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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Environmental Protection

Subseries ID: 001CL-0049

Subseries is: 001CL-0049
Folder is: Environmental Protection
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063  0049CL-001  Environmental Protection  January 1981  Fishermen's' Association requests better weather forecasting for New England fishing grounds; opposition to Litter Control and Recycling Act of 1978 from businessman; operating data report for Millsto 
063  0049CL-002  Environmental Protection  February 1981  PCB contamination of Housatonic River needs to be addressed; legislative agenda of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association; Sierra Club's comments on the Clean Air Act; US Department of Agricultur 
063  0049CL-003  Environmental Protection  March 1981  Report from Army Corps of Engineers; suggestion for conserving water; opposition to leg-hold trap; information about the drought in the Northeast; hearings conducted for Pfizer Inc.'s application to b 
063  0049CL-004  Environmental Protection  April 1981  National Response Team requests state involvement in revising its National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan to meet regulations in federal Superfund legislation; legal action ta 
063  0049CL-005  Environmental Protection  May 1981  Questions about fishing in state reservoirs; propose state publication on minerals; Connecticut Outdoor Recreation Action Program; object to arrest for fishing in restricted area. [Most letters bucked 
063  0049CL-006  Environmental Protection  June 1-15, 1981  Governor concerned about federal funding cuts of grants for water pollution control; protest fee to use State Park; New England River Basins Commission position statement regarding acid rain; industry 
063  0049CL-007  Environmental Protection  June 16-30, 1981  Information concerning Connecticut's petition against the Long Island Lighting Company; states move to reestablish state authority to control foreign processing operations; review of Coast Guard plans 
063  0049CL-008  Environmental Protection  July 1981  Complaint about noise from nearby plant; complaints about condition of state parks; opposition to leg-hold traps; residents protest closing of some state parks; call for multi-state gypsy moth control 
063  0049CL-009  Environmental Protection  August-September 1981  Need to protect farm land; individual wants to develop aquaculture site; request that camp sites be reserved for bicyclists; question why state is not spraying to control gypsy moth; town complains ab 
063  0049CL-010  Environmental Protection  October 1981  Protest deer hunting laws; concern about air emissions from the Upjohn Company plant; Governor writes to Senator Dodd in support of his legislation addressing the problem of interstate air pollution; 
064  0049CL-011  Environmental Protection  November-December 1981  Conflict over access to state lands; concern about release of PCBs at the incinerator in Middletown; information about the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission; Governor of Virginia John D. 
064  0049CL-012  Environmental Protection--Biweekly Reports  1981   
064  0049CL-013  Environmental Protection--Bottle Bill  1981  Requests for assessment of bill's effectiveness; constituents express opinions for and against bill that requires deposits on beverage containers; complaint about elimination of the Employee Dislocati 
064  0049CL-014  Environmental Protection--CRRA  1981  Protest lack of competitive bidding for refuse transportation; quarterly report of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority; concern for safety at transfer station in Darien; status report on the 
064  0049CL-015  Environmental Protection--Connecticut River Assembly  1981  Assessment of federal budget cuts on Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency; Municipal Interview Summary for Capitol Region communities; notices of meetings; minutes; standards for use and 
064  0049CL-016  Environmental Protection--Farmington River tunnel  1981  Letters in opposition to the plans to build a tunnel to divert water from the Farmington River to Barkhamstead Reservoir; request to postpone referendum on tunnel pending an environmental study. 
064  0049CL-017  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  January 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage. 
064  0049CL-018  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  February 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage; letter from Greenwich First Selectman 
064  0049CL-019  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  March-May 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage. 
064   0049CL-020  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  June-July 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage. 
064   0049CL-021  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  August-September 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage. 
065   0049CL-022  Environmental Protection--Greenwich Water  October-November 1981  Connecticut-American Water Company reports on water supply and demand in Greenwich and company's efforts to meet demand; newspaper articles about water shortage. 
065   0049CL-023  Environmental Protection--Harkness Memorial [State Park]  1981  Opposition to changing park entrance back to the original one that passed Camp Harkness (for the handicapped); support for reopening old entrance; news articles; maps. 
065   0049CL-024  Environmental Protection--Long Island Sound Study  1981  Army Corps of Engineers' environmental impact statements concerning disposal of dredged material in Long Island Sound. 
065   0049CL-025  Environmental Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner  1981  Notice of Saugatuck Boat Ramp going before Bond Commission; proposal to use unallocated balance from Bond funds to build forest access roads; opposition to construction of mall in Waterford; concern a 
065   0049CL-026  Environmental Protection--New Haven Harbor Dredging  1981  Feasibility report on dredging project from Army Corps of Engineers; concern about impact of dredging on the oyster industry. 
065   0049CL-027  Environmental Protection--PCBs  1981  Oppose PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) storage facility on Naugatuck River; oppose burning of PCBs by Northeast Utilities; information on birth defects caused by PCBs; state requests exemption from th 
065   0049CL-028  Environmental Protection--Windham Landfill  1981  Oppose landfill on Shetucket River in Windham; Governor congratulates municipal officials on the opening of the Windham Energy Recovery Facility. 
065   0049CL-029  Environmental Protection  1982  Concern about water quality in Coventry; Commissioner outlines steps the Department will take in developing the Radiological Emergency Response Plan; state response to proposed revision to federal reg 
065   0049CL-030  Environmental Protection  February-May 1983  Protest draining pond without prior notification; state agencies surveyed in development of a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan; report on flooding in New Haven following June 5-6, 1982 storm; notice of pu 
065   0049CL-031  Environmental Protection  June-July 1983  Concern about delay in repairing two dams in Westbrook area; constituent protests restricted access to Fort Griswold State Park; complaint about shortage of camp sites in the state; landowners oppose 
065   0049CL-032  Environmental Protection  August-September 1983  State asked to answer questionnaire concerning activities addressing groundwater contamination; urge Governor to protect the North American Black Duck; oppose construction of boat launch at Patchaug P 
065   0049CL-033  Environmental Protection  October-December 1983  Background information on state actions regarding urea formaldehyde foam insulation; final decision on water diversion application; concern about proposed budget cuts to the New England seismic networ 
065   0049CL-034  Environmental Protection--Hancock [Brook Rifle Range]  1983  Letters in support of and opposition to construction of shooting range in Plymouth. 
