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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Handicapped

Subseries ID: 001CL-0058

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
092 0058CL-001HandicappedJanuary-June 1981Funds needed to record books for the blind; mother seeks help with handicapped son's medical bills; information about personal care assistance for handicapped; complaint about Office of Protection an
092 0058CL-002HandicappedJuly-December 1981Office of Protection and Advocacy protests its negative depiction in an article published by the Department of Mental Retardation; complaint about the Office of Protection and Advocacy; constituent re
092 0058CL-003Handicapped--Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired1981Commission's legislative agenda; parents express concerns about need for early intervention, better advocacy and facilities for mentally ill hearing impaired; parents express need for psycho-education
092 0058CL-004Handicapped--International Year of Disabled Persons1980-1981Advisory Committee minutes and agenda; federal press and information packet; Governor appoints liaison with the U.S. Council for the International Year of Disabled Persons; Council newsletter and annu
092 0058CL-005Handicapped1982Governor appoints liaison to the National Office on Disability; Office of Protection and Advocacy concerned that Department of Income Maintenance slow in developing regulations for enacting P.A. 82-23
092 0058CL-006Handicapped1983Office of Protection and Advocacy concerned about funding levels for several of its programs; state comments on proposed rules for the federal Developmental Disabilities Program; concern about which
092 0058CL-007Handicapped1984Advocacy group for mentally retarded appalled about rape of retarded residents of convalescent home; Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; state comments on pro
092 0058CL-008Handicapped1985Information concerning the Man in Motion Tour; Governor congratulates rehabilitation facilities on achieving accreditation; trouble implementing P.S. 84-514 requiring the Office of Protection and Advo
092 0058CL-009Handicapped1986Monthly activity report of the Office of Protection and Advocacy; report on a Think Tank on developmental disabilities; urge Governor to fund Minority Outreach Program; urge Governor to enforce handic
092 0058CL-010HandicappedJanuary-April 1987Student expresses concerns for handicapped citizens; disabled constituent requests funds to purchase modified van; unable to obtain health insurance; entertainment organization requests funds to devel
092 0058CL-011HandicappedMay-June 1987Public transportation problems; National Employment Survey for Adults with Developmental Disabilities; Office of Protection and Advocacy strenuously object to state plans to locate residential setting
092 0058CL-012HandicappedJuly-September 1987Problem for disabled to purchase health insurance; criticism of program for reimbursing home adaptations for disabled; need for accessible public transportation; problems finding handicapped parking s
092 0058CL-013HandicappedOctober-December 1987Question about court case involving the Office of Protection and Advocacy, the Division of Rehabilitation Services, and the Department of Education; need for accessible public transportation; wages in
093 0058CL-014HandicappedJanuary-April 1988Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; question about program for the disabled; law passed amplifying public telephones for hearing impaired people; alleged job
093 0058CL-015HandicappedMay-August 1988Information about money earned in sheltered workshop being taken by state government; Governor congratulates a rehabilitation facility on achieving accreditation; need to enforce handicapped parking
093 0058CL-016HandicappedSeptember-November 1988Alleged discrimination; need funding for Converse Communication Center; need transportation for disabled in rural communities; protest attacks on New Horizon Village in newspaper; Office of Protection
093 0058CL-017HandicappedDecember 1988Assurances to federal granting agency; constituent sends Governor issues concerning the disabled that should be considered by the legislature; Office of Protection and Advocacy application to National
093 0058CL-018HandicappedJanuary-June 1989Ask Governor for help in obtaining Social Security disability benefits; disabled need help finding employment; disabled individual threatened with eviction from New Horizons Village, needs immediate h
093 0058CL-019HandicappedJuly-August 1989Complaint about Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; review of Connecticut's Client Assistance Program; protest decreases in Department of Mental Retardation budget; problems with Social Security; c
093 0058CL-020HandicappedSeptember-December 1989Accessibility issues; requires Governor's help in obtaining Social Security benefits; Office of Protection and Advocacy director responds to critical report of state's special education advocacy; clie
093 0058CL-021Handicapped--Disability Determination Services1989Physician protests low fee for the Services provide for patient evaluation; description of responsibilities of Determination Services.
093 0058CL-022Handicapped1990Annual work plan and review of activities of the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities; urge Governor to enforce handicapped parking regulations; student requests elevator to
094 0058CL-023[Handicapped--Developmental] Disabilities [Council]1990Annual report; oppose mainstreaming deaf children; Report on Education; Governor describes and defends membership on Council; announcement of available grants; Guide to Personal Assistance in Connect
094 0058CL-024Handicapped--[Reports]1990Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired annual report; audit report on the Office of Protection and Advocacy; Office of Protection and Advocacy annual report.
094 0058CL-025Handicapped1991Audit report on the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired.