John J. Woodcock III

Lemon Law Records.

Series I: Lemon Laws, 1982-1991

Subseries: 2

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2131983Used Car Bill of Rights. January-March 1983
2141983Used car bill of rights, April 1-16, 1983
311983Used Car Bill of Rights, April 16-May 30, 1983
321983Used Car Bill of Rights, July-August 1983
331983Assorted bills related to the automobile industry, 1983
341983Sobelewski case, February 1983
351983Lemon Law Workshop, November-December 1983
361983Incoming correspondence, January-February 1983
371983Incoming correspondence, March 1983
381983Incoming correspondence, April 1983
391983Incoming correspondence, May 1983
3101983Incoming correspondence, June 1983
421983Incoming correspondence, August 1983
411983Incoming correspondence, July 1983
431983Incoming correspondence, September 1-10, 1983
441983Incoming correspondence, September 12-30, 1983
451983Incoming correspondence, October 1-13, 1983
461983Incoming correspondence, October 14-31, 1983
471983Incoming correspondence, November 1983
481983Incoming correspondence, December 1-7, 1983
511983Incoming correspondence, December 8-31, 1983
521983Incoming correspondence, ca. 1983
531983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, A-B
541983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, C-F
551983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, G-J
561983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, L-M
571983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, N-R
581983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, S-T
591983Outgoing correspondence, 1983, U-Z
5101983Better Business Bureau, 1982-September 1983
5111983Better Business Bureau, Smoking Gun file
5121983Arbitration Boards, 1982-1983
611983Better Business Bureau correspondence, September 1982-June 1983
621983Better Business Bureau correspondence, July-September 1983
631983Better Business Bureau correspondence, October-November 1983
641983Better Business Bureau correspondence, December 1983-July 1984, November 1985
651983Office of Legislative Research memos on Better Business Bureau, June 1982-March 1983
661983Office of Legislative Research memos on Better Business Bureau, July-October 1983
671983Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau Arbitration memos, January-October 1983
681983Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau arbitration memos, November 1983-October 1984
691983Background negotiations for revision of arbitration procedures, September 1983-January 1984
6101983Attorney Generalís findings on Better Business Bureau arbitration procedures, September 1983-July 1984