065   0049CL-035  Environmental Protection  January-March 1984  Company president protests fine imposed for not registering a boiler; request for state funds to complete Birchwood Gardens Flood Control Project; complaints of odors from water treatment facility at 
066  0049CL-036  Environmental Protection  April-May 1984  Information about Connecticut's bottle bill; conflict regarding budgets of Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Motor Vehicles; Congressman Stewart B. McKinney trying to establish 
066  0049CL-037  Environmental Protection  June-July 1984  Protest continuing pollution from Raymark Corp. of Stratford; oppose application by ITT to discharge arsenic; concern about sewage treatment plant discharges into Long Island Sound; minimum stream flo 
066  0049CL-038  Environmental Protection  August-September 1984  Flooding in Portland needs immediate response; complaint of odor from landfill site; owner of manufacturing company opposes regulations that allow citizens to cite industrial dischargers; concern abou 
066  0049CL-039  Environmental Protection  October-December 1984  Governor requests municipalities participate in developing a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan; lack of dam repairs threatens Lake Williams in Lebanon; protest construction of a regional septage lagoon in 
066  0049CL-040  Environmental Protection--Biweekly Reports  1984   
066  0049CL-041  Environmental Protection--Ethylene Dibromide  1984  Pillsbury Company supports government regulations banning use of EDB (a fumigant for grain crops and also used in leaded gas) in grain-based foods and describes its precautions; Governor explains stat 
066  0049CL-042  Environmental Protection--Flooding  1984  Oppose construction of dam in South Windsor to prevent flooding, Governor explains necessity of dam; Army Corps of Engineers report on New England flood control activities; town of Cromwell thanks Gov 
066  0049CL-043  Environmental Protection--Gallup Farm  1984  Opposition and support for proposed exchange of forest land for state-owned farm fields. The original owner of the farm is requesting the swap. 
066  0049CL-044  Environmental Protection--Hancock Brook Firing Range  1984  Opposition and support of Governor's decision to halt development of firing range. 
066  0049CL-045  Environmental Protection  January-March 1985  Urge Governor to support Department's request for funds to reimburse municipalities for Land and Water Conservation Fund projects; urge preservation of Bluff Point Coastal Reserve; flying club wants p 
066  0049CL-046  Environmental Protection  April-May 1985  Governor writes to Connecticut's Congressional delegation expressing his strong support for continued funding of the state portion of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and urging their support; con 
066  0049CL-047  Environmental Protection  June-July 1985  Oppose logging at state parks; odor problems at Elm City Cheese Company; information concerning the Governor's Pesticide Task Force; students urge Governor to protect animals; urge creation of a Marin 
066  0049CL-048  Environmental Protection  August-September 1985  Request Governor to investigate decisions by the Granby Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission; oppose construction of boat dock at Gillette Castle State Park; proposed federal land exchange will 
066  0049CL-049  Environmental Protection  October-December 1985  Company protests penalty imposed by Department; complaint about air pollution from wood smoke; support budget for Bluff Point Coastal Reserve and Park management plan; petition opposing cuts in fundin 
067  0049CL-050  Environmental Protection--Ethylene Dibromide  1985  Resident opposes construction of sewer system to resolve ethylene dibromide (EDB) contamination of water in Somersville; town of Somers' ethylene dibromide study and recommendations. 
067  0049CL-051  Environmental Protection  January-March 1986  Dry cleaning industry opposed to proposed program to control hazardous air pollutants; praise for game wardens; oppose leg-hold traps; suggest using Civilian Conservation Corps to help state preserve 
067   0049CL-052  Environmental Protection  April 1986  Petition and letter against leg-hold traps; Governor asks Congressional delegation to oppose FEMA raising flood insurance rates; concern about boaters safety along state's coast; petition opposing duc 
067   0049CL-053  Environmental Protection  May 1986  Labor department reports findings of a study on the feasibility of establishing a program for training women to perform work associated with constructing sewerage systems; students ask Governor to pro 
067   0049CL-054  Environmental Protection  June-July 1986  Residents want state to spray for gypsy moth; seniors protest fee for Charter Oak Pass; company requests Governor's support for its cogeneration project; company protests civil penalty issued by Depar 
067   0049CL-055  Environmental Protection  August-September 1986  Resident wants state to spray for gypsy moth; concern about development in Simsbury that could adversely affect inland wetlands; oppose construction of a company for reasons of potential pollution; to 
067   0049CL-056  Environmental Protection  October-November 1986  Request Governor to extend the seaward boundary of Connecticut; concern for integrity of local dams and the bodies of water they retain; oppose sale of land by Ansonia-Derby Water Company; concern abo 
067   0049CL-057  Environmental Protection  December 1986  Individual wants to start rail service to Middletown when Conrail ceases its service; proposal for combating Lyme disease; company protests changes to air pollution regulations; protest long-term leas 
067   0049CL-058  Environmental Protection  January 1987  Summary of findings of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Task Force; protest long-term lease of bird sanctuary to Connecticut Audubon Society; environmental group requests input in selection of next Com 
068   0049CL-059  Environmental Protection  February 1-11, 1987  Protest closing of Remington Gun Club; Connecticut Solid Waste Management Advisory Council statement of support for Department's draft recycling plan; request state to expedite bond issue for state to 
068   0049CL-060  Environmental Protection  February 16-28, 1987  Department's finding that Department of Transportation must dredge a tidal lake due to damages caused by the removal of the Greenwich toll booth; protest closing of Remington Gun Club; suggestion to m 
068   0049CL-061  Environmental Protection  March 1-15, 1987  Information concerning the Regional Response Team that responds to environmental emergencies; Governor describes legislation concerning the state's regional recycling program; protest closing of Remin 
068   0049CL-062  Environmental Protection  March 16-31, 1987  Final report on hazard mitigation implementation measures taken by Department; boundary line agreement between state and private citizen; praise Governor's support of non-wildlife management; oppose l 
068   0049CL-063  Environmental Protection  April 1-9, 1987  Protest closing of Remington Gun Club; bequest of tidal marsh land to the state; students ask Governor's opinion of nuclear waste; protest relocating fishers to the state; East Windsor residents conce 
068   0049CL-064  Environmental Protection  April 10-20, 1987  Petition and letters protesting closing of Remington Gun Club; residents angry about odor from their municipal solid waste disposal area; petition opposing leg-hold trap; allegations of illegal activi 
