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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Consumer Counsel

Subseries ID: 001CL-0033

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
0350033CL-001Consumer Counsel1981Biweekly reports; Counsel opposes Congress' attempt to eradicate states' right to regulate cable television; constituent opposes flat rate structure for electricity.
0350033CL-002Consumer Counsel1982Biweekly report; letter of recommendation.
0350033CL-003Consumer Counsel1983Biweekly reports; budget request.
0350033CL-004Consumer Counsel1986Information about review of water usage rates in Kent; biweekly reports.
0350033CL-005Consumer Counsel1987Connecticut's efforts to pass along to consumers savings from the Tax Reform Act of 1986; problem with Southern New England Telephone (SNET); information concerning a joint investigation into the adeq
0350033CL-006Consumer Counsel--Biweekly reports1987
0350033CL-007Consumer Counsel1988Person cannot pay bills and needs assistance; endorsement of National Governor's Association telecommunications policy; biweekly report; complaints about inability to receive Madison Square Garden Net
0350033CL-008Consumer Counsel1989Complaints about inability to receive Madison Square Garden Network cable programs from Cablevision and the resulting legal complaint filed with the Department of Public Utility Control; annual report
0350033CL-009Consumer Counsel--Biweekly reports1989
0350033CL-010Consumer Counsel1990Request for limited exception to telephone area transfer; complaints about electric service and rates; complaints about service from and rates charged by cable television companies; complaint about sy
0350033CL-011Consumer Counsel--Biweekly and annual reports1990