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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

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2750001AA-001Pre-Task Force CorrespondenceMay-June 1988Correspondence to and from Legal Counsel Howard Rifkin concerning his investigation into the operations of the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.
2750001AA-002Correspondence, Agendas, and MinutesJuly-October 1988Press release concerning formation of Task Force to review CHRO; information from the Commission for use in review; announcement of first meeting; agendas; project work plan; schedules of interviews w
2750001AA-003Correspondence, Agendas, and MinutesNovember-December 1988Information requested by Task Force about the operation of the Commission; agenda for public meeting of Task Force; draft outline of Task Force findings.
2750001AA-004Correspondence [Testimony #1-7]1988Letters and supporting documents given in testimony for or against operation of CHRO. These letters are arranged in the same order as the numbered list in this first folder.
2750001AA-005Correspondence [Testimony #8-19]1988Letters and supporting documents given in testimony for or against operation of CHRO. These letters are arranged in the same order as the numbered list in the first folder.
2750001AA-006Correspondence [Testimony #20-37]1988Letters and supporting documents given in testimony for or against operation of CHRO. These letters are arranged in the same order as the numbered list in the first folder.
2750001AA-007Transcript of MeetingSeptember 23, 1988Meeting at which Commission Director Arthur Green is questioned by Task Force.
2750001AA-008Transcript of Public HearingSeptember 28, 1988
2750001AA-009Transcript of Public HearingOctober 5, 1988
2750001AA-010Transcript of MeetingOctober 12, 1988
2750001AA-011Transcript of Public HearingOctober 26, 1988
2760001AA-012Transcript of MeetingNovember 9, 1988
2760001AA-013Transcript of Public HearingNovember 9, 1988
2760001AA-014Drafts of Findings1988Summary statements, working drafts, support statements.
2760001AA-015Findings of Fact, PreliminarySeptember 23, 1988Management review.
2760001AA-016Findings of Fact, PreliminaryOctober 12, 1988Management review.
2760001AA-017Findings of Fact, PreliminaryNovember 9, 1988Management review.
2760001AA-018Complaint Information Related to Public HearingsDecember 1988Commission submits to Task Force an index of Complaint Information with supporting documentation to respond to allegations of those testifying at Public Hearings.
2760001AA-019Final ReportDecember 1988
2760001AA-020CHRO Response to Management ReviewSeptember 23, 1988
2770001AA-021CHRO Response to Management Review AddendumOctober 1988
2770001AA-022CHRO Response to Management ReviewNovember 4, 1988
2770001AA-023CHRO Response to Management ReviewNovember 18, 1988
2770001AA-024CHRO Statement on Legal StandardsNovember 29, 1988
2770001AA-025Press ClippingsJune-December 1988Articles both in favor of and opposed to the CHRO or the Task Force.
2770001AA-026Governor's ResponseJanuary 1989Governor's letter to legislative leaders forwarding a copy of the Task Force's final report. He also expresses his concern about administrative problems in the CHRO.
2770001AA-027Legislation, P.A. 89-332January-May 1989Drafts of legislation for H.B. 7117, An Act Concerning the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities; amendments; correspondence with William Dyson; press clippings; letter of support from Connecti
2770001AA-028CHRO Review1989-1990Master plan for implementing P.A. 89-332; organization review; audit; annual reports; implementation plans.
3730001AV-001Micro cassetteApril 1989Recorded message from Clarence B. Harris concerning the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.
3730001AV-002Micro cassetteOctober 7, 1989Accompanied letter, dated January 8, 1990, filed in Miscellaneous
3730001AV-003Videocassetteca. November 1989Private Providers Request for State Parity, Region 2.
0010001CL-001Abortion1981Letters for and against abortion.
0010001CL-002Abortion1985Letters concerning abortions for state employees; in support of Medicaid funding for abortions (request appeal of Doe v Maher).
0010001CL-003Abortion1986Letters against abortion; in support of Medicaid funding for abortions (request appeal of Doe v Maher).
0010001CL-004Abortion1988Letters protesting the arrest of pro-life demonstrators; against abortion.
0010001CL-005AbortionJanuary -August 1989Complaints about police at pro-life demonstration; letters for and against abortion and public funding.
0010001CL-006AbortionSeptember-December 1989Complaints about police at pro-life demonstration; letters for and against abortion and public funding.
0010001CL-007Abortion1990Letters for and against abortion and legislation concerning abortion.
3400001CM-001Press Releases, Endorsements, Debates1982Press releases announcing endorsements,; drafts of letters to Democratic Town Chairmen, Convention delegates and Town Committees seeking support or endorsement; list of press interviews from 1981; tex
3400001CM-002Debate1982Draft of Governor's opening statement; possible responses to questions during debate.
3400001CM-003QuestionnairesJune-September 22, 1982Includes request for answers, research materials to develop answers, and completed questionnaires. Arranged by date Governor received the questionnaire if there is an originating letter; if there is n
3400001CM-004QuestionnairesSeptember 27-October 1982Some include requests for answers, research materials to develop answers, drafts, and completed questionnaires. Arranged by date Governor received the questionnaire if there is an originating letter;
3400001CM-005Background Material--Dated ReportsJuly-September 1982Background information on the federal budget, Hispanic social programs receiving grants, and higher education.
3400001CM-006Background Material--City Profilesca. 1982Economic and demographic data. Arranged alphabetically by city.
3400001CM-007Background Materialca. 1982Newspaper articles from the 1970s; lists of legislators; lists of the Governor's achievements; maps of Connecticut electoral districts; accomplishments of the Department of Transportation; information
3400001CM-008Newspaper articles about Lewis RomeJuly-October 1982Newspaper articles about Republican gubernatorial challenger Lewis Rome's statements and his attacks on Governor O'Neill; press releases from Rome for Governor office.
3400001CM-009Lewis Rome's Recordca. 1982Rome's voting record in the General Assembly; Rome's lobbying record; transcripts of comments on radio and television; CCAG's ratings of Rome and O'Neill.
2660001LC-001Showalter, Kevin B.1975-1977Correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings concerning the Showalter family's attempt to learn who killed their son in a hit and run accident.
2660001LC-002Showalter, Kevin B.1978-1984Correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings concerning the Showalter family's attempt to learn who killed their son in a hit and run accident.
2660001LC-003Flood--1982June 1982Background information on emergency declarations; damage estimates; request to President Reagan for declaration of major disaster in the state; information concerning the Red Cross Flood Disaster Camp
2660001LC-004Flood--19821982Background information on how to declare an emergency; list of gubernatorial powers to act in the event of a disaster; federal-state agreement; request to President and regional FEMA office to declare
2660001LC-005Flood--1982July-December 1982, May 1Report on implementation of dam repair program; FEMA denies request for public assistance to northern counties and Governor continues to appeal the decision; FEMA critique of Connecticut's implementat
2660001LC-006Indian Land Claims Settlement Act1982Memoranda from the State Indian Affairs Council opposing the federal bill that would extinguish all Indian land rights in Connecticut, New York and South Carolina; draft of the bill; Governor's letter
2660001LC-007Governor's Task Force on Racial Harmony1983Final report.
2660001LC-008Indian Reservations1983, 1985Correspondence, Chief State's Attorney Statement of Position, civil complaint by the Schaghticoke Indians against Kent School Corp. and others, and negotiations in case of Mohegan Tribe v. Connecticut
2660001LC-009Flood, 19841984Governor's declaration of emergency; letter telling President of intent to apply for disaster designation; letter describing emergency services provided by Red Cross.
2660001LC-010Municipal Police Training Council1984-1989Reports of use of state vehicles by administrators of the Municipal Police Training Council, particularly Craig Appel; auditors' reports of other irregularities; Appel's resignation; search for new di
2670001LC-011Hurricane Gloria, September 27, 19851985Flood preparedness manual; emergency declaration; letter to President requesting disaster declaration; Connecticut statute on civil preparedness; Governor's statement; reports on power outages, bank o
2670001LC-012Governor's Task Force on Safety in Public Buildings1985-1987Charge to the Task Force; appointments; press release; preliminary and final reports; correspondence against Task Force recommendations; calls for further study on the idea of full-time fire marshals.
2670001LC-0131986 Special Session1986Statutes concerning calling special sessions; Governor's call for special session; vetoes of legislation; Journals of House and Senate; correspondence; Attorney General's opinions on special sessions;
2670001LC-014Julia H. Tashjian v. Republican Party1986Motions; information concerning a stay of decision; correspondence; affidavit; memoranda; briefs.
2670001LC-015Rewards, 19861979-1986Requests for and Governor's approval of an Offer of Reward for information in connection with murder cases. Older cases are revived when someone claims the reward.
2670001LC-016Rewards, 19871985-1987Requests for and Governor's approval of an Offer of Reward for information in connection with murder cases. Older cases are revived when someone claims the reward.
2670001LC-017Rewards paid in 19891986-1989Requests for and Governor's approval of an Offer of Reward for information in connection with murder cases. Older cases are revived when someone claims the reward.
2670001LC-018Publications1986-1988Grant application for funding programs for at-risk children; report on long-term care for the elderly, housing, homelessness; insurance costs. [Title pages only; the volumes can be found in the Connec
2670001LC-019Governor's Portrait1986-1988Contract with artist William Whittingham; insurance coverage; invoices; biography of artist and sample of work; correspondence concerning where to hang the portrait in the Legislative Office Building.
2680001LC-020State Library--Colt Firearms CollectionFebruary-August 1986Synopsis of investigation into possible illegal trade of firearms from the Museum; notice to Library Board of investigation; investigation reports; allegations of misconduct against Clarence Walters,
2680001LC-021State Library--Colt Firearms CollectionSeptember 1986-February 1Notice of David White's dismissal; collector who helped with gun trade defends White and his actions; minutes of State Library Board meetings; Final Implementation Report on State Police Recommendatio
2680001LC-022L'Ambiance PlazaSeptember 1987U.S. Department of Commerce investigation report.
2680001LC-023Report of Inquiries Concerning DRS1987Inquiries into Department of Revenue Services policies and practices for enforcing criminal tax evasion statutes; response to report by Commissioner; report to Governor; exhibits 1-23.
2680001LC-024Newtown Corrections Facility--FOI Case1987-1988Correspondence concerning alleged errors in the site analysis report that approved of the construction of a correctional center in Newtown; Legal Counsel Jay Jackson's report on the alleged errors; ca
2680001LC-025Newtown Corrections FacilityJanuary-September 1987Letters opposing construction of jail in Newtown; studies; formation of ad hoc committee to advise state on question of jail.
2680001LC-026Newtown Corrections FacilityOctober 1987Requests for and material needed to review selection of Newtown as site for correctional facility.
2680001LC-027Newtown Corrections FacilityNovember-December 1987Town of Newtown requests public records from Governor's office; letter supporting construction of prison; Notice of Appeal from the Town of Newtown to the Freedom of Information Commission; criteria u
2680001LC-028Newtown Corrections Facility1988-1989Advisability of town pursuing court appeal; proposed findings from case; motion by Newtown to reopen appeal; draft environmental impact statement; application for and permission to fill portion of the
2680001LC-029Newtown Corrections Facility--Newspaper Clippings1987-1988
2890001PO-001SpeechesDecember 1980-January 7,Inaugural speech on December 31, 1980; State of the State address to General Assembly.
2890001PO-002SpeechesJanuary 8-23, 1981Includes remarks given at Governor's Conference on Excellence in Education.
2890001PO-003SpeechesFebruary 4, 1981Budget message to General Assembly. Includes background material.
2890001PO-004SpeechesFebruary 6-28, 1981Includes Governor's remarks at Connecticut Business Day and the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner. John Dempsey's remarks at the Dinner are also included.
2890001PO-005SpeechesMarch 6-24, 1981Includes luncheon remarks at meeting of Fairfield County business executives and testimony before the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resource Committee's Subcommittee on Aging, Family and Human Services.
2890001PO-006SpeechesMarch 25, 1981Remarks to participants at the Connecticut Hite House Conference on Aging.
2890001PO-007SpeechesMarch 26, 1981Governor's remarks at a meeting with elected state officials, legislative leaders, and heads of state agencies concerning federal budget cuts and the impact on state budget.
2890001PO-008SpeechesMarch 27-31, 1981
2890001PO-009SpeechesApril 2-14, 1981Includes remarks given at inaugural meeting of the Connecticut Nautilus Committee.
2900001PO-010SpeechesApril 15-29, 1981Remarks to Regional Plan Association, at Connecticut Education Policy Seminar, and at a public hearing by Community Action Agencies concerning federal budget cuts.
2900001PO-011SpeechesMay 1981Includes remarks to the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, the Connecticut Bar Association, at Southern Connecticut State College's commencement, at a Convocation at UConn Health Center.
2900001PO-012SpeechesJune 1981Includes remarks at closing session of 1981 General Assembly, at the Air Transat 81 event at Sikorsky Airport, to Connecticut Union of Telephone Workers, at the Puerto Rican Parade banquet, and at Ben
2900001PO-013SpeechesJuly 1981Includes background information for a meeting with the Connecticut City and Town Managers Association; testimonial dinner for Lester Forst.
2900001PO-014SpeechesJuly 13, 1981Includes announcement of Pfizer expansion program and of a hydro-electric project.
2900001PO-015SpeechesAugust 1981Remarks at dedication of Ella T. Grasso Turnpike, at inaugural meeting of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and the Economy and at Conrail freight service hearing.
2900001PO-016SpeechesSeptember 9-17, 1981Remarks at Abe Ribicoff Day, and at the annual convention of the Connecticut State Labor Council.
2900001PO-017SpeechesSeptember 20-30, 1981Remarks at sesquicentennial of Wesleyan Convocation, remarks concerning economic development in Connecticut and comments at receptions for him in Paris and Frankfurt.
2900001PO-018SpeechesOctober 1-13, 1981Remarks at luncheon reception at Stuttgart; remarks at London breakfast reception; statement concerning his Europe trip; and remarks at Budget Forum in Bridgeport.
2910001PO-019SpeechesOctober 14-22, 1981Remarks at Annual Housing Conference where O'Neill announces his three-point housing program; remarks to the Southwestern Area Commerce and Industry Association.
2910001PO-020SpeechesOctober 27-30, 1981Remarks at the First Annual Conference on Tourism, at the Annual State Convention of the NAACP, and at the groundbreaking for Ella Grasso Hall at Western Connecticut State College.
2910001PO-021SpeechesNovember 3-12, 1981Dialogue and discussion with South African Ecumenical Delegation, including the Governor's statement on divestiture; remarks at groundbreaking for Quinebaug Community College in Danielson; Commissioni
2910001PO-022SpeechesNovember 16-18, 1981Remarks at opening ceremony, Windham Energy Recovery Facility, and at Somalia Awareness Week ceremony; remarks to Task Force on Racial Harmony, to Conference on Traffic Accidents in Connecticut: Contr
2910001PO-023SpeechesNovember 19, 1981Remarks at the opening of a Special Session of the General Assembly to address the state deficit. Supporting materials include budget figures, notes from an earlier speech on the budget, and Governor
2910001PO-024SpeechesNovember 19-29, 1981Text of speeches given by Lieutenant Governor Fauliso on behalf of Governor to Connecticut White House Conference on Children and Youth, to the Christian Conference of Connecticut, and at a dinner mee
2910001PO-025SpeechesDecember 1981Message to Democratic State Central Committee; signing of memorandum of understanding on the USS Nautilus; remarks to organizational meeting of Consumer Cooperative Task Force delivered by Lieutenant
2910001PO-026SpeechesJanuary 4-February 17, 19Includes remarks at release of Connecticut Heritage Task Force Report; Nikki's remarks to a meeting of the Hartford Association of Insurance Women.
2910001PO-027SpeechesFebruary 3, 1982Budget message to the General Assembly.
2910001PO-028SpeechesMarch 3-11, 1982Remarks at Treasurer's Conference on Municipal Finance, at press conference at Governor's residence, and at press conference about the preliminary report of the Task Force on Racial Harmony.
2920001PO-029SpeechesMarch 18-31, 1981Includes remarks at the Connecticut Coalition on Aging's 9th Annual Legislative Forum, at a summit conference on black elderly, at dedication of Knights of Columbus museum, and at Connecticut Crime Pr
2920001PO-030SpeechesApril 1-16, 1982Remarks at Municipal Finance Forum, at political fundraising events, at the formal opening for the west-side campus of Western Connecticut State College, and at dedication of the New Britain National
2920001PO-031SpeechesApril 17-30, 1982Remarks at United Transportation Union dinner, at a hearing by Connecticut members of the New England Congressional Caucus on acid rain, and at the annual state convention of the Parent Teacher Associ
2920001PO-032SpeechesMay 5-18, 1982Remarks at closing session of 1982 General Assembly and at several awards dinners.
2920001PO-033SpeechesMay 19-27, 1982Remarks at Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, at caucus of Connecticut Democrats, at a Conference on Creative Economic Development for the 80s, and at several groundbreaking events.
2920001PO-034SpeechesJune 1-7, 1982Remarks at ceremony marking the takeover of Connecticut rail lines by Boston and Maine, at public or elderly housing dedication ceremonies, at groundbreaking ceremonies for expanding or new businesses
2920001PO-035SpeechesJune 12-28, 1982Announcement of First Annual Governor's Military Review and Open House at Camp O'Neill; testimony before General Assembly's Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding concerning flood relief; remarks a
2930001PO-036SpeechesJuly1-9, 1982Remarks at a rally to support Equal Rights Amendment, at a conference of National Association of Black Ministers' Wives and Widows, at several groundbreaking ceremonies for housing projects, and at th
2930001PO-037SpeechesJuly12-31, 1982Remarks at the dedication of the State Police complex in Meriden in honor of Commissioner Leo J. Mulcahy, comments at several anniversary celebrations, and remarks upon the ceremony marking the comple
2930001PO-038SpeechesAugust 1982Remarks at the Centennial Convention of the Knights of Columbus, at several groundbreaking ceremonies, and at a hearing of the House Government Operations Subcommittee on the Environment, Energy and N
2930001PO-039SpeechesSeptember 1-10, 1982Remarks at the ribbon cutting to begin building additional prison facilities in Enfield, at the dedication of moderate housing units, new or expanded businesses and a school, and at the Second Annual
2930001PO-040SpeechesSeptember 11-22, 1982Testimony before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs, Subcommittee on Energy; announcement of program for neighborhood rehabilitation; dedication of additions at Cheshire Correctional Instituti
2930001PO-041SpeechesSeptember 23, 1982Background material, press release and speech outlining Governor's proposal of a high technology strategy for the state.
2930001PO-042SpeechesSeptember 24-30, 1982Briefing of state Bond Commission on progress of Bradley Field Modernization Program.
2930001PO-043SpeechesOctober 1-13, 1982Remarks at dedication of housing complex, at the first meeting of the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority, at the Connecticut Council of Senior Citizens, at a Columbus Day dinner,
2940001PO-044SpeechesOctober 14-18, 1982Remarks at the Governor's Youth Action Conference, and at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies for elderly housing complexes; Governor outlines four-phase housing program.
2940001PO-045SpeechesOctober 19-30, 1982Announcement of joint venture between Hamilton Standard and UConn; remarks at dedication ceremonies for elderly housing complexes; remarks at flood management workshop; remarks to Connecticut Youth Se
2940001PO-046SpeechesNovember 6-December 17, 1Remarks at the Connecticut Social Welfare Conference; remarks at special event dinners; remarks at the New England Governors' Conference.
2940001PO-047SpeechesJanuary 4, 1983Letter to agency heads instructing them to implement spending restrictions.
2940001PO-048SpeechesJanuary 5, 1983Inaugural speech.
2940001PO-049SpeechesJanuary 11-27, 1983Media briefing on Connecticut's Comprehensive Nuclear Emergency Management Plans; remarks at Export Trading Companies Conference; remarks at Labor-Management Forum.
2940001PO-050SpeechesJanuary 25, 1983Announces successful completion of Connecticut's Negotiated Investment Strategy experiment and signing of agreement.
2940001PO-051SpeechesFebruary 1983Remarks at inaugural meeting of the High Technology Council, at Connecticut Business Day luncheon, and at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner.
2940001PO-052SpeechesJanuary-February 1983Financial reports and budget materials to prepare Governor's budget message.
2940001PO-053SpeechesFebruary 9, 1983Budget message.
2950001PO-054SpeechesMarch 7-21, 1983Announcement about implementation of program budgeting; announcement of Waterbury Technical College and Timex joint technology project; information on report of the Task Force on Racial Harmony; remar
2950001PO-055SpeechesMarch 22-31, 1983Remarks at Stamford Citizen of the Year award dinner, at a meeting of the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents, to the Municipal Finance Forum.
2950001PO-056SpeechesApril 9-15, 1983Remarks at awards dinners; testimony before the Senate Committee on Labor, Health and Human Services.
2950001PO-057SpeechesApril 19-23, 1983Remarks at swearing in of Board of Governors for Higher Education; briefing about the Jobs Act; remarks at Heart Association fundraising event.
2950001PO-058SpeechesMay 2-9, 1983Remarks at groundbreaking for Stanley Works new world headquarters, at a meeting of the Connecticut Expenditure Council, at the convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, at the inaug
2950001PO-059SpeechesMay 10-31, 1983Remarks at the unveiling of Governor Grasso's portrait, at the inaugural meeting of the State Job Training Coordinating Council, at a Young Democrats dinner, and at the University of Hartford Convocat
2950001PO-060SpeechesJune 1-10, 1983Commencement address at Middlesex Community College, remarks at Nathan Hale Day ceremony, closing session of the 1983 General Assembly.
2950001PO-061SpeechesJune 13-26, 1983Remarks at opening of Special Olympics, at a meeting of the Nautilus Committee, and at the Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.
2960001PO-062SpeechesJuly 2-28, 1983Remarks at the New England Congressional Caucus Field Hearing on Job Training and Retraining, at the Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments, and at lease signing ceremony at t
2960001PO-063SpeechesJuly 15, 1983Testimony before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on infrastructure.
2960001PO-064SpeechesAugust 1983Remarks at the groundbreaking for the Hartford Criminal Court complex, to welcome members of the Taiwan Goodwill Mission, at the groundbreaking ceremony for phase one of the Bradley International Airp
2960001PO-065SpeechesSeptember 1-22, 1983Remarks at visits to companies, at the inauguration of Older Americans Day, and at the luncheon marking the groundbreaking of the New London Courthouse addition.
2960001PO-066SpeechesSeptember 23-30, 1983Remarks at RID banquet where Governor receives award, at the dedication of the Ribicoff research facilities of the Connecticut Mental Health Center, and at the Senior Center Directors' Conference.
2960001PO-067SpeechesOctober 4-21, 1983Remarks at groundbreaking for Valley of the Destroyed Communities in Jerusalem, at the signing ceremony of the University of Hartford's Construction Institute, at groundbreaking ceremonies for several
2960001PO-068SpeechesOctober 11, 1983Remarks at the opening of a Special Session of the General Assembly.
2960001PO-069SpeechesOctober 22-31, 1983Remarks at the 1983 Annual Housing Conference, at the announcement of Southern New England Telephone Co. gift to Mattatuck Community College, at a briefing on Jobs for Connecticut's Future, and at the
2970001PO-070SpeechesNovember 1-15, 1983Remarks to Connecticut Economic Development Corporation, at a reception marking 208th birthday of U.S. Marine Corps, and at a Connecticut Teachers' Summit on school effectiveness.
2970001PO-071SpeechesNovember 16-29, 1983Remarks at opening of exhibit on Igor Sikorksy, at conference on Operation Opportunity, at the 75th Anniversary Symposium of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, at a meeting of pr
2970001PO-072SpeechesDecember 1983Remarks at presentation of Governor's Volunteer Service awards, at the inaugural meeting of the Governor's Task Force on the Homeless, and at building dedications.
2970001PO-073SpeechesJanuary 1-9, 1984Remarks at inauguration of Mayor DiLieto of New Haven; text of introductions to three television spots; remarks to the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, at dedication ceremonies, and at P
2970001PO-074SpeechesJanuary 20-27, 1984Remarks during Governor's visit to West Point; statement submitted to Join Committee on Public Health, Connecticut General Assembly; remarks at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies.
2970001PO-075SpeechesJanuary-February 1984Background data gathered to write the Governor's budget address.
2970001PO-076SpeechesJanuary-February 1984Background data gathered to write the Governor's budget address.
2980001PO-077SpeechesFebruary 4-24, 1984Information about Program Budget Kick-Off; remarks in support of Bruce Morrison, candidate for Congress; remarks at Connecticut Business Day luncheon concerning containment of health care costs; remar
2980001PO-078SpeechesFebruary 8, 1984Budget address.
2980001PO-079SpeechesMarch 1984Remarks to New England Congressional Caucus Hearing on Issues in Connecticut Exporting, at Northern Connecticut United State Savings Bonds kickoff luncheon, at the University of Connecticut Second Cen
2980001PO-080SpeechesApril 10, 1984Announcement of further initiatives to encourage development of high technology in Connecticut.
2980001PO-081SpeechesApril 11-29, 1984Remarks at annual meeting of the Regional Plan Association; commencement address at Charter Oak College; comments for Nikki attending a reception for Black Women of Connecticut exhibit.
2980001PO-082SpeechesMay 9-12, 1984Remarks to closing session of 1984 General Assembly, and at dedication of Shore Line Electric Railway Trolley Museum as a National Historic Area.
2980001PO-083SpeechesMay 14-15, 1984Remarks at dedication of Aetna Institute, at World Trade Week dinner, at a presentation of certificates of appreciation to businesses participating in the Adopt-a-School program in Bridgeport, and at
2990001PO-084SpeechesMay 16-24, 1984Remarks at annual meeting of the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, at the dedication of the Homer Babbidge Library at UConn, and at the dedication of the Prudence Crandall Museum.
2990001PO-085SpeechesMay 30, 1984Keynote address to spring Energy Conference; remarks at annual meeting of the Board of Directors, Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation.
2990001PO-086SpeechesJune 1-7, 1984Remarks before the House Ways and Means Committee Subcommittee on Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation, at the opening of homeless shelter in Hartford, and at the second annual Convention a
2990001PO-087SpeechesJune 14-21, 1984Remarks at the Charles W. Morgan celebration, Mystic Seaport; remarks at the annual conference of the National Sheriffs' Association, at a dinner meeting of Northwestern Connecticut Better Home Heat C
2990001PO-088SpeechesJune 25-29, 1984Statement by Governor concerning bridge safety inspections; remarks at Region IV Mental Health Board annual dinner, at the annual meeting of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.
2990001PO-089SpeechesJuly 1984Comments to the Democratic State Convention.
3000001PO-090SpeechesAugust 1984Remarks at Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service news conference, at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, in a salute to Governor J. Joseph Garrahy at Providence College, and at a celebr
3000001PO-091SpeechesSeptember 4-17, 1984Remarks at ribbon-cutting for Waterbury State Technical College, at groundbreaking ceremonies, at the organizational meeting of the Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives, and at an informational lu
3000001PO-092SpeechesSeptember 19-27, 1984Remarks at an informational luncheon on the first series of special tax obligation bonds, at the annual convention of the Connecticut State Labor Council, and at an acid rain conference.
3010001PO-093SpeechesOctober 17-22, 1984Remarks at anniversary dinner of the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, at Governor's Day at the Rotary Club of Danbury, and at a dinner of the Danbury Association to Advance the Handicapped
3010001PO-094SpeechesOctober 23-25, 1984Background information on the Regional Hospice of Western Connecticut; remarks at the groundbreaking of the State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and at Governor's Day on State Servi
3010001PO-095SpeechesOctober 26-30, 1984Welcoming remarks at the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and to the Connecticut Arts Awards.
3010001PO-096SpeechesNovember 1984Remarks at Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting, and at the signing ceremony for the Sammy Davis, Jr. Greater Hartford Open.
3010001PO-097SpeechesDecember 1984Remarks at Governor's Conference on HMOs, at the annual Joint Convention of Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and Connecticut Association of School Administrators.
3010001PO-098SpeechesJanuary 9, 1985State of the State address.
3010001PO-099SpeechesJanuary 25-31, 1985Remarks at a seminar in support of elementary and secondary education.
3020001PO-100SpeechesFebruary 1, 1985Statement concerning establishment of special Missing Persons Unit with Division of State Police, and concerning budget initiatives for older Americans.
3020001PO-101SpeechesFebruary 4-7, 1985Remarks to the Connecticut Venture Group; statement about the budget.
3020001PO-102SpeechesFebruary 6, 1985Budget message.
3020001PO-103SpeechesFebruary 20-28, 1985Remarks at Connecticut Business Day luncheon, at a Democratic Leadership hearing, and at annual business meeting of the Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce.
3020001PO-104SpeechesMarch 1-5, 1985Remarks at a hearing conducted by Senator Dodd concerning President Reagan's proposed cuts in federal funding for mass transit and Amtrak, at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner, and at the Tax Execut
3020001PO-105SpeechesMarch 7, 1985Comments to major employers about the reconstruction of I-91 and its effect on businesses.
3020001PO-106SpeechesMarch 11-22, 1985Remarks at Affirmative Action briefing for state agency officials, at opening ceremonies of the annual United States Savings Bond campaign, to the Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce, at Connecticut
3030001PO-107SpeechesMarch 22, 1985Remarks at signing ceremony establishing the Connecticut Coastal National Wildlife Refuge.
3030001PO-108SpeechesMarch 25-28, 1985Remarks at a Conference on Driving While Intoxicated, at a meeting of the Industrial Real Estate Brokers of the New York Metropolitan Area, and at a ceremony presenting the Jefferson Award.
3030001PO-109SpeechesMarch 29, 1985Remarks at annual dinner of Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.
3030001PO-110SpeechesApril 3-4, 1985Remarks at Conference on Household Hazardous Waste, and announces additional tax cuts.
3030001PO-111SpeechesApril 9-11, 1985Remarks at meeting of Chamber of Commerce of Northwestern Connecticut, and at a meeting of the Urban League of Greater Hartford.
3030001PO-112SpeechesApril 12-30, 1985Remarks at Governor's Forum on the Regional Plan Association, at the National Conference of Black Mayors, at the annual Conference of Hispanics in Higher Education, and at the New England Governors an
3030001PO-113SpeechesApril 30, 1985Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation.
3030001PO-114SpeechesMay 1-5, 1985Remarks at the annual meeting of the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council.
3040001PO-115SpeechesMay 6-15, 1985Remarks at the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association Conference, at the swearing in of Brian Lensink as Commissioner of the Department of Mental Retardation, at a building dedication, and at
3040001PO-116SpeechesMarch 17-20, 1985Remarks to the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, at a news conference announcing Connecticut Children for Children, and at a luncheon for Stamford area executives.
3040001PO-117SpeechesMay 21-31, 1985Remarks at the opening of the Connecticut Turnpike, at a ceremony marking the designation of the Hammonasset Natural Area Preserve, to the Connecticut Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, an
3040001PO-118SpeechesJanuary-February 1987Announcements of budget initiatives; budget message; remarks before a Connecticut Business and Industry Association meeting.
3040001PO-119SpeechesMarch-May 1987Statement on the homeless; remarks at a forum on city, state and federal budgets; remarks at meeting of Connecticut Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Development, to New Haven Chamber of Comme
3040001PO-120SpeechesJune-July 1987Closing remarks for 1987 legislative session; remarks at meeting of Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut; statements at hearing on truck safety, sponsored by National Governors' Association
3040001PO-121SpeechesAugust-October 1987Announcement of reorganization of the American Shakespeare Company; remarks at annual convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, at the annual Governor's Youth Action Conference, at G
3040001PO-122SpeechesNovember 1987Remarks to the Coalition for Literacy, on receiving an award, and to a meeting of the press.
2870001WO-001Washington Office1977-1980Information concerning proposed changes in Social Security; Washington Office costs for CONEG State Chair; Department of Aging's position on the Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act; information
2870001WO-002Washington Office1980Report on 96th Congress.
2780002AA-001Emissions Program1978, 1980Copy of pages from the Journal of the House, May 1, 1978; contract between the state and Hamilton Test Systems, Inc. for establishing and operating motor vehicle inspection program facilities.
2780002AA-002Emissions Program1984Information on federal sanctions if Connecticut stops emissions inspections; state Senator Robertson concerned about reliability of emissions test; draft white paper and letter to Governor in response
2780002AA-003Emissions ProgramJanuary-February 1985Michigan alternative to inspection/maintenance program; contract with Hamilton Test Systems is up for renewal; Environmental Protection Commissioner Pac's statement in favor of the inspection program;
2780002AA-004Emissions ProgramMarch, August-October 198Newspaper articles; state Council on Environmental Quality and Department of Health Services support continuation of emissions testing; review and comment on General Accounting Office report; transcri
2780002AA-005Emissions Program1986-1987Correspondence concerning effectiveness of Connecticut's emissions program; tune-up survey of vehicle inspection stations; evidence against exempting newer vehicles from emissions tests.
2780002AA-006Potable Water1984-1985List of contaminated wills with no responsible party identified; Governor thanks individuals for their efforts in providing a solution for water contamination in Connecticut; review of An Act Concerni
2780002AA-007Potable Water1985Proposed Bill 5834, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Abatement Orders; proposed bill 5031, 5033 and 5836 to authorize loans and grants to municipalities and individuals with contaminated wells; repor
2780002AA-008Potable Water--EDBJune-October 1984Analysis of proposal to fund statewide Pesticide Collection Program; studies of different pesticides; summary of Connecticut law related to the contamination of public and private water supplies by ha
2780002AA-009Potable Water--EDBNovember 1984-May 1985, 1Newspaper articles; summary of Water Supply Program; EDB emergency regulation; Governor's response to complaint about contaminated water; letter accompanying publication Protecting Connecticut's Groun
2790002AA-010Potable Water1984-1985Somers EDB Contamination Info Package; Governor thanks Peter Buddington for his presentation to legislators; constituents write to Governor concerned about the safety of their water, Governor describe
2790002AA-011Potable Water--EDBn.d.Statement of EDB contamination problem; testimony of David McQuade before the Environment Committee in support of H.B. 7457; briefing paper about groundwater contamination; Department of Health Servic
2790002AA-012Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in EducationJanuary-July 1984Letters, invitations, resumes, and memoranda concerning formation of the Commission.
2790002AA-013Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in EducationJanuary-September 1984Reports on educational quality; appeal to Governor to support proposal to create technology center in New Haven; results of study by the Connecticut Education Association concerning education in the s
2790002AA-014Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in EducationOctober 1984-July 1985Governor thanks businesses for support; Governor thanks individuals for testifying before Commission; report of Commission meeting; letter of agreement between the Institute for Social Inquiry and the
2790002AA-015Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in Education1985Photographs of Teacher of the Year award presentation, and dignitaries at a news conference concerning the Commission. In the second photograph of the news conference are, left to right, Lynn Allen B
2790002AA-016Governor's Task Force on Student Financial AidSeptember 1985-February 1Higher Education Capital Budget Request; Recommended Higher Education Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 1987; annual report of the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation; newsletter of the American Counci
2790002AA-017Governor's Task Force on Student Financial AidMarch-June 1986Press releases; Governor's proposal to create a Student Financial Aid Task Force; review of Governor's proposal; newsletter from Board of Governors for Higher Education; criticism of Board Chairman Lo
2790002AA-018Governor's Task Force on Student Financial AidJuly-December 1986Proposed budget for Task Force; staff report from Task Force; newspaper articles; draft of Governor's comments to UConn students and their parents on September 3; press release; meeting schedules and
2800002AA-019Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aidn.d.Graph of total guaranteed student loans made through Connecticut Student Loan Foundation; components of study; goals of Task Force; strategic plan; Comparisons of Per Capita Appropriations for Student
2800002AA-020Governor's Task Force on Student Financial AidApril-June 1986Notes, resumes, and letters recommending or requesting to serve on the Task Force.
2800002AA-021Education Enhancement ActFebruary-April 1986Analysis of Governor's Plan for Equity and Excellence in Education; financial analysis of Governor's proposals to raise teachers salaries; Department of Education goals; concerns about provisions of S
2800002AA-022Education Enhancement ActMay-October 1986Paid political advertisement from newspaper; principles to be followed in drafting legislation; legislative calendar; Governor's letter to legislative leaders informing them of his intention to call s
2800002AA-023Education Enhancement Act1986McQuade's notes; Problems with Republican Education Bill; financial information; background information and reports; drafts of bills and amendments.
2800002AA-024Agent OrangeJune 1986Programmatic and financial audit of Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Victims, Inc., with attachments; decision to end state funding.
2800002AA-025Westport Truck Weigh StationAugust 1986-February 1987Letters and petitions opposed to locating truck weigh station in Westport; McQuade's notes; political summary of Westport; copy of report from Public Safety Commissioner Forst concerning highway safet
2800002AA-026Westport Truck Weigh Station1986Copies of letters residents sent to Westport First Selectwoman Hauhuth expressing opposition to weigh station.
2800002AA-027Westport Truck Weigh Station1986Newspaper clippings.
2800002AA-028Westport Truck Weigh Station1986Newspaper articles provided by clipping service.
2810002AA-029Iroquois PipelineOctober 1986-January 1987Information packet for first meeting of the Gas Pipeline Citizens Monitoring Group; draft agenda for first meeting with McQuade's notes; Governor's remarks; Secretary Milano's remarks; information con
2810002AA-030Iroquois PipelineFebruary 1987Report from QED Research on The Economic Impact of the Iroquois Pipeline on Connecticut; state's comments on the scope of the draft environmental impact statement, part of the application of the Iroqu
2810002AA-031Iroquois PipelineMarch 1987-July 1988Partial agendas for Iroquois Pipeline meetings; Energy Division of the Office of Policy and Management reports on activities in relation to the pipeline; press release announcing proposed shorter pipe
2810002AA-032Iroquois Pipeline1986-1988Newspaper articles.
2810002AA-033Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's FilesJuly-August 1986Information packet from Iroquois Gas Transmission System; notes on phone messages; copy of invitational letter to state agencies to discuss Iroquois proposal; list of meeting attendees; letters opposi
2810002AA-034Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's FilesSeptember-October 1986Iroquois' Notice of Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement; copies of requests for proposal and list of consultants; list of areas of concern about proposal; notes; analysis of Depar
2810002AA-035Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's Files1986Newspaper clippings.
2810002AA-036Iroquois Pipeline--Citizens Monitoring GroupSeptember-October 9, 1986Copy of Notice of Intent to Prepare Draft Environmental Impact Statement; Natural Gas Perspective and Potential Benefits of Iroquois Proposal; Senator Weicker's efforts to ensure Connecticut concerns
2810002AA-037Iroquois Pipeline--Citizens Monitoring GroupOctober 10-December 1986Press release; newspaper articles; statements by state agencies regarding the pipeline; membership list; FERC notices; Siting Council requests clarification of its jurisdiction from the Attorney Gener
2820002AA-038Stone Street1986-1988Petitions, letters appealing for Governor's assistance, information from a previous court case, summary of meeting with McQuade, legal advice to Department of Transportation concerning how to proceed,
2820002AA-039Stone Street--Newspaper Articles1986
2820002AA-040Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital1980-1986Letter to Governor Grasso concerning repairs to Commandant's residence; press release regarding appointment of new Commandant; legislation passed in 1983 concerning Veterans' Home and Hospital expendi
2820002AA-041Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalAugust-September 1986Annual report of Veterans' Home and Hospital; FOIA request; amendments to state regulations for the Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission; audit report; McQuade's notes about issues to address; effor
2820002AA-042Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalNovember-December 1986Attorney General's opinion on questions concerning the extent of the Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission's authority and liability; staffing needs to properly distribute medication; question about
2820002AA-043Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalJanuary-March 1987Proposal for a Commission to Review the Veterans Home and Hospital; suggested topics to study; audit report; final Report on the Review of the Veterans' Home and Hospital by the Connecticut Alcohol an
2820002AA-044Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalApril-July 1987Minutes of Subcommittees and of full Commission meetings; status report on progress to implement recommendations of the Task Force; recommendations concerning the newly created Department of Veterans'
2820002AA-045Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalAugust 1987Notices of meetings; meeting minutes; analysis of the managerial and governance structure of the Veterans' Home and Hospital; notes and report on financial impact of implementing recommendations.
2820002AA-046Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalSeptember 1987Veterans newsletter; meeting agendas and minutes; Subcommittee on Levels of Care Recommendations and Interim Report; notices of meetings; job description for new position; proposed organizational char
2820002AA-047Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalOctober 1987Meeting agendas and minutes; McQuade's notes; executive summary of findings; draft report; final report; recommendations of the Veterans Administration; minority report; analysis of fiscal impact of
2830002AA-048Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and HospitalNovember-December 1987Records of patient frequently intoxicated; analysis of fiscal implications of the Commission report on Department of Income Maintenance; Interim Action Report of the Governor's Special Task Forces on
2830002AA-049Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital1986-1987Newspaper articles.
2830002AA-050Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital1988Drafts and final copy of McQuade's testimony on Substitute H.B. 5330, An Act Concerning the Organization of the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Veterans' Home and Hospital; analysis of and cha
2830002AA-051Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital1988Copy of H.B. 5330 with notations; drafts; list of legislation affecting veterans; Department of Veterans' Affairs notice of intent to adopt regulations; Veterans' Home and Hospital Board of Trustees;
2830002AA-052Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital1988Press release about selection of Substance Abuse Treatment Director; Veterans Administration suggests day program; summary data about operation of Hospital and Home; report on hiring process for Subst
2830002AA-053Commission to Study Veterans' Home and Hospital1989-1990Progress report; Commandant suggests changes in legislation; audit report; informational booklet about Veterans' Home and Hospital; Vietnam Veterans of America present nominees to serve on Board of Di
2830002AA-054State Health and Welfare Grant1987Constituent letters to Governor opposing apparent cuts in funding for special education programs in independent schools.
2830002AA-055State Health and Welfare Grant1987Constituent letters, forwarded to Governor from the Southern Office, opposing apparent cuts in funding for special education programs in independent schools.
2830002AA-056Investigation of UConn Health Center1988Investigation report by Attorney General's Office and State Auditors; cover document.
2830002AA-057Investigation of UConn Health Center1986, 1988Review of allegations of misuse of Foundation funds; list of recommendations; summary of findings; strategies to discipline those involved and prevent misuse in future; UConn President Casteen's month
2840002AA-058Property Tax ReliefSeptember 1988-April 1989Reports on impact of revaluation on Hartford property taxes; analysis of fiscal impact on state and municipal revenues; agenda for General Assembly's Property Tax Force meeting; McQuade's notes; draft
2840002AA-059Property Tax Relief1988Tax and housing statistics.
2840002AA-060Property Tax Relief1988Brochure Why State Aid for Property Tax Relief; analysis of provisions of An Act Concerning Municipal Revaluations and Residential Property Relief; information about taxation of computer software; sum
2840002AA-061William Reilly MeetingMarch-April 1989Memoranda, briefing and planning documents for meeting with Environmental Protection Administrator William Reilly April 14, 1989.
2840002AA-062Oil Spill Initiative1989Reports on Connecticut's preparedness to respond to oil spill; Governor's speech announcing plans to increase state's capacity to respond to major spill; federal legislation in response to Exxon Valde
2840002AA-063Thomas CommissionMay 1989-April 1990A Commission to study management of state government, headed by DeRoy C. Thomas, President and CEO of ITT Corp. McQuade's notes about commission needs; legislation calling for study of state agency e
2840002AA-064Thomas CommissionMay 1988-October 1989Press release and memo to state agency heads announcing state efficiency study; McQuade notes from meetings; preliminary list of Commission members; Legislative Program Review and Investigations Commi
2840002AA-065Thomas CommissionNovember 1989ToucheRoss review of the Bureau of Purchases and general services functions of the Department of Administrative Services.
2840002AA-066Thomas Commission--ReportsNovember 1989Fiscal analysis of Iowa Management Study; draft Progress Report to Oversight Committee, Study of the Department of Motor Vehicles; Initial Status Briefing on Connecticut Child Support Enforcement Prog
2840002AA-067Thomas CommissionNovember 1989-January 199Directory of State Management and Productivity Improvement Programs; summary of agency studies in progress or planned; profile of agencies proposed for study; press release of Governor's announcement
2840002AA-068Thomas Commissionn.d.Legal notice of request for proposals; scope of work in organization studies; consulting list; Commission members; bill establishing the Commission; forms.
2850002AA-069Education SummitAugust-September 1989Invitation from President to attend Education Summit; report on State Formula Grant Aid; information for newspaper about Governor's education reform; Summit registration information; correspondence fr
2850002AA-070Education SummitSeptember 1989Governor's goal for the summit; information about the summit format and logistics; notice of meeting of National Governors' Association (NGA) Task Force on Waste Management during Summit; NGA activiti
2850002AA-071Education SummitSeptember-October 1989Meeting notebook; schedule of events and general information; draft reports of Working Sessions; Connecticut Viewpoint 1989, A Public Policy Research Project; joint statement following summit; NGA fol
2850002AA-072Education Summit1989McQuade notes; Department of Education information for an End of the Decade publication; description of O'Neill's education reform initiatives; Higher Education information; drafts of parts or chapter
2850002AA-073Miscellaneous Issues1984-1989Department of Income Maintenance responds to request to extend office hours; outline of issues concerning a research park at UConn; program from Rededication of the Chamber of the Connecticut Senate;
2850002AA-074Miscellaneous Issues1985Publication, Impact of the President's Proposed Budget Actions on the State of Connecticut Selected Programs.
0010002CL-001AcknowledgementsJanuary-February 1981Congratulations and offers of help to the new governor; legislative agendas of various groups; opinions on political and social issues; concern about budget and taxes; letters from school children; li
0010002CL-002AcknowledgementsMarch 1981Letters accompanying reports; legislative agendas of various groups; opinions on political and social issues; concern about state and federal budget; suggested state song; letters from school children
0010002CL-003AcknowledgementsApril 1981Opinions on political and social issues; concern about state budget; letters from school children; state of the state addresses from other governors; letters accompanying reports; questions about stat
0010002CL-004AcknowledgementsMay 1981Hispanic issues; letters accompanying reports; tax reform; requests for information on Conn. Statutes and regulations; plan for world peace; request for financial assistance; questions from school chi
0010002CL-005AcknowledgementsJune-July 1981Conservation of environment; requests for information on Conn. Statutes; letters accompanying reports; concerns about layoffs of state employees; opinions on political and social issues, including the
0010002CL-006AcknowledgementsAugust 1981Looking for jobs; invitations to Governor to speak or attend events; letters accompanying reports; concern about management of Southbury Training School; regulation of nursing home rates; state Child
0020002CL-007AcknowledgementsSeptember 1981Letter accompanying report; concern about taxes; opinion on abortion; value of Electric Boat company.
0020002CL-008AcknowledgementsOctober 1981Seeking job with Governor's administration; suggestions for improving state productivity; benefits for retired teachers; praise for Governor and his appointments; opinions on political and social issu
0020002CL-009AcknowledgementsNovember-December 1981Praise for Governor and his appointments; school children requesting Governor's opinion on fighting poverty, the ERA; opinions on political and social issues; requests for information; concern about f
0020002CL-010AcknowledgementsJanuary-March 1982Legal Services Corporation Act; opinion on death penalty; requests for information; press releases; suggestions for attracting businesses to Conn.; opinions on political and social issues; letter from
0020002CL-011AcknowledgementsApril-July 1981Oppose redistricting in Ansonia; letter from Victor Kiam about business climate in Conn.; concern about landfill expansion; suggestions for reducing government expenditures; request for information on
0020002CL-012AcknowledgementsAugust-September 1982Opinions on political and social issues; requests for information on Conn. Statutes; why Governor did not greet President Reagan at Bradley airport; request assistance with child custody case; report
0020002CL-013AcknowledgementsOctober 1982Concern about retirement benefits; local zoning laws; requests for Governor's political philosophy; President's proposal for criminal justice reform.
0020002CL-014AcknowledgementsNovember 1982Opinions on political and social issues; information on Tylenol tampering; request for information on Governor's campaign strategy; congratulations on election.
0020002CL-015AcknowledgementsDecember 1982Concern about taxes; opinions on political and social issues; appointment to Traffic Commission criticized.
0020002CL-016Acknowledgements1983Support formation and work of Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury.
0030002CL-017Acknowledgements1985Information on state building code; invitation to Governor to contribute to memorial book for Audrey Beck; request Governor to call Special Session of General Assembly; recommendation for government a
0030002CL-018AcknowledgementsJanuary-August 1986Thanksgiving cards by students from West Haven; suggested uses for state-owned buildings; unsung heroes; opinions about political and social issues; request information on rules revisions; taxes; for
0030002CL-019AcknowledgementsSeptember -December 1986Salary disparity between private and state-run group homes; opposition to state income tax; opposition to mandatory seat belt law; praise for Governor's hotline; White House Conference on Small Busin
0030002CL-020AcknowledgementsJanuary 1987Thank you letters from Governor to those who helped with inauguration festivities; opinions on political and social issues; suggestions for legislation; need for tax reform in Conn.; congratulations o
0030002CL-021AcknowledgementsFebruary 1987Local property tax relief; requests for items in state budget; need to expand ConnPACE; opinions about political and social issues; requests for tourism information; suggestions for government appoint
0030002CL-022AcknowledgementsMarch 1-15, 1987Union issues; letters from school children asking Governor's opinion or for information; concern about state budget; opinions on political and social issues; poems; complaint about treatment at hospit
0030002CL-023AcknowledgementsMarch 16-31, 1987For and against restoring Shakespeare Theater; opinions on specific legislation; requests for information about Conn.; retired teachers benefits need improvement; letters from school children; opinion
0030002CL-024AcknowledgementsApril 1987Opinions on political and social issues; report on services by Thames Valley Council for Community Action; for and against Governor attending an all-male St. Patrick's Day function; requests for touri
0040002CL-025AcknowledgementsMay 1987Civil rights case at University of Conn.; thank yous from the Governor; marketing materials from the Institute for Living; U.S. Bicentennial celebration of the Constitution; child's anti-litter campai
0040002CL-026AcknowledgementsJune 1987Opinions on political and social issues; tourism; honoring slain policeman; invitations; requests for information.
0040002CL-027AcknowledgementsJuly 1987Request Governor's staff to support proposal to government agency; licensing of building inspectors; opinions on political and social issues; opinions on specific legislation; alleged discrimination;
0040002CL-028AcknowledgementsAugust 1987Bills from other states; general commendations of the Governor; praise for state employees; information on Lyme disease; requests for information; opinions on political and social issues; report of Co
0040002CL-029AcknowledgementsSeptember-November 1987Request for personal reference from Governor; opinions on political and social issues; allegations that husband has been kidnapped; requests for information; letters accompanying publications or repor
0040002CL-030AcknowledgementsDecember 1987Students send copy of school project; praise and criticism of state employees; land donations to state; Manufacturing Awareness Survey by SACIA.
0040002CL-031AcknowledgementsJanuary-April 1988Requests for information; ramblings; commercial fisherman's license; letters from a young lady who wishes to be future Governor; seeking internship; poems; thank yous from Governor; petition to fully
0050002CL-032AcknowledgementsMay-October, 1988Invitations to Governor and staff; requests from school children; State Opinion Ballot; opinions on political and social issues; introducing inventions; praise of state employees.
0050002CL-033AcknowledgementsJanuary-June 1989Opinions on political and social issues; invitations; suggestions to improve conservatorship; staffing at the Board of Examiners of Nursing; request for internship; economic hardship; strong criticism
0050002CL-034AcknowledgementsJuly-December 1989Praise for state employees; invitations to Governor and staff; requests for information; rambling; students expressing their views on social and political issues.
0050002CL-035Acknowledgements1990Land donation to the state; complaints about and praise for Governor; praise for state employee.
3400002CM-001Editing Notes and Script1982Script for videotaped campaign advertisement about the Connecticut economy; editing notes.
3400002CM-002Editing Directions1986Editing notes for pulling interviews and other sound and adding them to the videotape.
3400002CM-003Editing Directions1986Includes camera reports and editing decision lists.
3400002CM-004Scripts1986Drafts, drafts with editing notes, and final scripts.
2690002LC-001CARC v. Thorne Longitudinal Study1988Results of the Longitudinal Study of CARC v. Thorne Class Members to study of the effects of community placement on previously institutionalized people with mental disabilities.
2690002LC-002Criminal Justice Program Review1988-1989Reports on the use of sworn personnel in the Department of Public Service, assessment of Lester Forst's ability to do his job, and Thomas Speers' activities with the State-wide Organized Crime Investi
2690002LC-003UConn Health CenterOctober 1988Investigative report by state auditors and the Attorney General's Office of misuse of funds and misconduct by the faculty and the University of Connecticut Foundation.
2690002LC-004UConn Health Center1988-1989Governor's statement about the investigation; list of auditors' recommendations; Health Center strategies for addressing misconduct; Health Center Director's statement to the University Board of Trust
2690002LC-005DMR Commissioner1989Letter of resignation of Brian Lensink as Commissioner of the Department of Mental Retardation and Governor's response.
2690002LC-006State Police Wire Tap Report--[Background Material]1989Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies; excerpt from Department of Public Safety State Police manual excerpt of testimony of Attorney Robert Meyers before the Legislative Program Review and Investigat
2690002LC-007State Police Wire Tap Report--[Correspondence]1989Memoranda reporting delivery of tape recordings from State Police; Governor's statement about allegations of State Police taping phone conversations between suspects and their lawyers; attorneys reque
2690002LC-008State Police Wire Tap Report--[Testimony]1989Selected testimony from investigation hearings held by the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee.
2700002LC-009State Police Wire Tap Report--Municipal Review1989Attorney General's questionnaire to determine tape recording practices of municipal police departments; Governor explains need for investigation of municipal departments in letter to City Manager of N
2700002LC-010State Police Wire Tap Report--Newspaper Clippings1989
2700002LC-011[State Police Wire Tap Report--Case Law]1989Chief State's Attorney memo to Chiefs of Police concerning the case State v. Stoddard in regards to police taping procedures; references to federal cases; field reports; documents and case law to be d
2700002LC-012[State Police Wire Tap Report]--Budget Information1987-1989Copies of budget requests by State Police for recording equipment; State Police request to keep tape recordings 18 months instead of 60 days.
2700002LC-013[State Police Wire Tap Report]--DPUC tariff1989Department of Public Utility Control tariff agreement with Southern New England Telephone Company including regulations covering recording conversations; notes on FCC exchange tariff.
2700002LC-014[State Police Wire Tap Report]--U.S. Attorney Investigation1989Subpoena to Lester Forst to testify before the grand jury; Chief State's Attorney offers to turn over tapes to FBI; Statement of Governor O'Neill's Review Team of State Police Taping Practices; inform
2700002LC-015State Police Wire Tap Report--Criminal Defense Lawyers v ForstNovember 1989Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association bring suit against Lester J. Forst and State Police officers; summons for Lt. Robert O'Shaughnessy; proposed preliminary injunction.
2700002LC-016State Police Wire Tap Report--[Rifkin's Notes][1989]Notes concerning goals of investigation team; names and phone numbers.
2700002LC-017State Police Wire Tap Report--[Rifkin's Binder]1989Three-ring binder of material on the case, including analysis, state and federal statutes, case law, prior Office of Legislative Research reports. [Binder removed and disposed of.]
2700002LC-018State Police Wire Tap Report--Preliminary DraftsNovember 1989Preliminary Historical Report on Troop Recorders; outline for report; draft of Section III on legal implications of wiretapping; executive summary; Chief State's Attorney comments regarding draft sect
2700002LC-019State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft INovember 1989
2700002LC-020State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft IIINovember 27, 1989
2700002LC-021State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft November 28November 28, 1989
2710002LC-022State Police Wire Tap Report--Final ReportNovember 29, 1989Report of the Governor's Committee to Review State Police and Municipal Police Department Tape Recording Practices and Policies.
2710002LC-023State Police Wire Tap Report--Supplemental ReportDecember 21, 1989Municipal responses to questionnaire.
2710002LC-024Sullivan, BernardNovember 1989Lester Forst's letter of retirement; Governor's letter appointing Bernard Sullivan Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety effective November 12, 1989.
2710002LC-025TornadoJuly 1989Governor's declaration of emergency; request to President for emergency declaration; damage assessments, Governor's schedule; press releases; statutes; names, addresses and phone numbers of town offic
2710002LC-0261990 Special SessionMay-June 1990Agency heads discuss issues needing to be addressed in session; drafts of Governor's resolution to call special session to address a bond issue for transportation purposes; counsel's notes; legislator
2720002LC-027Prison OvercrowdingApril -May 1988Opposition to location of correctional facility in Newtown; background information on the need for additional prison space; Rifkin invited to discuss the problem of the state's rising retrial incarcer
2720002LC-028Special Session1988Secretary of the State's call for and Governor's proclamation to convene a special legislative session.
3050002PO-001Governor's ScheduleJanuary-June 1981
3050002PO-002Governor's ScheduleJuly-December 1981
3050002PO-003Governor's ScheduleJanuary-June 1982
3050002PO-004Governor's ScheduleJuly-December 1982
3050002PO-005Governor's ScheduleJanuary-June 1983
3050002PO-006Governor's ScheduleJuly-September 1983
3050002PO-007Governor's ScheduleOctober-December 1983
3060002PO-008Governor's ScheduleApril-June 1984
3060002PO-009Governor's ScheduleJuly-September 1984
3060002PO-010Governor's ScheduleOctober-December 1984
3060002PO-011Governor's ScheduleJanuary-February 1985
3060002PO-012Governor's ScheduleMarch-April 1985
3060002PO-013Governor's ScheduleMay 1985
3060002PO-014Governor's ScheduleJune 1985
3060002PO-015Governor's ScheduleJuly-August 1985
3060002PO-016Governor's ScheduleSeptember-October 1985
3070002PO-017Governor's ScheduleNovember-December 1985
3070002PO-018Governor's ScheduleJanuary-February 1986
3070002PO-019Governor's ScheduleMarch-May 1986
3070002PO-020Governor's ScheduleJune-August 1986
3070002PO-021Governor's ScheduleSeptember 1-15, 1986
3070002PO-022Governor's ScheduleSeptember 16-29, 1986
3070002PO-023Governor's ScheduleOctober 1-10, 1986
3070002PO-024Governor's ScheduleOctober 11-21, 1986
3080002PO-025Governor's ScheduleOctober 22-December 1986
2870002WO-001Washington Office1981Congressional action on Unemployment Trust Fund Repayment Program; information for meeting with Congressional delegation.
2870002WO-002Washington Office1982Mid-session report on 97th Congress; information about the Training for Jobs Act; legislative update on 97th Congress; draft economic recovery and jobs programs; House Appropriations report on Labor,
2870002WO-003Washington OfficeJanuary-May 1983Legislative Update, 97th Congress; estimate of Fiscal Year 1983 mass transit funds for Connecticut; Social Security amendments; President's budget for Fiscal Year 1984 and preliminary analysis; inform
2870002WO-004Washington OfficeJune-August 1983Legislation regarding tandem trailers; notices and updates to Congressional delegation concerning impact of Customs Service consolidation on the state; information about Department on Aging applicatio
2870002WO-005Washington OfficeSeptember-December 1983Information about the Exxon Oil overcharge refunds; information on appropriation issues important to state; funding for Training and Employment Service programs; notice of change to Low-Income Fuel As
2870002WO-006Washington OfficeJanuary-July 1984Notice of consolidation of Bridgeport Customs District; notice of NGA meeting; CONEG policy on Petroleum Overcharge legislation; Senate hearing on tandem trucks and update on legislation; information
2870002WO-007Washington OfficeAugust-December 1984Update on tandem truck legislation; supplemental appropriations; information concerning funding Long Island Sound study; funding for interstate improvements delayed; updates on Low-Income Home Energy
2870002WO-008Washington OfficeJanuary-July 1985Summaries of fiscal year 1986 budget; update on tandem truck legislation; invitation to Governor to testify on transportation appropriations and information about his testimony; modifications to inter
2870002WO-009Washington OfficeAugust-December 1985Supplemental federal appropriations; report to Congressional delegation on state drunk driving initiatives; mid-summer report on 99th Congress; information concerning the Northeast Low Level Waste Com
2880002WO-010Washington OfficeJanuary-May 1986Information on Gramm-Rudman-Hollings bill and its impact; mid-session report on 99th Congress; fiscal year 1987 budget analysis; review of the NGA's gas tax turnback policy; decision in Exxon Oil over
2880002WO-011Washington OfficeJune-July 1986Connecticut's compliance with the 21 Drinking Age law; Governor encouraged to write the Congressional delegation asking for help in passing highway reauthorization bills; proposed resolution on child
2880002WO-012Washington OfficeAugust-December 1986Legislative updates; mid-summer report on 99th Congress; information concerning a hearing about wetlands; possible cap on highway trust fund payments to states; update on highway reauthorization bills
2880002WO-013Washington OfficeJanuary-March 1987Fiscal year 1988 budget analysis; fiscal year 1988 budget proposals for transportation; draft of Governor's letter to Congressional delegation urging them to vote for final passage of highway bill; re
2880002WO-014Washington OfficeMay-June 1987Information about appropriations for the Environmental Protection Agency's construction grant program; Senate action on airport legislation; reports to Governor and his staff about truck safety hearin
2880002WO-015Washington OfficeJuly-December 1987Fiscal year 1987 supplemental appropriations; legislative updates; changes in language regarding plant closings in Senate trade bill; urges state agency heads to inform Congressional delegation about
2880002WO-016Washington OfficeJanuary-March 1988NGA policy on mass transit and carpooling; fiscal and revenue overview and analysis of fiscal year 1989 budget; oil overcharge settlement with Texaco; status of mail order sales tax legislation; statu
2880002WO-017Washington OfficeApril-August 1988Invitation for Governor to attend an NGA Energy and Environment Committee meeting; notice that Saab-Scania is closing plant in Orange; information about the State and Local River Conservation Act of 1
2880002WO-018Washington OfficeSeptember-November 1988Testimony of Human Resources Commissioner Ginsberg before the Senate Subcommittee on Children, Family, Drugs and Alcoholism; Children's Defense Fund seeks Governor's support of federal legislation co
2880002WO-019Washington Office1989Information about long term care legislation; notice of hearings on reforming unemployment compensation; notice of hearings on wetlands and update on wetlands legislation; fiscal year 1989 supplementa
2880002WO-020Washington Office1990Information about NGA policies; overview of fiscal year 1991 budget; work plan for Long Island Sound Study; updates on coastal legislation; list of bills introduced and cosponsored by Connecticut Cong
2880002WO-021Washington Office--Incoming Correspondence1981-1990Letters to Ann Sullivan from state agency heads and Congressional delegation asking for or providing information and assistance; copies of letters sent to Congressional delegation.
2880002WO-022Washington Office--Photographs1981Official photographic portraits of the Governor sent to correspondents when requested, or available for news media. Also includes portrait of Nikki O'Neill and Lieutenant Governor Joseph Fauliso.
2860003AA-001Appointment of CommitteeApril-May 1987Lists of names considered, recommendations, and resumes of individuals interested in serving on the Committee.
2860003AA-002MinutesMay-September 1987Press releases; design of medallion to be awarded to volunteers who helped after the building collapse; minutes of meetings; notices of meetings; request for state funding for Committee; agendas; pape
2860003AA-003MinutesOctober-November 1987U.S. Department of Labor Citations and Notification of Penalty against Texstar Construction Corp; report of National Bureau of Standards investigation of the L'Ambiance Plaza building collapse; minute
2860003AA-004MinutesDecember 1987Meeting notices; preliminary draft of final report; Texstar and its attorneys defend use of the lift slab technique for construction; letter to Committee recommending restructuring the State Building
2860003AA-005Newspaper and Journal Articles1987
2860003AA-006Original ReportJanuary 1988Collating sheet, text, cover design, photo and negative.
2860003AA-007Printed ReportJanuary 1988
2860003AA-008Requests for Report1988
0050003CL-001Administrative Services1981Questions about the ownership and maintenance of state-owned property; criticisms of Bureau of Collections billing procedures; questions about the state bidding process; complaints about late bill pay
0050003CL-002Administrative Services--Biweekly reports1981Reports include information on collective bargaining, surplus schools and other activities of the department.
0050003CL-003Administrative Services--Housing inventory1981Review of housing supplied to state employees.
0050003CL-004Administrative Services--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Auditors' reports; electrical services; information concerning the closing of the Middletown office of the Bureau of Collections.
0050003CL-005Administrative ServicesJanuary -July 1982Questions about state-owned property; questions about product liability; companies soliciting state business; questions about surplus equipment; complaints about misuse of state vehicles; questions ab
0050003CL-006Administrative ServicesAugust-December 1982Questions about state-owned property; questions about product liability; companies soliciting state business; questions about surplus equipment; complaints about misuse of state vehicles; questions ab
0060003CL-007Administrative Services1983Wage attachments; report on Blue Cross/Blue Shield; office space study; questions about surplus property.
0060003CL-008Administrative Services1984Problems with a contractor; concerns about the Enfield Prison project; questions about the lease of the Dutton Home at Connecticut Valley Hospital for housing the homeless; one monthly report; heating
0060003CL-009Administrative Services1985Proposal to build Football Hall of Fame on state property; one monthly report.
0060003CL-010Administrative Services1986Reports of damage to Camp Harkness from Hurricane Gloria; employee suggestions.
0060003CL-011Administrative Services--memos and reports1986Computer policy; report on MacKenzie Hall; long-range data processing plan.
0060003CL-012Administrative ServicesJanuary-April 1987Complaints about misuse of state vehicles or poor driving; companies marketing services to the state; complaints about shortage of state employee parking; questions about state contracts; concerns abo
0060003CL-013Administrative ServicesMay-August 1987Climate control in state-leased building; private owners offer state space in their buildings; questions about surplus equipment; complaints about misuse of state vehicles; complaints/concerns about s
0060003CL-014Administrative ServicesSeptember-December 1987Complaint about speeding state vehicle; question about state examinations and rankings; question about sale of state property; concerns about state contracts; state employee housing; complaints agains
0060003CL-015Administrative Services--Memos1987Surplus state-owned properties; food service facilities in public buildings; response to auditors.
0060003CL-016Administrative Services--Monthly reports1987Include labor relations, studies conducted, department reorganization, workers' compensation, job evaluations, automation, employee housing.
0060003CL-017Administrative ServicesJanuary-April 1988Questions about bidding on state projects; complaints about misuse of state vehicles; questions about surplus equipment; employee suggestions; concern about quality of products purchased on state cont
0060003CL-018Administrative ServicesMay-December 1988Letter from Ralph Nader; complaints about misuse of state vehicles; question about state lease of building; request for information; companies marketing their services to the state; question about con
0060003CL-019Administrative Services--Monthly reports1988Includes workers' compensation review, automation, personnel, F.A.I.R. plan progress.
0070003CL-020Administrative ServicesJanuary-June 1989Complaints about misuse of state vehicles; audit reports and responses; questions about state employee housing; suggestions for increasing revenue; report of Senior Executive Service Board.
0070003CL-021Administrative ServicesJuly-December 1989Rate schedule for services from Information Services and Data Processing; annual report of the State Properties Review Board; companies marketing their products or services to the state; complaints ab
0070003CL-022Administrative Services1990Complaints about misuse of state vehicles; responses to audit findings and recommendations; relatives object to being billed for a parent or child in a state facility; report of cost cutting measures
0070003CL-023Administrative Services--Annual reports1990Annual reports from the Commissioner and from the Bureau of Collections Services.
0070003CL-024Administrative Services1991Carpenter having trouble finding a job.
3410003CM-001Rolls 1 & 2 OCNJune 07, 19822 film reels
3410003CM-002Rolls 3-4-5 OCNJune 30, 19823 film reels
3410003CM-003Rolls 6 & 7 OCNJune 30, 19822 film reels
3410003CM-004Rolls 8 & 9 OCNJune 30, 19822 film reels
3410003CM-005Rolls 10-11-12 OCNJune 30, 19823 film reels
3410003CM-006Rolls 13-14-15 OCNJune 30, 19823 film reels
3410003CM-0075 spots O'NeillJuly 22, 19823 film reels
3410003CM-008Breakfast19825 film reels
3420003CM-009Bar interviews19825 reels, MOS and Wild Sound
3420003CM-010Office discussions19825 reels, MOS & Wild Sound
3420003CM-011Flood, Aerial, Capitol MOS198210 film rolls
342 0003CM-012CRI's & CP's for O'Neill19826 film rolls, for O'Neill 5-minute and 2-minute spots
342 0003CM-013Old People19825 reels, MOS and Wild Sound
342 0003CM-014Mr. & Mrs. O walk outside19827 film reels
342 0003CM-015Narration V.O.19824 reels
342 0003CM-016FX & Music19829 reels
342 0003CM-017Mrs. O'Neill interview19824 reels
342 0003CM-018Cut w/p for O'Neill 5 minute & 2 minute19821 film reel
343 0003CM-019Dirty dupes & trk. dupes for 5-minute198211 reels
343 0003CM-020Loops for mix and cue sheets19822 film rolls, 3 loops
343 0003CM-021Picnic, Part I19825 reels, MOS and Wild Sound
343 0003CM-022Picnic, Part II19822 reels
343 0003CM-0231/4 narrative & music19821 reel
343 0003CM-024O'Neill interview19823 reels
343 0003CM-025Bill O'Neill for GovernorJuly 13, 19821/4 audio tape [Master], 2 minute. Vic Perrin is narrator.
343 0003CM-026O'NeillAugust 2, 19821/4 audio tape
343 0003CM-027O'Neill for Governor19821/4 audio tape, 5 minute narration
343 0003CM-028O'NeillJuly 9, 19821/4 audio tape, 5 minute narration. Vic Perrin is narrator.
344 0003CM-029SR1June 29, 19821/4 audio tape, exterior tone birds, Mrs. O'Neill, Gov. at desk
344 0003CM-030SR2June 29, 19821/4 audio tape, Gov. at desk, exterior with Mr. and Mrs.
