore Theatre, 1968

A Patriot For Me, Imperial Theatre, 1969

The Boys in the Band, Theatre Four, 1970

Shades of Lavender, West Side Discussion Group, 1970?

Nightride, Vandam Theatre, 1971 The Faggot, Truck and Warehouse Theatre, 1973

Find Your Way Home, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 1974

A Chorus Line, Shubert Theatra, 1975

The West Sreet Gang, Tosos at the Spike Bar, 1977

Vieux Carre, St. James Theatre, 1977

An Evening with Quentin Crisp (The Naked Civil Servant), Players Theatre, 1979

Bent, New Apollo Theatre, 1979

A Perfect Relationship, Presented by Speak its name, The Baton, 1980

Folder 9: Playbills 1981 - 1985

Fifth of July, New Apollo Theatre, 1981

The Dresser, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 1982

Doric Wilson's Street Theater, Meridian Gay Theatre, 1983

Torch Song Trilogy, The Helen Hayes Theatre, 1983

La Cage aux folles, Palace Theatre, 1983

Torch Song Trilogy, Huntington Hartford Theatre, n.d. Another Country, Long Wharf Theatre, 198

Total Eclipse, Westside Arts Theatre (Downstairs), 1984

As Is, Lyceum Theatre, 1985 The Normal Heart, The Public/Anspacher Theater, 1985

The Mystery of Irma Vep, One Sheridan Square, 1985

Folder 10: Playbills ('86-'91)

Loot, Manhattan Theatre Club at City Center Theater, 1986

Jerker, Celebration Theatre, 1986

Harvey Fierstein's Safe Sex, LaMama, 1987

History in Briefs, Out on the Town Theatre, 1988

Breaking the Code, Neil Simon Theatre, 1988

Ten Percent Revue, Actors' Playhouse, 1988

Ten Percent Revue, Susan Bloch Theatre, 1988

Playbill Staircase A Madhouse in Goa, Apollo Theatre, 1989

M. Butterfly, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, 1989

What the Butler Saw, Manhattan Theatre Club at City Center Theater, 1989

Privates on Parade, Roundabout Theatre Company, 1989

Falsettoland, Lucille Lortel Theatre, 1990

The Sum of Us, Cherry Lane Theatre, 1990

Lips Together Teeth Apart, Manhattan Theatre Club at City Center Theater, 1991

Bogeyman, Los Angeles Theatre Center, 1991

The Lisbon Traviata, Theatre Off Park, n.d.

Folder 11: Playbills ('91-'98?)

Before It Hits Home, Second Stage Theatre, 1991

Falsettos, John Golden Theatre, 1992

Angels in America, Royal National Theatre, 1992

The Twilight of the Golds, The Booth Theatre, 1993 The Destiny of Me, Lucille Lortel Theatre, 1993

Jeffrey, Minetta Lane Theatre, 1993

A Knight Out, Lyceum Theatre, 1994

Perestroika Angels In America, Walter Kerr Theatre, 1994

Love! Valour! Compassion!, Manhattan Theatre Club at City Center, 1994

The Only Thing Worse You Could have Told Me, Actors' Playhouse, 1995

Party, Douglas Fairbanks Theater, 1995

The Boys in the Band, Lucille Lortel Theatre, 1996

Seeing Things, Mighty Real Productions, n.d. The Naked Enemy, Wings Theatre, 1997

Odyssey 75, Wings Theatre, 1997

Keith Curran's Walking the Dead, San Francisco, 1996

Folder 12: Playbills ('96-'97?)

Making Porn, Actors' Playhouse, 1996

Howard Crabtree's When Pigs Fly, Douglas Fairbanks Theater, 1997

The Young Man From Atlanta, Longacre Theatre, 1997

Men on the verge of a his-panic breakdown, 47th Street Theatre, 1997

Clean, The Atlantic Theater Company, 1997

Fairytales, WPA Theatre, 1997

New York City Gay Men's Chorus, Carnegie Hall, 1997

Unityfest '97, Altered Stages Theatre, 1997

My Night With Reg, The New Group, 1997

Gross Indecency The Three Trials Of Oscar Wilde, Minetta Lane Theatre, 1997

...and the pursuit of happiness, Rattlestick, n.d.

Men of Manhattan Scenes of New York City Gay Life, Grove Street Playhouse, n.d.

Folder 13: playbills('97-'98?)

The Last Session, 47th Street Theatre, 1997

Tim Miller Shirts & Skin, Performance Space 122, 1997?

Visiting Mr. Green, Union Square Theatre, 1997

Nude Boys Prancing About, Vortex Theater Company, n.d.

Loot, The Zoo Theatre Company, n.d.

Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, The Alchemy Theatre Company, n.d.