068   0049CL-065  Environmental Protection  April 21-30, 1987  Connecticut River Assembly's position on developing Middletown's waterfront; urge Governor to support findings of the Open Space Task Force and create a fund for purchasing open space; environmental i 
068   0049CL-066  Environmental Protection  May 1-14, 1987  League of Women Voters request funding for a management plan for the Quinebaug River Basin; request Governor purchase more shoreline lands for state use; urge Governor to support Department's budget; 
068   0049CL-067  Environmental Protection  May 14-31, 1987  Town selectmen pass a resolution urging the Governor to appoint a task force to study disposal of solid waste and he responds by describing activities already done or in planning; company claims Depar 
069   0049CL-068  Environmental Protection  June1-9, 1987  Minutes of the Northwest Interstate Compact Committee meeting; appeal to Governor to study Department to make recommendations for reorganization and a separate Department of Natural Resources; safety 
069   0049CL-069  Environmental Protection  June 10-19, 1987  Suggest state create an Adirondack Park to preserve open space; oppose leg-hold trap; fee for use of boat launches by non-residents is too high; Governor requests 75% of funds from the federal Clean W 
069   0049CL-070  Environmental Protection  June 20-30, 1987  Citizens Advisory Committee for the Long Island Sound Study offering series of workshops-cruises; U.S. Department of Energy provides updated plan for the disposal of the nation's commercial and defens 
069   0049CL-071  Environmental Protection  July 1-7, 1987  Concern about settling controversy surrounding Lake Williams and the Gilman Brothers-owned dam in Lebanon; New York City Mayor Edward Koch asks for Governor's cooperation in nominating shared waterway 
069   0049CL-072  Environmental Protection  July 8-19, 1987  Protest houses built in salt water tidal marsh; concern for safe drinking water; swimmer's safety threatened by boat lane near Sound View Beach and Department needs to address; complaint of odors at S 
069   0049CL-073  Environmental Protection  July 20-30, 1987  Fire chiefs assert need to include them in implementing the Emergency Planning and Right-to-Know section of the Superfund Act; swimmer's safety threatened by boat lane near Sound View Beach and Depart 
069   0049CL-074  Environmental Protection  August 1-13, 1987  Complaints about conditions and services at state parks; petitions and letters opposing construction of trash-to-energy plant in Middletown; criticize Department's handling of Lake Williams issue; con 
069   0049CL-075  Environmental Protection  August 14-31, 1987  Governor responds to Senator Tom Daschle about the use of alcohol fuels; students oppose use of drag gill net for catching fish; large boats and jet skis threaten Candlewood Lake; Power Squadrons fear 
069   0049CL-076  Environmental Protection  September 1-9, 1987  Question about need for and motives of the Connecticut Public Interest Research Groups; article by the Nature Conservancy; reports on Raymark Corporation's history of pollution and on the findings of 
070   0049CL-077  Environmental Protection  September 10-21, 1987  Question about Bakers Cove status for recreational shell fishing; complaint of odors from nearby factories; proposal to develop a national archival center for data pertaining to tires as solid waste; 
070   0049CL-078  Environmental Protection  September 22-29, 1987  Campaign to ban cans of Spectracide insect control; Department of the Interior report on Payments in Lieu of Taxes; report on drowning at Lake Besek; oppose killing mute swans to control population; c 
070   0049CL-079  Environmental Protection  October 2-6, 1987  Concern for boating safety; city of Norwich requests permit to dredge the Yantic River; urge Governor to save dolphins from pollution; Center for Clean Air Policy's report on acid rain; state senator 
070   0049CL-080  Environmental Protection  October 7-15, 1987  Urge Governor to support nomination of the Farmington River as a Wild and Scenic River; concern about damage to Patchaug Pond during construction of boat ramp; concern about chemical hazardous waste 
070   0049CL-081  Environmental Protection  October 16-31, 1987  Request postponement of boat ramp at Patchaug Pond; request Department stock Housatonic River with rainbow trout; Governor describes benefit of a bottle deposit program; oppose purchasing power from H 
070   0049CL-082  Environmental Protection  November 1-18, 1987  Analysis of the proposed Governor's Environmental Achievement Awards; suggest a license for boaters; deed to clarify boundary between state and private land; progress report on state's recycling prog 
070   0049CL-083  Environmental Protection  November 19-30, 1987  Concerns about nuclear power plant safety; report of damaged dam; oppose leg-hold trap; state representative request additional funds in the budget for providing grants to improve the water quality o 
070   0049CL-084  Environmental Protection  December 1-14, 1987  Connecticut General Assembly's Solid Waste Recycling Advisory Council supports U.S.E.P.A. proposed rule to establish minimum content standards for paper; press releases from Connecticut Hazardous Wast 
070   0049CL-085  Environmental Protection  December 15-22, 1987  Legislative agenda of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association; New York State licensing law could have adverse effect on Connecticut in-shore commercial fishermen and Governor expresses his concer 
071   0049CL-086  Environmental Protection  December 23-31, 1987  Host Siting Plan to be submitted to the Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission; state representative thanks Governor for responding to his report on New York State licensing law c 
071   0049CL-087  Environmental Protection--Applications  1987  Notices of applications to divert water under the Connecticut Water Diversion Policy Act. 
071   0049CL-088  Environmental Protection  January 1-20, 1988  Complaint about Department's handling of a case; petitions opposing nuclear power and requesting phase-out of nuclear power plants in the state; Council of State Governments to highlight Connecticut's 
071   0049CL-089  Environmental Protection  January 21-31, 1987  Notice of workshops to discuss recycling municipal solid waste; students write to the Governor expressing their concerns for the preservation of Long Island Sound, he responds with actions taken by th 
071   0049CL-090  Environmental Protection  February 1-17, 1988  Progress reports on the state's recycling program; report of violation of water diversion law; request additional funds to preserve Long Island Sound; praise for program of purchasing open space; conc 
071   0049CL-091  Environmental Protection  February 18-29, 1988  Complaint about lack of power from nuclear plants during recent cold spell; Army Corps of Engineers status report of the New Haven Harbor Navigation Improvement Project; town wants state funds to buil 
071   0049CL-092  Environmental Protection  March 1-14, 1988  Suggestions for better handling of correspondence by the Department; concern about disposition of former Remington Gun Club property, suggest state purchase; students express concern about depleting o 
071   0049CL-093  Environmental Protection  March 15-17, 1988  USEPA and other federal agencies' statements on the proposed relocation of Route 6; permit process is slow due to lack of staff in Department; Commissioner Carother's statement on progress in implemen 
071   0049CL-094  Environmental Protection  March 18-31, 1988  Support for open space program; concern about disposition of former Remington Gun Club property; oppose tire-burning facility in Sterling; notice of amendment of regulations concerning the state's man 