344 0003CM-031SR3June 29, 19821/4 audio tape, Gov. and pols. in office
344 0003CM-032The Bar19821/4 audio tape, Mrs. O'Neill, Mid s??, O'Neills, Bar
344 0003CM-033SR419821/4 audio tape, State speech, old folks, goodbyes
344 0003CM-034SR519821/4 audio tape, picnic, voice identification
344 0003CM-035SR619821/4 audio tape, picnic
344 0003CM-036SR119821/4 audio tape, Mrs. O'Neill interview, tail out
344 0003CM-037SR319821/4 audio tape, Bill O'Neill interview, head out
344 0003CM-038SR419821/4 audio tape, Bill O'Neill interview, tail out
344 0003CM-039SR519821/4 audio tape, Bill O'Neill interview, tail out
344 0003CM-040SR619821/4 audio tape, Bill O'Neill, head out
344 0003CM-041O'Neill for GovernorJuly 19, 19821/4 audio tape [Master], 1 minute and 30
344 0003CM-042O'NeillAugust 2, 19821/4 audio tape [Master]
344 0003CM-043O'Neill for GovernorSeptember 29, 19821/4 audio tape [Master]
344 0003CM-044Bill O'NeillJuly 9, 19821/4 audio tape, scr?? Track
344 0003CM-045Bill O'Neill1982Jobs, Spending, Taxes, Crime, Democrat
344 0003CM-046Bill O'NeillJune 15, 19821/4 audio tape [Master]
344 0003CM-047Governors ConferenceFebruary 23, 19861/4 audio tape, applause, Gov. with reporters, plenary session, New England governors
344 0003CM-048O'Neill I NarrationMarch 21, 19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-049O'Neill II NarrationSeptember 29, 19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-050O'Neill II Narration RevisedOctober 2, 19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-051O'Neill, all takesOctober 6, 19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-052O'Neill III NarrationOctober 14, 19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-053O'Neill I, SR319861/4 audio tape, high tech worker
344 0003CM-054O'Neill I, SR419861/4 audio tape, room tone, testimonials, corduroy jacket, architect, old man, Mr. Scanlon
344 0003CM-055O'Neill I, SR 519861/4 audio tape, exterior meals on wheels enters, tone, construction site
344 0003CM-056O'Neill I, SR 619861/4 audio tape, school kids
344 0003CM-057O'Neill I, SR 719861/4 audio tape, school kids, interview
344 0003CM-058O'Neill I, SR 819861/4 audio tape, girl int[erview?] green suit
344 0003CM-059O'Neill I, SR 919861/4 audio tape, meeting
344 0003CM-060O'Neill I, SR 1019861/4 audio tape, kitchen waitress, kitchen tone, office with student
344 0003CM-061O'Neill I, SR 1119861/4 audio tape, college kids, Gov. at desk
344 0003CM-062O'Neill I, SR 119861/4 audio tape, interior, desk, mansion
344 0003CM-063O'Neill I, SR 219861/4 audio tape, desk (cont.) tech high circuit
344 0003CM-064O'Neill I Narration re-do19861/4 audio tape
344 0003CM-065O'Neill for GovernorMay 5, 19861/4 audio tape, Remember, A Lot of Luck
344 0003CM-066O'Neill for GovernorMay 5, 19861/4 audio tape, Remember, A Lot of Luck [copy]
344 0003CM-067O'Neill II, SR1September 18, 19861/4 audio tape, walk through crowd, speech, walk through Connecticut booth at New England Expo
344 0003CM-068O'Neill II, SR2September 18, 19861/4 audio tape, walk through Connecticut pavilion at New England Expo, O'Neill on radio, washboard music
344 0003CM-069O'Neill II, SR3September 18, 19861/4 audio tape, welcome to cops, with cops and motorcycles, Gov. gets off trolley at New England Expo
344 0003CM-070O'Neill III, SR1October 10, 19861/4 audio tape, ladies in garden table
344 0003CM-071O'Neill III, SR2October 10, 19861/4 audio tape, ladies circle, cut-aways
344 0003CM-072O'Neill III, SR3October 10, 19861/4 audio tape, Gov. O'Neill
344 0003CM-073O'Neill III, SR4October 10, 19861/4 audio tape, Gov. O'Neill, two sync drop out, voice record tags
345 0003CM-074O'Neill Dia[logue] A & Dia. B19823 reels
345 0003CM-075O'Neill music & narration elements19822 reels
345 0003CM-07616 mag mixed track of spotsAugust 2, 19824 reels, one loop
345 0003CM-077O'Neill FXA & FXB mix elements19822 film reels
345 0003CM-078O'Neill negative pulled for CRI's19823 film reels
345 0003CM-079O'Neill cut w/p, mix trackMarch 23, 19863 rolls; work prints, que sheets, edit decision lists
345 0003CM-080Gov. Works in his office19862 reels
345 0003CM-081Hi-Tech #219862 reels; lab, Gov. talks to workers, worker vox pop (ng)
345 0003CM-082Hi-Tech #119862 reels; lab, interview
345 0003CM-083Outs & trims19863 film loops
346 0003CM-084Construction site19862 reels
346 0003CM-085Welfare: restaurant19862 reels
346 0003CM-086Classroom19862 reels
346 0003CM-087CR 1-319862 film reels
346 0003CM-088CR 4,519863 film reels; scenics: old factories, high tech, Yale Science Park; state capitol drive by
346 0003CM-089Roadways [infrastructure]19862 film reels
346 0003CM-090College students19862 reels
346 0003CM-091Pulls19862 film reels
346 0003CM-092Cut spots19865 reels; EFX A. EFX B, dupe, music B
347 0003CM-093Cabinet meeting19862 reels
347 0003CM-094Pulls: elderly, welfare19863 film reels
347 0003CM-095Narration, Part IMarch 18, 19862 reels; welfare, teamwork, roads and bridges, success
347 0003CM-096Narration, Part IIMarch 18, 19862 reels; success, remember
347 0003CM-097Ex-welfare, office interior19862 reels
347 0003CM-098CR 8-1119862 reels; architect interview
347 0003CM-099Elderly19862 reels
347 0003CM-100Gov's conf[erence], DC, Part IFebruary 19862 reels
347 0003CM-101Gov's conf[erence], DC, Part IIFebruary 19862 reels
348 0003CM-102O'Neill II, Misc. ext[erior] scenes19862 reels; meet & greet, band, music, awards
348 0003CM-103O'Neill II, Misc. int[erior]/ext[erior]19862 film reels
348 0003CM-104O'Neill II, MOS19863 reels; crowd, general
348 0003CM-105O'Neill III, Stand-up, Part II19865 reels; outs, room tone
348 0003CM-106O'Neill III, ECNOctober 15, 19861 film reel
348 0003CM-107O'Neill III, Narr[ative] outs19861 reel
348 0003CM-108O'Neill III, Women confab, Part I19862 reels; outs
348 0003CM-109O'Neill III, Women confab, Part II19863 reels; outs, room tone
348 0003CM-110O'Neill III, Cut spots, Box 119867 reels; cut w/p mix elements
348 0003CM-111O'Neill III, Cut spots, Box 219863 reels; mix, dirty dupe, B roll
349 0003CM-112O'Neill, Heads 119861 reel
349 0003CM-113O'Neill, Heads 2March 12, 19861 reel; CR # 4, 5
349 0003CM-114O'Neill, Heads 319861 reel
349 0003CM-115O'Neill, Heads 419861 reel
349 0003CM-116O'Neill, Heads 5March 12. 19861 reel; CR #1,2,3
349 0003CM-117O'Neill, Heads 619861 reel
349 0003CM-118O'Neill, Heads 819861 reel
349 0003CM-119O'Neill, Heads 919861 reel
349 0003CM-120O'Neill, Heads 7, Heads 10March 12, 19862 reels; CR # 6,7 on Heads 7
349 0003CM-121O'Neill, Heads 1119861 reel
349 0003CM-122O'Neill, Heads 1219861 reel
349 0003CM-123O'Neill, Heads 1319861 reel
349 0003CM-124O'Neill, Heads 1419861 reel
349 0003CM-125O'Neill, Heads 1519861 reel
349 0003CM-126O'Neill, Heads 1719861 reel
349 0003CM-127O'Neill, Heads 1819861 reel
349 0003CM-128O'Neill, Heads 19March 12, 19861 reel; CR #21, 22
349 0003CM-129O'Neill, Heads 2019861 reel
350 0003CM-130O'Neill, Heads 2119861 reel
350 0003CM-131O'Neill, Heads 2219861 reel; CR #18, 19, 20
350 0003CM-132O'Neill, Heads 23, 1619861 reel
350 0003CM-133O'Neill, Heads 2419861 reel
350 0003CM-134O'Neill, Heads 25, 2619862 reels
350 0003CM-135O'Neill, Heads 2719861 reel
350 0003CM-136O'Neill, Heads 2819861 reel
350 0003CM-137O'Neill, Heads 29March 12, 19861 reel
350 0003CM-138O'Neill, Heads 3019861 reel; pulls for video
350 0003CM-139O'Neill, Heads 31, 3419862 reels; Heads 31, September 18, 1986, CR #4, 5
350 0003CM-140O'Neill, Heads 3219861 reel
350 0003CM-141O'Neill, Heads 3319861 reel
350 0003CM-142O'Neill Tag, 2 versionsMarch 19, 19861-inch videotape; O'Neill/Democrat graphic used at end of each ad
350 0003CM-143Work pix, track, select OCNMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape; film transfer, A roll
350 0003CM-144White and O'Neill Paint BoxOctober 3, 19861-inch videotape
350 0003CM-145O'Neill End Tag elementOctober 18, 19861-inch videotape; O'Neill/Democrat graphic at end of ad
350 0003CM-146Eastman Color Negative, Heads19861 reel; single--pulls for film transfer
350 0003CM-147ECN Pulls--Heads19861 reel
351 0003CM-148O'Neill Tape TransferJuly 26, 19821 videotape; ads include a 5 minute spot, plus short spots in which O'Neill talks about jobs for Connecticut, the difficulty of being governor, his stand on an income tax, lower crime rates, and what
351 0003CM-149O'Neill AnimationJuly 21, 19821-inch videotape; graphics
351 0003CM-150O'Neill for GovernorMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape master; subjects: Welfare, Roads, Success, Teamwork, Elderly, Remember
351 0003CM-151Kennelly, DoddOctober 18, 19861-inch videotape; Barbara Kennelly and Christopher Dodd ads in support of O'Neill
351 0003CM-152O'Neill for Governor, 5 SpotsOctober 16, 19861-inch videotape protection master; subjects: A Good Thing, My Child, Womens Issues, Education, Commitment
351 0003CM-153Kennelly, DoddOctober 18, 19861-inch videotape protection master; Barbara Kennelly and Christopher Dodd ads in support of O'Neill
351 0003CM-154O'Neill for GovernorOctober 4, 19861-inch videotape protection master; subjects: Smile, Accomplishment
351 0003CM-155Governor Bill O'NeillOctober 8, 19861-inch videotape protection master; subjects: Missing, Education, Performance (compare records of O'Neill and Belaga)
351 0003CM-156O'Neill for GovernorOctober 8, 19861-inch videotape master; subjects: Missing (Revised), Education, Performance (compare records of O'Neill and Belaga)
351 0003CM-157Bill O'Neill for GovernorOctober 8, 19861-inch videotape edit master; subjects: Missing, Education, Performance (compare records of O'Neill and Belaga)
351 0003CM-158Cong. Kennelly & Sen. DoddOctober 16, 19861-inch videotape; series of takes of Barbara Kennelly and Senator Dodd reading support statements for O'Neill
351 0003CM-159O'Neil for GovernorOctober 4, 19861-inch videotape master; subjects: Smile, Accomplishment
351 0003CM-160O'Neill for Governor, 5 spotsOctober 16, 19861-inch videotape master; subjects: A Good Thing, My Child, Womens Issues, Education, Commitment
351 0003CM-161O'Neill for GovernorOctober 16, 19861-inch videotape master; film to tape and selected scenes, work pictures and track, A roll
351 0003CM-162O'Neill for GovernorOctober 16, 19861-inch videotape master; film to tape and selected scenes, work pictures and track, B roll
351 0003CM-163O'Neil for GovMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape; 16 mm work pictures, track, select OCN film transfer, B roll
351 0003CM-164O'Neill for GovernorMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape protection master; subjects: Welfare, Roads, Success, Teamwork, Elderly, Remember
352 0003CM-165O'Neill for GovernorMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape master; work pictures, track, select OCN film transfer, B roll
352 0003CM-166O'Neill for GovernorOctober 2, 19861-inch videotape film transfer master; ECN w/p A roll
352 0003CM-167P. B. ElementsMarch 18, 19861-inch videotape; John Breaux end tag; Connecticut is Working graphics
352 0003CM-168O'Neill for GovernorMarch 24, 19861-inch videotape master; work pictures, track, select OCN film transfer, A roll
352 0003CM-169O'Neill for GovernorOctober 2, 19861-inch videotape film transfer master; ECN only, B roll
353 0003CM-170O'NeillMarch 22, 19861 reel; single strand pulls for video transfer, Eastman color negative
353 0003CM-171O'NeillSeptember 30, 19861 reel; heads, OCN stringout for film to tape transfer
3530003CM-172O'Neill II Wild Sound19861 reel
3530003CM-173AIM tape V19861 helical scan videotape; do not use for train
3540003CM-174O'Neill for Governor1982Beta video master created May 2001;13 minute advertisement including scenes at a picnic, breakfast with Nikki, political leaders in Governor's office, interviews in bar, talking with seniors; 1 minute
3540003CM-175O'Neill for Governor1986Beta video master created May 2001; End tag; paint box; graphics for Shaping a Better Connecticut; graphic for O'Neill Democrat; black and white and color segments of ads, some with narration
3540003CM-176O'Neill for Governor1986Beta video master created May 2001;Congresswoman Kennelly and Senator Dodd, various takes; five spots: A Good Thing, My Child, Women's Issues, Education, Commitment; Kennelly-Dodd final version; six s
3540003CM-177O'Neill for Governor1986Beta video master created May 2001;film transfer, B roll: raw footage and preliminary spots in color and black and white
3550003CM-178O'Neill II1986f15 reels; pulls, outs
3550003CM-179O'Neill II19862 reels; interior of exhibit hall
3550003CM-180O'Neill II19866 reels; pulls, outs, trims; women talking; O'Neill stand ups
3550003CM-181O'Neill II198610 reels; drug spot
3550003CM-182O'Neill II19862 reels; stand-up Part 1; outs
3550003CM-183O'Neill19864 reels; Cut spots; cue sheets, narration, music A, dialog A and B
3550003CM-184O'Neill19861 reel; radio pulls
3550003CM-185O'Neill II19867 reels; music A and B, narration; SFX A, B and C; crowd EFX A and B; mix sheets, alternate m and e mix
3550003CM-186O'Neill II19861 reel; newspapers
3550003CM-187O'Neill19863 reels; class room cont.
3560003CM-188Thirteen minute spot1982VHS copy of thirteen minute spot including picnic, political leaders, and interviews in a bar. Spots include Jobs, Being Governor is a Tough Job, No Income Tax, Crime is Down, and What is a Democrat
3560003CM-189O'Neill Tags and Graphics1986VHS copy of end tag, paint box, graphics, and some black and white segments, narration and color segments.
3560003CM-190Film Transfer, B RollMarch 24, 1986VHS copy of raw footage and preliminary spots in color and black and white
3560003CM-191SpotsOctober 1986VHS copy of takes of Congressmen Kennelly and Dodd reading campaign message; various spots including A Good Thing, My Child, Womens Issues, Education, Commitment, Welfare, Teamwork, Elderly, Accomplis
3550003CM-192CommitmentOctober 1986VHS copy of the spot titled Commitment. Known by Governor's staff as the Red Sweater ad because of what the Governor was wearing.
2720003LC-001Special Elections1983Elections for Lyme and Brookfield probate judges; Senatorial District 91 (due to death of Audrey Beck); 51st Assembly District.
2720003LC-002Special Elections1984Elections for Senatorial District 21 to replace Thom Serrani; 143rd Assembly District to replace Yorke Allen; 145th Assembly District to replace Anthony D. Truglia; Bristol probate judge.
2720003LC-003Special Elections1985Elections for probate judges in Barkhamsted, Bethel, Canaan, Hebron, New Haven/Woodbridge.
2720003LC-004Special Elections1986Elections for 10th Assembly District to replace Tim Moynihan, and Senate District 25 due to the death of Andrew Santaniello.
2720003LC-005Special Elections1987Elections for probate judges in Danbury, Lyme, Mansfield, and Woodstock; 7th Assembly District to replace Carrie Saxon Perry, Senatorial District 27 due to the death of Anthony Truglia; 62nd Assembly
2720003LC-006Special Elections--Judge of Probate, D-H1988Elections for probate judges in Darien, Enfield, Griswold and Haddam.
2720003LC-007Special Elections--Judge of Probate, K-S1988Elections for probate judges in Killingworth, Meriden, Salem, and Southbury.
2720003LC-008Special Elections--General Assembly198841st District due to death of Muriel W. Buckley; 69th District to replace Carol A. Herskowitz; 123rd District to replace Morag Vance; 137th District to replace Frank Esposito.
2720003LC-009Special Elections1989Elections of probate judges in Barkhamsted, Bozrah, Chester, and Woodstock; 5th Assembly District to replace Anthony Palermino; 6th Assembly District due to the death of Maria A. Sanchez; Senatorial D
2720003LC-010Special Elections1990Elections for probate judges in Glastonbury, Ridgefield, and Stamford.
3080003PO-001Press [Summaries]March 2-12, 1981
3080003PO-002Press [Summaries]March 13-31, 1981
3080003PO-003News SummariesJune 1982
3080003PO-004[Press] SummariesSeptember 1982
3080003PO-005[Press] SummariesJuly 1-15, 1983
3080003PO-006[Press] SummariesJuly 18-29, 1983
3080003PO-007[Press] SummariesSeptember 1985
3080003PO-008[Press] SummariesMarch 1-14, 1986
3080003PO-009[Press] SummariesMarch 15-31, 1986
27400045C-001Department of Environmental Protection RelocationJune-August 1987Manual of Space Standards and Methods of Determining State Agency Facility Needs; proposals to and rejections by the State Properties Review Board for relocating DEP offices; information concerning ow
27400045C-002Department of Environmental Protection RelocationSeptember 1987-January 19Invitation to Jackson to learn about development of state office facilities; criticism of the Review Board; traffic impact of move; investigation of real estate broker; audit report on leasing policie
27400045C-003Department of Environmental Protection Relocation1987Final report by the Properties Review Board.
0070004CL-001Affirmative Action1981Meeting notice of the Connecticut Association for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action; Central Connecticut State College's affirmative action policies.
0070004CL-002Affirmative Action1987Governor expressing disappointment that so many affirmative action plans are not approved; plan for the Governor's Office; reports from the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities; plan for State
0070004CL-003Affirmative Action--Noncompliance NoticesJanuary-September 15, 198
0070004CL-004Affirmative Action--Noncompliance NoticesSeptember 16-December 198
0070004CL-005Affirmative Action1988Alleged racism at Department of Transportation; sample affirmative action program from Virginia; plan for Governor's Office.
0070004CL-006Affirmative Action1989Plan for the Governor's Office.
0070004CL-007Affirmative Action1990
2730004LC-001Correspondence1983Thank Governor for saving the Theater; Creditor's Committee expresses concerns; letters concerning state's purchase of land on which Theater stands; U. S. Department of the Interior explains what it w
2730004LC-002Memoranda and notesApril- December1983Question whether a bid or a Special Act is required before the state can take control of the theater; minutes of meeting with representatives from Theater's Board; memo concerning bankruptcy action; r
2730004LC-003Governor's Task Force--Contracts and Press ReleasesJune-July 1983Press release about O'Neill's plan to save Theater; agreement between bank and state for conveyance of land; lease agreement between the Theater and the state; amendment to project agreement between U
2730004LC-004Lease Agreements1983Drafts and final signed versions of lease between Theater and state.
2730004LC-005Correspondence1984-1985Draft lease agreement; bankruptcy plan; bequest to repair building.
2730004LC-006Governor's Task Force--Letters of Appointment1986Governor notifies individuals of their appointment to the Task Force; thank you letters from Governor to those who hosted inaugural luncheon.
2730004LC-007Governor's Task Force--Jackson's Notebook1986Includes mission, membership of Task Force, financial information and information on theater operations.
2730004LC-008Governor's Task Force--Inaugural MeetingSeptember 1986Notes, drafts and final version of Governor's remarks.
2730004LC-009Case Law, Reports, Correspondence1986Related case law and statutes; Chamber of Commerce report; recommendations for Task Force members; bond request for renovations; Theater president's response to Chamber report; Theater president's con
2730004LC-010Reports, Minutes, Articles1986Status report on physical plant; notes; long-range plan; meeting minutes concerning renovation of building; parking lot lease; newspaper articles concerning resignation of Theater director.
2730004LC-011Final ReportJanuary 1987Final report; resignation of Trustees; press release concerning report.
2740004LC-012Board of Directors1987-1988Press release concerning reorganization of the Theater; organizational chart; recommendations of individuals to serve on Board.
2740004LC-013Correspondence1987Rebuttal of final report; Governor invited to Gala at the Theater; Young Shakespeare Co. performance program; complaint that English actors are illegal since they are not members of Actor's Equity.
2740004LC-014Newspaper Articles1987
3090004PO-001CorrespondenceFebruary-June 1983Requests for official statements from the Governor; request for copy of the Governor's inaugural address and a request for his State of the State address.
3090004PO-002CorrespondenceJuly-December 1983Requests for official statement; request for statement by Governor about education; suggestions for commemorative events; newspaper seeks clarification of Governor's statement.
3090004PO-003Correspondence1984Requests for Official Statements.
3090004PO-004Correspondence1985Requests for Official Statements; request for copy of Governor's Chanukah message.
3090004PO-005Correspondence1986Requests for Official Statements; constituent sends Governor copies of her poems; complaint about wording of Official Statement.
0080005CL-001AgingJanuary-March 1981Responsibilities and activities of the Ombudsman Office; Department on Aging response to federal audit; advocacy for the elderly; need to stop age discrimination; questions about tax relief programs f
0080005CL-002AgingApril-May 1981Concerns of the black aged; budget problems; complaints against nursing homes; need for home care; tax relief programs for elderly; complaint about Senior Center; Senior Center having problems with fo
0080005CL-003AgingJune-December 1981Elderly being abused by attorney; complaints about nursing homes; plan for emergency placement of protective services clients; questions about fuel assistance programs; funding for Eastern Connecticut
0080005CL-004Aging--Adult Day Care1981Letters express need for continued funding of facilities and the need for Medicaid coverage.
0080005CL-005Aging--Bi-weekly reports1981
0080005CL-006Aging--Memos to/from CommissionerJanuary-March 1981Report on allegation of discrimination by Connecticut Community Care, Inc.; audit report and response; preliminary report on physically abused elders; nutrition program problems update; state policy o
0080005CL-007Aging--Memos to/from CommissionerApril-December 1981Report on impact of federal budget proposals on elderly; fiscal management and staffing problems; FY 1982 proposed funding formula.
0080005CL-008Aging--White House Conference on AgingJanuary-February 1981Recommendations for delegates (self or others); complaints about delegate choices.
0080005CL-009Aging--White House Conference on AgingMarch-December 1981Recommendations for delegates (self or others); complaints about delegate choices; nomination for National Senior Citizens Award.
0090005CL-010Aging1982Report on impact of federal budget cuts on programs affecting the elderly; complaints about services provided certain elderly individuals; Commissioner's letter writing campaign in support of the Seni
0090005CL-011Aging1983Opening remarks by Mary Ellen Klinck, Commissioner on Aging, before the Appropriation Committee; question about protective legislation in the state for the elderly; development of the Governor's Confe
0090005CL-012Aging1984Primarily letters concerning the financial situation of the Quinebaug Valley Senior Citizens Center; bi-weekly reports (3); report on Home Equity Conversion.
0090005CL-013Aging1985Invitation to Abraham Ribicoff to speak; survey on crime and the elderly; information on reverse annuity mortgages; copy of The Elderly newspaper; lists of homes for the aged.
0090005CL-014Aging--ConnPACE1985report of the Findings and Recommendations of the Task Force of Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly; synopsis of Task Force recommendations; text of the bill (PA 85-573) establishing program
0090005CL-015AgingJanuary-May, 1986reduced federal funds affecting nutrition programs; contract for food service for elderly; question about tax relief for elderly; question concerning eligibility for pharmaceutical assistance
0090005CL-016AgingJuly-December 1986questions about pharmaceutical assistance; questions abut Medicare; concerns about elderly tax relief; suggestion to use surplus to help the elderly
0090005CL-017Aging--Bi-weekly reports1986
0090005CL-018Aging--ConnPACE1986performance bond for contractor who will handle claims; legislation and regulations creating program; memoranda; cost estimates; quarterly report
0090005CL-019AgingJanuary-March 1987problems with Medicare coverage; questions regarding retired older workers; need help paying for prescription drugs, Governor explains ConnPACE; urge Governor's support for state funding of Health Scr
0100005CL-020AgingApril-July 1987questions about ConnPACE; need for senior housing; alleged ethics violations in the Department on Aging; explain transportation needs and problems; complaints about nursing homes; describe financial p
0100005CL-021AgingAugust-October 1987need Governor's help in medical or housing crisis situation; questions about ConnPACE; children having problems finding placement for ailing parents; elderly relate transportation problems; questions
0100005CL-022AgingNovember-December 1987questions about ConnPACE; concerns about high cost of housing and of living; petitions and letters to Governor to support elderly nutrition programs; complaint about delay in response to crisis by Pro
0100005CL-023Aging--Bi-weekly reports1987
0100005CL-024Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner1987news release describing the Department's 1987 Needs Assessment Survey; response to questions in the Agency Budget Questionnaire
0100005CL-025AgingJanuary-March 20, 1988praise for and questions about ConnPACE; letters urging Governor's support of increased funding for Senior Centers; needs of Hispanic elderly need to be addressed; elderly explain financial and medica
0100005CL-026AgingMarch 21-May 1988family needs help obtaining services for elderly relatives; complaints about nursing homes; complaints about independent living services; questions about independent living services; petition to have
0100005CL-027AgingJune-October 1988complaints about nursing homes; questions about ConnPACE; elderly relate their medical and financial problems; information sent to the Governor by commercial service providers [most letters bucked to
0100005CL-028AgingNovember-December 1988petition urging Governor's support of elderly nutrition program; complaint about nursing home; series of designs for elderly housing units submitted to Governor and Department on Aging; individual con
0100005CL-029Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner1988Data on state and federal dollars allocated to support adult day care; Advisory Council supports Department's budget options; summary report of the Governor's Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease; update
0110005CL-030Aging--Bi-weekly reports1988
0110005CL-031Aging--Reports1988List of Connecticut senior centers; review of Amendments to the State Plan on Aging
0110005CL-032AgingJanuary-May 1989Questions and complaints about Medicare; letters urging financial support of the Meals on Wheels (elderly nutrition) program; elderly describing their medical and financial problems; praise for and qu
0110005CL-033AgingJune-October 1989complaints about increase in nursing home rates; Connecticut AARP's report on the fate of it's legislative priorities; questions about volunteer opportunities for senior citizens; allegations of abuse
0110005CL-034AgingNovember-December 1989urge Governor's support of Elderly Nutrition Program; suggested legislation that would help the disabled
0110005CL-035Aging--Personnel1989allegation of age discrimination against Public Industry Council.
0110005CL-036Aging--Reports1989letter from Commissioner to Connecticut Congressional delegation stating concerns with P.L. 100-300, Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988; Conservatorship Task Force Report; response to audit re
0110005CL-037AgingJanuary-May 1990urge Governor to support elderly nutrition programs; AARP legislative agenda and Governor's response; questions and concerns about ConnPACE and other services for the elderly; complaint about care [mo
0110005CL-038AgingApril-December 1990elderly describe their medical and financial problems; pharmacist concerned about waste and abuse he sees in ConnPACE; petition to eliminate registration fee for courses offered by senior center; crit
0120005CL-039Aging--Reports1990bi-weekly, ConnPACE quarterly report and Ombudsman annual report, including such topics as missing case files, nutrition programs, in-home care, and legislation that affects the elderly
0120006CL-001Agriculture1981concern about cruelty to animals and animal testing; information and questions about the farmland preservation program in Connecticut; requests for soil samples; complaints about a fly infestation in
0120006CL-002Agriculture--Biweekly reports1981
0120006CL-003Agriculture--Memos to/from Commissioner1981report from the Agriculture Subcommittee of the Governor's Rural Development Council on preparation for a comprehensive Food and Agriculture Policy; report on legislation limiting the import of female
0120006CL-004Agriculture1982correspondence with staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture concerning subsidies, rural development, and food stamps; concern about the farmland preservation program; student reports findings from
0120006CL-005Agriculture--Kellogg Grant1982application to the W. K. K. Kellogg Foundation to develop a continuing program for rural leadership involving all six New England States, and a request for the Governor's support ; report of Kellogg G
0120006CL-006Agriculture1983the Humane Society of the U.S. requests a list of Connecticut laws that protect farm animals; report on farmland preservation; letter asking Governor to support agriculture; information on training da
0120006CL-007Agriculture--Biweekly reports1983
0120006CL-008Agriculture1984plans for UConn expansion affects farmland; concern for animals in shelters; future of agriculture discussed
0120006CL-009Agriculture--Reports and letters from Department1984fly infestation and state's response; plan for addressing avian influenza; regulations on intensive poultry farm inspections, legislation and proposed regulations for control of diseases such as avian
0120006CL-010Agriculture1985concern about the future of the state subsidized spay/neuter clinic in Bethany; how to dispose of deceased dog; thanks for increase in funding to agricultural fairs; Governor outlines his support of a
0120006CL-011Agriculture--Reports and memos1985progress on development of a Northeast Agricultural Policy; projected loss to nursery industry of export materials to Canadian markets; threat to the dairy support system; Senator Jesse Helms proposes
0130006CL-012Agriculture1986results of consumer survey on farm crisis; investigation of animal abuse; report on density of horses in the state; object to branding cows; object to Operation Dog Tag which involves canine officers
0130006CL-013Agriculture--Reports and memos1986bi-weekly reports; invitations to national and regional meetings about agriculture; progress reports on the Conn. Equestrian Center; Farm Bureau legislative agenda and results; audit of the Connecticu
0130006CL-014AgricultureJanuary-March 1987requests for information; Commissioner plans to apply for a grant from the Farmers Home Administration; report on the accomplishments of the Westport Shellfish Commission since jurisdiction question s
0130006CL-015AgricultureApril-May 1987school child asks for information on agriculture in Conn.; steps taken by state to protect bee population from insecticides; continued contention about jurisdiction of Westport clamming beds; question
0130006CL-016AgricultureJune-September 1987requests for information on state's farmland preservation program; concern for animals in pet shops; child seeks Governor's help in obtaining a Maine coon cat; Governor's remarks at the opening of the
0130006CL-017AgricultureOctober-December 1987urge Governor to support Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; praise for passage of Pet Shop Euthanasia Law; damage report on livestock killed by two dogs; concern about new Farmers Home Administration p
0130006CL-018Agriculture--Memos to/from Commissioner1987bi-weekly reports; request Governor to include a major new farm policy initiative in his budget address; report on the fly infestation; efforts to streamline Farmland Preservation application procedur
0130006CL-019AgricultureJanuary-February 1988information on the Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; opposition to press coverage of the livestock killed by dogs and the subsequent disposal of the dogs; strategic planning for the Department; wineri
0140006CL-020AgricultureMarch-May 1988brief report of the Governor's Council for the Development of Agricultural Industry; opposition to manner in which Canine Control unit handled the dogs that killed livestock; invitation to explore eco
0140006CL-021AgricultureJune-December 1988efforts to control salmonella in eggs; opposition to manner in which Canine Control unit handled the dogs that killed livestock; Commissioner urges Connecticut's Congressional delegation to support th
0140006CL-022AgricultureJanuary-August 1989American Farmland Trust congratulates state on its successful farmland preservation program; need to continue preserving farmland; opposes testing using animals; brief report of the Governor's Council
0140006CL-023AgricultureSeptember-December 1989information concerning the need for seafood safety inspections and how it would be funded; request for information on how the state regulates health of horses sold at auction
0140006CL-024Agriculture--Memos and letters to/from Commissioner1989information on salmonella infection in eggs; audit recommendations; administrative report; information on apple marketing
0140006CL-025AgricultureJanuary-May 1990alleged misuse of farmland preservation funds; complaints about Canine Control office; concern about drug contamination of milk; need to preserve and restore coastal lands; comments to federal Committ
0140006CL-026AgricultureJune-December 1990seafood inspection; notice of rabies moving toward the state; allegations that dogs from municipal pound are being sold to UConn Medical Center; concern about and request moratorium on sick horses bei
0140006CL-027Agriculture--Administrative Report1990
0140006CL-028Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1981description of the Station for the Governor; State of the Station address; minutes of the Board of Control
0140006CL-029Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1986reports and advisories concerning PCBs in honeybees, the state's response to Lyme disease, the Station's relationship with industry, and state's efforts to reduce pesticide contamination
0150006CL-030Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1987minutes of the Board of Control; report on public education about Lyme disease and state legislation concerning the ailment; proposed legislation to expand responsibilities of the Station
0150006CL-031Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1988minutes of the Board of Control; information on research areas addressed by the Station
0150006CL-032Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1989letters to the Governor concerning efforts to waive foreign residency requirement for a doctor working at the Station
0150006CL-033Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1990minutes of the Board of Control
0150006CL-034Agriculture, U. S. Department of1981notice of resignation of State Conservationist and hiring replacement; notice of rejection of increase of dairy price supports by U.S. House; information on federal food and nutrition programs; propos
0150006CL-035Agriculture, U. S. Department of1982proposed legislation and regulations on food stamps, egg research; press releases from Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block; Gov. sends response to federal Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act;
0150006CL-036Agriculture, U. S. Department of1983proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements; state's comments about rules for Food Stamps eligibility; National Rural Development Strategy report; letters accompanyin
0150006CL-037Agriculture, U. S. Department of1984announcement of milk diversion program; areas in Connecticut named eligible for Farmers Home Administration emergency loan assistance for flood damage; state comments on proposed rule for Temporary E
0150006CL-038Agriculture, U. S. Department of1985letters accompanying reports; information about revisions to the Debt Adjustment Program for farmers; notices about awards, legislative proposals, developing plans to streamline the Department
0150006CL-039Agriculture, U. S. Department of1986request for comments on new rules and regulations; Gov. requests additional emergency food supplies (cheese); Gov. requests assistance from Department if avian influenza spreads; analysis of impact of
0150006CL-040Agriculture, U. S. Department of1987areas in Connecticut named eligible for Farmers Home Administration emergency loan assistance for hail damage; request comments on new rules for Food Stamps and the wild horse and burro policy; divers
0150006CL-041Agriculture, U. S. Department of1988Rural Development Strategy update; National Program for Soil and Water Conservation; letters accompanying reports; minutes of the Committee on Automated Flood Warning; proposed amendments to New Engla
0150006CL-042Agriculture, U. S. Department of1989grant proposal for the WIC/Farmers' Market program; proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements; federal legislation concerning food safety
0150006CL-043Agriculture, U. S. Department of1990proposed amendments to federal cranberry marketing agreement; proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements
3110006PO-001Press Releases--IndexDecember 1980-August 1981Chronological listing of events or speeches.
3110006PO-002Press ReleasesDecember 1980Governor's inaugural speech.
3110006PO-003Press ReleasesJanuary 1981
3110006PO-004Press ReleasesFebruary 1981
3110006PO-005Press ReleasesMarch 1981Includes report to Governor on the One-Man July Report regarding the Department of Income Maintenance.
3110006PO-006Press ReleasesApril 1981
3110006PO-007Press ReleasesMay 1981
3110006PO-008Press ReleasesJune 1981
3110006PO-009Press ReleasesJuly 1981
3110006PO-010Press ReleasesAugust 1981
3110006PO-011Press Releases--IndexSeptember 1981-April 1982
3110006PO-012Press ReleasesSeptember 1981
3110006PO-013Press ReleasesOctober 1981Includes Department of Human Resources allocation and spending proposals for a Social Services Block Grant.
3110006PO-014Press ReleasesNovember 1981
3110006PO-015Press ReleasesDecember 1981
3110006PO-016Press ReleasesJanuary 1982Includes special message to the General Assembly concerning legislation to be addressed; Executive Summary and highlights of the Connecticut White House Conference on Children and Youth.
3110006PO-017Press ReleasesFebruary 1982
3110006PO-018Press ReleasesMarch 1982Includes preliminary summary of the estimated impact of federal budget reduction on the State of Connecticut; Executive Summary of the Preliminary Report of the Commission on Higher Education and the
3110006PO-019Press ReleasesApril 1982
3110006PO-020Press Releases--IndexMay-November 1982
3110006PO-021Press ReleasesMay 1982
3120006PO-022Press ReleasesJune 1982
3120006PO-023Press ReleasesJuly 1982
3120006PO-024Press ReleasesAugust 1982
3120006PO-025Press ReleasesSeptember 1982
3120006PO-026Press ReleasesOctober 1982
3120006PO-027Press Releases--IndexNovember 1982-September 1
3120006PO-028Press ReleasesNovember 1982
3120006PO-029Press ReleasesDecember 1982
3120006PO-030Press ReleasesJanuary 1983
3120006PO-031Press ReleasesFebruary 1983
3120006PO-032Press ReleasesMarch 1983
3120006PO-033Press ReleasesApril 1983
3120006PO-034Press ReleasesMay 1983
3120006PO-035Press ReleasesJune 1983
3120006PO-036Press ReleasesJuly 1983
3120006PO-037Press ReleasesAugust 1983
3120006PO-038Press ReleasesSeptember 1983
3130006PO-039Press Releases--IndexOctober 1983-June 1984
3130006PO-040Press ReleasesOctober 1983
3130006PO-041Press ReleasesNovember 1983
3130006PO-042Press ReleasesDecember 1983
3130006PO-043Press ReleasesJanuary 1984
3130006PO-044Press ReleasesFebruary 1984
3130006PO-045Press Releases--IndexFebruary 1984-September 1Lists of Governor's speeches, remarks and statements.
3130006PO-046Press ReleasesMarch 1984
3130006PO-047Press ReleasesApril 1984
3130006PO-048Press ReleasesMay 1984
3130006PO-049Press Releases--IndexJune 1984-January 1985
3130006PO-050Press ReleasesJune 1984
3130006PO-051Press ReleasesJuly 1984
3130006PO-052Press ReleasesAugust 1984Includes Governor's request to Bond Commission for funding for Transportation Infrastructure Renewal Program; investigation of the Department of Mental Retardation's Independent Professional Review/Ut
3130006PO-053Press ReleasesSeptember 1984
3130006PO-054Press ReleasesOctober 1984
3140006PO-055Press ReleasesNovember 1984
3140006PO-056Press ReleasesDecember 1984
3140006PO-057Press Releases--IndexJanuary-September 1985Actually covers February-September 1985.
3140006PO-058Press ReleasesJanuary 1985
3140006PO-059Press ReleasesFebruary 1985Includes preliminary analysis of impact of President Reagan's proposed budget on Connecticut.
3140006PO-060Press ReleasesMarch 1985
3140006PO-061Press ReleasesApril 1985
3140006PO-062Press ReleasesMay 1985
3140006PO-063Press ReleasesJune 1985
3140006PO-064Press ReleasesJuly 1985Includes information about a Transportation Accountability Board.
3140006PO-065Press ReleasesAugust 1985
3150006PO-066Press Releases--IndexSeptember 1985-May 1986
3150006PO-067Press Releases--IndexSeptember 1985-October 19
3150006PO-068Press ReleasesSeptember 1985Includes announcement of formation of Task Force on Family Violence; Special Report to the Governor with Regard to the Report of the U.S. Department of Justice on Southbury Training School.
3150006PO-069Press ReleasesOctober 1985Includes remarks to the Associated Press.
3150006PO-070Press ReleasesNovember 1985
3150006PO-071Press ReleasesDecember 1985Report on operation of branch offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
3150006PO-072Press ReleasesJanuary 1986Includes O'Neill's education budget increase proposal; information on the Healthy Start program; recommendations by Task Force on Family Violence.
3150006PO-073Press ReleasesFebruary 1986
3150006PO-074Press ReleasesMarch 1986
3150006PO-075Press ReleasesApril 1986
3150006PO-076Press ReleasesMay 1986
3150006PO-077Press Releases--IndexJune 1986-December 1986
3150006PO-078Press ReleasesJune 1986
3160006PO-079Press ReleasesJuly 1986Includes estimates of State Aid to Municipalities.
3160006PO-080Press ReleasesAugust 1986
3160006PO-081Press ReleasesSeptember 1986
3160006PO-082Press ReleasesOctober 1986Includes Interim Action Report of the Governor's Task Force on the Veterans' Home and Hospital.
3160006PO-083Press ReleasesNovember 1986
3160006PO-084Press Releases--IndexDecember 1986-June 1987
3160006PO-085Press ReleasesDecember 1986
3160006PO-086Press ReleasesJanuary 1987
3160006PO-087Press ReleasesFebruary 1987Includes correspondence concerning investigation at the Department of Correction; correspondence with Attorney General Joseph Lieberman concerning the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA).
3160006PO-088Press ReleasesMarch 1987
3160006PO-089Press ReleasesApril 1987
3160006PO-090Press ReleasesMay 1987
3160006PO-091Press ReleasesJune 1987
3170006PO-092Press Releases--IndexJuly-December 1987
3170006PO-093Press ReleasesJuly 1987
3170006PO-094Press ReleasesAugust 1987Includes estimates of state aid to municipalities.
3170006PO-095Press ReleasesSeptember 1987
3170006PO-096Press ReleasesOctober 1987
3170006PO-097Press ReleasesNovember 1987
3170006PO-098Press ReleasesDecember 1987Includes reports on Suffield Prison and on Newtown Jail site.
3170006PO-099Press Releases--IndexJanuary-December 1988
3170006PO-100Press ReleasesJanuary 1988
3170006PO-101Press ReleasesFebruary 1988
3170006PO-102Press ReleasesMarch 1988Includes facts and figures related to the Governor's local property tax relief program.
3170006PO-103Press ReleasesApril 1988
3170006PO-104Press ReleasesMay 1988Includes lists of engrossed bills signed by Governor.
3170006PO-105Press ReleasesJune 1988Includes lists of engrossed bills signed by Governor.
3170006PO-106Press ReleasesJuly 1988
3170006PO-107Press ReleasesAugust 1988Includes report on AIDS in Connecticut; Long Island Sound Update.
3170006PO-108Press ReleasesSeptember 1988
3180006PO-109Press ReleasesOctober 1988Includes documents from a court case involving the Department of Motor Vehicles.
3180006PO-110Press ReleasesNovember 1988
3180006PO-111Press ReleasesDecember 1988
3180006PO-112Press Releases--IndexJanuary-December 1989
3180006PO-113Press ReleasesJanuary 1989
3180006PO-114Press ReleasesFebruary 1989
3180006PO-115Press ReleasesMarch 1989
3180006PO-116Press ReleasesApril 1989
3180006PO-117Press ReleasesMay 1989
3180006PO-118Press ReleasesJune 1989
3180006PO-119Press ReleasesJuly 1989Includes veto messages; request for federal disaster aid.
3180006PO-120Press ReleasesAugust 1989Information about the Commission to Study the Management of State Government.
3180006PO-121Press ReleasesSeptember 1989
3180006PO-122Press ReleasesOctober 1989
3180006PO-123Press ReleasesNovember 1989
3180006PO-124Press ReleasesDecember 1989
3190006PO-125Press Releases--IndexJanuary-December 1990
3190006PO-126Press ReleasesJanuary 1990Includes Congressman Morrison's request to the General Accounting Office to investigate the Connecticut Department of Income Maintenance.
3190006PO-127Press ReleasesFebruary 1990
3190006PO-128Press ReleasesMarch 1990
3190006PO-129Press ReleasesApril 1990
3190006PO-130Press ReleasesMay 1990
3190006PO-131Press ReleasesJune 1990Includes list of bills Governor signed; veto messages.
3190006PO-132Press ReleasesJuly 1990
3190006PO-133Press ReleasesAugust 1990
3190006PO-134Press ReleasesSeptember 1990
3190006PO-135Press ReleasesOctober-November 1990
3190006PO-136Press ReleasesDecember 1990
3190006PO-137Press Releases--Published Speeches1987-1990Published versions of the Governor's State of the State addresses, budget addresses, Closing Session speeches, and a State of the Judiciary address by Chief Justice Ellen A. Peters.
3190006PO-138Press Releases1981-1983These were found with the photograph collection, but no prints exists. In order to keep them separate from the photographs, these press releases were appended to this Sub-series.
3190006PO-139Press Releases1984These were found with the photograph collection, but no prints exists. In order to keep them separate from the photographs, these press releases were appended to this Sub-series.
3190006PO-140Press Releases1985-1986These were found with the photograph collection, but no prints exists. In order to keep them separate from the photographs, these press releases were appended to this Sub-series.
3190006PO-141Press Releasesn.d.These were found with the photograph collection, but no prints exists. In order to keep them separate from the photographs, these press releases were appended to this Sub-series.
3200006PO-142Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1984Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-143Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1985Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-144Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1986Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-145Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1987Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-146Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1988Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-147Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1989Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-148Press Releases--Signatures and Vetoes1990Lists of bills signed or vetoed, with the date on which that happened, and additional notations. Copies of documents kept by Bill Siering, the Governor's Executive Clerk.
3200006PO-149Press Releases--Call for Special SessionJune 1990
0160007CL-001Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1981legislation needed to reduce alcohol-related highway deaths; Connecticut Hispanic Addiction Commission minutes; concern about teenage addiction; information about Combined Hospitals Alcoholism Progra
0160007CL-002Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1982concern about funding for education and treatment for teenage addiction; oppose closure of detox facility in New London; request for information about state's laws concerning controlled substances; r
0160007CL-003Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1983support from state for addiction treatment centers; Vice President Bush announces new law enforcement effort to thwart drug smuggling; support for higher drinking age; concern from the commission abou
0160007CL-004Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1984support for raising drinking age; President Reagan's National Strategy for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
0160007CL-005Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1985suggested solutions for alcoholism; support for and opposition to raising drinking age; Governor requests extension of federal alcohol treatment demonstration project; letter from commission about nee
0160007CL-006Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]1986Governor's Initiative to Prevent Student Alcohol and Drug Abuse; student and individual suggestions for preventing abuse; proposed and passed federal legislation regarding abuse; regulations about pu
0160007CL-007Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Drinking Age1986young adults opposed to raising the drinking age; students request information from Governor about state's drunk driving laws
0160007CL-008Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from Director1986summary of the Governor's Conference on the Prevention of Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse; Alcohol & Drug Problems Association points out inconsistencies in President Reagan's drug policy; Governor
0160007CL-009Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]January-March 1987Weston, Conn.'s drug education booklet; requests information on Governor's actions to reduce drug abuse; personal opinions about drug problem; students ask Governor to urge President Reagan to focus o
0160007CL-010Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]April-June 1987former addict and alcoholic wish to volunteer to help others; companies, individuals and organizations market their educational programs; Governors send information on programs in their states; concer
0160007CL-011Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]July-December 1987express need for methadone clinic in Willimantic and elsewhere; student wishes to discuss drug problem with Governor; federal legislation regarding drug abuse, testing, etc.; suggested patient rights;
0160007CL-012Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Biweekly reports1987
0160007CL-013Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from Director1987application for block grant; director writes to Health Services to request Medicare and Medicaid continue to include substance abuse treatment coverage; director writes to Congressional delegation abo
0170007CL-014Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Funding APT Foundation1987clients, medical professionals and social workers urge Gov. and state representatives to return funding for vocational services by APT to the CADAC budget
0170007CL-015Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]January-June 1988information on methadone drug treatment in Connecticut; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; presence of AIDS impacting drug treatment centers; alcoholic relates his prob
0170007CL-016Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]July-August 1988substance abusers relate their problems; urge Gov. to fund more treatment programs; state needs comprehensive law enforcement strategy to stop drug dealing and use; individuals and companies market d
0170007CL-017Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]September-December 1988individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; staff complain about lack of air conditioning; reports on drug programs in other states; parent seeks help for drug addicted son;
0170007CL-018Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from commissioner1988information about methadone treatment; information and opinions on P.S. 85-579 which transfers substance abuse from the Department of Mental Health to CADAC; treatment agreement with Department of Chi
0170007CL-019Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]January-March 1989suggestions for stopping drug abuse; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; urge Gov. to fund treatment centers; abusers relate problems and request help from Gov.; organi
0170007CL-020Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]April-August 1989suggestions for stopping drug abuse; state's input for a national drug control strategy; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; parent seeks help for drug addicted child; G
0170007CL-021Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]September-October 1989Gov.'s staff provides crisis intervention for substance abusers; parent seeks help for drug addicted child; suggestions for stopping drug abuse; individuals and companies market drug education progra
0180007CL-022Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]November-December 1989mother writes in concern for her drug-taking son; need to stop drug dealers; companies and organizations market their services; staff helps provide crisis intervention; suggestions for preventing drun
0180007CL-023Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Drugs Don't Work1989meeting notices and updates concerning the Drugs Don't Work Governor's Partnership to Prevent Substance Abuse in the Workforce
0180007CL-024Alcohol and Drug Abuse--Memos to/from Commissioner1989information on treatment and prevention services funded by the state; response to Gov's requested budget cuts; comments on proposed federal rules for interim methadone programs; study of fiscal impact
0180007CL-025Alcohol and Drug Abuse CommissionJanuary-April 1990suggestions for resolving the drug problem; success of students' efforts to educate young people about drug abuse; information on the Save Our Streets program; students request information on drug a
0180007CL-026Alcohol and Drug Abuse CommissionMay-June 1990student expresses concern about the drug problem and Gov. explains some of his actions; companies and individuals market abuse education programs; high school students argue for and against legalizing
0180007CL-027Alcohol and Drug Abuse CommissionJuly-December 1990Gov. announces continued funding for the Drug Enforcement Grant Program; suggestions for resolving substance abuse; state's Policy for a Drug-free Workplace; state is accused of victimizing Mothers Ag
0180007CL-028Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Drugs Don't Work1990meeting notices; by-laws revision; study of drug attitudes and use among Conn. Residents [the full title of this initiative is Drugs Don't Work: Governor's Partnership to Prevent Substance Abuse in th
0180007CL-029Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Grants1990auditors' report on and CADAC response to recommendations for improving grant distribution; reports to fiscal department on various grants; instructions for submitting federal grant proposals for mod
0180007CL-030Alcohol & Drug Abuse Comm.--Memos to/from Commissioner1990sends report Student Substance Abuse in Connecticut; press release about the study with a list of CADAC substance abuse prevention initiatives; report on Cocaine: National and Connecticut Information;
3210007PO-001[Newspaper Articles]--Bridge1981-1986Department of Transportation press releases, newspaper articles and copies of correspondence in relation to discussion about a bridge or another ferry to Long Island; information about bridge replacem
3210007PO-002[Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983June-August 1983Hour by hour description of Governor's actions June 28-30, 1983; comments for press conference; Department of Economic Development issues information on alternate routes to I-95; speculation on cause
3210007PO-003[Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983September-October 1983Northbound lanes of highway reopened to trucks and buses; bridge inspector arrested for forgery; Department of Transportation internal review of bridge inspection policies and procedures; charge and c
3210007PO-004[Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983November 1983-1986Interim report on implementation of Department of Transportation inspection policies and procedures; Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure; reports on bridge inspections; temporary span replace; Dep
3210007PO-005[Newspaper Articles]--InfrastructureJune-July 1983Governor's response to Westchester County Executive's complaints about comments made by Commissioner Burns; Governor requests federal aid to repair Mianus River Bridge; National Governors' Association
3210007PO-006[Newspaper Articles]--InfrastructureAugust-December 1983Governor's statement to the National Governors' Association; Governor's Op-Ed piece for the Greenwich Times; local needs infrastructure questionnaire; reports.
3220007PO-007[Newspaper Articles]--InfrastructureJanuary-May 1984Department of Transportation dismisses two divers for misuse of state funds; possible tax increase to fund bridge repairs; Task Force Report on Bridges and Dams; Governor's comments about the report;
3220007PO-008[Newspaper Articles]--InfrastructureJune-July 1984National Transportation Safety Board report on the Mianus River Bridge collapse; allegations of fraud at the Department; criminal investigation of the collapse.
3220007PO-009[Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure II1984-1986Press releases, copies of Governor's speeches, articles about the Department of Transportation's plan to inspect and repair bridges; special tax obligation bonds to fund first ten years of Governor's
3220007PO-010[Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure IIApril-November 1984Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure reports on roads and highways, hazardous waste facilities, water supply, etc.
3220007PO-011[Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure IIDecember 1984-December 19Notice of contracts being offered; progress reports; Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure Final Report.
3220007PO-012Newspaper Articles--Governor's Commission on Long Term Care1986-1988Newspaper coverage of the Commission's work; report How Will We Pay; update on Governor's plan of action following report.
0190008CL-001Appointments1981-1982Letters from the Governor appointing individuals to state boards and commissions; appointments as Commissioner of Deeds, resident in the States of New York, Massachusetts or New Jersey.
0190008CL-002Appointments1988Constituents recommend individuals for appointment to boards or commissions; list of Governor's appointments sent to the General Assembly
0190008CL-003Appointments1989Governor congratulates individuals on their appointments
0190008CL-004Appointments1990Governor congratulates individuals on their appointments
0190008CL-005Appointments--Recommendations1989Constituents recommend individuals for appointment to boards or commissions or volunteer their own services
0190008CL-006Appointments--Recommendations, A-K1990Constituents recommend individuals for appointment to boards or commissions or volunteer their own services
0190008CL-007Appointments--Recommendations, L-Z1990Constituents recommend individuals for appointment to boards or commissions or volunteer their own services
0190008CL-008Appointments1991Appointment to Conn. Hazardous Waste Management Service
3230008PO-001Photographs, Folders 1-501981Folders 1-50
3240008PO-002Photographs, Folders 51-971981Folders 51-97
3250008PO-003Photographs, Folders 98-1531981-1982Folders 98-153
3260008PO-004Photographs, Folders 154-2151982-1983Folders 154-215
3270008PO-005Photographs, Folders 216-2791983Folders 216-279
3280008PO-006Photographs, Folders 280-3411983-1984Folders 280-341
3290008PO-007Photographs, Folders 342-3981984-1985Folders 342-398
3300008PO-008Photographs, Folders 399-4511981-1986Folders 399-451
3310008PO-009Photographs, Folders 452-5161983-1990Folders 452-516
3320008PO-010NegativesDecember 1980-March 1982
3330008PO-011NegativesApril 1982-April 1983
3340008PO-012NegativesMay 1983-June 12, 1984
3350008PO-013NegativesJune 13, 1984-July 19, 19
3360008PO-014NegativesJuly 24, 1985-January 1,
3370008PO-015NegativesJan. 27, 1987-Oct. 18, 19
3380008PO-016NegativesNov. 14, 1988-Nov. 20, 19
3390008PO-017NegativesNov. 16, 1990-Jan. 8, 199Also Lieutenant Governor Fauliso negatives, May 1, 1981 to May 24, 1990; and negatives of events or people that do not appear to relate to the Governor, 1981-1990.
3580008RM-001Acknowledgements--Children 19861981-1990
3590008RM-002Children, 1987-19901987-1990
3610008RM-004Environmental Protection--Human Resources 19821981-1990
3620008RM-005Human Resources 1985-Human Rights and Opportunities 19871981-1990
3630008RM-006Human Rights and Opportunities 1988--Income Maintenance 19821981-1990
3640008RM-007Income Maintenance 1985--Labor, Unemployment 19831981-1990
3650008RM-008Labor, Unemployment 1988--Legislation 19901981-1990
3660008RM-009Library--Mental Health 19891981-1990
3670008RM-010Mental Health 1990--Mental Retardation, July 19881981-1990
3680008RM-011Mental Retardation, August 1988--Military 19881981-1990
3690008RM-012Military 1989--Military, Consolidation 19901981-1990
3700008RM-013Military, Special Orders 1990--Revenue Services 19881981-1990
3710008RM-014Revenue Services 1989--Press Office, Photographs1981-1990
3720008RM-015Indian Affairs [DEP and Legal]1981-1990
0190010CL-001Arts1981concern about viability of the Commission on the Arts; list of grants given by the Commission; correspondence from arts organizations in the state
0190010CL-002Arts1982Letters in support of funding the Commission on the Arts budget; Commissions grant proposal to the National Endowment for the Arts
0190010CL-003Arts1983Information on PACT (Preserve the Arts in Connecticut) which generates private sector support for the arts
0190010CL-004Arts1985Grant application
0190010CL-005Arts1986Artist invites Governor to see his sculpture for the ConnTech Research and Development Park; request Governor to name something in honor of opera singer Rosa Ponselle; seek support for precision skati
0190010CL-006Arts1987Letters in support of funding the Commission on the Arts budget; thank yous to the Gov for increased funding; Governor supports grant proposal from the Regional Plan Association to the National Endowm
0190010CL-007Arts1988Wadsworth Athenaeum letter to trustees [Gov. is honorary trustee]; invitations to shows and exhibits; complaints about the Commission; thank yous to Governor for support of the arts; requests for help
0190010CL-008Arts1989Wadsworth Athenaeum letter to trustees; complaints about the Commission; thank yous to Governor for support of the arts; protest Mapplethorpe exhibit at the Athenaeum; information about the settlement
0190010CL-009Arts1990Thank yous to Governor for support of the arts
0200011CL-001AtlantaJune 1981Letters of condolence to the families of the 27 boys slain in Atlanta by Wayne Williams between October 1979 and May 1981.
0200012CL-001Attorney General1981Complaints about delays in payment of workers' compensation benefits; information abut a conflict of homeowners with the U.S. Army over a road; complaint against the Department of Income Maintenance;
0200012CL-002Attorney General1982Letters requesting Governor remove Attorney General Carl Ajello from office; information about Charles Steadwell v Warden, Connecticut Correctional Institution, Somers; opinions from constituents abou
0200012CL-003Attorney General1983Briefing on and correspondence concerning a proposal by legislators to repeal the Motor Vehicles Emissions Testing Program; summons served on Governor; opinion on status of land used by the Torrington
0200012CL-004Attorney General--[Reports on cases]1983Court decisions in cases involving the state; court findings of fact and recommended decisions in case involving an inmate; amicus brief filed in case of New York State v Heckler; text of complaint in
0200012CL-005Attorney General1984Governor's response to New Jersey's investigation into rising heating oil costs; request for Attorney General's opinion; legal concerns about the application of the Connecticut Energy Assistance to re
0200012CL-006Attorney General1985Information about the Attorney General's policy on processing corporation filing fees; State's opposition to New York's request to transport nuclear waste through Connecticut; ruling on motion to dism
0200012CL-007Attorney General1986Attorney General's opinion on medication procedures in state institutions; request for Governor's assistance in zoning dispute in Westport; letters concerned with rising gasoline prices; court decisio
0200012CL-008Attorney GeneralJanuary-July 1987Complaints about attorneys; notice of civil suit against the state; request Governor to help stop police harassment; patient requests release from mental hospital; counsel objects to court decision an
0200012CL-009Attorney GeneralAugust-December 1987Requests for Governor's help in settling cases; information concerning a dispute about the status of a road in New Fairfield; information concerning the Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Wast
0210012CL-010Attorney GeneralJanuary-July 1988Plaintiffs not satisfied with court decision; summons served to Governor; protests Attorney General's proposals concerning the safety of three-wheeled all-terrain vehicles; request Governor's interven
0210012CL-011Attorney GeneralAugust-December 1988Protests of court decision to terminate feeding tubes from comatose patient, Carol McConnell; request for information; opposition to truck weigh station in Greenwich; request for investigation of home
0210012CL-012Attorney General--[Requests for Approval]1988Assistant or Deputy Attorneys general send drafts of their opinions to the Attorney General for his/her approval. The opinions usually concern questions raised by State departments or legislators.
0210012CL-013Attorney GeneralJanuary-April 1989Complaint against car dealership needs review by Attorney General; allegation that Governor violated constitutional rights of constituent; information about child support case; question about extradit
0210012CL-014Attorney GeneralMay-December 1989Complaint about New York State non-resident income tax; Attorney General's opinion concerning certifying elevators, termination settlement for state colleges executive director, UConn Health Center ch
0210012CL-015Attorney General--[Requests for Approval]1989Assistant or Deputy Attorneys general send drafts of their opinions to the Attorney General for his/her approval. The opinions usually concern questions raised by State departments or legislators.
0210012CL-016Attorney GeneralJanuary-March 1990Complaint about Attorney General's Office; contesting medical costs and the DRG system; opinion on constitutionality of interstate banking bill placing interest rate caps on credit cards, wage executi
0210012CL-017Attorney GeneralApril-July 1990Advice to State Treasurer about investments from the State retirement funds; opinion about life insurance coverage for State employees, election to a foundation board; information about a suit against
0220012CL-018Attorney GeneralAugust-October 1990Constituent concerns about pollution from the AES Thames co-generation plant; complaint about company; demand for any personal information retained by the state on this person; annual report; protest
0220012CL-019Attorney General--[Requests for Approval]1990Assistant or Deputy Attorneys general send drafts of their opinions to the Attorney General for his/her approval. The opinions usually concern questions raised by State departments or legislators.
0220013CL-001AuditorsJanuary-June 1981Responses from various agencies to the findings of auditors; reports of problems auditors discover sent to Governor; information about suit by the state against Glendinning Companies; State Treasurer
022 0013CL-002AuditorsJuly-December 1981Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on various state agencies; responses from agencies to the findings of audi
022 0013CL-003AuditorsJanuary-May 1982Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on various state agencies; responses from various agencies to the findings
022 0013CL-004AuditorsJune-December 1982Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the findings of auditors
022 0013CL-005AuditorsJanuary-August 1983Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the findings of auditors; re
022 0013CL-006AuditorsSeptember-December 1983Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the findings of auditors; re
022 0013CL-007Auditors1986Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
022 0013CL-008AuditorsFebruary-August 1987Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-009AuditorsSeptember-December 1987Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-010Auditors--Monthly reports1987reports of thefts and vandalism
023 0013CL-011Auditors1988Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-012AuditorsJanuary-April 1989Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-013AuditorsMay-October 1989Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-014AuditorsNovember-December 1989Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-015AuditorsJanuary-February 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-016AuditorsMarch 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
023 0013CL-017AuditorsApril 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0230013CL-018AuditorsMay-June 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0230013CL-019AuditorsJuly 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0240013CL-020AuditorsAugust-September 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0240013CL-021AuditorsOctober 1-20, 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0240013CL-022AuditorsOctober 21-31, 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0240013CL-023AuditorsNovember 1990Reports of problems auditors discover, including misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, and mismanagement, sent to Governor; audit reports on state agencies; responses from agencies to the fi
0240013CL-024Auditors1991Governor thanks auditors for sending him reports
0240014CL-001Banking1981Complaints about banks; urge Governor to update banking regulations; suggests a state bank instead of federal; opposition to legislation changing how states regulate finance charges on consumer credit
0240014CL-002Banking--Biweekly reports1981
0240014CL-003Banking1982Complaints about banks; request information about mortgages; Commissioner Woolf's remarks to the Connecticut Bankers Association; question about charges on credit card; audit response; biweekly report
0240014CL-004Banking1983Massachusetts interstate banking laws; Commissioner receives information about an ethics issues; reorganization plan for Boston & Maine Corp.; Commissioner's approval of merger of New England Corp. wi
0250014CL-005Banking1984Information concerning regulation of tender offers and Federal legislation affecting state regulation of banks.
0250014CL-006Banking1985A report of fraud and a letter to members of the National Governors' Association regarding Federal legislation.
0250014CL-007Banking1986Complaints about how banks handle individuals' accounts; Commissioner Brown notifies Governor of accreditation of Department of Banking. Letters are bucked to the Department for response.
0250014CL-008Banking--Biweekly reports1986
0250014CL-009Banking1987Complaints about banks, investment companies and credit card companies, all bucked to the Department for reply. Also a letter praising the Department of Banking.
0250014CL-010Banking--Biweekly reports1987
0250014CL-011Banking1988Complaints concerning a security deposit not returned, late fees for credit cards, bank procedures, and trouble obtaining a loan. Letters are bucked to the Department for reply. Also includes letter
0250014CL-012Banking--Biweekly reports1988
0250014CL-013Banking1989Complaints concerning a security deposit not returned and bank procedures. Letters are bucked to the Department for reply. Also includes letters of praise for Department and staff.
0250014CL-014Banking--Biweekly reports1989
0250014CL-015Banking1990Information concerning the Truth in Lending Act; letters concerned about impact of bank mergers; information concerning Uniform Gifts to Minors Act; alleged illegal check-cashing scheme; concerns abou
0250014CL-016Banking--Biweekly reports1990
0260015CL-001Bond Commission1981Governor informs Anthony V. Milano, Secretary of the Bond Commission, that Lieutenant Governor Fauliso is designated to represent him in his absence as a member of the Commission.
0260015CL-002Bond Commission1990Governor informs Hartford Deputy Mayor of the Commission's approval of bonds for improving Hartford's parks.
0260016CL-001BudgetFebruary-March 1981Complaints about waste in state government; Governor announces further cuts in agency budgets; suggestions for balancing budget; letter supporting Reagan's budget cuts; congratulate Governor for votin
0260016CL-002BudgetApril 1981Complaints about state deficit and proposed increase in taxes, and suggestions for controlling taxes, to which Governor describes efforts to date to control spending, including hiring freeze, restric
0260016CL-003BudgetMay-July 1981Complaints about state deficit and proposed increase in taxes, and suggestions for controlling taxes, to which Governor describes efforts to date to control spending, including hiring freeze, restric
0260016CL-004BudgetOctober-December 1981Written comments concerning the impact of Reagan's budget cuts from individuals who could not attend a public hearing on the subject; Congressman William Ratchford responds to Governor's letter concer
0260016CL-005Budget Forum1981Complaint about scheduling of public forums; press release announcing four forums.
0260016CL-006Budget Forum--Bridgeport1981Thank Governor for holding forum and provide additional comments about budgetary concerns.
0260016CL-007Budget Forum--Norwich1981Governor's opening comments.
026 0016CL-008Budget1982Complaint about cuts in Wolcott town budget; complaints about state taxes and budget cuts; concern about state cuts to town and city funding; effects of inflation; need to cut government waste; hospit
026 0016CL-009Budget, Federal1982Speaker of the House Ernest Abate proposes to debate Governor about federal budget cuts; concerns about effects of federal budget cuts on Conn.; speech concerning importance of community health center
026 0016CL-010Budget1984British statement against worldwide unitary taxation; suggestions for balancing state budget.
026 0016CL-011Budget1985Defense of balanced budget amendment to federal constitution; Governor opposes amendment, prefers consideration of federal tax increase; protest increase in state spending; supports retention of Rainy
026 0016CL-012Budget1986Need to ease tax burden on elderly; concern about effects of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Bill; urge Governor to support various state programs.
026 0016CL-013Budget1987Oppose Governor's proposed budget for 1987-1988.
026 0016CL-014Budget Bills1987-1988Bills introduced to General Assembly to implement FY 1988 budget.
026 0016CL-015BudgetJanuary-March 1988Concerns about growth in state budget; legislative priorities of Conn. Anti-Hunger Coalition; support continuation of Municipal Liability Trust Fund; urge Governor to reduce taxes; report by the Conn.
027 0016CL-016BudgetMay-December 1988Suggestions for new programs that would need state funding; criticism of use of state budget surplus funds; protest cuts in state budget; suggestions for increasing revenue; urge Governor to purchase
027 0016CL-017Budget, Federal1988Instructions for submission of information collection budgets.
027 0016CL-018BudgetJanuary-February 1989Criticism of use of state budget surplus funds; protest cuts in state budget; suggestions for reducing deficit; minutes of the UConn Budget and Finance Committee; Conn. Conference of Municipalities un
027 0016CL-019BudgetMarch-July 1989Urge Governor to support various social programs; vehement protest against proposed utility tax and tax on business services; protest cuts in Medicaid.
027 0016CL-020BudgetAugust-December 1989Urge Governor to support various social programs; vehement protest against proposed utility tax and tax on business services; protest cuts in Medicaid; urge Governor to reinstitute highway tolls; prot
027 0016CL-021Budget1990Request funding for various services and programs; Governor puts Connecticut budget into context of other states in northeast; Irving Stolberg makes argument for income tax; Governor writes to Senator
027 0017CL-001Business-Labor Summit1981Invitation to summit; AFL-CIO's criticism of the topics under discussion and refusal to participate; individuals express interest in attending; individuals decline invitation; thanks to Governor for s
027 0018CL-001C.A.U.S.A.1986Invitations from Commission on the Arts to leaders of the Hispanic community to help develop program goals for the Commission.
027 0018CL-002C.A.U.S.A.1987Dues notice to Marilynn Cruz-Aponte; memo regarding C.A.U.S.A.'s potential for political lobbying; description of housing concerns sent to the Connecticut Coalition for the Homeless.
027 0018CL-003C.A.U.S.A.1988-1989Marilynn Cruz-Aponte describes responsibilities of President Luz Gonzales; Connecticut sends information on outreach to Planning Committee of the U.S. Department of Justice.
027 0019CL-001Care & Share1984Governor's letter to grocery companies and state businesses asking them to participate in the food drive; thank yous sent to participants.
027 0019CL-002Care & Share1985Governor describes Care & Share in response to Christian Community Action's appeal for financial donations to their Thanksgiving basket drive.
027 0019CL-003Care & Share1987Thank you letters from Governor.
027 0019CL-004Care & Share1988Thank you letters from Governor.
027 0019CL-005Care & Share1989Thank you letters from Governor; Governor answers concerns about the homeless by describing Care & Share.
027 0019CL-006Care & Share1990Thank you letters from Governor; Governor answers concerns about the hungry by describing Care & Share.
027 0020CL-001Census1989Information about kick-off conference for 1990 census; information concerning need for an awareness campaign using state agencies and community volunteers; agendas for Marketing Group meetings.
027 0020CL-002Census1990Information concerning need for an awareness campaign using state agencies and community volunteers; federal recruitment needs; elementary school students want to help with census.
028 0020CL-003Census--Connecticut Counts brochure1989-1990Minutes from meetings and information about the Connecticut Counts marketing group; a communications plan; lists of state agency census coordinators and the census steering committee; drafts of brochu
028 0020CL-004Census--Connecticut Counts, coordinators1989Draft of Governor's letter to state agency heads to name a 1990 census coordinator; lists and meeting agendas of the Connecticut Counts Steering Committee; Governor's invitations to community members
028 0020CL-005Census--Governor's letter to agencies1989Governor's letter to agency heads asking for census coordinator, and the agency responses; lists of agency coordinators; notices of meetings
028 0020CL-006Census--Networking, logo and marketing1989-1990Memos to Marketing Group about distribution of census information; details on 1990 Census promotion materials; census redistricting data; agenda of Marketing Group meeting; Linda Poltorak's notes from
028 0020CL-007Census--Post-census1990List of Post census Local Review challenges and summary of the program.
028 0021CL-001Children [DCYS]January-June 1981Recommendations of and volunteers for delegates to the White House Conference on Children and Youth; testimony delivered to the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee in support of reauthorizing the
0280021CL-002Children [DCYS]July-December 1981Inquiries regarding the state conference on children and youth; copy of the Hague Convention International Child Abduction Treaty; concern for treatment of foster children; allegations of mismanagemen
0280021CL-003Children [DCYS]--Bi-weekly Reports1981
0280021CL-004Children [DCYS]--Memos to/from Commissioner198Application for Connecticut's White House Conference on Children and Youth; phase out of Non-Committed Treatment Program due to court decisions; Child Welfare grant application; blank survey on child
0280021CL-005[Children] DCYSJanuary-May 1982Complaint about food at Housatonic Adolescent Hospital; report on the Connecticut White House Conference on Children and Youth; trouble adopting nephew; parent requests return of children; responses t
0280021CL-006[Children] DCYSJuly-December 1982Praise for Jobs for Connecticut Youth program; concern about the New Federalism program from Washington and its impact on families and children; and Governor's response about his opposition and that o
0280021CL-007[Children] DCYS1983Concerns about refugee orphans; questions about denials of license for Amistad House and of a request to expand the Wilderness School; Deputy Commissioner Wheaton objects to capping of essential servi
0280021CL-008[Children] DCYS1984Child Support Enforcement Program Reform Proposals before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; concern about possible closing of Litchfield Youth Emergency Shelter; information about police background c
0290021CL-009[Children] DCYS--Missing children1984Letters and petitions in support of the creation of a Missing and Exploited Children Unit.
0290021CL-010[Children] DCYS--Rockville Office1984Letters and petitions supporting the Rockville Office staff who received severe discipline for their handling a case; newspaper articles about the case. Governor responds that he cannot intervene.
0290021CL-011[Children] Child and Family Services1985Allegations of child abuse; request by Hispanic Community Newsletter for state funding; letters in support of funding for private residential child care facilities; urge Governor to support DCYS budge
0290021CL-012[Children]--Missing children1985Letters and petitions in support of the creation of a Missing and Exploited Children Unit.
0290021CL-013Children and Youth Services1986Parents for Enforcement of Court Ordered Support comments on the report of the Commission on Child Support Enforcement; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study on the national incidence of
0290021CL-014Children and Youth Services--Day Care1986Support Governor's request for better salaries for day care workers; allegation that state is ignoring its service grant obligations to municipalities; notice of hearing to revoke day care license.
0290021CL-015[Children] DCYSJanuary-March 1987Complaint about adoption process; proposed national study of child abuse and neglect; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services demands return of grant funds due to poor review and Connecticut DCYS
0290021CL-016[Children] DCYSApril-July 1987Governor describes the Missing Children Unit within the Department of Public Safety to the First Lady of Texas; problems of teen pregnancy; parent needs help finding missing child; parent needs day ca
0290021CL-017[Children] DCYSAugust-October 1987Request Governor to review child abuse case; grant application to the Youth 2000 initiative; Governor informs U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that Conn. will not apply for a grant to prom
0290021CL-018[Children] DCYSNovember-December 1987Budget problems at Founder's School; General Assembly's Commission on Children supports Governor's budgetary efforts in regards to children and families; problems getting medical bills paid for foster
0290021CL-019[Children] DCYS--Child Support1987Request for state guidelines; requests Governor to help make her husband pay support; suggestions for improving child support laws.
0290021CL-020[Children] DCYSJanuary-April 1988Teacher reports at-risk students in her district; problems of runaway children; parent wants child returned; parent does not want her child to be adopted; questions about custody of children; protest
0290021CL-021[Children] DCYSMay-July 1988Alleged abuse of inmates by Long Lane staff and staff at the Uno House in New Haven; private organization frustrated at not receiving funding for its Unaccompanied Minors program (refugee orphans); al
0300021CL-022[Children] DCYSAugust-September 1988Governor's intervention requested in child abuse case; service provider having financial problems and requests Governor's assistance; concern for welfare of child; allegations of child abuse; requests
0300021CL-023[Children] DCYSOctober-December 1988Information about grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; information about the Governor's Task Force on Justice of Abused Children; parent objects to child's placement at Long Lane School; state s
0300021CL-024[Children] DCYS--Child Support1988Problems receiving or meeting support payments; complaint about the inequality of the support system.
0300021CL-025[Children] DCYSJanuary-March 1989Grandparents object to grandchildren being placed under state care instead of with them; views and concerns of the Connecticut State Advisory Council on Children and Youth Services; need to screen ado
0300021CL-026[Children] DCYSApril-June 1989Urge Governor to support full funding for DCYS; DCYS did not submit a plan for children's mental health services need to apply for federal grant; allegations of child abuse; parent requests placement
0300021CL-027[Children] DCYSJuly-August 1989Governor thanks members of the Task Force on Justice for Abused Children; urge Governor to support full funding for DCYS; application for federal grant funds; response to audit report; allegations of
0300021CL-028[Children] DCYSSeptember-October 1989Request for independent commission to study Connecticut adoption law and policy particularly concerning privacy of records; criticism of procedures used in divorce case; discussion about whether state
0300021CL-029[Children] DCYSNovember-December 1989Concern about custody of children; request for access to child abuse registry, and denial of that access; object to removal of foster child; question why grandparents were not given custody of grandch
0310021CL-030[Children] DCYS--Child SupportFebruary-December 1989Problems receiving or meeting support payments; problem getting support amount increased.
