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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: children

Subseries ID: 001CL-0021

Subseries is: 001CL-0021
Folder is: children
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
028   0021CL-001  Children [DCYS]  January-June 1981  Recommendations of and volunteers for delegates to the White House Conference on Children and Youth; testimony delivered to the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee in support of reauthorizing the 
028  0021CL-002  Children [DCYS]  July-December 1981  Inquiries regarding the state conference on children and youth; copy of the Hague Convention International Child Abduction Treaty; concern for treatment of foster children; allegations of mismanagemen 
028  0021CL-003  Children [DCYS]--Bi-weekly Reports  1981   
028  0021CL-004  Children [DCYS]--Memos to/from Commissioner  198  Application for Connecticut's White House Conference on Children and Youth; phase out of Non-Committed Treatment Program due to court decisions; Child Welfare grant application; blank survey on child 
028  0021CL-005  [Children] DCYS  January-May 1982  Complaint about food at Housatonic Adolescent Hospital; report on the Connecticut White House Conference on Children and Youth; trouble adopting nephew; parent requests return of children; responses t 
028  0021CL-006  [Children] DCYS  July-December 1982  Praise for Jobs for Connecticut Youth program; concern about the New Federalism program from Washington and its impact on families and children; and Governor's response about his opposition and that o 
028  0021CL-007  [Children] DCYS  1983  Concerns about refugee orphans; questions about denials of license for Amistad House and of a request to expand the Wilderness School; Deputy Commissioner Wheaton objects to capping of essential servi 
028  0021CL-008  [Children] DCYS  1984  Child Support Enforcement Program Reform Proposals before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; concern about possible closing of Litchfield Youth Emergency Shelter; information about police background c 
029  0021CL-009  [Children] DCYS--Missing children  1984  Letters and petitions in support of the creation of a Missing and Exploited Children Unit. 
029  0021CL-010  [Children] DCYS--Rockville Office  1984  Letters and petitions supporting the Rockville Office staff who received severe discipline for their handling a case; newspaper articles about the case. Governor responds that he cannot intervene. 
029  0021CL-011  [Children] Child and Family Services  1985  Allegations of child abuse; request by Hispanic Community Newsletter for state funding; letters in support of funding for private residential child care facilities; urge Governor to support DCYS budge 
029  0021CL-012  [Children]--Missing children  1985  Letters and petitions in support of the creation of a Missing and Exploited Children Unit. 
029  0021CL-013  Children and Youth Services  1986  Parents for Enforcement of Court Ordered Support comments on the report of the Commission on Child Support Enforcement; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study on the national incidence of 
029  0021CL-014  Children and Youth Services--Day Care  1986  Support Governor's request for better salaries for day care workers; allegation that state is ignoring its service grant obligations to municipalities; notice of hearing to revoke day care license. 
029  0021CL-015  [Children] DCYS  January-March 1987  Complaint about adoption process; proposed national study of child abuse and neglect; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services demands return of grant funds due to poor review and Connecticut DCYS 
029  0021CL-016  [Children] DCYS  April-July 1987  Governor describes the Missing Children Unit within the Department of Public Safety to the First Lady of Texas; problems of teen pregnancy; parent needs help finding missing child; parent needs day ca 
029  0021CL-017  [Children] DCYS  August-October 1987  Request Governor to review child abuse case; grant application to the Youth 2000 initiative; Governor informs U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that Conn. will not apply for a grant to prom 
029  0021CL-018  [Children] DCYS  November-December 1987  Budget problems at Founder's School; General Assembly's Commission on Children supports Governor's budgetary efforts in regards to children and families; problems getting medical bills paid for foster 
029  0021CL-019  [Children] DCYS--Child Support  1987  Request for state guidelines; requests Governor to help make her husband pay support; suggestions for improving child support laws. 
029  0021CL-020  [Children] DCYS  January-April 1988  Teacher reports at-risk students in her district; problems of runaway children; parent wants child returned; parent does not want her child to be adopted; questions about custody of children; protest 
029  0021CL-021  [Children] DCYS  May-July 1988  Alleged abuse of inmates by Long Lane staff and staff at the Uno House in New Haven; private organization frustrated at not receiving funding for its Unaccompanied Minors program (refugee orphans); al 
030  0021CL-022  [Children] DCYS  August-September 1988  Governor's intervention requested in child abuse case; service provider having financial problems and requests Governor's assistance; concern for welfare of child; allegations of child abuse; requests 
030  0021CL-023  [Children] DCYS  October-December 1988  Information about grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; information about the Governor's Task Force on Justice of Abused Children; parent objects to child's placement at Long Lane School; state s 
030  0021CL-024  [Children] DCYS--Child Support  1988  Problems receiving or meeting support payments; complaint about the inequality of the support system. 
030  0021CL-025  [Children] DCYS  January-March 1989  Grandparents object to grandchildren being placed under state care instead of with them; views and concerns of the Connecticut State Advisory Council on Children and Youth Services; need to screen ado 
030  0021CL-026  [Children] DCYS  April-June 1989  Urge Governor to support full funding for DCYS; DCYS did not submit a plan for children's mental health services need to apply for federal grant; allegations of child abuse; parent requests placement 
030  0021CL-027  [Children] DCYS  July-August 1989  Governor thanks members of the Task Force on Justice for Abused Children; urge Governor to support full funding for DCYS; application for federal grant funds; response to audit report; allegations of 
030  0021CL-028  [Children] DCYS  September-October 1989  Request for independent commission to study Connecticut adoption law and policy particularly concerning privacy of records; criticism of procedures used in divorce case; discussion about whether state 
030  0021CL-029  [Children] DCYS  November-December 1989  Concern about custody of children; request for access to child abuse registry, and denial of that access; object to removal of foster child; question why grandparents were not given custody of grandch 
031  0021CL-030  [Children] DCYS--Child Support  February-December 1989  Problems receiving or meeting support payments; problem getting support amount increased. 
031  0021CL-031  [Children] DCYS--Child Support  October 1989  Woman in Vietnam asks Governor to obtain child support payments from her husband who lives in Bridgeport; problems receiving support payments; petition supporting the prompt and adequate payment of co 
031  0021CL-032  [Children] DCYS  January-February 1990  Parent needs placement for mentally ill child; blank survey form; objection to closing of Linwood Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Services; allegations of child abuse; urge Governor to support fu 
031  0021CL-033  [Children] DCYS  March 1990  Request for information on DCYS accreditation process; parent needs placement for child; allegations of children at risk; emergency shelters needed for children in Fairfield County, but Commissioner s 
031  0021CL-034  [Children] DCYS  April-June 1990  Governor's support for replacement of Beacon House sought; concern about child abuse and suggestions for prosecuting offenders; mother wants child returned; allegations of child abuse; DCYS response i 
031  0021CL-035  [Children] DCYS  July-December 1990  Requests for Governor's help with custody disputes; criticism of DCYS; criticism of changes within the department that are not going through channels; praise for work of Marian Wright Edelman, preside 
031  0021CL-036  [Children] DCYS--Child Support  1990  Problems receiving or meeting support payments; Family Division of the Superior Court reports on status of claims; request for Governor to clear son of paternity suit; concern about state intervention 
031  0021CL-037  [Children] DCYS--[Memos to/from Commissioner]  January-July 1990  DCYS designates delegate to Governor's Conference on Library and Information Services; audit reports and responses; press release describing reaction of legislative leaders to the suit against DCYS; d 
031  0021CL-038  [Children] DCYS--[Memos to/from Commissioner]  August-December 1990  Administrative report; audit reports and responses; DCYS Child Welfare Services Plan for 1990-1992.