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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Banking

Subseries ID: 001CL-0014

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
0240014CL-001Banking1981Complaints about banks; urge Governor to update banking regulations; suggests a state bank instead of federal; opposition to legislation changing how states regulate finance charges on consumer credit
0240014CL-002Banking--Biweekly reports1981
0240014CL-003Banking1982Complaints about banks; request information about mortgages; Commissioner Woolf's remarks to the Connecticut Bankers Association; question about charges on credit card; audit response; biweekly report
0240014CL-004Banking1983Massachusetts interstate banking laws; Commissioner receives information about an ethics issues; reorganization plan for Boston & Maine Corp.; Commissioner's approval of merger of New England Corp. wi
0250014CL-005Banking1984Information concerning regulation of tender offers and Federal legislation affecting state regulation of banks.
0250014CL-006Banking1985A report of fraud and a letter to members of the National Governors' Association regarding Federal legislation.
0250014CL-007Banking1986Complaints about how banks handle individuals' accounts; Commissioner Brown notifies Governor of accreditation of Department of Banking. Letters are bucked to the Department for response.
0250014CL-008Banking--Biweekly reports1986
0250014CL-009Banking1987Complaints about banks, investment companies and credit card companies, all bucked to the Department for reply. Also a letter praising the Department of Banking.
0250014CL-010Banking--Biweekly reports1987
0250014CL-011Banking1988Complaints concerning a security deposit not returned, late fees for credit cards, bank procedures, and trouble obtaining a loan. Letters are bucked to the Department for reply. Also includes letter
0250014CL-012Banking--Biweekly reports1988
0250014CL-013Banking1989Complaints concerning a security deposit not returned and bank procedures. Letters are bucked to the Department for reply. Also includes letters of praise for Department and staff.
0250014CL-014Banking--Biweekly reports1989
0250014CL-015Banking1990Information concerning the Truth in Lending Act; letters concerned about impact of bank mergers; information concerning Uniform Gifts to Minors Act; alleged illegal check-cashing scheme; concerns abou
0250014CL-016Banking--Biweekly reports1990