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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Agriculture

Subseries ID: 001CL-0006

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
0120006CL-001Agriculture1981concern about cruelty to animals and animal testing; information and questions about the farmland preservation program in Connecticut; requests for soil samples; complaints about a fly infestation in
0120006CL-002Agriculture--Biweekly reports1981
0120006CL-003Agriculture--Memos to/from Commissioner1981report from the Agriculture Subcommittee of the Governor's Rural Development Council on preparation for a comprehensive Food and Agriculture Policy; report on legislation limiting the import of female
0120006CL-004Agriculture1982correspondence with staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture concerning subsidies, rural development, and food stamps; concern about the farmland preservation program; student reports findings from
0120006CL-005Agriculture--Kellogg Grant1982application to the W. K. K. Kellogg Foundation to develop a continuing program for rural leadership involving all six New England States, and a request for the Governor's support ; report of Kellogg G
0120006CL-006Agriculture1983the Humane Society of the U.S. requests a list of Connecticut laws that protect farm animals; report on farmland preservation; letter asking Governor to support agriculture; information on training da
0120006CL-007Agriculture--Biweekly reports1983
0120006CL-008Agriculture1984plans for UConn expansion affects farmland; concern for animals in shelters; future of agriculture discussed
0120006CL-009Agriculture--Reports and letters from Department1984fly infestation and state's response; plan for addressing avian influenza; regulations on intensive poultry farm inspections, legislation and proposed regulations for control of diseases such as avian
0120006CL-010Agriculture1985concern about the future of the state subsidized spay/neuter clinic in Bethany; how to dispose of deceased dog; thanks for increase in funding to agricultural fairs; Governor outlines his support of a
0120006CL-011Agriculture--Reports and memos1985progress on development of a Northeast Agricultural Policy; projected loss to nursery industry of export materials to Canadian markets; threat to the dairy support system; Senator Jesse Helms proposes
0130006CL-012Agriculture1986results of consumer survey on farm crisis; investigation of animal abuse; report on density of horses in the state; object to branding cows; object to Operation Dog Tag which involves canine officers
0130006CL-013Agriculture--Reports and memos1986bi-weekly reports; invitations to national and regional meetings about agriculture; progress reports on the Conn. Equestrian Center; Farm Bureau legislative agenda and results; audit of the Connecticu
0130006CL-014AgricultureJanuary-March 1987requests for information; Commissioner plans to apply for a grant from the Farmers Home Administration; report on the accomplishments of the Westport Shellfish Commission since jurisdiction question s
0130006CL-015AgricultureApril-May 1987school child asks for information on agriculture in Conn.; steps taken by state to protect bee population from insecticides; continued contention about jurisdiction of Westport clamming beds; question
0130006CL-016AgricultureJune-September 1987requests for information on state's farmland preservation program; concern for animals in pet shops; child seeks Governor's help in obtaining a Maine coon cat; Governor's remarks at the opening of the
0130006CL-017AgricultureOctober-December 1987urge Governor to support Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; praise for passage of Pet Shop Euthanasia Law; damage report on livestock killed by two dogs; concern about new Farmers Home Administration p
0130006CL-018Agriculture--Memos to/from Commissioner1987bi-weekly reports; request Governor to include a major new farm policy initiative in his budget address; report on the fly infestation; efforts to streamline Farmland Preservation application procedur
0130006CL-019AgricultureJanuary-February 1988information on the Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; opposition to press coverage of the livestock killed by dogs and the subsequent disposal of the dogs; strategic planning for the Department; wineri
0140006CL-020AgricultureMarch-May 1988brief report of the Governor's Council for the Development of Agricultural Industry; opposition to manner in which Canine Control unit handled the dogs that killed livestock; invitation to explore eco
0140006CL-021AgricultureJune-December 1988efforts to control salmonella in eggs; opposition to manner in which Canine Control unit handled the dogs that killed livestock; Commissioner urges Connecticut's Congressional delegation to support th
0140006CL-022AgricultureJanuary-August 1989American Farmland Trust congratulates state on its successful farmland preservation program; need to continue preserving farmland; opposes testing using animals; brief report of the Governor's Council
0140006CL-023AgricultureSeptember-December 1989information concerning the need for seafood safety inspections and how it would be funded; request for information on how the state regulates health of horses sold at auction
0140006CL-024Agriculture--Memos and letters to/from Commissioner1989information on salmonella infection in eggs; audit recommendations; administrative report; information on apple marketing
0140006CL-025AgricultureJanuary-May 1990alleged misuse of farmland preservation funds; complaints about Canine Control office; concern about drug contamination of milk; need to preserve and restore coastal lands; comments to federal Committ
0140006CL-026AgricultureJune-December 1990seafood inspection; notice of rabies moving toward the state; allegations that dogs from municipal pound are being sold to UConn Medical Center; concern about and request moratorium on sick horses bei
0140006CL-027Agriculture--Administrative Report1990
0140006CL-028Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1981description of the Station for the Governor; State of the Station address; minutes of the Board of Control
0140006CL-029Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1986reports and advisories concerning PCBs in honeybees, the state's response to Lyme disease, the Station's relationship with industry, and state's efforts to reduce pesticide contamination
0150006CL-030Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1987minutes of the Board of Control; report on public education about Lyme disease and state legislation concerning the ailment; proposed legislation to expand responsibilities of the Station
0150006CL-031Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1988minutes of the Board of Control; information on research areas addressed by the Station
0150006CL-032Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1989letters to the Governor concerning efforts to waive foreign residency requirement for a doctor working at the Station
0150006CL-033Agriculture--Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station1990minutes of the Board of Control
0150006CL-034Agriculture, U. S. Department of1981notice of resignation of State Conservationist and hiring replacement; notice of rejection of increase of dairy price supports by U.S. House; information on federal food and nutrition programs; propos
0150006CL-035Agriculture, U. S. Department of1982proposed legislation and regulations on food stamps, egg research; press releases from Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block; Gov. sends response to federal Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act;
0150006CL-036Agriculture, U. S. Department of1983proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements; state's comments about rules for Food Stamps eligibility; National Rural Development Strategy report; letters accompanyin
0150006CL-037Agriculture, U. S. Department of1984announcement of milk diversion program; areas in Connecticut named eligible for Farmers Home Administration emergency loan assistance for flood damage; state comments on proposed rule for Temporary E
0150006CL-038Agriculture, U. S. Department of1985letters accompanying reports; information about revisions to the Debt Adjustment Program for farmers; notices about awards, legislative proposals, developing plans to streamline the Department
0150006CL-039Agriculture, U. S. Department of1986request for comments on new rules and regulations; Gov. requests additional emergency food supplies (cheese); Gov. requests assistance from Department if avian influenza spreads; analysis of impact of
0150006CL-040Agriculture, U. S. Department of1987areas in Connecticut named eligible for Farmers Home Administration emergency loan assistance for hail damage; request comments on new rules for Food Stamps and the wild horse and burro policy; divers
0150006CL-041Agriculture, U. S. Department of1988Rural Development Strategy update; National Program for Soil and Water Conservation; letters accompanying reports; minutes of the Committee on Automated Flood Warning; proposed amendments to New Engla
0150006CL-042Agriculture, U. S. Department of1989grant proposal for the WIC/Farmers' Market program; proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements; federal legislation concerning food safety
0150006CL-043Agriculture, U. S. Department of1990proposed amendments to federal cranberry marketing agreement; proposed amendments to New England and Mid-Atlantic milk marketing agreements