John J. Woodcock III

Lemon Law Records.

Series V. Presentations, articles, news stories and other publicity, 1982-1988

Subseries: 1

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3431982-88Presentations before various organizations, 1982-1983
3441982-88Connecticut Bar Association Seminar, March 1983 (background material, 1980-March 1983)
3451982-88Statement to Massachusetts Committee on Commerce and Labor, April 12, 1983
3461982-88Appearance before New York State Senate, April 27, 1983
3471982-88Barrister article, January-August 1983
3481982-88Conference sponsored by University of Maryland, December 1984
3491982-88Conference sponsored by University of Maryland, December 1984
3511982-88University of Maryland Conference follow-up, December 1984
3521982-88University of Maryland Conference follow-up, Proceedings, 1985
3531982-88Car Wars Seminar, Massachusetts, January 30, 1987
3541982-88Car Wars, sample automobile advertisements, January 30, 1987
3551982-88Working Conference on the Lemon Law, Milwaukee, WI, April 1987
3561982-88J.D. Powers & Associates Conference, Chicago, May 29, 1987
3571982-88Press contacts, 1982-1988
3581982-88Newspaper clippings, 1980
3591982-88Newspaper clippings, 1981
35101982-88Op-Ed pieces written by John J. Woodcock
35111982-88Press releases, 1982-1985
35121982-88Interviews and press contacts, 1982
3611982-88Newspaper clippings, 1982
3621982-88Newspaper clippings, 1982 (cont)
3631982-88Interviews and press contacts, March-April 1983
3641982-88Interviews and press contacts, May-September 1983
3651982-88Interviews and press contacts, October-November 1983, 1989
3661982-88Interviews and press contacts, undated.
3671982-88Op-Ed article, July 1983
3681982-88Statements to be published, 1983, 1984
3691982-88Articles to local papers, 1983-1984
36101982-88Press conferences, 1983-1985
36111982-88Newspaper clippings, 1983
36121982-88Newspaper clippings, 1983 (cont)
36131982-88Interviews and press contacts, 1984
36141982-88Newspaper clippings, 1984
3711982-88Articles on recalls, 1985-1986
3721982-88Press releases, 1985
3731982-88Newspaper clippings, 1985
3741982-88John Auto-Journal, newspaper clippings, 1985
3751982-88Newspaper clippings, 1986
3761982-88Washington, DC interview, March 1986
3771982-88Newspaper clippings, 1987
3781982-88Newspaper clippings, 1988
37101982-88Photograph negatives
37111982-88Newspaper clippings, undated; poster of states with Lemon Laws,undated (SEE oversize Folder 1)
37121982-88Scrapbook #1
37131982-88Scrapbook Vol. II
37141982-88Scrapbook #3
37151982-88Videotapes, 1982
3811982-88Videotapes of Paula Lyon interviews, 1982, 1983
3821982-88Videotape, 1983
3831982-88Videotapes of local newscasts and of Fraserís Edge from Canada, 1983
3841982-88Videotapes, 1984, 1985
3911982-88Videotapes of the Lemon Law debate, 1986, and a story on Lemon recycling,1988
3921982-88Videotapes, undated
3931982-88Audiotapes of Legislative hearing, March 1982; WTIC talk show, April 1982; WDRC Hot Seat program, May 1983
3941982-88Audiotapes of Lemon Law II press conference, January 1984; WINF Focus program, March 1984; WTIC Perspective program, December 1984
3951982-88Audiotapes of a press conference on a used car lemon law, April 1985; WPOP Newsbeat program, October 1985
4011982-88Audiotapes of WDRC Hot Seat program, January 1985, and Interview with Mark Davis on WTIC, January 1985
4021982-88Portfolio of State Issues
4111982-88Beta videotapes of news programs
4121982-88Beta videotapes of news programs (cont)
4131982-88Beta videotapes of news programs (cont)
4141982-88Beta videotapes of news programs (cont)
4151982-88Beta videotapes of news programs (cont)