0310021CL-031[Children] DCYS--Child SupportOctober 1989Woman in Vietnam asks Governor to obtain child support payments from her husband who lives in Bridgeport; problems receiving support payments; petition supporting the prompt and adequate payment of co
0310021CL-032[Children] DCYSJanuary-February 1990Parent needs placement for mentally ill child; blank survey form; objection to closing of Linwood Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Services; allegations of child abuse; urge Governor to support fu
0310021CL-033[Children] DCYSMarch 1990Request for information on DCYS accreditation process; parent needs placement for child; allegations of children at risk; emergency shelters needed for children in Fairfield County, but Commissioner s
0310021CL-034[Children] DCYSApril-June 1990Governor's support for replacement of Beacon House sought; concern about child abuse and suggestions for prosecuting offenders; mother wants child returned; allegations of child abuse; DCYS response i
0310021CL-035[Children] DCYSJuly-December 1990Requests for Governor's help with custody disputes; criticism of DCYS; criticism of changes within the department that are not going through channels; praise for work of Marian Wright Edelman, preside
0310021CL-036[Children] DCYS--Child Support1990Problems receiving or meeting support payments; Family Division of the Superior Court reports on status of claims; request for Governor to clear son of paternity suit; concern about state intervention
0310021CL-037[Children] DCYS--[Memos to/from Commissioner]January-July 1990DCYS designates delegate to Governor's Conference on Library and Information Services; audit reports and responses; press release describing reaction of legislative leaders to the suit against DCYS; d
0310021CL-038[Children] DCYS--[Memos to/from Commissioner]August-December 1990Administrative report; audit reports and responses; DCYS Child Welfare Services Plan for 1990-1992.
0320022CL-001Civil Aeronautics Board1981Applications for amendments to certificates of public convenience and public necessity from various airlines; carrier-specific restriction removal show-cause proceedings; fitness determinations; appli
0320022CL-002Civil Aeronautics Board1982Application for an exemption.
0320023CL-001Civil Preparedness1981Description of desirable elements of a public alerting system in the 10-mile area around a nuclear power station; Frank Mancuso designated as Governor's authorized agent in matters concerning FEMA (Fe
0320023CL-002Civil Preparedness--Memos to/from Director1981Information and updates about emergency procedures and plans; report on state water shortage; analysis of radiological emergency exercises in New Jersey and Delaware; information about state legislati
0320023CL-003Civil Preparedness1982Memos concerning need for improvements to the Communications Center; Governor invites commissioners to public hearing concerning the State Radiological Emergency Response Plan; evaluation of emergency
0320023CL-004Civil Preparedness1983Information about the re-entry of a Soviet satellite; information concerning radiological emergency response exercises and plans; internal notification system in case of natural disasters or storms; D
0320023CL-005Civil Preparedness1984Question about and information on the status of civil defense in Connecticut; communication equipment needed in an emergency; revised emergency operations plan; information about the Governor's emerge
0320023CL-006Civil Preparedness--FEMA1984Correspondence from the Federal Emergency Management Agency concerning the National Flood Insurance Program, grant programs available, the declaration of six Connecticut counties as disaster areas, an
0320023CL-007Civil Preparedness1985Report on emergency exercise at Millstone Nuclear Power Plant; company selling simulation training systems; information about FEMA funding; additions to the State Emergency Operations Plan.
0320023CL-008Civil Preparedness1986Proposal for a New England Seismic Advisory Council; Haddam Neck nuclear emergency exercise objectives; information about National Flood Insurance; monthly reports; revised basic emergency management
0320023CL-009Civil Preparedness1987Monthly reports; Governor questions Congressional delegation about FEMA reimbursements; rule change by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission concerning licensing nuclear power stations; personnel recruit
032 0023CL-010Civil Preparedness1988Monthly reports; changes to the Emergency Operations Plan, Crisis Relocation; town objects to cuts in emergency management funding from the state; personnel recruitment issues; general notice of agenc
032 0024CL-001Claims Commission1982Annual report; complaint about delay in settling a claim.
032 0024CL-002Claims Commission1986Annual report.
032 0024CL-003Claims Commission1987Complaint about having tractor trailer truck impounded; claims against the state.
032 0024CL-004Claims Commission1988Claim for a wager lost at a dog track; claim for lost items while in prison; claim for damage to car from accident due to unplowed road.
032 0024CL-005Claims Commission1989Annual report; requests for status report on claim; inmate complains about delay in settling claim for loss of property.
032 0024CL-006Claims Commission1990Annual report; requests for status report on claim; complaint about Commissioner.
033 0025CL-001CONEG1982Proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy to decrease dependency on foreign oil by improving coal use in the northeast.
033 0025CL-002CONEG1983Minutes of meeting; correspondence concerning natural gas pricing and acid rain; letter submitting Governor O'Neill's proposal for Connecticut to participate in the Northeast Regional Biomass Program
033 0025CL-003CONEG1984Other governors congratulate O'Neill on his election as chairman.
033 0025CL-004CONEG1985Governor states CONEG's concern about continued federal funding for public transportation; Senators Christopher Dodd's and Robert Stafford's responses to the CONEG resolution on Interstate Cost Estima
033 0025CL-005CONEG1987Representative Joseph Lieberman expressed his support for CONEG's high speed rail initiative.
033 0025CL-006CONEG1989Amtrak's response to CONEG letter supporting reauthorization of the railroad.
033 0026CL-001Combined Health Appeal1981Letter to agency heads announcing Douglas Lloyd as chairman.
033 0026CL-002Combined Health Appeal1982Letter to agency heads announcing Mark J. Marcus as chairman; Marcus's report on fund raising totals; letters of congratulations to state agency heads and employees for their donations.
033 0026CL-003Combined Health Appeal1983-1984Letter to agency heads announcing A. Bates Lyon as 1983 chairman; Lyon's report on fund raising totals; Governor's announcement that the United Way and Combined Health Appeal will be a joint campaign;
033 0027CL-001Commendations1981Praise for state employees from citizens; commendation from Governor for life-saving actions of police and firemen and for dedication of nurses at health care facility.
033 0027CL-002CongratulationsJanuary-May 1981Congratulations to individuals for completing a project, opening a business, being nominated for and receiving awards, on getting married, on being elected to a leadership position, for winning a page
033 0027CL-003CongratulationsJune-July 1981Congratulations to individuals for being nominated for and receiving awards, on being elected to a leadership position, for winning a pageant or other contest. Congratulations to businesses, clubs
033 0027CL-004CongratulationsAugust-December 1981Congratulations to individuals for being nominated for and receiving awards, on being elected to a leadership position, for celebrating an anniversary, for earning a scholarship, for winning a pageant
033 0027CL-005Common Cause1982Governor nominates former Governor John Dempsey for a public service achievement award from Common Cause.
033 0027CL-006Congratulations1987-1988Congratulations to individuals for being elected or appointed to a leadership position.
033 0028CL-001Commission on Connecticut's Future1987Annual report.
033 0028CL-002Commission on Connecticut's Future1988Annual report.
033 0029CL-001Comptroller1981Questions about why retirement benefits have been delayed; request for refund of contribution made to State Employees Retirement System.
033 0029CL-002Comptroller--Memos to/from Comptroller1981Financial statements; report on General Fund for FY 1980-1981; asks Governor for permission to establish an enterprise fund; audit response.
033 0029CL-003Comptroller1982Audit response; questions about why retirement benefit and elderly renters tax relief checks have been delayed; questions about retirement benefits; proposal to select minority banks to handle state m
033 0029CL-004Comptroller1983Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; financial statements.
033 0029CL-005Comptroller1985Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; Governor requests and receives explanation of accounting procedures used with the State Employees Retirement Fund; information reg
033 0029CL-006Comptroller1986Information regarding Social Security referenda and agreements; financial statements; annual report.
033 0029CL-007Comptroller1987Complaints about late payments from state for contracted services and for interest on state government bonds; Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; questions and compla
034 0029CL-008Comptroller--Financial statements1987
0340029CL-009Comptroller1988Audit reports and responses; information about set-aside programs for small and minority businesses; questions and complaints about state retirement benefits; notice about union dues increase; complai
0340029CL-010Comptroller--Financial Statements1988
0340029CL-011Comptroller1989Complaint about late payments by state for contracted services; questions and complaints about state retirement benefits; report to Governor on overpayment of benefits; information about the Tax Refor
0340029CL-012Comptroller--Financial Statements1989
0340029CL-013Comptroller1990Questions about state retirement benefits; Governor approves transfer of funds; complaints about and problems with state employee benefits; audit report.
0340029CL-014Comptroller--Financial Statements1990
0340030CL-001Congregate Housing--Truglia1978-1981Early attempts by Truglia and others to pass legislation providing rent subsidies to seniors and for bonding to build congregate housing facilities; history of the legislation; correspondence from Ant
0340030CL-002Congregate Housing--S.A. 80-511980-1981Discussions about implementation of the bill; cost estimates for personal services; decision not to implement; statement by the Committee for Justice for the Senior Citizens and Taxpayers of the State
0340030CL-003[Congregate Housing]--Park ManorMarch-June 1981Joan Fitzpatrick requests Governor to investigate why S.A. 80-51 has not been implemented and asks his support in passing a new bill regarding congregate housing and rent subsidies.
0340030CL-004[Congregate Housing]--Park ManorJuly-December 1981Joan Fitzpatrick requests Governor investigate why S.A. 80-51 has not been implemented; allegations of mismanagement; reports on Park Manor and Smith House and the respective allegations.
0340030CL-005[Congregate Housing]--Park Manor1982History of the Willard School project and City of Stamford's request for an extension.
0340031CL-001Congress--[Nominees]1982Letters from the Governor congratulating individuals nominated for government office, including U.S. Senate and House , the state General Assembly, and county sheriffs.
0340031CL-002Congress--[Elections congratulations]1982Letters of congratulations to state Senators for appointment to a committee leadership position; letters of condolence on losing election.
0340031CL-003Congressional Delegation Letters1982Letters from the Governor to Connecticut's Senators and Congressmen outlining his position on proposed legislation. He urges opposition to a regulation requiring additional automobile insurance for t
0350032CL-001Conrail [takeover by Providence & Worcester]December 1980-March 1981Correspondence concerning a financial review of Providence & Worcester Railroad Co. and the company's protest; remarks by Governor Thomas P. Salmon, A New Englander Looks at the New England Rail Situa
0350032CL-002Conrail [takeover by Providence & Worcester]April-May 1981Report from U.S. Railway Association; Conrail proposal to consolidate and close some rail lines.
0350033CL-001Consumer Counsel1981Biweekly reports; Counsel opposes Congress' attempt to eradicate states' right to regulate cable television; constituent opposes flat rate structure for electricity.
0350033CL-002Consumer Counsel1982Biweekly report; letter of recommendation.
0350033CL-003Consumer Counsel1983Biweekly reports; budget request.
0350033CL-004Consumer Counsel1986Information about review of water usage rates in Kent; biweekly reports.
0350033CL-005Consumer Counsel1987Connecticut's efforts to pass along to consumers savings from the Tax Reform Act of 1986; problem with Southern New England Telephone (SNET); information concerning a joint investigation into the adeq
0350033CL-006Consumer Counsel--Biweekly reports1987
0350033CL-007Consumer Counsel1988Person cannot pay bills and needs assistance; endorsement of National Governor's Association telecommunications policy; biweekly report; complaints about inability to receive Madison Square Garden Net
0350033CL-008Consumer Counsel1989Complaints about inability to receive Madison Square Garden Network cable programs from Cablevision and the resulting legal complaint filed with the Department of Public Utility Control; annual report
0350033CL-009Consumer Counsel--Biweekly reports1989
0350033CL-010Consumer Counsel1990Request for limited exception to telephone area transfer; complaints about electric service and rates; complaints about service from and rates charged by cable television companies; complaint about sy
0350033CL-011Consumer Counsel--Biweekly and annual reports1990
0360034CL-001Consumer ProtectionJanuary-April 1981Complaints about sales practices of retailers; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedures; complaints about and investigation into Westport Home Products cashing checks and no
0360034CL-002Consumer ProtectionMay-September 1981Complaints about Westport Home Products cashing checks and not delivering products; complaints about sales practices of retailers; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedures;
0360034CL-003Consumer ProtectionOctober-December 1981Complaints about Westport Home Products; complaints about sales practices of retailers; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedures; concern about closing trailer park.
0360034CL-004Consumer Protection--Biweekly reports1981
0360034CL-005Consumer Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Includes history of state action to ban urea formaldehyde foam insulation.
0360034CL-006Consumer ProtectionJanuary-September 1982Complaints about sales practices of retailers; concern about poisoning from household products; appointments to the Governor's Task Force on Consumer Cooperatives; request for update on complaint file
0360034CL-007Consumer ProtectionOctober-December 1982Request for Governor to remove from all pharmacies over-the-counter preparations without tamper-proof safety seals; complaint about faulty product; questions about the automobile lemon law; complaints
0360034CL-008Consumer ProtectionJanuary-June 1983Connecticut prohibits use of Oil King furnaces; semi-monthly reports.
0360034CL-009Consumer ProtectionJuly-December 1983Semi-monthly reports.
0360034CL-010Consumer Protection1984Request for information on urea formaldehyde foam insulation; question about licensed and unlicensed architects; complaints about sales practices and investigation of Farmington China, Ltd.
0370034CL-011Consumer Protection1985Complaint about contractor; question about automobile lemon law; complaint about the delay in responding to a complaint; complaint about a pageant; information about a drug investigation of a doctor;
0370034CL-012Consumer Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner1985Information concerning the recall of California watermelons due to pesticide contamination and the testing of Connecticut crops.
0370034CL-013Consumer Protection1986Complaints about supermarket scanners, television reception, gasoline prices, erasable pens, fitness studios, gray market merchandise; information about Tylenol ® tampering; suggestion for preventing
0370034CL-014Consumer Protection--ReportsJanuary-June 1986Semi-monthly reports; recommendation to Governor for handling the Tylenol ® tampering scare.
0370034CL-015Consumer Protection--ReportsJuly-December 1986Semi-monthly reports.
0370034CL-016Consumer ProtectionJanuary-March 1987Questions about and problems with licensing; investigation of dentist distributing controlled drugs; Consumer Product Safety Commission notice about dangers of ATV's (All-Terrain Vehicles); complaint
0370034CL-017Consumer ProtectionApril 1987Questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedure; arbitration of lemon law case; report of an unlicensed appliance repair shop; complaint about contractor; report of fraud.
0370034CL-018Consumer ProtectionMay-July 1987Question legality of prohibiting children from mobile home park; complaint about bus tour company; questions about and problems with occupational licensing; request status of complaint; complaint abou
0370034CL-019Consumer ProtectionAugust-October 1987Questions about and problems with occupational licensing; alleged false advertising; testing California grapes for sulfites proves negative; case about broken lease; complaints about sales practices o
0370034CL-020Consumer ProtectionNovember-December 1987Guidelines on AIDS; question about the lemon law; complaint about faulty product; comments by Commissioner Heslin, The States' Needs for Uniform Standards; case against realtor; complaints about condo
0380034CL-021Consumer Protection--Reports1987Semi-monthly reports.
038 0034CL-022Consumer ProtectionJanuary-March 1988Information concerning lemon law arbitration hearings; complaint about car dealership; complaints about sales practices of retailers; retailer complains about having kerosene pump closed by departmen
038 0034CL-023Consumer ProtectionApril-August 1988Complaints about high charges for service; concerns about food irradiation; problem with time share; problem getting prescription filled; complaints about sales practices of retailers; department's re
038 0034CL-024Consumer ProtectionSeptember-October 1988Complaint about car dealership; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedures; protest selling addresses between companies; complaint about the department.
038 0034CL-025Consumer ProtectionNovember-December 1988Question about licensing health clubs; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedures; trouble reaching the department; caution urged in hiring radon remediation contractors by th
038 0034CL-026Consumer Protection--Reports1988Semi-monthly reports.
038 0034CL-027Consumer ProtectionJanuary-March 1989Alleged false advertising; Connecticut to participate on the National Council on State Metrification; complaints about sales practices of retailers and service providers; complaint about unlicensed co
038 0034CL-028Consumer ProtectionApril-June 1989Complaints about sales practices of retailers and service providers; complaints about contractors; faulty product claim; question about occupational licensing procedures; continuing complaint about re
039 0034CL-029Consumer ProtectionJuly-September 1989Claims Division of Drug Control is poorly run; request state to publish newsletter for realtors; complaints about sales practices of retailers; Connecticut Supreme Court rules lemon law unconstitution
039 0034CL-030Consumer ProtectionOctober-December 1989Seek clarification that gambling not regulated by Consumer Protection; alleged false advertising; questions about and problems with occupational licensing procedure; complaints about sales practices o
039 0034CL-031Consumer Protection--Reports1989Semi-monthly reports.
039 0034CL-032Consumer ProtectionJanuary-February 1990Complaints about sales practices of retailers; Governor asks U.S. Representative Bruce Morrison to support the Cable Consumer Protection Act of 1989; complaint about the department; questions about an
039 0034CL-033Consumer ProtectionMarch-April 1990Complaints about sales practices of retailers; questions about occupational licensing; complaints about contractors; alleged mislabeling of prescription drugs; protests increase in fees for occupation
039 0034CL-034Consumer ProtectionMay-July 1990Request status of complaint; complaint about the department; complaints about sales practices of retailers and banks; complaint about contractor; company under investigation protests; letters of repri
039 0034CL-035Consumer ProtectionAugust-October 10, 1990Complaints about sales practices of retailers; questions about occupational licenses; complaints about contractors; company protests fine imposed; questions need for toy inspectors.
039 0034CL-036Consumer ProtectionOctober 12-December 1990Complaints about sales practices of retailers; complaints about contractors.
039 0034CL-037Consumer Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Response to audit report; annual report.
0400035CL-001CorrectionJanuary-March 1981Inmates complain about prison conditions; inmates request transfer to another prison or country; family asserts inmate needs psychological treatment, not jail; information concerning an extradition; f
0400035CL-002CorrectionApril-May 1981Constituents express opinions regarding death penalty; constituents urge Governor to impose harsher sentences to reduce crime; inmates report items lost or stolen while in prison; inmate complains abo
0400035CL-003CorrectionJune-August 1981Allegation that correction officer at Cheshire is member of Ku Klux Klan and ensuing investigation; constituent opposes extradition; constituents urge Governor to impose harsher sentences to reduce cr
0400035CL-004CorrectionSeptember 1981Suggest using aircraft carriers for prisons; inmate needs psychiatric help, not jail; inmates and family ask Governor to expedite case or reduce sentence; inmates complain about prison conditions; in
0400035CL-005CorrectionOctober-December 1981Minutes of Judicial/Correction Pre-Trial Working Group; inmates and family request or do not want transfer; friend wants charges dismissed; family requests work release for inmate; information about u
0400035CL-006Correction--Biweekly reports1981
0400035CL-007Correction--Pardons and Paroles1981Inmates and family members request pardon or parole; victim's family feels they are in danger from parolee; inmates complain about Parole Board. [Chronological]
0400035CL-008Correction1982Inmates complain about lack of lighting in cells; neighbors complain about jail in neighborhood; response to audit report; request for information on the death penalty.
0400035CL-009Correction1983Biweekly report (one only); information on sentencing guidelines and the effect of the 1981 law on overcrowding.
0400035CL-010Correction1985Information about placement of inmate in administrative segregation; objection to strip searches; inmate complains about food.
0400035CL-011Correction1986Complaints from inmates; suggestions for improving overcrowding in prisons.
0400035CL-012Correction--Semi-monthly reports1986
0410035CL-013CorrectionJanuary-February 1987Requests for early release or pardon; inmates can't get necessary medical treatment; inmate requests for transfers; inmates complain about correction officers; family requests release of inmate for ph
0410035CL-014CorrectionMarch 1987Inmates complain about correction officers; inmate requests polygraph test; alleged discrimination because inmate has AIDS; inmates can't get necessary medical treatment; inmate claims cannot be found
0410035CL-015CorrectionApril 1-14, 1987Inmates complain about correction officers; inmates claim rights are being violated; inmates can't get necessary medical treatment; inmates claim loss of personal items while in prison; inmates reques
0410035CL-016CorrectionApril 15-30, 1987Inmates protest punishment; federal inmate wants to be paroled to Connecticut; inmates want to enter a halfway house; family or inmate requests transfer; inmate or family requests pardon; inmate wants
0410035CL-017CorrectionMay 1987Inmates claim rights are being violated; inmate protests punishment; inmate and family request early release, parole, or pardon; inmate complains about correction officers; inmate requests transfer; i
0410035CL-018CorrectionJune 1987Family requests inmate's early release because of their financial problems; inmate requests placement in halfway house; inmate claims rights are being violated; inmate seeks protection while in prison
0410035CL-019CorrectionJuly 1987Friend requests work release for inmate; inmate requests supervised home release; inmates request drug treatment; inmates request appeal of decision by Board of Parole; inmate claims rights are being
0410035CL-020CorrectionAugust 1-20, 1987Inmates and family request transfer; personnel matters; inmate complains about lack of Spanish speaking counselors; inmate requests appeal of disciplinary hearing findings; inmate requests community r
0420035CL-021CorrectionAugust 21-31, 1987Inmates complain about correction officers; family and inmates request early or community release; inmate claims that he is being denied privileges; inmates request transfer; inmate claims he is innoc
0420035CL-022CorrectionSeptember 1987Inmate claims rights are being violated; family claims inmate can't get necessary medical treatment; docket of inmate session of Board of Pardons; inmates complain about correction officers; inmate co
0420035CL-023CorrectionOctober 1987Request Governor's help before Board of Pardons; inmates request transfer; inmate requests sign language teacher; inmates claim rights are being violated; complaint about prison conditions; family req
0420035CL-024CorrectionNovember 1-20, 1987Inmates request transfer; constituent chastises Governor for allowing detainee to die in jail; inmate claims commissioner did not follow up on his complaints; inmate criticizes judge; inmate requests
0420035CL-025CorrectionNovember 21-30, 1987Inmate and family request work release; inmate claims rights are being violated; inmate complains about condition of AIDS unit and lack of medical treatment for AIDS patients; personnel matters; inmat
0420035CL-026CorrectionDecember 1987Inmates and family claim innocence; inmates request treatment programs; inmate requests furlough; parent says child is victim, not perpetrator of crime; inmate claims rights are being violated; inmate
0420035CL-027Correction--Board of Pardons1987Dockets of inmate sessions.
0420035CL-028Correction--Pardons1987Inmates ask Governor for pardon. Governor states he does not have the authority to issue pardons. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
0420035CL-029Correction--Paroles1987Inmates ask Governor for parole or his intervention with the Board of Parole. Governor states he does not have the statutory authority to interfere. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
0420035CL-030CorrectionJanuary 1988Parent concerned for safety of son in prison; inmates claim rights are being violated; inmate requests work release; inmate requests transfer; inmate claims can't get necessary medical treatment; inma
0420035CL-031CorrectionFebruary-March 15, 1988Parent asks for early release for son; inmates want early or work release; inmates complain about treatment in prison and about correction officers; inmate requests admission to treatment program; Yal
0430035CL-032CorrectionMarch 16-31, 1988Opposition to proposed correctional facility in Norwich; wife requests community release for husband; inmate claims he is innocent; inmate requests transfer; inmates and families claim inmates can't g
043 0035CL-033CorrectionApril 1988Inmates request hardship discharge or community release; personnel matters; petition urges Governor to use stricter sentencing; inmates and families request transfer; inmates and families claim inmate
043 0035CL-034CorrectionMay 1988Constituents protest early release program; neighbors request release of individual; inmate wants to become drug counselor; inmate needs treatment, not jail; inmate requests supervised home release; i
043 0035CL-035CorrectionJune 1988Inmates and family request community release; State Representative critical of temporary housing units at Bridgeport Community Correctional Center inmate requests transfer; inmate wants sentence reduc
043 0035CL-036CorrectionJuly 1988Parent concerned her incarcerated son could be deported; personnel matters; inmates request community release; inmates claim their rights are being violated; alleged discrimination of AIDS patients; h
043 0035CL-037CorrectionAugust 1988Problem of inmate on inmate violence; personnel matters; petition from South Norwalk concerning crime near railroad station; inmates claim can't get necessary medical treatment; inmate protests out-of
043 0035CL-038CorrectionSeptember 1988Inmates claim trial not fair; families and inmates request transfer; inmate claims assault by correction officers; inmate complains about prison condition; constituent suggests using military base as
043 0035CL-039CorrectionOctober 1-12, 1988Inmate requests home release; response to audit report; family wants inmate transferred; claim that administration did not investigate inmate's allegation of assault by another inmate; inmate claims a
043 0035CL-040CorrectionOctober 13-31, 1988Inmate requests release; consent judgment in civil case of Valerie West, et al [inmates of the correctional center at Niantic] v. John R. Manson, et al [Department of Corrections] concerning living co
044 0035CL-041CorrectionNovember 1988Complaints about assault by and racism of correction officers; inmates and family request community release; inmate requests death penalty; inmate's family claims he can't get necessary medical treat
044 0035CL-042CorrectionDecember1-10, 1988attorneys defend community release of violent inmate; inmates fear for safety from other inmates; complaints about prison conditions; friend seeks inmate's release; constituents oppose early release o
044 0035CL-043CorrectionDecember 11-31Family seeks extradition of inmate; constituents oppose early release of violent inmates (on December 8, 1988, the rules changed so that violent criminals could no longer by released); inmates complai
044 0035CL-044Correction--Board of Pardons1988Minutes of hearings and dockets of cases.
044 0035CL-045Correction--Pardons1988Inmates ask Governor for pardon. Governor states he does not have the authority to issue pardons. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
044 0035CL-046Correction--Paroles1988Inmates ask Governor for parole or his intervention with the Board of Parole. Victim's family urges Governor to deny parole. Governor states he does not have the statutory authority to interfere. [A
044 0035CL-047CorrectionJanuary 1989Complaints about assault by correction officers; constituent opposes early release; request sentence reduction; inmate fears for safety from other inmates; inmate protests disciplinary action; inmate
044 0035CL-048CorrectionFebruary 1989Inmate claims he is innocent; constituent opposes early release; inmates complain about correction officers; inmate requests home release; constituents oppose new restrictions on home release in the c
044 0035CL-049CorrectionMarch-April 1989Inmate announces hunger strike; constituent believes inmates need job training and education before release; inmate complains his rights are being violated; employees accuse fellow employee of fraud;
045 0035CL-050CorrectionMay 1989Inmate requests transfer; protest treatment of anti-abortion protestors while in custody; inmate seeks rehabilitation program; Governor defends policy of using vacant state buildings to house non-viol
045 0035CL-051CorrectionJune 1989Inmate claims mail is tampered with; inmate requests information on programs available once he is on release; inmate claims rights are being violated; outrage from constituents about correction offic
045 0035CL-052CorrectionJuly-August 1989Protest treatment of anti-abortion protestors while in custody; claims that department wastes money on decorations; family requests parole for inmate; inmate requests transfer; Governor sends comments
045 0035CL-053CorrectionSeptember-October 1989Inmates claim they are innocent; inmate claims he can't get necessary medical treatment; inmates and friends request early release; inmate claims rights are being violated; inmate request rehabilitati
045 0035CL-054CorrectionNovember 1989Outrage from constituents about correction officer killing kittens found in inmate's cell; requests for transfers; victim's mother appalled at early release of assailant; inmate claims he did not have
045 0035CL-055CorrectionDecember 1989Constituents upset about light sentence for drug possession; parent feels son not getting proper treatment; inmates request sentence modification or reduction; inmate requests supervised home release
045 0035CL-056Correction--Memos to/from Commissioner1989audit reports and responses; Council of State Governments report on Shock Incarceration; notice of and updates on commissary theft investigation; annual report; tightened security planned for Carl Rob
045 0035CL-057Correction--Board of Pardons1989Minutes of hearings, and docket of cases.
045 0035CL-058Correction--Pardons1989Inmates ask Governor for pardon. Governor states he does not have the authority to issue pardons. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
045 0035CL-059Correction--Paroles1989Inmates ask Governor for parole or his intervention with the Board of Parole. Governor states he does not have the statutory authority to interfere. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
046 0035CL-060CorrectionJanuary-February 1990Request for Governor to change visitation rules; inmates claim they are innocent; inmate requests treatment program; inmates and families claim inmate is being abused; criticism of home release monito
046 0035CL-061CorrectionMarch-May 1990Inmates complain about treatment; requests for transfer; information about conducting the 1990 federal census; families and inmates request release; constituent objects to home release program.
046 0035CL-062CorrectionJune-July 1990Families and inmates complain about treatment; inmates claim they are innocent; constituent complains about halfway house; family requests inmate's release; concern for safety of guards and correction
046 0035CL-063CorrectionAugust-September 1990Inmates complain about treatment; guard injured on job needs compensation; constituent concerned about early release of murderer; family requests transfer; inmates request supervised home release; inm
046 0035CL-064CorrectionOctober-December 1990Islamic Community at Enfield submit grievance that they are not allowed to practice their religion; inmate claims sentence is unfair; families and inmates request release of inmate; inmate requests tr
046 0035CL-065Correction--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Responses to audit reports; Commissioner's report on department reorganization, including studies on sentencing patterns; County Sheriffs Advisory Board annual report; personnel matter.
046 0035CL-066[Correction]--[Board of] Pardons1990Minutes of hearings, and docket of cases.
046 0035CL-067[Correction]--PardonsInmates ask Governor for pardon. Governor states he does not have the authority to issue pardons. [Arranged alphabetically by last name of inmate.]
046 0035CL-068[Correction]--Parole1990Inmates ask Governor for parole or his intervention with the Board of Parole. Governor states he does not have the statutory authority to interfere. Victims protest possible release of murderer. [Arr
047 0035CL-069[Correction]--Death Penalty1985Student requests Governor's position on death penalty.
047 0035CL-070[Correction]--Death Penalty1986Letters urge Governor to veto the recently passed death penalty bill because children and the retarded or mentally ill could be executed; victim's father critical of Governor's inaction on death penal
047 0035CL-071[Correction]--Death Penalty1987Letters for and against the death penalty; appeal to Governor not to invoke death penalty in case of Michael Ross.
047 0035CL-072[Correction]--Death Penalty1988Student requests information on death penalty in Connecticut; letters in support of death penalty, particularly for Michael Ross.
047 0035CL-073[Correction]--Death Penalty1989Students request information about the death penalty in Connecticut; letters for and against capital punishment; an appeal to not execute Michael Ross.
047 0035CL-074Correction--Fire Code ViolationsJanuary-February 1989Reports on fire code violations at state correction facilities and remedial steps taken by the Department.
047 0035CL-075Correction--Fire Code ViolationsMarch-April 1989Reports on fire code violations at state correction facilities and remedial steps taken by the Department.
047 0036CL-001Council of State Governments1981Information about Connecticut hosting the Eastern Regional Conference in April; invitation to attend November meeting in Washington, DC.
047 0036CL-002Council of State Governments1983Information about creating an infrastructure bank to finance capital construction and repair projects.
047 0036CL-003Council of State Governments1989Information about the search for new executive director of council.
047 0036CL-004Council of State Governments1990Reports; State Government Research Checklist; handouts and minutes from the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of the Council.
047 0037CL-001C.R.C.O.G. [Capitol Region Council of Governments]1983, 1988Memorandum from council announcing a study of the mid-Connecticut solid waste program that will be distributed to member towns; notices of upcoming meetings in 1988.
047 0038CL-001C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1982Quarterly report, including financial data.
047 0038CL-002C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1984Quarterly report, including financial data; status report on projects.
047 0038CL-003C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1986Constituents oppose placement of recovery facility in their towns; question about citizen representation to the CRRA; constituent concerned about overhead wires near Bridgeport facility. Responses are
047 0038CL-004C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1987Reports on Bloomfield bulky waste landfill site; legal opinion on CRRA purchasing the Waterbury bulky waste site; CRRA comments about federal dioxin regulations; appointment to the CRRA; quarterly re
047 0038CL-005C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]January-May 1988Allegations of non-compliance with the plan of operation for Shelton landfill; meeting agenda and minutes; quarterly report, including financial data; town officials concerned about increase in tippin
048 0038CL-006C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]June-December 1988Information about the problems at the Shelton landfill that CRRA needs to address; meeting agenda and minutes; quarterly report, including financial data; request for removal of member of CRRA.
048 0038CL-007C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1989Constituents oppose incinerator proposed in Portland; opposition to Mid-Connecticut incinerator; question about state's recycling program.
048 0038CL-008C.R.R.A.--Cromwell Proposal1989Constituents oppose incinerator proposed in Cromwell.
048 0038CL-009C.R.R.A. [Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority]1990Quarterly reports, including financial data; Haddam rejected as site for recovery facility.
048 0039CL-001Crime1983Semi-monthly report from Department of Correction; Governor writes to Congressional delegation and they respond to his request for their support of the Justice Assistance Act of 1983 which would provi
048 0039CL-002Crime1985Data about Connecticut necessary to receive funds from the Victims of Crime Act of 1984; constituent presents his views on crime in America.
048 0039CL-003Crime1986Constituents present their views on crime.
048 0039CL-004Crime1989Constituents, including a murder victim's parents, present their views on crime.
048 0039CL-005Crime1990Constituent support Save Our Streets that puts state troopers in the cities; young student asks Governor to stop violence.
048 0040CL-001Criminal Injuries Compensation Board1983Request for information, bucked to the Board.
048 0040CL-002Criminal Injuries Compensation Board1987Correspondence concerning a victim's claim and the Board's attempt to obtain information.
0480040CL-003Commission on Victim Services1988Letters certifying the amount of money awarded crime victims from October 1, 1985 to September 30, 1987.
0480041CL-001Democratic National Committee1981Financial reports; request from Chairman Charles Manatt for O'Neill's needs in the areas of fundraising, candidate recruitment, voter registration, and reapportionment planning; letters from Manatt th
0480041CL-002Democratic State Central Committee1981Minutes of meetings; constituent asks committee for help getting state promotion; recommendations to the National Committee for appointments to sub-committees; John Downey wishes to discuss his qualif
0480042CL-001Eastern States Exposition1981Request for state funding of decorations for the state's entries in the horse show; minutes of the Connecticut Trustees meeting.
0480042CL-002Eastern States Exposition1988Minutes of the Connecticut Trustees meeting; 1987 annual report of the Exposition.
0480043CL-001Economic Conversion Task Force1984-1986Educational materials, research and information developed by the Task Force on Connecticut's economy and industry; correspondence between O'Neill and the chairman of the Task Force, primarily concerni
0480044CL-001Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1981Requests for tourist and tourism information; issue of Connecticut Business Review dedicated to Ella Grasso; information concerning and owners request for state help with the displacement; and relocat
0480044CL-002Economic DevelopmentMarch 1981Suggestions for state tourism slogan; thank you notes from guests and from the Governor for a luncheon at General Electric to introduce business leaders to O'Neill; request for Governor to investigate
0490044CL-003Economic DevelopmentApril-May 1981Governor requests reconsideration of U.S. Department of Commerce's rejection of a proposal to develop an Economic Development District for Eastern Connecticut, and a copy of the proposal; thanks to Go
0490044CL-004Economic DevelopmentJune-August 1981State Tax Revenue Act of 1981 may force business to leave state; Portland concerned about Conrail withdrawing from certain lines; suggestions for attracting business to the state; provisions state wil
0490044CL-005Economic DevelopmentSeptember-December 1981Concerns about the IRS ruling reverses present policy of Connecticut Development Authority to combine small industrial expansion loans; Governor requests Senator Dodd's assistance in resolving the con
0490044CL-006Economic Development--European Trip1981Invitation to Governor visit company considering expanding to Connecticut, while he is in West Germany; offer of assistance in expanding international trade; French company interested in building a ma
0490044CL-007Economic Development--Taiwan & China1981President of Asnuntuck Community College requests meeting with Governor to discuss possible visit to Taiwan; notice of opening of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China's office in Ne
0490044CL-008Economic DevelopmentJanuary-April 1982Japanese company exploring expanding into United States; invitation to Governor to attend a Commercial Forum in the Hague; U.S. Ambassador to Denmark offers to assist Connecticut's European Office in
0490044CL-009Economic DevelopmentMay 1982Southington residents concerned about plans for chemical plant in town; why aren't there more jobs in Connecticut?; information about closing the Seth Thomas facility in Thomaston, including state inc
0490044CL-010Economic DevelopmentJune-August 1982information about Boston & Maine Railroad acquisition of Torrington-Waterbury rail line from Conrail; New Haven expresses interest in Enterprise Zone projects; companies protest the increasing costs o
0490044CL-011Economic DevelopmentSeptember-December 1982Concern about loss of manufacturing jobs in Connecticut; requests for tourist information; request for housing information; New England Governors' Conference appointed to administer Small Business Exp
0490044CL-012Economic Development--Bridgeport Enterprise Zone1982Letters endorsing Bridgeport's Enterprise Zone application.
0490044CL-013Economic Development--One of Our Own1982Fact sheet and draft letter for campaign that had Governor write to 155 of the fast-growing companies in the state followed by visits from agents from the Department to assess each company's needs an
0490044CL-014Economic Development1983Report of actions being taken by Japan to make trade with U.S. easier; Governor explains budget proposal for venture capital financing program to assist high-technology firms; invitations to internati
0490044CL-015Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1983Reports on department reorganization; Commissioner opposes passage of H.B. 7290, a bill to divest state investments in companies providing military products to Northern Ireland; invitation to announce
0490044CL-016Economic Development1984Draft of letter from Governor to be send to 15 new companies that have growth potential; states cooperate to defeat proposed rules on export licenses for high technology products; Governor compares Rh
0500044CL-017Economic Devel[opment]1985Department needs Governor's help to encourage firm to purchase Connecticut business; concern about labor dispute at Century Brass which threatens entire company; Commissioner outlines steps state shou
0500044CL-018Economic DevelopmentJanuary-March 1986Agency seeks Connecticut businesses desiring European licenses; description of trade friction between U.S. and Korea; small businesses have strongest influence on Enterprise Zones; Japanese Consul Gen
0500044CL-019Economic DevelopmentApril-July 1986Insufficient water pressure forcing businesses to close; Jamaica interested in trading with U.S.; sister-statehood between Connecticut and Xiangdong (Shangdong) Province in China could harm relations
0500044CL-020Economic DevelopmentAugust-December 1986Korean businessman offers consulting services; invitations to participate in TRADEXPO; state awards Derby funds to repair infrastructure damaged during an explosion; invitation to an American Fair in
0500044CL-021Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1986Grant award; response to audit report; annual report.
0500044CL-022Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1987Request for tourist information; economic development and foreign trade consultants sell their services; invitation for state to join the U.S.-Korean Society; company opposes plant closing legislation
0500044CL-023Economic DevelopmentMarch 1987Background information for a meeting of the Technology Advisory Committee; company exploring possibility of moving to Connecticut; Report of the Task Force to Study State Regulation of Small Business
0500044CL-024Economic DevelopmentApril 1987Concern about future of customs offices in Connecticut; requests for business and tourism information; letters of support for a National Center for Manufacturing Sciences in Connecticut; Japan's plan
0500044CL-025Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1987Requests for business and tourism information; Governor plans to visit Xiangdong (Shangdong) Province in China; company asks to be included in trip to China; letters of support for a National Center f
0500044CL-026Economic DevelopmentJuly-August 1987Second phase of selecting state to host the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences is underway; requests for business and tourism information; company exploring expanding business into Connecticut
0500044CL-027Economic DevelopmentSeptember 1987The Museum of Fife and Drum requests state assistance; requests for business and tourism information; Department describes development activities in Bridgeport and Fairfield; business proposes develo
0510044CL-028Economic DevelopmentOctober 1987Inventor seeks manufacturer for product; seeking employment with the state; businesses and consultants selling their services; Canadian Consul General wishes to discuss Free Trade Agreement with Gover
0510044CL-029Economic DevelopmentNovember 1987Companies hoping to benefit from Governor's trip to Asia ask for results or thank him for his work; criticism of Connecticut Building at Big E; Middletown no longer eligible for Urban Development Acti
0510044CL-030Economic DevelopmentDecember 1987Companies offer to help state develop trade with China; Rhode Island sends economic development plan; request state to take over the Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; programs to assist women in busin
0510044CL-031Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1988History of state's efforts to develop trade with China; request for business and tourist information; bridge closing affecting business, so owner applying for loan; criticism of ClassiConnecticut adve
0510044CL-032Economic DevelopmentMarch-April 1988Governor to introduce legislation authorizing creation of a business growth fund and increasing business loans; request for business and tourist information; urge Governor to support Connecticut Film
0510044CL-033Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1988Venture capital company's projects in Connecticut; companies seeks assistance from state; company announces its plans to move to state; problems attaining license for overseas trade; problems with Sma
0510044CL-034Economic DevelopmentJuly 1988Greenwich marketing campaign to attract businesses; suggestion for tourism campaign; business promotes its accomplishments; company asks for financial assistance from state to produce film; invitation
0510044CL-035Economic DevelopmentAugust-September 1988Companies ask for financial assistance from state to produce film/video; company wants to help Connecticut firms make business connections with China; requests for business and tourist information; co
0510044CL-036Economic DevelopmentOctober-December 1988Marketing companies and consultants sell services to state; Canadian company planning to move manufacturing operations to Connecticut; federal reports on trade; seeking assistance to start own busines
0520044CL-037Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1989Industrial council concerned for manufacturing in the state and critical of Governor's policy; company interested in relocating; notice of firm closing; economic development threatens environment; inv
0520044CL-038Economic DevelopmentMarch 1989U.S. Small Business Administration planning conference for women-owned businesses; proposal for educational/business complex in Plainfield; Industrial council concerned for manufacturing in the state
0520044CL-039Economic DevelopmentApril 1989Praise for and interest in the Governor's Conference on Innovation; company complains about the high cost of manufacturing in the state; man seeks funds to start his own business; announcement of busi
0520044CL-040Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1989Wadsworth Atheneum requests Governor support for bond request; request for business information; Connecticut company receives federal technical assistance funds and another applies; company requests s
0520044CL-041Economic DevelopmentJuly-August 1989Letters supporting state financial assistance for the NAACP Hartford Small Business Incubator; invitation to participate in exposition in Japan; company announces staff reductions; Connecticut firms g
0520044CL-042Economic DevelopmentSeptember 1989Questions why Danbury is considered one of safest cities in which to live; seeking employment in international trade; suggest an indexed capital gains tax; company concerned about legislation in U.S.
0520044CL-043Economic DevelopmentOctober 1989Seeking employment with state; concern about proposed takeover of B.A.T. Industries; requests for business and tourist information; company announces closing; distributor to Japanese markets selling s
0520044CL-044Economic DevelopmentNovember 1989Invitation to international trade show; thank you to Governor for visiting the Bank of Ireland during his trip to Europe; marketing consultant selling services; request for business and tourist inform
0520044CL-045Economic DevelopmentDecember 1989Student suggests ways to market Connecticut to tourists; request for business information; international trade consultants selling services; business threatened by death of owner; Governor responds to
0530044CL-046Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1990Minutes of the Connecticut-Israel Exchange Commission; concern about foreign firms buying U.S. industries; invitation to Governor visit city while he is in Germany; correspondence from the U.S. Trade
0530044CL-047Economic DevelopmentMarch 1990Proposal to open factory near prison; warn Governor to diversify the state's economy; correspondence from the U.S. Trade Representative about foreign trade negotiations; requests for business informat
0530044CL-048Economic DevelopmentApril 1990Requests for business information; business owners seek state or federal funds; announcement of layoffs; Governor explains why Volvo Tennis Tournament is coming to Connecticut.
0530044CL-049Economic DevelopmentMay 1990Company selling services; Governor congratulates schools on participating in Odyssey of the Mind World Finals; survey on trade promotion programs; Air Jamaica seeks to provide service to Bradley; Chin
0530044CL-050Economic DevelopmentJune-July 1990State needs to assist small businesses with expenses; constituent proposes new economic development theme for the state; Governor requested to develop international investment policies; concerns abou
0530044CL-051Economic DevelopmentAugust-December 1990Peace Messenger Cities Conference; requests for business and tourist information; information on state rural development councils; business announces closing; grant awards to Connecticut businesses; c
0530044CL-052Economic Development--Eastern Europe1990Governor invites business leaders and educators/academics to join him on his trip to Eastern Europe.
0530044CL-053Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Annual report of Small Business Advisory Council; report on implementation and results of Job Incentive Grant Program; press releases from Connecticut Innovations, Inc.; U.S. Department of Energy gran
0540044CL-054Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1982Announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; census data will be available for determining Enterprise Zones; Governor protests closing of Bridgeport Customs District; information on the Export Tradin
0540044CL-055Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1983Announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; information on the Export Trading Company Act; information about Department's activities and programs; applications for federal funds.
0540044CL-056Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1984Information about Research and Development Limited Partnerships; announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; Governor reports possible dumping of acrylic sheet from Taiwan that adversely affects Con
0540044CL-057[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1985Information about Industry Consultation Program for Trade Policy Matters; announcements of grant awards to Connecticut.
0540044CL-058[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1988Report: Benefits of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement for Connecticut; federal program to increase exports; rule changes; study of state technology extension services.
054 0044CL-059[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1989Rules changes; Interstate Commerce Commission decision on application; petition of bus company to have Interstate Commerce Commission review Connecticut Department of Transportation decision; Conrail'
054 0044CL-060[Economic Development]--U.S. Dep[artmen]t of Comm[erce]1990Request for governors' advice on free trade negotiations with Canada; announcement of the opening of the Eastern Europe Business Information Center.
054 0045CL-001EducationJanuary-February 1981Agenda and minutes of the Connecticut State Board of Education; request reinstatement of professor; seeking employment; constituent opposes withdrawal from the New England Higher Education Compact; Ma
054 0045CL-002EducationMarch-May 1981Creation of the Council on Education for Employment; concern about state and federal student loan programs under Reagan's budget; concerns about campus safety; concerns and questions about veterinary
054 0045CL-003EducationJune-September 1981Opposition to the Guaranteed Tax Base (GTB) equalization formula; problems with and questions about the Teachers' Retirement Board; protest light discipline for the GTB error; Governor describes his C
054 0045CL-004EducationOctober-December 1981Governor supports Department of Education grant proposal to the Clark Foundation; suggest course requirements for secondary school students; concern about funding for state and federal student loan pr
054 0045CL-005Education--GTB Error1981Town representatives, including government officials, school administrators and legislators, express outrage at error that drastically reduced grant funding for education. Governor sends standard resp
054 0045CL-006Education--[Memos to/from] Commissioner1981Update on the Connecticut Master Plan for Vocational, Career and Adult Education; supports Governor's efforts to expand independent living opportunities for the disabled; closing East Hampton schools
054 0045CL-007Education--[State] Aid to Disadvantaged Children1981Objections to State Board of Education's proposal to incorporate State Aid to Disadvantaged Children grant funds into the Guaranteed Tax Base grant.
055 0045CL-008EducationJanuary-March 1982Governor comments on Education Commission of the States' role in the federal budget process; Greater Hartford Building and Construction Trades Council Rehabilitation and Training Corp. wants to be inv
055 0045CL-009EducationApril-September 1982Concerns about impact of federal budget cuts on funding for student financial aid; urge Governor to support full education budget; school boards oppose proposed federal legislation giving tuition tax
055 0045CL-010EducationOctober 1982Higher Education budget requests; parent alleges physical abuse of child by teacher; question about Teachers' Retirement Board; constituents express opinions on education in general; state comments on
055 0045CL-011EducationNovember-December 1982Problem with student loan; President of the Greater New Haven State Technical College shares his concerns about job retention and job creation; school administrators and boards urge Governor to retain
055 0045CL-012Education1983Governor describes state's high technology initiative; state comments about proposed federal rules changes; question about the Connecticut Scholastic Achievement Grant Program; Governor thanks institu
055 0045CL-013Education--Memos to/from [Commissioner]1983Reasons why regulations are delayed; question whether State Board of Education has the authority to alter grant payments from the amounts specified in the special acts authorizing the grants; Acting C
055 0045CL-014Education1984Local Board of Education requests full funding of the GTB grant program; actions taken by State Board of Education at last meeting; unemployed teacher criticizes Governor's proposal to offer grants to
0550045CL-015Education1985Constituents express opinions on education in general; Governor describes new education programs; constituent supports Governor's public education funding proposal; question about appointments to the
0550045CL-016Education1986Constituents express opinions on education in general; proposal for education program on Native American Culture; questions about teachers' retirement benefits; alleged illegal residence on Schaghtico
0550045CL-017EducationJanuary-April 6, 1987Suggestion for funding physical education programs; concern about teachers' retirement benefits; teacher claims Educational Enhancement is not working in his town; students ask Governor questions abou
0560045CL-018EducationApril 8-July 1987Committee on Training and Employment 's application for a federal Family Life Demonstration grant; petition urging Governor to defeat a proposed English Only bill; individual seeking employment; alleg
0560045CL-019EducationAugust-December 1987Announcement of Soviet Union-U.S. youth fitness exchange; questions about teachers' retirement benefits; individual seeking employment; concern about new financial plan for Division of Rehabilitation
0560045CL-020EducationJanuary-February 1988Conflict with local school board over bus pick-up location; claims that free public education is unfair; constituent objects to commercial billboards displayed in school hallways (includes photographs
0560045CL-021EducationMarch 1988School systems support increased funding for Regional Educational Service Centers; constituents express opinions on education in general; minutes of a General Assembly Education Committee meeting; con
0560045CL-022EducationApril 1988Individual offers his program on the Appalachian Trail to the schools; lists of 1988 Presidential Scholarship semifinalists; parent concerned about her son's teacher who displays witches in the room.
0560045CL-023EducationMay-June 1988Student at a Catholic school asks Governor to direct the school to provide sex education; personnel issues; Governor describes state's efforts to recruit minority teachers for the vocational-technical
0560045CL-024EducationJuly-August 1988Concern about lack of federal funding for magnet school Follow Through program; report on intern at Governor's office; constituents express opinions on education in general; report on Connecticut care
0560045CL-025EducationSeptember-October 1988Urge Governor not to reduce educational funding during budget cuts; minutes of Board of Directors meeting of Literacy Volunteers of America-Connecticut; company selling decals and bumper stickers for
0560045CL-026EducationNovember 1988Response to audit report; individual requests status of Social Security disability application; Governor describes services for blind and hearing impaired.
0560045CL-027EducationDecember 1988Bridgeport receives Annie E. Casey Foundation Innovation Grant to coordinate efforts to reduce drop-out rate, prevent teenage pregnancy and reduce joblessness; vocational student alleges harassment bu
0560045CL-028Education--Asbestos1988U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes new regulations for asbestos removal, suggestions for implementation, and offers technical assistance; Connecticut statutes as they relate to the Asbesto
0570045CL-029Education--Elementary Education Recognition Program1988Letters from Governor to school principals congratulating them on being selected by the U.S. Department of Education's recognition program.
0570045CL-030Education--Memos and reports to/from Commissioner1988Report on racial/ethnic equity and desegregation in Connecticut schools; collective bargaining contract with vocational teachers; National Education Association report; annual report of Department of
057 0045CL-031EducationJanuary-February 1989Invitation for Marilynn Cruz-Aponte to attend Hispanic Student Conference; parent alleges Hartford school system misuses funds for special education; Regional Vocational Technical School teachers have
057 0045CL-032EducationMarch 1989Responses to audit reports; correspondence about and report on study How to Integrate Children with Disabilities into Neighborhood Public Schools by the Connecticut Developmental Disabilities Council;
057 0045CL-033EducationApril-August 1989Status of proposed construction of an educational institute by the Capitol Region Education Council; responses to audit reports; constituents urge Governor to retain education budget at current levels
057 0045CL-034EducationSeptember 1989Declaratory ruling regarding the scope of bargaining over time of location of continuing education units (CEUs); memoranda concerning vocational programs; press release announcing Governors new Health
057 0045CL-035EducationOctober-November 1989Responses to audit reports; minutes of a meeting of the Institute for Community Research's Board of Directors; client does not meet criteria for rehabilitation services; question concerning student lo
057 0045CL-036EducationDecember 1989School Building Project Priority List for 1989-90; Congresswoman from Rhode Island reports to Marilynn Cruz-Aponte on education issues passed in Congress.
057 0045CL-037EducationJanuary-February 1990Tashua School, Trumbull, nominated for National Elementary School Recognition program; responses to audit reports; Governor to co-sponsor the 5th New England Conference on School Issues; Mississippi G
058 0045CL-038EducationMarch-April 1990Constituents urge state funding of non-public schools; concerns about campus safety; Governor supports New Haven application to RJR Nabisco for education reform funds; constituents opposed to budget c
058 0045CL-039EducationMay-August 1990Governor congratulates Connecticut winners of the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Awards and the Minority Graduate Fellowship award; constituents oppose Governor's education cost-shari
058 0045CL-040EducationNovember-December 1990Chairman of State Board of Education sends Governor best wishes as he leaves office; responses to audit reports concerning community and technical colleges; children from McDonough School in Hartford
058 0045CL-041Education--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Response to audit report; annual report of child nutrition programs; annual report of the Department of Education; report on Quality and Integrated Education (racial balance).
058 0045CL-042[Education]--Board of Education and Services to the Blind1981Correspondence from director William Patton to the Department of Environmental Protection concerning access to the handicapped area at Harkness State Park.
058 0045CL-043Education--[Board of Education and Services to the] Blind1986Long-range plan for Board.
058 0045CL-044[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the Blind1987Board resolution opposing proposed changes to its function and structure; questions about stipends for guide dog users; family in crisis caring for blind and handicapped child; information about probl
058 0045CL-045[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJanuary-June 1988Board defends its college support program; responses to article in Hartford Courant that was critical of the Board; second critical article in Courant and Board's response; clients complain about Voca
058 0045CL-046[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJuly-December 1988Clients complain about Vocational Rehabilitation Services being unresponsive; free radio programming provided for reading impaired persons by Connecticut Radio Information Service; letters praising wo
058 0045CL-047[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJanuary-July 1989Statistics on blindness in Connecticut; clients complain about treatment by Board and its unresponsiveness; urge Governor to support budget for the Connecticut Institute for the Blind; press release a
058 0045CL-048[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindAugust-September 1989Annual report; client continues to criticize Board for lack of response; recommendation for new executive director of the Board; letters from clients pleased with services of the Board; list of priori
059 0045CL-049[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindOctober-December 1989Personnel issues; report of infestation at lunchroom run by blind; clients continue to criticize Board for lack of response.
059 0045CL-050[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the Blind1990Constituents object to budget cuts; employees complain about inequities in personnel policies between the Board and the Department of Rehabilitative Services; Connecticut Institute for the Blind's dir
059 0045CL-051Education--[Board] of Higher Education1981Press release about enrollment totals at higher education institutions; Governor notifies the U.S. Department of Education of the state's intention to participate in federal programs; concern about lo
059 0045CL-052Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Contract Students1981Form letters urging Governor to increase grant funding for Contracted Students with Independent Colleges.
059 0045CL-053Education--[Board] of Higher Education1982Governor thanks DeRoy Thomas for chairing the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and the Economy; charges against Mohegan Community College's nursing program; University of New Have
059 0045CL-054Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Reorganization1982Letters oppose passage of Senate Bill 620 (passed as P.A. 218) that restructures higher education; letters oppose closing University of Connecticut branches to provide more tax money to private insti
059 0045CL-055Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Waterbury1982Letters oppose S.B. 620 that could close the Waterbury branch of the University of Connecticut.
059 0045CL-056Education--Community [Technical] Colleges1982Waterbury State Technical College students petition Governor for funds to upgrade computer equipment for data technology facility; President of Technical College urges Governor to provide more funding
059 0045CL-057Education--Community Colleges1983Housatonic Community College seeks downtown Bridgeport site; constituent questions motives of the Mohegan Community College displaced homemakers' program Technical Aides for Southeastern Connecticut.
059 0045CL-058Education--Higher EducationJanuary-June 1981Parking is security issue at Central Connecticut State College; students complain about massive cuts in Southern Connecticut State College's budget necessitating faculty layoffs and reduced programs;
059 0045CL-059Education--Higher EducationJuly-December 1981Concerns about permanent location for Norwalk Community College; thanks to Governor for help in expediting sale of Annhurst College to Data General Corp.; Board of Trustees of State Colleges are assig
059 0045CL-060Education--Higher Education1982Concerns about permanent location for Norwalk Community College; urge Governor to increase budget for community colleges; students concerned about ability to pay tuition; parent concerned about safet
059 0045CL-061Education--Higher Education1984Students concerned about rumored closure of Housatonic Community College; concern about tuition increases; athletic facility needed at Southern Connecticut State University; concerns about permanent l
059 0045CL-062Education--Higher Education1985Parent concerned that proposed tax cuts mean reduced funding for higher education; support for community college system; urge Governor to support Stamford branch of Norwalk Community College; concern
060 0045CL-063Education--Higher Education1986Constituent questions why lottery funds no longer restricted to education; discrimination law suit; question concerning continuing education and evening programs in nursing.
060 0045CL-064Education--Higher Education1987Alleged discrimination in admissions procedures; Governor designates TRIO day in Connecticut; request for information about non-traditional college programs in the state; response to audit report; NAA
060 0045CL-065Education--Higher EducationJanuary-June 1988Constituents concerned about licensing of New Hampshire College of New Haven and Commissioner Glasgow explains the decision to deny license; interest in training Egyptian students in engineering at Ha
060 0045CL-066Education--Higher EducationAugust-December 1988Annual report of the Board for State Academic Awards; annual report of the Board of Governors for Higher Education; request information on financial aid; responses to audit reports; annual report of t
060 0045CL-067[Education]--Higher EducationJanuary-May 1989Students ask for assistance gaining admission to UConn Law School; responses to audit reports; lecturer protests his dismissal; urge Governor to continue to support higher education; charges of discri
060 0045CL-068[Education]--Higher EducationJune-December 1989Responses to audit reports; annual report of the Connecticut Community College System; request Governor's assistance gaining admission to UConn Law School; trouble encountered when trying to enroll in
060 0045CL-069[Education]--Higher Education1990Response to audit report; annual report for the David T. Chase Free Enterprise Institute at Eastern Connecticut State University; grant proposal to the Education Commission for the States for funding
060 0045CL-070[Education]--Teachers' Retirement Board1988Retired teachers demand better access to health insurance; annual report of the Board.
060 0045CL-071[Education]--Teachers' Retirement [Board]1989Annual report of the Board; teacher appeals Board's decision to Governor.
060 0045CL-072[Education]--Teachers' Retirement [Board]1990Question why the early retirement incentive offered state employees is not offered to teachers; annual report of the Board.
060 0045CL-073Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]January-May 1981Concern about tenure system at UConn; staff seeking to aid minority student admission into UConn Medical School; allegation that university not meeting needs of disabled students; constituent requests
060 0045CL-074Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]June-October 1981Students protest increased rental rates for apartments at the University; Director of Branford House accuses University of not supporting development of the center; collective bargaining negotiations;
061 0045CL-075Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]November-December 1981Collective bargaining negotiations; parents and medical centers protest reduction in hours for Poison Center Hotline, which Governor states will resume 24-hour coverage shortly; complaint about lack o
061 0045CL-076Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]January-May 1982Urge Governor to support funding for the Institute of Water Resources; oppose hazardous waste incinerator on the Storrs campus; Connecticut may step in if the federal government denies graduate studen
061 0045CL-077Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]June-December 1982Urge Governor to support full funding for the University; constituent concerned about decline of School of Agriculture; protest increase in out-of-state tuition; annual report of the Multipurpose Arth
061 0045CL-078[Education--University of Connecticut]--Branford House1982Urge Governor to help preserve Branford House (on the Avery Point Campus in Groton); suggest Branford House be put on the National Register of Historic Places; Governor accused of opposing nomination;
061 0045CL-079[Education--University of Connecticut]--Draft Registration1983Oppose President DiBiaggio's position that financial aid will be given to students who do not register with Selective Service; DiBiaggio's statement of his position.
061 0045CL-080Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1984Allegations of animal care violations and Governor reports that issues were resolved long ago; Disabled Students Organization complains to U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights; prote
061 0045CL-081Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1985Concern about campus parking; students complain about quality of engineering and mathematics programs; parent complains about physical plant; protests of proposed closing of Torrington Branch.
061 0045CL-082Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1986President John Casteen reports on possible joint programs with the University of Rouen in France; concern about pollution from the University landfill; procedure being developed to monitor faculty and
061 0045CL-083Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1987Governor describes preservation of Branford House; alumna urges Governor to fund new sports center at Storrs campus; protest lack of funding for program at the Health Center; state representatives exp
061 0045CL-084Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1988Audit report.
061 0045CL-085[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1984State education statistics; grant award notice; information on adult literacy programs; information about the Presidential Academic Fitness Award program.
061 0045CL-086[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1985Information about grants for Client Assistance programs; Office for Civil Rights findings on the complaint by the Disabled Student Organization; list of Connecticut schools that won the Secondary Scho
061 0045CL-087[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1986Connecticut Bilingual Vocational Technical Training Project receives and award for excellence; Governor's letter of support for a grant proposal by the Connecticut Division of Rehabilitation Services.
061 0045CL-088[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1988State Assurances for Client Assistance Program grant applications.
061 0045CL-089[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1990Final report of the National Commission on Drug-Free Schools.
061 0045CL-090[Education]--Vocational Education1987Audit reports; Governor explains contract negotiations for vocational technical teachers; Manchester Vocational Education Advisory Committee expresses concern regarding de-emphasis on vocational educa
061 0045CL-091[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation1981Constituent claims disabled person should have been name Director of the Division; complaints by clients about their treatment by the Division. [Complaints bucked to Division for response.]
061 0045CL-092[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation1982Disabled veterans seek training assistance; complaints about clients' treatment by Division.
061 0045CL-093[Education--Vocational Rehabilitation]--Client Assistance1984Information about implementing Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1984 and the requirement for each state to establish a Client Assistance Program by October 1, 1984; House of Representatives' Conferenc
061 0045CL-094[Education]--Vocational RehabilitationJanuary 1989Annual report of the Independent Living Council.
0620045CL-095[Education]--Vocational RehabilitationFebruary-October 1989South Central Rehabilitation Corp. requests assistance of Barbara Gordon in obtaining Letter of Award for funding; client and agency experiencing trouble finding him employment; problem obtaining van
0620045CL-096[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation Services1990Parents and clients object to the Order of Selection policy proposed by the agency in an attempt to cover its budget shortfall; request for increased funding for agency; brother needs help obtaining s
0620045CL-097[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation Services--Client File1990Treatment records, psychological assessments, release records and correspondence, dating 1977-1988, related to one individual client of the agency.
0620045CL-098[Education]--Vocational Technical Schools1982Bonding request for Sikorsky Satellite for Platt Technical School is on the Commission's agenda; parent requests Governor's assistance in obtaining son's admission to technical school; concerns about
0620046CL-001Elections1981Lists of elected and defeated candidates for mayor or first selectman; sample letter of condolence.
0620046CL-002Elections--Letters of Congratulations1982Congratulations from the Governor to Democratic state senators and representatives who won their elections.
0620046CL-003Elections--Thank You Letters1982Governor thanks Democratic Town Committee Chairmen for their hard work in the last campaign.
0620046CL-004Elections1988Constituent suggests platform that Governor Dukakis should take in his run for the presidency; congratulations from the Governor to Democratic candidates who won their elections for U.S. Senate and Ho
0620046CL-005Elections1989Letters of congratulations and condolence to elected and defeated Democratic candidates for mayor or first selectman; letter from Democratic Town Chairman to his constituents; annual report of the Sta
0620047CL-001Ella Grasso Foundation1981Letters concerning need for Foundation to obtain tax-exempt status; minutes of organizational meeting of the Ella Grasso Memorial Statue Committee; proposal to publish a biographical booklet about Gra
0620048CL-001Emergency Management1989Information about the Reserve Officers Association, National Civil Preparedness Committee meeting to upgrade the emergency broadcasting system; notice of emergency exercise at Haddam Neck Nuclear Powe
0620048CL-002Emergency Management1990Suggestion for a National Hurricane Preparedness Week; Governor urges President to strengthen federal disaster relief programs--FEMA and the White House; FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program
0620048CL-003Emergency Management--Memos to/from Director1990Monthly reports; critique of July 1989 tornado response; minutes of the State Emergency Response Commission; proposals from Mancuso to prevent flooding on the Connecticut River.
0630049CL-001Environmental ProtectionJanuary 1981Fishermen's' Association requests better weather forecasting for New England fishing grounds; opposition to Litter Control and Recycling Act of 1978 from businessman; operating data report for Millsto
0630049CL-002Environmental ProtectionFebruary 1981PCB contamination of Housatonic River needs to be addressed; legislative agenda of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association; Sierra Club's comments on the Clean Air Act; US Department of Agricultur
0630049CL-003Environmental ProtectionMarch 1981Report from Army Corps of Engineers; suggestion for conserving water; opposition to leg-hold trap; information about the drought in the Northeast; hearings conducted for Pfizer Inc.'s application to b
0630049CL-004Environmental ProtectionApril 1981National Response Team requests state involvement in revising its National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan to meet regulations in federal Superfund legislation; legal action ta
0630049CL-005Environmental ProtectionMay 1981Questions about fishing in state reservoirs; propose state publication on minerals; Connecticut Outdoor Recreation Action Program; object to arrest for fishing in restricted area. [Most letters bucked
0630049CL-006Environmental ProtectionJune 1-15, 1981Governor concerned about federal funding cuts of grants for water pollution control; protest fee to use State Park; New England River Basins Commission position statement regarding acid rain; industry
0630049CL-007Environmental ProtectionJune 16-30, 1981Information concerning Connecticut's petition against the Long Island Lighting Company; states move to reestablish state authority to control foreign processing operations; review of Coast Guard plans
0630049CL-008Environmental ProtectionJuly 1981Complaint about noise from nearby plant; complaints about condition of state parks; opposition to leg-hold traps; residents protest closing of some state parks; call for multi-state gypsy moth control
0630049CL-009Environmental ProtectionAugust-September 1981Need to protect farm land; individual wants to develop aquaculture site; request that camp sites be reserved for bicyclists; question why state is not spraying to control gypsy moth; town complains ab
0630049CL-010Environmental ProtectionOctober 1981Protest deer hunting laws; concern about air emissions from the Upjohn Company plant; Governor writes to Senator Dodd in support of his legislation addressing the problem of interstate air pollution;
0640049CL-011Environmental ProtectionNovember-December 1981Conflict over access to state lands; concern about release of PCBs at the incinerator in Middletown; information about the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission; Governor of Virginia John D.
0640049CL-012Environmental Protection--Biweekly Reports1981
0640049CL-013Environmental Protection--Bottle Bill1981Requests for assessment of bill's effectiveness; constituents express opinions for and against bill that requires deposits on beverage containers; complaint about elimination of the Employee Dislocati
0640049CL-014Environmental Protection--CRRA1981Protest lack of competitive bidding for refuse transportation; quarterly report of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority; concern for safety at transfer station in Darien; status report on the
0640049CL-015Environmental Protection--Connecticut River Assembly1981Assessment of federal budget cuts on Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency; Municipal Interview Summary for Capitol Region communities; notices of meetings; minutes; standards for use and
0640049CL-016Environmental Protection--Farmington River tunnel1981Letters in opposition to the plans to build a tunnel to divert water from the Farmington River to Barkhamstead Reservoir; request to postpone referendum on tunnel pending an environmental study.
0640049CL-017Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterJanuary 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage.
0640049CL-018Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterFebruary 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage; letter from Greenwich First Selectman
0640049CL-019Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterMarch-May 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage.
064 0049CL-020Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterJune-July 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage.
064 0049CL-021Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterAugust-September 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage.
065 0049CL-022Environmental Protection--Greenwich WaterOctober-November 1981Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage.
065 0049CL-023Environmental Protection--Harkness Memorial [State Park]1981Opposition to changing park entrance back to the original one that passed Camp Harkness (for the handicapped); support for reopening old entrance; news articles; maps.
065 0049CL-024Environmental Protection--Long Island Sound Study1981Army Corps of Engineers' environmental impact statements concerning disposal of dredged material in Long Island Sound.
065 0049CL-025Environmental Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Notice of Saugatuck Boat Ramp going before Bond Commission; proposal to use unallocated balance from Bond funds to build forest access roads; opposition to construction of mall in Waterford; concern a
065 0049CL-026Environmental Protection--New Haven Harbor Dredging1981Feasibility report on dredging project from Army Corps of Engineers; concern about impact of dredging on the oyster industry.
065 0049CL-027Environmental Protection--PCBs1981Oppose PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) storage facility on Naugatuck River; oppose burning of PCBs by Northeast Utilities; information on birth defects caused by PCBs; state requests exemption from th
065 0049CL-028Environmental Protection--Windham Landfill1981Oppose landfill on Shetucket River in Windham; Governor congratulates municipal officials on the opening of the Windham Energy Recovery Facility.
065 0049CL-029Environmental Protection1982Concern about water quality in Coventry; Commissioner outlines steps the Department will take in developing the Radiological Emergency Response Plan; state response to proposed revision to federal reg
065 0049CL-030Environmental ProtectionFebruary-May 1983Protest draining pond without prior notification; state agencies surveyed in development of a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan; report on flooding in New Haven following June 5-6, 1982 storm; notice of pu
065 0049CL-031Environmental ProtectionJune-July 1983Concern about delay in repairing two dams in Westbrook area; constituent protests restricted access to Fort Griswold State Park; complaint about shortage of camp sites in the state; landowners oppose
065 0049CL-032Environmental ProtectionAugust-September 1983State asked to answer questionnaire concerning activities addressing groundwater contamination; urge Governor to protect the North American Black Duck; oppose construction of boat launch at Patchaug P
065 0049CL-033Environmental ProtectionOctober-December 1983Background information on state actions regarding urea formaldehyde foam insulation; final decision on water diversion application; concern about proposed budget cuts to the New England seismic networ
065 0049CL-034Environmental Protection--Hancock [Brook Rifle Range]1983Letters in support of and opposition to construction of shooting range in Plymouth.
065 0049CL-035Environmental ProtectionJanuary-March 1984Company president protests fine imposed for not registering a boiler; request for state funds to complete Birchwood Gardens Flood Control Project; complaints of odors from water treatment facility at
0660049CL-036Environmental ProtectionApril-May 1984Information about Connecticut's bottle bill; conflict regarding budgets of Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Motor Vehicles; Congressman Stewart B. McKinney trying to establish
0660049CL-037Environmental ProtectionJune-July 1984Protest continuing pollution from Raymark Corp. of Stratford; oppose application by ITT to discharge arsenic; concern about sewage treatment plant discharges into Long Island Sound; minimum stream flo
0660049CL-038Environmental ProtectionAugust-September 1984Flooding in Portland needs immediate response; complaint of odor from landfill site; owner of manufacturing company opposes regulations that allow citizens to cite industrial dischargers; concern abou
0660049CL-039Environmental ProtectionOctober-December 1984Governor requests municipalities participate in developing a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan; lack of dam repairs threatens Lake Williams in Lebanon; protest construction of a regional septage lagoon in
0660049CL-040Environmental Protection--Biweekly Reports1984
0660049CL-041Environmental Protection--Ethylene Dibromide1984Pillsbury Company supports government regulations banning use of EDB (a fumigant for grain crops and also used in leaded gas) in grain-based foods and describes its precautions; Governor explains stat
0660049CL-042Environmental Protection--Flooding1984Oppose construction of dam in South Windsor to prevent flooding, Governor explains necessity of dam; Army Corps of Engineers report on New England flood control activities; town of Cromwell thanks Gov
0660049CL-043Environmental Protection--Gallup Farm1984Opposition and support for proposed exchange of forest land for state-owned farm fields. The original owner of the farm is requesting the swap.
0660049CL-044Environmental Protection--Hancock Brook Firing Range1984Opposition and support of Governor's decision to halt development of firing range.
0660049CL-045Environmental ProtectionJanuary-March 1985Urge Governor to support Department's request for funds to reimburse municipalities for Land and Water Conservation Fund projects; urge preservation of Bluff Point Coastal Reserve; flying club wants p
0660049CL-046Environmental ProtectionApril-May 1985Governor writes to Connecticut's Congressional delegation expressing his strong support for continued funding of the state portion of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and urging their support; con
0660049CL-047Environmental ProtectionJune-July 1985Oppose logging at state parks; odor problems at Elm City Cheese Company; information concerning the Governor's Pesticide Task Force; students urge Governor to protect animals; urge creation of a Marin
0660049CL-048Environmental ProtectionAugust-September 1985Request Governor to investigate decisions by the Granby Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission; oppose construction of boat dock at Gillette Castle State Park; proposed federal land exchange will
0660049CL-049Environmental ProtectionOctober-December 1985Company protests penalty imposed by Department; complaint about air pollution from wood smoke; support budget for Bluff Point Coastal Reserve and Park management plan; petition opposing cuts in fundin
0670049CL-050Environmental Protection--Ethylene Dibromide1985Resident opposes construction of sewer system to resolve ethylene dibromide (EDB) contamination of water in Somersville; town of Somers' ethylene dibromide study and recommendations.
