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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Aging

Subseries ID: 001CL-0005

Subseries is: 001CL-0005
Folder is: Aging
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
008  0005CL-001  Aging  January-March 1981  Responsibilities and activities of the Ombudsman Office; Department on Aging response to federal audit; advocacy for the elderly; need to stop age discrimination; questions about tax relief programs f 
008  0005CL-002  Aging  April-May 1981  Concerns of the black aged; budget problems; complaints against nursing homes; need for home care; tax relief programs for elderly; complaint about Senior Center; Senior Center having problems with fo 
008  0005CL-003  Aging  June-December 1981  Elderly being abused by attorney; complaints about nursing homes; plan for emergency placement of protective services clients; questions about fuel assistance programs; funding for Eastern Connecticut 
008  0005CL-004  Aging--Adult Day Care  1981  Letters express need for continued funding of facilities and the need for Medicaid coverage. 
008  0005CL-005  Aging--Bi-weekly reports  1981   
008  0005CL-006  Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner  January-March 1981  Report on allegation of discrimination by Connecticut Community Care, Inc.; audit report and response; preliminary report on physically abused elders; nutrition program problems update; state policy o 
008  0005CL-007  Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner  April-December 1981  Report on impact of federal budget proposals on elderly; fiscal management and staffing problems; FY 1982 proposed funding formula. 
008  0005CL-008  Aging--White House Conference on Aging  January-February 1981  Recommendations for delegates (self or others); complaints about delegate choices. 
008  0005CL-009  Aging--White House Conference on Aging  March-December 1981  Recommendations for delegates (self or others); complaints about delegate choices; nomination for National Senior Citizens Award. 
009  0005CL-010  Aging  1982  Report on impact of federal budget cuts on programs affecting the elderly; complaints about services provided certain elderly individuals; Commissioner's letter writing campaign in support of the Seni 
009  0005CL-011  Aging  1983  Opening remarks by Mary Ellen Klinck, Commissioner on Aging, before the Appropriation Committee; question about protective legislation in the state for the elderly; development of the Governor's Confe 
009  0005CL-012  Aging  1984  Primarily letters concerning the financial situation of the Quinebaug Valley Senior Citizens Center; bi-weekly reports (3); report on Home Equity Conversion. 
009  0005CL-013  Aging  1985  Invitation to Abraham Ribicoff to speak; survey on crime and the elderly; information on reverse annuity mortgages; copy of The Elderly newspaper; lists of homes for the aged. 
009  0005CL-014  Aging--ConnPACE  1985  report of the Findings and Recommendations of the Task Force of Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly; synopsis of Task Force recommendations; text of the bill (PA 85-573) establishing program 
009  0005CL-015  Aging  January-May, 1986  reduced federal funds affecting nutrition programs; contract for food service for elderly; question about tax relief for elderly; question concerning eligibility for pharmaceutical assistance 
009  0005CL-016  Aging  July-December 1986  questions about pharmaceutical assistance; questions abut Medicare; concerns about elderly tax relief; suggestion to use surplus to help the elderly 
009  0005CL-017  Aging--Bi-weekly reports  1986   
009  0005CL-018  Aging--ConnPACE  1986  performance bond for contractor who will handle claims; legislation and regulations creating program; memoranda; cost estimates; quarterly report 
009  0005CL-019  Aging  January-March 1987  problems with Medicare coverage; questions regarding retired older workers; need help paying for prescription drugs, Governor explains ConnPACE; urge Governor's support for state funding of Health Scr 
010  0005CL-020  Aging  April-July 1987  questions about ConnPACE; need for senior housing; alleged ethics violations in the Department on Aging; explain transportation needs and problems; complaints about nursing homes; describe financial p 
010  0005CL-021  Aging  August-October 1987  need Governor's help in medical or housing crisis situation; questions about ConnPACE; children having problems finding placement for ailing parents; elderly relate transportation problems; questions 
010  0005CL-022  Aging  November-December 1987  questions about ConnPACE; concerns about high cost of housing and of living; petitions and letters to Governor to support elderly nutrition programs; complaint about delay in response to crisis by Pro 
010  0005CL-023  Aging--Bi-weekly reports  1987   
010  0005CL-024  Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner  1987  news release describing the Department's 1987 Needs Assessment Survey; response to questions in the Agency Budget Questionnaire 
010  0005CL-025  Aging  January-March 20, 1988  praise for and questions about ConnPACE; letters urging Governor's support of increased funding for Senior Centers; needs of Hispanic elderly need to be addressed; elderly explain financial and medica 
010  0005CL-026  Aging  March 21-May 1988  family needs help obtaining services for elderly relatives; complaints about nursing homes; complaints about independent living services; questions about independent living services; petition to have 
010  0005CL-027  Aging  June-October 1988  complaints about nursing homes; questions about ConnPACE; elderly relate their medical and financial problems; information sent to the Governor by commercial service providers [most letters bucked to 
010  0005CL-028  Aging  November-December 1988  petition urging Governor's support of elderly nutrition program; complaint about nursing home; series of designs for elderly housing units submitted to Governor and Department on Aging; individual con 
010  0005CL-029  Aging--Memos to/from Commissioner  1988  Data on state and federal dollars allocated to support adult day care; Advisory Council supports Department's budget options; summary report of the Governor's Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease; update 
011  0005CL-030  Aging--Bi-weekly reports  1988   
011  0005CL-031  Aging--Reports  1988  List of Connecticut senior centers; review of Amendments to the State Plan on Aging 
011  0005CL-032  Aging  January-May 1989  Questions and complaints about Medicare; letters urging financial support of the Meals on Wheels (elderly nutrition) program; elderly describing their medical and financial problems; praise for and qu 
011  0005CL-033  Aging  June-October 1989  complaints about increase in nursing home rates; Connecticut AARP's report on the fate of it's legislative priorities; questions about volunteer opportunities for senior citizens; allegations of abuse 
011  0005CL-034  Aging  November-December 1989  urge Governor's support of Elderly Nutrition Program; suggested legislation that would help the disabled 
011  0005CL-035  Aging--Personnel  1989  allegation of age discrimination against Public Industry Council. 
011  0005CL-036  Aging--Reports  1989  letter from Commissioner to Connecticut Congressional delegation stating concerns with P.L. 100-300, Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988; Conservatorship Task Force Report; response to audit re 
011  0005CL-037  Aging  January-May 1990  urge Governor to support elderly nutrition programs; AARP legislative agenda and Governor's response; questions and concerns about ConnPACE and other services for the elderly; complaint about care [mo 
011  0005CL-038  Aging  April-December 1990  elderly describe their medical and financial problems; pharmacist concerned about waste and abuse he sees in ConnPACE; petition to eliminate registration fee for courses offered by senior center; crit 
012  0005CL-039  Aging--Reports  1990  bi-weekly, ConnPACE quarterly report and Ombudsman annual report, including such topics as missing case files, nutrition programs, in-home care, and legislation that affects the elderly