072   0049CL-095  Environmental Protection  April 4-18, 1988  Concern about deer/vehicle collisions; continued campaign against cans of Spectracide; need more state parks; information about Arbor Day; information about the environmental benefits of foam cups; G 
072   0049CL-096  Environmental Protection  April 19-27, 1988  Update report from Army Corps of Engineers; request for information about regulations concerning renewable energy; update on state recycling program; oppose sewer easement through Larkin State Bridle 
072   0049CL-097  Environmental Protection  May 1988  Student expresses concern that balloons kill wildlife; oppose expansion of hazardous waste processing facility; student expresses concern for ozone depletion; student has questions about the new state 
072   0049CL-098  Environmental Protection  June 1988  Concern about danger to wildlife from a balloon release; Governor designates August 7-13, 1988, as Civilian Conservation Corps Week in Connecticut; complaint about condition of state parks; support fo 
072   0049CL-099  Environmental Protection  July 1-22, 1988  Oppose sewer easement through Larkin State Bridle Trail, Governor provides state's position; Rhode Island Governor DiPrete presents resolution calling for immediate cessation of ocean dumping; Texaco 
072   0049CL-100  Environmental Protection  July 23-30, 1988  Congressman proposes a state/federal partnership to establish a Long Island Sound Superfund, Governor gives qualified support; correspondence and information gathered as part of an investigation of a 
072   0049CL-101  Environmental Protection  August 1-15, 1988  Students tell Governor that recycling is good for the environment; oppose incineration of solid waste; metal processors refuse to take certain types of metal goods, towns are anxious; state representa 
072   0049CL-102  Environmental Protection  August 16-31, 1988  Department reasserts its proposal for Lake Williams; praise for agency staff; wells contaminated by gasoline; students and citizens ask Governor to stop pollution and medical waste dumping in Long Is 
072   0049CL-103  Environmental Protection  September 1-12, 1988  Suggestions for reducing greenhouse effect; support using the Farmington Canal Rail Line as recreation area; oppose exchange of land in Marlborough for land in Pomfret; urge Governor to continue cost 
073   0049CL-104  Environmental Protection  September 13-22, 1988  General concern about pollution in the state; oppose construction of truck weigh station in Greenwich; suggestion for strengthening recycling policy by requiring government and industry to use recycle 
073   0049CL-105  Environmental Protection  September 23-30, 1988  Prevent development in Norwalk by purchasing land as open space; thank Governor for signing Long Island Sound Bi-State Marine Resources Committee legislation into law; urges state purchase of the Savi 
073   0049CL-106  Environmental Protection  October 1-19, 1988  Urge Governor to enforce littering laws; oppose construction of transfer station on neighboring property; protest trapping beavers at landfill; protest removing underground storage tanks; anger about 
073   0049CL-107  Environmental Protection  October 20-26, 1988  Concern about environment in general; Nancy Johnson sends a copy of H.R. 4338, a bill prohibiting dumping sewage sludge in ocean waters; criticism of department's handling of water pollution case; inf 
073   0049CL-108  Environmental Protection  October 27-31, 1988  Anger about location of hearing on Greenwich truck weigh station; request Governor's endorsement of plans to maintain and enhance public park lands in Bridgeport; petitions oppose incinerator at Elect 
073   0049CL-109  Environmental Protection  November 1988  Concern about environment in general and medical waste in particular; oppose youth hunts and pheasant stocking; concern about impact of Route 7 improvements; protest camping fees; anger about location 
073   0049CL-110  Environmental Protection  December 1-14, 1988  Concern about the environment in general; notice of Town of Newington bringing suit against the Department for violating emission standards or limitations in regards to Balf Company; complaint about d 
073   0049CL-111  Environmental Protection  December 15-31, 1988  Company interested in establishing licensing criteria for radon mitigation workers; asks Governor to designate state land for all terrain vehicles; thanks Governor for assistance in obtaining Skinner 
073   0049CL-112  [Environmental Protection]--Council on Environmental Quality  1988  Explanation of why the Council did not urge the General Assembly to raise Connecticut Environmental Policy Act legislation in 1988; meeting agendas. 
073   0049CL-113  [Environmental Protection]--Long Island Sound  1988  Form letters concerning the need to save the Sound. 
073   0049CL-114  [Environmental Protection]--Soil and Water Conservation  1988  Information concerning Outstanding Conservation Farmer awards; Connecticut Soil and Water Conservation Districts legislative issues update; information concerning National Soil and Water Conservation 
073   0049CL-115  Environmental Protection  January 1-11, 1989  Oil Heat Task Force reports leakage from underground tanks is negligible; individual investigates possibility of land exchanger between him and the state; oppose pheasant stocking program; change of w 
074   0049CL-116  Environmental Protection  January 12-27, 1989  Oppose removal of Bevins Pond dam in East Hampton; public notices of hearings to consider permit requests and newsletters from the Army Corps of Engineers; complaint about delay in obtaining hunting l 
074   0049CL-117  Environmental Protection  February 1, 1989  Information concerning the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act; complaint about delay in processing permit applications, with copies of correspondence and forms. 
074   0049CL-118  Environmental Protection  February 4-10, 1989  Oppose incineration of solid waste; questions about land chosen as potential sites for ash residue disposal; concern about preservation of coastal areas; oppose leg-hold trap; concern about security a 
074   0049CL-119  Environmental Protection  February 20-28, 1989  Petition against new incinerators; comparison of Lake Williams and Red Cedar Lake as recreational areas; concern about disposal of medical and infectious waste; Mansfield protests that northeastern Co 
074   0049CL-120  Environmental Protection  March 1-10, 1989  Questions and concerns about land chosen as potential sites for ash residue disposal; concern about sales and proposals to sell watershed properties owned by Bridgeport Hydraulic Co.; question about s 
074   0049CL-121  Environmental Protection  March 13-31, 1989  Failure of Laboratory on Wheels program was waste of money; oppose incinerator in Cromwell; form letters opposing incinerator in Portland; individual interested in purchasing parcel of state land; opp 
074   0049CL-122  Environmental Protection  March 28, 1989  Petition opposing incinerator in Portland. 
074   0049CL-123  Environmental Protection  April 1-10, 1989  Oppose removal of Bevins Pond dam in East Hampton; suggestions to improve condition of Long Island Sound; controversy concerning the Farmington Canal rail line from newspaper articles; question about 
075   0049CL-124  Environmental Protection  April 11, 1989  Resident protests seizure of lands by eminent domain; students suggest a state shell, the oyster; students urge Governor to clean and protect Long Island Sound. 
