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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Health [Services]

Subseries ID: 001CL-0059

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094 0059CL-001Health [Services]January-March 1981Complaint about delay in autopsy report; information concerning HMO laws; physicians object to high license renewal fee; physician concerned about lack of beds at hospital; state cancer statistics; in
094 0059CL-002Health [Services]April-July 1981A Policy Statement on the Reappraisal of Long Term Care by the Association of Community Health Service Agencies; state funds needed for emergency response system for the frail elderly; questions about
094 0059CL-003Health [Services]August-December 1981Problems obtaining copies of vital records; problems renewing occupational licenses; oppose Laurel Heights Hospital being converted to prison; question about the Adolescent Pregnancy Act; urge non-smo
094 0059CL-004Health [Services]--Biweekly Reports1981Activity reports.
094 0059CL-005Health [Services]--Homemaker-Health Aide Program1981Urge Governor to allocate funds for the Homemaker-Health Aide training programs at Connecticut community colleges. [Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.]
094 0059CL-006Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsJanuary-March 26, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison; Legal Assistance to Medicare Patients wishes to represent persons at Laurel Heights and other facilities who might be denied Medicare; sugg
094 0059CL-007Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 27, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-008Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 30, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-009Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsMarch 31, 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
094 0059CL-010Health [Services]--Laurel HeightsApril 1981Oppose planned closing of hospital and conversion to prison. Governor issues standard response.
095 0059CL-011Health [Services]--Medical Efficiency Incentives1981Information about a rating system for nursing homes based on quality of care and the federal regulations that prevent its implementation.
095 0059CL-012Health [Services]--Memos to/from Commissioner1981Information concerning termination of a contract between the Department of Health Services and the Department of Mental Retardation; reporting nursing homes violating standards; Commissioner Lloyd con
095 0059CL-013Health [Services]--Robert Wood Johnson Foundation1980-1981Grants made to Connecticut institutions.
095 0059CL-014Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1982June and July.
095 0059CL-015Health [Services]1983Concern about statewide emergency medical services not including volunteers; revisions to nursing regulations to go before Legislative Regulation Review Committee; investigation of complaint against a
095 0059CL-016Health [Services]--Bi-weekly and Monthly Reports1983
095 0059CL-017Health [Services]January-June 1984Student concerned about dangers of smoking, particularly in public places; Long Term Care Commissioner Audrey Wasik's final statement to the Task Force to Study Self-Pay Rates in Nursing Homes; state
095 0059CL-018Health [Services]July-December 1984Governor approves State Health Plan; complaint against department in case involving horses in a residential neighborhood; federal legislation concerning Alzheimer's; update on bacteria problem at the
095 0059CL-019Health [Services]January-June 1985Survey of States on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood; hospice concerned about proposed regulations before the General Assembly; efforts to include Welch's grape juice in the WIC program; complaint
095 0059CL-020Health [Services]July-December 1985State does not recognize new profession of Spineology; concern about retention of medical records; Task Force on Health Care Liability Insurance; concern about fire safety at youth camps; urge Governo
095 0059CL-021Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1985September and October.
095 0059CL-022Health [Services]January-April 1986Concern about laws affecting AIDS testing; report of the Connecticut Medical Examining Board about complaints and enforcement actions concerning physicians; State Health Plan; request Governor form a
095 0059CL-023Health [Services]May-July 1986Investigation of Office of Emergency Medical Services; Southbury residents need water upgrade; Governor instituting program Healthy Start to provide prenatal services to mothers and comprehensive serv
095 0059CL-024Health [Services]August-September 11, 1986Report on progress at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in relation to autopsy backlog and new building; Home Health Care and Public Health Nursing Agency Data Report; request help for Griffin
096 0059CL-025Health [Services]September 20-December 198Youth Challenge facilities not licensed; data on AIDS in Connecticut; urge funding for regional health planning; Governor explains why he vetoed a bill concerning acupuncture; allege state is not doin
096 0059CL-026Health [Services]--Bi-weekly Reports1986
096 0059CL-027Health [Services]January 1987Questions about professional licenses; information on school based health clinics; Connecticut Governor's Committee on Physical Fitness; bi-weekly report; lobbies for recognition and treatment of Envi
096 0059CL-028Health [Services]February 1987Conflict between local health directors and the state regarding confidentiality of records; salmonella food poisoning; strike notices; concern about Alar; department testifies in favor of the Nuclear
096 0059CL-029Health [Services]March 1987Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future Course of Public Health Planning; problems obtaining vital records; funeral homes refuse to transport corpses unless guaranteed payment; personnel issues;
096 0059CL-030Health [Services]April 1987Day care center encounters problem with licensing; need placement for AIDS patients no longer requiring acute care in hospital; Jewish Home for the Elderly requests Governor's help in obtaining approv
096 0059CL-031Health [Services]May 1987 May 1987AIDS education material; Jewish Home for the Elderly seeks approval from the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care for expansion; unhappy with health insurance company; concern for residents of harb
096 0059CL-032Health [Services]--Harbor CrossingMay 1987Investigation of alleged poor patient care in relation to the nurses strike at Harbor Crossing Skilled Nursing Care Facility and the subsequent loss of Medicare approval.