0670049CL-051Environmental ProtectionJanuary-March 1986Dry cleaning industry opposed to proposed program to control hazardous air pollutants; praise for game wardens; oppose leg-hold traps; suggest using Civilian Conservation Corps to help state preserve
067 0049CL-052Environmental ProtectionApril 1986Petition and letter against leg-hold traps; Governor asks Congressional delegation to oppose FEMA raising flood insurance rates; concern about boaters safety along state's coast; petition opposing duc
067 0049CL-053Environmental ProtectionMay 1986Labor department reports findings of a study on the feasibility of establishing a program for training women to perform work associated with constructing sewerage systems; students ask Governor to pro
067 0049CL-054Environmental ProtectionJune-July 1986Residents want state to spray for gypsy moth; seniors protest fee for Charter Oak Pass; company requests Governor's support for its cogeneration project; company protests civil penalty issued by Depar
067 0049CL-055Environmental ProtectionAugust-September 1986Resident wants state to spray for gypsy moth; concern about development in Simsbury that could adversely affect inland wetlands; oppose construction of a company for reasons of potential pollution; to
067 0049CL-056Environmental ProtectionOctober-November 1986Request Governor to extend the seaward boundary of Connecticut; concern for integrity of local dams and the bodies of water they retain; oppose sale of land by Ansonia-Derby Water Company; concern abo
067 0049CL-057Environmental ProtectionDecember 1986Individual wants to start rail service to Middletown when Conrail ceases its service; proposal for combating Lyme disease; company protests changes to air pollution regulations; protest long-term leas
067 0049CL-058Environmental ProtectionJanuary 1987Summary of findings of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Task Force; protest long-term lease of bird sanctuary to Connecticut Audubon Society; environmental group requests input in selection of next Com
068 0049CL-059Environmental ProtectionFebruary 1-11, 1987Protest closing of Remington Gun Club; Connecticut Solid Waste Management Advisory Council statement of support for Department's draft recycling plan; request state to expedite bond issue for state to
068 0049CL-060Environmental ProtectionFebruary 16-28, 1987Department's finding that Department of Transportation must dredge a tidal lake due to damages caused by the removal of the Greenwich toll booth; protest closing of Remington Gun Club; suggestion to m
068 0049CL-061Environmental ProtectionMarch 1-15, 1987Information concerning the Regional Response Team that responds to environmental emergencies; Governor describes legislation concerning the state's regional recycling program; protest closing of Remin
068 0049CL-062Environmental ProtectionMarch 16-31, 1987Final report on hazard mitigation implementation measures taken by Department; boundary line agreement between state and private citizen; praise Governor's support of non-wildlife management; oppose l
068 0049CL-063Environmental ProtectionApril 1-9, 1987Protest closing of Remington Gun Club; bequest of tidal marsh land to the state; students ask Governor's opinion of nuclear waste; protest relocating fishers to the state; East Windsor residents conce
068 0049CL-064Environmental ProtectionApril 10-20, 1987Petition and letters protesting closing of Remington Gun Club; residents angry about odor from their municipal solid waste disposal area; petition opposing leg-hold trap; allegations of illegal activi
068 0049CL-065Environmental ProtectionApril 21-30, 1987Connecticut River Assembly's position on developing Middletown's waterfront; urge Governor to support findings of the Open Space Task Force and create a fund for purchasing open space; environmental i
068 0049CL-066Environmental ProtectionMay 1-14, 1987League of Women Voters request funding for a management plan for the Quinebaug River Basin; request Governor purchase more shoreline lands for state use; urge Governor to support Department's budget;
068 0049CL-067Environmental ProtectionMay 14-31, 1987Town selectmen pass a resolution urging the Governor to appoint a task force to study disposal of solid waste and he responds by describing activities already done or in planning; company claims Depar
069 0049CL-068Environmental ProtectionJune1-9, 1987Minutes of the Northwest Interstate Compact Committee meeting; appeal to Governor to study Department to make recommendations for reorganization and a separate Department of Natural Resources; safety
069 0049CL-069Environmental ProtectionJune 10-19, 1987Suggest state create an Adirondack Park to preserve open space; oppose leg-hold trap; fee for use of boat launches by non-residents is too high; Governor requests 75% of funds from the federal Clean W
069 0049CL-070Environmental ProtectionJune 20-30, 1987Citizens Advisory Committee for the Long Island Sound Study offering series of workshops-cruises; U.S. Department of Energy provides updated plan for the disposal of the nation's commercial and defens
069 0049CL-071Environmental ProtectionJuly 1-7, 1987Concern about settling controversy surrounding Lake Williams and the Gilman Brothers-owned dam in Lebanon; New York City Mayor Edward Koch asks for Governor's cooperation in nominating shared waterway
069 0049CL-072Environmental ProtectionJuly 8-19, 1987Protest houses built in salt water tidal marsh; concern for safe drinking water; swimmer's safety threatened by boat lane near Sound View Beach and Department needs to address; complaint of odors at S
069 0049CL-073Environmental ProtectionJuly 20-30, 1987Fire chiefs assert need to include them in implementing the Emergency Planning and Right-to-Know section of the Superfund Act; swimmer's safety threatened by boat lane near Sound View Beach and Depart
069 0049CL-074Environmental ProtectionAugust 1-13, 1987Complaints about conditions and services at state parks; petitions and letters opposing construction of trash-to-energy plant in Middletown; criticize Department's handling of Lake Williams issue; con
069 0049CL-075Environmental ProtectionAugust 14-31, 1987Governor responds to Senator Tom Daschle about the use of alcohol fuels; students oppose use of drag gill net for catching fish; large boats and jet skis threaten Candlewood Lake; Power Squadrons fear
069 0049CL-076Environmental ProtectionSeptember 1-9, 1987Question about need for and motives of the Connecticut Public Interest Research Groups; article by the Nature Conservancy; reports on Raymark Corporation's history of pollution and on the findings of
070 0049CL-077Environmental ProtectionSeptember 10-21, 1987Question about Bakers Cove status for recreational shell fishing; complaint of odors from nearby factories; proposal to develop a national archival center for data pertaining to tires as solid waste;
070 0049CL-078Environmental ProtectionSeptember 22-29, 1987Campaign to ban cans of Spectracide insect control; Department of the Interior report on Payments in Lieu of Taxes; report on drowning at Lake Besek; oppose killing mute swans to control population; c
070 0049CL-079Environmental ProtectionOctober 2-6, 1987Concern for boating safety; city of Norwich requests permit to dredge the Yantic River; urge Governor to save dolphins from pollution; Center for Clean Air Policy's report on acid rain; state senator
070 0049CL-080Environmental ProtectionOctober 7-15, 1987Urge Governor to support nomination of the Farmington River as a Wild and Scenic River; concern about damage to Patchaug Pond during construction of boat ramp; concern about chemical hazardous waste
070 0049CL-081Environmental ProtectionOctober 16-31, 1987Request postponement of boat ramp at Patchaug Pond; request Department stock Housatonic River with rainbow trout; Governor describes benefit of a bottle deposit program; oppose purchasing power from H
070 0049CL-082Environmental ProtectionNovember 1-18, 1987Analysis of the proposed Governor's Environmental Achievement Awards; suggest a license for boaters; deed to clarify boundary between state and private land; progress report on state's recycling prog
070 0049CL-083Environmental ProtectionNovember 19-30, 1987Concerns about nuclear power plant safety; report of damaged dam; oppose leg-hold trap; state representative request additional funds in the budget for providing grants to improve the water quality o
070 0049CL-084Environmental ProtectionDecember 1-14, 1987Connecticut General Assembly's Solid Waste Recycling Advisory Council supports U.S.E.P.A. proposed rule to establish minimum content standards for paper; press releases from Connecticut Hazardous Wast
070 0049CL-085Environmental ProtectionDecember 15-22, 1987Legislative agenda of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association; New York State licensing law could have adverse effect on Connecticut in-shore commercial fishermen and Governor expresses his concer
071 0049CL-086Environmental ProtectionDecember 23-31, 1987Host Siting Plan to be submitted to the Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission; state representative thanks Governor for responding to his report on New York State licensing law c
071 0049CL-087Environmental Protection--Applications1987Notices of applications to divert water under the Connecticut Water Diversion Policy Act.
071 0049CL-088Environmental ProtectionJanuary 1-20, 1988Complaint about Department's handling of a case; petitions opposing nuclear power and requesting phase-out of nuclear power plants in the state; Council of State Governments to highlight Connecticut's
071 0049CL-089Environmental ProtectionJanuary 21-31, 1987Notice of workshops to discuss recycling municipal solid waste; students write to the Governor expressing their concerns for the preservation of Long Island Sound, he responds with actions taken by th
071 0049CL-090Environmental ProtectionFebruary 1-17, 1988Progress reports on the state's recycling program; report of violation of water diversion law; request additional funds to preserve Long Island Sound; praise for program of purchasing open space; conc
071 0049CL-091Environmental ProtectionFebruary 18-29, 1988Complaint about lack of power from nuclear plants during recent cold spell; Army Corps of Engineers status report of the New Haven Harbor Navigation Improvement Project; town wants state funds to buil
071 0049CL-092Environmental ProtectionMarch 1-14, 1988Suggestions for better handling of correspondence by the Department; concern about disposition of former Remington Gun Club property, suggest state purchase; students express concern about depleting o
071 0049CL-093Environmental ProtectionMarch 15-17, 1988USEPA and other federal agencies' statements on the proposed relocation of Route 6; permit process is slow due to lack of staff in Department; Commissioner Carother's statement on progress in implemen
071 0049CL-094Environmental ProtectionMarch 18-31, 1988Support for open space program; concern about disposition of former Remington Gun Club property; oppose tire-burning facility in Sterling; notice of amendment of regulations concerning the state's man
072 0049CL-095Environmental ProtectionApril 4-18, 1988Concern about deer/vehicle collisions; continued campaign against cans of Spectracide; need more state parks; information about Arbor Day; information about the environmental benefits of foam cups; G
072 0049CL-096Environmental ProtectionApril 19-27, 1988Update report from Army Corps of Engineers; request for information about regulations concerning renewable energy; update on state recycling program; oppose sewer easement through Larkin State Bridle
072 0049CL-097Environmental ProtectionMay 1988Student expresses concern that balloons kill wildlife; oppose expansion of hazardous waste processing facility; student expresses concern for ozone depletion; student has questions about the new state
072 0049CL-098Environmental ProtectionJune 1988Concern about danger to wildlife from a balloon release; Governor designates August 7-13, 1988, as Civilian Conservation Corps Week in Connecticut; complaint about condition of state parks; support fo
072 0049CL-099Environmental ProtectionJuly 1-22, 1988Oppose sewer easement through Larkin State Bridle Trail, Governor provides state's position; Rhode Island Governor DiPrete presents resolution calling for immediate cessation of ocean dumping; Texaco
072 0049CL-100Environmental ProtectionJuly 23-30, 1988Congressman proposes a state/federal partnership to establish a Long Island Sound Superfund, Governor gives qualified support; correspondence and information gathered as part of an investigation of a
072 0049CL-101Environmental ProtectionAugust 1-15, 1988Students tell Governor that recycling is good for the environment; oppose incineration of solid waste; metal processors refuse to take certain types of metal goods, towns are anxious; state representa
072 0049CL-102Environmental ProtectionAugust 16-31, 1988Department reasserts its proposal for Lake Williams; praise for agency staff; wells contaminated by gasoline; students and citizens ask Governor to stop pollution and medical waste dumping in Long Is
072 0049CL-103Environmental ProtectionSeptember 1-12, 1988Suggestions for reducing greenhouse effect; support using the Farmington Canal Rail Line as recreation area; oppose exchange of land in Marlborough for land in Pomfret; urge Governor to continue cost
073 0049CL-104Environmental ProtectionSeptember 13-22, 1988General concern about pollution in the state; oppose construction of truck weigh station in Greenwich; suggestion for strengthening recycling policy by requiring government and industry to use recycle
073 0049CL-105Environmental ProtectionSeptember 23-30, 1988Prevent development in Norwalk by purchasing land as open space; thank Governor for signing Long Island Sound Bi-State Marine Resources Committee legislation into law; urges state purchase of the Savi
073 0049CL-106Environmental ProtectionOctober 1-19, 1988Urge Governor to enforce littering laws; oppose construction of transfer station on neighboring property; protest trapping beavers at landfill; protest removing underground storage tanks; anger about
073 0049CL-107Environmental ProtectionOctober 20-26, 1988Concern about environment in general; Nancy Johnson sends a copy of H.R. 4338, a bill prohibiting dumping sewage sludge in ocean waters; criticism of department's handling of water pollution case; inf
073 0049CL-108Environmental ProtectionOctober 27-31, 1988Anger about location of hearing on Greenwich truck weigh station; request Governor's endorsement of plans to maintain and enhance public park lands in Bridgeport; petitions oppose incinerator at Elect
073 0049CL-109Environmental ProtectionNovember 1988Concern about environment in general and medical waste in particular; oppose youth hunts and pheasant stocking; concern about impact of Route 7 improvements; protest camping fees; anger about location
073 0049CL-110Environmental ProtectionDecember 1-14, 1988Concern about the environment in general; notice of Town of Newington bringing suit against the Department for violating emission standards or limitations in regards to Balf Company; complaint about d
073 0049CL-111Environmental ProtectionDecember 15-31, 1988Company interested in establishing licensing criteria for radon mitigation workers; asks Governor to designate state land for all terrain vehicles; thanks Governor for assistance in obtaining Skinner
073 0049CL-112[Environmental Protection]--Council on Environmental Quality1988Explanation of why the Council did not urge the General Assembly to raise Connecticut Environmental Policy Act legislation in 1988; meeting agendas.
073 0049CL-113[Environmental Protection]--Long Island Sound1988Form letters concerning the need to save the Sound.
073 0049CL-114[Environmental Protection]--Soil and Water Conservation1988Information concerning Outstanding Conservation Farmer awards; Connecticut Soil and Water Conservation Districts legislative issues update; information concerning National Soil and Water Conservation
073 0049CL-115Environmental ProtectionJanuary 1-11, 1989Oil Heat Task Force reports leakage from underground tanks is negligible; individual investigates possibility of land exchanger between him and the state; oppose pheasant stocking program; change of w
074 0049CL-116Environmental ProtectionJanuary 12-27, 1989Oppose removal of Bevins Pond dam in East Hampton; public notices of hearings to consider permit requests and newsletters from the Army Corps of Engineers; complaint about delay in obtaining hunting l
074 0049CL-117Environmental ProtectionFebruary 1, 1989Information concerning the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act; complaint about delay in processing permit applications, with copies of correspondence and forms.
074 0049CL-118Environmental ProtectionFebruary 4-10, 1989Oppose incineration of solid waste; questions about land chosen as potential sites for ash residue disposal; concern about preservation of coastal areas; oppose leg-hold trap; concern about security a
074 0049CL-119Environmental ProtectionFebruary 20-28, 1989Petition against new incinerators; comparison of Lake Williams and Red Cedar Lake as recreational areas; concern about disposal of medical and infectious waste; Mansfield protests that northeastern Co
074 0049CL-120Environmental ProtectionMarch 1-10, 1989Questions and concerns about land chosen as potential sites for ash residue disposal; concern about sales and proposals to sell watershed properties owned by Bridgeport Hydraulic Co.; question about s
074 0049CL-121Environmental ProtectionMarch 13-31, 1989Failure of Laboratory on Wheels program was waste of money; oppose incinerator in Cromwell; form letters opposing incinerator in Portland; individual interested in purchasing parcel of state land; opp
074 0049CL-122Environmental ProtectionMarch 28, 1989Petition opposing incinerator in Portland.
074 0049CL-123Environmental ProtectionApril 1-10, 1989Oppose removal of Bevins Pond dam in East Hampton; suggestions to improve condition of Long Island Sound; controversy concerning the Farmington Canal rail line from newspaper articles; question about
075 0049CL-124Environmental ProtectionApril 11, 1989Resident protests seizure of lands by eminent domain; students suggest a state shell, the oyster; students urge Governor to clean and protect Long Island Sound.
075 0049CL-125Environmental ProtectionApril 12-19, 1989Introduces technology for hospital waste disinfection; Darien Environmental Protection Commission issues resolution stating Connecticut needs a more serious commitment to the cleanup of hazardous wast
075 0049CL-126Environmental ProtectionApril 20-28, 1989Petition to President Bush urging the government to address the oil spill in Alaska; Connecticut Congressmen suggest a regional summit with New York and New Jersey to discuss economic and environmenta
075 0049CL-127Environmental ProtectionMay 1-8, 1989Oppose timber harvesting in Paugnut State Forest; concern about lawn fertilizers polluting groundwater; questions how Governor will enforce emissions standards for power plants; individual wants to se
075 0049CL-128Environmental ProtectionMay 9-22, 2989Oppose ash residue landfill sites in northeastern Connecticut; question amount of money spent on air pollution control; personnel issues; notice of public hearing regarding Pleasure Beach; urge Govern
075 0049CL-129Environmental ProtectionMay 23-31, 1989Thank Governor for keeping state parks open; neighbors upset about slow restoration of beach; protest paying fee to use public boat ramp; Governor describes processes involved in developing the Mid-Co
075 0049CL-130Environmental ProtectionJune 2-24, 1989Oppose incinerator in Portland; oppose site in North Haven as possible ash residue landfill site; Alaska residents offer to speak about what went wrong in Prince William Sound; complaint about conditi
075 0049CL-131Environmental ProtectionJune 26-30, 1989Bank institutes Help Save Our Sound education and fund-raising program; oppose wood burning power plant in Killingly; Cedar Lake Management Association petitions state for funds to buy a weed harveste
075 0049CL-132Environmental ProtectionJuly 1989Oppose construction on inland wetlands in Middletown; fisheries management question; Department oversight of marinas; children object to cutting trees; complaint about conditions of state parks; inter
076 0049CL-133Environmental ProtectionAugust 1-15, 1989Alleged illegal filling of wetlands; alleged harassment by Conservation Officers; propose a plan to preserve mineral resources; controversy over illegal house built below Andover Lake dam; status repo
076 0049CL-134Environmental ProtectionAugust 16-21, 1989Oppose Mid-Connecticut Resources Recovery facility; urge Governor to protect shoreline; State Implementation Plan, Air Quality Conformancy Report by the Department of Transportation; question about ho
076 0049CL-135Environmental ProtectionAugust 23-31, 1989Urge Governor to expedite cleanup of Mohawk Mountain; protest a fine imposed at Harkness State Park; complaint about treatment by state marine patrol officer; anger that part of money raised at greyho
076 0049CL-136Environmental ProtectionSeptember 1-12, 1989Oppose wood burning energy plants in Torrington and Killingly; protest closing Compo Beach to waterfowl hunting; state senator concerned about delay in purchasing land for the West Rock Ridge Park; ur
076 0049CL-137Environmental ProtectionSeptember 13-30, 1989Urge Governor to increase funding for the department; concern about safety of coastal wildfowl hunting; promote recycling instead of incinerators; information about environmental illness; complaint ab
076 0049CL-138Environmental ProtectionOctober 2-18, 1989Invitation to Governor to attend Arbor Day celebration; concern about oil spills; Conference on State Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act; notes to the Connecticut Earth Day 20 Steering
076 0049CL-139Environmental ProtectionOctober 19-31, 1989Criticism of Connecticut Humane Society; notice of application to waive requirement for public hearing; Governor supports work of the North American Wildlife Association; information about the Automot
076 0049CL-140Environmental ProtectionNovember 1-16, 1989Oppose landfill in Douglas, Mass.; company asks Governor to declare moratorium on new hazardous waste incinerators and landfills; propose method of cleaning oil spills; Governor urges congressional de
076 0049CL-141Environmental ProtectionNovember 20-30, 1989Students express concerns about pollution and rights of the white tailed deer; Beardsley Zoo wants to participate in Earth Day; announcement of first meeting of the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine R
077 0049CL-142Environmental ProtectionDecember 1989Ask Governor to support bond issue to purchase land in the Housatonic State Forest; citizens request a pier at Fort Hale be named in honor of local resident; Governor of New Jersey proposes national e
077 0049CL-143[Environmental Protection]January 1-16, 1990Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; information on the Farmington Canal line acquisition; urge Governor to maintain department budget; Connecticut Forest and Park Associat
077 0049CL-144[Environmental Protection]January 19-31, 1990Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; information on recycling initiatives requested; request state permission to access property through state land; object to killing mute
077 0049CL-145[Environmental Protection]February 1-5, 1990Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; report of hazardous waste dump in Manchester; request information about emissions from wood burning stoves; application for water diver
077 0049CL-146[Environmental Protection]February 7-20, 1990Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; students express concerns for the environment; meeting of Bi-State Long Island Sound Committee announced; town of Lisbon protests block
077 0049CL-147[Environmental Protection]February 21-28, 1990Oppose wood burning power plant in Killingly; constituent supports recycling; Governor of Rhode Island hosting conference on safe navigation of vessels carrying petroleum products; Senator Joseph Lieb
077 0049CL-148[Environmental Protection]March 1-14, 1990Oppose wood burning energy plant in Torrington; allegation of harassment by department; notice of oil spill prevention conference in Rhode Island; request for expedited decision by bonding commission;
077 0049CL-149[Environmental Protection]March 15-31, 1990Effort to recall cans of Spectracide that explode; student requests information for science project; department cannot endorse use of clean burn waste oil furnace; company having trouble obtaining wat
077 0049CL-150[Environmental Protection]April 1-17, 1990Offer to purchase eggs or live birds to protect mute swans; concern about decline in the Housatonic Trout Management area; department describes actions taken to enhance oil spill preparedness and prev
077 0049CL-151[Environmental Protection]April 18-30, 1990Resident asks whether town has to return a state grant; praise for department's Community Environmental Education Program and request for additional funding; students express their concerns about poll
078 0049CL-152[Environmental Protection]May1-13, 1990Students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; Governor describes egg shaking program to control mute swan population; concern about pollution of Long Island Sound; problems enco
078 0049CL-153[Environmental Protection]May 14-17, 1990National Soft Drink Association promotes recycling; students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; Governor thanks Earth Day coordinator; urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An
078 0049CL-154[Environmental Protection]May 18-31, 1990Response to objections to building oyster boat moorings; students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Cont
078 0049CL-155[Environmental Protection]June 1-12, 1990Students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; report of encroachment on state lands; approves of increase in department's budget for natural resources and recreation; oppose dee
078 0049CL-156[Environmental Protection]June 13-30, 1990Oppose deer hunting in Bluff Point Preserve to control population; relates problems from leaking oil tank in front yard; oppose land exchange between state and private citizen; oppose Iroquois Gas Tra
078 0049CL-157[Environmental Protection]July 1-16, 1990Urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Control; applications for water diversion; request bonding for state purchase of land in Tolland; oppose deer hunting in Bluff Poi
078 0049CL-158[Environmental Protection]July 17-31, 1990Support and opposition to boat ramp on Quinnipiac River in the Hamden area; company proposes to provide ethanol for state vehicles; environmental bills before Congress; applications to divert water; s
078 0049CL-159[Environmental Protection]August 1-21, 1990Object to new trash removal system at Wharton Brook State Park; applications to divert water; concerns about land use; businesses support Iroquois Gas Transmission System; oppose deer hunt on Bristol
078 0049CL-160[Environmental Protection]August 22, 1990Oppose hunting and criticize land management in Pequannock Valley, Governor sends copy of management report.
078 0049CL-161[Environmental Protection]August 23-30, 1990Complaint about deplorable state of plants in greenhouse at Harkness State Park; Oppose hunting and criticize land management in Pequannock Valley; precipitation reports from the Committee on Automate
079 0049CL-162[Environmental Protection]September 1990Concerns that New York State coal burning plant will pollute Connecticut air; concern about pollution in Thames River Valley due to industry; business supports Iroquois Gas Transmission System; compla
079 0049CL-163[Environmental Protection]October-December 1990Students express their concerns about the environment, ask for Governor's opinion; complaint about quarry operators stripping trees from land by ; oppose composting facility in New Milford; company o
079 0049CL-164[Environmental Protection--AES Thames]March-September 1990Letters in support and in opposition to closing the AES Thames Cogeneration Plant in Uncasville. Those supporting closing dislike it being coal-fired. Others ask Governor to either enforce environmen
079 0049CL-165[Environmental Protection--AES Thames]July 1990Letters supporting closing AES Thames Cogeneration Plant, including copies of letters sent to acting Attorney General Clarine Riddle.
079 0049CL-166Environmental Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Audit report and response; report that department will not be able to draft regulations by deadline; report on implementation of P.A. 89-35, An Act Concerning Aquifer Protection Areas.
079 0049CL-167Environmental Protection1991Information about tire disposal; steps and schedule for implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments signed into law November 1990; students requesting information for research papers.
079 0049CL-168[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1984U.S. Senator Max Baucus surveys governors' views on acid rain; Ohio Governor Celeste sends his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health and the Environment regarding a
079 0049CL-169[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1985Student asks for Governor's opinion on acid rain, Governor responds with state's actions to reduce it.
079 0049CL-170[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1986Press release concerning signing of agreement between U.S. and Canada addressing acid rain; form letter outlining individual's concern about acid rain (bucked to department); petition from members and
079 0049CL-171[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1988Concerns about health and environmental effects of acid rain, Governor responds with descriptions of actions taken by the state; Center for Clean Air Policy report recommends the creation of a power l
079 0049CL-172[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1989Students express their concerns about acid rain [bucked to department]; economic objections to federal Clean Air Act Amendments addressing acid rain.
079 0049CL-173[Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain1990Department answers student's question about acid rain; Representative Robert Smith of New Hampshire states his position on acid rain legislation; economic objection to federal Clean Air Act Amendments
079 0049CL-174[Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers1981The Corps announces requests for project permits and subsequent public hearing; monthly report of permit actions; updates on beach erosion control efforts at Prospect Beach, West Haven; Corps assures
080 0049CL-175[Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers1983Update reports on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; announcement of influx of funds for Corps projects in New England; inform Governor of projects approved; announcements of requests for proj
080 0049CL-176[Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers1984Inform Governor of projects approved for flood control; update reports on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; report on study of navigation improvements for Bridgeport Harbor; public notice to
080 0049CL-177[Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers1985Flood control project in Wallingford under study; report on flood control proposals for Rippowan River Basin, West River and Konkapot River.
080 0049CL-178[Environmental Protection--Army Corps of Engineers]1986Report on economic feasibility of a commercial navigation project on the Connecticut River between Hartford and Holyoke, MA.; report of damage to breakwater; Inform Governor of projects approved for f
080 0049CL-179[Environmental Protection--Army Corps of Engineers]1987Announcements of requests for project permits and subsequent public hearings; update report on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; annual report of projects in New England.
080 0049CL-180[Environmental Protection--Army] Corps of Engineers1990Governor objects to federal proposal to make states more fiscally responsible for maintenance of recreational facilities operated by the Corps; allegation of illegal dock extension without Corps appro
080 0049CL-181[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste1981U.S. Department of Energy requests Governor's statement of needs and concerns as it implements the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy (P.L. 96-573); Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meet
080 0049CL-182[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste1983Governor instructs department to release money from the Emergency Spill Fund for use by the Hazardous Waste Management Service.
080 0049CL-183[Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]1984Department reports its concerns to the Department of Transportation about its maintenance facilities; information concerning the Hazardous Waste Management Service; oppose burying hazardous wastes in
080 0049CL-184[Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]1985Information about two reports of pesticide pollution; constituent concerned about management of hazardous waste; state applying for funds to implement its Hazardous Waste Management Program; concerns
080 0049CL-185[Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]1986Senator Dodd assures Governor of his support of the Superfund toxic waste clean-up program; minutes of Governor's Task Force to Classify and Determine the Hazardous Waste that may be Safely and Proper
080 0049CL-186[Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]1987Governor concerned about financial burden placed on states by the passage of Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 and relates them to Congresswoman Johnson.
080 0049CL-187[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous WasteJanuary-August 1988Minutes of Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service meetings; Service's response to survey; Service's accounting of expenditures from the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Appropriation; minutes of th
080 0049CL-188[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous WasteSeptember-December 1988Minutes of Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service meetings; constituents oppose having radioactive waste sites in the state; quarterly report on low-level radioactive waste activities by the C
081 0049CL-189[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste1989National Governors' Association developed report on state programs to reduce hazardous waste; request allocation from the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Fund; schedule for site selection of low-level rad
081 0049CL-190[Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste1990Information about the Governor's Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Hazardous Waste Reduction and Recycling; Connecticut Hazardous Waste management Service announces selection of contractor for low
081 0049CL-191[Environmental Protection]--Indian Affairs1981Oppose General Assembly's vote to eliminate funding for Indian Affairs Coordinator; invitation and schedule for Mashantucket Pequot Indian Housing Authority dedication ceremony for first phase of hous
081 0049CL-192[Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]1983Copy of President Reagan's veto message concerning S.B. 366, the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Claims Settlement Act; criticism of state for not ensuring passage of S.B. 366; Governor sends letter of sup
081 0049CL-193Indian Affairs--State Jurisdiction1983-1988Chief States' Attorney McGuigan issues Statement of Position on Jurisdiction Over Crimes Committed on Indian Reservations 1983, 1984); Commissioner of Public Safety Forst requests clarification of sta
081 0049CL-194[Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs] Tribal Lands1984Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Tribe seeks state recognition; Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Housing Authority requests Governor sign a Cooperation Agreement; Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Tribe states its right to en
081 0049CL-195[Environmental Protection]--Indian Affairs1985-1987Schaghticoke Indian Tribe expects state to resolve differences between factions; State Police investigate possible illegal logging operations on Schaghticoke Indian Reservation; Indians demand dismiss
081 0049CL-196[Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs]1986-1987Complaints about difficulties proving Indian heritage; concern for Indian burial ground in Preston; request to use state land for Indian ceremony being held up in Indian Affairs Council; complaint abo
081 0049CL-197[Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]1988Conflict between Eastern Pequot Indians and the Paucatuck Pequot Tribe over recognition; Indian tribes considered states in implementing provisions of the federal Clean Water Act; invitation to 39th A
081 0049CL-198[Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]1989Tribes protest proposed Independent Commission on Indian Affairs; Schaghticoke assert their authority in certain matters; receipt of Easter Pequot Indians of Connecticut's petition for federal recogni
081 0049CL-199[Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs]1990Mohegan tribe requests extension of comment period for challenging the finding against the Tribe for federal recognition; Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe asserts off-reservation hunting and fishing right
081 0049CL-200Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]1983Warranty deeds for land contiguous to Southford Falls State Park, Patchaug State Forest, the Roraback Management Area and Cockaponset State Forest, for two acres in Old Saybrook, for the Belding Wildl
081 0049CL-201Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]1984Warranty deeds for donations of land contiguous to Osbornedale State Park, to Plum Bank Marsh Area, to Housatonic State Forest, to Kitchel Wilderness Area, and to Meshomasic State Forest, for the dona
082 0049CL-202Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]1985Deeds for land exchanges in Durham and Sterling; deeds for donations of land contiguous to Tunxis State Forest, Flaherty Field Trial Area, Bishop Swamp, and Sherwood Island State Park ; conservation e
082 0049CL-203Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]1986Lease of land in Hebron; certificate of devise for land in Bridgeport; deeds for donations of land contiguous to Sleeping Giant State Park, to Mashamoquet Brook State Park, and to West Rock Ridge; bo
082 0049CL-204[Environmental Protection]--Landfill1983Concern about closing of Laurel Park landfill in Naugatuck; reasons why Governor should not meet with the Pollution Extermination Group about Laurel Park; request Governor's intervention in Shelton.
082 0049CL-205[Environmental Protection--Landfill, Laurel Park]1984Naugatuck angry at rapid closing of Laurel Park landfill, Governor explains that it was closed due to dioxin in the groundwater; request Governor view the landfill.
082 0049CL-206[Environmental Protection--Landfill]1985Neighbor asks Governor why Laurel Park landfill is still open; company concerned that it can no longer dump non-toxic sludge in the Hartford landfill; proposed landfill site in Southbury will harm the
082 0049CL-207[Environmental Protection--Landfill]1986Protest abrupt closing of landfills without alternative; continued concern about dioxin pollution in Naugatuck; conflict with state about operation of Essex landfill; concern about possible purchase o
082 0049CL-208[Environmental Protection]--Landfill1989Canterbury protests serving as dumping ground for eastern Connecticut; monitoring methane at Shelton landfill; oppose expansion of Canterbury landfill; company requests veto of H.B. 6641, which gives
082 0049CL-209[Environmental Protection]--Landfill1990Oppose regional landfill in Douglas, Massachusetts; Bristol asks Governor's support for application to accept ash from incinerators; protest oil-contaminated soil being dumped in landfill.
082 0049CL-210[Environmental Protection]--Low-level Radioactive Waste1990State's response on its level of compliance with requirements of the federal Low-level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1985; town resolution to Nuclear Regulatory Commission to halt deregul
082 0049CL-211[Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste1983Copy of transmittal letter from the US Department of Energy to the Governor regarding the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982; Governor thanks governors in the region for their support in negotiations re
082 0049CL-212[Environmental Protection--Nuclear Waste]1985Urge Governor to deny New York City's request to ship nuclear wastes through Connecticut; state's comments on proposed rule for Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes in Geologic Repositories; Gove
082 0049CL-213[Environmental Protection--Nuclear Waste]1986State of Washington requires any generator or broker that ships low-level radioactive waste to it disposal facility to send pre-notification of delivery; US Department of Energy Safe and Secure Transp
082 0049CL-214[Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste1989Citizen's group critical of Nuclear Regulatory Commission's efforts to protect the public; further implementation of the federal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments of 1985; general concern
082 0049CL-215[Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste1990Federal reports.
082 0049CL-216[Environmental Protection]--Oil Spills1986New England Fishery Management Council expresses support for the 1984 Protocols on liability for oil pollution damage and urges Governor to support legislation enacting the protocols; Secretary of Tra
082 0049CL-217[Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste1983Claim that Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority has not invited local officials to hearings.
082 0049CL-218[Environmental Protection--Solid Waste]1984Reconstitution of Solid Waste Advisory Council; Shelton residents oppose Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority using their landfill as an ash dump; praise Governor for requiring scrubbers on the Mid
082 0049CL-219[Environmental Protection--Solid Waste]1985Protest against proposed bulky waste disposal area in Southbury.
082 0049CL-220[Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste1986Minutes of Connecticut Solid Waste Management Advisory Council meetings; urge expanded state role in solving solid waste problem; protest against proposed bulky waste disposal area in Southbury; petit
083 0049CL-221Environmental Protection--Solid Waste1988Towns and individuals concerned about the solid waste disposal crisis, want legislators to provide assistance; oppose expansion of West Haven landfill; concern about groundwater contamination from nea
083 0049CL-222[Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste1989Individuals concerned about the solid waste disposal crisis; students advocate recycling; report on Massachusetts' debate on incinerators vs. recycling; suggest ban on excess packaging; oppose solid w
083 0049CL-223[Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste1990Information on Florida's solid waste management policies and procedures; position papers of the American Public Health Association and the paper industry.
083 0049CL-224[Environmental Protection]--Springfield Sewage1983Connecticut residents oppose Springfield's plan to dump raw sewage into the Connecticut River; copy of report from City of Springfield, MA to the US Environmental Protection Agency outlining proposed
083 0049CL-225[Environmental Protection]--Springfield Sewage1984Connecticut residents oppose Springfield's plan to dump raw sewage into the Connecticut River; praise to Governor for resolving the issue.
083 0049CL-226[Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior1981Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas leases and state's position on them; information about the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service; need to study plants covered by the Endangered Species Act;
083 0049CL-227[Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior1982Connecticut's status report on outdoor recreation planning and approval by the department.
083 0049CL-228[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] InteriorJanuary-March 1983Approval of state's water management plan; Certificate of Apportionment for federal funds; Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas leases and state's position on them; request for comments from states on
083 0049CL-229[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] InteriorApril-July 1983Final Minor and Technical Boundary Modifications to the Coastal Barrier Resources System Maps; Certificate of Apportionment for federal funds; notice of change in policy concerning sanctions under the
083 0049CL-230[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] InteriorAugust-December 1983Information about the Youth Conservation Corps; review of Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing program; payments in lieu of taxes to Connecticut towns; state's application for the Underground
083 0049CL-231[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the Interior]1984Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; U.S. Senator Hatfield critical of the Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program; information about the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas
084 0049CL-232[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the Interior]1985Paper on artificial reefs; state comments on the proposed 5-Year Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program.
084 0049CL-233[Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior1986Proposed 5-Year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program; newsletter on oil and gas leasing of federal lands; proposed Take Pride in America public education campaign; Governor presents out
084 0049CL-234[Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior1988Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; finalists in the Take Pride in America campaign; first chapter of report National Assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Ga
084 0049CL-235[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior1989Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; reports; Governor presents outdoor recreation plan; announcement of Payments in Lieu of Taxes.
084 0049CL-236[Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior1990State comments on Regional Wetlands Concept Plan; department supports state's efforts to purchase the Shaw property in Hartland; 1990 Connecticut Land and Water Conservation Fund Program Review Report
084 0049CL-237Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1981Answers to Governor's questions about air pollution in Connecticut; proposal to issue water pollution control permits for exploratory oil drilling; explanation of most toxic cities list, not from EPA.
084 0049CL-238Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1983EPA requests information on hazardous wastes; issues report on sea levels rising.
084 0049CL-239Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1984Environmental topics included in President's State of the Union Address; state concerned about barrels remaining at dump site after EPA cleanup; policies concerning delegation to state and local gover
084 0049CL-240Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1985Information concerning the Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Act; implementation of Subtitle I of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act concerning underground storage tanks; announce the Long Isla
084 0049CL-241Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1986Deferral of noise standard for newly manufactured trucks; update on the EPA's Radon Action Program; key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986; threatened end of the Superfund pr
084 0049CL-242Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyJanuary-April 1988EPA Statement at Corps of Engineers' Public Hearing on the Proposed Relocation of Route 6; EPA with National Governors' Association to develop capacity assurance standards for hazardous waste; Long Is
084 0049CL-243Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyMay-December 1988Pawcatuck Basin designated a sole source aquifer; state applies for waiver concerning asbestos abatement in schools; requirement that states develop a hazardous waste management plan; information on t
084 0049CL-244Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1989Need to control non-point source water pollution and Connecticut sends management plan to EPA; announcements of meetings; report on radon in schools; Connecticut to participate in medical waste tracki
084 0049CL-245Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1990Connecticut Construction Industries Association objects to memorandum of agreement between EPA and Corps of Engineers regarding no net loss policy for wetlands; memoranda, directives and reports; noti
084 0049CL-246[Environmental Protection]--WaterJanuary-April 1981Summary report of water supply problem in the state; letter to mayors in southwestern Connecticut describing state efforts to address water shortage; Governor requests study by Army Corps of Engineers
084 0049CL-247[Environmental Protection]--WaterMay-December 1981Advocates hydropower; Federal Emergency management Agency to form federal-state hazard mitigation teams for flood disasters; water projects sent to US EPA for funding; minutes of Western Connecticut W
085 0049CL-248Environmental Protection--Water1988Notices of public hearings and applications to divert water under the Water Diversion Policy Act; information concerning water supply in state; creation and first minutes of Valley Regional Water Auth
085 0049CL-249[Environmental Protection]--WaterJanuary-May 1989Town supports creation of the Housatonic Estuary Commission; praise for Governor's call to conserve water; Governor corrects a published misstatement of his position on the Clean Water Fund; student r
085 0049CL-250[Environmental Protection]--WaterJune-October 1989Notices of applications to divert water under the Water Diversion Policy Act; Long Island Sound Study urges Governor to call meeting of the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Resources Committee; platf
085 0049CL-251[Environmental Protection]--Water1990Object to development on the banks of the East River; annual report and minutes of the Long Island Sound Bi-State Committee; Governor requests federal funds for the state's Clean Water Fund; newslette
085 0049CL-252[Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution1984Student concerned about river pollution; department unable to meet time limit for preparing regulations for construction grants for water pollution control facilities; urge Governor to enforce water p
085 0049CL-253[Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution1985Student concerned about pollution of rivers and streams; protest permit fees for municipal water pollution control facilities; concern about raw sewage running into Long Island Sound.
085 0049CL-254[Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution1986City of Groton opposes outfall going into Thames River; residents protest sewage treatment discharge flowing into Pomperaug River; support Governor's plan to improve water pollution control; complaint
085 0049CL-255Environmental Protection--Water Quality1986Concern about procedures to ensure satisfactory drinking water in Simsbury; Water Quality Management Plan; water quality analyses by U.S. EPA; approval by EPA of the Water Quality Management Plan upda
085 0049CL-256Environmental Protection--Water Quality1983State approves revised rules governing water quality standards established by the U.S. EPA.
085 0049CL-257Environmental Protection--Water Quality1984U.S. EPA stresses need to study presence of polychlorinated biphenyls in marine fish; U.S. EPA Ground-Water Protection Strategy; Governor urges other Senators to support Senator Weicker's amendment ad
085 0049CL-258[Environmental Protection--Water Quality]1985Municipality concerned about President's budget proposal to eliminate waste water treatment construction grants.
085 0049CL-259Environmental Protection--Water Quality1986Constituents support P.A. 85-407 An Act Concerning Provision of Potable Drinking Water; concern about water quality of Housatonic River; Connecticut River Watershed Council and citizens commend Govern
085 0050CL-001Equal Employment Opportunity Commission1988Requests Governor's assistance in settling a discrimination claim against Pfizer.
085 0051CL-001Ethics [Commission]1986-1987Constituent objects to politicians receiving gifts from lobbyists; constituent asks Ethics Commission to investigate complaint against an optician.
085 0051CL-002Ethics [Commission]1988Commission evaluating charges that doctor may be referring clinic patients to herself.
085 0051CL-003Ethics [Commission]1989Copy of lobbyist's report sent to Commission, forwarded to politician for review.
085 0051CL-004Ethics [Commission]1990Resignation from Commission; annual report; Board of Trustees of Community-Technical Colleges request advisory opinion, then withdraw request.
085 0052CL-001Federal Communications Commission1981Application to operate as a non-dominant domestic resale communications common carrier.
085 0052CL-002Federal Communications Commission1988Applications by AT&T to supplement existing circuit capacity between Connecticut and neighboring states and between Connecticut towns; application by AT&T to discontinue one of its services.
085 0052CL-003Federal Communications Commission1989Application by AT&T to discontinue one of its services; application by AT&T to supplement existing circuit capacity between Connecticut towns.
086 0053CL-001Federal Emergency Management Agency1983Agency announces public service campaign about spring flooding; Federal-State Agreement for Fire Suppression Assistance; state responds to proposed rules concerning the National Flood Insurance Progra
086 0053CL-002Federal Emergency Management Agency1985Information concerning the National Flood Insurance Program; preliminary draft of the state's Hazard Mitigation Implementation Measures; approval of the alert and notification system installed around
086 0054CL-001Federal Matters1981Request Governor's assistance with brother's immigration; problems with Social Security benefits; oppose selective service system; question about banking laws; protest cuts in student loans; suggestio
086 0054CL-002Federal [Matters]1983-1984Governor requests Postmaster General to issue commemorative stamps for Mark Twain and Father E.J. Flanagan, to mark the state's 350th anniversary, to honor the ratification of the Constitution.
086 0054CL-003Federal Matters1985Ask Governor to expedite fingerprint check; urge Governor to instruct Congress and Senate to embargo communist countries; request assistance getting a national holiday named for J.F. Kennedy; Congress
086 0054CL-004Federal [Matters]1986Senator Dodd supports Tax-Exempt Bond Reform Act of 1986; oppose Senator Packwood's proposal to eliminate the deduction for excise taxes; state comments to FEMA on proposed rules concerning the emerge
086 0054CL-005Federal [Matters]January-June 1987Notice of change in FEMA allocation formula; demands investigation of Iran-Contra crisis; problems with Social Security benefits; Governor requests First Day ceremonies be held in Hartford for the new
086 0054CL-006Federal [Matters]--Ashford Post OfficeJune 1987History of Town of Ashford's efforts to include the Postal Service in its master plan for village center.
086 0054CL-007Federal [Matters]July-August 1987Request assistance gaining citizenship for mother; Office of Technology Assessment reports; White House requests Governor's comments on nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court; applicatio
086 0054CL-008Federal [Matters]September-December 1987Ask Governor to write a letter to the Soviet Union requesting the emigration of Dr. Alexander Ioffee; National Endowment for the Humanities suggests the Connecticut Humanities Council become a state a
086 0054CL-009Federal [Matters]January-April 1988Information about the First Day of Issue Ceremony for a commemorative stamp of Connecticut; applications for citizenship; problems obtaining passport; request Governor's help in reuniting Cambodians i
087 0054CL-010Federal [Matters]May-July 1988Problems with Social Security benefits; problems with the IRS; critical of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada; American citizen not allowed to play junior soccer in Spain; concerns about the Pet Pro
087 0054CL-011Federal [Matters]August-December 1988Complaint about postal service; families of victims of US Embassy bombing in Iran are irate that they did not receive compensation; request help with immigration; Governor designates 25th Anniversary
087 0054CL-012Federal [Matters]January-March 1989Students write to President about school violence; U.S. Department of State expresses interest in helping states with trade missions and other foreign affairs-related service; oppose salary increase f
087 0054CL-013Federal [Matters]April-May 1989Request extension of Temporary Stay; Governor supports immigration reform proposed by Senators Kennedy and Simpson in S. 358; invitation to Vice Premier of the State Council of China to visit Connecti
087 0054CL-014Federal [Matters]June 1987Bulletin concerning mid-session review of the federal Budget; President Bush's speech on the 40th anniversary of NATO; request Governor to support investigation of Eastern Airlines bankruptcy; possibl
087 0054CL-015Federal [Matters]July-August 1989Copy of letter to President Bush concerning the Greenhouse Effect; request help with immigration problem; request nonstop air service from Bradley Airport to Europe; federal and state emergency aid av
087 0054CL-016Federal [Matters]September-November 20, 19Governor writes to Congressional delegation regarding possible misinterpretation of federal law in Army Corps of Engineer' rejection of permit for construction of Route 6; requests help with Social Se
087 0054CL-017Federal [Matters]November 21-December 1989Bureau of Indian Affair's review of the Mohegan Tribe's application for federal recognition; problems with Social Security benefits; information about an investment seminar held in Norway; Governor ur
087 0054CL-018Federal [Matters]January-April 1990Question about immigration; delegation responds to Governor's letter concerning long-term care; praise for Governor's Conference on The New Europe: A Challenge for Connecticut Businesses; information
088 0054CL-019Federal [Matters]May-June 1990Governor supports new federal seafood inspection program; report on a meeting of governors' cultural advisors; visa problem; opinion on nuclear disarmament; Governor writes to Congressional delegation
088 0054CL-020Federal [Matters]September 1990Complaint about grading system of civil service; proposed rule changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act; application for Status as a Temporary Resident not processed in timely manner; request transfer o
088 0054CL-021Federal [Matters]October-December 1990Notice of hearing about library services to Native Americans; reports from federal agencies; Supreme Court case; Elizabeth Dole's farewell letter to Governor as she leaves office; information about th
088 0054CL-022[Federal Matters]--Federal Trade1989Constituent stresses need to establish trade relations with the Soviet Union; reports from the U.S. Trade Representative concerning U.S.-Israel tariff negotiations, telecommunications agreement with J
088 0054CL-023[Federal Matters]--Free Trade Agreement1988Summary of free trade agreement with Canada; press releases and articles in support of agreement; testimony and addresses by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy, the Ambassador of Canada, President of the
088 0055CL-001Freedom of Information Commission1981Complainant alleges Commission altered files of complainant; complaint about Commission.
088 0055CL-002Freedom of Information Commission1988Question about when correspondence to elected official becomes public; complaint about the Commission; question about applicability of Freedom of Information statutes to records of the State Judicial
088 0055CL-003Freedom of Information [Commission]1989Complaints about the Commission; complaint against Department of Public Safety for denial of access; Commission requests Governor veto P.S. 89-229; draft advisory opinion concerning access to State Ju
088 0055CL-004Freedom of Information [Commission]1990Easton resident complains of police harassment; complaint that Commission's budget is inflated and agency inefficient; requests for documents; advisory opinion concerning access to State Judicial Sel
088 0056CL-001Governor's Pension1981Constituent accuses Governor of taking office on December 31, 1980 in order to increase his pension. Governor responds that the date was determined by Governor Grasso's resignation and the State Cons
088 0057CL-001GrantsJanuary-February 1981Governor approves grants submitted to the Community Services Administration (copy of grant is attached).
088 0057CL-002GrantsMarch-April 1981Governor approves grants submitted to the Community Services Administration (copy of grant is attached); notice of grant award to UConn; list of grants made by Connecticut Humanities Council.
089 0057CL-003GrantsMay-August 1981Governor approves grants submitted to the Community Services Administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (copy of grant is attached); list of grants made by Connecticut Humanities
089 0057CL-004GrantsSeptember 1981Governor approves grants submitted to the Community Services Administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (copy of grant is attached).
089 0057CL-005GrantsOctober-December 1981Governor approves a short-term grant while the state reviews its options before determining its role in the administration of block grants; list of grants made by Connecticut Humanities Council; reque
089 0057CL-006GrantsJanuary-April 1983Governor approves grants submitted to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (copy of grant is attached); notice of Governor's approval sent to grant-writing organization; grant application
089 0057CL-007GrantsMay-August 12, 1983Application for Community Development Block Grant from the U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development; Vernon has not gotten full federal funding for its rehabilitation project due to changes in
089 0057CL-008GrantsAugust 24-November 1983Application for Community Services Block Grant to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; General Assembly's Appropriations Committee issues modifications to allocation of funds from block grant
089 0057CL-009GrantsJanuary-July 1984Proposed spending plan for Social Services Block Grant funds; lists of grants made by the Connecticut Humanities Council; General Assembly approves of Block Grant allocations; revisions to Alcohol, D
089 0057CL-010GrantsAugust-December 1984Governor sends allocation plans for federal block grants to General Assembly for approval (copy of plan attached); Governor approves Block Grant applications; General Assembly approves of Block Grant
089 0057CL-011Grants--[Robert Wood Johnson Foundation]1984List of grants awarded to Connecticut institutions; press releases about grant awards.
089 0057CL-012GrantsJanuary-April 1985Block Grant information from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; announcement of availability of State Comprehensive Mental Health Planning grants; notice that U.S. Department of Justice app
090 0057CL-013GrantsJune-December 1985Connecticut Small Cities Community Development Grant final program statement; notice of Governor's approval sent to grant-writing organizations; General Assembly approves of Block Grant allocations; G
090 0057CL-014Grants1986Lists of grants made by the Connecticut Humanities Council; notice of Governor's approval sent to grant-writing organizations; application for a Dependent Care Planning and Development grant; Connecti
090 0057CL-015Grants1987Award notice for Criminal Justice Block Grant; Yale Law School receives grant from Legal Services Corporation.
090 0057CL-016GrantsJanuary-June 1988List of grants made by the Connecticut Humanities Council; General Assembly approves of allocation plans; list of grants to Connecticut institutions by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; federal and
090 0057CL-017GrantsJuly 5, 1988Governor sends to General Assembly, for approval, allocation plans for Block Grants for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Services, Preventive Health and Health
090 0057CL-018GrantsJuly 15-August 1988General Assembly approves Block Grant allocations; list of grants made by the Connecticut Humanities Council; applications for Preventive Health and Health Services, Community Services, Maternal and C
090 0057CL-019GrantsSeptember 1988Application for Social Services Block Grant; Governor approves Head Start funding plan; application for Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Block Grant; list of grants made by the Connec
090 0057CL-020GrantsJanuary-April 1989Application for Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Block Grant; application for Homeless Children and Youth education program under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act; info
090 0057CL-021GrantsJune 1989Application to establish Crisis Nursery Demonstration Project; application for funds to provide respite care for families with disabled or ill children; General Assembly approves Block Grant allocatio
091 0057CL-022GrantsJuly 1989Connecticut Developmental Disabilities Council announces grant funds available; Governor sends to General Assembly, for approval, allocation plans for Block Grants for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental H
091 0057CL-023GrantsAugust-October 1989Constituent wants explanation of state's education grant formulas; list of grants made by Connecticut Humanities Council; application for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Block Grant.
091 0057CL-024GrantsJanuary-February 1990Submission of requests for Bond Commission approval from the state Department of Housing; state Office of Policy and Management will coordinate development of allocation plans for block grants; amendm
091 0057CL-025GrantsMarch-June 1990Application for Community Mental Health Services for the Homeless Block Grant; notice of grant available for demonstration project for evaluating child access problems ; notice of grant available for
091 0057CL-026GrantsJuly-August 1990Governor sends revised allocation plans for Block Grants to General Assembly for approval.
091 0057CL-027GrantsSeptember 1990General Assembly and Office of Policy and Management approve allocation plans for Block Grants; grant agreement between state Department of Housing and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop
091 0057CL-028GrantsOctober 1990Applications for Community Services and Social Services Block Grants.
092 0058CL-001HandicappedJanuary-June 1981Funds needed to record books for the blind; mother seeks help with handicapped son's medical bills; information about personal care assistance for handicapped; complaint about Office of Protection an
092 0058CL-002HandicappedJuly-December 1981Office of Protection and Advocacy protests its negative depiction in an article published by the Department of Mental Retardation; complaint about the Office of Protection and Advocacy; constituent re
092 0058CL-003Handicapped--Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired1981Commission's legislative agenda; parents express concerns about need for early intervention, better advocacy and facilities for mentally ill hearing impaired; parents express need for psycho-education
092 0058CL-004Handicapped--International Year of Disabled Persons1980-1981Advisory Committee minutes and agenda; federal press and information packet; Governor appoints liaison with the U.S. Council for the International Year of Disabled Persons; Council newsletter and annu
092 0058CL-005Handicapped1982Governor appoints liaison to the National Office on Disability; Office of Protection and Advocacy concerned that Department of Income Maintenance slow in developing regulations for enacting P.A. 82-23
092 0058CL-006Handicapped1983Office of Protection and Advocacy concerned about funding levels for several of its programs; state comments on proposed rules for the federal Developmental Disabilities Program; concern about which
092 0058CL-007Handicapped1984Advocacy group for mentally retarded appalled about rape of retarded residents of convalescent home; Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; state comments on pro
092 0058CL-008Handicapped1985Information concerning the Man in Motion Tour; Governor congratulates rehabilitation facilities on achieving accreditation; trouble implementing P.S. 84-514 requiring the Office of Protection and Advo
092 0058CL-009Handicapped1986Monthly activity report of the Office of Protection and Advocacy; report on a Think Tank on developmental disabilities; urge Governor to fund Minority Outreach Program; urge Governor to enforce handic
092 0058CL-010HandicappedJanuary-April 1987Student expresses concerns for handicapped citizens; disabled constituent requests funds to purchase modified van; unable to obtain health insurance; entertainment organization requests funds to devel
092 0058CL-011HandicappedMay-June 1987Public transportation problems; National Employment Survey for Adults with Developmental Disabilities; Office of Protection and Advocacy strenuously object to state plans to locate residential setting
092 0058CL-012HandicappedJuly-September 1987Problem for disabled to purchase health insurance; criticism of program for reimbursing home adaptations for disabled; need for accessible public transportation; problems finding handicapped parking s
092 0058CL-013HandicappedOctober-December 1987Question about court case involving the Office of Protection and Advocacy, the Division of Rehabilitation Services, and the Department of Education; need for accessible public transportation; wages in
093 0058CL-014HandicappedJanuary-April 1988Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; question about program for the disabled; law passed amplifying public telephones for hearing impaired people; alleged job
093 0058CL-015HandicappedMay-August 1988Information about money earned in sheltered workshop being taken by state government; Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; need to enforce handicapped parking
093 0058CL-016HandicappedSeptember-November 1988Alleged discrimination; need funding for Converse Communication Center; need transportation for disabled in rural communities; protest attacks on New Horizon Village in newspaper; Office of Protection
093 0058CL-017HandicappedDecember 1988Assurances to federal granting agency; constituent sends Governor issues concerning the disabled that should be considered by the legislature; Office of Protection and Advocacy application to National
093 0058CL-018HandicappedJanuary-June 1989Ask Governor for help in obtaining Social Security disability benefits; disabled need help finding employment; disabled individual threatened with eviction from New Horizons Village, needs immediate h
093 0058CL-019HandicappedJuly-August 1989Complaint about Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; review of Connecticut's Client Assistance Program; protest decreases in Department of Mental Retardation budget; problems with Social Security; c
093 0058CL-020HandicappedSeptember-December 1989Accessibility issues; requires Governor's help in obtaining Social Security benefits; Office of Protection and Advocacy director responds to critical report of state's special education advocacy; clie
093 0058CL-021Handicapped--Disability Determination Services1989Physician protests low fee for the Services provide for patient evaluation; description of responsibilities of Determination Services.
093 0058CL-022Handicapped1990Annual work plan and review of activities of the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities; urge Governor to enforce handicapped parking regulations; student requests elevator to
094 0058CL-023[Handicapped--Developmental] Disabilities [Council]1990Annual report; oppose mainstreaming deaf children; Report on Education; Governor describes and defends membership on Council; announcement of available grants; Guide to Personal Assistance in Connect
094 0058CL-024Handicapped--[Reports]1990Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired annual report; audit report on the Office of Protection and Advocacy; Office of Protection and Advocacy annual report.
094 0058CL-025Handicapped1991Audit report on the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired.
094 0059CL-001Health [Services]January-March 1981Complaint about delay in autopsy report; information concerning HMO laws; physicians object to high license renewal fee; physician concerned about lack of beds at hospital; state cancer statistics; in
094 0059CL-002Health [Services]April-July 1981A Policy Statement on the Reappraisal of Long Term Care by the Association of Community Health Service Agencies; state funds needed for emergency response system for the frail elderly; questions about
094 0059CL-003Health [Services]August-December 1981Problems obtaining copies of vital records; problems renewing occupational licenses; oppose Laurel Heights Hospital being converted to prison; question about the Adolescent Pregnancy Act; urge non-smo
094 0059CL-004Health [Services]--Biweekly Reports1981Activity reports.
094 0059CL-005Health [Services]--Homemaker-Health Aide Program1981Urge Governor to allocate funds for the Homemaker-Health Aide training programs at Connecticut community colleges. [Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.]
094 0059CL-006Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsJanuary-March 26, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison; Legal Assistance to Medicare Patients wishes to represent persons at Laurel Heights and other facilities who might be denied Medicare; sugg
094 0059CL-007Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 27, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-008Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 30, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-009Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 31, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-010Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsApril 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
095 0059CL-011Health [Services]--Medical Efficiency Incentives1981Information about a rating system for nursing homes based on quality of care and the federal regulations that prevent its implementation.
095 0059CL-012Health [Services]--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Information concerning termination of a contract between the Department of Health Services and the Department of Mental Retardation; reporting nursing homes violating standards; Commissioner Lloyd con
095 0059CL-013Health [Services]--Robert Wood Johnson Foundation1980-1981Grants made to Connecticut institutions.
095 0059CL-014Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1982June and July.
095 0059CL-015Health [Services]1983Concern about statewide emergency medical services not including volunteers; revisions to nursing regulations to go before Legislative Regulation Review Committee; investigation of complaint against a
095 0059CL-016Health [Services]--Bi-weekly and Monthly Reports1983
095 0059CL-017Health [Services]January-June 1984Student concerned about dangers of smoking, particularly in public places; Long Term Care Commissioner Audrey Wasik's final statement to the Task Force to Study Self-Pay Rates in Nursing Homes; state
095 0059CL-018Health [Services]July-December 1984Governor approves State Health Plan; complaint against department in case involving horses in a residential neighborhood; federal legislation concerning Alzheimer's; update on bacteria problem at the
095 0059CL-019Health [Services]January-June 1985Survey of States on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood; hospice concerned about proposed regulations before the General Assembly; efforts to include Welch's grape juice in the WIC program; complaint
095 0059CL-020Health [Services]July-December 1985State does not recognize new profession of Spineology; concern about retention of medical records; Task Force on Health Care Liability Insurance; concern about fire safety at youth camps; urge Governo
095 0059CL-021Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1985September and October.
095 0059CL-022Health [Services]January-April 1986Concern about laws affecting AIDS testing; report of the Connecticut Medical Examining Board about complaints and enforcement actions concerning physicians; State Health Plan; request Governor form a
095 0059CL-023Health [Services]May-July 1986Investigation of Office of Emergency Medical Services; Southbury residents need water upgrade; Governor instituting program Healthy Start to provide prenatal services to mothers and comprehensive serv
095 0059CL-024Health [Services]August-September 11, 1986Report on progress at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in relation to autopsy backlog and new building; Home Health Care and Public Health Nursing Agency Data Report; request help for Griffin
096 0059CL-025Health [Services]September 20-December 198Youth Challenge facilities not licensed; data on AIDS in Connecticut; urge funding for regional health planning; Governor explains why he vetoed a bill concerning acupuncture; allege state is not doin
096 0059CL-026Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1986
096 0059CL-027Health [Services]January 1987Questions about professional licenses; information on school based health clinics; Connecticut Governor's Committee on Physical Fitness; bi-weekly report; lobbies for recognition and treatment of Envi
096 0059CL-028Health [Services]February 1987Conflict between local health directors and the state regarding confidentiality of records; salmonella food poisoning; strike notices; concern about Alar; department testifies in favor of the Nuclear
096 0059CL-029Health [Services]March 1987Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future Course of Public Health Planning; problems obtaining vital records; funeral homes refuse to transport corpses unless guaranteed payment; personnel issues;
096 0059CL-030Health [Services]April 1987Day care center encounters problem with licensing; need placement for AIDS patients no longer requiring acute care in hospital; Jewish Home for the Elderly requests Governor's help in obtaining approv
096 0059CL-031Health [Services]May 1987 May 1987AIDS education material; Jewish Home for the Elderly seeks approval from the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care for expansion; unhappy with health insurance company; concern for residents of harb
096 0059CL-032Health [Services]--Harbor CrossingMay 1987Investigation of alleged poor patient care in relation to the nurses strike at Harbor Crossing Skilled Nursing Care Facility and the subsequent loss of Medicare approval.
096 0059CL-033Health [Services]June 1987Concern for residents of Harbor Crossing Skilled Nursing Care Facility when federal and state reimbursement stops; Governor designates Lyme Disease Awareness Week; concern about tick problem in state;
096 0059CL-034Health [Services]July 1987Commissioner of Long Term Care asks Governor for personnel review; urge Governor to institute mandatory reporting of Lyme disease, he responds with press release about subject; Milford needs state hel
097 0059CL-035Health [Services]August 1-17, 1987Critical of state's actions to prevent Lyme disease; nursing shortage; need to stop teen addiction to tobacco; person distressed by mistakes on birth certificate; problems obtaining vital records; fed
097 0059CL-036Health [Services]August 24-30, 1987Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant application; Preventive Health and Services Block Grant application; problems renewing nursing license; physician suggests method to contain AIDS; sugges
097 0059CL-037Health [Services]September 1987News release regarding settlement between department and Mountainview Nursing Home; update on precipitation levels and water supply status; nurses counter allegations against Lexington Nursing Home; p
097 0059CL-038Health [Services]October 1-19, 1987Residents of Country Estates subdivision request emergency sewer funds; information and concerns about the nursing shortage; designation of Primary Care Health Manpower Shortage Areas in Connecticut;
097 0059CL-039Health [Services]October 20-31, 1987Funds allocated for AIDS education; Charter Oak Terrace-Rice Heights area of Hartford designated a Health Manpower Shortage Area; concern that salaries of private mental health workers are much lower
097 0059CL-040Health [Services]November 1987Physician protests high cost of malpractice insurance; comments on report from the General Accounting Office concerning health and safety of nursing home residents; personnel issues; concern about nur
097 0059CL-041Health [Services]December 1-14, 1987Concern about and suggestions for solving the nursing shortage; wider availability of condoms can help stop the spread of AIDS; New Haven plans to provide school breakfasts to all children; independen
097 0059CL-042Health [Services]December 15-31, 1987New federal regulation concerning asbestos management in public schools; problem obtaining vital records; company ready to try AIDS vaccine; proposed reform of malpractice insurance; document declarin
098 0059CL-043Health [Services]--Reports1987Interim report, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; bi-weekly reports; professional regulatory activities in 1986; administrative report of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; annual report, D
098 0059CL-044Health [Services]January 1988Demand investigation of advertising practices of chiropractor; question legality of moving father's body from one cemetery to another; oppose smoking in hospitals; complaint about trash in neighborhoo
098 0059CL-045Health [Services]February 1988Congressman Charles Rangle introduces federal legislation, Intravenous Substance Abuse and Aids Prevention Act; groundwater contamination; poor septic system prevents sale of house, ask for Governor's
098 0059CL-046Health [Services]March 1-11, 1988Problem renewing nursing license; criticism of nurses licensing process; information about precarious condition of U.S. health care system; New York resident believes he needs a heart transplant; prob
098 0059CL-047Health [Services]March 14-21, 1988Petitions to General Assembly urging financial support for a pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; letters to Governor and General Assembly members to support pi
098 0059CL-048Health [Services]March 17-31, 1988Annual meeting of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology; letters to Governor and General Assembly members to support pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in ord
098 0059CL-049Health [Services]April 1988Letters and petitions to Governor and General Assembly members to support pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; patients at psychiatric care facility protest rem
098 0059CL-050Health [Services]May 1988Notice of strike resolution; letters to Governor urging support for pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; concerns that state not doing enough to address Lyme di
099 0059CL-051Health [Services]June-July 1988Suggest creation of transplant fund; urge Governor to fund educational program on Shaken Infant Syndrome; criticism of one recommendation of the Nursing Task Force; oppose new emergency medical servic
099 0059CL-052Health [Services]August 1-15, 1988Proposal for AIDS education for Latino community; strike notice; concern about school that is acting as child day care facility; report on Improving Surveillance and Patient Protection in nursing home
099 0059CL-053Health [Services]August 16-31, 1988Department needs more investigators; day care center having problems with application for expansion; Governor agrees with Congressman Waxman in opposing amendments to the federal AIDS Counseling and T
099 0059CL-054Health [Services]September-October 1988Object to AIDS/condom advertisements; Council of State Governments draft report on health care cost containment; consensus statement from Citizens Against the Spread of AIDS; concerned about condition
099 0059CL-055Health [Services]November 1988Object to Rate Determination Form at Uncas Hospital; protest cost of parking at UConn Medical Center; request symposium on chronic fatigue syndrome; department considers administering cosmetology exam
099 0059CL-056Health [Services]December 1988Student nurse alleges harassment from instructors; scandal about septic systems not meeting code in New Fairfield; advocate for victims of environmental illness; Governor approves creation of a trust
099 0059CL-057Health [Services]January 1989Department expresses concern about reported closing of public health programs at Yale Medical School; response to audit; complaint against dentists; concern about nursing shortage; protest use of anim
099 0059CL-058Health [Services]February 1989Survey being taken by AIDS Policy Center; urge stronger no smoking regulations; concern about indoor air quality standards; information about federal Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988; concern fo
100 0059CL-059Health [Services]March 1989Protest use of animals in laboratory testing; implementation of shellfish sanitation standards; concern for future of shellfish industry; notices of federal grants available; Governor declares Connect
100 0059CL-060Health [Services]April 1989Investigation of complaint against physician; question about nurses licensing; concerns about toxic effects of lead in infants; protest moratorium on water system extension in Colchester; protocols fo
100 0059CL-061Health [Services]May 1989Possible harmful effects of pesticides on potatoes and bananas; letter opposing state budget cuts aimed at nursing homes; information on withdrawal of Alar from the market; letters of appreciation to
100 0059CL-062Health [Services]May 25, 1989Petitions opposing the advertising of condoms on television.
100 0059CL-063Health [Services]June 1989Problems obtaining vital records; protest low reimbursement rates for nursing homes; complaints about nurses training program; complaint about undertaker.
100 0059CL-064Health [Services]July 1989Complaint about physician; problem obtaining nursing license; problem obtaining vital records; information about developmental neurotoxicity; concern about safety of drinking water; claims of contamin
100 0059CL-065Health [Services]August 1989Concern about funding level for WIC program; problems obtaining vital records; information about teen pregnancy programs in state; proposal to the Environmental Protection Agency for a cooperative agr
101 0059CL-066Health [Services]September 1989Massachusetts Governor Dukakis critical of federal proposal to shift costs of health care for the poor to the states; concern about funding level for WIC program; protest use of animals for laboratory
101 0059CL-067Health [Services]October 1989Letter writing campaign about premature infants going blind because of fluorescent lights in nurseries; report on AIDS expenditures published by the Intergovernmental Health Policy Project; department
101 0059CL-068Health [Services]November 1989Protest DRG charge from hospital; critical of delay in developing nursing database; concern about funding level for WIC program, including testimonies from women who use the program; Board of Examiner
101 0059CL-069Health [Services]December 1989Problems with licensing a home health agency; delays of Commission on Hospitals and Health in promulgating rates creating problems for hospitals; problems obtaining funeral director license; health ma
101 0059CL-070Health ServicesJanuary-February 1990Report of poor food handling practices; urge Governor to continue funding for elderly nutrition program; question requirements for psychology licensure; physician and nurse protest high license renewa
101 0059CL-071Health ServicesMarch 1990Workers' compensation case; oppose bill that would abolish the Commission on Long Term Care; department needs to fill vacant staff positions; resident of health care center alleges harassment; claim t
101 0059CL-072Health ServicesApril 1-16, 1990State cooperation in ameliorating Westerly, RI, water shortage; urge Governor to fund Red Cross Bone Marrow Testing Program; request letter of support for funding Adolescent Family Life Program in Bri
101 0059CL-073Health ServicesApril 17, 1990Update on complaint against physician; request letter of support for funding Adolescent Family Life Program in New Britain, and copy of federal grant application.
102 0059CL-074Health ServicesApril 18-27, 1990Problems obtaining vital records; update on air quality at Bulkeley High School in Hartford; support application of Yale-New Haven Hospital to upgrade one unit and construct a children's hospital; see
102 0059CL-075Health ServicesApril 25, 1990Request Governor's review of grant proposal for Adolescent Family Life Demonstration funding from service agency in Willimantic.
102 0059CL-076Health ServicesMay 1-3, 1990Application for continuation of cooperative agreement, Demonstration Program for State Health Departments to Conduct Health Assessments, with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; appl
102 0059CL-077Health ServicesMay 15-31, 1990Notice of federal funds for community-based health services for those infected with HIV; protest federal cuts for medical research; physician strenuously objects to revised medical case review procedu
102 0059CL-078Health ServicesJune 1990Complaint against optician; request legislation banning smoking on buses; protest use of animals in laboratory testing; cannot afford health care costs for wife with Alzheimer's; strike notice; parent
102 0059CL-079Health Services--[Independence Manor]June 1990Residents and families protest Medicare decertification of Independence Manor, a skilled nursing facility.
102 0059CL-080Health ServicesJuly 1990Object to federal government report critical of alternative medical treatments; protest Medicare decertification of Independence Manor, a skilled nursing facility; information on federal cuts of AIDS
102 0059CL-081Health ServicesAugust-October 1990Emergency rooms need to treat drug users more effectively; object to state employees taking educational leave with pay; reports and resolutions from health care organizations; creation of Occupational
102 0059CL-082Health ServicesNovember-December 1990Problems obtaining vital records; nurses object to the Resident Assessment Instrument and the Minimum Data Set in determining staffing in long term care facilities; announcement of federal funds for A
102 0059CL-083Health Services--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Annual report concerning physician complaints, investigations, and regulatory actions; bi-weekly report for July; explanation of educational leave policy of department.
103 0059CL-084Health Services--Zachmanoglou [Case]1990Allegations and evidence of abuse of mentally ill in Family Care Homes presented by Katina and Maria Zachmanoglou.
103 0059CL-085Health Services1991Department audit report.
103 0059CL-086[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1984Proposed applications for Teenage Pregnancy and Prevention Program funds and request for Governor's comments.
103 0059CL-087[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1986Letters of support for Governor's comprehensive health care program on infant mortality; information about a nationwide adolescent pregnancy network; United Way of Connecticut sponsors panel on adoles
103 0059CL-088[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1987Governor endorses request for funding for a comprehensive teen pregnancy program from the Hispanic Health Council; urge Commissioner Adams to support Governor's budget initiative for a teenage pregnan
103 0059CL-089[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy--Grant application1987Request for Governor's comments on grant application for an Adolescent Family Life Program in Bridgeport, along with a copy of the application.
103 0059CL-090[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy--Grant application1988Information about the Mothers Offering Mothers Support program at New Britain General Hospital; resolution of New Haven Board of Aldermen urging state action to address needs of pregnant teenagers; ur
103 0059CL-091[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1983Monthly activity reports, September to November.
103 0059CL-092[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1984Commissioner opposes plan limiting the number of nursing home beds for new construction in 1990; Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) undertaking study of MRI literature to provide information
103 0059CL-093[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1986Monthly activities reports; dispute over Danbury Hospital's request to commence providing cardiac surgery; information about establishing a Behavior Effectuation Center in the state; Congresswoman Nan
103 0059CL-094[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareJanuary-July 1987Question the appeal process regarding DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) charges; angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; state too r
103 0059CL-095[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareAugust-December 1987Angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; physician objects to lack of MRI equipment in New Haven area; question the appeal proces
103 0059CL-096[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1987Catholic Family Services questions the need for an additional license to provide alcohol counseling at its outpatient psychiatric facility. Commission responds with copy of state regulations and appli
103 0059CL-097[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareJanuary 1988Angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest Commission's reduction in allowed budget for Hartford Hospital; concern about nursing shortage
104 0059CL-098[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareFebruary-April 1988Angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest Commission's reduction in allowed budget for Hartford Hospital; question about the certificate
104 0059CL-099[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareMay-December 1988Question necessity of continuing Commission; protest increase in hospital rates; angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; Senator
104 0059CL-100[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1989Market for used and outdated hospital equipment; angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest high costs of health insurance; concern about
104 0059CL-101[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1990Marketing research study concerning the feasibility of an emergency center in Marlborough; protest lack of heart-lung machine at Norwalk Hospital; Yale-New Haven Hospital requests Governor's support o
104 0059CL-102[Health Services]--CHHC--[Coalition of Taft-Hartley Funds]1990Union health funds notify hospitals that some of their guidelines are restrictive regarding auditing bills for services. More than one employer contributes to a Taft-Hartley Health Insurance Plan trus
104 0059CL-103[Health Services]--CHHC--[Life Star]1990Letters in support of second Life Star helicopter for Hartford Hospital.