075   0049CL-125  Environmental Protection  April 12-19, 1989  Introduces technology for hospital waste disinfection; Darien Environmental Protection Commission issues resolution stating Connecticut needs a more serious commitment to the cleanup of hazardous wast 
075   0049CL-126  Environmental Protection  April 20-28, 1989  Petition to President Bush urging the government to address the oil spill in Alaska; Connecticut Congressmen suggest a regional summit with New York and New Jersey to discuss economic and environmenta 
075   0049CL-127  Environmental Protection  May 1-8, 1989  Oppose timber harvesting in Paugnut State Forest; concern about lawn fertilizers polluting groundwater; questions how Governor will enforce emissions standards for power plants; individual wants to se 
075   0049CL-128  Environmental Protection  May 9-22, 2989  Oppose ash residue landfill sites in northeastern Connecticut; question amount of money spent on air pollution control; personnel issues; notice of public hearing regarding Pleasure Beach; urge Govern 
075   0049CL-129  Environmental Protection  May 23-31, 1989  Thank Governor for keeping state parks open; neighbors upset about slow restoration of beach; protest paying fee to use public boat ramp; Governor describes processes involved in developing the Mid-Co 
075   0049CL-130  Environmental Protection  June 2-24, 1989  Oppose incinerator in Portland; oppose site in North Haven as possible ash residue landfill site; Alaska residents offer to speak about what went wrong in Prince William Sound; complaint about conditi 
075   0049CL-131  Environmental Protection  June 26-30, 1989  Bank institutes Help Save Our Sound education and fund-raising program; oppose wood burning power plant in Killingly; Cedar Lake Management Association petitions state for funds to buy a weed harveste 
075   0049CL-132  Environmental Protection  July 1989  Oppose construction on inland wetlands in Middletown; fisheries management question; Department oversight of marinas; children object to cutting trees; complaint about conditions of state parks; inter 
076   0049CL-133  Environmental Protection  August 1-15, 1989  Alleged illegal filling of wetlands; alleged harassment by Conservation Officers; propose a plan to preserve mineral resources; controversy over illegal house built below Andover Lake dam; status repo 
076   0049CL-134  Environmental Protection  August 16-21, 1989  Oppose Mid-Connecticut Resources Recovery facility; urge Governor to protect shoreline; State Implementation Plan, Air Quality Conformancy Report by the Department of Transportation; question about ho 
076   0049CL-135  Environmental Protection  August 23-31, 1989  Urge Governor to expedite cleanup of Mohawk Mountain; protest a fine imposed at Harkness State Park; complaint about treatment by state marine patrol officer; anger that part of money raised at greyho 
076   0049CL-136  Environmental Protection  September 1-12, 1989  Oppose wood burning energy plants in Torrington and Killingly; protest closing Compo Beach to waterfowl hunting; state senator concerned about delay in purchasing land for the West Rock Ridge Park; ur 
076   0049CL-137  Environmental Protection  September 13-30, 1989  Urge Governor to increase funding for the department; concern about safety of coastal wildfowl hunting; promote recycling instead of incinerators; information about environmental illness; complaint ab 
076   0049CL-138  Environmental Protection  October 2-18, 1989  Invitation to Governor to attend Arbor Day celebration; concern about oil spills; Conference on State Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act; notes to the Connecticut Earth Day 20 Steering 
076   0049CL-139  Environmental Protection  October 19-31, 1989  Criticism of Connecticut Humane Society; notice of application to waive requirement for public hearing; Governor supports work of the North American Wildlife Association; information about the Automot 
076   0049CL-140  Environmental Protection  November 1-16, 1989  Oppose landfill in Douglas, Mass.; company asks Governor to declare moratorium on new hazardous waste incinerators and landfills; propose method of cleaning oil spills; Governor urges congressional de 
076   0049CL-141  Environmental Protection  November 20-30, 1989  Students express concerns about pollution and rights of the white tailed deer; Beardsley Zoo wants to participate in Earth Day; announcement of first meeting of the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine R 
077   0049CL-142  Environmental Protection  December 1989  Ask Governor to support bond issue to purchase land in the Housatonic State Forest; citizens request a pier at Fort Hale be named in honor of local resident; Governor of New Jersey proposes national e 
077   0049CL-143  [Environmental Protection]  January 1-16, 1990  Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; information on the Farmington Canal line acquisition; urge Governor to maintain department budget; Connecticut Forest and Park Associat 
077   0049CL-144  [Environmental Protection]  January 19-31, 1990  Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; information on recycling initiatives requested; request state permission to access property through state land; object to killing mute 
077   0049CL-145  [Environmental Protection]  February 1-5, 1990  Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; report of hazardous waste dump in Manchester; request information about emissions from wood burning stoves; application for water diver 
077   0049CL-146  [Environmental Protection]  February 7-20, 1990  Sports fishermen oppose commercial exploitation of striped bass; students express concerns for the environment; meeting of Bi-State Long Island Sound Committee announced; town of Lisbon protests block 
077   0049CL-147  [Environmental Protection]  February 21-28, 1990  Oppose wood burning power plant in Killingly; constituent supports recycling; Governor of Rhode Island hosting conference on safe navigation of vessels carrying petroleum products; Senator Joseph Lieb 
077   0049CL-148  [Environmental Protection]  March 1-14, 1990  Oppose wood burning energy plant in Torrington; allegation of harassment by department; notice of oil spill prevention conference in Rhode Island; request for expedited decision by bonding commission; 
077   0049CL-149  [Environmental Protection]  March 15-31, 1990  Effort to recall cans of Spectracide that explode; student requests information for science project; department cannot endorse use of clean burn waste oil furnace; company having trouble obtaining wat 
077   0049CL-150  [Environmental Protection]  April 1-17, 1990  Offer to purchase eggs or live birds to protect mute swans; concern about decline in the Housatonic Trout Management area; department describes actions taken to enhance oil spill preparedness and prev 
077   0049CL-151  [Environmental Protection]  April 18-30, 1990  Resident asks whether town has to return a state grant; praise for department's Community Environmental Education Program and request for additional funding; students express their concerns about poll 
078   0049CL-152  [Environmental Protection]  May1-13, 1990  Students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; Governor describes egg shaking program to control mute swan population; concern about pollution of Long Island Sound; problems enco 
078   0049CL-153  [Environmental Protection]  May 14-17, 1990  National Soft Drink Association promotes recycling; students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; Governor thanks Earth Day coordinator; urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An 
078   0049CL-154  [Environmental Protection]  May 18-31, 1990  Response to objections to building oyster boat moorings; students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Cont 
078   0049CL-155  [Environmental Protection]  June 1-12, 1990  Students express their concerns about pollution and the environment; report of encroachment on state lands; approves of increase in department's budget for natural resources and recreation; oppose dee 
078   0049CL-156  [Environmental Protection]  June 13-30, 1990  Oppose deer hunting in Bluff Point Preserve to control population; relates problems from leaking oil tank in front yard; oppose land exchange between state and private citizen; oppose Iroquois Gas Tra 
078   0049CL-157  [Environmental Protection]  July 1-16, 1990  Urge Governor to support H.B. 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Control; applications for water diversion; request bonding for state purchase of land in Tolland; oppose deer hunting in Bluff Poi 
078   0049CL-158  [Environmental Protection]  July 17-31, 1990  Support and opposition to boat ramp on Quinnipiac River in the Hamden area; company proposes to provide ethanol for state vehicles; environmental bills before Congress; applications to divert water; s 
078   0049CL-159  [Environmental Protection]  August 1-21, 1990  Object to new trash removal system at Wharton Brook State Park; applications to divert water; concerns about land use; businesses support Iroquois Gas Transmission System; oppose deer hunt on Bristol 
078   0049CL-160  [Environmental Protection]  August 22, 1990  Oppose hunting and criticize land management in Pequannock Valley, Governor sends copy of management report. 