096 0059CL-033Health [Services]June 1987Concern for residents of Harbor Crossing Skilled Nursing Care Facility when federal and state reimbursement stops; Governor designates Lyme Disease Awareness Week; concern about tick problem in state;
096 0059CL-034Health [Services]July 1987Commissioner of Long Term Care asks Governor for personnel review; urge Governor to institute mandatory reporting of Lyme disease, he responds with press release about subject; Milford needs state hel
097 0059CL-035Health [Services]August 1-17, 1987Critical of state's actions to prevent Lyme disease; nursing shortage; need to stop teen addiction to tobacco; person distressed by mistakes on birth certificate; problems obtaining vital records; fed
097 0059CL-036Health [Services]August 24-30, 1987Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant application; Preventive Health and Services Block Grant application; problems renewing nursing license; physician suggests method to contain AIDS; sugges
097 0059CL-037Health [Services]September 1987News release regarding settlement between department and Mountainview Nursing Home; update on precipitation levels and water supply status; nurses counter allegations against Lexington Nursing Home; p
097 0059CL-038Health [Services]October 1-19, 1987Residents of Country Estates subdivision request emergency sewer funds; information and concerns about the nursing shortage; designation of Primary Care Health Manpower Shortage Areas in Connecticut;
097 0059CL-039Health [Services]October 20-31, 1987Funds allocated for AIDS education; Charter Oak Terrace-Rice Heights area of Hartford designated a Health Manpower Shortage Area; concern that salaries of private mental health workers are much lower
097 0059CL-040Health [Services]November 1987Physician protests high cost of malpractice insurance; comments on report from the General Accounting Office concerning health and safety of nursing home residents; personnel issues; concern about nur
097 0059CL-041Health [Services]December 1-14, 1987Concern about and suggestions for solving the nursing shortage; wider availability of condoms can help stop the spread of AIDS; New Haven plans to provide school breakfasts to all children; independen
097 0059CL-042Health [Services]December 15-31, 1987New federal regulation concerning asbestos management in public schools; problem obtaining vital records; company ready to try AIDS vaccine; proposed reform of malpractice insurance; document declarin
098 0059CL-043Health [Services]--Reports1987Interim report, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; bi-weekly reports; professional regulatory activities in 1986; administrative report of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; annual report, D
098 0059CL-044Health [Services]January 1988Demand investigation of advertising practices of chiropractor; question legality of moving father's body from one cemetery to another; oppose smoking in hospitals; complaint about trash in neighborhoo
098 0059CL-045Health [Services]February 1988Congressman Charles Rangle introduces federal legislation, Intravenous Substance Abuse and Aids Prevention Act; groundwater contamination; poor septic system prevents sale of house, ask for Governor's
098 0059CL-046Health [Services]March 1-11, 1988Problem renewing nursing license; criticism of nurses licensing process; information about precarious condition of U.S. health care system; New York resident believes he needs a heart transplant; prob
098 0059CL-047Health [Services]March 14-21, 1988Petitions to General Assembly urging financial support for a pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; letters to Governor and General Assembly members to support pi
098 0059CL-048Health [Services]March 17-31, 1988Annual meeting of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology; letters to Governor and General Assembly members to support pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in ord
098 0059CL-049Health [Services]April 1988Letters and petitions to Governor and General Assembly members to support pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; patients at psychiatric care facility protest rem
098 0059CL-050Health [Services]May 1988Notice of strike resolution; letters to Governor urging support for pilot medical unit to treat intravenous drug users in order to prevent AIDS; concerns that state not doing enough to address Lyme di
099 0059CL-051Health [Services]June-July 1988Suggest creation of transplant fund; urge Governor to fund educational program on Shaken Infant Syndrome; criticism of one recommendation of the Nursing Task Force; oppose new emergency medical servic
099 0059CL-052Health [Services]August 1-15, 1988Proposal for AIDS education for Latino community; strike notice; concern about school that is acting as child day care facility; report on Improving Surveillance and Patient Protection in nursing home