104 0059CL-104[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1981Minutes of the Advisory Board on Long Term Care; procedures for handling nursing home complaints; need for emergency shelter for elderly; protest high fees paid by private pay patients in nursing home
104 0059CL-105[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1982-1983Request investigation of care given elderly woman; grant proposal to Health Care Financing Administration; request for interpretation by Jay Jackson of P.A. 83-337 concerning a new Advisory Board on L
104 0059CL-106[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1986Governor appoints a Commission on Private and Public Responsibilities for Financing Long Term Care for the Elderly; concern about language on Nursing Home Administrator's license; urge Commission to h
104 0059CL-107[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1987Concern about proper treatment for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury; complaint against nursing home is being investigated; Coordinator Audrey Wasik praises Governor on his efforts to address financin
105 0059CL-108[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1988Agenda for Commission meeting to include approval of interagency policy on community based respite and discussion of raised committee bill 5060, An Act Concerning Nursing Homes; minutes of previous me
105 0059CL-109[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1989Certified Nursing Assistants petition to protest required re-certification.
105 0059CL-110[Health Services]--E.M.S. [Emergency Medical Services1981Office of Emergency Medical Services commended for extra efforts during nursing home strike and Governor Grasso's funeral; outline of problems between the state E.M.S. and the regional services; Depar
105 0059CL-111[Health Services--Emergency Medical Services1988Thank Governor for attending EMS Conference.
105 0059CL-112[Health Services]--E.M.S. [Emergency Medical Services]1989Results of investigation of complaint about response time; protest lack of death benefits for EMS personnel when not in an emergency situation.
105 0059CL-113[Health Services--Medical Examiner]1986Urge Governor to suspend/fire Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Catherine Galvin pending investigation of allegation that she brought her dogs into the autopsy room and alleged poor administration (she resig
105 0059CL-114[Health Services]--Medical Examiner1988Search for new Chief Medical Examiner will be nationwide; protest the modest increase in the office's budget; annual administrative report.
105 0059CL-115[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners1981Question about licensing nurses from out of state; complaints about heat in room where nursing examination taken.
105 0059CL-116[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners1983Evaluate need for nursing education consultant; concern about the selection process in hiring nurse consultant; revised nursing regulations.
105 0059CL-117[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners--Contract1983Personal service agreements; discussion of and attempts to renew Elaine Waudby's contract as education consultant; minutes of the Board of Examiners for Nursing meeting; review of duties performed by
105 0059CL-118[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners--Contract1984Connecticut League for Nursing concerned about the status of the State Board of Nursing Examiners.
105 0059CL-119[Health Services]--Statewide Health Coordinating Council1983Meeting minutes and agendas; state health plan; need projections for nursing home beds; report on Health Maintenance Organizations.
105 0059CL-120[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-March 1981Request formal audit of Heath Service Area I; Bridgeport designated health manpower shortage area; letter of intent indicating state's interest in participating in the White House Interagency Independ
105 0059CL-121[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesMay-December 1981Revisions to state health plan; department announces demonstration project to train and employ recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children as homemakers and health aides; state comments on p
105 0059CL-122[Health Services]--U.S. Dept., H and HS--Community Services1981Announcement of new organization in the Department, the Office of Community Services; federal grant award notices.
106 0059CL-123[Health Services--U.S.] Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-June 1982List of state's proposals for Office of Human Development discretionary funding; warning that state not meeting its target Medicaid quality control error rates; Governor expresses support for grant pr
106 0059CL-124[Health Services--U.S.] Department, Health and Human ServicesJuly-December 1982Governor supports grant proposal of the New England Farm Worker's Council; state comments about proposed federal rules; loss of designation for the State Health Planning and Development Agency; grant
106 0059CL-125[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-August 1983Designation of medically underserved areas in state; procedures for waiver requests; state comments on proposed amendments to Medicare and Medicaid Programs; state compliance with block grants to be r
106 0059CL-126[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesSeptember-October 1983State comments on proposed federal regulations and rules; plans for implementing distribution of federal grant money; invitations to state to apply for federal block grants; designation of health manp
106 0059CL-127[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesNovember-December 1983State comments on proposed federal regulations and rules; research about and Governor's agreement to hold evidentiary hearings for recipients of Social Security Disability benefits; grant award notice
106 0059CL-128[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJanuary-April 1984Governor explains why the Department of Human Services underwent a federal audit; changes in social security programs; Governor makes case for federal support of Community Health Centers; Governor pro
106 0059CL-129[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesMay-July 1984Designation agreement; requests for designation as health manpower shortage area; state comments on proposed federal rules; grant award notice; call for celebrating a Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies M
106 0059CL-130[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesAugust-December 1984Designation of health manpower shortage areas; Department's position on H.R. 4762, the Compassionate Pain Relief Act; National Emergency Repatriation Plan; Department to brief legislature and state D
106 0059CL-131[Health Services--U.S. Department] Health and Human [Services]1985Assurance for community services block grants; state fails to meet its AFDC payment target error rate; announcement of new program, Refugee Assistance Program-Mental Health; Governor supports grant ap
107 0059CL-132[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1986State comments on proposed federal rules; request for and Governor's support of designation as health manpower shortage areas; federal audits of grant awards; notice that skilled nursing facility is l
107 0059CL-133[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1987Grant award notice; designation of health manpower shortage areas; state fails to meet its AFDC payment target error rate; Governor consents to grant awards; Governor supports application by New York
107 0059CL-134[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1988Agency reports; designation of health manpower shortage areas; application procedures; announcement of new grant; Department plans household mailing on AIDS; new AFDC requirements; estate recovery of
107 0059CL-135[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJanuary-April 1989Need to address problem of infant mortality; reports; Connecticut Child Support Enforcement System receives certification from the Department; announcement of new grant program; impact of new Family S
107 0059CL-136[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJune 1989Grant proposal for teen pregnancy program; state has one of the first JOBS plans approved under the Family Support Act of 1988.
107 0059CL-137[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesSeptember-December 1989Request for designation of health manpower shortage area; constituent having problems obtaining social security benefits; Connecticut required to assess health manpower shortage in the state; notice
107 0059CL-138[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human Services1990State senator urges agency heads to apply for federal funds; concern about teenage smoking; Department reports; announcement of federal funds for Head Start demonstration projects.
107 0059CL-139[Health Services--Women's Health Network1986Need to educate women regarding the health aspects of abortion, Governor responds that state clinics do provide counseling.
107 0060CL-001Hispanic Affairs1987Invitation to CAUSA (Connecticut Association for United Spanish Action meeting; directory of agencies serving Hispanics; Governor and state agency heads to meet with members of CAUSA information about
107 0060CL-002Hispanic AffairsJanuary-July 1988Information about Hispanic Scouting; list of Hispanic individuals appointed and elected to political positions; letter of support for work of CAUSA; notice of report on needs of Hispanics in the North
107 0060CL-003Hispanic AffairsAugust-December 1988Concerns about the Bilingual Vocational Training Program; Marilynn compiles and distributes newspaper clippings about Hispanic issues; Marilynn helps Puerto Rican woman find job and writes a letter of
107 0060CL-004Hispanic Affairs1989Complaint against CAUSA; Marilynn receives Citizen of the Year Award from the Spanish Speaking Center; Senator Lieberman interested in hiring Hispanic personnel for his Connecticut office; information
107 0060CL-005Hispanic Affairs1990Governor attests to the service provided by a Spanish language television program; updates to mailing lists for Hispanic community; information about an Executive Order on Hispanic Education; allegati
108 0061CL-001HistoricalJanuary-March 1981New Haven Colony Historical Society seeks state funding for special project on government patronage of the arts; invitation to Governor to serve as Honorary Director of the Old State House Association
108 0061CL-002HistoricalApril-December 1981Citizen seeking support for a Bicentennial of the Constitution; resolution from the Connecticut Bicentennial Commemoration of the Battle of Groton Heights Committee urging designation of Fort Griswold
108 0061CL-003Historical1982Thank you to Governor for interest in preserving history; request for historical information; alleged malfeasance in state-funded historic preservation activities; grant of paint by the National Trust
108 0061CL-004Historical--German-American Tricentennial1983Information about and naming of liaison from the state Historical Commission to the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial to celebrate the first German settlement in America.
108 0061CL-005Historical1984Request help in securing funding to restore the ca. 1790 home of Oliver Coolidge, ancestor of President Calvin Coolidge; analysis of the composition of the State Historical Commission; house accepted
108 0061CL-006Historical1985Resolutions passed by the Connecticut Historical Commission; questions about Connecticut's plans to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Constitution.
108 0061CL-007Historical1986U.S. Department of the Interior's plans for commemorating the bicentennial of the Constitution; Special Act passed concerning recognition of Gustave Whitehead, pioneer aviator.
108 0061CL-008Historical1987Suggestion for historic site; request for historical information; state should commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Charter Oak Tree incident; Historic Preservation Fund allocations; information c
108 0061CL-009Historical1988Newsletter of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; information about Connecticut patent models; resident wants to donate historic house to the state; neighborhood opposition to an expanded
108 0061CL-010Historical1989Urge Governor to support the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and the Office of State Archaeologist; request for historical information; Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board
108 0061CL-011Historical1990Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board requests Governor's assistance in preventing the move of the National Archives from Waltham to Pittsfield, MA; annual report of Connecticut Historic
108 0062CL-001Honorary1981Invitations to and acceptances of the Governor to serve as an honorary chairman of committees, boards and organizations.
108 0062CL-002Honorary1982Award of honorary membership in the New England Society in the City of New York; invitation to serve as honorary patron of the F.D.R. Anniversary Committee; invitation and acceptance to serve as Honor
108 0062CL-003Honorary1986Thank you to Governor for serving as honorary chairman of the Connecticut Campaign for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
108 0063CL-001HousingJanuary-March 1981Elderly residents complain about increased rent, request Section 8 subsidy; Commissioner and the Central Housing Committee defend the state's Three Year Housing Plan; action needed to alleviate Hartfo
108 0063CL-002HousingApril-June 1981Alleged discrimination in housing; fact sheet about groundbreaking at Enfield Elderly Housing Project; elderly residents complain about increased rent, request Section 8 subsidy; employers and individ
109 0063CL-003HousingJuly-October 1981Oppose low-income housing in neighborhood; landlord/tenant disputes; tenant protests eviction; tenants concerned about maintenance of state-owned apartment building; state representative requests expl
109 0063CL-004HousingNovember-December 1981Congregate housing facility may be forced to close; town urges Governor to support federal and state funding for constructing elderly housing; request federal or state funding to change heating plant
109 0063CL-005Housing--Bi-weekly reports1981
109 0063CL-006Housing--Condo[minium] Conv[ersion]1979-1981Summary of condominium conversion proposals; legislation from other states regarding condominium conversion and other background information from journals and reports gathered by Representative Richar
109 0063CL-007Housing--Condo[minium Conversion] Questionnaire Responses1980-1981Summary of legal opinions on the constitutionality of declaring moratorium on condominium conversions; bills concerning condominiums and conversion; opinions from Connecticut legislators concerning pr
1090063CL-008Housing--Condo[minium] Conversion--Working File1979-1981Research and background information and memoranda to the General Assembly about condominium conversion gathered by Representative Richard Tulisano, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
1090063CL-009Housing--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Report to Treasurer on housing contract with federal government; comments on the joint meeting of the Central Housing Committee and the Department's Three Year Plan Task Force; allocation of federal A
1090063CL-010HousingJanuary-April 1982Concerns about lack of affordable housing; status report on congregate housing project in Stamford; Seymour Tenant's Association request meeting with Commissioner about problems with local housing aut
1090063CL-011HousingMay-December 1982Request Governor's help securing second phase of housing project; federal government studying housing in southwest Connecticut; individual requests use of surplus mobile home from Windsor Locks tornad
1090063CL-012Housing1983Governor approves emergency regulations needed to implement the heating conversion loan program; Governor approves bond issue for rehabilitating buildings as affordable rental housing.
1090063CL-013Housing1984Complaint about processing of Section 8 application; allocation of funds for elderly housing project in Griswold; Governor approves bond issue for rehabilitating building as affordable rental housing;
1100063CL-014Housing1985Governor designates liaison to HUD for Fair Housing Month; contractor complains about not getting paid for services to the Heritage Community Development Corporation project; concern about housing cri
1100063CL-015Housing--Memos to/from Commissioner1985Community Development Block Grant Program Minority Business Enterprise Goals; recommendations for recipients of State Neighborhood Rehabilitation grants; housing authorities and developers of state as
1100063CL-016Housing--Beardsley Terrace1985-1986Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings concerning the lack of heat at Beardsley Gardens in November 1985; Tenants' Association request meeting place; petition demanding resignation of Connecti
1100063CL-017Housing1986Governor approves emergency regulations needed to implement a pilot program of rent subsidies for low-income families living in privately owned rental housing; protest condominium conversions; concern
1100063CL-018Housing--Bloomfield1986Letters concerning the withdrawal of Section 8 designation from an apartment complex due to the manager's fraud, and the relocation of tenants receiving assistance.
1100063CL-019HousingJanuary-February 1987Department needs to extend deadline for determining recipients of Municipal Housing Trust Fund grants; protest prosecution of property owners by housing courts; elderly cannot find affordable housing
1100063CL-020HousingMarch 1987Citizen claims developers are not reserving the required 10% of units built for those with low or medium income; question about the Condominium Conversion law; concern about housing crisis; asks Gover
1100063CL-021HousingApril 1987Citizen explains financial and housing situation; history of PILOT payments to Hartford and Meriden; ten year overview of the Housing Authority of the City of Hartford illustrating constant lack of su
1100063CL-022HousingMay-June 1987Problems with landlord; Small Cities Community Development Block Grant contract; press releases concerning grant allocations; allegation that developer is circumventing condominium conversion laws; at
1100063CL-023HousingJuly 1987Complaints about rental property; request for funding to rehabilitate 1940s era federal emergency housing for low and moderate-income families; complaint about conditions at condominium complex in Dan
1100063CL-024HousingAugust 1987Need public housing; suggest using state surplus for low and moderate income housing; complaint about increasing rental fees; protest rule prohibiting residents in state-assisted housing to have pets;
1110063CL-025HousingSeptember 1987Alternative to rebuilding Father Panic Village in Bridgeport; criticism of the Fairfield 2000 Housing Force report; Department press releases about grant and bond awards; request for Section 8 housing
1110063CL-026HousingOctober 1987Oppose expansion of public housing complex; alleged negligence of landlord; Wethersfield proposes model for helping young couples purchase homes; suggestion of underlying problem causing lack of affor
1110063CL-027HousingNovember-December 1987Urge Governor to continue supporting efforts to provide affordable housing; concern about administration of the Rental Assistance Program; question about appointees to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Ho
1110063CL-028Housing--Monthly and Annual Reports1987
1110063CL-029HousingJanuary 1988Suggest rent stabilization to assist elderly; zoning laws exclusionary; protest rising rental fees; proposal for congregate housing in West Haven; concern about affordable housing and housing for the
1110063CL-030HousingFebruary 1988Urge state to purchase land in Meriden for affordable housing; concern about increase in rental fees; suggest state lease land to prospective homeowners; East Hartford concerned about eligibility for
1110063CL-031HousingMarch 1988Protest rules that prohibit pets in some public housing; concerns about exclusionary zoning; concerns about location and continuing lack of affordable housing; oppose expansion of public housing compl
1110063CL-032HousingApril-July 1988Need for affordable housing; impact of Federal legislation on housing programs; questions concerning the state's Reverse Annuity Mortgage Program; needs help with rent; concern about homelessness; new
1110063CL-033HousingAugust-September 1988Protest increase in rental fees; application for Tenant Management Grant and a review; landlord trying to impose rental fee higher than that accepted by the Department; oppose expansion of housing pro
1120063CL-034HousingOctober-November 1988Trouble securing Section 8 assistance; NAACP and individuals urge Governor to address the poor minorities and close welfare hotels; correspondence and newspaper articles about the proposed expansion o
1120063CL-035HousingDecember 1988Need for affordable housing; concern about possible radon in public housing units; suggest sites for public housing; state employee critical of state for not providing her with affordable housing; lan
1120063CL-036HousingJanuary-February 1989Former landlord has not returned security deposit; question about renters insurance; concern about lack of affordable housing; lack of maintenance at apartment complex; wants Governor to intervene wit
1120063CL-037HousingMarch 1989Suggested solution to housing shortage; need elderly housing, cannot afford current rent; concern about Land Bank/Land Trust freeze; builder proposes constructing affordable housing units; landlord qu
1120063CL-038HousingApril 1989Position paper on affordable housing; object to proposed conveyance tax; small business inquires about eligibility for relocation funds; allege municipality does not fund minority organizations; Hispa
1120063CL-039HousingMay 1989Annual report of Connecticut Housing Investment Fund; request for help finding affordable housing; Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program, 1989 Final Program Statement; landlord compla
1120063CL-040HousingJune-July 1989Report to the Governor and General Assembly on the Congregate Housing for the Elderly Program; transcript of hearing before a housing session of the Superior Court; application for a bonus voucher all
1120063CL-041HousingAugust-October 1989Protest increase in rental fees; Central Housing Committee's perspective on proposed Housing Compacts; concern about safety at homeless shelter; personnel issues; need for affordable housing critical
1120063CL-042HousingNovember-December 1989Seeking Section 8 assistance; question about rent stabilization bill; Judeo Christian Women Inc. want to develop an apartment house into low income housing; Killingly's application for constructing e
1130063CL-043Housing--Berlin Mobile Home1989-1990Correspondence, memoranda, notes and newspaper clippings concerning the eviction and relocation of mobile home park residents in Berlin.
1130063CL-044HousingJanuary-February 1990Poor condition of federal housing complex; state plans encourage private condominium developers to sell units to not-for-profit organizations for affordable housing; suggest state control real estate
1130063CL-045HousingMarch-April 1990Complaint about conditions at federal housing project; support for and opposition to the Connecticut Housing Finance and Development Authority; praise for CHFA funding for first time homebuyers; conce
1130063CL-046HousingMay-July 1990Complaint about Section 8 designation process; concern about future of housing cooperative; complaint about conditions at senior housing complex; suggestion for increasing homeownership for low and mo
1130063CL-047HousingAugust-December 1990Homeless shelters seeking donations; New Britain applying for a federal grant under the Public Housing Drug Elimination program; protest Department's rejection of bid; suggest rent control; Independen
1130063CL-048Housing--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1990Rental Assistance for New Units Pilot never started due to budget constraints; Report to the General Assembly, Assessment of the Development of Congregate Housing for the Elderly; Small Cities Communi
1130063CL-049Housing1991Invitation to the grand opening of Faith Manor, an elderly housing complex in Hartford.
1130063CL-050Housing--Bond Commission RequestsJanuary-February 1990Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission.
1140063CL-051Housing--Bond Commission RequestsApril 1990Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission.
1140063CL-052Housing--Bond Commission RequestsMay 1990Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission.
1140063CL-053Housing--Bond Commission RequestsJune-August 1990Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission.
1140063CL-054Housing--Bond Commission RequestsSeptember-November 1990Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission.
1140063CL-055Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1981Bought house with contaminated well, needs help relocating; request information about qualifying for mortgage financing; drawing of sign placed at CHFA projects; summary of the Mortgage Subsidy Bond T
1140063CL-056Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1982Warn new homeowner he must make the house his primary residence or the mortgage will be due in full; CHFA press releases; complaints about mortgage officers, CHFA staff and the application process; Se
1140063CL-057Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1983Federal Ways and Means Committee mark-up of legislation restricting the issuance of tax-exempt industrial development bonds.
1140063CL-058Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1984Announcement that the U.S. House and Senate adopted tax legislation that includes a mortgage revenue bond extension; question about application procedure for mortgage assistance; notice of public hear
1140063CL-059Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1985Recommendation for Executive Director of the CHFA; press release; problems with a VA mortgage; Governor's request to CHFA for $10 million fund for two- and three-family homes.
1140063CL-060Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1986Information concerning a foreclosure; need help finding affordable home.
1140063CL-061Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1987Complaints about quality of construction of homes built by U.C. Development, Inc. for CHFA's Pilot Single Family Construction Loan Program; refugees request assistance with securing mortgage and const
1150063CL-062Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]1988Question about process of choosing attorneys for closings; complaint about mortgage application process; Connecticut Congressional delegation supports extension of the Mortgage Revenue Bond program; a
1150063CL-063[Housing--CHFA--Conn.] Housing Finance [Authority]1989Questions and complaints about eligibility guidelines for CHFA loans for first time homebuyers; information concerning certification of appraisers; press release; protest housing inspection; Affirmati
1150063CL-064[Housing]--Conn. Housing [Finance] Authority1990CHFA not fulfilling contract compliance regulations; press release; problems with septic tank in home recently purchased; questions about eligibility guidelines for CHFA loans; Low Income Housing Tax
1160063CL-065Housing--[Elderly Housing]1982Towns seek funding for construction of elderly housing units; protest increase in rental fees.
1160063CL-066Housing--[Elderly Housing]1983Governor writes letter of support to Salvation Army for its plans to develop elderly housing units; response to auditors report.
1160063CL-067Housing--[Elderly Housing] East Hampton Senior Citizen Housing1984Dispute among the construction company, the architect and the inspector for the East Hampton project; investigation of claims; architectural drawings.
1160063CL-068Housing--Homeless1986Concerns expressed for the homeless; suggestion for providing shelter.
1160063CL-069[Housing]-Homeless1987Support for proposal by My Sister's Place for transitional housing; second report of the Task Force on Homelessness; concern about homeless in the state, Governor describes actions taken; neighbors op
1160063CL-070Housing--Homeless1988Suggestions for solving homeless problem or for providing shelter; urge Appropriations Committee to approve legislation to provide or expand funding for programs that alleviate hunger; information ab
1160063CL-071[Housing]--Homeless1989Organizations want to develop transitional housing; assurances to secure a grant under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Act; concern for homeless in the state; letters concerning 300 families who face
1160063CL-072[Housing]--Homeless1990Suggest use of closed hotel as shelter for homeless; suggestions for addressing homelessness; concern about homeless in the state; concern for families whose homes burned; protest city of Stamford clo
1160063CL-073Housing--[Housing Authorities]1982Seymour Housing Authority Tenants Association concerned about possible eviction; requests Governor's help in obtaining an apartment through Hartford Housing Authority; adequate heat is problem at some
1160063CL-074Housing--New Britain Housing Authority1984Management plan for four projects; report of poor maintenance at Moderate Rental Projects; two facilities are in poor financial condition; Department efforts to collect delinquent mortgage accounts; i
1160063CL-075Housing--[Housing Authorities]1984Request for opinion on legality of actions taken by the Chairman of the Bridgeport Housing Authority; Stratford Housing Authority applying to State Bond Commission for funds to build elderly housing;
1160063CL-076Housing--[Rentals/Tenants]1982Complaints about tenants; question about protection of tenants affected by condominium conversion; negotiations among the facility management company, the Department and the Beardsley Terrace Tenants
1160063CL-077Housing--Rentals/Tenants1983Question about protection of tenants affected by condominium conversion.
1160063CL-078Housing--Small Cities Program1982Proposed program statement for the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant program; comments about the program statement; Department preparing to assume control of the Small Cities Program; pos
1160063CL-079Housing--Small Cities Program1983State is prepared to assume responsibility of grants for nonentitlement areas; town's application never received.
1170063CL-080Housing--Urban Homesteading1982Urge Commissioner to employ emergency regulations to implement the Urban Homestead Revolving Fund; Bridgeport Mayor requests status report of the program.
1170063CL-081Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]January-April 1981State comments on federal rules concerning Section 8 Housing Assistance payments; information about and from the Council on Development Choices for the '80s; information and call for action about the
1170063CL-082Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]June-December 1981Protest increase in rent every two years; memoranda concerning Comprehensive Planning Assistance grant applications; notice of grant award; state decision to administer Small Cities grants; federal au
1170063CL-083Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1981Complaints about the unfinished condition of homes and landscape at the Pinecrest Development in Waterbury. HUD has investigated.
1170063CL-084[Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1982Federal audit of grants; Governor supports interim regulations for Community Development Block Grants State's Program; proposal turned down; invitation to participate in the Small Business Economic Re
1170063CL-085[Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1983Notice of grant awards; state comments on proposed federal rule concerning public housing; Governor writes in support of an Urban Development Action Grant application; Financial Advisory Service now
1170063CL-086[Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1984State participation in Rental Rehabilitation Program Demonstration; list of Department employees and organizational charts; audit of Housing Assistance Payment Program and Department's response; activ
1170063CL-087Housing--[HUD, U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1985Information about New Horizons Housing Opportunity Program; Governor writes letter of support for West Haven grant application.
1170063CL-088Housing--[HUD] U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development1986Transcriptions of public hearings concerning proposed rehabilitation of homes in Stamford; management review of the state's Low Income Public Housing Program; federal audit of Department administered
1170063CL-089[Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1987Statement of intent to participate in Emergency Shelter Grants Program and copy of grant agreement; information about Fair Housing Month; results of study of housing vouchers vs. Section 8 certificate
1170063CL-090Housing--[HUD, U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1988National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards to work with HUD and the National Governors Association to improve standards for manufactured housing; grant agreement; anniversary of fed
1170063CL-091[Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]1989Request investigation of Bridgeport Housing Authority contractor bidding; Governor writes letter of support for Bridgeport Housing Authority grant application; due process determination concerning evi
1170063CL-092[Housing--HUD] Housing & Urban Development, U.S. Dept. of1990Grant application for Section 8 certificates unacceptable.
1170063CL-093Housing--[Weatherization Program]1984Information concerning the Weatherization/Conservation Demonstration Program in Connecticut; notice of fund availability.
1170063CL-094Housing--[Weatherization Program]1985Housing Authority of the City of Hartford protests not receiving grant funds.
1170063CL-095Housing--[World Housing]1986Individual markets his designs for affordable housing, asks to make presentation in person; follow up letter.
1180064CL-001Human ResourcesJanuary-April 1981Problems with contract between Connecticut Legal Services and the Department; recommendations of the Connecticut Rural Development Council sub-committee on Building Local Capacity; concern about pay s
1180064CL-002Human ResourcesMay-August 1981Urge Department and Governor to continue funding legal services for Medicare patients and the poor; request for information on need for day care facilities in southwestern Connecticut; right to die ca
1180064CL-003Human ResourcesSeptember 1981Concern about Federal cuts threatening Title XX Services, Title XX Training, and supplemental day care; client critical of homemakers who provide his care; support Department's position regarding day
1180064CL-004Human ResourcesOctober-December 1981Request Governor's help finding housing; urge Governor to fund child abuse programs; concern about continued funding for Converse Communications Center; concern about federal budget cuts affecting Tit
1180064CL-005Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportJanuary-April 1981Includes attachments and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-006Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportMay-August 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-007Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportSeptember-October 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-008Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportNovember-December 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-009Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ManningJanuary-April 1981Title XX Master Training Agreement; Rural Housing Improvement, Inc., budget and work program; summer busing program to take disadvantaged youth to state recreation area; grant award notices; report on
1180064CL-010Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ManningMay-December 1981Department to draft of regulations for emergency repatriation plan; report on visit to client in need of financial assistance; problems meeting client's needs; annual report on the operation of Title
1190064CL-011Human Resources--Refugee Resettlement1981Department of Income Maintenance designated by Governor Grasso as lead agency; copy of the Refugee Act of 1980 and state coordinator's commentary; updates on transition of refugee resettlement coordin
1190064CL-012Human Resources1982Review of grant application for refugee resettlement program; impact of federal cuts to WIN program; update on block grant administration; protest cuts to Infoline funding; review of illegal alien pop
1190064CL-013Human ResourcesJuly-December 1982Problems with grant funding for rape crisis centers; information about legislation sponsoring Upward Bound, Student Services and Talent Search; federal audit disallows allocation of Title XX training
1190064CL-014Human Resources--[Child Support]1982Request help getting child support payments; notice sent by Department warning those who are delinquent making child support payments that the IRS may offset their federal tax refund as a result; hard
1190064CL-015Human Resources--[Day Care]1982Appeal to Governor to continue subsidized day care; suggest using schools as day care centers; protest fee structure.
1190064CL-016Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982Policy statement regarding the Parent Deinstitutionalization Subsidy Aid Pilot Program; Community Service Block Grant spending allocations.
1190064CL-017Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-July 1983Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports.
1190064CL-018Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1983Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports.
1190064CL-019Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]January-August 1983The First Four Years and Highlights of 1982; summary of information about the 1982 summer busing program; report that H'Mong plan to settle in eastern Connecticut, without notifying Governor; U.S. De
1200064CL-020Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]September-December 1983Report on recovery of unexpended program funds due to the state; recommendations on cost containment measures; difficulties staffing the Governor's Information Bureau; Governor gives permission to Dep
1200064CL-021Human Resources1984Survey to gather data for the Task Force on Homelessness; briefing paper on the Refugee Favorable Alternate Sites Demonstration Project; housing-employment data pertaining to Refugee Resettlement prop
1200064CL-022Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1984Information about child support disallowance imposed on Department; results of survey of homeless shelters undertaken by the Governor's Task Force on the Homeless; regulations for child care facilitie
1200064CL-023Human Resources1985Hispanic community approves of new Deputy Commissioner; copy of the federal Human Services Reauthorization Act; information about day care planning; food plan of the Thames Valley Council for Communit
1200064CL-024Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]1985Recommendations for implementing new federal legislation addressing child sexual abuse in day care settings; distribution of child abuse training funds; summer busing program information; bi-weekly re
1200064CL-025Human Resources1986Opinion on parents' role in the schools; request assistance getting Social Security Disability; concern about lack of day care in Vernon and regulation requiring no more than two children under the ag
1200064CL-026Human Resources -- Bi-weekly Reports1986
1200064CL-027Human Resources -- [Memos to/from Commissioner]1986Present State of the Surplus Commodities Program; response to audit recommendations.
1200064CL-028Human ResourcesJanuary-March 1987Request additional state funds for Cambodian refugees in the state; request Governor's help getting child support payments; report of neighbor stealing personal items from person's apartment; need Sec
1200064CL-029Human ResourcesApril-June 1987Service agency requests state funds; need help finding affordable housing; concern for the homeless; information about World Gratitude Day; Governor approves federal grants to Connecticut agencies; ne
1200064CL-030Human ResourcesJuly-August 1987Request Governor's help getting child support payments; oppose changes to WIN program; critical of Bristol town government; need help finding housing; concerns about application process for the Parent
1200064CL-031Human ResourcesSeptember 1987Social Service Block Grant allocation plan sent to General Assembly and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; need affordable housing; information concerning the State Legalization Impact Assi
1210064CL-032Human ResourcesOctober 1987Concern for the hungry; information regarding the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act; state plan for distributing Social Service Block Grant funds; praise for day care center; request Governo
1210064CL-033Human ResourcesNovember-December 1987Need assistance finding affordable housing; Governor's response to Senator Dodd concerning the Stewart B. McKinney Memorial residence for persons with Aids; disabled person seeks state employment; sug
1210064CL-034Human Resources -- Bi-weekly Reports1987
1210064CL-035Human Resources -- [Traumatic Brain Injury]1987State need to provide medical and long term care financial assistance for Traumatic Brain Injury victims; final report of the Governor's Traumatic Brain Injury Implementation Committee; need placement
1210064CL-036Human Resources -- [Traumatic Brain Injury Case]1987Information regarding family problems dealing with and coordination of services for victim of Traumatic Brain Injury.
1210064CL-037Human ResourcesJanuary-February 1988Need assistance finding affordable housing; concern about shortage of affordable housing; notice of available federal funds for housing handicapped homeless persons; concern for hungry; annual report
1210064CL-038Human ResourcesMarch-April 1988Request help getting child support payments; designation of State Refugee Coordinator; concern about funding for Bridgeport's Office of Persons with Disabilities; information regarding the Legalizatio
1210064CL-039Human ResourcesMay-June 1988Need assistance finding affordable housing; Governor's certification for a State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant; needs fuel assistance but state turned down application; fathers object to child
1210064CL-040Human ResourcesJuly 1988Problem with fuel assistance program; certifications for State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant; dangerous living situation for mother needs state intervention; need assistance finding affordable
1210064CL-041Human ResourcesAugust 1988Application for Child Development Association Scholarship Assistance Program; minutes, financial summaries, book review and reports sent to members of the Board of Directors of The Institute for Livin
1210064CL-042Human ResourcesSeptember 1988Children's Defense Fund sends information concerning and requests Governor's support of The Act for Better Child Care, H.R. 3660/S. 1885; Commissioner Ginsberg's testimony before the Senate Subcommitt
1220064CL-043Human ResourcesOctober-November 1988Need assistance getting child support payments or changing the order; questions state accountability in wrongful paternity suit; update on client who reported problems with apartment; needs services f
1220064CL-044Human ResourcesDecember 1988Need assistance getting child support payments; neighbors protest homeless shelter in neighborhood; family needs homemaker services; annual report of Thames Valley Council for Community Action; lobbyi
1220064CL-045[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1988Urge Governor to support the Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury Association and state services; client grateful for state services; Connecticut needs its own rehabilitation center for victims of traum
1220064CL-046Human ResourcesJanuary 1989Information concerning the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting; need help getting child support payments; complaint about Head Start program; request help with Social Security;
1220064CL-047Human ResourcesFebruary 1989New federal law, Technology-Related Assistance of Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988 and naming of lead state agency; need help finding affordable housing; need help getting child support payme
1220064CL-048Human ResourcesMarch-April 1989Program instructions for State Dependent Care Development grants; problem with fuel assistance application; need help getting child support payments; need help finding affordable housing; proposal for
1220064CL-049Human ResourcesMay-June 1989Critical of way Department handled a request; report on theft of three vehicles from the Department; protest increase in day care fee schedule; need help getting child support payments; response to au
1220064CL-050Human ResourcesJuly-September 1989Application for funds under the State Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities program; New London continues as a medical manpower shortage area; notes regarding individuals in
1220064CL-051Human ResourcesOctober-November 1989Problems with application for low-income housing; information about Head Start grants in Connecticut; submission to State Suggestion Program; needs help finding day care; need affordable housing; requ
1230064CL-052Human ResourcesDecember 1989Notice of award of Ford Foundation grant; information about Gateway Communities; complaint about condition of apartment; Connecticut Human Resource Development Coordination Guidelines from the Connect
1230064CL-053[Human Resources--Commission on the] Deaf & Hearing Impaired1989Client seeks employment; information about the advisory board to the Commission; Governor expresses appreciation for efforts in reaching a settlement for the message relay system; data for considerin
1230064CL-054Human Resources--Thames Valley Community and Day Care1985File was found among Human Resources files for 1989. Commissioner acknowledges proposals for child care facilities; Thames Valley Council for Community Action wanted offices torn down during expansio
1230064CL-055[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1989Bicycle fund raiser, asks Governor for donation; parents grateful that state will fund out of state rehabilitation for son; critical of state support for victims; families need to find placement for l
1230064CL-056Human ResourcesJanuary-April 1990Needs help with debt consolidation; requests Governor's help getting Section 8 certification; suggestions for solving homeless problem; state to apply for Home Energy Assistance funds; need help findi
1230064CL-057Human ResourcesMay-June 1990Problems obtaining a day care license; request assistance finding affordable housing; process of placing homeless in permanent housing through Rental Assistance Program is too slow; request refund of
1230064CL-058Human ResourcesJuly-December 1990Payments to homemakers overdue; problems obtaining Section 8 certification; concern for homeless; proposed social development program; protest withholding of income tax refund for child support; probl
1230064CL-059[Human Resources--Commission on the] Deaf and Hearing Impaired1990Corrections to newspaper story concerning the state's message relay system; request counseling; question of using TDD when dialing 911; question about long term TDD loan program for young son.
1230064CL-060[Human Resources]--Emergency Housing1990Proposal to Provide Temporary Emergency Housing and Permanent Affordable Housing for Families in Hartford, Connecticut.
1230064CL-061Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1990McKinney Funding Announcements; problem of Department serving a lead agency to administer the state plan for vocational rehabilitation services; Governor requests explanation of auditors' findings.
1230064CL-062[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1990Family needs placement and rehabilitation for TBI victim; family decries lack of funding for medical and vocational help; Norwalk Hospital intends to apply for federal grant to establish a Comprehensi
1230065CL-001HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-April 1981Minutes of a meeting held with representatives of minority businesses, and a copy of Governor Meskill's Executive Order #3 concerning equal employment compliance for state contracts; requests for stat
1230065CL-002HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]May-December 1981Letter writing campaign urging the Governor to address the increasing incidence of violence against minorities; requests for status report on employer discrimination cases; Director Green's statement
1240065CL-003HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]1982State needs to provide services to benefit minority businesses; allegation that employee fired without cause; State Representative Casey concerned about backlog of cases and lack of investigators; com
1240065CL-004[Human Rights and Opportunities]1983Request for and Governor's approval of adopting emergency regulations pertaining to the filing of Affirmative Action plans; review of Affirmative Action Plan; Superior Court decision in case involving
1240065CL-005Human Rights and Opportunities1984Appeal to municipalities to implement the report by the Task Force on Racial Harmony and create Human Rights Commissions; several towns respond.
1240065CL-006Human Rights and Opportunities1985Governor's welcoming remarks to participants in fact-finding hearing on equal housing; protest to being subpoenaed to testify at hearing; Department of Transportation questions contract compliance reg
1240065CL-007Human Rights and Opportunities1986University of Connecticut's Affirmative Action Plan late; student requests information about discrimination in the state; request Governor's intervention in employer discrimination case; advertisement
1240065CL-008Human Rights and OpportunitiesJanuary-September 1987Response to audit report; requests for review of CHRO findings; complaint about slow processing of claims; question about contract compliance; complaint about procedures for filing claims.
1240065CL-009Human Rights and OpportunitiesOctober-December 1987Governor's comments to participants in the fact-finding hearings; requests for status report on claim; CHRO findings in case; request for review of CHRO findings; complaints about Commission and its p
1240065CL-010Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1987Information concerning a conference to commemorate Dr. King's speech at Riverside Church, sponsored by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission; annual report of Commission.
1240065CL-011CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-July 1988Requests for update on status of claim; claimants' directions for handling two cases; refutation of claim by employer; information concerning civil rights for women who take maternity leave; complaint
1240065CL-012CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]August-September 1988Request for Howard Rifkin's recommendations on investigating CHRO; offers of testimony for Task Force on the Commission; annual report of Commission; complaint about treatment by the Commission; reque
1240065CL-013CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]October-December 1988Complaint about lack of communication with Commission; request for update on status of claim; Governor concerned about number of agencies receiving late notices or certificates of noncompliance for Af
1240065CL-014Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1988An agenda, meeting packets and minutes of Holiday Commission meetings; teacher's resource manual on Martin Luther King, Jr.; program and related material from the state's Martin Luther King, Jr. Comme
1240065CL-015CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-March 1989Governor thanks members of the Task Force to Review the CHRO; request for appeal; complaint regarding state agency contract compliance; ask Governor to intervene in case; complaints about treatment or
1250065CL-016CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]April 1989Request for update on status of claim; ask Governor to intervene in cases; Department of Agriculture notified of non-compliance in reporting contracts; agenda of Commission meeting; complaint about sl
1250065CL-017CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]May 1989Agencies notified of non-compliance in reporting contracts and their responses; ask Governor to intervene in case; approval of Affirmative Action Plan for Governor's office; disapproval of agency Affi
1250065CL-018CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]June-August 1989Complaint about discrimination at a beauty pageant for girls; report on Coordinated Statewide Investigation of Racial Steering; praise for CHRO staff; question authority of CHRO-issued subpoena; quest
1250065CL-019CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]September 1989Requests for updates on status of claims; Attorney General's Office asked to enforce CHRO findings; ask Governor to intervene in case; complaints about CHRO procedures; Charter Oak College informed i
1250065CL-020CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]October-December 1989Attorneys request appointment as hearing officer; claim filed against CHRO itself; welcome new member of Commission; complaint about contract compliance regulations as applied to small businesses; ask
1250065CL-021Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1989Poster to Commemorate holiday; text for program for commemoration; thank Governor for his participation.
1250065CL-022Human Rights and OpportunitiesJanuary-April 1990Requests for updates on status of claims; press releases; explanation of Attorney General's opinion of effect of PA 89-332 on current hearing examiners; protest new age requirement at motor home park;
1250065CL-023Human Rights and OpportunitiesMay 1990Information concerning training for investigative personnel; background information, correspondence and claimants refutations of CHRO findings related to a discrimination complaint against the Depart
1250065CL-024Human Rights and OpportunitiesJuly-December 1990Affirmative Action Plan of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner is overdue; complaint about slow process of investigating and hearing claim; requests for update on status of claims; press releases; al
1250065CL-025Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1990Annual report of Holiday Commission; thank Governor for participation.
1250065CL-026Human Rights and Opportunities--Memos to/from Director1990Attorney General's opinion on effect of PA 89-332 on current hearing officers; attorneys request appointment as hearing officer; Governor requests update on status of claim; standardized Contract Awar
1260066CL-001Human Services CabinetMay-September 1989Report on AIDS in Connecticut: Recommendations for a state policy response; notices of meetings; report on Poverty in Connecticut in 1985, prepared by the Comprehensive Planning Division of the Office
1260066CL-002Human Services CabinetOctober-December 1989Articles by John L. Knight on developing community; information concerning pharmacy dispensing fees; meeting agenda; articles by Julio Morales concerning poverty among the Puerto Rican population; not
1260066CL-003Human Services CabinetJanuary-February 1990Notices of meetings; notices of briefings prior to meetings; meeting agendas; press release concerning Connecticut Housing Finance Authority funds; welcome to new member of the Cabinet; meeting minute
1260066CL-004Human Services CabinetMarch 1990Meeting agenda; draft presentation on the economic aspects of poverty; copy of Raised Bill no 5563; briefing on the recommendations of the Interagency Task Force on AIDS Service Delivery and Financing
1260066CL-005Human Services CabinetSeptember 1990Notices of briefings prior to meetings; notices of meetings; newspaper articles on poverty; meeting agenda; meeting summaries; notice of meeting to discuss the past three years of the Cabinet; State B
1260066CL-006Human Services CabinetMay-September 1990Notices of meetings; meeting agenda with background information; information from the National Health Forum; data sheets on Trends in HIV Infection and AIDS in Connecticut and Implementation of Trans
1270067CL-001Income MaintenanceJanuary-March 1981Request information on work fare program; request more welfare benefits; question about food stamps; desperate need for fuel assistance; object to being turned down for welfare; criticism of the WIN p
1270067CL-002Income MaintenanceApril-May 1981Urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care; nursing home requests hearing to increase its daily rate; requests Governor's help obtaining a Title XIX number; object to Medicaid recipients usi
1270067CL-003Income MaintenanceJune-July 1981Ask Governor for help getting Social Security disability benefits; objects to fuel assistance program; alleged welfare fraud; Governor writes to U.S. Congressman William Ratchford protesting the cuts
1270067CL-004Income MaintenanceAugust 1981Physicians protest difficulty in receiving reimbursements for Medicaid services; urge Governor to fund Title XX services; urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care; critical of Department p
1270067CL-005Income MaintenanceSeptember-October 1981Outrage at welfare recipient purchasing a home; desperate need for financial assistance; data on AFDC earned income cases that were reviewed; object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patie
1270067CL-006Income MaintenanceNovember-December 1981Urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care, he responds that federal cuts make it impossible; data illustrating impact of federal cuts on the state's food stamp program; request Governor's h
1270067CL-007Income Maintenance--Bi-weekly and Management Reports1981
1270067CL-008Income Maintenance--L.I.E.A.P.1981Homeowners protest distribution of leftover funds from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP); Governor submits the Executive Branch Plan for the allocation of funds under the Low Income Ene
1270067CL-009Income Maintenance--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1981Executive summary of PSRO Monitoring Approach; analysis of Colorado's Intergovernmental Eligibility Simplification Project; state comments about proposed federal rules; response to audit report findin
1280067CL-010Income MaintenanceJanuary-February 1982Opposition to cap approach to Medicaid reimbursement; need for medical assistance; questions about an AFDC award; physicians and other health care providers complain about difficulties getting timely
1280067CL-011Income MaintenanceMarch 1982Desperate need for financial assistance; physicians complain about difficulties getting timely reimbursement payment; information concerning Automated Identification, Inc.; state plans to correct err
1280067CL-012Income MaintenanceApril 1982Object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patients in nursing homes; town, physician and health care providers complain about difficulties getting timely reimbursement payments for social s
1280067CL-013Income Maintenance--[Lizzi Case]April 1982Information and correspondence concerning investigations into the Ferry Point Skilled Nursing Care Facility administered by Damon D. Lizzi.
1280067CL-014Income MaintenanceMay 1982Needs help with medical expenses; complaints about the EDS billing system; concern about transferring disabled patients from New Britain Hospital; problems with Title XIX designation; question about o
1280067CL-015Income MaintenanceJune 1982Department of Human Resources reorganization plan; study on location of regional office for Department; stepparent objects to reduction in child support due to new legislation; needs medical assistanc
1280067CL-016Income MaintenanceJuly 1982Protest cut in food stamps; determining eligibility for AFDC; health care facilities and physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments, complain about the EDS bill paying service; in
1280067CL-017Income MaintenanceAugust-September 1982Object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patients in nursing homes; health care facilities and physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments, complain about the EDS bill
1280067CL-018Income MaintenanceOctober-November 1982Concern about cuts to energy assistance program; complaints about management of energy assistance; need for affordable housing; suggestion for saving on medical costs; protests an alcoholic receiving
1290067CL-019Income MaintenanceDecember 1982Protests cut in food stamp allotment; landlord requests direct payment from state for Section 8 tenants; allegations of welfare fraud; complaint about workfare; families not informed of disaster funds
1290067CL-020Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner1982Notices to cities concerning non-compliance with work fare regulations; physicians having difficulties receiving timely payments, complain about EDS system; responses to state audit reports; response
1290067CL-021Income Maintenance1983Request for branch office in Willimantic; Governor writes letter in support of a grant for Prepaid Managed Health Care; support for Medicaid coverage of liver transplant surgery. [Most letters bucked
1290067CL-022Income Maintenance1984Senators Dodd and Weicker respond to Governor's correspondence concerning federal legislation; legislature debating allocation of energy assistance funds; information sheet from National Governors' As
1290067CL-023Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner1984Governor approves implementation of emergency regulations concerning ownership of property by AFDC recipients; Commissioner comments on recommendations of the Governor's Council on Mental Retardation;
1290067CL-024Income Maintenance1985Report on a survey for psychological services in Medicaid programs; information regarding the SAVE program that identifies aliens not entitled to public benefits; protest federal cuts to AFDC; concern
1290067CL-025Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner1985Commissioner urges Governor to support the National Governor's Association resolution on error rate quality control; report on two actions taken by the federal government impacting the Department; res
1290067CL-026Income Maintenance1986Health care provider having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; concern about changes in Medicare regulations; supports Governor's proposal for a comprehensive health care program on infant
1290067CL-027Income MaintenanceJanuary 1987Problems with transportation from New Horizons Village; community living facility for mentally retarded has trouble getting funding from Department; one-man crusade against welfare; needs help with me
1290067CL-028Income MaintenanceFebruary-March 1987Critical of state's procedures for paying funeral expenses; question what is covered under Medicaid; individual seeks employment in the welfare department; allegation of welfare fraud; needs financial
1290067CL-029Income MaintenanceApril-May 1987Need financial assistance; need help with medical bills; notice that nursing home will not be renewed as Medicare provider, residents object; allegation of welfare fraud; having trouble getting Title
1290067CL-030Income MaintenanceJune-July 1987Protest delay in processing AFDC application; trouble obtaining orthotic through Title XIX; management report from Department; needs financial assistance; need for affordable housing; need medical ass
1290067CL-031Income MaintenanceAugust-September 1987Alleged mismanagement of funeral fund some elderly contributed to directly; needs placement for disabled daughter; working poor cannot get medical insurance; protest with cuts in welfare benefits; col
1290067CL-032Income MaintenanceOctober-December 1987Food stamps and welfare check not on time; needs help with medical bills; needs financial assistance; protests federal cuts to social services; problems with Title XIX application; welfare recipients
1290067CL-033Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes FileJuly-September 1987Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer
1300067CL-034Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes FileOctober-December 1987Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer
1300067CL-035Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes FileJanuary-April 1988Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer
1300067CL-036Income MaintenanceJanuary 1988Notice that state will not meet error rates for AFDC program; question about regulations regarding assets in relation to Medicaid benefits; needs financial assistance; testimonial of benefits of Food
1300067CL-037Income MaintenanceFebruary 1988Protest cuts in welfare benefits; complaint about Department; support for additional rental assistance to AFDC families in unsubsidized apartments; needs financial assistance; protest decrease in fund
1300067CL-038Income MaintenanceMarch-April 1988New Horizons replies to allegations against it; protests state demanding reimbursement for former state aid; information concerning paying relatives to care for family member; state criticized for not
1300067CL-039Income MaintenanceMay-June 1988Concern about financial health of Yale-New Haven Hospital; praise to state for reducing AFDC error rate; demands removal of executive director of New Horizons due to mismanagement; physicians having d
1300067CL-040Income MaintenanceJuly-August 1988Notice of possible sanction against state for its food stamp program; federal administration's views on welfare reform; need financial assistance; concern about new procedure sending AFDC checks on mo
1310067CL-041Income MaintenanceSeptember-October 1988Nursing homes have difficulty hiring and keeping nurses due to low salaries; object to sending welfare checks monthly rather than twice a month; allegation of welfare fraud; suggestion for solving wel
1310067CL-042Income MaintenanceNovember-December 1988Need for emergency housing for homeless, Commissioner describes programs already in place; pharmacy having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; city protests Department audit procedures; pro
1310067CL-043Income MaintenanceJanuary-February 1989Physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; needs help with food stamps recertification; questions about Medicare and Medicaid coverage; question why Medicare does not pay for den
1310067CL-044Income MaintenanceMarch-April 1989Urge Governor to expedite passage of legislation allowing Medicaid recipients to hire own home health aide; concerns about the reductions in welfare benefits; criticize Governor for cutting benefits t
1310067CL-045Income MaintenanceMay-July 1989US Department of Health and Human Services reinstituting the AFDC quality control disallowance process; press releases concerning welfare reform; protest need to reimburse state for prior welfare supp
1310067CL-046Income MaintenanceAugust-September 1989Protest termination of orthodontic consultant for disadvantaged; allegations of welfare fraud; assets of institutionalized individuals are considered in determining eligibility; physician objects to p
1310067CL-047Income MaintenanceOctober-December 1989Durable equipment not covered by welfare; need help with medical bills; protest removal of patients from two nursing homes because they no longer accept Medicaid patients; question concerning child su
1310067CL-048Income MaintenanceJanuary-February 1990Question concerning state taking assets to cover medical expenses; problems getting food stamps; allegation of welfare fraud; protest removal of patients from nursing homes because they no longer acce
1320067CL-049Income MaintenanceMarch-April 1990Protest removal of patients from nursing homes because they no longer accept Medicaid patients; object to reimbursing state for financial assistance received; thanks Governor for allowing nursing home
1320067CL-050Income MaintenanceMay-August 1990Needs help paying utility or medical bills; complaint about rules for receiving assistance; needs financial assistance; allegation of discrimination from Department offices; personnel issues; protest
1320067CL-051Income MaintenanceSeptember-December 1990Needs to find affordable housing; objects to discharge from nursing facility to group home; petition supporting Pre-Admission Screening/ Community Based Services program; press release concerning AIDS
1320067CL-052Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Governor notified of three Department of Mental Retardation facilities recently certified for Medicaid reimbursement; response to audit report; annual report; Governor notified of misuse of state fund
1320068CL-001Income Tax1982Letters for and against a state income tax; suggestion for an alternative federal tax rate; information concerning a proposed federal Minimum Corporate Income Tax.
1320069CL-001Independence Day1987Drafts and final version of letter from Governor proclaiming July 4 as Independence Day and asking towns and cities to ring their bells for two minutes starting at 2:00 pm.
1320070CL-002Information Bureau1990Monthly statistics of calls received and the subject of the calls.
1320071CL-001Infractions Bureau1988Contest citations; thanks Governor for intervening and having citation dismissed; complaint about Bureau.
1320071CL-002Infractions Bureau1989Complaint about rude Bureau staff; contest citations; requests Governor to take care of a citation.
1320071CL-003Infractions Bureau1990Contest citations; complaint about rude treatment by police.
1320072CL-001Infrastructure1983National Governors' Association statement on infrastructure funding; 1983 Special Session to address emergency infrastructure needs; request help at local level; completed town infrastructure surveys
1320072CL-002Infrastructure1984Governor's letter transmitting his ten-year Transportation Infrastructure Renewal Program to the General Assembly; student asks Governor for his most important jobs this year, he responds, infrastruct
1320073CL-001InsuranceJanuary-August 1981Complaints about how insurance companies handle claims; protest high cost of malpractice insurance for physicians; complaint about high cost of auto insurance; formal complaint against Department; com
1320073CL-002InsuranceSeptember-December 1981Requests Governor's help obtaining insurance license; complaints about way insurance companies handle claims; complaints about increase in Blue Cross/Blue Shield premiums. [Most letters bucked to Dep
1320073CL-003Insurance--Bi-weekly Reports1981
1320073CL-004Insurance--Constantine, A.A.1980-1981Correspondence and documents concerning a loss sustained by the trimaran Spirit of America and the lack of a response from the insurance company.
1330073CL-005InsuranceJanuary-June 1982Complaints about insurance companies and how they handle policies and claims; Commissioner's decision and press release concerning the merger of Connecticut General Corporation and INA Corporation; co
1330073CL-006InsuranceJuly-December 1982Problem obtaining license; complaints about way insurance companies handle claims; concern about state portion of health insurance premium paid for retired state employees; complaint about the Departm
1330073CL-007Insurance1983Description of sections of P.A. 83-570 concerning the Insurance Purchasing Board; audit.
1330073CL-008Insurance--Bi-weekly Reports1983
1330073CL-009Insurance1985Complaint about high costs of liability insurance.
1330073CL-010InsuranceJanuary-March 1986Retired state employees want all of their health insurance premium paid by the state; complaint about increase in deductible for health insurance; complaint about the increasing cost of liability insu
1330073CL-011InsuranceApril-December 1986Reports from the Pesticide Task Force Liability Subcommittee; AIDS patients need health insurance coverage; support National Health Insurance; complaints about insurance companies; complaint about De
1330073CL-012InsuranceJanuary-March 1987Complaints about DRG charges not covered by health insurance; flaws in uninsured motorist laws; complaints about rise in Blue Cross/Blue Shield premiums; complaint about high auto insurance rates; wan
1330073CL-013InsuranceApril-May 1987Concern about uninsured motorist laws; complaint about high costs of health and auto insurance; complaints about DRG charges not covered by health insurance; complaint about way insurance company is h
1330073CL-014InsuranceJune-September 1987Concern about increase in auto insurance premium after accident; flaws in uninsured motorist laws; complaints about insurance companies; objects to changes in tort reform legislation; concern that ins
1330073CL-015InsuranceOctober-December 1987Concern about delay in payment of bills sent to insurance company in connection with the L'Ambiance Plaza collapse; complaints about settlement amounts; concern about the increasing cost of liability
1340073CL-016InsuranceJanuary-March 1988Continued concern about delay in payment of bills sent to insurance company in connection with the L'Ambiance Plaza collapse; protest sudden, large increase in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; disabled c
1340073CL-017InsuranceApril-June 1988Concerns about uninsured motorists; complaint about health insurance coverage; complaints about insurance companies; protest possible merger of health insurance companies; oppose mail order prescripti
1340073CL-018InsuranceJuly-October 1988Wants more regulation of insurance industry; complaints about insurance companies; complaint about lack of response from Department; appeals for universal affordable health insurance; commend Governor
1340073CL-019InsuranceNovember-December 1988Complaints about insurance companies; asks Department to help new company become insurance agents; protest increase in health insurance premiums; object to insurance company denying to pay for certain
1340073CL-020InsuranceJanuary-February 1989Protest sudden, large increase in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; small business cannot obtain affordable health insurance for its employees; complaint about insurance company; concern about sale of ins
1340073CL-021InsuranceMarch 1989Protest high cost of auto insurance; protest increase in health insurance premiums; businesses cannot obtain affordable health insurance for their employees; Department writes regulations concerning a
1340073CL-022InsuranceApril-June 1989Protest increase in health and auto insurance premiums; complaints about insurance companies; protest sudden, large increases in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; Commissioner gives opinion on Medigap pol
1340073CL-023InsuranceJuly-August 1989Support P.S. 89-101, An Act Concerning Insurance Coverage for Preventive Pediatric Care; insurance company refutes allegations that it is impersonal; protest high auto insurance premiums; complaints a
1350073CL-024InsuranceSeptember-October 1989Department bulletin; Aetna seeks early release or sentence modification for employee currently in prison; complaint about insurance company; periodontists protest being included in a contract with CIG
1350073CL-025InsuranceNovember-December 1989Protest cancellation of auto insurance, demand investigation; complaints about insurance companies; businesses cannot afford health insurance for employees; protest large increases in health and auto
1350073CL-026InsuranceJanuary 1990Protest large increases in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; complaints about insurance companies; protest increases in health insurance premiums; small business cannot obtain affordable health insurance
1350073CL-027InsuranceFebruary 1990Complaints about insurance companies; protests and petition against large increases in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; concern about the assigned risk program; protest high auto insurance premiums; comp
1350073CL-028InsuranceMarch-April 1990Protest large increases in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; object to cancellation of auto insurance, request investigation; protest increase in auto insurance premiums; problem with health insurance for
1350073CL-029InsuranceMay-June 1990Commissioner's memorandum of decision in the matter of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut Medicare Supplement Insurance; disabled need better health insurance coverage; complaints about insurance
1350073CL-030InsuranceJuly-October 1990Complaint about the Department; protest increase in auto insurance premium; report on vandalism of Department offices; complaints about insurance companies; thank you from Governors who received infor
1350073CL-031InsuranceNovember-December 1990Complaints about insurance companies; annual report; protest large increases in Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs; non-profit organization needs help paying for auto insurance. [Some letters bucked to Dep
1360073CL-032Insurance--Blue Ribbon Commission on State Health Ins.1989Schedule of meetings and public hearings; meeting minutes; An Analysis of the Uninsured in Connecticut, presented to the Blue Ribbon Commission.
1360074CL-001Intergovernmental Programs [Affairs]1981-1982Acknowledgement from Richard Williamson, Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs; state comments concerning federal rules for grants and loan for domestic water and waste disposal sys
1360074CL-002Intergovernmental Programs [Affairs]1983Richard Williamson sends Governor copies of the President's State of the Union message.
1360074CL-003Intergovernmental Programs [Affairs]1984Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs responds to Governor's request for a one year delay in deploying the MX missile and acknowledges receipt of another letter; offer of assistance
1360075CL-001Interns1981Evaluation of intern; students seeking internships in Governor's office or with state agency.
1360075CL-002Interns1989Report of expenses an intern incurred.
1360076CL-001Interstate Commerce Commission1981Group complains about treatment by the staff of the Cross Sound Ferry, which is regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission.
1360076CL-002[Interstate Commerce Commission]1982Governor supports application of Hickcock Brothers for authority to haul general commodities.
1360077CL-001Jefferson Award1981Governor invited to and accepts selection as a member of the Board of Nominators of the American Institute.
1360077CL-002Jefferson Award1982Governor nominates Connecticut resident Roy M. Coughlin for his work promoting ridesharing.
1360078CL-001JudicialJanuary-August 1981Complaint about bankruptcy court; complaint about treatment by Infractions Bureau; protests fine and probation; need stronger judicial system; critical of family court in enforcing child support order
1360078CL-002JudicialSeptember-December 1981National Criminal Justice Association bulletins; protests sentence given son; critical of judges in family court; information about the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee study of eminent domain p
1360078CL-003Judicial--Judge Aaron Ment1981-1982Letters protest light sentence given in rape case heard by Judge Ment.
1360078CL-004JudicialJanuary-April 1982FBI praises Connecticut State Police; request for reprimand of Judge Aaron Ment; ask Governor to reduce son's sentence; support for Judge Alvin Rottman; comments concerning selection of judges; compla
1360078CL-005JudicialMay-July 1982Object to involuntary committal; suggest using state hospital buildings as correctional facilities; recommendation for appointment; concern about jail overcrowding; complaint about court facilities; o
1360078CL-006JudicialAugust-December 1982Complaints against judges; requests release of son's bicycle from police; judge wishes to retire; petition to reduce sentence of man tried for manslaughter; judge requests Senior Judge status; employe
1360078CL-007Judicial--U.S. Department of Justice1982Press releases.
1360078CL-008Judicial1983Information from the U.S. Department of Justice; seeking grandfather's estate in probate courts; approval of state's Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Plan; critical of the court system, wan
1360078CL-009Judicial1984Governor announces expanded review of prospective judges; criticism of judge.
1360078CL-010Judicial1986Complaint about family court; announcements from the U.S. Department of Justice; complaints about judges; support for judge seeking reappointment; oppose judge not being reappointed; criticism of the
1360078CL-011JudicialJanuary-May 1987Personnel issues; request Governor's intervention in court case; problems collecting child support; judicial system failing; judge requests appointment to Supreme Court; report from Massachusetts on d
1370078CL-012JudicialJune-July 1987Complaint about judge; requests for consideration for appointment to Appellate Court; protest judgment in criminal case. [Some letters 'bucked to Chief Court Administrator for response.]
1370078CL-013JudicialAugust-September 1987Attorney requests appointment as judge; complaints about judges; recommendations for appointment to the judiciary; asks Governor for help with case.
1370078CL-014JudicialOctober-December 1987Individuals and employers protest jury duty; allegations against police and the judicial system; case before the Supreme Court; attorneys request appointment as judge; recommendations for appointment
1370078CL-015JudicialJanuary-April 1988Ask Governor to change sentence; critical of judicial system; protest criminals being let out of jail too soon; protest probate tax; contest traffic violation; complaint about judge. [Most letters b
1370078CL-016JudicialMay-July 1988Protest low compensation paid jurors; needs Governor's help having case heard before the Statewide Grievance Committee; ask Governor to commute murder sentence; request Governor to offer a reward in r
1370078CL-017JudicialAugust-December 1988Complaint that sentence not severe enough; complaints about judges; grant extension announced by U.S. Department of Justice; complaint about family court; asks Governor to reduce sentence.
1370078CL-018JudicialJanuary-February 1989Questions about and problems with Small Claims Court; protest alleged murderer going free; critical of judicial system; U.S. Department of Justice informs state of changes to the Juvenile Justice and
1370078CL-019JudicialMarch-April 1989Report concerning the investigatory grand jury system; complaints about judicial system; complaint about judge; complaint about Judicial Review Council; complaint about attorney; complaint filed again
1370078CL-020JudicialMay 1989Report on Adult Probation Officer involved in misappropriation of funds; notice of meeting to develop long-range plan for court facilities; complaint about attorney; protest court ruling; personnel is
1370078CL-021JudicialJune-August 1989Asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; complaints about Small Claims Court; complaint about Superior Court; wants Governor to adjudicate speeding ticket; complaints about Central
1380078CL-022JudicialSeptember-October 1989Complaint about court; complaint about trial and sentence, wants Governor to grant temporary release; asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; asks Governor to reduce sentence; sen
1380078CL-023JudicialNovember-December 1989Individual wants to take state and federal courts to court; sentence for drug dealers too light, judge needs to be censured; problem with small claims court; complaints about judicial system; ask Gove
1380078CL-024JudicialJanuary-February 1990Requests Governor's help getting child support order modified; object to family court ruling concerning child custody; problem with probate court; complaints about judges; address by U.S. Attorney Gen
1380078CL-025JudicialMarch-April 1990Asks Governor to help find grandson's killer; allegation of corruption among judges and prosecutors; recommendation for appointment to Appellate Court; problems with Small Claims court; complaint abou
1380078CL-026JudicialMay-December 1990Problems with Small Claims Court; ask Governor to enforce child support order; complaints about judicial system; woman seeks recommendation against deportation from Superior Court; want sentences redu
1380078CL-027Judicial1991Audit report.
1380079CL-001Kleinman, Harry H.1981Suggestions for a Democratic Party platform.
1380080CL-001LaborJanuary-June 1981Recommendations for Director of the Employment and Training Division; union introduces lobbyist; union protests anti-labor statements made by State House Majority Leader John Groppo; claim job discrim
1380080CL-002LaborAugust 1981Complaint about Division of Workers' Rehabilitation; protests closing of Willimantic office of the Employment Security Division; question decision of Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in jo
1380080CL-003LaborSeptember-December 1981Protest closing of Willimantic office of the Employment Security Division; concerns about layoffs from the Department due to federal cuts; employer protests unemployment eligibility regulations; conte
1390080CL-004Labor--Air Traffic Controllers1981-1982Legislators and constituents protest Commissioner Peraro's decision to grant unemployment benefits to striking air traffic controllers; suggested response to air traffic controller letters; constituen
1390080CL-005Labor--Bi-weekly Reports1981
1390080CL-006Labor--Federal Unemployment Tax Act1981Employers object to higher unemployment taxes to cover the state's debt to the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund; Governor seeking legislation to allow deferment of payment.
1390080CL-007Labor--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1981Reports on unemployment claims.
1390080CL-008LaborJanuary-June 1982Studies conducted by Employment Research Associates; financial and housing problems from unemployment; legislator objects to elimination of computerized job placement system; individual never paid for
1390080CL-009LaborJuly-December 1982Workers' compensation claim; teenager under 18 cannot find job; State Board of Mediation and Arbitration arbitration award; information concerning the Public Employee Pension Plan Reporting and Accoun
1390080CL-010Labor--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982Revised program and budget plan for FY 1982.
1390080CL-011Labor1983Agreement to administer the Federal Supplemental Compensation program in the state; petition against reducing minimum wage for technical students; Governor describes state's enforcement of Occupationa
1390080CL-012Labor--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1983Governor approves the Employment Security Division's program and budget plan for FY 1983; response to audit report.
1390080CL-013Labor1984Allegation of job discrimination by the state; question of disposition of equipment purchased with CETA funds now program is over; employer contests unemployment ruling; telephone workers fear for the
1390080CL-014Labor--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1984Funding allocations; implementation criteria for the Governor's Coordination and Special Services Plan and subsequent modifications; statement of goals and objectives for job training and placement pr
1390080CL-015Labor1985Concerns about labor-management problems at Yale University; Department report; state efforts to find permanent site for the Greater New Haven State Technical College; amendment to agreement concerni
1390080CL-016LaborJanuary-July 1986Modification to the Governor's Coordination and Special Services Plan; employer contests unemployment claim by former employee; city of New Haven helps unemployed workers of bankrupt U.S. Repeating Ar
1400080CL-017LaborAugust-December 1986Request legislation allowing those over 70 to continue working; concern about the strike at Waterbury Hospital; conflict between town and police and firemen regarding workers' compensation; concern ab
1400080CL-018LaborJanuary-March 1987Requests hearing concerning unemployment benefits; concern about strike at Colt Industries; request lower working age; opposes Right to Work laws; complaint about unemployment staff; claim was fired w
1400080CL-019LaborApril-May 1987Disagree with General Assembly's resolution alleging Colt Industries engaged in unfair labor practices; requests Governor's help obtaining wages he was never paid; employer having trouble receiving re
1400080CL-020LaborJune-July 1987Concern about labor dispute between a union and the Connecticut Construction Industries Association; concern about labor-management dispute at Colt Industries; complaint about Employment Security Divi
1400080CL-021LaborAugust-September 1987Protest laws prohibiting 14 and 15-year olds from working; ask Governor to continue funding the YMCA program Open DOHR; small business owner protests paying unemployment benefits, questions eligibilit
1400080CL-022LaborOctober-December 1987Object to eligibility regulations for unemployment benefits; asks why Governor intervened in Amtrak strike and not the Colt strike; information concerning the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 198
1400080CL-023LaborJanuary-July 1988Praise for Commissioner Peraro; praise for cooperation of the Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped; claims of age and disability discrimination in hiring; small business charged with
1400080CL-024LaborAugust-September 1988Requests update on complaints filed with the Labor Board; concern about strike at Electric Boat; Employment Security Division program and budget plan for FY 1989; question concerning disclosure of per
1400080CL-025LaborOctober-December 1988Senator Dodd requests update on status of complaint filed with the State Board of Labor Relations; state employee wants to be reinstated after recovering from job injuries; no retirement benefits for
1400080CL-026LaborJanuary-April 1989Complaint about Department employee not doing any work; investigation of employee complaints about Electric Boat; AFL-CIO president offers support in implementing the Worker Adjustment and Retraining
1410080CL-027LaborMay 1989Employment Security Report for 1988; Targeted Jobs Tax Credit program lacks administrative funds; concern about the status of the pension plan at Sterling/Davis Electric; union requests update on comp
1410080CL-028LaborJune-September 1989Complaint about commissioner with the Workers' Compensation Commission; seeking employment with the state; instructor suggests evaluation of nurse's aide certification program in Stamford; business se
1410080CL-029LaborOctober-December 1989Object to closing of the Department's Norwalk office; workers need training in technology to maintain economy; Governor explains cooperative effort to train more registered nurses; objects to foreign
1410080CL-030LaborJanuary-March 1990Claims for non-payment of wages; trouble getting information about jobs from the state Personnel office; suggestions for improving architectural licensing; oppose using state pension funds to finance
1410080CL-031LaborApril-July 1990Urge speedy resolution of strike at Kimberly Hall Nursing Home; union requests extension of unemployment benefits beyond 26 weeks; court case between homeowner and construction company; Russian citize
1410080CL-032LaborAugust-November 1990Claim of termination without cause; Governor supports application for a Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Labor Management Cooperation grant; request for information about jobs; annual report
1410080CL-033Labor--CETA1981Complaint about the program; hearing about Naugatuck's alleged unallowed costs; announcement of programs being phased out by President Reagan; urge Office of Employment and Training to continue Youth
1410080CL-034Labor--CETAJanuary-June 1982Windham Area Community Action Program requests investigation into grant award procedure of the Department of Labor for Summer Youth Employment programs; plan modifications from Stamford CETA; criminal
1420080CL-035Labor--CETASeptember-November 1982U.S. Department of Labor analysis and audit of the Connecticut Special Governor's Grant; grant award notices; FY 1983 annual plan for the Special Grant to Governors.
1420080CL-036Labor--CETADecember 1982Plan modification from Stamford and New Haven employment and training departments; grant award notice.
1420080CL-037Labor--Job Training Partnership Act1983Private Industry Council grant agreement; Governor writes to municipal administrators advising them of the need to provide documents for approval of their Service Delivery Area (SDA); staffing of the
1420080CL-038Labor--Job Training Coordinating Council1984Actions taken at the February meeting of the Council; Governor's Goals and Objectives for Job Training and Placement Programs; reports from the Council; Governor's approval of Council recommendations.
1420080CL-039Labor--Job Training Coordinating Council1985Council recommendations to the Governor; compliance monitoring of the Council by the State Job Training Partnership Act Administration.
1420080CL-040Labor--Job Training Coordinating Council1986Recommendations to the Governor.
1420080CL-041[Labor]--JTPA [Job Training Partnership Act]1988Revised Model Standards; information concerning the Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act and its impact on the structure of the Council; additional money available from the state
1420080CL-042[Labor]--Job Training [Partnership Act]1989Instructions and information sent to Service Delivery Areas for administering the JTPA; Service Delivery Areas need to determine relative need ratios in order to assure equitability of services; notic
1420080CL-043[Labor]--Job Training [Partnership Act]1990Instructions and information sent to Service Delivery Areas for administering the JTPA; displaced veterans need to be addressed under the JTPA; Connecticut Employment and Training Commission's recomme
1420080CL-044Labor--UnemploymentJanuary-August 1981Complaints about delays in processing claims; requests for status reports on or help settling claims and appeals; employer demands explanation of why payments to the unemployed are increasing when sta
1430080CL-045Labor--UnemploymentSeptember-December 1981Protest denial of benefits; requests for status reports on or help settling claims and appeals; complaint about the Unemployment Compensation Office; suggests that unemployment be treated as non-inter
1430080CL-046Labor--UnemploymentJanuary-May 1982Questions concerning extension of benefits; requests for status reports on or help settling claims and appeals; protest denial of appeal or claim; claim for non-payment of wages; Governor not willing
1430080CL-047Labor--UnemploymentJune-September 1982Employers protest paying benefits for questionable claims; state requests cap on reduction in credits for employers on their 1982 federal unemployment taxes; request for update on status of claim; emp
1430080CL-048Labor--UnemploymentOctober-December 1982Concern about delay receiving hearing decision; employers object to increased unemployment tax because of state's loan from the Federal Unemployment account; claim for non-payment of wages; objects to
1430080CL-049Labor--Unemployment Trust Fund1982Governor appeals to other state governors and the Connecticut Congressional delegation to urge Congress to repeal interest charges for federal unemployment fund loans which were enacted under the Omni
1430080CL-050Labor--Unemployment1983State legislator, attorney and union representative question eligibility requirements for seasonal workers; complaint about delay in receiving benefits; employer complains about the appeal process.
