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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: education

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054 0045CL-001EducationJanuary-February 1981Agenda and minutes of the Connecticut State Board of Education; request reinstatement of professor; seeking employment; constituent opposes withdrawal from the New England Higher Education Compact; Ma
054 0045CL-002EducationMarch-May 1981Creation of the Council on Education for Employment; concern about state and federal student loan programs under Reagan's budget; concerns about campus safety; concerns and questions about veterinary
054 0045CL-003EducationJune-September 1981Opposition to the Guaranteed Tax Base (GTB) equalization formula; problems with and questions about the Teachers' Retirement Board; protest light discipline for the GTB error; Governor describes his C
054 0045CL-004EducationOctober-December 1981Governor supports Department of Education grant proposal to the Clark Foundation; suggest course requirements for secondary school students; concern about funding for state and federal student loan pr
054 0045CL-005Education--GTB Error1981Town representatives, including government officials, school administrators and legislators, express outrage at error that drastically reduced grant funding for education. Governor sends standard resp
054 0045CL-006Education--[Memos to/from] Commissioner1981Update on the Connecticut Master Plan for Vocational, Career and Adult Education; supports Governor's efforts to expand independent living opportunities for the disabled; closing East Hampton schools
054 0045CL-007Education--[State] Aid to Disadvantaged Children1981Objections to State Board of Education's proposal to incorporate State Aid to Disadvantaged Children grant funds into the Guaranteed Tax Base grant.
055 0045CL-008EducationJanuary-March 1982Governor comments on Education Commission of the States' role in the federal budget process; Greater Hartford Building and Construction Trades Council Rehabilitation and Training Corp. wants to be inv
055 0045CL-009EducationApril-September 1982Concerns about impact of federal budget cuts on funding for student financial aid; urge Governor to support full education budget; school boards oppose proposed federal legislation giving tuition tax
055 0045CL-010EducationOctober 1982Higher Education budget requests; parent alleges physical abuse of child by teacher; question about Teachers' Retirement Board; constituents express opinions on education in general; state comments on
055 0045CL-011EducationNovember-December 1982Problem with student loan; President of the Greater New Haven State Technical College shares his concerns about job retention and job creation; school administrators and boards urge Governor to retain
055 0045CL-012Education1983Governor describes state's high technology initiative; state comments about proposed federal rules changes; question about the Connecticut Scholastic Achievement Grant Program; Governor thanks institu
055 0045CL-013Education--Memos to/from [Commissioner]1983Reasons why regulations are delayed; question whether State Board of Education has the authority to alter grant payments from the amounts specified in the special acts authorizing the grants; Acting C
055 0045CL-014Education1984Local Board of Education requests full funding of the GTB grant program; actions taken by State Board of Education at last meeting; unemployed teacher criticizes Governor's proposal to offer grants to
0550045CL-015Education1985Constituents express opinions on education in general; Governor describes new education programs; constituent supports Governor's public education funding proposal; question about appointments to the
0550045CL-016Education1986Constituents express opinions on education in general; proposal for education program on Native American Culture; questions about teachers' retirement benefits; alleged illegal residence on Schaghtico
0550045CL-017EducationJanuary-April 6, 1987Suggestion for funding physical education programs; concern about teachers' retirement benefits; teacher claims Educational Enhancement is not working in his town; students ask Governor questions abou
0560045CL-018EducationApril 8-July 1987Committee on Training and Employment 's application for a federal Family Life Demonstration grant; petition urging Governor to defeat a proposed English Only bill; individual seeking employment; alleg
0560045CL-019EducationAugust-December 1987Announcement of Soviet Union-U.S. youth fitness exchange; questions about teachers' retirement benefits; individual seeking employment; concern about new financial plan for Division of Rehabilitation
0560045CL-020EducationJanuary-February 1988Conflict with local school board over bus pick-up location; claims that free public education is unfair; constituent objects to commercial billboards displayed in school hallways (includes photographs
0560045CL-021EducationMarch 1988School systems support increased funding for Regional Educational Service Centers; constituents express opinions on education in general; minutes of a General Assembly Education Committee meeting; con
0560045CL-022EducationApril 1988Individual offers his program on the Appalachian Trail to the schools; lists of 1988 Presidential Scholarship semifinalists; parent concerned about her son's teacher who displays witches in the room.