099 0059CL-053Health [Services]August 16-31, 1988Department needs more investigators; day care center having problems with application for expansion; Governor agrees with Congressman Waxman in opposing amendments to the federal AIDS Counseling and T
099 0059CL-054Health [Services]September-October 1988Object to AIDS/condom advertisements; Council of State Governments draft report on health care cost containment; consensus statement from Citizens Against the Spread of AIDS; concerned about condition
099 0059CL-055Health [Services]November 1988Object to Rate Determination Form at Uncas Hospital; protest cost of parking at UConn Medical Center; request symposium on chronic fatigue syndrome; department considers administering cosmetology exam
099 0059CL-056Health [Services]December 1988Student nurse alleges harassment from instructors; scandal about septic systems not meeting code in New Fairfield; advocate for victims of environmental illness; Governor approves creation of a trust
099 0059CL-057Health [Services]January 1989Department expresses concern about reported closing of public health programs at Yale Medical School; response to audit; complaint against dentists; concern about nursing shortage; protest use of anim
099 0059CL-058Health [Services]February 1989Survey being taken by AIDS Policy Center; urge stronger no smoking regulations; concern about indoor air quality standards; information about federal Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988; concern fo
100 0059CL-059Health [Services]March 1989Protest use of animals in laboratory testing; implementation of shellfish sanitation standards; concern for future of shellfish industry; notices of federal grants available; Governor declares Connect
100 0059CL-060Health [Services]April 1989Investigation of complaint against physician; question about nurses licensing; concerns about toxic effects of lead in infants; protest moratorium on water system extension in Colchester; protocols fo
100 0059CL-061Health [Services]May 1989Possible harmful effects of pesticides on potatoes and bananas; letter opposing state budget cuts aimed at nursing homes; information on withdrawal of Alar from the market; letters of appreciation to
100 0059CL-062Health [Services]May 25, 1989Petitions opposing the advertising of condoms on television.
100 0059CL-063Health [Services]June 1989Problems obtaining vital records; protest low reimbursement rates for nursing homes; complaints about nurses training program; complaint about undertaker.
100 0059CL-064Health [Services]July 1989Complaint about physician; problem obtaining nursing license; problem obtaining vital records; information about developmental neurotoxicity; concern about safety of drinking water; claims of contamin
100 0059CL-065Health [Services]August 1989Concern about funding level for WIC program; problems obtaining vital records; information about teen pregnancy programs in state; proposal to the Environmental Protection Agency for a cooperative agr
101 0059CL-066Health [Services]September 1989Massachusetts Governor Dukakis critical of federal proposal to shift costs of health care for the poor to the states; concern about funding level for WIC program; protest use of animals for laboratory
101 0059CL-067Health [Services]October 1989Letter writing campaign about premature infants going blind because of fluorescent lights in nurseries; report on AIDS expenditures published by the Intergovernmental Health Policy Project; department
101 0059CL-068Health [Services]November 1989Protest DRG charge from hospital; critical of delay in developing nursing database; concern about funding level for WIC program, including testimonies from women who use the program; Board of Examiner
101 0059CL-069Health [Services]December 1989Problems with licensing a home health agency; delays of Commission on Hospitals and Health in promulgating rates creating problems for hospitals; problems obtaining funeral director license; health ma
101 0059CL-070Health ServicesJanuary-February 1990Report of poor food handling practices; urge Governor to continue funding for elderly nutrition program; question requirements for psychology licensure; physician and nurse protest high license renewa
101 0059CL-071Health ServicesMarch 1990Workers' compensation case; oppose bill that would abolish the Commission on Long Term Care; department needs to fill vacant staff positions; resident of health care center alleges harassment; claim t
101 0059CL-072Health ServicesApril 1-16, 1990State cooperation in ameliorating Westerly, RI, water shortage; urge Governor to fund Red Cross Bone Marrow Testing Program; request letter of support for funding Adolescent Family Life Program in Bri
101 0059CL-073Health ServicesApril 17, 1990Update on complaint against physician; request letter of support for funding Adolescent Family Life Program in New Britain, and copy of federal grant application.