1430080CL-051[Labor]--Unemployment Compensation1988Employers protest paying benefits for questionable claims; protest denial of benefits; wants explanation of why unemployment decreased when Social Security payments started; new business wants unemplo
1430080CL-052[Labor]--Unemployment CompensationJanuary-June 1989Employers protest paying benefits for questionable claims; protest denials of claims; employers object to high unemployment tax rate. [Some letters bucked to Department of Labor for response.]
1430080CL-053[Labor]--Unemployment CompensationJuly-December 1989Protest denial of claims and appeals; Unemployment Insurance Division's program and budget plan for FY 1990; object to eligibility requirements; critical of the unemployment system. [Some letters buck
1430080CL-054[Labor]--Unemployment Compensation1990Complaint about the Appeals Division; protest denial of claims and appeals; employers protest paying benefits for questionable claims; employers question how the benefit rate is calculated; employer q
1440080CL-055[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1981Notices of grant awards for employment and training programs, including CETA; Governors of northeastern states object to proposed interest to be levied against funds borrowed from the Federal Unemploy
1440080CL-056[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1983Notice of National Conference on Targeted Jobs Tax Credit; amendment to an agreement under the Federal Supplemental Compensation Act; information bulletin concerning the Job Training Partnership Act;
1440080CL-057[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1984Department approves cap on Federal Unemployment Tax Act offset credit reductions; instructions; notice of fund availability; notice of President's Employment Initiative for the Developmentally Disable
1440080CL-058[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1985Planning estimates for program year 1985; regulations for youth training under the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act; Governor requests cap on Federal Unemployment Tax Act offset credit reducti
1440080CL-059[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1986Planning estimates for program year 1986; modified agreement with the Department for administering the benefit provisions of the Trade Adjustment Assistance program; federal-state cooperation in devel
1440080CL-060[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment of] Labor1987Allotment and planning estimates for programs under the Job Training Partnership Act; summer youth programs; instructions; executive summary of findings and proposals for Workforce 2000 and Commission
1440080CL-061[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment] of LaborJanuary-March 1988Allotments and planning estimates for programs under the Job Training Partnership Act; request comments on Workforce 2000 initiative; notice of fund availability; Training and Employment Guidance Lett
1440080CL-062[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment] of LaborAugust-December 1988Study and report on child care needs; directives; clarification of eligibility rules; policy goals and revised performance standards for the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA); information concerning
1440080CL-063[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment] of Labor1989Allotments and planning estimates for programs under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA); information concerning the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program; planning guidance for implementing th
1440080CL-064[Labor]--U.S. Dep[artment] of Labor1990Allotments and planning estimates for programs under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA); Secretary Dole's speech on developing the country's work force, and Governor's reaction; information and i
1450080CL-065[Labor]--Workers' Compensation1981Allegation of conspiracy by employer to deny benefits; protest denial of benefits; question whether workfare recipients are entitled to workers' compensation; complaints about delays in processing cla
1450080CL-066[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]1982Requests Governor's support in opposing move of Compensation office from Manhattan to Queens; complaints about delays in settling claims; rehabilitation benefits not timely or adequate; state slow pay
1450080CL-067[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]January-September 1987Wants extension of disability payments; request updates on claims; Affirmative Action goals; protest denial of claim; complaint about delay in processing claim; state slow paying medical costs; reques
1450080CL-068[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]October-December 1987Criticism of the material sent by the Workers' Compensation Education Division; problems with the Commission; protest denials of claims; summons issued to Governor and Workers' Compensation commission
1450080CL-069[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]February-June 1988Requests for status of claims; protest delays in processing claims and scheduling hearings; information about rehabilitation/retraining not complete; protest termination of compensation benefits; Divi
1450080CL-070[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]July-November 1988Have not received payments although claims approved; complaint about delay in processing claim; complaints about workers' training programs; businesses protest DRG billing which drives up workers' co
1450080CL-071[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]December 1988Compensation benefits too slow and not adequate; information concerning a complicated case; businesses protest increase in insurance premiums; have not received payments although claims approved. [So
1450080CL-072[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]--Rinaldi Case1981-1982[Material was found in the 1988 files.] Medical evaluations; doctors' reports to Commission; notices of hearings; notice that employer is discontinuing payments; attorneys withdraw from case; compens
1450080CL-073[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]--Rinaldi Case1983-1986[Material was found in the 1988 files.] Medical evaluations; doctors' reports to Commission; notices of hearings; Commission urges claimant to attend treatment sessions; correspondence between claima
1450080CL-074[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]--Rinaldi Case1981-1986Commission notes on the case and drafts of letters.
1450080CL-075[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]January-July 1989Protests denial of benefits; compensation benefits too slow; question about a workers' compensation support group; criticisms of the system; criticism of retraining programs; needs financial assistanc
1460080CL-076[Labor]--Workers' Comp[ensation]August-December 1989Complaints about the compensation system; annual report of Commissioners; recommendation for appointment to Commission; compensation benefits too slow or irregular; complaint about delay in processin
1460080CL-077[Labor]--Work[ers'] CompensationJanuary 1990Insurance company not paying claim; requests Governor's intervention in case, sends him his entire dossier; complaint about way in which claim was handled. [Most letters bucked to the Commission for
1460080CL-078[Labor]--Work[ers'] CompensationFebruary-March 1990Medical bills not being paid; complaint about the compensation system; protest termination of benefits; complaint against a Commissioner; financial assistance needed while claim is pending; client ill
1460080CL-079[Labor]--Work[ers'] CompensationApril-July 1990Claimants wish their files to be examined; complaint about the compensation system; worker bill of rights; Commission's mission statement; complaint about delay processing claim; request appointment t
1460080CL-080[Labor]--Work[ers'] CompensationAugust-November 1990Commissioners' annual report; medical bills not being paid; complaint about the rehabilitation program; protest delays in processing claims; insurance companies not paying claims. [Most letters bucked
1460081CL-001L'Ambiance [Plaza Building Collapse]1988Oversight and Safety on Construction Sites: Report of the Governor's Building Construction Advisory Committee; Department of Public Safety press release; L'Ambiance Plaza Building Collapse, P-87-00319
1460082CL-001LegalJanuary-August 1981Teacher wants termination and Superior Court decision reviewed; State of New Jersey requests help proving a paternity case; allegation that State Police ignoring reports of organized crime; requests h
1460082CL-002LegalSeptember-December 1981Request sentence reduction or pardon; complaint about judge; requests Governor's help resolving unpaid taxes from former owner of business; notice about funding for Legal Services; complaint about att
1470082CL-003[Legal]1982Requests Governor's assistance in settling an appeal and in reviewing a judge's ruling; asks Governor to help with legal problems.
1470082CL-004Legal1983Summary of case, University of Connecticut AAUP v. Governor et al.
1470082CL-005Legal1984Asks Governor to overturn suspension of drivers license; International Brotherhood of Police Officers supports Inspectors in the State's Attorney's Office in contract dispute; memorandum of decision i
1470082CL-006Legal1985Family of murder victim critical of justice system and possible early parole; Governor supports Legal Services Corporation funding of the Connecticut Bar Foundation grant; opposes changing child suppo
1470082CL-007Legal1986Concern about enforcement of state obscenity laws; question about when a business is legally incorporated; allegation of discrimination in termination of employment; parish objects to road constructio
1470082CL-008LegalJanuary-March 1987Minority contractor has not been paid for state work; accelerated rehabilitation easily abused; inmates claim they are innocent; request inmate's sentence be reduced; wants arrest record erased; suppo
1470082CL-009LegalApril-June 1987Removal of Chief State's Attorney John Kelly would help alleviate tension between the Black community and police in Norwalk following a police shooting; protest traffic violations; attorney critical t
1470082CL-010LegalJuly-August 1987State court houses need repairs and maintenance; contract not honored; problems settling husband's estate; request to use services of Dr. Henry Lee; complaint about judge; complaint about court system
1470082CL-011LegalSeptember 1987Fact sheet on Judge Robert H. Bork supplied by the White House; requests enforcement of small claims court decision; adopted children need to know about hereditary traits that could affect health; pro
1470082CL-012LegalOctober 1987Request Governor's help settling cases; documents related to the U. S. Supreme Court case of Leon E. and Mary P. Cooper v. Merrill Lynch Equity Access . . . [and] State of Connecticut; complaint about
1470082CL-013LegalNovember 1987Alleged spies in Detroit; single mother wants to appeal to the citizens of the state for child support; complaint about judge; asks Governor to waive traffic violation; complaint about local police; c
1480082CL-014LegalDecember 1987Problems settling estates; inmate is innocent of crime; alleged illegal discharge from the Governor's Foot Guard; complaints about local police; alleged job discrimination; requests Governor's interve
1480082CL-015Legal--Statewide Grievance Committee1987Protest Committee findings; complaints about attorneys brought before the Committee; grievance against the Department of Correction; complaint about judge.
1480082CL-016LegalJanuary-February 1988Cannot get money out of company's 401K plan; attorneys allege inadequate security measures at court houses; protests legal drinking age; problem settling an estate; alleges personal property stolen by
1480082CL-017LegalMarch 1988Automobile damaged by Connecticut Transit vehicle; complaint about attorneys; requests Governor's intervention in case; inmate claims he is innocent; question concerning grandparents' rights to visit
1480082CL-018LegalApril 1988Complaint about delay in scheduling trial; asks Governor's leniency toward man convicted of manslaughter; requests Governor's intervention in case; problem settling estate; question concerning Governo
1480082CL-019LegalMay 1988Complaint about attorney; critical of traffic court system; complaint about police department; inmate claims innocence; request pardon for inmate; complaint about juvenile court.
1480082CL-020LegalJune 1988Complaint about court system; requests Governor's intervention in case; inmate claims innocence; complaint about public defender; need to enforce child support orders; critical of traffic court system
1480082CL-021LegalJuly1-11, 1988Request Governor's intervention in case; question about jurisdiction over children's' guardianship; inmate claims innocence.
1480082CL-022LegalJuly 13, 1988Complaint filed with Chief Justice Peters against Chief State's Attorney John J. Kelley, Assistant State's Attorney Burton Kaplan and City of New Haven Corporation Counsel Brian Murphy for denying a p
1490082CL-023LegalJuly 15-30, 1988Request Governor's intervention in cases; alleged corruption in judicial system; claim of persecution; oppose court order to allow comatose patient to die by removing feeding tube.
1490082CL-024LegalAugust-October 1988Request Governor's intervention in cases; company is shipping walk-in coolers that do not conform to state laws; resolution of Court of Common Council in Hartford to free Nelson Mandela; protest divor
1490082CL-025LegalNovember 1988Protests treatment in court house because of religious garment (Sikh turban); claim filed against court and judges.
1490082CL-026LegalDecember 1988Question about access to closed adoption records; thanks Governor for support during L'Ambiance Plaza litigation; afraid of losing her land; complaint about sheriff; complaints about judges; request G
1490082CL-027Legal--Desrosier [v. Mazur]1988Documents concerning a local zoning dispute and allegations of a conspiracy by town officials to block the application. Also includes a court case involving use of a right of way, and a request for t
1490082CL-028Legal--Statewide Grievance Committee1988Object to findings of the Committee; complaint against an attorney.
1490082CL-029LegalJanuary-February 1989Reports a possible felony; complaint about tax preparer; needs help getting job back; opinion about decriminalizing drug use; not guilty of traffic violation; request Governor to direct the state to f
1490082CL-030LegalMarch 1989Praise for attorney; request anti-trust investigation of HMOs; court will not file docket and schedule case; sheriff defends his actions against allegations; decries treatment of Judge which led to hi
1500082CL-031LegalMarch 20, 1989Daycare provider challenges the constitutionality of proposed regulations and procedures that allow the Department of Human Resources to conduct unannounced searchers and inspections. Includes copies
1500082CL-032LegalApril-May 1989Complaint about sheriff; requests Governor's help getting daughter admitted to University of Connecticut-Stamford; complaint about judicial system; outlines federal conspiracy against family; protest
1500082CL-033LegalJune 1989Complaint about delay scheduling court cases; victim's family opposes release of inmate convicted of manslaughter; protests traffic ticket, police are undercover; son at Connecticut Valley Hospital h
1500082CL-034LegalJuly 1989Alleged municipal corruption in Easton; possible mail fraud; inmate or family claims innocence; complaint about police; court order concerning housing inmates on intake into prison; inmate threatens t
1500082CL-035LegalAugust-September 1989Protest traffic tickets; protest loss of home by grandparents who gave shelter to drug-dealing grandson; alleges police harassment; complaint about lack of response from Chief State's Attorney; inmate
1500082CL-036LegalOctober-November 1989Opposes release of inmate convicted of manslaughter; complaint about justice system; protest suspended sentence given cocaine dealer; inmate on release wants permission to visit family in another stat
1500082CL-037LegalDecember 1989Oppose two public defenders assigned to one man; preliminary draft of civil laws pertaining to alcohol and drug abuse, under consideration of the Connecticut Law Revision Commission; protest being res
1500082CL-038[Legal]--Statewide Grievance Committee1989Complaint against attorneys.
1500082CL-039LegalJanuary-February 1990Complaint about UConn Health Center dentists; asks Governor to void his warrant; lawsuits against professionals licensed by the state; protest denial of public defender; complaint about police officer
1510082CL-040LegalMarch 1990Requests information on applying for a reward; request Governor's intervention in cases; inmate wants to relocate to Connecticut following his release from prison; asks Governor to reduce prison sente
1510082CL-041LegalApril-May 1990Request Governor's intervention in cases, including one against a contractor; asks Governor to prevent son going to jail; protests traffic ticket; alleged assault of inmate; want family member to rema
1510082CL-042LegalJune-July 1990Requests Governor's intervention in case; complaints about state police; allegation of misconduct against public defenders; complaints about attorneys; opposes H.B. 5956, An Act Concerning Community L
1510082CL-043LegalAugust 1990Summonses and complaints in two civil cases in which the Governor or the state are named as defendants; requests Governor's help with contested medical bill; complaint about handling of traffic ticke
1510082CL-044LegalOctober-December 1990Foster parents want to trace a child who was subsequently adopted; comptroller slow in paying legal bills; inmate opposes extradition to Connecticut; request hardship license for person guilty of drun
1510082CL-045[Legal]--Letters re Karen Aparo1990Letters supporting and opposing Karen Aparo's acquittal for conspiracy in a murder case.
1510082CL-046[Legal]--James J. Arvis1990Packet of documents proving innocence of James Arvis who was tried and convicted of felony murder and appeals to the Governor from a friend and from Jarvis's wife.
1510082CL-047[Legal]--Jean D'AngeloJuly 1990Case against an attorney hired by D'Angelo to prosecute Hartford National Bank and Trust Co. for misappropriation of funds.
1510082CL-048[Legal]--Domestic Violence1990Urge Governor to continue to fund domestic violence programs and services.
1510082CL-049[Legal]--Statewide Grievance Committee1990Condominium Association requests Governor's intervention in complaint filed with the Committee which they feel the committee did not handle properly.
1520083CL-001Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]January-March 1981Oppose any increase in sales or property tax; request certain items proposed for cuts be retained in the budget; municipal leaders and others object to proposed cuts in grants to towns and cities; opp
1520083CL-002Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]March 16, 1981Object to proposed elimination of grants to municipalities, the Urban Problems Grant program and the Property Tax Relief Grant.
1520083CL-003Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]April-September 1981Petition against real estate conveyance tax; out-of-state motor carriers protest increase in annual registration fees; information concerning the Liberty Amendment; Governor's statement to the U.S. S
1520083CL-004Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]October-December 1981Senator Weicker contacts Governor on behalf of a constituent; concern about state employee contracts not addressed by General Assembly; express opinions about federal legislation; students express opp
1520083CL-005Legis[lation]1982Urge Governor to protest Oklahoma not ratifying the ERA; question whether Governor needs approval of legislature to reallocate block grant funds; Georgia proposes federal amendment requiring review of
1520083CL-006Legislation1983Governor urges Congressional delegation to support a bill continuing funding for single-family mortgage assistance programs; legislator urges Governor's help defeating bills merging the Department of
1520083CL-007[Legislation]1984Draft report of the Commission for Study of Current Assessment Methods and Procedures Related to Real Property.
1520083CL-008LegislationFebruary-June 1987Question concerning financial reward for reporting illegal activities by employer; supports legislation naming English the official state language; supports mandatory Medicare assignment legislation;
1520083CL-009LegislationJuly 1987Legislator asks Governor to veto bill concerning mail-in voter registration; opposes increase in motor vehicle registration fees; questions using taxpayer money to help Bridgeport pay for L'Ambiance P
1520083CL-010LegislationAugust-December 1987Support legislation naming English the official state language; educators oppose bill allowing out-of-state teachers to delay taking a basic skills test in order to teach in Connecticut; request exten
1520083CL-011LegislationJanuary-February 1988Connecticut Retail Merchants Association's legislative agenda; petition and letters against using tax money to fund abortions; legislative agenda proposed by the New Haven Mayor's Task Force on Hunger
1530083CL-012LegislationMarch 1988Support bill allowing 15-year olds to work in restaurants; mail order companies oppose collecting sales tax on their products; information concerning a bill to establish a demonstration family resourc
1530083CL-013LegislationApril 1988Oppose increase in taxes; opposes salary increases for legislature; defense of polystyrene containers; need to expand bottle bill; review of legal principles involved in retrospective legislation; urg
1530083CL-014LegislationMay 1-17, 1988Support and opposition for increased taxes; businesses oppose increase in unemployment benefit rates (HB 5056); business oppose plant closing bill (HB 5077); supports gun control; state needs to suppo
1530083CL-015LegislationMay 18-31, 1988Urge Governor to sign bills; opposes homestead exemption bill; oppose bill incarcerating women who do not allow ex-husbands visitation rights; frustrated that appropriation to give AFDC families in un
1530083CL-016LegislationJune-July 1988Frustrated that administrative per se legislation did not pass; support ban on smoking on Metro-North commuter trains but warn Governor of petition drive to reverse decision; oppose regulation of chec
1530083CL-017LegislationAugust-September 1988Support tough penalties (administrative per se) for first time drunk driving; oppose creation of registered care technologists.
1530083CL-018LegislationOctober-December 1988Suggest reducing legislators' salaries to improve state budget; protests overuse of consultants; requests for text of legislation; suggestion for providing property tax relief; urge support of bill ou
1530083CL-019Legislation--Petitions1988Support the Freedom of Choice bill allowing people to choose own pharmacy; disapprove of mail order maintenance drug program.
1530083CL-020LegislationJanuary-February 1989Urge regulation of cable television companies; student suggests imposing fine on person who fails to report a crime; ask repeal of P.A. 87-421 concerning legally liable relatives of individuals receiv
1540083CL-021LegislationMarch 1-14, 1989Opposes proposed ban on smoking in public places; small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legislation under consideration; Town of Bloomfield legislative agenda; support for An Act Conc
1540083CL-022LegislationMarch 16-31, 1989Opposes additional conveyance tax on home sellers; opposes raising taxes on services; oppose gun control; supports state endangered species act; support legislation naming English the official state l
1540083CL-023LegislationApril 1989Governor's position statement regarding income tax; supports gun control; support legislation naming English the official state language; small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legis
1540083CL-024LegislationMay 1989Small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legislation; oppose two bills affecting farmers and the sale of their land; support funding for hazardous waste cleanup; Governor's letter to leg
1540083CL-025LegislationJune 1989Urge Governor to sign HB 7508, An Act Concerning Privileged Communications between Psychologist an Patient; supports capital punishment; urge Governor to sign HB 5761, An Act Concerning Insurance Cove
1540083CL-026LegislationJuly 1989Opposition to and support of flag burning amendment to the US Constitution; urge Governor to sign or veto specific legislation; urge Governor to veto HB 6188, An Act Concerning Fair Rent Commissions;
1540083CL-027LegislationAugust-December 1989Urge Governor to veto HB 7270, An Act Establishing a State Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure . . .; urge Governor to veto SB 945, An Act . . . Extension of Time for Local Fire Marshals, De
1540083CL-028Legislation--P.A. 89-101 Pediatric Preventive Care1989Form letters thanking Governor for signing the legislation that became P.A. 89-101, An Act Concerning Insurance Coverage for Preventive Pediatric Care.
1550083CL-029Legislation--Petitions1989Support the Freedom of Choice bill allowing people to choose own pharmacy; support expansion of teachers' retirement benefits; oppose requirement that towns enter binding arbitration for teachers; op
1550083CL-030LegislationJanuary-February 1990Request change in out-of-state physicians license fee; suggested Uniform Appraiser Act; O'Neill's announcement of a Five Point Drug Control and Violent Crime Legislative Program; need to enforce curre
1550083CL-031LegislationMarch 1990Urge Governor to change law to raise threshold for public works projects before they are subject to prevailing wage law; support legislation requiring licensing those who perform heating system tune-u
1550083CL-032LegislationApril 1990Urge Governor to support specific legislation; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control; oppose additional gun control laws.
1550083CL-033LegislationMay 1990Oppose Substitute Bill 5753 concerning the sale of farm land; urge Governor to veto or sign specific bills; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control
1550083CL-034LegislationJune-October 1990Oppose additional gun control laws; thank Governor for signing abortion rights bill; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control; urge Governor to sign
1550083CL-035LegislationDecember 1990Opposes abortion rights bill; questions about abortion rights.
1550083CL-036Legislation--H.B. 5130 An Act Concerning Social Work1990Urge Governor to sign the bill, An Act Concerning Social Work Vendorship that provides for third party payments for mental health services provided by Certified Independent Social Workers.
1550083CL-037Legislation--Petitions1990Support changes in Federal Clean Air Act to provide nuclear-free milk; support HB 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Control; oppose increase in cigarette tax and anti-smoking legislation.
1560083CL-038Legislation--Gun Control1990Color videotape of police officer from San Jose explaining and demonstrating the differences between fully automatic assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles.
1560084CL-001Legislative Management1987Third grade class asks Governor to help circumvent rules restrict Capitol tours to fourth grade students; Governor explains to legislators why he vetoed PA 87-478, An Act Concerning the Prohibition of
1560084CL-002Legislative Management1988Complaint about costs of remodeling the unopened Legislative Office Building; complaint about litter around Capitol; question about flags flying of the Capitol.
1560084CL-003Legislative Management1989Request for information about the General Assembly members; annual reports of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management and Connecticut Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation.
1560084CL-004Legislative Management1990Critical of amount of money spent on luxuries in the new Legislative Office Building; question about policies concerning demonstrations on capitol grounds.
1560085CL-001Library1981Constituent opposes possible closing of Willimantic Service Center to save money; reference questions; proposal to United Technologies Corp. to permit an exhibit about Igor Sikorsky at the Museum of C
1560085CL-002Library1984Report of the restructuring and weeding of the Connecticut State Library and Interlibrary Loan Center.
1560085CL-003Library1986Reference questions; museum consultant's assessment of trading Colt firearms from the museum; researcher relates problems finding valuable material in the library, which may have been stolen. [Referen
1570085CL-004Library1987Reference questions; question about an oil portrait; possible lead in tracing guns traded from the museum collection; offers of items to the library and museum; complaint about the inter-library loan
1570085CL-005Library1988Urge Governor to support State Library's budget and budgets of libraries throughout the state; requests for state publications; procedures for transferring records to the State Archives; protest cut i
1570085CL-006Library--Reports1987-1988State Librarian's monthly reports; minutes of State Library Board meetings.
1570085CL-007Library1989Press releases; minutes of State Library Board meetings; Collection Management Policy for the Raymond E. Baldwin Museum of Connecticut History and Heritage; libraries urge Governor to include funding
1570085CL-008Library1990Reference questions; State Librarian's monthly report; recommendations of the Governor's Conference on Library and Information Services; press release.
1570086CL-001Liquor Control1981Neighbors object to planned saloon or drinking establishment.
1570086CL-002Liquor Control--Bi-weekly Report1981
1570086CL-003Liquor Control Commission1985Poster warning of penalties for lying about one's age when buying alcohol; praise for students at Hartford Graduate Center for revising application forms for liquor permits; object to bar owners tryin
1570086CL-004Liquor [Control]1986Complaint about an exotic dance bar, and Liquor Control investigative report; alleges liquor too readily available in Bridgeport; objects to law that allows 77-year old clerk to get arrested for an 18
1570086CL-005Liquor Control1987Want liquor laws regarding sales to minor strengthened and penalty increased; alleges illegal activities; complains that on-premise inspection was heavy handed; seeks employment as liquor control agen
1570086CL-006Liquor Control--Bi-weekly Reports1987
1570086CL-007Liquor Control1988Alleges illegal activities; objects to abolishing Liquor Control Commission; problems obtaining grocery beer permit; objects to minors selling liquor; audit report.
1570086CL-008Liquor Control--Bi-weekly Report1988
1570086CL-009Liquor Control1989Bi-weekly reports wants more control and more inspections of possible irregularities in liquor-selling establishments; questions about liquor laws; alleges illegal activities.
1570086CL-010Liquor Control1990Questions ability of Commission to enforce laws; personnel issues; alleges liquor store sold at inflated prices.
1570087CL-001Local1981-1982Complaints about local police; request permission to use state park for fundraising event; if ineligible for federal fuel assistance, should check with the town; complaint about receiving parking tick
1570087CL-002Local1985-1986Complaint about local police; wants English to be official language of the state; asks Governor to make sure teacher gets a long sentence for molesting children; concern about condition of monument in
1580087CL-003LocalJanuary-May 1987Concern for local cemetery; dangerous dogs in the neighborhood; wants Governor to intervene in restoring Holy Land USA in Waterbury; wants swimming pool for school; CB radio interfering with televisio
1580087CL-004LocalJune-August 1987Problems with local police; complaints about motorcycle and traffic noise; complaint about lack of street lighting; concerned about closing of parochial school; conflict with local health department;
1580087CL-005LocalSeptember-December 1987Allege discrimination by staff at Hartford Civic Center; wants help with aviation research; complaints about contractors working on house; complaints about local police; complaint about tractor traile
1580087CL-006LocalJanuary-May 1988Urges Governor to fund the Municipal Liability Trust Fund; complaint about housing court; concern about delays in emergency medical assistance; problem with local zoning board; question about ownershi
1580087CL-007LocalJune-December 1988Concern about a scam operated in Hartford; problems with zoning board; wants to form parents' group to keep kids away from drugs and gangs; complaints about local police; concern about condition of Br
1580087CL-008Local1989Complaints about local police and sheriffs; complaints about property tax; Village of South Meriden requests state recognition; information about home ownership project in Bridgeport; complaints about
1580087CL-009LocalJanuary-May 1990Complaint about crime in the area; urge Governor to help fund capital improvements in Danbury; allege municipal corruption; complaint about contract procedure in Hartford; protest Naval Sea Cadet Cor
1580087CL-010LocalJune-December 1990Asks Governor for new high school for town; complaint about local police; problems with paying property tax; problems with neighbors; question about paid leave for volunteers; petition concerning need
1590088CL-001Management Advisory Council1981Minutes of June 3 meeting.
1590089CL-001Mental HealthBudget projections for FY 1981 and potential program reductions; oppose closing Norwich Hospital; supports state participating in federal program, the Independent Living Initiative, to expand independ
1590089CL-002Mental HealthMarch 1981Hiring freeze having significant impact on Department; complaint about Norwich Hospital discharge policy; Governor appointed Director of Institute for Living; comments concerning proposed federal rule
1590089CL-003Mental HealthApril-May 1981Oppose closing Norwich Hospital; concern about planned reorganization of the Department; patient at mental hospital claims no treatment is being provided; Institute of Living's Employee and Department
1590089CL-004Mental HealthJune 1981Recommendations for Commissioner; concern about forced leave of absence of Dr. Arafeh from Connecticut Valley Hospital; report of items stolen from patient at Connecticut Valley Hospital; oppose staff
1590089CL-005Mental HealthJuly-August 1981Reports of sexual harassment at Fairfield Hills Hospital; oppose closing Norwich Hospital; protest being committed; concern about forced leave of absence of Dr. Arafeh from Connecticut Valley Hospital
1590089CL-006Mental HealthSeptember-December 1981Protests funding cuts to Department; suggestions for improving mental health system; want discharge from hospitals; testimonial to Dr. Arafeh; family home care operators request increase in their fees
1590089CL-007Mental Health--Cornerstone1981Urge Governor to transfer funds to Cornerstone, a community mental health facility, so it can keep operating. Funds were not granted.
1590089CL-008Mental Health--Dr. Arafeh1981Commissioner explains his request for Dr. Arafeh to take extended leave; asks Governor to investigate conflict between Commissioner and Arafeh before taking action; newspaper stories; notes by Governo
1590089CL-009Mental Health--Letter of Intent1981Directions to members of the Governor's Interagency Independent Living Task Force; letter of support from mental health agency; letter to Washington Office about the letter of intent indicating Connec
1590089CL-010Mental Health--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Analysis of staffing issues, including Workers' Compensation; Dr. Arafeh's letter of resignation; Governor's comments for testimonial dinner for Commissioner Worrell; Commissioner wishes to discuss lo
1590089CL-011Mental Health1982Patient asks about Governor's health; patient wants money to buy cigarettes.
1590089CL-012Mental Health1983Complaint filed against the Department by the New York Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; criticism of patient intake policies at Fairfield Hills Hospital; concern about inability to or delay in
1590089CL-013Mental Health--Memos [to/from Commissioner] Worrell1983Problem with emergency housing for fire victims at Connecticut Valley Hospital; quarterly report of Blue Hills Hospital Advisory Board; Department's declaratory ruling in response to petition from the
1600089CL-014Mental Health1984Reports on programs from Commissioner Worrell; community health program in Greenwich threatened by lack of funds; status report on the impact of community programs on inpatient bed utilization.
1600089CL-015Mental Health1985Concern about quality assurance in patient care; concern about impact of deinstitutionalization on patients. [Bucked to Department for response.]
1600089CL-016Mental Health1986Federal audit of grant-funded program; personnel issues; protest staff reductions and consolidation of wards at state hospitals; alcoholic patients not treated properly; need for better methods of hos
1600089CL-017Mental Health--Connecticut Valley Hospital1986Patients critical of alcohol treatment program; protest suspension of Psychology Internship Program at the hospital. [All letters bucked to Department for response.]
1600089CL-018Mental Health--Gateway Communities, Stamford1986Protest loss of funding for halfway house program; Board of Directors question evaluation of program; Regional Director's review of Gateway; requests Governor's intervention in preventing loss of fund
1600089CL-019Mental HealthJanuary-March 1987Patients complain about conditions at hospitals, particularly food; personnel issues; report on death of patient while in mental health facility; response to audit report; allegations of abuse against
1600089CL-020Mental HealthApril-June 1987Patients request discharge, say they are being held against their will; problem with billing; support for proposed legislation concerning respite care for former psychiatric patients who are now at ho
1600089CL-021Mental HealthJuly-August 1987Patients complain about treatment at hospital; parents complain about treatment given son; patient wishes to remain in his residential facility; protest closing of Cornerstone halfway house; patients
1610089CL-022Mental HealthSeptember 1987Patients request transfer to another facility; patients write about their delusions; patients complain about conditions and staff at hospitals; personnel issues; information concerning a hospital's a
1610089CL-023Mental HealthOctober 1987Information concerning a federal grant to provide services to the homeless mentally ill; allegation of harassment of and discrimination against male employees at mental health center; application for
1610089CL-024Mental HealthNovember 1987Patient claims he is forced to take drugs; patients write about their delusions; patient requests discharge; response to audit report; personnel issues; application for the Community Mental Health Se
1610089CL-025Mental HealthDecember 1987Patients write about their delusions; constituent concerned about reports that mental patients will be discharged without a support network; patients complain about conditions at hospitals; requests i
1610089CL-026Mental Health--Quarterly Reports1987
1610089CL-027Mental HealthJanuary-March 1988Patient requests transfer to another hospital; patients complain about conditions at hospital; former patient wants records expunged; patients write about their delusions; complaint about staff at a c
1610089CL-028Mental HealthApril-May 1988Request for information about licensing mental health counselors; patient updates; wife protests removal of husband from current health care facility; patients request transfer to another hospital; pe
1610089CL-029Mental HealthJune-July 1988Thanks Governor for signing bill prohibiting discrimination of those with mental disabilities; patient update; possible strike at mental health center; Department will assist in preparing a budget for
1610089CL-030Mental HealthAugust 1988Patient wants to return to hospital from a supervised apartment; personnel issues; patient requests discharge; patient complains about conditions at hospital; minutes from Advisory Board meeting at Ce
1620089CL-031Mental HealthSeptember 1988Employees complain about heat at Fairfield Hills Hospital; employees complain about condition of Hispanic mental health center; patient not happy with move to group home; parents complain about child'
1620089CL-032Mental HealthOctober 1988Concern about budget reduction and cuts in mental health services; patient feels mental health workers deserve higher pay.
1620089CL-033Mental HealthNovember 1988Department nominates client for a Victory Award; concerns about budget reduction and cuts in mental health services; patient writes about delusions; personnel issues; concerns about lack of cooperati
1620089CL-034Mental HealthDecember 1988Southeast Asian Refugees need mental health services; need for crisis intervention center in northwest Connecticut; personnel issues; report of positive impact of P.L. 88-288, An Act Prohibiting Discr
1620089CL-035Mental HealthJanuary-March 1989Concerns about budget reduction and cuts in mental health services; patients complain about conditions or treatment at hospital; patient writes about delusions; Governor's office intervenes in crisis
1620089CL-036Mental HealthApril-May 1989Patient requests transfer to another hospital; Governor's office intervenes in crisis situation; former patient claims loss of personal items; concerns about budget reduction and cuts in mental health
1620089CL-037Mental HealthJune-July 1989Responses to audit reports; patient writes about delusions; concerns about budget reduction and cuts in mental health services; personnel issues; patient requests his records; Governor's office interv
1620089CL-038Mental HealthAugust 1989Governor's office intervenes in crisis situations; express anger toward state for releasing patient from Whiting Forensic Institute who subsequently murdered Jessica Short, a child, on the street in M
1620089CL-039Mental HealthSeptember 1989Governor's office intervenes in crisis situations; wants sibling to remain in Whiting Forensic Institute; express anger toward state for releasing patient from Whiting Forensic Institute who subsequen
1630089CL-040Mental HealthOctober-December 1989Mother alleges son being held illegally; Commissioner explains staff shortages; Governor and Commissioner praised for their handling of the Jessica Short murder; employee protests closing wards at Nor
1630089CL-041Mental HealthJanuary-February 1990Patient writes about delusions; paper on the deinstitutionalization movement; crisis intervention center needed in northwest Connecticut; concern for rights of mentally ill in aftermath of Jessica Sho
1630089CL-042Mental HealthMarch-May 1990Complaint about conditions at group home; concern that Clozapine, a new drug to treat schizophrenia, not available at state institutions, Governor responds that an implementation program is starting;
1630089CL-043Mental HealthJune-August 1990Patients request discharge; complaints about treatments; oppose temporary leave for violent patients; protest increase in salaries for state mental health workers without an equal increase for those i
1630089CL-044Mental HealthSeptember-December 1990Patients protest the amount of time they have been in a hospital; warning to Governor about possible additional shift of financial responsibilities for mental health care to the states; parent request
1630089CL-045[Mental Health]--Institutes1990Information sent to members of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Living, including minutes of previous meetings, agendas, and proposed by-law changes.
1630089CL-046Mental Health--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1990Responses to audit reports; revision to allocation plan for Community Mental Health Services to the Homeless Block Grant; State Ethics Commission clarifies its Advisory Opinion 90-3 concerning honorar
1630090CL-001Mental RetardationJanuary-March 1981Drafts of bills appointing guardians or conservators for the mentally ill who need medical or dental treatment; personnel issues; urge to Governor to provide more funding for community programs; criti
1630090CL-002Mental RetardationApril-August 1981Governor defends comments by Commissioner Thorne about a bill allowing the mentally retarded to wear their own clothes; transportation problems; parents object to their child being transferred to a co
1630090CL-003Mental RetardationSeptember-December 1981Comparison of costs for institutional and community-based care of mentally ill by the Association for Retarded Citizens; clients need placement in institutions; personnel issues; protests cuts for she
1640090CL-004Mental Retardation--Facilities1981Criticism of Eliot Dober, Director of the Office of Protection and Advocacy for the Handicapped, for insensitivity, and a call for his resignation; concerns that Southbury Training School not receivin
1640090CL-005Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center1981Reviews of Finding of No Significant Impact regarding construction of the Northwestern Regional Center in Torrington; notes concerning informational meeting about the new center; residents oppose the
1640090CL-006Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center Minutes1976-1981Map of possible site for center; minutes of the Advisory and Planning Council of Northwest Regional Center; annual reports.
1640090CL-007Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center news clippings1967-1981
1640090CL-008Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ThorneApril 1980-April 1981Information concerning the development of An Act Concerning the Placement of Mentally Retarded Persons; revised drafts of the bill; amendments to H.B. 5740; annual report of the Supervised Apartment P
1640090CL-009Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ThorneMay-December 1981Responses to audit reports; Department concerned about new policy concerning filling direct care positions; Commissioner refutes report of the Association for Retarded Citizens; comparing institutiona
1640090CL-010Mental Retardation--Youngberg v Romeo1981Constituents and advocates for the mentally retarded object to Connecticut filing amicus brief in the Youngberg v Romeo case. Governor responds with copy of Deputy Attorney General Peter Gillies' exp
1640090CL-011Mental Retardation1982Commissioner requests all block grant funds be used for Day Treatment Services; nursing homes for mentally retarded children cannot survive on low reimbursement rates set by state; nursing home for me
1640090CL-012Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] Thorne1982-1983Community Training Home complains about not receiving payments for services; Motor Pool complains about Department Superintendents garaging state vehicles at home; discussion with Elisha Freedman abou
1640090CL-013Mental Retardation1983Draft of the preliminary plan for implementing the CARC v Thorne Consent Decree.
1640090CL-014Mental Retardation1984Family members and advocates object to violent patients being housed at a institution for the mentally retarded; concern about implementation of regulations relative to P.A. 83-39; neighbors oppose se
1640090CL-015Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]January-April 1984Latest proposed Consent Decree; description of internal administrative process for transition of Department programs from larger facilities to group homes; list of group homes; draft of Department's p
1650090CL-016Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]May-December 1984Organizational charts and management process materials concerning implementation of the Consent Decree; information concerning the federal government's proposed cancellation of the provider agreement
1650090CL-017Mental Retardation1985Response to audit report; Governor praises state's efforts to employ persons with disabilities; request to use building at Connecticut Valley Hospital as a homeless shelter; problems with construction
1650090CL-018Mental Retardation1986Labor negotiations; concern about damage to Camp Harkness; personnel problems at the Northwest Regional Center; response to audit report; Governor describes amendment to state constitution ensuring ri
1650090CL-019Mental RetardationJanuary 1-20, 1987Parents object to moving children from institutions to group homes; objections to removing mentally retarded from Seaside Center; parent needs placement for autistic son; parent demands information co
1650090CL-020Mental RetardationJanuary 21-31, 1987Client having trouble getting to work; private service providers cannot keep staff due to low salaries; object to mentally ill being housed with the mentally retarded; client in supervised apartment
1650090CL-021Mental RetardationFebruary 1987Need more sheltered workshops; object to mentally ill being housed with the mentally retarded; concern about parental rights in placement decisions; General Accounting Office report on services provid
1650090CL-022Mental RetardationMarch 1-24, 1987Problems paying state for services; parents complain that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent Decree making residents of institutions first priorit
1650090CL-023Mental RetardationMarch 25-31, 1987Organization developing group homes needs immediate payment to cover costs; model for medical respite for children; update on client who needs special placement; housing problem.
1660090CL-024Mental RetardationApril-May 1987Attorney General's opinion regarding psychological services performed for the Department; parents complain that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent
1660090CL-025Mental RetardationJune 1987Parents need placement for children; parents concerned for safety of children in group homes; personnel issues; concern about underutilization of Mystic Education Center; concern about placing court-o
1660090CL-026Mental RetardationJuly 1987Parent does not want to give up parental rights in order to find placement for son; neighbors object to group homes, allege Department purchased the units under false pretenses; question concerning ac
1660090CL-027Mental RetardationAugust 1987Concern about Governor's intervention in threatened strike by private health care workers; violent client needs permanent placement for his parents' safety; object to policy allowing residents of home
1660090CL-028Mental RetardationSeptember-October 1987Parent concerned for adult child's safety in group home; concern about level of supervision for clients who attend church services; thank Governor for intervening in pending strike at Oak Hill School
1660090CL-029Mental RetardationNovember-December 1987Community Training Home not receiving timely reimbursements; overview of rent subsidy program operated by the Department; state employee wants to remain in state housing while on workers' compensation
1660090CL-030Mental Retardation--[Commissioner Appointment]1987Support and opposition to the reappointment of Brian Lensink as Commissioner.
1660090CL-031Mental RetardationJanuary-March 1988Complaint that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent Decree making residents of institutions first priority; analysis of federal bills concerning the
1670090CL-032Mental RetardationApril 1988Lack of residential and day programs for mentally disabled still living at home violates the CARC v Thorne Consent Decree; resident of rest home seeks supervised apartment; parent protests placement a
1670090CL-033Mental RetardationMay 1988Parent concerned that placement may be inappropriate; parents seeking placement for children; parent critical of perceived lack of assistance from Department; allegation that lack of residential and d
1670090CL-034Mental RetardationJune-July 1988Aging parents or other family members seek permanent placement for child still living at home but are thwarted by the Consent Decree; service providers concerned that state budget cuts will force thei
1670090CL-035Mental RetardationAugust 1988Protest funding cuts that limit placement of adult children still living at home or that eliminate other programs; thanks Governor for restoring funds; settlement agreement to resolve contempt motion
1670090CL-036Mental RetardationSeptember-October 1988Parent fears for safety of child in group home because of another client; protest imprisonment of mentally retarded man for disorderly behavior; protest termination of respite care services; protest D
1670090CL-037Mental RetardationNovember-December 1988Parents who wish to keep child home cannot get necessary services and support from Department; advocacy group protests a client's treatment; aging parents seek permanent placement for child still livi
1670090CL-038Mental RetardationJanuary 1989Advocacy group having trouble getting client placed in a group home; responses to audit reports; clients leaving school cannot get assistance because of lack of transition mechanism from Children's S
1680090CL-039Mental RetardationFebruary 1989Personnel issues; concerns about rumor of closing Mansfield Training Center; parent needs respite care; transportation problems; parent fears for safety of child in institution; parent must relinquish
1680090CL-040Mental RetardationMarch 1989Sibling requests transfer of brother; personnel issues; client needs increase in funds to pay respite care worker; response to audit report; urgent need to find placement for retarded adult; need day
1680090CL-041Mental RetardationApril 1989Protest that parents who keep retarded child at home do not receive services; complaint about working conditions at Southbury Training School; report of group home resident missing; opposes H.B. 7224;
1680090CL-042Mental RetardationMay 1989Oppose cuts to Department budget; concern about change in providers for medical care to clients in southeastern Connecticut; ask Governor to reconsider Department policy concerning do not resuscitate
1690090CL-043Mental RetardationJune-July 1989Ask Governor to reconsider Department policy concerning do not resuscitate orders for retarded individuals; father recuperating from surgery wants retarded son returned home; parent does not want chil
1690090CL-044Mental RetardationAugust 1989Client in supervised apartment wants to return to Southbury Training School; criticism of Commissioner Lensink; concern about lack of funds for day programs for children beyond school age; Seaside Cen
1690090CL-045Mental RetardationSeptember 1989Parents and guardians seek permanent placement for child; thanks for and continuing requests for assistance from Governor's office; audit report and response; problems with Social Security benefits; c
1690090CL-046Mental RetardationOctober 1989Landlord wants state to reimburse for damages to building used as group home; parent seeks permanent placement for child; guardian seeks placement for individual; audit reports; concern about change
1690090CL-047Mental RetardationDecember 1989Concerns about lack of staff at Southbury Training School; response to audit report; Community Associates of Connecticut respond to complaints; parent concerned for safety of son in group home; audit
1690090CL-048[Mental Retardation]--Institutes1989Meeting minutes and agendas of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Living.
1690090CL-049[Mental Retardation]--Mansfield1989Information concerning the closing of Mansfield Training School and the relocation of employees.
1690090CL-050DMR [Mental Retardation]January-April 1990Union activities at National Community Development Corp.; need for emergency residential placement; investigation of complaint about group home; parents seek permanent placement; request additional fu
1690090CL-051DMR [Mental Retardation]May-June 1990Constituent concerned that state is not using money wisely in contracts with private service providers; use of state land for affordable housing; Council on Mental Retardation supports U.S. Senate bil
1690090CL-052DMR [Mental Retardation]July-August 1990Client in supervised apartment wants to return to Southbury Training School; parents seek permanent placement for children; request additional funding for Connecticut Institute for the Blind; Associat
1700090CL-053DMR [Mental Retardation]September-December 1990Private service providers receive contract adjustment that allows increase in wages; ask Governor's office to intervene in eviction case; parents concerned about placement of children with special nee
1700090CL-054DMR [Mental Retardation--Memos to/from Commissioner]1990Responses to audit reports; annual report of Department's Quality Assurance Division.
1700091CL-001Military1981Urge Governor to restore Fort Griswold in Groton; criticisms of Military Department administration; National Guard to assist at July 4th celebration in East Hartford; President Reagan urges Governors
1700091CL-002Military1985-1986Requests for historical information; request use of National Guard Sky Crane to move a barn to a museum in Vermont; men request National Guard shoulder patches for their collections; Governor helps ge
1700091CL-003MilitaryJanuary-May 1987Protests sale of live ammunition at a State Armory; oppose deploying Connecticut National Guard in Central America; oppose termination from National Guard; Governor writes letters of recommendation fo
1700091CL-004MilitaryJuly-December 1987Governor congratulates people enlisting in the National Guard; requests direct commission in National Guard; Governor congratulates people enlisting into the U.S. Army; protests forced resignation fro
1700091CL-005MilitaryJanuary-June 1988Connecticut Wing Emergency Services Alert Roster; publication from the New York POW/MIA Public Awareness Coalition; request for historical information; information concerning port visits of the U.S.S.
1700091CL-006MilitaryJuly-December 1988Activation of National Guard in response to forest fire; Governor congratulates individual enlisting in the National Guard; special order concerning promotion; National Guard not accommodating to some
1700091CL-007Military--Army Corps of Engineers1988Notice that Corps is monitoring drought conditions in Connecticut; update report on projects in Connecticut; amendments to presolicitation notices for projects in other states.
1700091CL-008MilitaryJanuary-July 1989Army Corps of Engineers plans for Connecticut River dredging; medical disqualification; Army Corps of Engineers update on permits for highway construction; contract compliance of the Soldiers', Sailor
1710091CL-009MilitaryAugust-December 1989Governor praises professionalism of Connecticut National Guard; Army Corps of Engineers issues one road construction permit and denies the second; request for historical information; protest correctio
1710091CL-010Military--Adjutant General1989Notices of National Guard members being deployed overseas; special order concerning members relieved from assignment, members receiving awards, members receiving new assignments or appointments; Conne
1710091CL-011[Military]--National Guard1989Soldier wishes to extend his length of service; Governor nominates Colonel David W. Gay for position of U.S. Property and Fiscal Office for Connecticut; Governor's letter of gratitude to 192nd Enginee
1710091CL-012MilitaryJanuary-May 1990Complaint about low-level flights of military aircraft; concern about legality of relationship between the Department and In-Town Tennis, Inc.; protests having car towed from parking lot of the First
1710091CL-013MilitaryJune-November 1990Parent blames National Guard for son's motor vehicle accident; Governor permits senior members of Air National Guard to observe training at Canadian Forces Base in New Brunswick; invitation to Govern
1710091CL-014Military--[Army Corps of Engineers]1990Update reports on projects in Connecticut; amendments to presolicitation notices; Corps wants to deactivate a study for improvements at Bridgeport Harbor; notice of stream bank protection project alon
1710091CL-015[Military--Air] National Guard1990Notices of overseas travel.
1710091CL-016Military--[Consolidation of Orders]April 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-017Military--[Consolidation of Orders]May 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-018Military--[Consolidation of Orders]August 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-019Military--[Consolidation of Orders]September 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-020Military--[Consolidation of Orders]October 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-021Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 6-9, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-022Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 14-19, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-023Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 20-27, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-024Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 28-30, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-025Military--[Consolidation of Orders]December 3-18, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-026Military--[Consolidation of Orders]December 19-31, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-027Military--[Consolidation of Orders]January 1991Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1730091CL-028Military--[Special Orders and Deployment Notices]January-June 1990
1730091CL-029Military--[Special Orders and Deployment Notices]July-November 1990
1730091CL-030Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1978-1980Resolution by Groton Municipal Employees Association supporting efforts to dock the Nautilus in Groton; constituents urge Governor Grasso to ensure the Nautilus returns to Connecticut; Grasso writes t
1730091CL-031Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1981-1983Discussion of site for Nautilus memorial; concern that Governor's Nautilus Committee has been ineffective; Governor O'Neill nominates the vessel for designation as a National Historic Landmark; letter
1730091CL-032Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1989Brochure on the Nautilus prepared by the Submarine Force Library and Museum.
1730092CL-001MiscellaneousJanuary-February 1981Thanks Governor for appearance at event; unintelligible correspondence; opposes balancing the budget on state employee positions; protest high energy costs; opinions concerning taxes; requests for inf
1730092CL-002MiscellaneousMarch 1981Requests for information or the Governor's opinion; congratulations and best wishes as O'Neill takes over the state government; requests for appointments with Governor; praise for Connecticut Communit
1730092CL-003MiscellaneousApril-July 1981Request for Governor's autograph; invitations; students wish to meet Governor; requests for information or Governor's opinion; requests donation from Governor; concern for those who cannot afford to p
1740092CL-004MiscellaneousJune 1981Drawings of the Governor and the Capitol drawn by students after their field trip to Hartford.
1740092CL-005MiscellaneousAugust-October 1981Biographical material on Max Belding; request for Governor's opinion; requests an appointment with the Governor; essays on mankind's efforts to reach spiritual peace; requests Governor make nomination
1740092CL-006MiscellaneousNovember-December 1981Governor congratulates people beginning new ventures in the state; requests for information; immigration problem; suggest investigation of salaries at UConn; Governor sends greetings to the Governor o
1740092CL-007[Miscellaneous]--Commissioners1981Commissioners notify Governor of absence from state; request to all agency heads for information on services provided to the Hispanic Community.
1740092CL-008[Miscellaneous]--Hartford Chamber of Commerce1981President refutes statements he allegedly gave to the press; computer services questionnaire.
1740092CL-009Miscellaneous1982Allegations of insurance fraud; information concerning the creation of a center to study leatherback turtles.
1740092CL-010Miscellaneous1986Suggestions for helping the needy; protests Governor attending St. Patrick dinner because it excludes women; requests appointment with Governor; list of experts on the Puerto Rican community in Connec
1740092CL-011MiscellaneousJanuary-July 1987Requests for information; request letter of recommendation; complaint about parking in Hartford; Governor forwards petition against U.S. support of Nicaragua to state Congressional delegation; woman v
1740092CL-012MiscellaneousAugust-October 1987Invitations; requests for information; newspaper articles about Hispanic issues sent to Marilynn Cruz-Aponte and letters concerning her activities in relation to advocating for Hispanic residents; Gov
1740092CL-013MiscellaneousNovember-December 1987Thank Governor for participating in event; requests for information; invitation to Cruz-Aponte; Official Statement designating January 3-9, 1988 as Constitution Ratification Week in Connecticut; Gover
1740092CL-014Mis[cellaneous]January 1988Offers services as educator; requests for information; sends Governor samples of her writing; constituents ask Governor to continue supporting Representative Gejdenson's request that the next Trident
1740092CL-015Misc[ellaneous]February 1988Tirade against welfare and its recipients; constituents ask Governor to continue supporting Representative Gejdenson's request that the next Trident submarine be named after the state; requests for i
1750092CL-016Misc[ellaneous]March1-16, 1988Expresses concerns about state and national issues; Marilynn Cruz-Aponte nominated for Saint Joseph College Distinguished Young Alumnae Association Award, she sends her resume; protest Governor's atte
1750092CL-017Misc[ellaneous]March 17-31, 1988Invitations; protests Governor's attendance at a Knights of Saint Patrick dinner because it excludes women; complaints about Cumberland Farms, addressed to Governor Dukakis; requests Governor's assist
1750092CL-018Misc[ellaneous]April 1988Requests for information; resents benefits Governor receives; angry at Governor for spending the budget surplus; Governor to receive an honorary degree from Yeshiva University; activities of the South
1750092CL-019Misc[ellaneous]May 1988Thanks Governor for proclaiming Afghanistan Day; school children write to the Governor; Barbara Gordon recommends person to Hartford College for Women; invitations; change of consul generals; personne
1750092CL-020Misc[ellaneous]June-July 1988Protests number of inserts in telephone bill; thanks Governor for sending a state rock; invitations; thank Governor for support; individuals seeking state employment; Governor requests support for can
1750092CL-021Misc[ellaneous]August 1988Request for Governor's autographed picture; tell Governor about new inventions; requests for information; resignation of North Canaan Democratic Town Committee Chairman; invitation; elderly carry on c
1750092CL-022Misc[ellaneous]September-October 1988Requests for information; asks Governor to prevent a movie from being shown in the state; supports George Bush as president; invitation; elderly try to carry on correspondence with Governor; thanks Go
1750092CL-023Misc[ellaneous]November-December 1988Governor visits Mount Saint John's School for Boys; items hurtful to George Bush sent to Governor to forward to Governor Dukakis; thanks Governor for help establishing a memorial to Medal of Honor rec
1750092CL-024Misc[ellaneous]January-February 1989Connecticut company having financial difficulties; Governor of Texas request Governor's support in case against State of New York; requests for Lester Force to represent Connecticut at the Law Enforce
1760092CL-025Misc[ellaneous]March-April 1989Expresses opinions on national issues; student requests Governor's opinion on several issues; information about archaeological sites in the state; invitations.
1760092CL-026Misc[ellaneous]April 1989suggests new currency; wants hold on her family lifted; Massachusetts Airport System Plan; allegations of irregularities in government of Putnam County, NY.
1760092CL-027[Miscellaneous--Book Presented to Governor]May 31, 1989Jerusalem, Most Fair of Cities. Inscribed to Governor O'Neill from the Consul General of Israel.
1760092CL-028Misc[ellaneous]May-October 1989Information on environmental illness; complaint about public behavior of state Representative Migliaro; Eugene Rossi resigns as one of the Governor's Washington representatives; need to stop overpopul
1760092CL-029Misc[ellaneous]November-December 1989Governor announces 1990 Connecticut Technology Directory; invitations; suggestions to improve the state; problems with student loan; Governor congratulates Connecticut Humanities Council for national
1760092CL-030MiscellaneousJanuary 1990Asks Governor to help her return to Hartford; alleged slander; religion can help unite the country; opposes military buildup; send Governor newspaper clippings and articles.
1760092CL-031MiscellaneousFebruary 1990Tirade against waste in state government; John King announces he is not seeking reelection as chairman of the Democratic Town Committee of New Britain; presents Governor with new state song; advocates
1760092CL-032MiscellaneousMarch 1990Supports Governor's plans to run again; essay about his mother; need to help Jews in the Soviet Union; request for information; request for help; seeking minority candidates for position at UConn, ask
1760092CL-033MiscellaneousApril-June 1990Thanks Governor for designating Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Week; company markets its services; certificate of incorporation of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation; t
1770092CL-034MiscellaneousJuly-September 1990Alleged welfare fraud; report from the Task Force on Chaplaincy in State Institutions; state opinion ballots; alleged theft; should abolish Spanish on multi-lingual signs; recounts financial difficult
1770092CL-035MiscellaneousOctober-December 1990Governor commends emergency service agencies in Essex; problems with Stratford police; Marilynn Cruz-Aponte resigns from The Regional Laboratory; best wishes as Governor retires; wants Governor's help
1770092CL-036MiscellaneousDecember 1990Report on Ohio's Edison Technology Centers; complaint about watches purchased from Timex Corp.; annual report of the Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut; anti gun control propaganda.
1770093CL-001Motor VehiclesDecember 1980-May 1981Request suspension of license; protest suspension of license, want Governor to get it back; service station opposes P.A. 80-425 requiring written authorization from the car owner before repairs can be
1770093CL-002Motor VehiclesJune-August 1981Protest suspension of license, want Governor to get it back; requests for sample license plate; protests speeding ticket; protest closing Norwalk, Ansonia, Old Saybrook and Milford offices; sixteen ye
1770093CL-003Motor VehiclesSeptember-December 1981Protests high vehicle registration fee; question about restoring suspended license; inspections discontinued at Meriden Branch office; allege unauthorized motor vehicle repairs; complaint about proper
1770093CL-004Motor Vehicles--[Memos to/from Commissioner] Muzio1981Commissioner forwards complimentary letters; report of misuse of state vehicle; policy regarding employee response to abusive public.
1770093CL-005Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]1981
1780093CL-006Motor Vehicles1982Requests transfer of license plate numbers to his wife; requests information on when emissions testing will begin.
1780093CL-007Motor Vehicles1983Investigation of car dealership for charging for undercoating but not providing it; supports use of safety belts; Connecticut's odometer tampering law; requests clarification of classifications for mo
1780093CL-008Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]1983
1780093CL-009Motor Vehicles1984Protest closing Stamford office; Governor describes actions taken to rid the state of drunk drivers; National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations for reducing drunk driving accidents a
1780093CL-010[Motor Vehicles]--Emissions1984Question concerning relationship between emissions testing and federal highway funds; oppose emissions testing.
1780093CL-011Motor Vehicles1985Mothers Against Drunk Driving request public service announcement with Governor; opposes emissions testing; advocates safety belts for school buses; National Transportation Safety Board recommendation
1780093CL-012Motor VehiclesJanuary-June 1986Request for Connecticut license plate with special lettering for Olympics; suggestion about insurance identification; complaints about car dealers; requests enforcement of handicapped parking laws; su
1780093CL-013Motor VehiclesJuly-December 1986Concern about licensing procedures for school bus drivers; suggestions for improving operations at Department; question concerning vanity plates; revision of police accident report form; auto insuran
1780093CL-014Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving1986Suggestions for reducing or stopping drunk driving; request for state funding from Students Against Drunk Driving; request to reduce drinking age; accounts of accidents involving drunk drivers.
1780093CL-015Motor Vehicles--Emissions1986Complaints about the emissions testing process; complaints about rude staff; complaint about high fee; protest trucks not needing emissions tests; suggest senior citizens be exempt from testing.
1780093CL-016Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]1986
1780093CL-017Motor VehiclesJanuary 1987Requests refund for registration; draft legislation concerning false drivers licenses; protests suspension of license; need to replace old license plates; complaint about repair shop; question about h
1780093CL-018Motor VehiclesFebruary 1987Wants suspended license returned; problem of out-of-state registrations; protest increase in registration fees; meeting notice for members of Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; request for sample licen
1780093CL-019Motor VehiclesMarch-April 1987Recommendation of National Transportation Safety Board; need to enforce handicapped parking laws; complaints about car dealers; protests emissions testing; problems with town taxes; complaint about ru
1790093CL-020Motor VehiclesMay 1987Opposes moving Norwalk office; question about reciprocity of handicapped parking permit; suggested oath to be taken by applicants for driver's license; protests duplicate license plate numbers; compla
1790093CL-021Motor VehiclesJune 1987Protests license suspension; questions regulations regarding handicapped parking permits; request for sample license plate; questions use of one registration sticker for two license plates; protests t
1790093CL-022Motor VehiclesJuly 1987Protests extra fee for registering rebuilt totaled vehicle; complaint about treatment by staff at Motor Vehicle office; protests high fees for registering a vehicle; information about AAA's driver re-
1790093CL-023Motor VehiclesAugust 1987Infraction notice sent to wrong person; complaints about errors made by the Department; problems with Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator examinations; wants suspended license back; suggest design chang
1790093CL-024Motor VehiclesSeptember 1987Question about local approval of repair shops and dealerships; complaint about long response time from Department; complaint about high cost of repairs; wants suspended license back; opposes increase
1790093CL-025Motor VehiclesOctober 1987Protests suspension of license; complaint about operations of Department; National Transportation Safety Board approves state's policy and procedures on screening potential school bus drivers; protest
1790093CL-026Motor VehiclesNovember-December 1987Want refund of registrations; complaints about repair shop and dealer; protest suspension of license; Motor Carrier Advisory Committee meeting notice; complaints about rude staff and Department operat
1790093CL-027Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving1987Concerns about drunk driving; Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) thank Governor for his support; accounts of accidents involving drunk drivers; MADD protest sentence given drunk driver; request str
1790093CL-028Motor Vehicles--Emissions1987In favor and opposed to emissions testing; complaints about testing program.
1790093CL-029Motor Vehicles--[Reports]January-October 1987
1800093CL-030Motor Vehicles--[Reports]November-December 1987
1800093CL-031Motor VehiclesJanuary-February 1988Problems with registering a vehicle; protest license suspension; complaint about state car registered to Motor Vehicles; want registration refunded; concern about highway safety, want motor vehicle la
1800093CL-032Motor VehiclesMarch-April 1988Complaints about rude staff; protests license renewal fees; problem of out-of-state registrations; requests information about No-Fault Insurance; problem getting motorcycle registered; angry about sud
1800093CL-033Motor VehiclesMay-June 1988Employee protests proposed changes in Motor Vehicle office hours; frustrated with Department delays; problem registering vehicle; protest license suspensions; student supports seat belts on school bus
1800093CL-034Motor VehiclesJuly 1988Wants hit and run driver arrested; frustrated with long lines at Motor Vehicle offices; problem getting driver's license; request for information on license plates; suggests mandatory driving tests fo
1800093CL-035Motor VehiclesAugust-September 1988Question about emissions testing; suggests mandatory driving tests for senior citizens; questions why trucks do not have emissions tests; angry about Department operations; suggested design, and samp
1800093CL-036Motor VehiclesOctober 1988Protests suspension of driver's license; traffic tickets issued to wrong person; try to pay traffic fine to Governor; auditors report; wants part time job at Department after retirement; suggests new
1800093CL-037Motor VehiclesNovember-December 1988Requests registration refund; concern about speeding; commendation of Department staff; concern for highway safety; problem with property taxes; many car owners violating emissions testing regulation
1800093CL-038Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]January-March 1988Includes supporting material.
1810093CL-039Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]April-May 1988Includes supporting material.
1810093CL-040Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]June-July 1988Includes supporting material.
1810093CL-041Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]December 1988Includes supporting material.
1810093CL-042Motor Vehicles--Drunk DrivingMarch-June 1988Concerned that administrative per se license suspension bill was not in Governor's legislative package; urge support of administrative per se; wants suspended license back; accounts of fatal accidents
1810093CL-043Motor Vehicles--Drunk DrivingJuly-December 1988Accounts of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers; petition for immediate review of the state's drunk driving laws and their enforcement; wants suspended license back; request stricter drunk driving
1810093CL-044Motor Vehicles--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1988Minutes of meeting of Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; National Safety Council statistics on motor vehicle deaths; responses to audit reports; describes discipline meted out to employees who particip
1810093CL-045Motor Vehicles--[Reorganization] Adjudication/Dealers1988Reports on the reorganization of the Department and formalized written procedures and policies of the Adjudication Unit and Dealers and Repairers Division.
1810093CL-046Motor VehiclesJanuary 1989Objects to punishing employees for the check kiting scheme of former Deputy Director O'Dea; questions about insurance identification cards, tinted glass, registrations; fifteen year olds should be eli
1820093CL-047Motor VehiclesFebruary-March 1989Opposes safety inspections; need to enforce handicapped parking laws; suggests mandatory driving tests for senior citizens; complaint against car dealer; want to clear driving records; frustrated by
1820093CL-048Motor VehiclesApril 1989Problems passing driving test; problems getting special license plate; complaint about Department operations; report of abandoned vehicle; suggests a more active organ donor program; better enforcemen
1820093CL-049Motor VehiclesMay 1989Wants to apply lemon law to vehicle purchased in New Hampshire; complaint about Department operations; many car owners violating emissions testing regulations; student suggests change to emissions te
1820093CL-050Motor VehiclesJune-July 1989Complaints about Department operations; praise for Department staff; task force formed to explore mandates of the administrative per se law; question about emissions testing program; out-of-state vehi
1820093CL-051Motor VehiclesAugust 1989Complaints about extortion by towing company; request special license plates for members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart; fraudulent use of Governor's letter as an endorsement for a product;
1820093CL-052Motor VehiclesSeptember 1989Problem obtaining title for car; need to enforce seat belt law; problem registering vehicle; complaint against car dealer; many car owners violating emissions testing regulations; concern about highw
1820093CL-053Motor VehiclesOctober 1989Protests speeding ticket; report of Department employee who is an uninsured motorist; complaint about long lines at Motor Vehicle office; approves of emissions testing; complaints about Department ope
1820093CL-054Motor VehiclesNovember 1989Need to enforce handicapped parking laws; suggests special license plate for Purple Heart recipients; complaint about Department operations; problems obtaining payment for damage to vehicle; complaint
1820093CL-055Motor VehiclesDecember 1989Wants driver's license returned; requests registration refund; request for sample license plate; complaint about emission inspection and behavior of testing staff.
1820093CL-056Motor Vehicles--[Drunk Driving]1989Urge Governor to pass stricter drunk driving laws; suggests special driver's license for drinkers.
1820093CL-057DMV [Motor Vehicles]January-February 1990Need additional van pools; protests license suspension; requests sample license plate; complaints about rude staff; report of identity theft; objects to taxes assessed on classic automobile; complaint
1820093CL-058DMV [Motor Vehicles]March 1990Problem passing emissions test; concern about danger posed by senior drivers; question about obtaining personal information from Department; wants to keep unregistered vehicle; complaint about Departm
1830093CL-059DMV [Motor Vehicles]April 1990Requests copy of the Governor's license plate; proposed amendment to the stolen license plate law; question about reciprocity of the handicapped parking permits; objects to extension of time for distr
1830093CL-060DMV [Motor Vehicles]May-June 1990Question about six month emissions sticker; students make suggestions for safer vehicles and stricter laws and ask Governor questions about Motor Vehicle laws; praise for Department staff; complaints
1830093CL-061DMV [Motor Vehicles]July-August 1990Concern about impact of uninsured motorists on insurance premiums; Congressman Chris Shays thanks Governor for expression of support for the Clean Air Act; angry that special license plate 1 is recall
1830093CL-062DMV [Motor Vehicles]September-December 1990Requests immediate inspection of Greyhound Lines, Inc.; questions why trucks not subject to emissions testing; suggests new license plate design; suggests new design for driver's license; requests reg
1840093CL-063[Motor Vehicles]--Drunk Driving1990Requests change in sentencing for drunk driving; suggestions for addressing problem of drunk driving.
1840093CL-064DMV [Motor Vehicles--Memos to/from] Commissioner1990Responses to audit reports; information about reviving the Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; July monthly report; Student Transportation Safety Commission report.
1840093CL-065[Motor Vehicles]1991Request for information concerning a fatal accident.
1840094CL-001NGA [National Governors' Association]1980-1981Environmental resources and environmental management policies; letters welcoming Governor to the organization; publications for Governor's information; Governor appointed to several committees; positi
1840094CL-002NGA [National Governors' Association]1982-1983Policy statement on Medicaid; background paper on right of Governors to dismiss public employees for partisan political reasons; comments regarding EPA's proposed sanctions under the Clean Air Act; in
1840094CL-003NGA [National Governors' Association]1984Correspondence concerning a Task Force on High Level Radioactive Waste, nuclear plant cost overruns, and establishing an EDB (ethylene dibromide) clearinghouse.
1840094CL-004NGA [National Governors' Association]1985Nomination for Distinguished Service to State Government award; as vice-chairman, Governor sends invitations to join meeting of Committee on Transportation, Commerce and Communications committee.
1840094CL-005NGA [National Governors' Association]1986Information about State and Local Legal Center; transcript of conference on Day Care - The Public-Private Partnership; position statement on federal budget and Gramm-Rudman-Hollings; state wants to jo
1840094CL-006NGA [National Governors' Association]1987State's comments of proposed revision of Medicaid eligibility rules; meeting schedule of Transportation Committee; Fiscal Survey of the States; NGA Action Letter regarding Exxon oil overcharge case an
1840094CL-007NGA [National Governors' Association]January-March 1988Proposal to consolidate low level radioactive waste disposal sites; study of public opinion on hostile corporate takeovers; annual analysis of the President's proposed budget; governors urge O'Neill t
1840094CL-008NGA [National Governors' Association]May-November 1988Report on State Long Term Care Reform; NGA InfoLetters concerning federal legislation; invitation to attend annual meeting of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG); appeal for help in provid
1840094CL-009NGA [National Governors' Association]January-March 1989Governor appoints representatives to committees and conferences; statement of James A. Baker, III, at his confirmation hearings; status report on McKinney Homeless Assistance Act; suggested language f
1850094CL-010NGA [National Governors' Association]April-October 1989Answers to survey on Connecticut's drug abuse programs; ask Governor's assistance in creating a national ocean and coastal pollution policy statement; Governor's report on strategy for fighting substa
1850094CL-011National Governors' [Association]1990NGA positions on expenditure of transportation trust funds, extension of small issue industrial development bond program, funding of proposed Medicaid expansion mandates, and the federal budget; memor
1850095CL-001New England Governors' Conference1983New England's congressional delegation responds to the New England Governors' Conference resolution supporting the importation of competitively priced natural gas; acknowledgement of the Conference's
1850095CL-002New England Governors' Conference1984Thank O'Neill for sending Conference's reports on New England Acid Deposition Control Plan and Updated Priorities for Federal Assistance with Water-Related Problems in the New England/New York Region.
1850095CL-003New England Governors' Conference1985Invitation to intergovernmental conference on acid rain.
1850095CL-004New England Governors' Conference1987Transcript of meeting; Governors oppose closing U.S. Customs service in Boston; report to the Regional Health Committee of the Conference.
1850095CL-005New England Governors' [Conference]March-June 1988Summary of Power Planning Committee meeting; summary of Land Conservation Working Group meeting; information concerning the New England Council; notice of joint meeting of the Committee on Substance A
1850095CL-006New England Governors' [Conference]September-October 1988Report on meeting of Southern Governors' Association on the subject of substance abuse; proceedings of the Power Planning Committee; report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning new g
1850095CL-007New England Gov[ernors' Conference]1989Thank you notes.
1850095CL-008New England Governors' [Conference]1990Regrets about attending the Conference's meetings; information concerning an economic strategy for the region and for dealing with the New Europe; congratulations on successful meeting of New England
1850096CL-001[Office of] Emergency Management1989Monthly reports; announcement of emergency exercise; audit report.
1850096CL-002[Office of] Emergency [Management]1990Minutes of State Emergency Response Commission meetings.
1850097CL-001OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January-February 1981Federal Coastal Energy Impact Program information and meeting agenda; analysis of the Mortgage Bond Subsidy Act; oppose elimination of statute that requires the state to reimburse towns to health and
1850097CL-002OPM [Office of Policy and Management]March 1981Suggestions for increasing revenue; Management Advisory Council states it objections to the Management Incentive Plan developed by the General Assembly; suggestion for property tax reform; monthly rep
1860097CL-003OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April 1981Reduction in federal grant award; Bloomfield and Bridgeport charged with violation of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972; person seeks state employment; suggestion for increasing revenu
1860097CL-004OPM [Office of Policy and Management]May-July 1981Secretary Milano notifies heads of five state agencies that automatic refill for specified direct care positions is restored; report on licensing and permits function within the State Fire Marshall's
1860097CL-005OPM [Office of Policy and Management]August-October 1981Application for Housing and Urban Development Comprehensive Planning Assistance Program funds; Connecticut to withdraw from Tri-State Regional Planning Commission; Capitol Region Council of Government
1860097CL-006OPM [Office of Policy and Management]November-December 1981Urges restoration of funds to Connecticut Community Care, Inc.; Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities impact statement of block grant cuts; protest cuts to Title XX programs; protest federal re
1860097CL-007OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-July 1981
1870097CL-008OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1981
1870097CL-009OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Memos to/from Secretary]1981Governor orders additional funds for energy assistance programs; notices of projects being released for construction bids; reports on State's General Fund; analysis of the future role of Conrail in co
1870097CL-010OPM [Office of Policy and Management]1982Complaint about elderly tax relief (Circuit Breaker) program; Office of Management and Budget requires only one audit.
1870097CL-011OPM [Office of Policy and Management]1983Information required by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to implement new simplified intergovernmental review procedures; Governor requests continued federal financial support for state's communi
1870097CL-012OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Memos to/from Secretary]1983Notices of projects being released for construction bids; comparative state agency employment statistics; Governor's Executive Order Number Seven; information on state's General Fund.
