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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Subseries ID: 001CL-0007

Subseries is: 001CL-0007
Folder is: Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
016  0007CL-001  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1981  legislation needed to reduce alcohol-related highway deaths; Connecticut Hispanic Addiction Commission minutes; concern about teenage addiction; information about Combined Hospitals Alcoholism Progra 
016  0007CL-002  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1982  concern about funding for education and treatment for teenage addiction; oppose closure of detox facility in New London; request for information about state's laws concerning controlled substances; r 
016  0007CL-003  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1983  support from state for addiction treatment centers; Vice President Bush announces new law enforcement effort to thwart drug smuggling; support for higher drinking age; concern from the commission abou 
016  0007CL-004  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1984  support for raising drinking age; President Reagan's National Strategy for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking 
016  0007CL-005  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1985  suggested solutions for alcoholism; support for and opposition to raising drinking age; Governor requests extension of federal alcohol treatment demonstration project; letter from commission about nee 
016  0007CL-006  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  1986  Governor's Initiative to Prevent Student Alcohol and Drug Abuse; student and individual suggestions for preventing abuse; proposed and passed federal legislation regarding abuse; regulations about pu 
016  0007CL-007  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Drinking Age  1986  young adults opposed to raising the drinking age; students request information from Governor about state's drunk driving laws 
016  0007CL-008  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from Director  1986  summary of the Governor's Conference on the Prevention of Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse; Alcohol & Drug Problems Association points out inconsistencies in President Reagan's drug policy; Governor 
016  0007CL-009  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  January-March 1987  Weston, Conn.'s drug education booklet; requests information on Governor's actions to reduce drug abuse; personal opinions about drug problem; students ask Governor to urge President Reagan to focus o 
016  0007CL-010  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  April-June 1987  former addict and alcoholic wish to volunteer to help others; companies, individuals and organizations market their educational programs; Governors send information on programs in their states; concer 
016  0007CL-011  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  July-December 1987  express need for methadone clinic in Willimantic and elsewhere; student wishes to discuss drug problem with Governor; federal legislation regarding drug abuse, testing, etc.; suggested patient rights; 
016  0007CL-012  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Biweekly reports  1987   
016  0007CL-013  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from Director  1987  application for block grant; director writes to Health Services to request Medicare and Medicaid continue to include substance abuse treatment coverage; director writes to Congressional delegation abo 
017  0007CL-014  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Funding APT Foundation  1987  clients, medical professionals and social workers urge Gov. and state representatives to return funding for vocational services by APT to the CADAC budget 
017  0007CL-015  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  January-June 1988  information on methadone drug treatment in Connecticut; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; presence of AIDS impacting drug treatment centers; alcoholic relates his prob 
017  0007CL-016  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  July-August 1988  substance abusers relate their problems; urge Gov. to fund more treatment programs; state needs comprehensive law enforcement strategy to stop drug dealing and use; individuals and companies market d 
017  0007CL-017  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  September-December 1988  individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; staff complain about lack of air conditioning; reports on drug programs in other states; parent seeks help for drug addicted son; 
017  0007CL-018  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]--Memos to/from commissioner  1988  information about methadone treatment; information and opinions on P.S. 85-579 which transfers substance abuse from the Department of Mental Health to CADAC; treatment agreement with Department of Chi 
017  0007CL-019  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  January-March 1989  suggestions for stopping drug abuse; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; urge Gov. to fund treatment centers; abusers relate problems and request help from Gov.; organi 
017  0007CL-020  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  April-August 1989  suggestions for stopping drug abuse; state's input for a national drug control strategy; individuals and companies market drug education programs or logos; parent seeks help for drug addicted child; G 
017  0007CL-021  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  September-October 1989  Gov.'s staff provides crisis intervention for substance abusers; parent seeks help for drug addicted child; suggestions for stopping drug abuse; individuals and companies market drug education progra 
018  0007CL-022  Alcohol [and Drug Abuse]  November-December 1989  mother writes in concern for her drug-taking son; need to stop drug dealers; companies and organizations market their services; staff helps provide crisis intervention; suggestions for preventing drun 
018  0007CL-023  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Drugs Don't Work  1989  meeting notices and updates concerning the Drugs Don't Work Governor's Partnership to Prevent Substance Abuse in the Workforce 
018  0007CL-024  Alcohol and Drug Abuse--Memos to/from Commissioner  1989  information on treatment and prevention services funded by the state; response to Gov's requested budget cuts; comments on proposed federal rules for interim methadone programs; study of fiscal impact 
018  0007CL-025  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission  January-April 1990  suggestions for resolving the drug problem; success of students' efforts to educate young people about drug abuse; information on the Save Our Streets program; students request information on drug a 
018  0007CL-026  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission  May-June 1990  student expresses concern about the drug problem and Gov. explains some of his actions; companies and individuals market abuse education programs; high school students argue for and against legalizing 
018  0007CL-027  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission  July-December 1990  Gov. announces continued funding for the Drug Enforcement Grant Program; suggestions for resolving substance abuse; state's Policy for a Drug-free Workplace; state is accused of victimizing Mothers Ag 
018  0007CL-028  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Drugs Don't Work  1990  meeting notices; by-laws revision; study of drug attitudes and use among Conn. Residents [the full title of this initiative is Drugs Don't Work: Governor's Partnership to Prevent Substance Abuse in th 
018  0007CL-029  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission--Grants  1990  auditors' report on and CADAC response to recommendations for improving grant distribution; reports to fiscal department on various grants; instructions for submitting federal grant proposals for mod 
018  0007CL-030  Alcohol & Drug Abuse Comm.--Memos to/from Commissioner  1990  sends report Student Substance Abuse in Connecticut; press release about the study with a list of CADAC substance abuse prevention initiatives; report on Cocaine: National and Connecticut Information;