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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: economic development

Subseries ID: 001CL-0044

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0480044CL-001Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1981Requests for tourist and tourism information; issue of Connecticut Business Review dedicated to Ella Grasso; information concerning and owners request for state help with the displacement; and relocat
0480044CL-002Economic DevelopmentMarch 1981Suggestions for state tourism slogan; thank you notes from guests and from the Governor for a luncheon at General Electric to introduce business leaders to O'Neill; request for Governor to investigate
0490044CL-003Economic DevelopmentApril-May 1981Governor requests reconsideration of U.S. Department of Commerce's rejection of a proposal to develop an Economic Development District for Eastern Connecticut, and a copy of the proposal; thanks to Go
0490044CL-004Economic DevelopmentJune-August 1981State Tax Revenue Act of 1981 may force business to leave state; Portland concerned about Conrail withdrawing from certain lines; suggestions for attracting business to the state; provisions state wil
0490044CL-005Economic DevelopmentSeptember-December 1981Concerns about the IRS ruling reverses present policy of Connecticut Development Authority to combine small industrial expansion loans; Governor requests Senator Dodd's assistance in resolving the con
0490044CL-006Economic Development--European Trip1981Invitation to Governor visit company considering expanding to Connecticut, while he is in West Germany; offer of assistance in expanding international trade; French company interested in building a ma
0490044CL-007Economic Development--Taiwan & China1981President of Asnuntuck Community College requests meeting with Governor to discuss possible visit to Taiwan; notice of opening of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China's office in Ne
0490044CL-008Economic DevelopmentJanuary-April 1982Japanese company exploring expanding into United States; invitation to Governor to attend a Commercial Forum in the Hague; U.S. Ambassador to Denmark offers to assist Connecticut's European Office in
0490044CL-009Economic DevelopmentMay 1982Southington residents concerned about plans for chemical plant in town; why aren't there more jobs in Connecticut?; information about closing the Seth Thomas facility in Thomaston, including state inc
0490044CL-010Economic DevelopmentJune-August 1982information about Boston & Maine Railroad acquisition of Torrington-Waterbury rail line from Conrail; New Haven expresses interest in Enterprise Zone projects; companies protest the increasing costs o
0490044CL-011Economic DevelopmentSeptember-December 1982Concern about loss of manufacturing jobs in Connecticut; requests for tourist information; request for housing information; New England Governors' Conference appointed to administer Small Business Exp
0490044CL-012Economic Development--Bridgeport Enterprise Zone1982Letters endorsing Bridgeport's Enterprise Zone application.
0490044CL-013Economic Development--One of Our Own1982Fact sheet and draft letter for campaign that had Governor write to 155 of the fast-growing companies in the state followed by visits from agents from the Department to assess each company's needs an
0490044CL-014Economic Development1983Report of actions being taken by Japan to make trade with U.S. easier; Governor explains budget proposal for venture capital financing program to assist high-technology firms; invitations to internati
0490044CL-015Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1983Reports on department reorganization; Commissioner opposes passage of H.B. 7290, a bill to divest state investments in companies providing military products to Northern Ireland; invitation to announce
0490044CL-016Economic Development1984Draft of letter from Governor to be send to 15 new companies that have growth potential; states cooperate to defeat proposed rules on export licenses for high technology products; Governor compares Rh
0500044CL-017Economic Devel[opment]1985Department needs Governor's help to encourage firm to purchase Connecticut business; concern about labor dispute at Century Brass which threatens entire company; Commissioner outlines steps state shou
0500044CL-018Economic DevelopmentJanuary-March 1986Agency seeks Connecticut businesses desiring European licenses; description of trade friction between U.S. and Korea; small businesses have strongest influence on Enterprise Zones; Japanese Consul Gen
0500044CL-019Economic DevelopmentApril-July 1986Insufficient water pressure forcing businesses to close; Jamaica interested in trading with U.S.; sister-statehood between Connecticut and Xiangdong (Shangdong) Province in China could harm relations
0500044CL-020Economic DevelopmentAugust-December 1986Korean businessman offers consulting services; invitations to participate in TRADEXPO; state awards Derby funds to repair infrastructure damaged during an explosion; invitation to an American Fair in
0500044CL-021Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1986Grant award; response to audit report; annual report.