1870097CL-013OPM [Office of Policy and Management]1984Comments on proposed federal regulations regarding siting procedures for electric generation and transmission, telecommunications, and hazardous waste disposal facilities; thank Governor for funding s
1870097CL-014OPM [Office of Policy and Management]1985Groton displeased that it is not receiving Community Development Block Grant; Connecticut Conference of Municipalities requests no further reduction of state taxes until towns and cities receive prope
1870097CL-015OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Bi-weekly Reports]1985Separate reports for each division.
1870097CL-016OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January-March 1986Bi-weekly report; urge Governor to fund maternal and child health services; analysis and recommendation of Lyme disease blood testing responsibilities; explanations of projected General Fund deficienc
1870097CL-017OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April-June 1986Suggestion for improving state efficiency; Congressman Les Aspin informs Mary Hart that Congress approved temporary funding to continue cleanup at Superfund sites; health care providers in nonprofit
1880097CL-018OPM [Office of Policy and Management]July-October 1986Supports purchase of additional Life Star helicopters; grant award notice; request increased retirement benefits for retired state employees; state's plan for administering the Low Income Home Energy
1880097CL-019OPM [Office of Policy and Management]November-December 1986Question about eligibility for tax relief for elderly renters; report on documents from the Iroquois Gas Transmission System; procedures for submitting proposed programs under the Stripper Well Settle
1880097CL-020OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January-February 1987Concern about jobs for former toll takers; updated Hazardous Waste Management Plan; question about eligibility for elderly tax relief; supports creation of Office of Archaeology; opposes income tax on
1880097CL-021OPM [Office of Policy and Management]March 1987Concern about jobs for former toll takers; suggest changes to state police disability and death benefits; reasons why Independent Living Centers initiative was not fully funded; suggestions for drug e
1880097CL-022OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April 1987Concern about pension formula for retired teachers; concern about homelessness; state comments on proposed AFDC quality control regulations; request for state funds to renovate the Revolutionary War O
1880097CL-023OPM [Office of Policy and Management]May-July 14,1987Protests closing of employee housing at Mansfield Training School and at Connecticut Valley Hospital; suggestions and sketches for affordable housing; question about property taxes and storage of boat
1880097CL-024OPM [Office of Policy and Management]July15-31, 1987Questions about tax relief for elderly programs; state comments on proposed federal rules concerning school bus safety standards; question about prison for drunk drivers; grant award notice.
1880097CL-025OPM [Office of Policy and Management]August 1987Thank Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for approving grant application for funding to plan a long-term care insurance program; questions use of bonds to help Meriden reconstruct Kenmere Reservoir; requ
1880097CL-026OPM [Office of Policy and Management]September 1987Requests state funds for emergency medical communications network; question increase in motor fuels tax and its use; opposes proposed federal health insurance legislation (Kennedy/Waxman bills); propo
1890097CL-027OPM [Office of Policy and Management]October 1987Hunger in New Haven; questions concerning property tax on motor vehicles; questions about eligibility for elderly tax relief; budget surplus should lead to tax reduction; questions increase in motor f
1890097CL-028OPM [Office of Policy and Management]November 1-23, 1987Support Dr. Henry Lee's request to purchase an Automated Fingerprint Identification System; urge Congressional delegation to support level funding for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; commen
1890097CL-029OPM [Office of Policy and Management]November 25-30, 1987Projected deficiencies in General Fund; petitions opposing possibility of major cuts to elderly nutrition programs; state comments concerning proposed federal rule for escrow accounts and Community De
1890097CL-030OPM [Office of Policy and Management]December 1-9, 1987Concern about housing for the poor; report to General Assembly about Operation Fuel Add-a-Dollar; information concerning distribution of census data; requests for information; Representative Shays res
1890097CL-031OPM [Office of Policy and Management]December 10-31, 1987Requests additional funding for the Connecticut Endangered Properties Fund; needs help paying rent; U.S. Department of Justice suggests legislation to help curb drug abuse; approves Governor's actions
1890097CL-032OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Administrative Report1987
1890097CL-033OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Bi-weekly Reports1987
1890097CL-034OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January 1988Opposes placing prison at Fairfield Hills Hospital; Hartford Health Network proposes alternative health care financing and delivery system; support Dr. Henry Lee's request to purchase an Automated Fin
1890097CL-035OPM [Office of Policy and Management]February-March 1988Suggestions for increasing public awareness of drug trafficking; state comments concerning proposed federal rules regarding Medicare and Medicaid; technical revisions to the Maternal and Child Health
1890097CL-036OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April 1988Proposed legislation from the Governor's Council on Mental Retardation regarding equitable wages fro private sector health care workers; state comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for
1900097CL-037OPM [Office of Policy and Management]May 1988Supports a state wide victim's assistance program; Wadsworth Atheneum informs Governor of its intent to seek grant funds for renovations to their building; minutes of and background information for Fi
1900097CL-038OPM [Office of Policy and Management]June-July 1988Questions eligibility for the elderly Circuit Breaker program; supports lifting nursing salary caps for nursing homes; supports nuclear energy; state plan for Connecticut Energy Assistance Program; co
1900097CL-039OPM [Office of Policy and Management]August-September 1988Agencies state they are unable to make reductions in their budgets; grant award notice; question about eligibility for renter's assistance; new program with Centers for Disease Control to reduce incid
1900097CL-040OPM [Office of Policy and Management]October-November 1988Accepts Governor's request for three percent budget cut for all departments, with one exception; question concerning state funding of research and development projects; updates on projects at state pr
1900097CL-041OPM [Office of Policy and Management]December 1988Northeast-Midwest Institute requests financial support for their research services; protests ten percent reduction in state human service agency budgets; protests high cost of gasoline; Advisory Repor
1900097CL-042OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Bi-weekly Reports]1988January-July only.
1900097CL-043OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Reports]1988Suggestions for counting Connecticut citizens abroad during the upcoming census; report on study of the Department of Agriculture Dairy Division operations; report on state's General Fund; report on m
1900097CL-044OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January-March 1989Letters of appreciation to members of the CHRO Task Force; concerns about cuts to Mental Health budget; requests state assistance in delaying construction of mall in neighboring community; concern abo
1900097CL-045OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April-May 1989Concern that residents of the YMCA who receive city welfare also receive energy assistance; application for Community Mental Health Services for the Homeless; concern about possible reduction in nursi
1900097CL-046OPM [Office of Policy and Management]June 1989Request for funds to repair Willington's Old Town Hall; employees of New Seasons, a group home for mentally retarded persons, concerned about budget cuts affecting workers' salaries; application to th
1910097CL-047OPM [Office of Policy and Management]July 1989Representative Charles Rangle proposed federal legislation, The Correctional Alternatives Act of 1989, and requests Governor's feedback; Procedures for refilling vacant state positions; Odyssey Instit
1910097CL-048OPM [Office of Policy and Management]August-October 1989Concern about use of vacant state hospitals and residential facilities buildings; comments on draft proposed five-year Outer Continental Leasing Program; encouragement of early retirement affecting ca
1910097CL-049OPM [Office of Policy and Management]November-December 1989Pharmacies request increase in ConnPACE reimbursement rate; requests grant in aid for Bridgeport; complaint about staff shortages at state agencies; concern about Department of Correction's use of New
1910097CL-050OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Criminal Justice1989Need additional staff for County Sheriffs.
1910097CL-051OPM [Office of Policy and Management]January-March 1990Has not received elderly renters refund check; pharmacies request increase in ConnPACE reimbursement rate; states forward copies of their state wide substance abuse programs; suggestions for curbing d
1910097CL-052OPM [Office of Policy and Management]April-June 1990Information about recipients of Governor's Laurel Awards for Responsible Social Involvement; concerns about staffing cuts at state agencies due to budget cuts; concerns about collective bargaining pro
1910097CL-053OPM [Office of Policy and Management]July-December 1990Allocation plans for federal block grants; Drug-Free Workplace Certification renewal; suggestion to ease budget; information concerning completing census; development of National Drug Control Strategy
1910097CL-054OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Memos to/from Comm.]1990Projected deficiencies in General Fund; need to reduce expenditures for computers; amended regulations concerning the issuance of private activity bonds; minutes of Budget and Finance Committee meetin
1910097CL-055OPM [Office of Policy and Management--Efficiency in Govt.]1990Letter from Commission chairman Thomas concerning review of procedures for issuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and awarding contracts.
1920097CL-056OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January-March 1981Middle Distillate Monitoring Report (prices on heating fuel and gasoline); Presidential proclamation concerning emergency building temperature restrictions; Governor solicits aid from other states to
1920097CL-057OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]April-May 1981Concern about supplying low income households with heating oil at reduced prices; draft of proposed five-year Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas leasing program; Middle Distillate Monitoring Report;
1920097CL-058OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]July-December 1981Announcement of U.S. Department of Energy funds for state projects; information about the Connecticut Energy advisory Board; state objects to proposed federal rule concerning installation of warning s
1920097CL-059OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy--Oil Tax1980-1981Letters and petitions calling for repeal of P.A. 80-71 that assessed a tax on gross earnings of oil companies that is being passed on to consumers.
1920097CL-060OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]1982Calls for a nuclear arms freeze.
1920097CL-061OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]1983Concern about anthracite demand; announcement of federal release of oil settlement money to the states; request for input in development of fourth National Energy Policy Plan; U.S. Department of Energ
1920097CL-062OPM---Energy [Division]--Northeast-Midwest Coalition1983Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition update on natural gas situation.
1920097CL-063OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]1984Announcements of federal grants for fuel assistance programs; complaint about steep increase in diesel fuel prices; U.S. Department of Energy issues information on Safe and Secure Transportation Syste
1920097CL-064OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]1985Concern about status of state's enforcement of gasoline overpricing; state comments on federal rule regarding Commercial and Apartment Conservation Federal Standby Plan; report on state's use of oil c
1920097CL-065OPM--Energy [Division]--Bi-weekly Reports1985
1920097CL-066OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January-May 1986Energy Advisory Board report on management of state's energy future; information concerning sale of Chevron and Gulf stations in Connecticut to Cumberland Farms; concerned about abandonment of conserv
1920097CL-067OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]June-December 1986Opposes opening of Shoreham Nuclear Power Station; opposes import of electricity from Canada; suggest Exxon overcharge funds be used for a proposed commuter shuttle system in Stamford of for weatheriz
1930097CL-068OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January-February 1987Connecticut plans to apply for Institutional Conservation Program funds; oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; draft mission plan of the federal Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management; s
1930097CL-069OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]March-April 1987Supports national appliance efficiency standards; oil settlement funds to be used for vans for elderly and disabled; support Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; guidelines for federal grant programs;
1930097CL-070OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]May-June 1987Process for reviewing state proposals for distributing funds from the Stripper Well settlement agreement, and Governor's questions about equity of process; President's views and recommendations on ene
1930097CL-071OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]July-December 1987New England governors concerned about electricity supply; support Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; information about location of Superconducting Super Collider; notice of national clearinghouse of
1930097CL-072OPM ]--Energy [Division]--Bi-weekly Reports1987
1930097CL-073OPM ]--Energy [Division]--Newsletters1987
1930097CL-074OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January-April 1988Report on activities for making energy improvements at state facilities; oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; guidelines for federal grant programs; report to Congress from DOE on its progress i
1930097CL-075OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]May-August 1988Opposes hydro-electric plant at Bulls Bridge; urge Governor to support Free Trade Agreement between Canada and U.S.; state plan for Connecticut Energy Assistance Program; opposes hydro-electric projec
1930097CL-076OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]September-December 1988Public comments on Low-Level Radioactive Waste management plan; Sierra Club report on President Reagan's energy program; concern about safety of Shoreham Nuclear Power Station; guidelines for federal
1930097CL-077OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January-March 1989Reports on activities for making energy improvements at state facilities; grant award notice; town representatives and citizens oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; announcement of federal grant
1940097CL-078OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]April 1989Oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; state energy emergency seminars announced; protests increase in gasoline prices; need for national energy policy; need to reduce reliance on imported oil; st
1940097CL-079OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]May-July 1989Protests increases in gasoline prices; oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline and the Champlain Pipeline project; concern about Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound; Sun Refining and Mark
1940097CL-080OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]August-November 1989General Assembly approval of state plans; information concerning the development of a national energy strategy; suggests solution to energy problem; bi-weekly report; executive summary of study of nuc
1940097CL-081OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]December 1989Connecticut Energy Advisory Board annual report; oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; announcement of construction beginning on the Sterling tires-to-energy plant; Iroquois Gas Transmission Syst
1940097CL-082OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]January 1990Complaints about sudden rise in fuel prices; concern about low-level radioactive waste disposal; opposes tax on gasoline; Congressional delegations response to Governor's request for a Congressional i
1940097CL-083OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]February 1990Proposed residential energy system; report on low level radioactive activity in the state; status report of the Heating Oil Strike Force, with exhibits; oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; agen
1940097CL-084OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]March-May 1990Oppose Iroquois gas transmission pipeline; financial procedures for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Contract; complaints about sudden increase in fuel prices; announcement of fede
1940097CL-085OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]June 1990Department of Energy review of its National Environmental Policy Act procedures; final comments by the Brookfield Inland Wetlands Commission to the Connecticut Siting Council concerning the Iroquois P
1950097CL-086OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]July 1990Public Citizen concerned about deregulating radioactive waste disposal; critical of final environmental impact statement for the Iroquois Pipeline project; minutes of Connecticut Energy Advisory Board
1950097CL-087OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]August 1990Thank Governor for scrutiny of Iroquois gas pipeline proposals; Connecticut Energy Assistance Program annual plan; Governor writes to President Bush expressing his opinion on Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
1950097CL-088OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Energy [Division]September-December 1990Local oil companies concerned about sudden rise in prices; complaints about sudden increase in oil prices; support Iroquois gas pipeline; Governor asks state employees to help conserve gasoline; explo
1950097CL-089OPM [Office of Policy and Management]--Misc[ellaneous]1990Department of Energy press releases and bulletins; newsletters from Alaska, Public Citizen, Energy Information Administration, National Fuel Funds Network; Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board press r
1950097CL-090O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionJanuary-April 1988Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; legal motion filed by gas transmission companies demanding consolidation of applications and expedited response; press release.
1950097CL-091O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionMay-December 1988Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; revised interpretation of federal or state comprehensive plans; report on how Commission reviews proposals for gas lines; statements of Connecticut Lig
1950097CL-092O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionJanuary-March 1990Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; oppose Iroquois gas pipeline.
1950097CL-093O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionApril-June 1990Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; oppose Iroquois gas pipeline.
1950097CL-094O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionJuly-August 1990Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; oppose Iroquois gas pipeline.
1960097CL-095O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionSeptember-December 1990Notices of proceedings related to gas pipelines; oppose Iroquois gas pipeline.
1960097CL-096O.P.M.--Federal Energy Regulatory Commission--MDC1990Metropolitan District Commission's revised Goodwin Dam Emergency Action Plan.
1960097CL-097O.P.M.--[Jail] Overcrowding1987Oppose construction of new correctional facilities at all proposed sites, namely Torrington, Windsor, Middletown, Newtown, Mansfield, Southbury Training School; Legal Counsel Jay Jackson's review of s
1960097CL-098O.P.M.--[Jail] Overcrowding1988Suggestion to use prisoners in conjunction with Workfare; oppose construction of new correctional facilities at Norwich, Mansfield, and Newtown,; proceedings of the Conference on the Incarcerated Pret
1960097CL-099O.P.M.--[Jail] Overcrowding1989Oppose construction of new correctional facilities at Newtown; suggest alternative solutions to overcrowding; proposed jail in Hartford meets neighborhood concerns; suggests site for jail in Winsted;
1960097CL-100[O.P.M.]--Jail Overcrowding1990Oppose Boot Camp at Cheshire Correctional Institution; information about negotiations between Cheshire and state concerning expansion of Cheshire facilities; suggest alternative solutions to overcrowd
1960098CL-001Personnel, A-K1981Seek state employment; finding of no violation of statutes or regulations in person's layoff; need help finding job; state employees seek transfer to another agency or division; question concerning re
1960098CL-002Personnel, M-Z1981Seek state employment; need help finding job; complaint about rude staff at Division; individual wants to appeal denial to the state trooper trainee program; fearful of losing job; state employee seek
1960098CL-003Personnel, A-K1982Seek state employment; concern over salaries and working conditions for nurses; alleged discrimination in hiring and promotion practices; wants job back after being fired; need help finding job; compl
1960098CL-004Personnel, L-R1982Seek state employment; feels husband improperly laid off from private job; allegation of discrimination against reporters employed by Department of Motor Vehicles; problem scheduling exam; requests jo
1970098CL-005Personnel, S-Z1982Seek state employment; state employee seeks transfer to another agency; allegation of harassment; contests being denied promotion; retired teachers seek favorable retirement package.
1970098CL-006Personnel--Resumes A-F1982
1970098CL-007Personnel--Resumes G-Z1982
1970098CL-008Personnel--[Service Anniversaries]1983Governor congratulates employees for 25 years of state service; congratulations to police chief for 20 years of service and police officers for 26 years.
1970098CL-009Personnel, A-H1987Seek state employment; seeks appointment to task force; need help finding job; contest being denied state job; question concerning retirement eligibility; wants current position reclassified; concern
1970098CL-010Personnel, J-Z1987Seek state employment; contests being denied state job; need help finding job; seeks appointment to government position; questions state hiring practices; grievance filed against supervisor; allegatio
1970098CL-011Personnel--Miscellaneous1987Concern about redesign of classification structure of Administrative Secretaries; question concerning hiring relatives within the same state agency; question regarding grievance procedures; pharmacist
1970098CL-012Personnel, A-D1988Pharmacists oppose plan for state employees to purchase prescriptions by mail; seek state employment; questions state hiring practices; needs help finding a job; question concerning determination of s
1970098CL-013Personnel, E-H1988Student seeks summer employment; complaint about delay in receiving retirement check; seek state employment; questions about and problem with examinations; request federal employment.
1980098CL-014Personnel, J-L1988Seek state employment.
1980098CL-015Personnel, M-Z1988Seek state employment; appeal rejection for taking state exam; contests being denied state job; questions state hiring practices; disabled persons needs help finding employment; individual over 40 ha
1980098CL-016Personnel--[Memos to/from Director]1988Information concerning shared leave and leave bank programs; Director interested in establishing Governor's Management Internships for Minorities and Women; list of management development courses from
1980098CL-017Personnel, A-Z1989Requests reinstatement after leave of absence from state employment; seek state employment; alleged discrimination by supervisor; protest possibility that Fort Griswold's manager could lose his job; d
1980098CL-018Personnel, A-Z1990Seek state employment; alleged discrimination by supervisor; needs help finding employment; protest rejection of application for examination; notice of summer intern in Governor's office and letter of
1980098CL-019Personnel--[Memos to/from Director]1990Notice of College Festival for state employees.
1980099CL-001Petitions, Small1990Financial services organization petitions for Small Business Association financing; oppose license fee for real estate brokers; oppose proposed state plan to kill swans to reduce population; urge Gove
1980100CL-001Physical Fitness, Governor's Committee on1986-1988Brochures about the Nutmeg Games; information concerning the State Games Support Program, festivals for amateur athletes; position paper from the Committee concerning State Games; proposed budget; all
1980101CL-001[Political]--Ludgin, Robert1981Deputy Mayor of Hartford Robert Ludgin disapproves of Governor's involvement with Democrats Working Together for Hartford committee; draft of Governor's response; newspaper article.
1980101CL-002Political1990Information about new Young Democrats chapter; notice of meeting of Hamden Democratic Town Committee; Maine Governor McKernan's state of the state address; Bill Clinton introduces himself as the new C
1980102CL-001Psychiatric Security Review Board1988Memorandum of decision to allow temporary leave; questions concerning the hearing process and the individuals allowed to speak; victim's family upset by responses of the Committee to these questions.
1980103CL-001Public SafetyJanuary-June 1981Contest speeding tickets; complaints of rude treatment by state police; unable to make report of potentially dangerous situation; concern about traffic safety; request reduced speed limit for tractor-
1990103CL-002Public SafetyJuly-August 1981Florida Governor Bob Graham asks O'Neill to support federal legislation directed at illicit drug trade; complaint about staff inspecting elevators; information about safety codes; police need emergenc
1990103CL-003Public SafetySeptember-October 1981State should ensure safety of vehicles parked in commuter lots; concern about speed of tractor-trailer trucks; report on fleet reduction for General Assembly Appropriations Committee; contest speeding
1990103CL-004Public SafetyNovember-December 1981Contest speeding tickets; suggests reducing highway speed limit; contests traffic ticket; inspection of Mystic Oral School; contests law concerning elevator operation during fires; complaint about tra
1990103CL-005Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1981
1990103CL-006Public Safety--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1981Report on investigation of fire at State Capitol Building; Commissioner Forst's assessment of the Department; response to audit report; commendations for State Police; Commissioner's statement before
1990103CL-007Public SafetyJanuary-February 1982Seeking missing family member; contests speeding ticket; repeated reports of harassment; complaint about delay receiving medical examiner's report; police academy deficient in some training facilities
1990103CL-008Public SafetyMarch-April 1982Contests speeding ticket; suggests drunk driving program; complaint of illegal entry by police; allegation of fraud by police officer; concern about widows' benefits; complaint about police treatment
1990103CL-009Public SafetyMay-August 1982Reports of fire code violations; suggest using private detectives to help prevent crime; concern about police standards and training; concern about highway safety; contest speeding tickets; complaint
1990103CL-010Public SafetySeptember-December 1982Suggestion for improving highway safety; opposes high speed police chases; complaints about speeding; contests parking ticket; complaint about private use of police cruisers; complaints about noise fr
1990103CL-011Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1982
1990103CL-012Public Safety--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982U.S. Attorney General seeks nominations for the Young American Medals for Bravery.
2000103CL-013Public Safety--Police Laboratory1982Support Dr. Lee's request for federal funds to retain two positions at the laboratory in the Arson Section.
2000103CL-014Public Safety1983Concern and sorrow over death of police officer; police at construction sites are waste of state money; contests speeding ticket; minutes of Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Valley expr
2000103CL-015Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1983
2000103CL-016Public Safety1984Question concerning resident trooper program; concern about highway safety; approves purchase of two planes to assist with controlling speeding; need more state police to stop speeding.
2000103CL-017Public Safety1985Critical of speeds state police drive; critical of special weight and safety enforcement for commercial motor vehicles; need to reduce speeding; supports 65 mph speed limit on rural highways; praise f
2000103CL-018Public SafetyJanuary-July 1986Connecticut Building Officials Association and others object to reorganization of the State Fire Marshall's Office; opposes stun guns; Colonel Forst requests legislation making electronic listening d
2000103CL-019Public SafetyAugust-December 1986Critical of state police investigation; union concerned about overtime hours logged by state police; concern about tractor-trailer safety; need for additional state police; report of illegal logging o
2000103CL-020Public Safety--Seat Belts1986Letters in favor and against mandatory seat belt law; agenda for meeting of State Agency Implementation Steering Committee; Governor's remarks at the Saved by the Belt news conference; Post-law Implem
2000103CL-021Public Safety--Speed limit1986Support stringent enforcement of the speed limit; suggestions for reducing speeding; supports 65 mph speed limit on rural highways.
2000103CL-022Public SafetyJanuary-February 1987Supports federal odometer tampering law; question concerning being licensed as private detective; object to metal garage built on state police grounds in Southbury; suggested legislation to reduce dru
2000103CL-023Public SafetyMarch-April 1987Concern about highway safety; oppose high speed chases; report of traffic violation; contest traffic tickets; complaints about treatment by state police; opposes police in unmarked cars; concern about
2010103CL-024Public SafetyMay 1987Contest traffic tickets; report of illegal transportation of hazardous materials; report of domestic violence; complaint about treatment by state police; concern about highway safety; critical of Gove
2010103CL-025Public SafetyJune 1987Complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; concern about authority of auxiliary police; problem registering automatic weapon; complaint about noise from nearby firing range; report
2010103CL-026Public SafetyJuly 1987Concerns about tractor trailer truck safety; complaints about treatment by police; alleged harassment by police; praise for state police; need to enforce speed limit.
2010103CL-027Public SafetyAugust 1987Suggests State Police Cadet program; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; defends John Groppo; report of drug problem in neighborhood; complaints about boating violations; nee
2010103CL-028Public SafetySeptember 1987Contest traffic tickets; complaints about treatment by police; concern about tractor trailer safety; alleged illegal activity at Sheriff's Department; concern that regulation of elevators may be remov
2010103CL-029Public SafetyOctober 1987Complaint about commercial vehicles on Merritt Parkway; not enough state police on highways; contest traffic tickets; praise for state police; recommendations for handling runaways; local fire departm
2010103CL-030Public SafetyNovember-December 1987Concern about tractor trailer safety; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; complaint about local police; building professionals developing test methods to measure toxicity lev
2010103CL-031Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1987
2010103CL-032Public Safety--Speed Limit1987Letters in favor of and against raising the speed limit to 65 mph on rural highways; general complaints that speed limits are too low.
2020103CL-033Public Safety--Seat Belts1987Children request seat belts on school buses; oppose mandatory seat belt law; advertising campaign.
2020103CL-034Public SafetyJanuary-February 1988Contest traffic tickets; commendation to member of capitol police; Position of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police on Firearms Management; urges construction of remaining highway on
2020103CL-035Public SafetyMarch-April 1988Concern about safety of tractor trailer trucks; complaint about lack of investigation into automobile accident; contest traffic tickets; need to cut costs of police services; complaint about treatment
2020103CL-036Public SafetyMay-June 1988Complaints about treatment by police; problems with building and fire codes; contest traffic tickets; need to replace radio communication system for state police; praise for Dr. Henry Lee; praise for
2020103CL-037Public SafetyJuly-August 1988Needs information about death of son; contest traffic tickets; report of drug problem in neighborhood; angry at police closing Catholic Church's fair; need to enforce speed limit; pedestrian safety is
2020103CL-038Public SafetySeptember 1988Complaints about treatment by police; personnel issues; praise for state police; need to enforce speed limit.
2020103CL-039Public SafetyOctober 1988Submits invention for extinguishing forest fires; concern about highway safety; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic ticket; sees conspiracy against her family; need two troopers per c
2020103CL-040Public SafetyNovember-December 1988Report of malfunctioning elevator; question about access to municipal police training spots; personnel issues; complaints about treatment by police; complaints about sheriff; praise for state police;
2030103CL-041Public Safety--[Bi-monthly Reports]1988
2030103CL-042[Public Safety]--Seat Belts1988Testimony as to effectiveness of seat belts; praise for mandatory seat belt law; information concerning the Gold Belt Award for Public Service in the Field of Safety Belt Law Enforcement.
2030103CL-043[Public Safety]--Speed Limit1988Support raising speed limit to 65 mph.
2030103CL-044Public Safety1990Report on Office of Chief Medical Examiner; protests traffic ticket; response to audit report; bi-monthly report.
2030104CL-001PUC [Public Utility Control]January-May 1981Protest reconstruction of power lines under the Connecticut River; information about CONNSAVE, an energy conservation audit program; complaints about telephone service; concern about high cost of ener
2030104CL-002PUC [Public Utility Control]July-December 1981Complaints about PUC denying access to cable television; complaints about water companies; opposes decontrol of natural gas; complaints about high energy costs; complaint about interest a utility pays
2030104CL-003PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsMarch-July 1981Includes memoranda from Office of Civil Preparedness about implementation of P.A. 81-409 regarding nuclear power plants.
2030104CL-004PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1981Includes memoranda from Office of Civil Preparedness about implementation of P.A. 81-409 regarding nuclear power plants.
2030104CL-005PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesJanuary-February 25, 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-006PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesFebruary 26, 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-007PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesMarch-May 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-008PUC [Public Utility Control]--Lifetime Homes, Inc.1981Ledyard residents protest rate increase by water company.
2030104CL-009PUC [Public Utility Control]--NU [Northeast Utilities]1981Constituents protest request for increase in electric rates; Northeast Utility plans to prevent energy shut off after April 15; business supports NU's request for rate increase; constituent angry that
2040104CL-010PUC [Public Utility Control]--NU [Northeast Utilities]1981Reports to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; explanation of rate restructuring; financial reports; fuel adjustment revenues; applications for administrative proceedings; incident reports from Millst
2040104CL-011PUC [Public Utility Control]--UI [United Illuminating]1981Constituents protest rate increase approved by PUC; Consumer Counsel concerned about UI's ignoring customer needs and upcoming additional request for rate increase.
2040104CL-012PUC [Public Utility Control]--Woodlake Water Co.1981Customers protest 300-500 percent rate increase.
2040104CL-013PUC [Public Utility Control]January-May 1982Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative designated bargaining agent for the state with Power Authority of New York; concern about increase in electric rates; formal complaint against PUC fil
2040104CL-014PUC [Public Utility Control]June-September 1982Protest increased electricity rates; opposes increase in cable television rates; cannot pay electric bill; union concerned about employees affected by merger of Hartford Electric Company and Connectic
2040104CL-015PUC [Public Utility Control]October-December 1982Protest increased utility rates; need additional energy assistance funds; complaint about delay in approving cable franchise for Suffield area; protests elimination of discounts applied to high volume
2040104CL-016PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-July 1982
2040104CL-017PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1982
2040104CL-018PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast Utilities1982Protest increase in electric rates and elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users of electricity; evaluation report of Millstone Nuclear Power Station; financial statements; ob
2040104CL-019PUC [Public Utility Control]1983Protest rate increase for cable service; complaint about delay in approving cable franchise; protest high utility costs, blame PUC; Southern New England Telephone applications to construct and operate
2050104CL-020PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-June 1983
2050104CL-021PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJuly-December 1983
2050104CL-022PUC [Public Utility Control]1984Complaint about PUC management; complaint about long-distance rates and false advertising from Southern New England Telephone; urge Governor to support Seabrook Nuclear Plant in New Hampshire; protest
2050104CL-023PUC [Public Utility Control]1985Northeast Utilities financial reports; questions about ownership of water company; complaints about cable television companies; complaints about high utility rates; Governor thanks Quebec for its help
2050104CL-024PUC [Public Utility Control]1986Question concerning easements for utility access; claims cable company is trespassing; protests installation of water meter; complaints about program changes on cable television; problems with current
2050104CL-025PUC [Public Utility Control]January-March 1987Complaints about slow restoration of power following winter storm; complaints about program changes on cable television; Northeast Utilities financial statements; oppose rate increases on utilities; a
2050104CL-026PUC [Public Utility Control]April-June 1987Public hearing notice; complaint about PUC; complaints and concerns about increased rates for utilities; dispute about water company bill; complaints about telephone rates; complaint about frequent po
2050104CL-027PUC [Public Utility Control]July-September 1987Complaint about water quality; complaint about PUC hearing process; question concerning disparity between interstate and intrastate long distance telephone calls; Appropriations Committee approves the
2060104CL-028PUC [Public Utility Control]October-November 1987Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; opposes state purchasing electricity from Hydro-Quebec; decision of PUC on application of Southern Connecticut Gas Company
2060104CL-029PUC [Public Utility Control]December 1987Notices, applications and decisions relating to requests by utilities to increase their rates; incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; concern about funding for t
2060104CL-030PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-August 1987
2060104CL-031PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsSeptember-December 1987
2060104CL-032PUC [Public Utility Control]January-March 1988Department study of impact of electric rate billing changes on agriculture; question regarding licensing of heavy trucks; concern about electric power supply during peak periods of demand; question co
2060104CL-033PUC [Public Utility Control]April-August 1988Concern about electric power supply; complaints about utility rates; contest bill; industries request lower electric rates; complaint about telephone repair service; protest new charge for directory a
2060104CL-034PUC [Public Utility Control]September-December 1988Concern about electric power supply; New England Power Pool Rues Task Force Implementation Strategy; cannot pay electric bill; press release concerning heating oil supply; requests explanation of serv
2070104CL-035PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly Reports1988
2070104CL-036PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesJanuary-April 1988Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; application for increase in rates; amendment to license to expand Bulls Bridge hydro-electric project; financial statement
2070104CL-037PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesMay-September 1988Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; applications for increase in rates; financial statements.
2070104CL-038PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesOctober-December 1988
2070104CL-039PUC [Public Utility Control--Bi-weekly Reports]1990December 15 only.
2070104CL-040PUC [Public Utility Control--Northeast Utilities]1990Federal Energy Regulatory Commission orders hearing in Northeast Utilities takeover of Public Service Company of New Hampshire; application for increase in rates along with supporting documentation.
2070104CL-041PUC [Public Utility Control--Bi-weekly Reports]1991
2070104CL-042PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1982Hazardous waste siting regulations; reviews of electric utility forecasts of loads and resources; notice of public hearing.
2070104CL-043PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1983U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's small generator survey.
2070104CL-044PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1986Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; monthly report.
2070104CL-045PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1987Application for modification to hazardous waste facility; oppose locations for cellular phone towers; concern about pollution from tire-burning energy plant in Sterling and request for a continuance o
2070104CL-046PUC--Siting Council--[Monthly Reports]1987
2070104CL-047PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilJanuary-May 1988Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; application for tire-burning facility in Sterling, schedule of hearings; oppose tire-burning facility in Sterling; proposal to change compensation for Counc
2080104CL-048PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilJune-August 1988Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; application to build electric transmission line; annual report; oppose location of planned substation in designated wetlands; application to build wood-burn
2080104CL-049PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilSeptember-December 1988Oppose wood-burning electric generation plant in Torrington; opposes location for cellular phone tower;
2080104CL-050PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council--Monthly Reports1988
2080104CL-051PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council--Monthly Reports1989Opposes location of cellular phone towers and questions approval process; monthly reports; oppose wood-burning electric generating facilities in Killingly and Torrington; concerns about two pieces of
2080105CL-001PW [Public Works]1981Information concerning a suit involving the Department of Labor and regulations governing state contracts.
2080105CL-002PW [Public Works]1982Oppose paved parking lot in New Haven; problem concerning lease of office space.
2080105CL-003Public Works1987Suggest renovating Goodwin Mansion as Governor's residence; plans to name a state building for Malcolm Baldridge; subcontractor not being paid by contractor; interest in purchasing state-owned land; r
2080105CL-004Public WorksJanuary-July 1988Concern about poor working conditions for state employees, Governor responds with information about a Statewide Facility and Capital Plan; company wishes to be placed on state's bidding list; question
2080105CL-005Public WorksAugust-December 1988Contests denial of contract award; towns lobby for Meriden's selection as site for Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) offices; concern about DEP lack of office space; concern about condition
2080105CL-006Public Works--[Monthly Reports]1988
2080105CL-007Public Works--[Monthly Reports]1989News advisories announcing contracts signed and bids available; companies wish to be placed on state's bidding list; requests easement for access to state property; audit reports; company proposes new
2090106CL-001Questionnaires1982-1983Requests for information on special legislative sessions, school finance, crisis management, and state-tribal relations.
2090107CL-001Racism1981Governor explains the purpose of the Task Force on Racial Harmony; opposes Klan activities in the state; support creation of Task Force.
2090107CL-002Racism1982Opposes Klan activities in the state; letter to the editor complaining about a racism in the General Assembly; welcome message from Governor to participants in Unity Day: Stand Against the Klan rally;
2090107CL-003Racism1983West Hartford Police thank State Police and Judicial Department for assistance during Klan event at mall; thank Governor for support after synagogue fires.
2090108CL-001Reagan inaugural1981Governor thanks individuals for help securing him a room in Washington during Reagan's inauguration.
2090108CL-002Reagan1984President's announcement of his Crime Control Package; Governor tells President his opinions on banking and on funding for public broadcasting.
2090109CL-001Recommend[ations]1981Recommendations for positions in state government or for promotion.
2090109CL-002Recommend[ations]1982Recommendations for positions in state government; Governor's recommendations for individuals applying to college; staff recommendations.
2090109CL-003Recommend[ations]1989Inmate, his wife and a friend ask Governor for recommendation for early release.
2090110CL-001[Regional Offices]--Eastern Office1981Memoranda relaying opinions of constituents on various topics of concern.
2090110CL-002[Regional Offices]--Southern Office1981Director Sanchia Spandow's letter of introduction to local government officials and businessmen; information about plans of Saks Fifth Avenue to build store in Stamford; relay concerns of constituent
2090110CL-003[Regional Offices]--Southern Office1982Memoranda relaying information to Governor's Office, including Southern Connecticut Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development's concern about losing tax exempt status; letter from S
2090111CL-001Renaming1981Suggest Camp Grasso remain named for late Governor; suggest Hartford Civic Center be named for Governor Grasso.
2090112CL-001Resignations1982Letters of resignation and Governor's acceptance and acknowledgment.
2090113CL-001Resumes, A-J1981
2090113CL-002Resumes, K-Z1981
2100114CL-001Retirement, A-D1983Letters of congratulation and appreciation from Governor to retirees.
2100114CL-002Retirement, E-L1983
2100114CL-003Retirement, M-Z1983
2100114CL-004Retirement1987Concerns about pension formula for teachers; question about and problems with disability retirement; social security referendum.
2110114CL-005Retirement1988Questions concerning retirement benefits; suggest offering early retirement to help balance budget; changes to federal retirement regulations; demands review of disability retirement application; audi
2110114CL-006Retirement1990Questions concerning retirement benefits; AARP legislative agenda; problems with health insurance benefit; wants to change beneficiary; request status of pension; problems with disability retirement;
2110115CL-001Rev[enue] ServicesJanuary-June 1981Opposes state income tax; complain about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; oppose penalty for not paying tax; Connecticut State Federation of Teachers' report on Comprehe
2110115CL-002Rev[enue] ServicesJuly-December 1981Elderly need help paying property tax; tax freeze for elderly not applied equally; protests boat sales tax; problems with Department, particularly record keeping; protest dividend tax; trucking compa
2110115CL-003[Revenue Services--Bi-weekly Reports]1981
2110115CL-004[Revenue Services--Memos to/from Commissioner]1981Offer to brief Governor on audit program generating complaints from boat owners; communication from the Federal Trade Commission concerning sales tax on vehicle rentals; information about the Task For
2110115CL-005[Revenue Services--Statements of Receipts]198o-1981
2110115CL-006Revenue ServicesJanuary-April 1982Complain about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; complaints about the Department; protest sales tax on children's' clothing; state needs to collect delinquent taxes from
2110115CL-007Revenue ServicesMay-July 1982Protests tax on dividends; complaints about the Department; allegation of tax fraud; businesses concerned about elimination of Connecticut's Umbrella Industrial Revenue Bond program; protests use tax
2110115CL-008Revenue ServicesAugust-December 1982Complain about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; request relief from new minimum corporation tax; demands refund; cannot pay delinquent taxes; New Mexico seeks support in
2110115CL-009Revenue Services--[Bi-weekly Reports]1982
2110115CL-010Revenue Services--[Statements of Receipts]1982
2110115CL-011Revenue Services1983Protests inheritance tax; protests being assessed taxes on business that never started; Manufacturers Association of Southern Connecticut issues Tax Position Paper; wants exemption from tax on dividen
2120115CL-012Revenue Services--Bi-weekly Reports1983
2120115CL-013Revenue Services--Statements of Receipts1983
2120115CL-014Revenue Services1984Opposes unitary tax; complain about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; protests penalty on delinquent taxes; protests being assessed sales tax on item purchased in Massach
2120115CL-015Revenue Services--[Bi-weekly Reports]1984
2120115CL-016Revenue Services1985Complaint that proposed reduction of sales tax is insignificant; complaint about Department; concern and questions about sales tax on farm equipment; suggests reducing sales tax; complains about being
2120115CL-017Revenue Services1986Protests sales tax on temporary help; New York City Mayor Ed Koch expresses concern about an underground economy to avoid taxes; Senator Dodd responds to Governor's position statement on tax reform; r
2120115CL-018Revenue ServicesJanuary-March 1987Non-profit organization protests being assessed sales tax; tax freeze for elderly not applied equally; urges Governor to exempt those over age 65 from dividend tax; protests being assessed sales tax o
2120115CL-019Revenue ServicesApril-May 1987Dissolved companies still receiving tax statements; complain about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; protests assessing sales tax for shipping costs; individual wants fin
2120115CL-020Revenue ServicesJune-August 1987Articles concerning gasoline taxation; questions sales tax on fertilizer; problems with Department; protests sales tax assessed on boat; suggestions for improving tax rates; reports of tax violations;
2120115CL-021Revenue ServicesSeptember 1987Opposes sales tax on services; request for property tax relief; problems with Department in settling an estate; requests exemption from sales and use tax on automobile while in the military; concerns
2120115CL-022Revenue ServicesOctober-November 1987Protests taxes on vehicle no longer owned; requests tax exemption; protests high interest on delinquent taxes; contests tax on automobile registered in Florida; complaints about dividend tax; requests
2120115CL-023Revenue ServicesDecember 1987Complaint about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; contest sales tax assessed on automobile; complaint about Department employee; suggestion for improving tax rates; Conne
2130115CL-024Revenue Services--Monthly Reports1987
2130115CL-025Revenue Services--Reports1987Motor fuel report; statements of receipts.
2130115CL-026Revenue ServicesJanuary-March 1988Urge Governor to reduce taxes or eliminate sales tax; town objects to new federal rule concerning gasoline refunds; dissolved company still receiving tax statements; wants to appeal sales tax audit; u
2130115CL-027Revenue ServicesApril-May 1988Concern about property tax classification and business services tax proposals and their impact on businesses; thank Governor for opposing property tax classification and business services tax; problem
2130115CL-028Revenue ServicesJune-August 1988Governor launches F.A.I.R. program; objects to penalty being assessed for delinquent taxes; contest assessment of sales tax on agricultural equipment; problem with municipal tax collector; cannot pay
2130115CL-029Revenue ServicesSeptember-October 1988Investigation of vendors at flea market reportedly not registered with Department; complaint about Department; question concerning application of sales tax on services; social service organization con
2130115CL-030Revenue ServicesNovember-December 1988Protests sales and use tax on boats; asks Governor to waive interest penalty on tax bill; problem with municipal tax collector; reports on effectiveness of Governor's F.A.I.R. plan on voluntary compli
2130115CL-031Revenue Services--Capital Gains and Dividends Tax1988Concerns, questions and complaints about the Capital Gains, Dividend and Interest Income Tax, and request change in law.
2130115CL-032Revenue Services--[Monthly Reports]1988
2130115CL-033Revenue Services--[Statements of Tax Revenues]1988
2140115CL-034Revenue ServicesJanuary-March 1989Complaint about being notified of delinquent taxes when they were already paid; dissolved companies still being taxed; Statement of Tax Revenues; complains that was unaware of tax on capital gains; st
2140115CL-035Revenue ServicesApril 1989Questions about state tax laws; Nancy Johnson replies to Governor's letter concerning the taxation of Connecticut residents; problem with municipal tax collector; protests paying hazardous waste tax;
2140115CL-036Revenue ServicesMay 1989Questions and complaints about capital gains tax; complaints about tax New York State is imposing on Connecticut residents who work in New York; protests penalties for delinquent taxes; church protest
2140115CL-037Revenue ServicesJune 1989Contests sales and use tax on item purchased out of state; protests sales tax on boat; transcript of Governor's statement before the Senate Finance Committee; asserts toll booths should not have been
2140115CL-038Revenue ServicesJuly 1989Attorney General opinion on exemption from sales and use tax for sales between affiliated companies; questions requirement that tax-exempt organizations cannot pay cash; reports on the Governor's F.A.
2140115CL-039Revenue ServicesAugust 1989Object to manner in which boat sales and use taxes are collected; requests review of estate taxes; calls dividends tax extortion; Citizens for Tax Justice oppose President Bush's proposal to cut capit
2140115CL-040Revenue ServicesOctober 1989Contest sales tax on boat and automobile; service tax should apply to all service businesses; protest sales tax on certain services; complaint about rude staff; information concerning capital gains ta
2150115CL-041Revenue ServicesNovember 1989Protest sales tax on certain services; statement of tax revenues; concerned about new criteria to determine which farmers receive sales tax exemptions; contests sales tax on boat; delinquent tax case;
2150115CL-042Revenue ServicesDecember 1989Opposes deadline for filing capital gains and dividends tax; business owner complains about field audit process; state finances are mismanaged; small tool repair company questions tax exemption status
2150115CL-043Revenue ServicesJanuary-February 1990Protest sales tax on items purchased out of state; ask Governor to waive penalty on unpaid taxes; need to revise inheritance taxes; contests sales and use tax on vehicle; architectural firms need help
2150115CL-044Revenue ServicesMarch 1990Oppose or question sales tax on services; protest or contests capital gains and dividends tax; complaint about high professional license renewal fee; requests information on conveyance tax; problems w
2150115CL-045Revenue ServicesApril-June 1990Protest paying sales tax on items purchased out of state or through mail order; problems with sales tax; problem with the Department; protests tax on services; suggests method for increasing revenue;
2150115CL-046Revenue ServicesJuly-August 1990Unable to pay tax debt; business appeals audit assessment; protest paying sales tax on items purchased out of state or through mail order; request waiver of penalty; questions about and problems with
2150115CL-047Revenue ServicesOctober-December 1990Business appeals tax audit assessment; protests withholding tax return to pay a defaulted student loan; problem with sales tax; requests refund of sales tax paid on boat.
2150115CL-048Revenue Services--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1990
2150115CL-049[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue]1981Questions legality of lottery; information concerning the investigative unit; wants to work at jai alai fronton; store owner requests Daily Numbers terminal; tries to claim winnings with invalid ticke
2150115CL-050[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue--Bi-weekly Reports]1981
2160115CL-051[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Re[venue--Legislation]1981Text of raised committee, committee and proposed bills related to gambling, the lottery, and pari-mutuel events; transcripts of Public Safety Committee public hearings on matters relating to Special R
2160115CL-052[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue--Memos to/from Dir.]1981
2160115CL-053[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue--Sales Reports]1981
2160115CL-054[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue]1982Personnel issues; questions concerning different lottery games; objects to casino gambling; application for lottery ticket license; questions regarding subscriptions; jai alai fronton requests extra
2160115CL-055[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue--Bi-weekly Reports]1982
2160115CL-056[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue]1983Wants Governor to purchase new daily lottery; report on labor strike at Hartford Jai Alai; opinion on casino gambling; alleged dishonesty by Department employees; breach of confidentiality of Gaming P
2160115CL-057[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue--Bi-weekly Reports]1983
2160115CL-058[Revenue Services]--Sp[ecial] Rev[enue---Weekly Sales Reports]1983
2160115CL-059[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue1986Appreciation for organization finding adoptive homes for retired greyhounds; questions how lottery funds are used; concerned about treatment of greyhounds at race track; New Hampshire concerned about
2160115CL-060[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueJanuary-September 1987Claims that did not receive full winnings from lottery; complaint about OTB theater in Norwalk; personnel issues; history of lottery in Connecticut; suggests special lotto to raise funds for AIDS rese
2160115CL-061[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueOctober-December 1987Division needs to achieve compliance with CHRO guidelines; alleges co-worker stole lottery ticket; question concerning out-of-state lottery subscriptions; complaints about regulation of bingo games; p
2160115CL-062[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue--Reports1987Bi-weekly and lottery sales reports.
2160115CL-063[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueJanuary-October 1988Requests salaries of lottery drawing performers; store owners want lottery terminals; complaints about regulation of bingo games; conflict concerning unionization of Jai Alai players, constituents su
2160115CL-064[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueNovember-December 1988Question concerning out-of-state lottery subscriptions; criticism of current lottery advertisement; criticizes delay in opening new OTB theater in Windsor; petition to have lottery drawing broadcast l
2170115CL-065[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue--Bi-weekly Reports1988
2170115CL-066[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue--Sales Reports1988
2170115CL-067[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueJanuary-March 1989Personnel issues; statement of operations for Off-Track Betting Unit; Director defends policy on media contacts; request odds of winning be increased; criticism of current lottery advertisement; submi
2170115CL-068[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueApril-July 1989Criticism of current lottery advertisement; opposes individual selected as new executive director; concern for dogs at greyhound racing track; unable to claim lottery winnings; oppose lottery drawings
2170115CL-069[Revenue Services]--Special RevenueAugust-December 1989Protest dismissal of Lottery Chief Lewis; protests delay in construction of OTB theater in Windsor; adoption agency for retired greyhounds seeking state funds or permission to hold fund raising event
2170115CL-070[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue--[Bi-weekly reports]1989Includes annual report.
2170115CL-071[Revenue Services]--Special Revenue--[Sales Reports]1989
2170115CL-072[Revenue Services]--DSR [Special Revenue]1990Questions how lottery funds are used; suggests method for increasing lottery sales; personnel issues; critical of new lottery games; question about out-of-state betting; requests additional share of w
2170115CL-073[Revenue Services]--DSR [Special Revenue--Memos to/from Dir.]1990
2170115CL-074[Revenue Services]--DSR [Special Revenue]1991Suggests exporting lottery tickets.
2170116CL-001Revenue Sharing1980-1981Notices of municipal violations of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972; investigation findings in favor of municipalities; report of resolution of violations; data for calculating state
2170116CL-002Revenue Sharing1985Supports Governor's program of State revenue sharing.
2170117CL-001Secretary of the State1981Requests information on incorporating; company protests penalty for not informing Office of change of address; order for a Special Election for the Office of State Representative for the 7th Assembly
2170117CL-002[Secretary of the State]--Memos to/from1981List of appointments to White House Conference on Aging; extension of emergency regulations; voter registration day changed to accommodate Jewish holiday.
2170117CL-003[Secretary of the State--Veto Messages]1981
2170117CL-004Secretary of the State1982Protest changes to reporting requirements and to policy regarding UCC searches; corporation will dissolve because it cannot pay corporate minimum tax; State Representative rescinds his resignation; re
2170117CL-005Secretary of the State--[Veto Messages]1982
2170117CL-006Secretary of the State1983Information concerning implementation of the 1961 Hague Convention; complaint about redrawing election districts; lobbies to change election laws concerning absentee ballots.
2170117CL-007Secretary of the State--[Veto Messages]June 1983
2180117CL-008Secretary of the State--[Veto Messages]July 1983
2180117CL-009[Secretary of the State--Veto Messages]1984
2180117CL-010[Secretary of the State--Veto Messages]1985
2180117CL-011[Secretary of the State--Veto Messages]1986
2180117CL-012Secretary of the State1987Audit report and response; questions about status of incorporation; problem dissolving a business; company objects to penalties; problem changing company from a corporation to sole proprietorship; que
2180117CL-013Secretary of the State1988Resignation of State Representative; auditors report; analysis of office's automation needs; question about write-in candidates on ballots; problems obtaining certificate of incorporation; costs for c
2180117CL-014Secretary of the State1989Problems reversing dissolution; protest lack of funding for automation in Secretary's office; complaints about slow response from and problems with Corporation Division; request for information; annua
2180117CL-015Secretary of the State--Veto Messages1989
2180117CL-016Secretary of the State1990Complaints about Commercial Recording Division; complaints about Secretary's Office; Secretary requests additional funding; annual report; annual report of the State Elections Enforcement Commission;
2180118CL-001[American] Shakespeare Theater1985-1988Correspondence, notes from meetings, draft lease agreement, grant application, and maintenance program for the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford.
2180119CL-001Snow Storm1982Letters of appreciation from the Governor.
2180120CL-001Solderberg1980-1981Incoming letters.
2190121CL-001Soldiers', Sailors' [and Marines' Fund]1981Affirmative Action plan.
2190121CL-002Soldiers', Sailors' and Marines' Fund1982Correspondence concerning a particularly difficult case, a veteran who refuses assistance; fund does not have enough staff.
2190122CL-001Somali Refugee File1981Background information, press release, notes, executive order, and Governor's speech related to Somalia relief efforts.
2190123CL-001South Africa Investment Bill1981Correspondence, press releases, lists of invited guests and a draft of the Governor's speech relating to divesting from companies doing business in South Africa and to a visit from Bishop Desmond Tutu
2190124CL-001Special Elections1981Notices concerning scheduling of elections.
2190125CL-001State's Attorney1981Concern about investigation into lottery fraud; investigation into purchasing practices by the Office of Concessions in the Department of Transportation; allegations against state employees and attorn
2190125CL-002State's Attorney1984Allegation of corruption in Bridgeport Mayor's office; praise for Crime Witness Advocates; information from the U.S. Department of Justice. [Most letters bucked to Chief State's Attorney for response.
2190125CL-003State's Attorney1986Court case questioning legality of drunk driving laws; complaint about XXX-rated bookstores in town, wants state's obscenity laws enforced.
2190125CL-004State's AttorneyJanuary-April 1987Questions concerning corruption case involving Waterbury police department; inmates request reopening investigation into their cases; drunk drivers need stiff sentences; Chief State's Attorney request
2190125CL-005State's AttorneyMay-December 1987Questions son's sentence; formal complaint against State's Attorney Redway; requests court records; drunk drivers need stiff sentences; inmate requests return of personal property; inmate requests reo
2190125CL-006State's AttorneyJanuary-June 1988Complaint about local police department; angry about light sentence given drunk driver who killed someone; unhappy with resolution of case; alleged extortion by State's Attorney; summary of investigat
2190125CL-007State's AttorneyJuly-December 1988Allegation of racketeering and extortion; claim of discrimination in prosecution based on race; complaints about local State's Attorney offices; Chief State's Attorney Kelly opposes revisions of the U
2190125CL-008State's Attorney1989Problem settling estate; complaints about State's Attorneys; displeased with actions of the Statewide Grievance Committee; alleged municipal corruption; protests release of daughter's murderer; asks G
2190125CL-009State's Attorney1990Requests investigation of 1976 murder; requests arrest of woman who reportedly killed person while driving drunk; protest euthanasia death of Clarence Reid; victims seeking justice in their cases; com
2200126CL-001Statewide Emergency Telecommunications1989
2200127CL-001Thank You1988Governor thanks people for their kind words; individuals thank Governor for sending his greetings, for attending events, for issuing a proclamation; staff extends thank you.
2200127CL-002Thank YouJanuary-March 1989Governor thanks individual for suggestion of establishing sister-state relationship with Yunan Province in China; thank Governor for writing, for sending signature, for participation in event, for sen
2200127CL-003Thank YouApril-December 1989Thank Governor for writing, for sending signature, for participating in event, for supporting bond request, for keeping state parks open; Governor writes to Smithsonian Institution regarding Pratt and
2200127CL-004Thank You to Gov[ernor]1990Thank Governor for writing, for sending signature, for participating in event, for birthday cards and retirement congratulations, for state flag, for meeting with individuals and groups; staff thank p
2200128CL-001[Transportation]January 1981Protest traffic ticket; personnel issues; suggests widening section of Routes 30 and 83 between two interchanges of Interstate 86; Midstate and Southeastern Regional Planning Agencies concerned about
2200128CL-002[Transportation]February 1981Complaint about snow removal procedures; opposes extension of Interstate 84 to Willimantic; complaints about condition of roadways; concern about highway hazards; opinion on construction of Route 7; r
2200128CL-003[Transportation]March 1981Criticism of highway pattern of Route 34; Middletown-Portland bridge in need of maintenance; supports upgrade of Route 7; concern about fiscal health of Employment Transportation Services Program in H
2210128CL-004[Transportation]April 1981Support for widening I-91 and for building I-291; supports construction of sound barriers; need to cut snow plowing budget; complaints about condition of roadways; personnel issues; Governor urges Sec
2210128CL-005[Transportation]May 1981Governor asks Secretary of Transportation to support proposal for development of Coast Guard's Research and Development Facility; concerns that road closures will affect businesses; complaint about re
2210128CL-006[Transportation]June 1981Personnel issues; Middletown Transit District requests designation as a authorized recipient of federal funds for providing elderly and handicapped transportation, Governor supports; wants state-owned
2210128CL-007[Transportation]July 1981Supports construction of I-284; concern about lack of state funds to repair highways; supports extension of I-84 to Willimantic; complaint about toll collection procedures; complaint about conditions
2210128CL-008[Transportation]August 1981Requests additional ramps between Route 20 and I-91; oppose reconstruction of Hawley Lane in Stratford; concern about state bonding for Interstate Trade-In projects; questions concerning toll rates; p
2210128CL-009[Transportation]September 1981Concerns that Connecticut will not receive Interstate Trade-In funds , Governor explains lobbying activities; opposes widening Bishop Street in North Haven; complaints about conditions at highway rest
2210128CL-010[Transportation]October 1981Concerns about possible cuts in federal funding; complaints about condition of roadways; complaint about traffic delays due to construction; complaint about litter; complaint about delays at toll plaz
2210128CL-011[Transportation]November-December 1981Concerns about maintenance of state-owned property; complaints about condition of roadways; concerns about safety on specific roadways; complaint about delays at toll plazas; opposes extension of Int
2220128CL-012[Transportation--Activities Reports]February-July 1981
2220128CL-013[Transportation--Activities Reports]August-December 1981
2220128CL-014[Transportation]--Long Island Sound Ferry1981Long Island Sound Ferry Service Improvement Study; Executive Summary of the report.
2220128CL-015[Transportation--Memos to/from Commissioner] PowersJanuary-February 1981Requests permission to establish Implementation Task Force for planning expenditure of Interstate Trade-In funds; projects ready to advertise for bids; report on fiscal and energy conservation; plans
2220128CL-016[Transportation--Memos to/from Commissioner] PowersMarch-October 1981Projects ready to advertise for bids; announcement of increased fares on Hartford Transit buses; describes negative impact of no bond or low bond authorizations for Interstate projects; Commissioner r
2220128CL-017[Transportation--Memos to/from Commissioner] BurnsNovember-December 1981Needs Governor to certify that the state is enforcing a 55 mph speed limit; projects ready to advertise for bids; legal notice of public hearing concerning Connecticut Transit service adjustments in H
2220128CL-018TransportationJanuary 1982Supports federal funding for rehabilitate Commodore Hull Bridge on Route 8; complaint about traffic delays at toll plazas; questions delay in opening portion of Route 25; urge Governor to support mand
2220128CL-019TransportationMarch 1982Complaint about flooding on Route 1 in Milford; concern about deteriorating highways and bridges; report on bond funds needed to complete interstate system; complaints about condition of roadways; que
2220128CL-020TransportationApril 1982Complaints about condition of roadways; report of damage to automobile by state vehicle; state comments on federal rules concerning equal employment opportunity on federally funded construction projec
2230128CL-021TransportationMay 1982Complaints about condition of roadways; angry that funding denied for completion of Central Connecticut Expressway; private business wants to erect a sign along state highway; complaint about snow rem
2230128CL-022TransportationJune 1982Complaints about condition of roadways; complaint about tolls; complaint about conditions at highway rest areas; report of damage to automobile while traveling on state roadway; complaint of high gaso
2230128CL-023TransportationJuly 1982Complaint about gasoline and food prices at highway rest areas; question concerning state purchase of property; requests resurfacing bicycle routes; opposes addition of new span to Bailey Bridge on I-
2230128CL-024TransportationAugust 1982Requests resurfacing bicycle routes; Hartford Chamber of Commerce seeks federal funding for redesigning highways in Hartford; complaints of drainage problems due to road repairs; complaint about probl
2230128CL-025TransportationSeptember 1982Concern about missing highway signs; complaint about damage done by tree-trimming crew; concern about safety of specific highways; complaint about conditions at highway rest areas; City of Hartford re
2230128CL-026TransportationOctober 1982Complaints about conditions at highway rest areas; complaints about condition of roadways; protests closing parking area; complaint about truck through traffic on rural road; complaint of drainage pro
2230128CL-027TransportationNovember 1982Personnel issues; complaints about condition of roadways; contractors complain about new policy of not disclosing names of firms obtaining bid proposals; concern about state contracts; concerns about
2230128CL-028TransportationDecember 1982Complaints about condition of roadways; concerns about safety of specific highways; complaint about well problems following construction of Route 25; question concerning sale of state land; road impro
2240128CL-029Transportation--[Bi-weekly Reports]1982
2240128CL-030Transportation--Main Street, Manchester1982Mayor concerned about state commitment to improvement of Main Street; businesses support reconstruction plans.
2240128CL-031Transportation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982A Department representative should be on the Alcohol Task Force; final report on compliance with 1981 Railroad Standards of Service; status of rail fare increase; notice of public hearing for Connecti
2240128CL-032TransportationJanuary-March 1983Complaint about level of illumination on Route 9 in Middletown; concerns about safety of specific highways; complaint about Route 44 computerized traffic signal system; concern about affirmative actio
2240128CL-033TransportationApril-June 1983Complaints about condition of roadways; alleged discrimination in minority hiring practices; concern about safety on specific highways; report on status of improvements to I-91 north of Hartford; requ
2240128CL-034TransportationJuly 1983Concern that state implement an amendment to the Surface Transportation Act of 1982 that mandates 10 percent of all revenues be allocated to minority businesses; interest in purchasing property owned
2240128CL-035TransportationAugust 1983Concerns about safety of bridges; Alaska requests information on erosion control; concern about safety on specific highways; suggests using inmates for highway maintenance; request road improvements n
2240128CL-036TransportationSeptember 1983Complaint about condition of highway rest areas; question about worker's compensation; National Transportation Safety Board concerned about use of alcohol by persons operating passenger trains; studen
2240128CL-037TransportationOctober 1983Complaint about highway maintenance; concerned about termination of I-284 project; requests highway by-pass for Route 2-A; complaints about condition of roadways; opposes widening I-91 and building I-
2250128CL-038TransportationNovember-December 1983Connecticut needs welcome sign on highways; concern about traffic signals; urge Governor to secure funding to finish Route 11; concern about commercial development following road improvement; complain
2250128CL-039Transportation--[Bi-weekly Reports]1983
2250128CL-040Transportation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1983Contract for medical services at Bradley Airport is up for renewal; final report on compliance with 1982 Railroad Standards of Service; Concept Program for highways in the Hartford/New Britain urbaniz
2250128CL-041TransportationJanuary-May 1984Concern about use of I-84 Trade-In funds to pay for road improvements in eastern Connecticut; oppose removal of tolls and increasing gas tax; concern about safety on specific highways; complaint about
2250128CL-042TransportationJune-August 1984Complaint about traffic delays from night time construction on I-84; concern about safety of bridge; report on bids made for Conrail; opposes toll money going into General Fund; complaint about condit
2250128CL-043TransportationSeptember 1984Complaint about traffic congestion; concerns about conflicting reports of a bridge's safety; complaint about condition of roadways; questions bridge inspection procedures; status report to National Tr
2250128CL-044TransportationOctober 1984National Transportation Safety Board safety recommendations concerning operation of commuter railroad by person under influence of alcohol or drugs; concerns about safety of bridges; National Transpor
2250128CL-045TransportationNovember-December 1984Concerns about safety of bridges; concerns about safety on specific highways and the number of accidents; information concerning a Metro-North derailment; opposes noise barriers; Governor asks Senator
2250128CL-046Transportation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1984Final report on compliance with 1983 Railroad Standards of Service; minutes of meeting of the Commission on the Future Operator of the New Haven Line; response to audit report; report on questionable
2260128CL-047TransportationJanuary-February 1985Complaints about conditions of roadways; petition for traffic light at intersection on Route 12; opposes plans for new bridge across Niantic River; complaint about traffic delays at toll plazas; conce
2260128CL-048TransportationMarch-July 1985Invitation to Governor Cuomo to attend public hearings concerning safety of tandem trailer trucks; Governor writes to Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole in support of completion of Relocated Rout
2260128CL-049TransportationSeptember-October 1985Concern about salt runoff from road contaminating well; information concerning Connecticut's program to increase the correct use of child seats in automobiles; complaint about tree removal during wide
2260128CL-050TransportationNovember-December 1985State comments concerning proposed federal rule concerning truck size and weight; complaint with Department's compliance in hiring minority businesses; Governor announces funding for Underground Acces
2260128CL-051Transportation--PetitionDecember 9, 1985Residents of Milford petition for a temporary bridge while the Indian River Bridge is repaired.
2260128CL-052Transportation--Simsbury Commuter Lot1985Simsbury residents complain about maintenance of commuter lot and the need for a permanent location.
2260128CL-053TransportationJanuary 1986Protests removal of tolls from Connecticut Turnpike; problem with traffic signals; National Transportation Safety Board appreciates Connecticut reviewing state laws regarding school bus safety; concer
2260128CL-054TransportationFebruary 1986Question concerning purchasing state property; questions concerning redeeming Connecticut Turnpike tokens; question about mandatory seat belt law; protest proposed truck weigh station in Greenwich; co
2260128CL-055TransportationMarch 1986Complaint about condition of roadways; concern about placement for laid off toll personnel; report on transporting hazardous materials from the Office of Technology Assessment; questions concerning re
2260128CL-056TransportationApril 1986Urge Governor to reduce traffic accidents and deaths on Route 7; concern about safety on specific highways; complaint about conditions of roadways; complaint about soil erosion at Windham Airport; sup
2270128CL-057TransportationMay-June 1986Opposes widening Route 25 in Monroe; questions concerning purchasing state property; complaints about conditions of roadways; concern about safety on specific highways; concern about financial impact
2270128CL-058TransportationJuly 1986Requests for status reports on projects; oppose construction of Superhighway Route 7; concern about safety on specific highways; objects to method of conducting public hearings; request noise barriers
2270128CL-059TransportationAugust 1986Complaint about damage to property from road construction; report from U.S. Department of Transportation concerning possible use of gasoline tax by organized crime; needs help getting new paramedic un
2270128CL-060TransportationSeptember1986Concern about bus service from Clinton to Old Saybrook; complaints about condition of roadways; highways need better directional signs; Governor supports Congressman E. Clay Shaw's amendments to the S
2270128CL-061TransportationOctober 1986Approves of crackdown on trucks; Action Airlines claims harassment by state and Groton/New London Airport; complaints about traffic congestion in southwestern Connecticut; complaint of rude drivers on
2270128CL-062TransportationNovember 1986Concern about safety of bridge; support Greater Waterbury Transit District's request to be a designated recipient of federal funding for handicapped services; opposes expansion of Merritt Parkway; dra
2270128CL-063TransportationDecember 1986Governor writes to Governor Bill Clinton about the inability of Congress to pass a highway bill, a concern of the National Governor's Association; suggestion to beautify the state's highways; complain
2270128CL-064Transportation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1986Report on construction contract bids; analysis of Trucking Deregulation Act of 1985 proposed by Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole; plans for reconfiguring an exit in Westport following toll r
2280128CL-065Transportation--Miscellaneous1986Paramedics at Bradley Airport need their own emergency vehicle; concern about Conrail's plan to abandon rail lines in the Middletown and New Haven areas; proposal to build second train station in Fair
2280128CL-066TransportationJanuary 1987Personnel issues; concerns about safety of specific highways; request noise barriers in Norwalk; complaint about traffic delays caused by construction; complaint about new driveway entrance provided a
2280128CL-067TransportationFebruary 1987Concern about safety of tractor trailer trucks; concerns about safety of specific highways; need to replace aging highway signs; complaint of damage to car by state vehicle; complaint about highway ma
2280128CL-068TransportationMarch 1987Complaints about snow removal and sanding procedures; complaint about traffic delays at toll plazas; Town of Newington requests bonding to fund road improvements; complaints about condition of roadway
2280128CL-069TransportationApril 1987Complaints about condition of roadways; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; opposes mandatory seat belt law; complaint about traffic delays caused by construction; opposes constructi
2280128CL-070TransportationMay 1987Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; question about purchasing state-owned property; suggestion for improving truck safety on highways; complaint about rude toll taker; complaints abo
2280128CL-071TransportationJune 1-10, 1987Application for tariff for Connecticut Limousine Service; report that drainage problem has been resolved; complaints about condition of roadways; personnel issues; finds highway signs confusing; sugge
2280128CL-072TransportationJune 11-15, 1987Request for information on the Municipal Infrastructure Trust Fund; complaints about condition of roadways; sample of Flag-It, a fluorescent safety device; Department's statement on the New England T
2290128CL-073TransportationJune 17-30, 1987Requests to be added to mailing list as a woman-owned or minority-owned business; complaints about condition of roadways; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; personnel issues; safet
2290128CL-074TransportationJuly 1987Complaints of damage to car while traveling state roadways and poor response of state's insurance carrier; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; complaint about conditions at highway r
2290128CL-075TransportationAugust 1-11, 1987Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; suggests licensing pleasure boat owners and operators; supports removal of tolls; information on taxi cab regulations; complaints about condition
2290128CL-076TransportationAugust 12-31, 1987Oppose site for commuter parking lot in New Britain; widening roads will threaten church and its property; introduces several safety devices developed by son; urges state to complete Route 11; complai
2290128CL-077TransportationSeptember 1987Complaint about length of time to complete construction; suggestions for improving traffic congestion and improving truck safety; complaints about condition of roadways; complaint about how husband, a
2290128CL-078TransportationOctober 1-9, 1987Department sends information on women-owned and minority-owned business certification; National Governors' Association proposal to study the transportation of hazardous materials; complaint about cond
2290128CL-079TransportationOctober 10-20, 1987Personnel issues; complaints about condition of roadways; protests trucks turning around on his property when they cannot fit under a low overpass; need highway directional signs; concern about plans
2290128CL-080TransportationOctober 21-30, 1987Bus Drivers Association outlines its concerns; requests directional signs to Long Island ferry; complaint about traffic delays due to construction; complaints about condition of roadways; request for
2300128CL-081TransportationNovember 1987Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; complaint about road closures for construction; questions concerning highway signs; concern about access to I-691; complaint about length of time
2300128CL-082TransportationDecember 1-15, 1987Supports improvement of Route 68; complaints about condition of highway rest areas; complaint about litter; seeks special funding to purchase a lift-equipped van for disabled person; concerns about sa
2300128CL-083TransportationDecember 16-31, 1987Alleged illegal livery service; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; support improvement of Route 68; supports painting railroad bridge in Norwalk; concern about environmental problem
2300128CL-084Transportation--[Bierko Correspondence]February-September 1987Extensive criticism of the Department including road maintenance and repair, zoning practices, snowplowing, and storm drains that reportedly flood his driveway.
2300128CL-085Transportation--[Bierko Correspondence]October-December 1987Extensive criticism of the Department including road maintenance and repair, zoning practices, snowplowing, and storm drains that reportedly flood his driveway.
