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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Federal [Matters]

Subseries ID: 001CL-0054

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
086 0054CL-001Federal Matters1981Request Governor's assistance with brother's immigration; problems with Social Security benefits; oppose selective service system; question about banking laws; protest cuts in student loans; suggestio
086 0054CL-002Federal [Matters]1983-1984Governor requests Postmaster General to issue commemorative stamps for Mark Twain and Father E.J. Flanagan, to mark the state's 350th anniversary, to honor the ratification of the Constitution.
086 0054CL-003Federal Matters1985Ask Governor to expedite fingerprint check; urge Governor to instruct Congress and Senate to embargo communist countries; request assistance getting a national holiday named for J.F. Kennedy; Congress
086 0054CL-004Federal [Matters]1986Senator Dodd supports Tax-Exempt Bond Reform Act of 1986; oppose Senator Packwood's proposal to eliminate the deduction for excise taxes; state comments to FEMA on proposed rules concerning the emerge
086 0054CL-005Federal [Matters]January-June 1987Notice of change in FEMA allocation formula; demands investigation of Iran-Contra crisis; problems with Social Security benefits; Governor requests First Day ceremonies be held in Hartford for the new
086 0054CL-006Federal [Matters]--Ashford Post OfficeJune 1987History of Town of Ashford's efforts to include the Postal Service in its master plan for village center.
086 0054CL-007Federal [Matters]July-August 1987Request assistance gaining citizenship for mother; Office of Technology Assessment reports; White House requests Governor's comments on nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court; applicatio
086 0054CL-008Federal [Matters]September-December 1987Ask Governor to write a letter to the Soviet Union requesting the emigration of Dr. Alexander Ioffee; National Endowment for the Humanities suggests the Connecticut Humanities Council become a state a
086 0054CL-009Federal [Matters]January-April 1988Information about the First Day of Issue Ceremony for a commemorative stamp of Connecticut; applications for citizenship; problems obtaining passport; request Governor's help in reuniting Cambodians i
087 0054CL-010Federal [Matters]May-July 1988Problems with Social Security benefits; problems with the IRS; critical of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada; American citizen not allowed to play junior soccer in Spain; concerns about the Pet Pro
087 0054CL-011Federal [Matters]August-December 1988Complaint about postal service; families of victims of US Embassy bombing in Iran are irate that they did not receive compensation; request help with immigration; Governor designates 25th Anniversary
087 0054CL-012Federal [Matters]January-March 1989Students write to President about school violence; U.S. Department of State expresses interest in helping states with trade missions and other foreign affairs-related service; oppose salary increase f
087 0054CL-013Federal [Matters]April-May 1989Request extension of Temporary Stay; Governor supports immigration reform proposed by Senators Kennedy and Simpson in S. 358; invitation to Vice Premier of the State Council of China to visit Connecti
087 0054CL-014Federal [Matters]June 1987Bulletin concerning mid-session review of the federal Budget; President Bush's speech on the 40th anniversary of NATO; request Governor to support investigation of Eastern Airlines bankruptcy; possibl
087 0054CL-015Federal [Matters]July-August 1989Copy of letter to President Bush concerning the Greenhouse Effect; request help with immigration problem; request nonstop air service from Bradley Airport to Europe; federal and state emergency aid av
087 0054CL-016Federal [Matters]September-November 20, 19Governor writes to Congressional delegation regarding possible misinterpretation of federal law in Army Corps of Engineer' rejection of permit for construction of Route 6; requests help with Social Se
087 0054CL-017Federal [Matters]November 21-December 1989Bureau of Indian Affair's review of the Mohegan Tribe's application for federal recognition; problems with Social Security benefits; information about an investment seminar held in Norway; Governor ur
087 0054CL-018Federal [Matters]January-April 1990Question about immigration; delegation responds to Governor's letter concerning long-term care; praise for Governor's Conference on The New Europe: A Challenge for Connecticut Businesses; information
088 0054CL-019Federal [Matters]May-June 1990Governor supports new federal seafood inspection program; report on a meeting of governors' cultural advisors; visa problem; opinion on nuclear disarmament; Governor writes to Congressional delegation
088 0054CL-020Federal [Matters]September 1990Complaint about grading system of civil service; proposed rule changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act; application for Status as a Temporary Resident not processed in timely manner; request transfer o
088 0054CL-021Federal [Matters]October-December 1990Notice of hearing about library services to Native Americans; reports from federal agencies; Supreme Court case; Elizabeth Dole's farewell letter to Governor as she leaves office; information about th
088 0054CL-022[Federal Matters]--Federal Trade1989Constituent stresses need to establish trade relations with the Soviet Union; reports from the U.S. Trade Representative concerning U.S.-Israel tariff negotiations, telecommunications agreement with J
088 0054CL-023[Federal Matters]--Free Trade Agreement1988Summary of free trade agreement with Canada; press releases and articles in support of agreement; testimony and addresses by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy, the Ambassador of Canada, President of the