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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: congregate housing

Subseries ID: 001CL-0030

Subseries is: 001CL-0030
Folder is: congregate housing
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
034  0030CL-001  Congregate Housing--Truglia  1978-1981  Early attempts by Truglia and others to pass legislation providing rent subsidies to seniors and for bonding to build congregate housing facilities; history of the legislation; correspondence from Ant 
034  0030CL-002  Congregate Housing--S.A. 80-51  1980-1981  Discussions about implementation of the bill; cost estimates for personal services; decision not to implement; statement by the Committee for Justice for the Senior Citizens and Taxpayers of the State 
034  0030CL-003  [Congregate Housing]--Park Manor  March-June 1981  Joan Fitzpatrick requests Governor to investigate why S.A. 80-51 has not been implemented and asks his support in passing a new bill regarding congregate housing and rent subsidies. 
034  0030CL-004  [Congregate Housing]--Park Manor  July-December 1981  Joan Fitzpatrick requests Governor investigate why S.A. 80-51 has not been implemented; allegations of mismanagement; reports on Park Manor and Smith House and the respective allegations. 
034  0030CL-005  [Congregate Housing]--Park Manor  1982  History of the Willard School project and City of Stamford's request for an extension.