2300128CL-086Transportation--[Legal Notices]1987
2300128CL-087Transportation--[Reports]1987Activities reports; A Recommended Program to Improve Transportation Services for the Elderly and Disabled; quarterly report of Transportation Accountability Board; preliminary report on compliance wit
2300128CL-088TransportationJanuary 1988 January 1988Complaints about and praise of Department employees; supporting information for Gustave Whiteheads historic 1901 flight; requests Governor's intervention in condemning a property; dispute between cont
2310128CL-089TransportationFebruary 1988Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; suggestions to promote highway safety; supports removal of tolls; question concerning snow removal; question concerning state owned property; repo
2310128CL-090TransportationMarch 1988Opposes construction of I-384; personnel issues; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; complaints about condition of roadways; complaint about traffic congestion around Hartford; compl
2310128CL-091TransportationApril 1-12, 1988Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; question concerning automated traffic signals; requests funding to repair road in Branford; complaint about Department procedures; question about
2310128CL-092TransportationApril 14-30, 1988Company is discontinuing limousine service to Bradley; suggestion to relieve traffic congestion; concern about environmental impact of road reconstruction; Connecticut Limousine Service tariff applica
2310128CL-093TransportationMay 1-19, 1988Concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; complaints about litter; complaint about I-84/I-91 interchange; complaints about drainage problem caused by road repairs; poor highway exit signs
2310128CL-094TransportationMay 20-31, 1988Concern about staff changes in the Crash Fire Rescue Unit at Bradley Airport; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; figures for the 1988 Interstate Substitute cost estimate; complaint
2310128CL-095TransportationJune 1988Urges Governor to support a unified transportation fund; need highway signs for Long Island ferry services; complaints about litter; complaint about concurrent scheduling of construction projects in s
2320128CL-096TransportationJuly-August 1988State employees concerned about delayed commuter buses and late arrival being credited to vacation time; questions about highway signs; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; complaint
2320128CL-097TransportationSeptember 1-26, 1988Complaint about roadside maintenance; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; suggests installing lap and shoulder belts in the back seats of cars; question concerning signs; question co
2320128CL-098TransportationSeptember 27-30, 1988Protest changing hearing date for Greenwich weigh station; status report on interchange improvements on Merritt Parkway; concern about highway maintenance; complaint about damage to car while travelin
2320128CL-099TransportationOctober 1988Audit report; concern about location of new interchange on I- 91; certificate of apportionment of federal sums authorized for highway safety programs; complaints about condition of highways and roads
2320128CL-100TransportationNovember 1988Personnel issues; complaints about condition of highways and roads; complaint about condition of highway rest areas; audit report; suggestion for improving traffic conditions in southwestern Connectic
2320128CL-101TransportationDecember 1988Urges Governor to advocate van pooling; urge restoration of tolls on I-95; claim of damage to car while traveling state roadways; response to audit report; concern about safety on specific highways an
2320128CL-102Transportation--[Administrative Memos and Reports]1988Updated list of standing committees; activities reports; list of papers available from the Transportation Research Board; need to develop records management program; legislative bulletin; report on 19
2330128CL-103[Transportation]January 1-10, 1989Requests return of Amtrak route to Montreal; proposal for a toll collecting traffic reduction computer system; New Britain wants to purchase state land; information concerning the truck weigh station
2330128CL-104[Transportation]January 11-31, 1989Question about signs; supports construction of Route 6 Expressway; complaint about delay in repairing Yankee Doodle Bridge in Norwalk; concern about changes to property due to construction of Niantic
2330128CL-105[Transportation]February 1-17, 1989Requests that commuter buses stop at commuter parking lot in Windsor; protests yacht business being closed so state can purchase land for new Baldwin Bridge; concern about through truck traffic; claim
2330128CL-106[Transportation]February 20-28, 1989Concern about safety of Amtrak line between New Haven and Springfield if it is reduced to one track; contests bid award; concern about safety of specific highways and roads; questions need to replace
2330128CL-107[Transportation]March 1-9, 1989Administrative memo listing updated list of standing committees; protests New York City trying to license any limousine that enters the City even if it is licensed in another state; personnel issues;
2330128CL-108[Transportation]March 13-31, 1989Rideshare Company Semi-annual Report; complaint about Department waste; concern about loss of parking when Route 12 in Ledyard is improved; Department response to New York State Board of Commissioners
2330128CL-109[Transportation]April 1-15, 1989Complaint about management of Connecticut Transit bus service; claim of damage to car while traveling state roadways; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; petition and letter against
2330128CL-110[Transportation]April 17-28, 1989Protests removal of trees along Route 154 and possible loss of parking for businesses; response of New York State Board of Commissioners of Pilots to Department's letter concerning safety of Montauk-B
2340128CL-111[Transportation]May 1-9, 1989Questions design of Route 7 expressway; question need for noise barriers; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; land owner complains about impact of road construction on property; conc
2340128CL-112[Transportation]May 10-18, 1989Protest expansion of Oxford Airport; supports Route 6 Expressway; question about schedule of bridge rehabilitation in Westport; question concerning elimination of season passes on the Connecticut Rive
2340128CL-113[Transportation]May 23-31, 1989Biennial Report of Alterations to the State Highway System; concerns about safety of specific highways and roads; suggestions for making income from state land in Hartford; requests Department purchas
2340128CL-114[Transportation]June 1-9, 1989Oppose construction of noise barriers; concern about safety of specific highways and roads; protest increase in rate schedule for Connecticut River ferries; Congressman Shays concerned about impact of
2340128CL-115[Transportation]June 13-20, 1989Concern about railroad service in Canaan; report on Phase I study of the Greater Hartford Region Rail Corridor Project; complaints about delay in getting paid by the Department; complaint about litter
2340128CL-116[Transportation]July 1-10, 1989Concerns about the I-91/Route 20 interchange and its impact on wetlands; administrative appeal challenging Department of Environmental Protection's approval of truck weigh station in Greenwich; negoti
2340128CL-117[Transportation]July 11-31, 1989Revised and updated Conrail System Diagram Map; information concerning the proposed abandonment by Boston and Maine Corp. of rail line in New Hampshire; requests assistance waiving federal rules conce
2350128CL-118[Transportation]August 1-15, 1989Opposes truck weigh station in Greenwich; question concerning relocation claims in connection with Route 6 Expressway; concern about safety of specific highways and roads; question about signs; Cornwa
2350128CL-119[Transportation]August 16-30, 1989Questions need to resurface a road in good repair; complaint about noise from night construction; complaint about traffic congestion in New Haven; complaint about traffic delays due to construction; C
2350128CL-120[Transportation]September 5-19, 1989Complaints about delays in completing construction; concern about loss of federal highway funds due to speeding drivers; complaints about litter; complaint about condition of roads; opposes liquor adv
2350128CL-121[Transportation]September 20-30, 1989Complaints about delays in completing construction; complaint about drainage problem due to road construction; Preliminary Report on Compliance with 1989 Railroad Tax Exemption Projects; complaint ab
2350128CL-122[Transportation]October 1989Opposes Route 6 expressway; request commuter rail service between Willimantic and New London; question concerning fire protection system on major bridges in state; opposes plan for new interchange on
2350128CL-123[Transportation]November 2-19, 1989Request for noise barriers; requests delay in construction of truck weigh station in Greenwich; need to resurface I-95; concerns about safety on specific highways and roads; questions need to resurfac
2350128CL-124[Transportation]November 20-30, 1989Complaint about noise and environmental impact of truck weigh station in Greenwich; opposes construction of noise barriers; protests high diesel fuel tax due to its impact on business; protests placem
2350128CL-125[Transportation]December 1-12, 1989Question about business signs on Route 1; taxes may put valet parking service at Bradley Airport out of business; suggestions for improving traffic around New Haven; complaint about condition of roadw
2360128CL-126[Transportation]December 13-31, 1989Protests bridge construction on Merritt Parkway; complaint about Housatonic River bridge on Merritt Parkway; concern about number of trees removed to I-91 project; response to question concerning smal
2360128CL-127[Transportation]--Misc[ellaneous]1989Tariff application for Connecticut Limousine Service; Abandonment Dockets, Boston and Maine Corp., before the Interstate Commerce Commission; construction update, I-91 corridor; Finance Docket, Consol
2360128CL-128[Transportation]--Ride Together Connecticut Responses1989Business leaders thank Governor for the Ride Together Connecticut marketing materials.
2360128CL-129D.O.T. [Transportation]January 1990Collecting sales tax could put valet parking service at Bradley Airport out of business; Greenwich residents request time table for installing noise barriers around truck weigh station; residents of S
2360128CL-130D.O.T. [Transportation]February 1-6, 1990Questions concerning proposed improvements to intersection of Route 63 and 64; concern about safety on specific highways and roads; support extension of Route 72 in Bristol; complaint about loss of we
2360128CL-131D.O.T. [Transportation]February 13-27, 1990Complaint about bridge closure for construction; protest trees cut down along Route 55; Council of State Government's draft model legislation concerning the management of the visual information system
2360128CL-132D.O.T. [Transportation]March 1-9, 1990Buying wildflowers to plant along highways is waste of state money; children protest noise barriers; protests parking ticket at commuter lot; opposes noise barriers; complaint about rude employee; wan
2360128CL-133D.O.T. [Transportation]March 12-30, 1990Personnel issues; complaint about delay in completing construction; solution for traffic jams; concerns about safety on specific highways; supports construction of Route 6 expressway; protests cost of
2360128CL-134D.O.T. [Transportation]April 2-9, 1990Weekly activity report; alleged illegal livery operator; claims damage to car while traveling state roadways; suggestions to improve traffic congestion in southwestern Connecticut; request for noise b
2360128CL-135D.O.T. [Transportation]April 11-30, 1990Concerns about safety on specific highways; claims damage to car while traveling state roadways; tariff application from Connecticut Limousine Service; complaint about speeding; Railroad Revitalizatio
2360128CL-136D.O.T. [Transportation]May 1990Connecticut livery operators having problems with New York State; concern about plans to widen Route 75; concerns about safety on specific highways; school children ask about traffic problems; request
2370128CL-137D.O.T. [Transportation]June 1990Suggestion for improving traffic flow in New Haven; concerns about safety on specific highways and roads; complaint about delay in completing construction and its negative impact on business; school c
2370128CL-138D.O.T. [Transportation]July 1990Complaints about speeding; complaint about condition of roads; concerns about proposed improvements to Route 6 in Brooklyn; personnel issues; requests for noise barrier; front lawn damaged by construc
2370128CL-139D.O.T. [Transportation]August 1-17, 1990Greater Hartford Ridesharing Corporation annual report; concern about proximity of Milford Parkway Extension to property; American Road and Transportation Builders Association opinion survey on gas ta
2370128CL-140D.O.T. [Transportation]August 20-30, 1990Concerns about safety on specific highways and roads; appeals relocation due to acquisition of property by eminent domain; Beer Institute states its commitment to stop drunk driving; response to Counc
2370128CL-141D.O.T. [Transportation]September 1990Request for noise barrier; transportation company requests inclusion on vendor list; complaint about closure of ramps to and from I-95 in East Lyme; concerns about safety on specific highways and road
2370128CL-142D.O.T. [Transportation]October 1990Concerns about safety on specific highways and roads; complaint about drainage problem due to road construction; questions cost of noise barriers given state budget deficit; request for noise barrier;
2370128CL-143D.O.T. [Transportation]November 1990Opposes widening Merritt Parkway; complaint about closure of ramps to and from I-95 in East Lyme; Mystic Seaport attendance is down due to construction on I-95; concerns about safety on specific highw
2370128CL-144D.O.T. [Transportation]December 1990Notice of Public Hearing; concerns about safety on specific highways and roads; tariff application of Connecticut Limousine Service; requests full interchange be constructed on I-395 in Lisbon; person
2370128CL-145D.O.T. [Transportation--Memos to/from Commissioner]1990Requests for authority to break a non-access line; report on closure of bridge between Stratford and Devon on Route 1; response to Derby's request for funds to repair city-owned street; Final Report o
2370128CL-146D.O.T. [Transportation]1991Urges Governor to expedite dredging of New Haven harbor ship channel.
2380128CL-147[Transportation]--Air1981Oppose master plan for Westchester Airport; quarterly reports on Bradley Airport expansion program and update to master plan; complaint about lack of handicapped facilities at Bradley Airport; questio
2380128CL-148[Transportation]--Air1982Information about court case involving land at Bradley Airport; Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford designated Automated Flight Service Station for southern New England; master plan for Tweed-New H
2380128CL-149[Transportation]--Air1983Acknowledgement of Governor's letters concerning flights to Toronto and the request for passengers to bring personal oxygen cylinders on airplanes.
2380128CL-150[Transportation]--Air1984Tweed-New Haven airport needs state assistance to build adequate parking lot; complaint about lack of customs service at Bradley Airport; complaint about shuttle service to and from parking lots at Br
2380128CL-151[Transportation]--Air1985Praise for improvements at Bradley Airport; complaint about taxis overcharging fares to and from Bradley Airport; report concerning security at Bradley.
2380128CL-152[Transportation--Air]1987Oppose plans to close or upgrade Brainard Airport; critical of landscaping at Bradley Airport; complaints about parking at Bradley; protest improvements at Windham Airport; Commissioner writes to Sena
2380128CL-153Transportation--[Air]1988Letters to Governor Dukakis opposing increase in landing fees at Logan Airport in Boston; Governor writes to Massachusetts Port Authority opposing landing fee increases at Logan Airport; protest clear
2380128CL-154[Transportation--Air] Aviation1990Governor issues official statement designating February as Aviation Month; supports Aviation Month; information concerning a new federal aviation bill; complaint about noise of planes from Waterbury-O
2380128CL-155[Transportation--Air]--Bradley1990Governor seeks support for non-stop air service from Bradley to Amsterdam; question concerning representation on Bradley International Airport Commission; complaint about lack of Immigration and Custo
2380128CL-156[Transportation]--BridgesJanuary-May 1987Belated notice of public hearing regarding reconstruction of bridge in Norwalk; request for status of Comstock Covered Bridge; report of safety concerns about footbridge over railroad tracks in Stonin
2380128CL-157[Transportation]--BridgesJune-September 1987Complaints about delays in completing construction; concern for preservation of unique bridges on Merritt Parkway; complaint about damage to land from bridge construction; ask Governor to expedite rep
2380128CL-158[Transportation]--BridgesOctober-December 1987Complaints about delays in completing construction; question safety of specific bridges; protest Niantic River Bridge replacement due to environmental impact; suggest tunnel instead of bridge in Old S
2390128CL-159Transportation--[Bridges]January-April 1988Complaints about delays in completing construction; protest Niantic River Bridge replacement due to environmental impact; Department develops are local bridge program; request for noise barriers alon
2390128CL-160Transportation--[Bridges]May-December 1988Concern about safety of specific bridges; complaints about delays in completing construction; protest Niantic River Bridge replacement due to environmental impact; concern about safety of specific bri
2390128CL-161Transportation--[Bridges]--Baldwin Bridge1986Form letter asking Governor to change construction schedule on Baldwin Bridge to nights only because of traffic delays, answered by standard response.
2390128CL-162Transportation--[Bridges]--Channel 8 Story1985Questions concerning safety and scheduling of bridge repairs prompted by investigative report on Channel 8, WTNH. Governor sends same letter in response.
2390128CL-163Transportation--[Bridges]--Mianus River Bridge1983Governor apologizes for comments made by Commissioner Burns to the Westchester County Executive; urge Governor to ask businesses to stagger work hours to reduce congestion on Merritt Parkway; suggests
2390128CL-164[Transportation--Bridges]--Mianus River Bridge1990Color brochure describing the new Mianus River Bridge.
2390128CL-165[Transportation--Bridges]--Niantic River Bridge1981Oppose replacement of drawbridge with fixed span for environmental and financial reasons; Department provides Governor with costs for rehabilitation of current bridge and for new construction; Secreta
2390128CL-166Transportation--[Bridges]--Niantic River Bridge1982Concern about relocation of people who will lose their homes to the new fixed bridge; questions regarding funding of project.
2390128CL-167Transportation--[Bridges]--Niantic River Bridge1983Tries to clear Governor's misconceptions about collapsible masts on sailing vessels, his reason for dismissing report of Coast Guard about height of new bridge; supports new fixed bridge; newspaper ar
2390128CL-168Transportation--[Bridges--Route 80, North Branford]1987Question change in design of bridge across the Branford River and delay in beginning construction.
2390128CL-169Transportation--[Bridges--Route 80, North Branford] Petition1987Petition demanding Department remove the current Route 80 bridge.
2400128CL-170[Transportation]--BusJanuary-June 1981Taking bus makes person late for work; report on condition of Grumman Flxible Corporation buses; requests commuter bus service between Coventry and Hartford; personnel issues; complaint about change
2400128CL-171[Transportation]--BusAugust-December 1981Connecticut Transit operating budget; requests extension of bus service; protest schedule change by Bonanza Bus Line; oppose cuts in weekend and holiday service; protest large increase in bus fare; op
2400128CL-172[Transportation--Bus]--Norwalk [Transit Garage]1976-1981Request for proposals for transit garage; Transit District seeks to acquire state land; conflicting uses of state land proposed; District explores alternate sites; District awarded initial site.
2400128CL-173Transportation--Bus1982Protest reduction in bus service; protest elimination of or changes in specific routes; complaints about condition of buses; Bridgeport Transit applies for funds to make improvements and protests term
2400128CL-174Transportation--Bus1983Protests elimination of bus route; questions policy about distribution of unclaimed items left on Connecticut Transit buses; Saab-Scania promotes its buses to the state.
2410128CL-175Transportation--BusJanuary-July 1987Complaint about wheelchair lifts not operable on transit buses; complaints about condition of buses; complaints about bus drivers; suggest state build a bus terminal in Meriden; businesses at Bradley
2410128CL-176Transportation--BusAugust-December 1987Questions concerning bus operators' licenses; critical of state's 504 Transportation Plan for Persons with Disabilities; overview of the 504 Transportation Plan; notes about meeting on 504 Regulations
2410128CL-177Transportation--[Bus]1988Opposes half-price passes for disabled; complaints about unheated buses; drivers need training on operating lifts; complaints about rude drivers; Waterbury designated as recipient for funds to provide
2410128CL-178[Transportation]--Bus1990Complaints about driver; complaints about bus service; Willimantic needs state subsidy to keep buses running; rider claims bus will not pick her up at her home; state needs more mass transportation; q
2410128CL-179[Transportation]--Highways1981Status report on implementation of recommendations from the Greater Southwestern Connecticut Regional Transportation Study; claims damage to car while traveling state roadways; state attempts to have
2410128CL-180[Transportation--Highways]--Route 61984Request new environmental impact statement for proposed Route 6 expressway; concern about safety of current Route 6.
2410128CL-181[Transportation--Highways]--Route 61987Opposes current plan and requests new study of Route 6 expressway; need to improve safety now before expressway built; Army Corps of Engineers to hold public hearing regarding permit for Route 6.
2410128CL-182[Transportation--Highways]--Route 61988Statements before the hearing on wetlands affected by the construction of the Route 6 expressway; concerns about land acquisition procedures and the impact on tax rolls; Commissioner's rebuttal of U.S
2410128CL-183[Transportation--Highways]--Route 71981Support for and opposition to Route 7 expressway; suggest immediate inexpensive improvement to existing Route 7 while Department designs expressway; support for improvements to current route; poor des
2410128CL-184Transportation--[Highways]--Route 71982Concerns about land acquisition procedures; Perkin-Elmer Corp. pleased with announcement that improvements to Route 7 to begin shortly; concern about safety of current Route 7; concern about location
2410128CL-185Transportation--[Highways]--Route 71983Suggests bypass rather than road improvements to Route 7; complaint about traffic congestion on Route 7; supports Route 7 expressway.
2410128CL-186Transportation--[Highways]--Route 7January-May 1987Support for and opposition to constructing a Route 7 expressway, or Super 7 highway; Army Corps of Engineers sends a cease and desist order for construction of Route 7.
2420128CL-187Transportation--[Highways]--Route 7June-July 1987Support for and opposition to constructing a Route 7 expressway, or Super 7 highway; Army Corps of Engineers continuing to evaluate project and its impact on wetlands; support widening current Route 7
2420128CL-188Transportation--[Highways]--Route 7August-December 1987Support for and opposition to constructing a Route 7 expressway, or Super 7 highway; concerns that new highway will not provide access for emergency vehicles to portions of Danbury; report of the Rou
2420128CL-189Transportation--[Highways--Route 7]January-June 1988Support for and opposition to constructing a Route 7 expressway, or Super 7 highway; concerns that new highway will not provide access for emergency vehicles to portions of Danbury; report of the Rou
2420128CL-190Transportation--[Highways--Route 7]August-December 1988Town of New Milford requests safety improvements to Route 7 in their area; support for and opposition to constructing a Route 7 expressway, or Super 7 highway; concerns about changes to Route 7 projec
2420128CL-191Transportation--[Highways--Route 9]1988Question concerning relocation benefits for people whose property was acquired by the state; Army Corps of Engineers denies permit for last segment of the highway and Governor appeals; support for the
2420128CL-192Transportation--[Highways]--Route 341982Approves Governor halting construction of Route 34 extension in New Haven; urge Governor to release funds to complete the extension; students ask Governor to complete the project; concern about condit
2420128CL-193Transportation--[Highways]--Route 721983Request full funding for extension; opinion on alternatives for Route 72 corridor.
2420128CL-194Transportation--[Highways]--Route I-84January-July 1982Complaints about condition of highway; claim for damage to car while traveling Route 84; A Compromise Proposal for the Completion of I-84; seeks meeting with Governor to discuss effects of Rhode Islan
2420128CL-195Transportation--[Highways]--Route I-84August-December 1982Opposition to and support of extension of I-84 beyond Willimantic; complaints about condition of highway; question whether or not house will be taken for highway; complaint about traffic congestion al
2420128CL-196Transportation--[Highways]--Route I-841983Opposition to and support of building I-84 in eastern Connecticut; urge Governor to use trade-in funds for other highway projects; attempts to get deadline for trade-in funds extended; towns indicate
2430128CL-197Transportation--[Public Transportation]1988Suggestions for improving public transportation; Governor calls for statewide study to improve public transportation; Saab-Scania requests Governor's assistance in lobbying the Urban Mass Transportati
2430128CL-198[Transportation]--RailJanuary-June 1981Questions about relocation benefits for people displaced for High-Speed Rail Corridor Project; supports Governor's Railroad Advisory Task Force; Congressman McKinney suggests transferring New Haven Li
2430128CL-199[Transportation]--RailJuly-August 1981Opposes fare increase on New Haven Line; recommendations approved by the Governor's Railroad Advisory Task Force; concerns about future of freight service in Connecticut; urges Governor to improve pas
2430128CL-200[Transportation]--RailSeptember-December 1981Former Vermont Governor Salmon's remarks on agriculture's future in the Northeast rail situation; preliminary report of compliance by railroads with Standards of Service; concerns about future of frei
2430128CL-201[Transportation--Rail]--ConrailFebruary-May 1981Questions future of the South Windsor/East Windsor Conrail freight line; Connecticut Public Transportation Authority recommendations for continuing freight rail should Conrail pull out; supports conti
2430128CL-202[Transportation--Rail]--ConrailJune-July 1981Support Providence and Worcester Railroad's proposal to take over Conrail lines; Federal Railroad Administration does not approve transfer of Conrail lines to Providence and Worcester; notes on meeti
2430128CL-203[Transportation--Rail]--ConrailAugust-December 1981Report on potential economic impact of Conrail surcharges on Category I lines in Connecticut; Department requests extension on deadline for removing PCB's from railroad property; complaint about Conra
2430128CL-204[Transportation--Rail]--Cos Cob File1981Correspondence and reports concerning the repair, study and conversion and phase out of the power generating plant at Cos Cob.
2440128CL-205[Transportation--Rail]--Waterbury-Torrington Line1981Assessments of effect of Staggers Act on rail freight service in Connecticut; concern about Conrail abandoning the Waterbury-Torrington Line; update on Conrail surcharges and abandonments; coded map s
2440128CL-206[Transportation]--RailJanuary-May 1982Conrail explains need to close the New Haven Trail Van Ramp; oppose abandonment of Waterbury-Torrington Line; personnel issues with Conrail; oppose commuter fare increase; protest possible closing of
2440128CL-207[Transportation]--RailJune-December 1982Opposes commuter fare increases; personnel issues with transfer of passenger service from Conrail to Metro-North; Railroad Advisory Task Force resolutions concerning the New Haven Line; minutes of a m
2440128CL-208[Transportation]--Rail1983Complaints about service on New Haven Line; urge Governor to settle strike against Metro-North; opposes federal intervention in strike; question concerning resolutions adopted by Governor's Railroad A
2440128CL-209[Transportation]--Rail--Café Cars1983Oppose plans to convert café or bar cars into standard passenger cars; approve of Governor's decision to retain café cars.
2440128CL-210[Transportation]--RailJanuary-August 1985Complaints about passenger rail service; final report on Compliance with 1984 Railroad Standards of Service; concern about using Local Bridge Program to fund repairs to bridges carrying town roads ove
2440128CL-211[Transportation]--RailNovember-December 1985Oppose acquisition of Conrail by Norfolk Southern; question concerning ownership of abandoned Wilson Point Branch railroad right of way; concern about Amtrak cutting services in New Haven.
2440128CL-212Transportation--[Rail]--Metro-North1986Connecticut and New Haven attempts to secure a Metro-North maintenance back shop and a M-4 car assembly facility.
2440128CL-213Transportation--[Rail]January-June 1987Complaint about service on Metro-North; requests state assistance moving steam locomotives from Peru to museum in Connecticut; suggestions for improving rail service; protests parking fee in Milford;
2450128CL-214Transportation--[Rail]July-September 1987Company requests being considered a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise; complaint about Amtrak customer relations; requests restoration of Montrealor service by Amtrak; concern about highway grade rail
2450128CL-215Transportation--[Rail]October-December 1987Labor dispute between Amtrak and Transport Workers Union of America; state receives federal funds for rehabilitating New Haven Line; labor action expected from Metro-North employees; Amtrak explains n
2450128CL-216Transportation--[Rail]January-February 1988Minutes of Connecticut Metro-North New Haven Rail Commuter Council meeting; concern about sale of Farmington Canal Line; ramblings about transportation issues; Interstate Commerce Commission decision
2450128CL-217Transportation--[Rail]March 1988Notice of exemption for issuance of securities by Conrail; complaint about service on Metro-North; opposition to and support for Metro-North smoking ban; complaint about fare structure on New Haven ra
2450128CL-218Transportation--[Rail]April-May 1988Support Governor's efforts to restore Shore Line East passenger rail service; concern about Central Vermont Railroad's proposal to close its New London freight station; support Metro-North smoking ban
2450128CL-219Transportation--[Rail]June-September 1988Supports Metro-North smoking ban; opposes public funding for the Housatonic Railroad; commend efforts to restore Shore Line East passenger rail service; New Haven Mayor DiLieto supports Department's e
2450128CL-220Transportation--[Rail]October 1988Shelton Board of Aldermen oppose repair of the Conrail bridge over the Housatonic River between Derby and Shelton; petition opposing repair of the Conrail bridge over the Housatonic River between Derb
2450128CL-221Transportation--[Rail]November-December 1988Support repair of the Conrail bridge over the Housatonic River between Derby and Shelton; Boston and Maine Corp. system diagram map; capital improvement grant application to the Urban Mass Transportat
2450128CL-222[Transportation]--Rail1989Description of Amtrak's' plan to single-track the New Haven-Springfield line; minutes of the Connecticut Metro-North New Haven Rail Commuter Council meeting; opposes Amtrak's plan to single-track the
2460128CL-223[Transportation]--RailJanuary-May 1990Providence and Worcester Railroad system diagram map; company urges Governor to improve intrastate rail service; Connecticut Metro-North New Haven Rail Commuter Council opposes fare increase; approves
2460128CL-224[Transportation]--RailJune-August 1990Requests rail line for the Sterling Tire Incinerator; system diagram maps for Boston and Maine Corp., Conrail and Providence and Worcester railroads; docket of Boston and Maine Corp. concerning abando
2460128CL-225[Transportation]--RailSeptember-December 1990Complaint about service on Shore Line East; Connecticut Public Transportation Commission supports electrification of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor; petition for better commuter service on the Waterbury
2460128CL-226[Transportation]--Ridesharing1981Appointment to Ridesharing Task Force; Governor describes rideshare in Connecticut to Governor Graham of Florida; monthly activity reports; quarterly report.
2460128CL-227[Transportation]--Ridesharing1982Metropool Ridesharing Corp. in Stamford concerned about federal cuts to ridesharing programs and state's apparent lack of commitment; Governor writes to businesses in southwestern Connecticut about th
2460128CL-228[Transportation]--Ridesharing1983Governor describes ridesharing in Connecticut and urges Governor Cuomo to consider a similar program for New York City.
2460128CL-229[Transportation]--Tolls1981Suggests use for old Montville toll station; suggestion for increasing toll income; oppose increase in toll rates and complain about implementation; complaints about lighting and road conditions at to
2460128CL-230[Transportation]--TollsJanuary-July 1982Complaints about service and maintenance at toll stations; oppose increase in toll rates; protest traffic congestion at toll plazas; suggestion for basing toll rate on number of occupants per vehicle;
2460128CL-231[Transportation]--TollsAugust-November 1982Complaints about behavior of toll takers; complaints about service at toll stations; complaints about number of tolls on I-95; support elimination of tolls; objection to conversion of tolls from ticke
2460128CL-232[Transportation]--TollsDecember 1982Complaint about traffic congestion at toll plazas; support elimination of tolls; personnel issues; supports token system; complaints about service at toll stations; suggestions for improving toll oper
2460128CL-233[Transportation]--Tolls1983Complaints about traffic congestion at toll plazas; support for and opposition to elimination of tolls; personnel issues; concerns about safety following fatal accident at Stratford toll booth on Janu
2460128CL-234[Transportation]--Tolls1984Support elimination of tolls; protests costs of removal; cost summary for the removal of eight toll plazas; concern about replacing revenue from tolls.
2470128CL-235U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1981State comments on proposed federal rule concerning transportation of natural gas and hazardous liquids by pipeline; requests Governor's advice on changes in the State and Community Highway Safety Gran
2470128CL-236U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1982State comments on proposed federal rule concerning procedures for abatement of highway traffic noise and construction noise; state provides additional comments on changes in the State and Community Hi
2470128CL-237U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]January-May 1983Announcement of availability of federal funding; report on state compliance with the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 and the Department of Transportation Related Agencies Appropriations
2470128CL-238U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]June 1983Request for addition information on application to withdraw I-484 between I-84 and I-91 in Hartford and on application to withdraw I-284; submit the Concept Program for the Hartford/New Britain urbani
2470128CL-239U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]July-December 1983Thanks head of the Federal Highway Administration for offer assistance following Mianus River Bridge collapse; Governor reports the Mianus River Bridge collapse to Transportation Secretary Dole and re
2470128CL-240U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1984Notice of federal legislation regarding handicapped parking; announcement of federal allocations for elderly and handicapped transportation projects; state comments on proposed federal rule concerning
2470128CL-241U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1985National Transportation Safety Board report on aviation accident at Bradley Airport; Governor requests expedited approval of Relocated Route 6 and meeting with Secretary Dole to discuss.
2470128CL-242U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1986Request for hazard index formula used by Department to establish priorities for railroad/highway at grade crossing improvements.
2470128CL-243U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]January-July 1987State comments on proposed federal rules concerning national standards for traffic control devices; National Transportation Safety Board to research condition of and recommend safety improvements for
2470128CL-244U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]August-December 1987State calculates the proportional highway and transit shares for the Interstate System withdrawal area in Connecticut a the Department's request; notice of changes to the Alcohol Incentive Grant Progr
2470128CL-245U.S. Department of Trans[portation]1989Status of Bradley Airport Grant; Department is opposed to increase in federal motor-fuels tax; state confirms Interstate Substitution Highway/Transit split; approval of state's 1990 Highway Safety Pla
2470128CL-246U.S.D.O.T. [Transportation, U.S. Department of]1990Response to Governor's request for federal funds to rehabilitate facilities at Bradley Airport; report on airline deregulation; Governor sends update on New Haven Rail Line; request for certification
2470128CL-247[Transportation--Weigh Station]January-June 1987Oppose construction of truck weigh station in Greenwich; request noise barriers; oppose truck weigh stations in Westport or Darien; report on public hearings and environmental impact statement. [Note:
2480128CL-248[Transportation--Weigh Station]July-December 1987Oppose construction of truck weigh station in Greenwich; request noise barriers; oppose truck weigh stations in Westport or Darien. [Note: Governor received two letters from Diana Ross.]
2480129CL-001Treasurer1981Threatens legal action if not given broker commission; complaints about administration of Yankee Mac mortgage; federal regulations relating to single family mortgage bonds; opposes Yankee Mac program.
2480129CL-002[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerJanuary-March 1981Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements; Parker recommends Thomas Getery for an appointment to the Judiciary.
2480129CL-003[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerApril-July 1981Notice of sale of general obligation bonds; Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements; suggestions for saving the state money; Governor authorizes Treasurer to
2480129CL-004[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerAugust-December 1981Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements.
2480129CL-005Treasurer1982Complaints about administration of Yankee Mac mortgage; response to audit report; report on success of unclaimed property law; Governor authorizes Treasurer to borrow funds.
2480129CL-006Treasurer--[Civil List Statements]1982
2480129CL-007Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1982
2480129CL-008Treasurer1983Governor designates Treasurer as a representative for approving Connecticut Development Authority industrial development bond issues; responses to audit report; Governor gives permission to borrow fun
2480129CL-009Treasurer--[Civil List Statements]1983
2490129CL-010Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1983
2490129CL-011Treasurer--[Sale of Notes]1983Notices of sale of General Obligation Temporary Notes.
2490129CL-012Treasurer1984Review of investments by the Investment Advisory Council; response to audit report; President's remarks on signing the 1984 Trade Act, H.R> 3398.
2490129CL-013Treasurer1985Maryland legislation concerning investments in companies doing business in South Africa; Governor's Task Force Report on South African Investment Policy; summary report of President's tax proposal on
2490129CL-014Treasurer1986Questions Governor's policy on disinvestment in South Africa; constituent having problems with stocks; information about Equal Opportunity Funds established by Coca-Cola in South Africa; complaints ab
2490129CL-015Treasurer1987Concerns about the state drawing for redeeming state bonds; opposes disinvestment in Northern Ireland; legislative alert against a federal bill requiring state to pay interest to the federal governmen
2490129CL-016Treasurer--Debt Statements1987
2490129CL-017TreasurerJanuary-July 1988Two complaints of unauthorized trading in the account of Connecticut Nutmeg Securities; report on management study of treasury; Governor wants states to buy diesel fuel without paying federal excise t
2490129CL-018TreasurerAugust-December 1988Annual report; Treasurer Borges contacts agency heads regarding the United Way campaign; audit report and responses; claims retirement check was lost; question about state savings bonds; Investment Ad
2490129CL-019Treasurer--[Debt Statements]January-July 1988
2490129CL-020Treasurer--[Debt Statements]August-December 1988
2500129CL-021TreasurerJanuary-May 1989Problem claiming unclaimed property; need to advertise state's College Savings Bonds; proposal to help state manage its investments.
2500129CL-022TreasurerJune 1989Explanation of the origin of the State of Connecticut College Savings Bond program.
2500129CL-023TreasurerJuly-December 1989Audit report; problems claiming unclaimed property; explains why Treasurer did not use services of Hanover Asset Management Corp. or Shields Asset Management, Inc.; response to audit report; informati
2500129CL-024Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1989
2500129CL-025Treasurer--[Debt Statements]October-December 1989
2500129CL-026Treasurer1990Problems and questions about escheat or unclaimed property laws; proposal for Flexible Cost Reduction Program; personnel issues; oppose state investment in Colt Industries; question concerning state s
2500129CL-027Treasurer--[Debt Statements]March-May 1990
2510129CL-028Treasurer--[Debt Statements]June-September 1990
2510129CL-029Treasurer--[Debt Statements]October-November 1990
2510129CL-030Treasurer--[Memos to/from Treasurer]1990Information about the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday Commission; Clean Water Fund Annual Reports; Governor gives Treasurer authority to borrow money.
2510130CL-001Treasury, U.S.1982Governor writes to Secretary Regan urging him to reconsider reducing customs facilities in the state; notice that civil rights investigation is closed; Department of Justice takes no action on complai
2510130CL-002Treasury, U.S.1983Bridgeport to receive funds following court case; notices that municipalities are in noncompliance; data for calculating Revenue Sharing allocation; copies of the Revenue Sharing Act and the Rules and
2510131CL-001Tri-State [Regional Planning Commission]1981Minutes of meetings of the Commission; Commission sends Governor report Maintaining Mobility, a transportation plan; press release announcing that the Governors' Task Force recommends abolishing the T
2510132CL-001Tufaro, Anthony1988Letter to Governor requesting information on funding for his study to be a rescue technician; notes from staff member's research; newspaper articles about Tufaro's work at the plaza site.
2510133CL-001United Way1981Memo to State Commissioners regarding a United Way Campaign meeting; thanks Governor for attending the kick-off ceremony.
2510133CL-002United Way1983Information about the National Board Emergency Food and Shelter Program; Governor thanks United Way for allocating the Board's money to the state.
2510133CL-003United Way1987Governor thanks member of the United Way board for service.
2510133CL-004United Way1989-1990Administrative Aide Marilynn Cruz-Aponte establishing a Special Constituencies Committee to increase donations from the Hispanic and Polish communities; invitation to a conference; notice to Governor
2510134CL-001Veterans1981Announcement of opening of outreach center for Vietnam veterans; problem getting approval for an mortgage from Veterans Administration; federal grant award notice; concern about staffing shortage at H
2510134CL-002Veterans1982Complaint about treatment by staff; veterans deserve state bonus; problems receiving benefits from Veterans Administration; information concerning the President's Veterans Day National Committee; Vete
2510134CL-003Veterans--Home and Hospital1981-1982Newsletter and articles from the Disabled American Veterans; notice of federal grant award; application for commandant position; report on federal aid reimbursement due; veteran needs medical treatmen
2510134CL-004Veterans1983State comments on proposed federal regulations concerning veterans' education; annual report of Veterans' Home and Hospital; notice of federal grant award.
2510134CL-005Veterans1984Notice of federal grant award; need Veterans Home in Fairfield County; need for Vietnam War Memorial in Connecticut; allegation that Representative Robert Sorensen did not fight in Vietnam as he claim
2510134CL-006Veterans1986Notice of federal grant award; Governor to meet with representative of Vietnam Veterans; information concerning the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans; concern about benefits for female veterans
2520134CL-007Veterans [Affairs]1987Final report of the Connecticut Vietnam Herbicides Information Commission; veteran claims he is not allowed to leave the hospital; veteran seeking waiver of his Veterans Administration debt; critical
2520134CL-008Veterans AffairsJanuary-June 1988Veteran requests transfer to Veterans' Home; additions to regulations for the Department; military honors not provided for deceased veteran; procedural guide to enacting regulations; application for t
2520134CL-009Veterans AffairsAugust-December 1988Veteran having trouble getting medical bills covered by Veterans Administration; status report on distribution of Agent Orange settlement funds; questions expertise of staff; veteran wants to be admit
2520134CL-010Veterans AffairsJanuary-March 1989Vietnam Veterans of America want to change provision in veterans benefits law that requires veteran to have been a resident of the state when inducted into the military in order to receive benefits; d
2520134CL-011Veterans AffairsApril-December 1989Need to fill important positions in the Department; suggests improvements to Veteran's Hospital; individual veterans' cases; veteran seeks admission to Veteran's Home and Hospital; annual report of th
2520134CL-012Veterans Affairs1990Service officers contact record; description of Department's expanded services; Governor nominates Joseph Barber to be Commissioner; questions what benefits Vietnam Veterans receive; Department newsle
2520135L-001Vice President1981Thank you letter from George Bush.
2520136CL-001Victim Services1989Essay on victims' rights; lawyer seeking compensation for family of homicide victim; Judge Charles D. Gill honored by the U.S. Attorney General; single mother relates extortion perpetrated on her; ce
2520136CL-002Victim Services1990Complaints about denial of assistance from Victim Services; certification of total money awarded to crime victims; widow of homicide victim protests short sentence given the killer.
2520137CL-001Volunteers1981Urge Governor to keep the Governor's Council on Voluntary Action intact; retirees write to Governor about volunteer opportunities; form letter sent to all Connecticut schools concerning the Youth Acti
2520137CL-002[Volunteers]--Vista1981Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2520137CL-003Volunteers1982Request Governor's proclamation for National Volunteer Week; Governor sends letters of recognition to volunteers; volunteer program of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.
2520137CL-004[Volunteers]--Vista1982Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-005[Volunteers]--VistaFebruary 1982Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-006[Volunteers]--VistaApril 1982Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-007Volunteers1983Request for nomination for outstanding volunteer award; Commission on Fire Prevention and Control reports on number of volunteer hours given.
2530137CL-008[Volunteers]--Vista1983Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-009Volunteers1984-1985Protests change in policy on volunteers at the Department of Adult Probation; application for Vista Volunteers from Connecticut Food Bank, with the Governor's approval; information concerning the Pres
2530137CL-010Volunteers1986Concern that volunteerism will drop because of liability suits; application for Vista Volunteers for Literacy Volunteers of Connecticut, with Governor's approval.
2530137CL-011VolunteersMay-December 1987Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval; information about the President's Volunteer Action Awards; letter from Congresswoman Nancy Johnson
2530137CL-012VolunteersJuly 1987Application for Vista Volunteers to assist shelters throughout the state, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-013VolunteersFebruary-September 1988Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2530137CL-014VolunteersNovember 1988Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval.
2540137CL-015Volunteers1989Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval; annual report of Literacy Volunteers of America--Connecticut; Red Cross survey of training needs;
2540137CL-016Volunteers1990Applications for Vista Volunteers from various community organizations, with the Governor's approval; neighborhood organization in New Haven concerned about the unused 26 acres of land designated for
2540138CL-001Washington Office1981Copy of letter sent to Congressional delegation opposing reductions in funding for programs for the elderly; request that representative from the office attend an American Unity Day rally in Washingto
2540138CL-002Washington Office1982Invitation to attend meeting on quality control in food stamp, AFDC and Medicaid programs; letter about the National Governors' Association federalism policy sent to Governor for his signature; memo t
2540138CL-003Washington Office1983List of states that have borrowed funds from UI; copy of proposal for new federal initiative for the production of multifamily rental housing; reports of legislative activities in Washington; report o
2540138CL-004Washington Office1984Testimony of William Ruckleshaus on the administration's acid rain policy before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works; reports on the status of bills in the House and Senate; Mid-Summe
2540138CL-005Washington Office--Weekly Activities Reports1984
2540138CL-006Washington Office1985Report on legislation introduced or co-sponsored by the state Congressional delegation; information on infrastructure renewal financing; office needs Governor's position on designating Farmington Rive
2550138CL-007Washington Office--Weekly Activities Reports1985
2550138CL-008Washington Office1986Weekly activities reports; Governors' votes defeating the proposed National Governors' Association gas tax turnback policy; update on tax reform and federal budget; Governor invited to testify on grou
2550138CL-009Washington Office1987Weekly activities reports; reports of bills introduced and co-sponsored by the state Congressional delegation; revision of the Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction law.
2550138CL-010Washington Office1988Efforts of the Indian American Forum for Political Education to erect a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Washington, DC.
2550139CL-001Wash[ington] Testimony1981Briefing book.
2550140CL-001Welcome1981Welcome letter and schedule of visit of Doctor Berilo Ramos Borba.
2550140CL-002Welcome1982Welcome letters to new church pastor, members of the Pearl Harbor Attack Veterans' Association and attendees of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
2550141CL-001Wildey, William1981-1982Correspondence.
2550142CL-001Women1981Legislative agenda of the Connecticut Task Force on Abused Women; requests for information about programs for women in Connecticut; thanks Governor for addressing the League of Women Voters; Permanent
2550142CL-002Women1982Thanks Governor for filing amicus brief in support of the National Organization for Women' appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court; Permanent Commission on the Status of Women Director Susan Bucknell thanks
2550142CL-003Women--State White House Conference on Children and Youth1982Report on Conference by Commission of the Department of Children and Youth Services; report from Conference concerning need for day care for working families; Permanent Commission of the Status of Wom
2550142CL-004Women1983League of Women Voters of the Tri-State Metropolitan Region concerned about regional planning efforts following termination of the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission.
2550142CL-005Women1984Permanent Commission concerned about Affirmative Action regulations that do not include sexual harassment; Governor approves proposal to establish a Women's' Veterans Task Force.
2550142CL-006Women1985Permanent Commission thanks Governor for designating National Women's History Week; information concerning the Women of Color Task Force of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.
2550142CL-007Women1987Permanent Commission on the Status of Women urges Governor to issue an Executive Order prohibiting state support of organizations that discriminate because of age, race, creed, color, etc.; request fo
2550142CL-008Women1988Requests information about women Commissioners in Connecticut; request nominations for leadership award; League of Women Voters express concerns about budget cuts to social service programs.
2550142CL-009Women1989Information about and invitation to be a mentor for the Urban Women's Development Project; report of changes in bylaws of the Connecticut Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs; League of Women Voters
2550142CL-010Women1990Information concerning Women Executives in State Government; anti-abortion letters.
2560143CL-001Mags--AFDCNovember 5 - December 7,Mayors, shelter employees, AFDC recipients, business people, and social workers urge the Governor to support rental assistance to AFDC families living in unsubsidized housing. Governor responds that
2560143CL-002Mags--AFDCDecember 8, 1987-JanuaryMayors, shelter employees, AFDC recipients, business people, and social workers urge the Governor to support rental assistance to AFDC families living in unsubsidized housing.
2560143CL-003Mags--Bingo Laws1987Constituents oppose the tax on bingo games because it makes the games more expensive for seniors. Governor replies that any change must be done legislatively.
2560143CL-004Mags--[Lyme Disease]September-November 1987Constituents petition the Governor to include in his budget increased funding to study Lyme Disease.
2560143CL-005Mags--CHHC 1/88January 1988Constituents and health care workers criticize the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care for reducing hospital rates so they cannot meet increases in nurses salaries. The Governor defends the Commi
2560143CL-006Mags--CT Interstate Banking Law (Northeast Bancorp)January- March 1988Correspondents urge the Governor to support a law change that would allow Connecticut banks to merge with larger ones in New York State. No response from the Governor is in the file.
2560143CL-007Mags--Converse Communications CenterAugust-October 1988Deaf individuals and their advocates petition and write urging the Governor to restore an $80,000 cut in the 1989 budget for Converse Communication Center. The Center provided TDD message relay servi
2560143CL-008Mags--Elderly NutritionOctober-December 1988Senior citizens and their advocates ask Governor to not cut the elderly nutrition program. Governor responds that no cuts were made in the current year, and the proposed cut is just a proposal.
2560143CL-009Mags--Farmington Canal CorridorDecember 1987- SeptemberConstituents request that Governor support efforts to use the abandoned rail corridor along the Farmington Canal as a multi-use trail. Some of the letters were bucked to the Department of Transportat
2560143CL-010Mags--FCC Cellular Telephone TowerJune-July 1988Residents of Greenwich and towns nearby in New York object to plans to erect a cellular telephone tower in Greenwich. The Governor sends these letters to the Siting Council for direct response and th
2560143CL-011Mags--Fingerprint Identification (AFIS)December 1987-March 1988Law enforcement professionals write in support of Dr. Henry Lee's request for an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for the Forensic Science Laboratory. They urge the Governor to supp
2560143CL-012Mags--Fleet Banking Financial LettersDecember 1987-March 1988Constituents oppose proposed legislation allowing the Fleet Group of Rhode Island to merge with a New York bank without divesting itself of its Connecticut holdings. Many feel that Connecticut banks s
2570143CL-013Mags--House Bill 5545March-April 1988Certified Public Accountants and businessmen ask Governor to support the portion of H.B. 5545 that exempts their business or their financial analysts, respectively, from taxation. The bill clarifies
2570143CL-014Mags--Jai Alai StrikeApril-May 1988Individuals who frequented Jai Alai frontons urge the Governor to support the players who want a union, and to keep the frontons, which were closed due to violence, closed until an agreement is reache
2570143CL-015Mags--MassportDecember 1987-February 19Private pilots and businessmen object to Massport's proposal to increase landing fees at Logan Airport. The Governor responds that he is monitoring the situation.
2570143CL-016Mags--MTA Smoking Ban Mags--MTA Smoking BanMarch-April 1988Primarily opposition to the smoking ban imposed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on commuter trains. The main accusation was that the decision had been made without public input. They al
2570143CL-017Mags--Municipal Liability Trust Fund Mags--MTA Smoking BanFebruary, April 1988Municipal leaders urge the Governor to continue funding the trust fund so towns and cities can reduce their liability risks. The Governor replies that he cannot include the money in his 1988-1989 bud
2570143CL-018Mags--Nursing [Shortage]October 1987-April 1988Three topics concerning nursing were included in this file. Nurses and health care administrators volunteer to serve on the Task Force on Nursing, ask that a working nurse be appointed, or suggest th
2570143CL-019Mags--Private Health Care ProvidersOctober 1987-January 1988Employees request fair wages for private health care workers under contract to the Department of Mental Health. Parents and providers add their support for increased salaries. The Governor confirms
2570143CL-020Mags--Property TaxFebruary-April 1988Businessmen oppose tax classification which could raise their property taxes, and the ask the Governor to continue supporting the business service tax exemption. O'Neill responds that he is personall
2570143CL-021Mags--Racial IntegrationDecember 1987-January 198Constituents oppose Education Commissioner Tirozzi's school desegregation plan, in part because it includes busing children from the suburbs to the city. Some correspondents call for Tirozzi's resign
2570143CL-022Mags--State Library BudgetOctober 1988-January 1989Library associations, genealogists, librarians, town selectmen and library patrons were among the constituents who urged the Governor to support full funding for the State Library so it could maintain
2570143CL-023Mags--State Library Budget, copiesOctober-December 1988Copies of letters sent by library associations, genealogists, librarians, town selectmen and library patrons to their state representatives and senators urging them to support full funding for the Sta
2570143CL-024Mags--United Fleet BankDecember 1987-January 198Customers of United Bank and Trust oppose the divestiture of their bank because of Fleet National Bank's pending merger with a New York State bank. No response from the Governor is in the file.
2580143CL-025Mags--Adult Day CareFebruary-March 1989Health care providers and relatives of the elderly protest the elimination of funding for adult day care programs from the 1989-1990 state budget. The Governor's response does not seem to address thi
2580143CL-026Mags--AFDCJanuary-February 1989Ministers, Yale students, AFDC recipients, business people, legal assistance organizations, and social workers urge the Governor to support rental assistance to families receiving Aid to Families with
2580143CL-027Mags--Andover Lake DamJuly 1989Residents near Andover Lake have protested the existence of a house built without permits and within the flood plain of the dam. Now they are angry at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
2580143CL-028Mags--Automated Library TechnologyJune 1989Librarians and one patron ask the Governor to include the State Library's request for funds on the Bon Commission's agenda. The money was earmarked for two computerized library catalog systems, reQue
2580143CL-029Mags--B.A.T. IndustriesAugust-September 1989Employees plead with the Governor to intervene in the hostile takeover of their employer, B.A.T. Industries, the parent of Saks Fifth Avenue. The Governor responds that he has no authority to stop th
2580143CL-030Mags--Bill 7224March 1989Parents, service providers, and advocates urge the Governor to restore three million dollars to the Department of Mental Retardation's sheltered workshops. The Governor responds that the cuts only lim
2580143CL-031Mags--Breakthrough for [to] the Aging ProgramFebruary-March 1989The elderly and their caretakers protest cuts and urge the Governor's support of the Department of Aging budget, particularly the program that sends volunteers to visit the house-bound elderly. The G
2580143CL-032Mags--Business-to-Business [Sales Tax] #3February-April 1989Businessmen and others oppose a new tax imposed on some business-to-business and professional services. The Governor thanks writers for voicing their concerns but he presented a balanced in February a
2580143CL-033Mags--Capital Gains #4February-May 1989Retirees, individuals starting businesses, and others object to a proposed increase of the capital gains tax. The Governor thanks writers for voicing their concerns but he presented a balanced in Feb
2580143CL-034Mags--Community PlacementNovember 1988-January 198Parents, relatives, friends and supporters of the Shoreline Association for the Retarded and Handicapped oppose the cut proposed for the Department of Mental Retardation budget. Their counter proposa
2580143CL-035Mags--[Cromwell Trash-to-Energy Plant]April 1989Residents of Cromwell and of neighboring towns object to the construction of a trash-to-energy plant in Cromwell. Governor O'Neill describes the need to find a solution to the state's solid waste pro
2580143CL-036Mags--DEP Increased FundingJuly-September 1989Constituents urge the Governor to increase funding for the state Department of Environmental Protection. Correspondents mention staffing needs and the restoration of Long Island Sound most often. O'
2580143CL-037Mags--Doyle, RobertAugust-September 1989Friends and customers of a Litchfield pharmacist ask Governor O'Neill to intervene in his case. Robert Doyle was arrested for providing drugs without a prescription. The Governor states that he has
2580143CL-038Mags--DrugsSeptember-October 1989Constituents urge O'Neill to pass laws stipulating mandatory convictions for drug dealers and users, providing more jail cells, and allocating money to cities for fighting drugs. They made their view
2580143CL-039Mags--Fair Wage, DMRNovember-December 1989Administrators and board members of associations for retarded citizens and service providers request funding to the Department of Mental Retardation that would assure fair wages for private sector emp
2590143CL-040Mags--Flag BurningSeptember-November 1989Letters, an advertisement in a newspaper, and pre-printed postal cards from constituents urge the Governor and legislature to ratify the flag burning amendment. Also includes two petitions from VFW p
2590143CL-041Mags--Fort Hill Park (BWG)February 1989Form letters urge the Governor to support construction of affordable housing in Waterbury. He assures correspondents that the project is on the Bond Commission's agenda.
2590143CL-042Mags--Hazardous Waste SitesApril-May 1989Form letters from constituents entreat the Governor to support H.B. 7302 which set goals for cleaning up sites and increased hazardous waste assessments to make industries liable for more of the costs
2590143CL-043Mags--Health and Welfare Services for Non-Public SchoolsMarch-May 1989Parents of school children, school administrators, teachers, and social workers send form letters opposing budget cuts to health and welfare services (psychologists, nurses, social workers, etc.) prov
2590143CL-044Mags--Higher Education's Budget ReductionsApril-May 1989College students ask the Governor to restore funds to the State College budgets. The Governor essentially says, sorry, but the deficit made the cuts necessary.
2590143CL-045Mags--Homeless (Millie)January-April 1989Constituents, mostly Yale students, oppose elimination of rental subsidies for homeless families in emergency situations. Some families face eviction April 10 unless emergency housing or funding is f
2590143CL-046Mags--Homosexual [Wesleyan University Students]February-April 1989Students at Wesleyan University undertake a letter-writing campaign to support a gay rights bill, H.B. 7115, that would add sexual orientation to anti-discrimination legislation. Two massive mailings
2590143CL-047Mags--HomosexualFebruary 12-26, 1989Letters for and against the proposed gay rights legislation, H.B. 7115, that would add sexual orientation to anti-discrimination legislation. Several churches sent petitions against the bill. The Go
2590143CL-048Mags--HomosexualFebruary 26-March 9, 1989Letters for and against the proposed gay rights legislation, H.B. 7115, that would add sexual orientation to anti-discrimination legislation. The Governor assures letter writers that he will keep thei
2590143CL-049Mags--Homosexual [no response]1989Letters for and against the proposed gay rights legislation, H.B. 7115, that would add sexual orientation to anti-discrimination legislation. Letter writers did not include a complete name or address,
2590143CL-050Mags--Hospitals--Conn. Hospital Association (Norris)November 7-21, 1989Complaints from hospital administrators and board members complaining about the slow budget process at the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. The delay impacts when and how hospitals set their
2600143CL-051Mags--Hospitals--Conn. Hospital Association (Norris)November 22-27, 1989Complaints from hospital administrators and board members complaining about the slow budget process at the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. The delay impacts when and how hospitals set their
2600143CL-052Mags--Hospitals--Conn. Hospital Association (Norris)November 28, 1989-JanuaryComplaints from hospital administrators and board members complaining about the slow budget process at the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. The delay impacts when and how hospitals set their
2600143CL-053Mags--Housing Eviction 89 (BG)January 1989Residents of a Berlin mobile home park appeal to the Governor for assistance when they learn they are to be evicted. O'Neill lists the individuals who are working to find a solution.
2600143CL-054Mags--Housing--HomelessMarch-April 1989Constituents oppose elimination of rental subsidies for homeless families in emergency situations. Some families face eviction April 10 unless emergency housing or funding is found. Governor O'Neill
2600143CL-055Mags--Iroquois Gas Transmission (Bob Grant)January-May 1989Groups, individuals and businesses, many from Shelton, oppose the construction of multiple gas lines through Connecticut. The Governor's response is not in the file.
2600143CL-056Mags--LotteryJuly 1989Constituents write in support of Lottery Chief Blaine Lewis and protest his dismissal.
2600143CL-057Mags--Medicaid (Long Term Care) (Jane)July-August 1989Certified Nursing Assistants and their administrators object to a new provision requiring them to be re-certified. The Governor states that it is a federal, not a state, issue.
2600143CL-058Mags--Medicaid--Pharmaceutical (DIM) MillieJuly 15-23, 1989Pharmacists, supported by a few customers, protest the eight percent cut in the average wholesale price reimbursements for Medicaid and ConnPACE prescriptions. They claim the increased costs will eit
2600143CL-059Mags--Medicaid--Pharmaceutical (DIM) MillieJuly 24-August 29, 1989Pharmacists, supported by a few customers, protest the eight percent cut in the average wholesale price reimbursements for Medicaid and ConnPACE prescriptions. They claim the increased costs will eit
2600143CL-060Mags--Mental Retardation Budget (Norris)June 1989Staff at Mansfield Training School send a form letter criticizing the accelerated community placement of clients and the threatened lay-offs of staff to help balance the state budget. A parent of a D
2600143CL-061Mags--MetaMetrics, Div. of Rehabilitation Services (Norris)March-April 1989MetaMetrics conducted a performance audit of the Department of Rehabilitation Services and made recommendations for improving the administration by either keeping it within the Department of Education
2600143CL-062Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)January 29-February 10, 1Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2600143CL-063Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)February 11-15, 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-064Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)February 16-March 4, 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-065Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)March 6-12, 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-066Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)March 13-30, 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-067Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)April 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-068Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)May 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-069Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley)July-November 1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-070Mags--Miscellaneous Taxes #5 (Charley) [no response]1989Constituents tell the Governor not to raise taxes and criticize the Governor for wasteful spending. Some writers enclose a tea bag with their letters. Constituents particularly object to a state inco
2610143CL-071Mags--MuseumMarch-April 1989Individuals appeal to the Governor to change his decision to eliminate funding for the Connecticut Museum of Natural History and for the State Archaeologist. O'Neill cites the deficit and the need to
2610143CL-072Mags--New Seasons (DMR) (Norris)May 1989New Seasons ran group homes for the mentally retarded. Family and friends of clients ask the Governor for additional funding for staff salary increases. They assert that without additional funding,
2620143CL-073Mags--New York CommuterMarch 17-June 14, 1989Connecticut residents who work in New York seek a remedy from that state's new tax on both incomes of a couple even when only one works in New York. The Governor replies that he is doing all he can t
2620143CL-074Mags--Nursing Homes [Board Members]March 27-May 9, 2989Nursing home administrators and board members strongly oppose cuts in Medicaid reimbursement rates, which would mean not being able to provide competitive wages for qualified nurses and reducing servi
2620143CL-075Mags--Nursing Homes (Dear Friend)February-March 1989Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose cuts in Medicaid reimbursement rates. Also included are petitions opposing H.B. 7227 (which never made it out of committee). No response fr
2620143CL-076Mags--Nursing Homes (Dear Friend [version 1])February 15-March 5, 1989Nursing home staff, administrators, residents and their' families strongly oppose cuts in Medicaid reimbursement rates. The Governor describes the financial costs of long term care and explains that
2620143CL-077Mags--Nursing Homes (State Budget) Friend version 2] (Jane)February 8-March 3, 1989Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose H.B. 7227 and budget cuts that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement rates. H.B. 7227 never made it out of committee. The Governor describes
2620143CL-078Mags--Nursing Homes (State Budget) Friend version 2] (Jane)March 4-9, 1989Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose H.B. 7227 and budget cuts that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement rates. H.B. 7227 never made it out of committee. The Governor describes
2620143CL-079Mags--Nursing Homes (State Budget) Friend version 2] (Jane)March 10-August 28, 1989Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose H.B. 7227 and budget cuts that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement rates. H.B. 7227 never made it out of committee. The Governor describes
2620143CL-080Mags--Nursing Homes (State Budget) Friend version 2] (Jane)[1989]Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose H.B. 7227 and budget cuts that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement rates. H.B. 7227 never made it out of committee. The Governor describes
2630143CL-081Mags--Nursing Homes (State Budget) Friend version 2] (Jane)1989Nursing home staff and residents' families strongly oppose H.B. 7227 and budget cuts that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement rates. H.B. 7227 never made it out of committee. The Governor does not
2630143CL-082Mags--Oak Hill School (NH/VL)February-May 1989Families, friends and staff of Oak Hill School ask the Governor to allocate funds to support programs operated by Connecticut Institute for the Blind, including Oak Hill School. Current funding will
2630143CL-083Mags--Park ClosingsApril 1989Residents object to plans curtailing access to thirteen state parks. The Governor informs writers that the decision was rescinded.
2630143CL-084Mags--[Pending Legislation]March-April 1989Constituents ask the Governor to support or veto various bills in the House and Senate. Some of the bills addressed related to dairy income enhancement, the sale of farm land, regional schools, and a
2630143CL-085Mags--Penfield Reef (MCA/VL)March-May 1989Hunters and fishermen write to support the state purchase of land to be used for parking at the Penfield Reef area in Fairfield. The Governor refers them to the Department of Environmental Protection
2630143CL-086Mags--Portland Trash-to-Energy PlantMarch-April 1989Portland and Cromwell residents oppose the construction of a plant in their neighborhood. The Governor assures them that there will be public hearings before a decision is reached selecting one of th
2630143CL-087Mags--Preston Trash-to-Energy PlantMarch 1989One letter from a constituent opposed to the proposed site in Preston because of its proximity to schools. The Governor assures the individual that there will be public hearings before a decision is r
2630143CL-088Mags--Proposed Deep River ConstructionMarch-May 1989Residents object to a proposal to cut trees and widen Route 154 in Deep River, the town's Main Street. No response from the Governor is in the file.
2630143CL-089Mags--1989-90 Proposed State BudgetDecember 1988-February 15Constituents express their concerns and frustrations about the proposed state budget. Some request that the Governor not cut funding for residential facilities for the mentally ill or for other state
2630143CL-090Mags--1989-90 Proposed State BudgetFebruary 16-April 1989Constituents express their concerns and frustrations about the proposed state budget. Some request that the Governor not cut funding for residential facilities for the mentally ill or for other state
2630143CL-091Mags--Proposed Utility Tax #1February 6-10, 1989Businesses, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and others oppose O'Neill's suggestion to extend the sales tax to utility bills. Some individuals propose a state income tax instead, and others threaten
2630143CL-092Mags--Proposed Utility Tax #1February 11-March 13, 198Businesses, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and others oppose O'Neill's suggestion to extend the sales tax to utility bills. Some individuals propose a state income tax instead, and others threaten
2640143CL-093Mags--Rea Estate Conveyance TaxApril 1989The New Canaan Board of Realtors encouraged individuals to use the advertisement they placed in the newspaper to send a message to Hartford. The message was, kill the proposed increases in real estat
2640143CL-094Mags--Route 6September-October 1989Residents of eastern Connecticut express their anger toward O'Neill for trying to bypass the Army Corps of Engineers' denial of approval for the Route 6 expressway. The Corps denied approval in order
2640143CL-095Mags--Route 7March 1989One individual's letter opposing the construction of a Super Route 7. The Governor defends the state's plans. More letters concerning Route 7 can be found in the Sub-series Transportation.
2640143CL-096Mags--Route 25 (Marilyn)February 1989Residents of Northbrook Condominiums do not want their neighborhood destroyed to accommodate a new Route 25 highway. They advocate widening the current road instead. The Governor defends the Departme
2640143CL-097Mags--Route 72 ExpresswayNovember 1988-March 1989Residents of Bristol and neighboring towns oppose the extension of Route 72 based on economics (state budget) and practicality. The Governor defends the project on both points.
2640143CL-098Mags--State Income Tax #2February-May 1989Some constituents ask the Governor to continue opposing a state income tax, while a majority ask him to give it serious consideration. O'Neill reaffirms his opposition to the income tax.
2640143CL-099Mags--[State] Income Tax #2 with changesApril-June 1989Some constituents ask the Governor to continue opposing a state income tax, while a majority ask him to give it serious consideration. O'Neill reaffirms his opposition to the income tax in a letter d
2640143CL-100Mags--State Income Tax #2 with Monagan ChangesMay-June 1989Constituents express their opposition to an increased sales tax, preferring a state income tax. O'Neill reaffirms his opposition to the income tax in a letter different from the ones sent previously.
2640143CL-101Mags--UConn Health Center Paramedic ProgramApril-May 1989Constituents oppose the UConn Health Center budget plan that will eliminate the Paramedic Program and lay off four fire fighters. After the Governor's office contacts UConn Health Center officials, t
2640143CL-102Mags--WIC (Women, Infants and Children) ProgramOctober 1989Individuals ask O'Neill to provide state funding to the WIC Program's supplemental nutrition project. The Governor will consider the request, but says he must be cognizant of all social service progr
2650143CL-103Mags--An Act Concerning ChlorofluorocarbonsJanuary-February 1990Memoranda from the Governor to all state agencies concerning P.A. 89-227, An Act Concerning Chlorofluorocarbons, and a provision that prohibits any state agency or institution from purchasing any new
2650143CL-104Mags--An Act Concerning . . . Medical CareMarch-June 1990A family member opposes cuts in funding for nursing homes which is where her mother resides. Several drafts of the Governor's letter inform constituents that the bill was not passed and explains the
2650143CL-105Mags--An Act Concerning the Repeal of Certain StatutesApril-May 1990Constituents urge the Governor to either sign or veto H.B. 5447, An Act Concerning the Repeal of Certain Statutes, which would repeal criminal statures against abortion. The Governor explains why he
2650143CL-106Mags--APRN [Advanced Practice Registered Nurse]February 1990A Nurse Practitioner asks the Governor to allocate funds to the Department of Health Services to implement a licensing program for APRNs allowing them to write prescriptions. Only one incoming letter
2650143CL-107Mags--Affordable HousingFebruary 1990The Governor invites individuals to help create a new Connecticut Housing Finance and Development Authority.
2650143CL-108Mags--AIDSNovember 1989-January 199A minister and a social service administrator ask the Governor to fund agencies that help AIDS victims. He assures them the housing for AIDS victims is a high priority of the Human Services Cabinet.
2650143CL-109Mags--Boot CampJanuary-February 1990Municipal leaders oppose the development of a boot camp on the grounds of the Cheshire Correctional Institution. O'Neill reminds them of the prison overcrowding crisis. This is part of the solution
2650143CL-110Mags--Bradley Airport - AmsterdamMarch 1990Drafts of the Governor's letter and a copy of Transportation Commissioner Burns' letter to Senators and Congressmen in Washington requesting their support for international service from Bradley Airpo
2650143CL-111Mags--BudgetJanuary-August 1990Various drafts of letters sent from the Governor to constituents and state legislators putting Connecticut's budget into context with other New England states. The Governor includes a statement about
2650143CL-112Mags--Bulkeley High SchoolMarch 1990Students complain about the polluted air in Hartford's Bulkeley High School. The Governor's response is not in the file.
2650143CL-113Mags--Burlington Fish HatcheryFebruary-March 1990Individuals express concern about the impact of a multifamily development on the Burlington Fish Hatchery. Governor refers concerns to Commissioner Carothers of the Department of Environmental Protec
2650143CL-114Mags--Care and ShareMarch 1990Drafts of the Governor's letter to volunteers and committee chairmen thanking them for making the fund drive successful.
2650143CL-115Mags--DCYS [Budget]January 1990Constituents plead with the Governor to not cut the Department of Children and Youth Services budget. The Governor assures them he will take their concerns into consideration.
2650143CL-116Mags--College FundingFebruary 1990A teacher and a student express their concerns about proposed cuts to the budget for higher education. The Governor responds with a description of his commitment to higher education.
2650143CL-117Mags--CHHCMay-June 1990Constituents write in support of the Facilities Renewal Project proposed for Yale-New Haven Hospital and which is undergoing review by the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. No response from th
2650143CL-118Mags--CONNSACSJanuary 1990Drafts of O'Neill's letter promising to take concerns into consideration sent to individuals objecting to budget cuts to the sexual assault service.
2650143CL-119Mags--Educational CutsDecember 1989-March 1990Faculty and students protest cuts to the community college and state university systems. Several drafts of the Governor's response affirm his commitment to higher education but admits priorities chan
2650143CL-120Mags--Education--Rehab[ilitation] ServicesDecember 1989-January 199Three learning disable individuals express concern about a projected budget shortfall that could reduce access to rehabilitative services. The Governor reports that funding has been found and the sho
2650143CL-121Mags--Elderly NutritionJanuary 1990Drafts of the Governor's response to constituents urging him to continue funding elderly nutrition programs. He said he would take their suggestions into consideration.
2650143CL-122Mags--Energy PricesJanuary 1990Copies of the Governor's response to complaints about rising energy costs. He informs constituents that he ordered a statewide investigation and requested a Congressional investigation.
2650143CL-123Mags--Fair WageDecember 1989-March 1990Employees of private health care providers under contract to the Department of Mental Health demand a fair wage, comparable to their peers working for the state government. The Governor outlines his a
2650143CL-124Mags--Gifted StudentsDecember 1989-January 199Constituents demand that programs for gifted students be included in the next budget. The Governor does not hold out much hope that funding will be restored.
2650143CL-125Mags--Gov[ernment] Management and EfficiencyJanuary-February 1990Individuals send their resumes and ask for a position with the Governor's Special Counsel for Government Management and Efficiency. Counsel Timothy Bannon replies that there are not plans to create o
2650143CL-126Mags--Gregan, RichardMarch-April 1990Individuals both defend and strongly criticize the actions of Canine Control Officer Richard Gregan in handling a animal abuse case. The Governor bucks the letters to Agriculture Commissioner Kenneth
2650143CL-127Mags--Hate BillMay 1990Letters in favor of and against the so-called Hate Crime Bill which would impose stronger sentences on individuals who assault people because of their race, religion, sexual preference, etc. The Gove
2650143CL-128Mags--Hazardous Waste Program1989 (found with 1990)One letter expressing the opinion that residents and industries should reduce and prevent hazardous waste problems instead of managing it afterward. The Governor explains the generation of hazardous
2650143CL-129Mags--Iroquois Nat[ural] Gas PipelineFebruary 1990Connecticut residents oppose the construction of a natural gas pipeline across the state. The Governor states his opposition and the conditions under which the pipeline could be built.
2650143CL-130Mags--Library Assoc[iation]December 1989-January 199Librarians and patrons appeal to the Governor for his support of the budget items identified as critical by the Connecticut Library Association. The Governor promises to take these concerns into cons
2650143CL-131Mags--Lifestar [sic] HelicopterDecember 1989-January 199Constituents ask the Governor to support Hartford Hospital's request for a second Life Star helicopter. He informs these individuals that the application will be reconsidered.
2650143CL-132Mags--Maneuver Prog[ram]April-May 1990Naugatuck Valley residents express their displeasure that a charity event, the Griffin Hospital Cow Maneuver, was cancelled because of a state regulation supervising charitable gaming. The Governor s
2650143CL-133Mags--Metro NorthDecember 1989-January 199Commuters on the New Haven Line write about their support or opposition to fare increases proposed by Metro North. The Governor states his opposition to the increase.
2650143CL-134Mags--MVD [Department of Motor Vehicles] Branch ClosingFebruary 1990Constituents object to proposed plans to close certain Department of Motor Vehicle branch offices, part of the study of the Management of State Government. The Governor suggests individuals write to
2650143CL-135Mags--Order of SelectionJanuary-March 1990Primarily drafts of Governor's response to constituents concerned about the possibility of an Order of Selection by the Division of Rehabilitative Services. One sample incoming letter is included. O
2650143CL-136Mags--Power Plant, Killingly1989-1990The Governor explains the process by which a permit was issues for a wood-fueled power plant in Killingly and includes the Siting Council's Findings of Fact, Opinion, and Decision and Order in the cas
2650143CL-137Mags--Pre-cast cells in prisonDecember 1989-January 199Drafts of the Governor's reply to opponents of using pre-cast cement cells in building prisons. He explains the dire need for prison expansion in the state.
2650143CL-138Mags--Prison OvercrowdingJanuary 1990Drafts of Governor's response to Cheshire residents who object to the development of a boot camp on the grounds of the Cheshire Correctional Center.
2650143CL-139Mags--Puppetry Program, UConnMarch-April 1990Constituents protest freezing the faculty position in puppetry at UConn's Theater Department. O'Neill explains how tight the budget is.
2650143CL-140Mags--Quinebaug ParkApril 1990Drafts of the Governor's response to residents of Quinebaug Park, an adult mobile home community concerning an increase in their rent. He bucks the letters to Consumer Protection. No constituent let
2650143CL-141Mags--Rental Ass[istance] ProgramFebruary-March 1990Individuals propose that one solution to homelessness and lack of affordable housing is to increase the appropriation for the Rental Assistance Program. The Governor states the fiscal situation precl
2650143CL-142Mags--Resource Recover, HaddamFebruary 1990Drafts of the Governor's letter to Haddam residents that the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority has addressed their concerns about the location of a resource recovery facility in their town. No
2650143CL-143Mags--Response Time [on] CorrespondenceMarch 1990Memorandum from Executive Aide David McQuade advising all Commissioners that requests from the Governor's office for a draft response should be completed in five working days.
2650143CL-144Mags--Rifle and Shotgun Waiting PeriodMay 1990One individual sends a copy of the same letter on three consecutive days to the Governor urging him to veto S.B. 305 that imposes a statewide waiting period on shotgun and rifle sales. No response fr
2650143CL-145Mags--Roe v WadeApril-May 1990Constituents express their opposition to abortion. The Governor responds that his religious views are against the practice but as a government leader he must uphold the law.
2650143CL-146Mags--Senior Citizens--MedicareMarch 1990A draft of the Governor's reply to individuals concerned about Medicare rate increases and benefit changes. He reports that he has asked Insurance Commission Peter F. Kelly to hold a public hearing. N
2650143CL-147Mags--Shaw (Gates) PropertyMarch 1990Constituents urge the Governor to support the state purchase of the Shaw property along the Farmington River. The Governor states he hopes to expedite the process.
2650143CL-148Mags--State Telecommunications Tower, WiltonJanuary-March 1990Wilton residents oppose a planned modification to the State Police telecommunications tower in their community. In reply, the Governor describes the hearing and decision-making processes of the Sitin
2650143CL-149Mags--SwansJanuary-February 1990One constituent letter opposes killing swans to control their population. Several drafts of the Governor's reply defends the Department of Environmental Protection's actions.
2650143CL-150Mags--UConn--BudgetNovember 1989-March 1990Students, parents and others oppose budget cuts proposed by the legislature. The Governor replies by describing all he has done for higher education.
2650143CL-151Mags--UConn--Food ServiceMarch-April 1990Food service employees are concerned about changes in their contract with UConn. The Governor states the contract is the responsibility of UConn's administration and then describes what he has done f
2650143CL-152Mags--UNC Naval ProductsApril 1990One constituent expresses concern about the economic and personal impact of the closing of a major employer like UNC. The Governor reports that the Departments of Economic Development and Labor are w
2650143CL-153Mags--Women, Infants and Children Food ProgramOctober 1989-January 1990Recipients and others oppose pending cuts to the WIC program. O'Neill states that he has no choice due to fiscal constraints although he understands the importance of the program.