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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Housing

Subseries ID: 001CL-0063

Subseries is: 001CL-0063
Folder is: Housing
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108   0063CL-001  Housing  January-March 1981  Elderly residents complain about increased rent, request Section 8 subsidy; Commissioner and the Central Housing Committee defend the state's Three Year Housing Plan; action needed to alleviate Hartfo 
108   0063CL-002  Housing  April-June 1981  Alleged discrimination in housing; fact sheet about groundbreaking at Enfield Elderly Housing Project; elderly residents complain about increased rent, request Section 8 subsidy; employers and individ 
109   0063CL-003  Housing  July-October 1981  Oppose low-income housing in neighborhood; landlord/tenant disputes; tenant protests eviction; tenants concerned about maintenance of state-owned apartment building; state representative requests expl 
109   0063CL-004  Housing  November-December 1981  Congregate housing facility may be forced to close; town urges Governor to support federal and state funding for constructing elderly housing; request federal or state funding to change heating plant 
109   0063CL-005  Housing--Bi-weekly reports  1981   
109   0063CL-006  Housing--Condo[minium] Conv[ersion]  1979-1981  Summary of condominium conversion proposals; legislation from other states regarding condominium conversion and other background information from journals and reports gathered by Representative Richar 
109   0063CL-007  Housing--Condo[minium Conversion] Questionnaire Responses  1980-1981  Summary of legal opinions on the constitutionality of declaring moratorium on condominium conversions; bills concerning condominiums and conversion; opinions from Connecticut legislators concerning pr 
109  0063CL-008  Housing--Condo[minium] Conversion--Working File  1979-1981  Research and background information and memoranda to the General Assembly about condominium conversion gathered by Representative Richard Tulisano, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee. 
109  0063CL-009  Housing--Memos to/from Commissioner  1981  Report to Treasurer on housing contract with federal government; comments on the joint meeting of the Central Housing Committee and the Department's Three Year Plan Task Force; allocation of federal A 
109  0063CL-010  Housing  January-April 1982  Concerns about lack of affordable housing; status report on congregate housing project in Stamford; Seymour Tenant's Association request meeting with Commissioner about problems with local housing aut 
109  0063CL-011  Housing  May-December 1982  Request Governor's help securing second phase of housing project; federal government studying housing in southwest Connecticut; individual requests use of surplus mobile home from Windsor Locks tornad 
109  0063CL-012  Housing  1983  Governor approves emergency regulations needed to implement the heating conversion loan program; Governor approves bond issue for rehabilitating buildings as affordable rental housing. 
109  0063CL-013  Housing  1984  Complaint about processing of Section 8 application; allocation of funds for elderly housing project in Griswold; Governor approves bond issue for rehabilitating building as affordable rental housing; 
110  0063CL-014  Housing  1985  Governor designates liaison to HUD for Fair Housing Month; contractor complains about not getting paid for services to the Heritage Community Development Corporation project; concern about housing cri 
110  0063CL-015  Housing--Memos to/from Commissioner  1985  Community Development Block Grant Program Minority Business Enterprise Goals; recommendations for recipients of State Neighborhood Rehabilitation grants; housing authorities and developers of state as 
110  0063CL-016  Housing--Beardsley Terrace  1985-1986  Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings concerning the lack of heat at Beardsley Gardens in November 1985; Tenants' Association request meeting place; petition demanding resignation of Connecti 
110  0063CL-017  Housing  1986  Governor approves emergency regulations needed to implement a pilot program of rent subsidies for low-income families living in privately owned rental housing; protest condominium conversions; concern 
110  0063CL-018  Housing--Bloomfield  1986  Letters concerning the withdrawal of Section 8 designation from an apartment complex due to the manager's fraud, and the relocation of tenants receiving assistance. 