102 0059CL-074Health ServicesApril 18-27, 1990Problems obtaining vital records; update on air quality at Bulkeley High School in Hartford; support application of Yale-New Haven Hospital to upgrade one unit and construct a children's hospital; see
102 0059CL-075Health ServicesApril 25, 1990Request Governor's review of grant proposal for Adolescent Family Life Demonstration funding from service agency in Willimantic.
102 0059CL-076Health ServicesMay 1-3, 1990Application for continuation of cooperative agreement, Demonstration Program for State Health Departments to Conduct Health Assessments, with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; appl
102 0059CL-077Health ServicesMay 15-31, 1990Notice of federal funds for community-based health services for those infected with HIV; protest federal cuts for medical research; physician strenuously objects to revised medical case review procedu
102 0059CL-078Health ServicesJune 1990Complaint against optician; request legislation banning smoking on buses; protest use of animals in laboratory testing; cannot afford health care costs for wife with Alzheimer's; strike notice; parent
102 0059CL-079Health Services--[Independence Manor]June 1990Residents and families protest Medicare decertification of Independence Manor, a skilled nursing facility.
102 0059CL-080Health ServicesJuly 1990Object to federal government report critical of alternative medical treatments; protest Medicare decertification of Independence Manor, a skilled nursing facility; information on federal cuts of AIDS
102 0059CL-081Health ServicesAugust-October 1990Emergency rooms need to treat drug users more effectively; object to state employees taking educational leave with pay; reports and resolutions from health care organizations; creation of Occupational
102 0059CL-082Health ServicesNovember-December 1990Problems obtaining vital records; nurses object to the Resident Assessment Instrument and the Minimum Data Set in determining staffing in long term care facilities; announcement of federal funds for A
102 0059CL-083Health Services--Memos to/from Commissioner1990Annual report concerning physician complaints, investigations, and regulatory actions; bi-weekly report for July; explanation of educational leave policy of department.
103 0059CL-084Health Services--Zachmanoglou [Case]1990Allegations and evidence of abuse of mentally ill in Family Care Homes presented by Katina and Maria Zachmanoglou.
103 0059CL-085Health Services1991Department audit report.
103 0059CL-086[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1984Proposed applications for Teenage Pregnancy and Prevention Program funds and request for Governor's comments.
103 0059CL-087[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1986Letters of support for Governor's comprehensive health care program on infant mortality; information about a nationwide adolescent pregnancy network; United Way of Connecticut sponsors panel on adoles
103 0059CL-088[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy1987Governor endorses request for funding for a comprehensive teen pregnancy program from the Hispanic Health Council; urge Commissioner Adams to support Governor's budget initiative for a teenage pregnan
103 0059CL-089[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy--Grant application1987Request for Governor's comments on grant application for an Adolescent Family Life Program in Bridgeport, along with a copy of the application.
103 0059CL-090[Health Services]--Adolescent Pregnancy--Grant application1988Information about the Mothers Offering Mothers Support program at New Britain General Hospital; resolution of New Haven Board of Aldermen urging state action to address needs of pregnant teenagers; ur
103 0059CL-091[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1983Monthly activity reports, September to November.