Never The Sinner, The John Houseman Theatre, 1998

The Maiden's Prayer, Vineyard Theatre, 1998

A Question of Mercy, Long Wharf Theatre, 1998

Shakespeare's R&J, John Houseman Studio Theatre, 1998

The Judas Kiss, Broadhurst Theatre, 1998

Nasty Little Secrets, Primary Stages, 1998

As Bees In Honey Drown, Lucille Lortel Theatre, 1998

A New Brain, Lincoln Center Theater at the Mitzi E. Newhouse, 1998

Folder 14: playbills ('98-'99)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Jane Street Theatre, 1999

The Importance of Being Earnest, Long Wharf Theatre, 1999

Gemini, Second Stage Theatre, 1999

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, Minetta Lane Theatre, 1999

Lips, Primary Stages, 1999

Making Faces, The Phil Bosakowski Theatre, 1999?

Swan Lake, Neil Simon Theatre, 1999

Beautiful Thing, The Cherry Lane Theatre, 1999

Snakebit, Century Theatre/ Century Center, 1999

Folder 15: Playbills, Hartford Stage Company(1972 - 1999)

Tiny Alice, The Hartford Stage Company, 1972

The Importance of Being Earnest, The Hartford Stage, 1989 Marvin's Room, The Hartford Stage, 1990

March of the Falssettos & Falsettoland, The Hartford Stage, 1991

Clean, The Hartford Stage, 1995

Digging Eleven, The Hartford Stage, 1999

Folder 16: Clendinen, Dudley, and Adam Nagourney, Out for Good: The Struggle to Build a Gay Rights Movement in America, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, 1999, Advance Uncorrected Reader's Proof

Box 6

Folder 1: The Other Side of Silence. Typescript with corrections (Folder 1 of 5)

Folder 2: The Other Side of Silence. Typescript with corrections (Folder 2 of 5) graphic from the equity collection

Folder 3: The Other Side of Silence. Typescript with corrections (Folder 3 of 5)

Folder 4: The Other Side of Silence. Typescript with corrections (Folder 4 of 5)

Folder 5: The Other Side of Silence. Typescript with corrections (Folder 5 of 5)

Folder 6: The Other Side of Silence, Page Proofs with corrections (Folder 1 of 3)

Folder 7: The Other Side of Silence, Page Proofs with corrections (Folder 2 of 3)

Folder 8: The Other Side of Silence, Page Proofs with corrections (Folder 3 of 3)

Folder 9: The Other Side of Silence, Uncorrected Proof, Copy 1

Folder 10: The Other Side of Silence, Uncorrected Proof, Copy 2

graphic from the equity collection Folder 11: Photographs for The Other Side of Silence

Folder 12: Book Reviews, Interviews, correspondence in reference to The Other Side of Silence

Folder 13: Nicholas, Jack and Lige Clarke Tapes. a. Washington D.C. Mattachine Society, 1960s; b. Editors of 'Gay' in New York City 1969 ' 1973; c. book tour, 1970s

Folder 14: Copeland, Thomas A. Recollections of Gays and Lesbians at Oberlin College 1930s ' (Word Perfect 5.1 disk) TLS 8/11/1996

Folder 15: Alias S.S. Van Dine, Uncorrected Advanced Proof, 1992

Folder 16: First Sightings Stories of American Youth, Uncorrected Bound Galleys, 1993

Folder 17: Into the Widening World, International Coming-of-Age Stories, Uncorrected Bound Galley Proofs, 1994

Folder 18: Correspondence from John Loughery to the staff of the Burritt Library, Aug., 1997 - present

Box 7


  1. Black with Pink Triangle, Silence = Death
  2. White, Act Up
  3. White, Red V, GMHC

Box 8


  1. La Cage aux folles, The Broadway Musical, 1983
  2. Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy, n.d.
  3. As Is, 1985
  4. Gross Indecency, The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, n.d.
  5. Poster of AIDS quilt on display in Washington D.C., n.d.
  6. The Hetrick Martin Institute, Growing up, Moving on., 1985+
  7. Pride Without Prejudice, Embrace Lesbian and Gay Aging, n.d.
  8. Sex, Dating & Intimacy, n. d.
  9. Restoration, A Benefit Dance to Build Tomorrow, 1997
  10. AIDS Walk New York, 1997
  11. Queers in Space, 1997
  12. The Other Side of Silence, posterized dust jacket, 1998
  13. The Cartoon Show, 1981
  14. Beautiful Thing, make your own kind of music, n.d.
  15. Pride & History, 1989
  16. Cruising, 1980
  17. Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, Promote the Vote, n.d.
  18. The 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels, 1999



Gay Pride Parade, 1971, Interviews in Central Park; GAA demonstration at AT&T; Natalie Rockhill, Bruce Voeller, Jack Parr Show

Arnold Zenker Show (Randy Wicker, Peter Ogren, Jack Nichols, and Lige Clarke, Sept. 30, 1970)

Gender with Logan Carter, NYU, 1977

Vincenz, Lilli M., First Gay March, Philadelphia, 1968, New York Pride Day, 1970


Gay Pride Flags, 5.5" x 4"

Stickers (roll) Silence = Death

The two oldest gay men in America, Music of (CD)

Fairy Tales (CD)

Stickers, Gerbil, various


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