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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Civil Preparedness

Subseries ID: 001CL-0023

Subseries is: 001CL-0023
Folder is: Civil Preparedness
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
032  0023CL-001  Civil Preparedness  1981  Description of desirable elements of a public alerting system in the 10-mile area around a nuclear power station; Frank Mancuso designated as Governor's authorized agent in matters concerning FEMA (Fe 
032  0023CL-002  Civil Preparedness--Memos to/from Director  1981  Information and updates about emergency procedures and plans; report on state water shortage; analysis of radiological emergency exercises in New Jersey and Delaware; information about state legislati 
032  0023CL-003  Civil Preparedness  1982  Memos concerning need for improvements to the Communications Center; Governor invites commissioners to public hearing concerning the State Radiological Emergency Response Plan; evaluation of emergency 
032  0023CL-004  Civil Preparedness  1983  Information about the re-entry of a Soviet satellite; information concerning radiological emergency response exercises and plans; internal notification system in case of natural disasters or storms; D 
032  0023CL-005  Civil Preparedness  1984  Question about and information on the status of civil defense in Connecticut; communication equipment needed in an emergency; revised emergency operations plan; information about the Governor's emerge 
032  0023CL-006  Civil Preparedness--FEMA  1984  Correspondence from the Federal Emergency Management Agency concerning the National Flood Insurance Program, grant programs available, the declaration of six Connecticut counties as disaster areas, an 
032  0023CL-007  Civil Preparedness  1985  Report on emergency exercise at Millstone Nuclear Power Plant; company selling simulation training systems; information about FEMA funding; additions to the State Emergency Operations Plan. 
032  0023CL-008  Civil Preparedness  1986  Proposal for a New England Seismic Advisory Council; Haddam Neck nuclear emergency exercise objectives; information about National Flood Insurance; monthly reports; revised basic emergency management 
032  0023CL-009  Civil Preparedness  1987  Monthly reports; Governor questions Congressional delegation about FEMA reimbursements; rule change by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission concerning licensing nuclear power stations; personnel recruit 
032   0023CL-010  Civil Preparedness  1988  Monthly reports; changes to the Emergency Operations Plan, Crisis Relocation; town objects to cuts in emergency management funding from the state; personnel recruitment issues; general notice of agenc