0500044CL-022Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1987Request for tourist information; economic development and foreign trade consultants sell their services; invitation for state to join the U.S.-Korean Society; company opposes plant closing legislation
0500044CL-023Economic DevelopmentMarch 1987Background information for a meeting of the Technology Advisory Committee; company exploring possibility of moving to Connecticut; Report of the Task Force to Study State Regulation of Small Business
0500044CL-024Economic DevelopmentApril 1987Concern about future of customs offices in Connecticut; requests for business and tourism information; letters of support for a National Center for Manufacturing Sciences in Connecticut; Japan's plan
0500044CL-025Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1987Requests for business and tourism information; Governor plans to visit Xiangdong (Shangdong) Province in China; company asks to be included in trip to China; letters of support for a National Center f
0500044CL-026Economic DevelopmentJuly-August 1987Second phase of selecting state to host the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences is underway; requests for business and tourism information; company exploring expanding business into Connecticut
0500044CL-027Economic DevelopmentSeptember 1987The Museum of Fife and Drum requests state assistance; requests for business and tourism information; Department describes development activities in Bridgeport and Fairfield; business proposes develo
0510044CL-028Economic DevelopmentOctober 1987Inventor seeks manufacturer for product; seeking employment with the state; businesses and consultants selling their services; Canadian Consul General wishes to discuss Free Trade Agreement with Gover
0510044CL-029Economic DevelopmentNovember 1987Companies hoping to benefit from Governor's trip to Asia ask for results or thank him for his work; criticism of Connecticut Building at Big E; Middletown no longer eligible for Urban Development Acti
0510044CL-030Economic DevelopmentDecember 1987Companies offer to help state develop trade with China; Rhode Island sends economic development plan; request state to take over the Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum; programs to assist women in busin
0510044CL-031Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1988History of state's efforts to develop trade with China; request for business and tourist information; bridge closing affecting business, so owner applying for loan; criticism of ClassiConnecticut adve
0510044CL-032Economic DevelopmentMarch-April 1988Governor to introduce legislation authorizing creation of a business growth fund and increasing business loans; request for business and tourist information; urge Governor to support Connecticut Film
0510044CL-033Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1988Venture capital company's projects in Connecticut; companies seeks assistance from state; company announces its plans to move to state; problems attaining license for overseas trade; problems with Sma
0510044CL-034Economic DevelopmentJuly 1988Greenwich marketing campaign to attract businesses; suggestion for tourism campaign; business promotes its accomplishments; company asks for financial assistance from state to produce film; invitation
0510044CL-035Economic DevelopmentAugust-September 1988Companies ask for financial assistance from state to produce film/video; company wants to help Connecticut firms make business connections with China; requests for business and tourist information; co
0510044CL-036Economic DevelopmentOctober-December 1988Marketing companies and consultants sell services to state; Canadian company planning to move manufacturing operations to Connecticut; federal reports on trade; seeking assistance to start own busines
0520044CL-037Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1989Industrial council concerned for manufacturing in the state and critical of Governor's policy; company interested in relocating; notice of firm closing; economic development threatens environment; inv
0520044CL-038Economic DevelopmentMarch 1989U.S. Small Business Administration planning conference for women-owned businesses; proposal for educational/business complex in Plainfield; Industrial council concerned for manufacturing in the state
0520044CL-039Economic DevelopmentApril 1989Praise for and interest in the Governor's Conference on Innovation; company complains about the high cost of manufacturing in the state; man seeks funds to start his own business; announcement of busi
0520044CL-040Economic DevelopmentMay-June 1989Wadsworth Atheneum requests Governor support for bond request; request for business information; Connecticut company receives federal technical assistance funds and another applies; company requests s
0520044CL-041Economic DevelopmentJuly-August 1989Letters supporting state financial assistance for the NAACP Hartford Small Business Incubator; invitation to participate in exposition in Japan; company announces staff reductions; Connecticut firms g
0520044CL-042Economic DevelopmentSeptember 1989Questions why Danbury is considered one of safest cities in which to live; seeking employment in international trade; suggest an indexed capital gains tax; company concerned about legislation in U.S.
