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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Historical

Subseries ID: 001CL-0061

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
108 0061CL-001HistoricalJanuary-March 1981New Haven Colony Historical Society seeks state funding for special project on government patronage of the arts; invitation to Governor to serve as Honorary Director of the Old State House Association
108 0061CL-002HistoricalApril-December 1981Citizen seeking support for a Bicentennial of the Constitution; resolution from the Connecticut Bicentennial Commemoration of the Battle of Groton Heights Committee urging designation of Fort Griswold
108 0061CL-003Historical1982Thank you to Governor for interest in preserving history; request for historical information; alleged malfeasance in state-funded historic preservation activities; grant of paint by the National Trust
108 0061CL-004Historical--German-American Tricentennial1983Information about and naming of liaison from the state Historical Commission to the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial to celebrate the first German settlement in America.
108 0061CL-005Historical1984Request help in securing funding to restore the ca. 1790 home of Oliver Coolidge, ancestor of President Calvin Coolidge; analysis of the composition of the State Historical Commission; house accepted
108 0061CL-006Historical1985Resolutions passed by the Connecticut Historical Commission; questions about Connecticut's plans to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Constitution.
108 0061CL-007Historical1986U.S. Department of the Interior's plans for commemorating the bicentennial of the Constitution; Special Act passed concerning recognition of Gustave Whitehead, pioneer aviator.
108 0061CL-008Historical1987Suggestion for historic site; request for historical information; state should commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Charter Oak Tree incident; Historic Preservation Fund allocations; information c
108 0061CL-009Historical1988Newsletter of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; information about Connecticut patent models; resident wants to donate historic house to the state; neighborhood opposition to an expanded
108 0061CL-010Historical1989Urge Governor to support the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and the Office of State Archaeologist; request for historical information; Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board
108 0061CL-011Historical1990Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board requests Governor's assistance in preventing the move of the National Archives from Waltham to Pittsfield, MA; annual report of Connecticut Historic