078   0049CL-161  [Environmental Protection]  August 23-30, 1990  Complaint about deplorable state of plants in greenhouse at Harkness State Park; Oppose hunting and criticize land management in Pequannock Valley; precipitation reports from the Committee on Automate 
079   0049CL-162  [Environmental Protection]  September 1990  Concerns that New York State coal burning plant will pollute Connecticut air; concern about pollution in Thames River Valley due to industry; business supports Iroquois Gas Transmission System; compla 
079   0049CL-163  [Environmental Protection]  October-December 1990  Students express their concerns about the environment, ask for Governor's opinion; complaint about quarry operators stripping trees from land by ; oppose composting facility in New Milford; company o 
079   0049CL-164  [Environmental Protection--AES Thames]  March-September 1990  Letters in support and in opposition to closing the AES Thames Cogeneration Plant in Uncasville. Those supporting closing dislike it being coal-fired. Others ask Governor to either enforce environmen 
079   0049CL-165  [Environmental Protection--AES Thames]  July 1990  Letters supporting closing AES Thames Cogeneration Plant, including copies of letters sent to acting Attorney General Clarine Riddle. 
079   0049CL-166  Environmental Protection--Memos to/from Commissioner  1990  Audit report and response; report that department will not be able to draft regulations by deadline; report on implementation of P.A. 89-35, An Act Concerning Aquifer Protection Areas. 
079   0049CL-167  Environmental Protection  1991  Information about tire disposal; steps and schedule for implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments signed into law November 1990; students requesting information for research papers. 
079   0049CL-168  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1984  U.S. Senator Max Baucus surveys governors' views on acid rain; Ohio Governor Celeste sends his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health and the Environment regarding a 
079   0049CL-169  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1985  Student asks for Governor's opinion on acid rain, Governor responds with state's actions to reduce it. 
079   0049CL-170  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1986  Press release concerning signing of agreement between U.S. and Canada addressing acid rain; form letter outlining individual's concern about acid rain (bucked to department); petition from members and 
079   0049CL-171  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1988  Concerns about health and environmental effects of acid rain, Governor responds with descriptions of actions taken by the state; Center for Clean Air Policy report recommends the creation of a power l 
079   0049CL-172  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1989  Students express their concerns about acid rain [bucked to department]; economic objections to federal Clean Air Act Amendments addressing acid rain. 
079   0049CL-173  [Environmental Protection]--Acid Rain  1990  Department answers student's question about acid rain; Representative Robert Smith of New Hampshire states his position on acid rain legislation; economic objection to federal Clean Air Act Amendments 
079   0049CL-174  [Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers  1981  The Corps announces requests for project permits and subsequent public hearing; monthly report of permit actions; updates on beach erosion control efforts at Prospect Beach, West Haven; Corps assures 
080   0049CL-175  [Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers  1983  Update reports on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; announcement of influx of funds for Corps projects in New England; inform Governor of projects approved; announcements of requests for proj 
080   0049CL-176  [Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers  1984  Inform Governor of projects approved for flood control; update reports on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; report on study of navigation improvements for Bridgeport Harbor; public notice to 
080   0049CL-177  [Environmental Protection]--Army Corps of Engineers  1985  Flood control project in Wallingford under study; report on flood control proposals for Rippowan River Basin, West River and Konkapot River. 
080   0049CL-178  [Environmental Protection--Army Corps of Engineers]  1986  Report on economic feasibility of a commercial navigation project on the Connecticut River between Hartford and Holyoke, MA.; report of damage to breakwater; Inform Governor of projects approved for f 
080   0049CL-179  [Environmental Protection--Army Corps of Engineers]  1987  Announcements of requests for project permits and subsequent public hearings; update report on Corps civil works projects in Connecticut; annual report of projects in New England. 
080   0049CL-180  [Environmental Protection--Army] Corps of Engineers  1990  Governor objects to federal proposal to make states more fiscally responsible for maintenance of recreational facilities operated by the Corps; allegation of illegal dock extension without Corps appro 
080   0049CL-181  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  1981  U.S. Department of Energy requests Governor's statement of needs and concerns as it implements the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy (P.L. 96-573); Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meet 
080   0049CL-182  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  1983  Governor instructs department to release money from the Emergency Spill Fund for use by the Hazardous Waste Management Service. 
080   0049CL-183  [Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]  1984  Department reports its concerns to the Department of Transportation about its maintenance facilities; information concerning the Hazardous Waste Management Service; oppose burying hazardous wastes in 
080   0049CL-184  [Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]  1985  Information about two reports of pesticide pollution; constituent concerned about management of hazardous waste; state applying for funds to implement its Hazardous Waste Management Program; concerns 
080   0049CL-185  [Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]  1986  Senator Dodd assures Governor of his support of the Superfund toxic waste clean-up program; minutes of Governor's Task Force to Classify and Determine the Hazardous Waste that may be Safely and Proper 
080   0049CL-186  [Environmental Protection--Hazardous Waste]  1987  Governor concerned about financial burden placed on states by the passage of Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 and relates them to Congresswoman Johnson. 