0520044CL-043Economic DevelopmentOctober 1989Seeking employment with state; concern about proposed takeover of B.A.T. Industries; requests for business and tourist information; company announces closing; distributor to Japanese markets selling s
0520044CL-044Economic DevelopmentNovember 1989Invitation to international trade show; thank you to Governor for visiting the Bank of Ireland during his trip to Europe; marketing consultant selling services; request for business and tourist inform
0520044CL-045Economic DevelopmentDecember 1989Student suggests ways to market Connecticut to tourists; request for business information; international trade consultants selling services; business threatened by death of owner; Governor responds to
0530044CL-046Economic DevelopmentJanuary-February 1990Minutes of the Connecticut-Israel Exchange Commission; concern about foreign firms buying U.S. industries; invitation to Governor visit city while he is in Germany; correspondence from the U.S. Trade
0530044CL-047Economic DevelopmentMarch 1990Proposal to open factory near prison; warn Governor to diversify the state's economy; correspondence from the U.S. Trade Representative about foreign trade negotiations; requests for business informat
0530044CL-048Economic DevelopmentApril 1990Requests for business information; business owners seek state or federal funds; announcement of layoffs; Governor explains why Volvo Tennis Tournament is coming to Connecticut.
0530044CL-049Economic DevelopmentMay 1990Company selling services; Governor congratulates schools on participating in Odyssey of the Mind World Finals; survey on trade promotion programs; Air Jamaica seeks to provide service to Bradley; Chin
0530044CL-050Economic DevelopmentJune-July 1990State needs to assist small businesses with expenses; constituent proposes new economic development theme for the state; Governor requested to develop international investment policies; concerns abou
0530044CL-051Economic DevelopmentAugust-December 1990Peace Messenger Cities Conference; requests for business and tourist information; information on state rural development councils; business announces closing; grant awards to Connecticut businesses; c
0530044CL-052Economic Development--Eastern Europe1990Governor invites business leaders and educators/academics to join him on his trip to Eastern Europe.
0530044CL-053Economic Development--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Annual report of Small Business Advisory Council; report on implementation and results of Job Incentive Grant Program; press releases from Connecticut Innovations, Inc.; U.S. Department of Energy gran
0540044CL-054Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1982Announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; census data will be available for determining Enterprise Zones; Governor protests closing of Bridgeport Customs District; information on the Export Tradin
0540044CL-055Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1983Announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; information on the Export Trading Company Act; information about Department's activities and programs; applications for federal funds.
0540044CL-056Economic Development--U.S. Department of Commerce1984Information about Research and Development Limited Partnerships; announcements of grant awards to Connecticut; Governor reports possible dumping of acrylic sheet from Taiwan that adversely affects Con
0540044CL-057[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1985Information about Industry Consultation Program for Trade Policy Matters; announcements of grant awards to Connecticut.
0540044CL-058[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1988Report: Benefits of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement for Connecticut; federal program to increase exports; rule changes; study of state technology extension services.
054 0044CL-059[Economic Development]--U.S. Department of Commerce1989Rules changes; Interstate Commerce Commission decision on application; petition of bus company to have Interstate Commerce Commission review Connecticut Department of Transportation decision; Conrail'
054 0044CL-060[Economic Development]--U.S. Dep[artmen]t of Comm[erce]1990Request for governors' advice on free trade negotiations with Canada; announcement of the opening of the Eastern Europe Business Information Center.