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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Comptroller

Subseries ID: 001CL-0029

Subseries is: 001CL-0029
Folder is: Comptroller
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
033   0029CL-001  Comptroller  1981  Questions about why retirement benefits have been delayed; request for refund of contribution made to State Employees Retirement System. 
033   0029CL-002  Comptroller--Memos to/from Comptroller  1981  Financial statements; report on General Fund for FY 1980-1981; asks Governor for permission to establish an enterprise fund; audit response. 
033   0029CL-003  Comptroller  1982  Audit response; questions about why retirement benefit and elderly renters tax relief checks have been delayed; questions about retirement benefits; proposal to select minority banks to handle state m 
033   0029CL-004  Comptroller  1983  Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; financial statements. 
033   0029CL-005  Comptroller  1985  Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; Governor requests and receives explanation of accounting procedures used with the State Employees Retirement Fund; information reg 
033   0029CL-006  Comptroller  1986  Information regarding Social Security referenda and agreements; financial statements; annual report. 
033   0029CL-007  Comptroller  1987  Complaints about late payments from state for contracted services and for interest on state government bonds; Comptroller asks Governor for permission to establish a special fund; questions and compla 
034   0029CL-008  Comptroller--Financial statements  1987   
034  0029CL-009  Comptroller  1988  Audit reports and responses; information about set-aside programs for small and minority businesses; questions and complaints about state retirement benefits; notice about union dues increase; complai 
034  0029CL-010  Comptroller--Financial Statements  1988   
034  0029CL-011  Comptroller  1989  Complaint about late payments by state for contracted services; questions and complaints about state retirement benefits; report to Governor on overpayment of benefits; information about the Tax Refor 
034  0029CL-012  Comptroller--Financial Statements  1989   
034  0029CL-013  Comptroller  1990  Questions about state retirement benefits; Governor approves transfer of funds; complaints about and problems with state employee benefits; audit report. 
034  0029CL-014  Comptroller--Financial Statements  1990