080   0049CL-187  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  January-August 1988  Minutes of Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service meetings; Service's response to survey; Service's accounting of expenditures from the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Appropriation; minutes of th 
080   0049CL-188  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  September-December 1988  Minutes of Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service meetings; constituents oppose having radioactive waste sites in the state; quarterly report on low-level radioactive waste activities by the C 
081   0049CL-189  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  1989  National Governors' Association developed report on state programs to reduce hazardous waste; request allocation from the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Fund; schedule for site selection of low-level rad 
081   0049CL-190  [Environmental Protection]--Hazardous Waste  1990  Information about the Governor's Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Hazardous Waste Reduction and Recycling; Connecticut Hazardous Waste management Service announces selection of contractor for low 
081   0049CL-191  [Environmental Protection]--Indian Affairs  1981  Oppose General Assembly's vote to eliminate funding for Indian Affairs Coordinator; invitation and schedule for Mashantucket Pequot Indian Housing Authority dedication ceremony for first phase of hous 
081   0049CL-192  [Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]  1983  Copy of President Reagan's veto message concerning S.B. 366, the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Claims Settlement Act; criticism of state for not ensuring passage of S.B. 366; Governor sends letter of sup 
081   0049CL-193  Indian Affairs--State Jurisdiction  1983-1988  Chief States' Attorney McGuigan issues Statement of Position on Jurisdiction Over Crimes Committed on Indian Reservations 1983, 1984); Commissioner of Public Safety Forst requests clarification of sta 
081   0049CL-194  [Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs] Tribal Lands  1984  Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Tribe seeks state recognition; Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Housing Authority requests Governor sign a Cooperation Agreement; Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Tribe states its right to en 
081   0049CL-195  [Environmental Protection]--Indian Affairs  1985-1987  Schaghticoke Indian Tribe expects state to resolve differences between factions; State Police investigate possible illegal logging operations on Schaghticoke Indian Reservation; Indians demand dismiss 
081   0049CL-196  [Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs]  1986-1987  Complaints about difficulties proving Indian heritage; concern for Indian burial ground in Preston; request to use state land for Indian ceremony being held up in Indian Affairs Council; complaint abo 
081   0049CL-197  [Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]  1988  Conflict between Eastern Pequot Indians and the Paucatuck Pequot Tribe over recognition; Indian tribes considered states in implementing provisions of the federal Clean Water Act; invitation to 39th A 
081   0049CL-198  [Environmental Protection]--Indian [Affairs]  1989  Tribes protest proposed Independent Commission on Indian Affairs; Schaghticoke assert their authority in certain matters; receipt of Easter Pequot Indians of Connecticut's petition for federal recogni 
081   0049CL-199  [Environmental Protection--Indian Affairs]  1990  Mohegan tribe requests extension of comment period for challenging the finding against the Tribe for federal recognition; Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe asserts off-reservation hunting and fishing right 
081   0049CL-200  Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]  1983  Warranty deeds for land contiguous to Southford Falls State Park, Patchaug State Forest, the Roraback Management Area and Cockaponset State Forest, for two acres in Old Saybrook, for the Belding Wildl 
081   0049CL-201  Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]  1984  Warranty deeds for donations of land contiguous to Osbornedale State Park, to Plum Bank Marsh Area, to Housatonic State Forest, to Kitchel Wilderness Area, and to Meshomasic State Forest, for the dona 
082   0049CL-202  Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]  1985  Deeds for land exchanges in Durham and Sterling; deeds for donations of land contiguous to Tunxis State Forest, Flaherty Field Trial Area, Bishop Swamp, and Sherwood Island State Park ; conservation e 
082   0049CL-203  Environmental Protection--[Land Donations and Exchanges]  1986  Lease of land in Hebron; certificate of devise for land in Bridgeport; deeds for donations of land contiguous to Sleeping Giant State Park, to Mashamoquet Brook State Park, and to West Rock Ridge; bo 
082   0049CL-204  [Environmental Protection]--Landfill  1983  Concern about closing of Laurel Park landfill in Naugatuck; reasons why Governor should not meet with the Pollution Extermination Group about Laurel Park; request Governor's intervention in Shelton. 
082   0049CL-205  [Environmental Protection--Landfill, Laurel Park]  1984  Naugatuck angry at rapid closing of Laurel Park landfill, Governor explains that it was closed due to dioxin in the groundwater; request Governor view the landfill. 
082   0049CL-206  [Environmental Protection--Landfill]  1985  Neighbor asks Governor why Laurel Park landfill is still open; company concerned that it can no longer dump non-toxic sludge in the Hartford landfill; proposed landfill site in Southbury will harm the 
082   0049CL-207  [Environmental Protection--Landfill]  1986  Protest abrupt closing of landfills without alternative; continued concern about dioxin pollution in Naugatuck; conflict with state about operation of Essex landfill; concern about possible purchase o 
082   0049CL-208  [Environmental Protection]--Landfill  1989  Canterbury protests serving as dumping ground for eastern Connecticut; monitoring methane at Shelton landfill; oppose expansion of Canterbury landfill; company requests veto of H.B. 6641, which gives 
082   0049CL-209  [Environmental Protection]--Landfill  1990  Oppose regional landfill in Douglas, Massachusetts; Bristol asks Governor's support for application to accept ash from incinerators; protest oil-contaminated soil being dumped in landfill. 
082   0049CL-210  [Environmental Protection]--Low-level Radioactive Waste  1990  State's response on its level of compliance with requirements of the federal Low-level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1985; town resolution to Nuclear Regulatory Commission to halt deregul 
082   0049CL-211  [Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste  1983  Copy of transmittal letter from the US Department of Energy to the Governor regarding the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982; Governor thanks governors in the region for their support in negotiations re 
082   0049CL-212  [Environmental Protection--Nuclear Waste]  1985  Urge Governor to deny New York City's request to ship nuclear wastes through Connecticut; state's comments on proposed rule for Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes in Geologic Repositories; Gove 
082   0049CL-213  [Environmental Protection--Nuclear Waste]  1986  State of Washington requires any generator or broker that ships low-level radioactive waste to it disposal facility to send pre-notification of delivery; US Department of Energy Safe and Secure Transp 
082   0049CL-214  [Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste  1989  Citizen's group critical of Nuclear Regulatory Commission's efforts to protect the public; further implementation of the federal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments of 1985; general concern 
082   0049CL-215  [Environmental Protection]--Nuclear Waste  1990  Federal reports. 
082   0049CL-216  [Environmental Protection]--Oil Spills  1986  New England Fishery Management Council expresses support for the 1984 Protocols on liability for oil pollution damage and urges Governor to support legislation enacting the protocols; Secretary of Tra 
082   0049CL-217  [Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste  1983  Claim that Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority has not invited local officials to hearings. 
082   0049CL-218  [Environmental Protection--Solid Waste]  1984  Reconstitution of Solid Waste Advisory Council; Shelton residents oppose Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority using their landfill as an ash dump; praise Governor for requiring scrubbers on the Mid 
082   0049CL-219  [Environmental Protection--Solid Waste]  1985  Protest against proposed bulky waste disposal area in Southbury. 
082   0049CL-220  [Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste  1986  Minutes of Connecticut Solid Waste Management Advisory Council meetings; urge expanded state role in solving solid waste problem; protest against proposed bulky waste disposal area in Southbury; petit 
083   0049CL-221  Environmental Protection--Solid Waste  1988  Towns and individuals concerned about the solid waste disposal crisis, want legislators to provide assistance; oppose expansion of West Haven landfill; concern about groundwater contamination from nea 
083   0049CL-222  [Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste  1989  Individuals concerned about the solid waste disposal crisis; students advocate recycling; report on Massachusetts' debate on incinerators vs. recycling; suggest ban on excess packaging; oppose solid w 
083   0049CL-223  [Environmental Protection]--Solid Waste  1990  Information on Florida's solid waste management policies and procedures; position papers of the American Public Health Association and the paper industry. 