0560045CL-023EducationMay-June 1988Student at a Catholic school asks Governor to direct the school to provide sex education; personnel issues; Governor describes state's efforts to recruit minority teachers for the vocational-technical
0560045CL-024EducationJuly-August 1988Concern about lack of federal funding for magnet school Follow Through program; report on intern at Governor's office; constituents express opinions on education in general; report on Connecticut care
0560045CL-025EducationSeptember-October 1988Urge Governor not to reduce educational funding during budget cuts; minutes of Board of Directors meeting of Literacy Volunteers of America-Connecticut; company selling decals and bumper stickers for
0560045CL-026EducationNovember 1988Response to audit report; individual requests status of Social Security disability application; Governor describes services for blind and hearing impaired.
0560045CL-027EducationDecember 1988Bridgeport receives Annie E. Casey Foundation Innovation Grant to coordinate efforts to reduce drop-out rate, prevent teenage pregnancy and reduce joblessness; vocational student alleges harassment bu
0560045CL-028Education--Asbestos1988U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes new regulations for asbestos removal, suggestions for implementation, and offers technical assistance; Connecticut statutes as they relate to the Asbesto
0570045CL-029Education--Elementary Education Recognition Program1988Letters from Governor to school principals congratulating them on being selected by the U.S. Department of Education's recognition program.
0570045CL-030Education--Memos and reports to/from Commissioner1988Report on racial/ethnic equity and desegregation in Connecticut schools; collective bargaining contract with vocational teachers; National Education Association report; annual report of Department of
057 0045CL-031EducationJanuary-February 1989Invitation for Marilynn Cruz-Aponte to attend Hispanic Student Conference; parent alleges Hartford school system misuses funds for special education; Regional Vocational Technical School teachers have
057 0045CL-032EducationMarch 1989Responses to audit reports; correspondence about and report on study How to Integrate Children with Disabilities into Neighborhood Public Schools by the Connecticut Developmental Disabilities Council;
057 0045CL-033EducationApril-August 1989Status of proposed construction of an educational institute by the Capitol Region Education Council; responses to audit reports; constituents urge Governor to retain education budget at current levels
057 0045CL-034EducationSeptember 1989Declaratory ruling regarding the scope of bargaining over time of location of continuing education units (CEUs); memoranda concerning vocational programs; press release announcing Governors new Health
057 0045CL-035EducationOctober-November 1989Responses to audit reports; minutes of a meeting of the Institute for Community Research's Board of Directors; client does not meet criteria for rehabilitation services; question concerning student lo
057 0045CL-036EducationDecember 1989School Building Project Priority List for 1989-90; Congresswoman from Rhode Island reports to Marilynn Cruz-Aponte on education issues passed in Congress.
057 0045CL-037EducationJanuary-February 1990Tashua School, Trumbull, nominated for National Elementary School Recognition program; responses to audit reports; Governor to co-sponsor the 5th New England Conference on School Issues; Mississippi G
058 0045CL-038EducationMarch-April 1990Constituents urge state funding of non-public schools; concerns about campus safety; Governor supports New Haven application to RJR Nabisco for education reform funds; constituents opposed to budget c
058 0045CL-039EducationMay-August 1990Governor congratulates Connecticut winners of the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Awards and the Minority Graduate Fellowship award; constituents oppose Governor's education cost-shari
058 0045CL-040EducationNovember-December 1990Chairman of State Board of Education sends Governor best wishes as he leaves office; responses to audit reports concerning community and technical colleges; children from McDonough School in Hartford
058 0045CL-041Education--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Response to audit report; annual report of child nutrition programs; annual report of the Department of Education; report on Quality and Integrated Education (racial balance).
058 0045CL-042[Education]--Board of Education and Services to the Blind1981Correspondence from director William Patton to the Department of Environmental Protection concerning access to the handicapped area at Harkness State Park.
058 0045CL-043Education--[Board of Education and Services to the] Blind1986Long-range plan for Board.
058 0045CL-044[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the Blind1987Board resolution opposing proposed changes to its function and structure; questions about stipends for guide dog users; family in crisis caring for blind and handicapped child; information about probl
058 0045CL-045[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJanuary-June 1988Board defends its college support program; responses to article in Hartford Courant that was critical of the Board; second critical article in Courant and Board's response; clients complain about Voca
058 0045CL-046[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJuly-December 1988Clients complain about Vocational Rehabilitation Services being unresponsive; free radio programming provided for reading impaired persons by Connecticut Radio Information Service; letters praising wo
058 0045CL-047[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindJanuary-July 1989Statistics on blindness in Connecticut; clients complain about treatment by Board and its unresponsiveness; urge Governor to support budget for the Connecticut Institute for the Blind; press release a
058 0045CL-048[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindAugust-September 1989Annual report; client continues to criticize Board for lack of response; recommendation for new executive director of the Board; letters from clients pleased with services of the Board; list of priori
059 0045CL-049[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the BlindOctober-December 1989Personnel issues; report of infestation at lunchroom run by blind; clients continue to criticize Board for lack of response.