103 0059CL-092[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1984Commissioner opposes plan limiting the number of nursing home beds for new construction in 1990; Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) undertaking study of MRI literature to provide information
103 0059CL-093[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1986Monthly activities reports; dispute over Danbury Hospital's request to commence providing cardiac surgery; information about establishing a Behavior Effectuation Center in the state; Congresswoman Nan
103 0059CL-094[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareJanuary-July 1987Question the appeal process regarding DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) charges; angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; state too r
103 0059CL-095[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareAugust-December 1987Angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; physician objects to lack of MRI equipment in New Haven area; question the appeal proces
103 0059CL-096[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1987Catholic Family Services questions the need for an additional license to provide alcohol counseling at its outpatient psychiatric facility. Commission responds with copy of state regulations and appli
103 0059CL-097[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareJanuary 1988Angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest Commission's reduction in allowed budget for Hartford Hospital; concern about nursing shortage
104 0059CL-098[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareFebruary-April 1988Angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest Commission's reduction in allowed budget for Hartford Hospital; question about the certificate
104 0059CL-099[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health CareMay-December 1988Question necessity of continuing Commission; protest increase in hospital rates; angry protests from individuals and businesses about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; Senator
104 0059CL-100[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1989Market for used and outdated hospital equipment; angry protests from individuals about exorbitant DRG All Payor System charges for hospital care; protest high costs of health insurance; concern about
104 0059CL-101[Health Services]--Commission on Hospitals and Health Care1990Marketing research study concerning the feasibility of an emergency center in Marlborough; protest lack of heart-lung machine at Norwalk Hospital; Yale-New Haven Hospital requests Governor's support o
104 0059CL-102[Health Services]--CHHC--[Coalition of Taft-Hartley Funds]1990Union health funds notify hospitals that some of their guidelines are restrictive regarding auditing bills for services. More than one employer contributes to a Taft-Hartley Health Insurance Plan trus
104 0059CL-103[Health Services]--CHHC--[Life Star]1990Letters in support of second Life Star helicopter for Hartford Hospital.
104 0059CL-104[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1981Minutes of the Advisory Board on Long Term Care; procedures for handling nursing home complaints; need for emergency shelter for elderly; protest high fees paid by private pay patients in nursing home
104 0059CL-105[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1982-1983Request investigation of care given elderly woman; grant proposal to Health Care Financing Administration; request for interpretation by Jay Jackson of P.A. 83-337 concerning a new Advisory Board on L
104 0059CL-106[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1986Governor appoints a Commission on Private and Public Responsibilities for Financing Long Term Care for the Elderly; concern about language on Nursing Home Administrator's license; urge Commission to h
104 0059CL-107[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1987Concern about proper treatment for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury; complaint against nursing home is being investigated; Coordinator Audrey Wasik praises Governor on his efforts to address financin
105 0059CL-108[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1988Agenda for Commission meeting to include approval of interagency policy on community based respite and discussion of raised committee bill 5060, An Act Concerning Nursing Homes; minutes of previous me
105 0059CL-109[Health Services]--Commission on Long Term Care1989Certified Nursing Assistants petition to protest required re-certification.
105 0059CL-110[Health Services]--E.M.S. [Emergency Medical Services1981Office of Emergency Medical Services commended for extra efforts during nursing home strike and Governor Grasso's funeral; outline of problems between the state E.M.S. and the regional services; Depar
105 0059CL-111[Health Services--Emergency Medical Services1988Thank Governor for attending EMS Conference.
105 0059CL-112[Health Services]--E.M.S. [Emergency Medical Services]1989Results of investigation of complaint about response time; protest lack of death benefits for EMS personnel when not in an emergency situation.
105 0059CL-113[Health Services--Medical Examiner]1986Urge Governor to suspend/fire Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Catherine Galvin pending investigation of allegation that she brought her dogs into the autopsy room and alleged poor administration (she resig
105 0059CL-114[Health Services]--Medical Examiner1988Search for new Chief Medical Examiner will be nationwide; protest the modest increase in the office's budget; annual administrative report.
105 0059CL-115[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners1981Question about licensing nurses from out of state; complaints about heat in room where nursing examination taken.
105 0059CL-116[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners1983Evaluate need for nursing education consultant; concern about the selection process in hiring nurse consultant; revised nursing regulations.
105 0059CL-117[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners--Contract1983Personal service agreements; discussion of and attempts to renew Elaine Waudby's contract as education consultant; minutes of the Board of Examiners for Nursing meeting; review of duties performed by
105 0059CL-118[Health Services--Board of] Nursing Examiners--Contract1984Connecticut League for Nursing concerned about the status of the State Board of Nursing Examiners.