083   0049CL-224  [Environmental Protection]--Springfield Sewage  1983  Connecticut residents oppose Springfield's plan to dump raw sewage into the Connecticut River; copy of report from City of Springfield, MA to the US Environmental Protection Agency outlining proposed 
083   0049CL-225  [Environmental Protection]--Springfield Sewage  1984  Connecticut residents oppose Springfield's plan to dump raw sewage into the Connecticut River; praise to Governor for resolving the issue. 
083   0049CL-226  [Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior  1981  Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas leases and state's position on them; information about the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service; need to study plants covered by the Endangered Species Act; 
083   0049CL-227  [Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior  1982  Connecticut's status report on outdoor recreation planning and approval by the department. 
083   0049CL-228  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior  January-March 1983  Approval of state's water management plan; Certificate of Apportionment for federal funds; Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas leases and state's position on them; request for comments from states on 
083   0049CL-229  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior  April-July 1983  Final Minor and Technical Boundary Modifications to the Coastal Barrier Resources System Maps; Certificate of Apportionment for federal funds; notice of change in policy concerning sanctions under the 
083   0049CL-230  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior  August-December 1983  Information about the Youth Conservation Corps; review of Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing program; payments in lieu of taxes to Connecticut towns; state's application for the Underground 
083   0049CL-231  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the Interior]  1984  Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; U.S. Senator Hatfield critical of the Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program; information about the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas 
084   0049CL-232  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the Interior]  1985  Paper on artificial reefs; state comments on the proposed 5-Year Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program. 
084   0049CL-233  [Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior  1986  Proposed 5-Year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program; newsletter on oil and gas leasing of federal lands; proposed Take Pride in America public education campaign; Governor presents out 
084   0049CL-234  [Environmental Protection]--U.S. Department of the Interior  1988  Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; finalists in the Take Pride in America campaign; first chapter of report National Assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Ga 
084   0049CL-235  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior  1989  Certificates of Apportionment and Reapportionment of federal funds; reports; Governor presents outdoor recreation plan; announcement of Payments in Lieu of Taxes. 
084   0049CL-236  [Environmental Protection--U.S. Department of the] Interior  1990  State comments on Regional Wetlands Concept Plan; department supports state's efforts to purchase the Shaw property in Hartland; 1990 Connecticut Land and Water Conservation Fund Program Review Report 
084   0049CL-237  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1981  Answers to Governor's questions about air pollution in Connecticut; proposal to issue water pollution control permits for exploratory oil drilling; explanation of most toxic cities list, not from EPA. 
084   0049CL-238  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1983  EPA requests information on hazardous wastes; issues report on sea levels rising. 
084   0049CL-239  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1984  Environmental topics included in President's State of the Union Address; state concerned about barrels remaining at dump site after EPA cleanup; policies concerning delegation to state and local gover 
084   0049CL-240  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1985  Information concerning the Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Act; implementation of Subtitle I of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act concerning underground storage tanks; announce the Long Isla 
084   0049CL-241  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1986  Deferral of noise standard for newly manufactured trucks; update on the EPA's Radon Action Program; key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986; threatened end of the Superfund pr 
084   0049CL-242  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  January-April 1988  EPA Statement at Corps of Engineers' Public Hearing on the Proposed Relocation of Route 6; EPA with National Governors' Association to develop capacity assurance standards for hazardous waste; Long Is 
084   0049CL-243  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  May-December 1988  Pawcatuck Basin designated a sole source aquifer; state applies for waiver concerning asbestos abatement in schools; requirement that states develop a hazardous waste management plan; information on t 
084   0049CL-244  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1989  Need to control non-point source water pollution and Connecticut sends management plan to EPA; announcements of meetings; report on radon in schools; Connecticut to participate in medical waste tracki 
084   0049CL-245  Environmental Protection--U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  1990  Connecticut Construction Industries Association objects to memorandum of agreement between EPA and Corps of Engineers regarding no net loss policy for wetlands; memoranda, directives and reports; noti 
084   0049CL-246  [Environmental Protection]--Water  January-April 1981  Summary report of water supply problem in the state; letter to mayors in southwestern Connecticut describing state efforts to address water shortage; Governor requests study by Army Corps of Engineers 
084   0049CL-247  [Environmental Protection]--Water  May-December 1981  Advocates hydropower; Federal Emergency management Agency to form federal-state hazard mitigation teams for flood disasters; water projects sent to US EPA for funding; minutes of Western Connecticut W 
085   0049CL-248  Environmental Protection--Water  1988  Notices of public hearings and applications to divert water under the Water Diversion Policy Act; information concerning water supply in state; creation and first minutes of Valley Regional Water Auth 
085   0049CL-249  [Environmental Protection]--Water  January-May 1989  Town supports creation of the Housatonic Estuary Commission; praise for Governor's call to conserve water; Governor corrects a published misstatement of his position on the Clean Water Fund; student r 
085   0049CL-250  [Environmental Protection]--Water  June-October 1989  Notices of applications to divert water under the Water Diversion Policy Act; Long Island Sound Study urges Governor to call meeting of the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Resources Committee; platf 
085   0049CL-251  [Environmental Protection]--Water  1990  Object to development on the banks of the East River; annual report and minutes of the Long Island Sound Bi-State Committee; Governor requests federal funds for the state's Clean Water Fund; newslette 
085   0049CL-252  [Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution  1984  Student concerned about river pollution; department unable to meet time limit for preparing regulations for construction grants for water pollution control facilities; urge Governor to enforce water p 
085   0049CL-253  [Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution  1985  Student concerned about pollution of rivers and streams; protest permit fees for municipal water pollution control facilities; concern about raw sewage running into Long Island Sound. 
085   0049CL-254  [Environmental Protection]--Water Pollution  1986  City of Groton opposes outfall going into Thames River; residents protest sewage treatment discharge flowing into Pomperaug River; support Governor's plan to improve water pollution control; complaint 
085   0049CL-255  Environmental Protection--Water Quality  1986  Concern about procedures to ensure satisfactory drinking water in Simsbury; Water Quality Management Plan; water quality analyses by U.S. EPA; approval by EPA of the Water Quality Management Plan upda 
085   0049CL-256  Environmental Protection--Water Quality  1983  State approves revised rules governing water quality standards established by the U.S. EPA. 
085   0049CL-257  Environmental Protection--Water Quality  1984  U.S. EPA stresses need to study presence of polychlorinated biphenyls in marine fish; U.S. EPA Ground-Water Protection Strategy; Governor urges other Senators to support Senator Weicker's amendment ad 
085   0049CL-258  [Environmental Protection--Water Quality]  1985  Municipality concerned about President's budget proposal to eliminate waste water treatment construction grants. 
085   0049CL-259  Environmental Protection--Water Quality  1986  Constituents support P.A. 85-407 An Act Concerning Provision of Potable Drinking Water; concern about water quality of Housatonic River; Connecticut River Watershed Council and citizens commend Govern