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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Federal [Matters]

Subseries ID: 001CL-0054

Subseries is: 001CL-0054
Folder is: Federal [Matters]
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
086   0054CL-001  Federal Matters  1981  Request Governor's assistance with brother's immigration; problems with Social Security benefits; oppose selective service system; question about banking laws; protest cuts in student loans; suggestio 
086   0054CL-002  Federal [Matters]  1983-1984  Governor requests Postmaster General to issue commemorative stamps for Mark Twain and Father E.J. Flanagan, to mark the state's 350th anniversary, to honor the ratification of the Constitution. 
086   0054CL-003  Federal Matters  1985  Ask Governor to expedite fingerprint check; urge Governor to instruct Congress and Senate to embargo communist countries; request assistance getting a national holiday named for J.F. Kennedy; Congress 
086   0054CL-004  Federal [Matters]  1986  Senator Dodd supports Tax-Exempt Bond Reform Act of 1986; oppose Senator Packwood's proposal to eliminate the deduction for excise taxes; state comments to FEMA on proposed rules concerning the emerge 
086   0054CL-005  Federal [Matters]  January-June 1987  Notice of change in FEMA allocation formula; demands investigation of Iran-Contra crisis; problems with Social Security benefits; Governor requests First Day ceremonies be held in Hartford for the new 
086   0054CL-006  Federal [Matters]--Ashford Post Office  June 1987  History of Town of Ashford's efforts to include the Postal Service in its master plan for village center. 
086   0054CL-007  Federal [Matters]  July-August 1987  Request assistance gaining citizenship for mother; Office of Technology Assessment reports; White House requests Governor's comments on nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court; applicatio 
086   0054CL-008  Federal [Matters]  September-December 1987  Ask Governor to write a letter to the Soviet Union requesting the emigration of Dr. Alexander Ioffee; National Endowment for the Humanities suggests the Connecticut Humanities Council become a state a 
086   0054CL-009  Federal [Matters]  January-April 1988  Information about the First Day of Issue Ceremony for a commemorative stamp of Connecticut; applications for citizenship; problems obtaining passport; request Governor's help in reuniting Cambodians i 
087   0054CL-010  Federal [Matters]  May-July 1988  Problems with Social Security benefits; problems with the IRS; critical of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada; American citizen not allowed to play junior soccer in Spain; concerns about the Pet Pro 
087   0054CL-011  Federal [Matters]  August-December 1988  Complaint about postal service; families of victims of US Embassy bombing in Iran are irate that they did not receive compensation; request help with immigration; Governor designates 25th Anniversary 
087   0054CL-012  Federal [Matters]  January-March 1989  Students write to President about school violence; U.S. Department of State expresses interest in helping states with trade missions and other foreign affairs-related service; oppose salary increase f 
087   0054CL-013  Federal [Matters]  April-May 1989  Request extension of Temporary Stay; Governor supports immigration reform proposed by Senators Kennedy and Simpson in S. 358; invitation to Vice Premier of the State Council of China to visit Connecti 
087   0054CL-014  Federal [Matters]  June 1987  Bulletin concerning mid-session review of the federal Budget; President Bush's speech on the 40th anniversary of NATO; request Governor to support investigation of Eastern Airlines bankruptcy; possibl 
087   0054CL-015  Federal [Matters]  July-August 1989  Copy of letter to President Bush concerning the Greenhouse Effect; request help with immigration problem; request nonstop air service from Bradley Airport to Europe; federal and state emergency aid av 
087   0054CL-016  Federal [Matters]  September-November 20, 19  Governor writes to Congressional delegation regarding possible misinterpretation of federal law in Army Corps of Engineer' rejection of permit for construction of Route 6; requests help with Social Se 
087   0054CL-017  Federal [Matters]  November 21-December 1989  Bureau of Indian Affair's review of the Mohegan Tribe's application for federal recognition; problems with Social Security benefits; information about an investment seminar held in Norway; Governor ur 
087   0054CL-018  Federal [Matters]  January-April 1990  Question about immigration; delegation responds to Governor's letter concerning long-term care; praise for Governor's Conference on The New Europe: A Challenge for Connecticut Businesses; information 
088   0054CL-019  Federal [Matters]  May-June 1990  Governor supports new federal seafood inspection program; report on a meeting of governors' cultural advisors; visa problem; opinion on nuclear disarmament; Governor writes to Congressional delegation 
088   0054CL-020  Federal [Matters]  September 1990  Complaint about grading system of civil service; proposed rule changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act; application for Status as a Temporary Resident not processed in timely manner; request transfer o 
088   0054CL-021  Federal [Matters]  October-December 1990  Notice of hearing about library services to Native Americans; reports from federal agencies; Supreme Court case; Elizabeth Dole's farewell letter to Governor as she leaves office; information about th 
088   0054CL-022  [Federal Matters]--Federal Trade  1989  Constituent stresses need to establish trade relations with the Soviet Union; reports from the U.S. Trade Representative concerning U.S.-Israel tariff negotiations, telecommunications agreement with J 
088   0054CL-023  [Federal Matters]--Free Trade Agreement  1988  Summary of free trade agreement with Canada; press releases and articles in support of agreement; testimony and addresses by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy, the Ambassador of Canada, President of the