059 0045CL-050[Education--Board of Education and] Services to the Blind1990Constituents object to budget cuts; employees complain about inequities in personnel policies between the Board and the Department of Rehabilitative Services; Connecticut Institute for the Blind's dir
059 0045CL-051Education--[Board] of Higher Education1981Press release about enrollment totals at higher education institutions; Governor notifies the U.S. Department of Education of the state's intention to participate in federal programs; concern about lo
059 0045CL-052Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Contract Students1981Form letters urging Governor to increase grant funding for Contracted Students with Independent Colleges.
059 0045CL-053Education--[Board] of Higher Education1982Governor thanks DeRoy Thomas for chairing the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and the Economy; charges against Mohegan Community College's nursing program; University of New Have
059 0045CL-054Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Reorganization1982Letters oppose passage of Senate Bill 620 (passed as P.A. 218) that restructures higher education; letters oppose closing University of Connecticut branches to provide more tax money to private insti
059 0045CL-055Education--[Board] of Higher Education--Waterbury1982Letters oppose S.B. 620 that could close the Waterbury branch of the University of Connecticut.
059 0045CL-056Education--Community [Technical] Colleges1982Waterbury State Technical College students petition Governor for funds to upgrade computer equipment for data technology facility; President of Technical College urges Governor to provide more funding
059 0045CL-057Education--Community Colleges1983Housatonic Community College seeks downtown Bridgeport site; constituent questions motives of the Mohegan Community College displaced homemakers' program Technical Aides for Southeastern Connecticut.
059 0045CL-058Education--Higher EducationJanuary-June 1981Parking is security issue at Central Connecticut State College; students complain about massive cuts in Southern Connecticut State College's budget necessitating faculty layoffs and reduced programs;
059 0045CL-059Education--Higher EducationJuly-December 1981Concerns about permanent location for Norwalk Community College; thanks to Governor for help in expediting sale of Annhurst College to Data General Corp.; Board of Trustees of State Colleges are assig
059 0045CL-060Education--Higher Education1982Concerns about permanent location for Norwalk Community College; urge Governor to increase budget for community colleges; students concerned about ability to pay tuition; parent concerned about safet
059 0045CL-061Education--Higher Education1984Students concerned about rumored closure of Housatonic Community College; concern about tuition increases; athletic facility needed at Southern Connecticut State University; concerns about permanent l
059 0045CL-062Education--Higher Education1985Parent concerned that proposed tax cuts mean reduced funding for higher education; support for community college system; urge Governor to support Stamford branch of Norwalk Community College; concern
060 0045CL-063Education--Higher Education1986Constituent questions why lottery funds no longer restricted to education; discrimination law suit; question concerning continuing education and evening programs in nursing.
060 0045CL-064Education--Higher Education1987Alleged discrimination in admissions procedures; Governor designates TRIO day in Connecticut; request for information about non-traditional college programs in the state; response to audit report; NAA
060 0045CL-065Education--Higher EducationJanuary-June 1988Constituents concerned about licensing of New Hampshire College of New Haven and Commissioner Glasgow explains the decision to deny license; interest in training Egyptian students in engineering at Ha
060 0045CL-066Education--Higher EducationAugust-December 1988Annual report of the Board for State Academic Awards; annual report of the Board of Governors for Higher Education; request information on financial aid; responses to audit reports; annual report of t
060 0045CL-067[Education]--Higher EducationJanuary-May 1989Students ask for assistance gaining admission to UConn Law School; responses to audit reports; lecturer protests his dismissal; urge Governor to continue to support higher education; charges of discri
060 0045CL-068[Education]--Higher EducationJune-December 1989Responses to audit reports; annual report of the Connecticut Community College System; request Governor's assistance gaining admission to UConn Law School; trouble encountered when trying to enroll in
060 0045CL-069[Education]--Higher Education1990Response to audit report; annual report for the David T. Chase Free Enterprise Institute at Eastern Connecticut State University; grant proposal to the Education Commission for the States for funding
060 0045CL-070[Education]--Teachers' Retirement Board1988Retired teachers demand better access to health insurance; annual report of the Board.
060 0045CL-071[Education]--Teachers' Retirement [Board]1989Annual report of the Board; teacher appeals Board's decision to Governor.
060 0045CL-072[Education]--Teachers' Retirement [Board]1990Question why the early retirement incentive offered state employees is not offered to teachers; annual report of the Board.