105 0059CL-119[Health Services]--Statewide Health Coordinating Council1983Meeting minutes and agendas; state health plan; need projections for nursing home beds; report on Health Maintenance Organizations.
105 0059CL-120[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-March 1981Request formal audit of Heath Service Area I; Bridgeport designated health manpower shortage area; letter of intent indicating state's interest in participating in the White House Interagency Independ
105 0059CL-121[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesMay-December 1981Revisions to state health plan; department announces demonstration project to train and employ recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children as homemakers and health aides; state comments on p
105 0059CL-122[Health Services]--U.S. Dept., H and HS--Community Services1981Announcement of new organization in the Department, the Office of Community Services; federal grant award notices.
106 0059CL-123[Health Services--U.S.] Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-June 1982List of state's proposals for Office of Human Development discretionary funding; warning that state not meeting its target Medicaid quality control error rates; Governor expresses support for grant pr
106 0059CL-124[Health Services--U.S.] Department, Health and Human ServicesJuly-December 1982Governor supports grant proposal of the New England Farm Worker's Council; state comments about proposed federal rules; loss of designation for the State Health Planning and Development Agency; grant
106 0059CL-125[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesJanuary-August 1983Designation of medically underserved areas in state; procedures for waiver requests; state comments on proposed amendments to Medicare and Medicaid Programs; state compliance with block grants to be r
106 0059CL-126[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesSeptember-October 1983State comments on proposed federal regulations and rules; plans for implementing distribution of federal grant money; invitations to state to apply for federal block grants; designation of health manp
106 0059CL-127[Health Services]--U.S. Department, Health and Human ServicesNovember-December 1983State comments on proposed federal regulations and rules; research about and Governor's agreement to hold evidentiary hearings for recipients of Social Security Disability benefits; grant award notice
106 0059CL-128[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJanuary-April 1984Governor explains why the Department of Human Services underwent a federal audit; changes in social security programs; Governor makes case for federal support of Community Health Centers; Governor pro
106 0059CL-129[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesMay-July 1984Designation agreement; requests for designation as health manpower shortage area; state comments on proposed federal rules; grant award notice; call for celebrating a Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies M
106 0059CL-130[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesAugust-December 1984Designation of health manpower shortage areas; Department's position on H.R. 4762, the Compassionate Pain Relief Act; National Emergency Repatriation Plan; Department to brief legislature and state D
106 0059CL-131[Health Services--U.S. Department] Health and Human [Services]1985Assurance for community services block grants; state fails to meet its AFDC payment target error rate; announcement of new program, Refugee Assistance Program-Mental Health; Governor supports grant ap
107 0059CL-132[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1986State comments on proposed federal rules; request for and Governor's support of designation as health manpower shortage areas; federal audits of grant awards; notice that skilled nursing facility is l
107 0059CL-133[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1987Grant award notice; designation of health manpower shortage areas; state fails to meet its AFDC payment target error rate; Governor consents to grant awards; Governor supports application by New York
107 0059CL-134[Health Services--U.S. Department, Health and Human Services]1988Agency reports; designation of health manpower shortage areas; application procedures; announcement of new grant; Department plans household mailing on AIDS; new AFDC requirements; estate recovery of
107 0059CL-135[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJanuary-April 1989Need to address problem of infant mortality; reports; Connecticut Child Support Enforcement System receives certification from the Department; announcement of new grant program; impact of new Family S
107 0059CL-136[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesJune 1989Grant proposal for teen pregnancy program; state has one of the first JOBS plans approved under the Family Support Act of 1988.
107 0059CL-137[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human ServicesSeptember-December 1989Request for designation of health manpower shortage area; constituent having problems obtaining social security benefits; Connecticut required to assess health manpower shortage in the state; notice
107 0059CL-138[Health Services--U.S. Department], Health and Human Services1990State senator urges agency heads to apply for federal funds; concern about teenage smoking; Department reports; announcement of federal funds for Head Start demonstration projects.
107 0059CL-139[Health Services--Women's Health Network1986Need to educate women regarding the health aspects of abortion, Governor responds that state clinics do provide counseling.