060 0045CL-073Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]January-May 1981Concern about tenure system at UConn; staff seeking to aid minority student admission into UConn Medical School; allegation that university not meeting needs of disabled students; constituent requests
060 0045CL-074Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]June-October 1981Students protest increased rental rates for apartments at the University; Director of Branford House accuses University of not supporting development of the center; collective bargaining negotiations;
061 0045CL-075Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]November-December 1981Collective bargaining negotiations; parents and medical centers protest reduction in hours for Poison Center Hotline, which Governor states will resume 24-hour coverage shortly; complaint about lack o
061 0045CL-076Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]January-May 1982Urge Governor to support funding for the Institute of Water Resources; oppose hazardous waste incinerator on the Storrs campus; Connecticut may step in if the federal government denies graduate studen
061 0045CL-077Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]June-December 1982Urge Governor to support full funding for the University; constituent concerned about decline of School of Agriculture; protest increase in out-of-state tuition; annual report of the Multipurpose Arth
061 0045CL-078[Education--University of Connecticut]--Branford House1982Urge Governor to help preserve Branford House (on the Avery Point Campus in Groton); suggest Branford House be put on the National Register of Historic Places; Governor accused of opposing nomination;
061 0045CL-079[Education--University of Connecticut]--Draft Registration1983Oppose President DiBiaggio's position that financial aid will be given to students who do not register with Selective Service; DiBiaggio's statement of his position.
061 0045CL-080Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1984Allegations of animal care violations and Governor reports that issues were resolved long ago; Disabled Students Organization complains to U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights; prote
061 0045CL-081Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1985Concern about campus parking; students complain about quality of engineering and mathematics programs; parent complains about physical plant; protests of proposed closing of Torrington Branch.
061 0045CL-082Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1986President John Casteen reports on possible joint programs with the University of Rouen in France; concern about pollution from the University landfill; procedure being developed to monitor faculty and
061 0045CL-083Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1987Governor describes preservation of Branford House; alumna urges Governor to fund new sports center at Storrs campus; protest lack of funding for program at the Health Center; state representatives exp
061 0045CL-084Education--U[niversity of] Conn[ecticut]1988Audit report.
061 0045CL-085[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1984State education statistics; grant award notice; information on adult literacy programs; information about the Presidential Academic Fitness Award program.
061 0045CL-086[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1985Information about grants for Client Assistance programs; Office for Civil Rights findings on the complaint by the Disabled Student Organization; list of Connecticut schools that won the Secondary Scho
061 0045CL-087[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1986Connecticut Bilingual Vocational Technical Training Project receives and award for excellence; Governor's letter of support for a grant proposal by the Connecticut Division of Rehabilitation Services.
061 0045CL-088[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1988State Assurances for Client Assistance Program grant applications.
061 0045CL-089[Education]--U. S. Department of Education1990Final report of the National Commission on Drug-Free Schools.
061 0045CL-090[Education]--Vocational Education1987Audit reports; Governor explains contract negotiations for vocational technical teachers; Manchester Vocational Education Advisory Committee expresses concern regarding de-emphasis on vocational educa
061 0045CL-091[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation1981Constituent claims disabled person should have been name Director of the Division; complaints by clients about their treatment by the Division. [Complaints bucked to Division for response.]
061 0045CL-092[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation1982Disabled veterans seek training assistance; complaints about clients' treatment by Division.
061 0045CL-093[Education--Vocational Rehabilitation]--Client Assistance1984Information about implementing Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1984 and the requirement for each state to establish a Client Assistance Program by October 1, 1984; House of Representatives' Conferenc
061 0045CL-094[Education]--Vocational RehabilitationJanuary 1989Annual report of the Independent Living Council.
0620045CL-095[Education]--Vocational RehabilitationFebruary-October 1989South Central Rehabilitation Corp. requests assistance of Barbara Gordon in obtaining Letter of Award for funding; client and agency experiencing trouble finding him employment; problem obtaining van
0620045CL-096[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation Services1990Parents and clients object to the Order of Selection policy proposed by the agency in an attempt to cover its budget shortfall; request for increased funding for agency; brother needs help obtaining s
0620045CL-097[Education]--Vocational Rehabilitation Services--Client File1990Treatment records, psychological assessments, release records and correspondence, dating 1977-1988, related to one individual client of the agency.
0620045CL-098[Education]--Vocational Technical Schools1982Bonding request for Sikorsky Satellite for Platt Technical School is on the Commission's agenda; parent requests Governor's assistance in obtaining son's admission to technical school; concerns about