110  0063CL-019  Housing  January-February 1987  Department needs to extend deadline for determining recipients of Municipal Housing Trust Fund grants; protest prosecution of property owners by housing courts; elderly cannot find affordable housing 
110  0063CL-020  Housing  March 1987  Citizen claims developers are not reserving the required 10% of units built for those with low or medium income; question about the Condominium Conversion law; concern about housing crisis; asks Gover 
110  0063CL-021  Housing  April 1987  Citizen explains financial and housing situation; history of PILOT payments to Hartford and Meriden; ten year overview of the Housing Authority of the City of Hartford illustrating constant lack of su 
110  0063CL-022  Housing  May-June 1987  Problems with landlord; Small Cities Community Development Block Grant contract; press releases concerning grant allocations; allegation that developer is circumventing condominium conversion laws; at 
110  0063CL-023  Housing  July 1987  Complaints about rental property; request for funding to rehabilitate 1940s era federal emergency housing for low and moderate-income families; complaint about conditions at condominium complex in Dan 
110  0063CL-024  Housing  August 1987  Need public housing; suggest using state surplus for low and moderate income housing; complaint about increasing rental fees; protest rule prohibiting residents in state-assisted housing to have pets; 
111  0063CL-025  Housing  September 1987  Alternative to rebuilding Father Panic Village in Bridgeport; criticism of the Fairfield 2000 Housing Force report; Department press releases about grant and bond awards; request for Section 8 housing 
111  0063CL-026  Housing  October 1987  Oppose expansion of public housing complex; alleged negligence of landlord; Wethersfield proposes model for helping young couples purchase homes; suggestion of underlying problem causing lack of affor 
111  0063CL-027  Housing  November-December 1987  Urge Governor to continue supporting efforts to provide affordable housing; concern about administration of the Rental Assistance Program; question about appointees to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Ho 
111  0063CL-028  Housing--Monthly and Annual Reports  1987   
111  0063CL-029  Housing  January 1988  Suggest rent stabilization to assist elderly; zoning laws exclusionary; protest rising rental fees; proposal for congregate housing in West Haven; concern about affordable housing and housing for the 
111  0063CL-030  Housing  February 1988  Urge state to purchase land in Meriden for affordable housing; concern about increase in rental fees; suggest state lease land to prospective homeowners; East Hartford concerned about eligibility for 
111  0063CL-031  Housing  March 1988  Protest rules that prohibit pets in some public housing; concerns about exclusionary zoning; concerns about location and continuing lack of affordable housing; oppose expansion of public housing compl 
111  0063CL-032  Housing  April-July 1988  Need for affordable housing; impact of Federal legislation on housing programs; questions concerning the state's Reverse Annuity Mortgage Program; needs help with rent; concern about homelessness; new 
111  0063CL-033  Housing  August-September 1988  Protest increase in rental fees; application for Tenant Management Grant and a review; landlord trying to impose rental fee higher than that accepted by the Department; oppose expansion of housing pro 
112  0063CL-034  Housing  October-November 1988  Trouble securing Section 8 assistance; NAACP and individuals urge Governor to address the poor minorities and close welfare hotels; correspondence and newspaper articles about the proposed expansion o 
112  0063CL-035  Housing  December 1988  Need for affordable housing; concern about possible radon in public housing units; suggest sites for public housing; state employee critical of state for not providing her with affordable housing; lan 
112  0063CL-036  Housing  January-February 1989  Former landlord has not returned security deposit; question about renters insurance; concern about lack of affordable housing; lack of maintenance at apartment complex; wants Governor to intervene wit 
112  0063CL-037  Housing  March 1989  Suggested solution to housing shortage; need elderly housing, cannot afford current rent; concern about Land Bank/Land Trust freeze; builder proposes constructing affordable housing units; landlord qu 
112  0063CL-038  Housing  April 1989  Position paper on affordable housing; object to proposed conveyance tax; small business inquires about eligibility for relocation funds; allege municipality does not fund minority organizations; Hispa 
112  0063CL-039  Housing  May 1989  Annual report of Connecticut Housing Investment Fund; request for help finding affordable housing; Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program, 1989 Final Program Statement; landlord compla 
112  0063CL-040  Housing  June-July 1989  Report to the Governor and General Assembly on the Congregate Housing for the Elderly Program; transcript of hearing before a housing session of the Superior Court; application for a bonus voucher all 
112  0063CL-041  Housing  August-October 1989  Protest increase in rental fees; Central Housing Committee's perspective on proposed Housing Compacts; concern about safety at homeless shelter; personnel issues; need for affordable housing critical 
112  0063CL-042  Housing  November-December 1989  Seeking Section 8 assistance; question about rent stabilization bill; Judeo Christian Women Inc. want to develop an apartment house into low income housing; Killingly's application for constructing e 
113  0063CL-043  Housing--Berlin Mobile Home  1989-1990  Correspondence, memoranda, notes and newspaper clippings concerning the eviction and relocation of mobile home park residents in Berlin. 
113  0063CL-044  Housing  January-February 1990  Poor condition of federal housing complex; state plans encourage private condominium developers to sell units to not-for-profit organizations for affordable housing; suggest state control real estate 
113  0063CL-045  Housing  March-April 1990  Complaint about conditions at federal housing project; support for and opposition to the Connecticut Housing Finance and Development Authority; praise for CHFA funding for first time homebuyers; conce 
113  0063CL-046  Housing  May-July 1990  Complaint about Section 8 designation process; concern about future of housing cooperative; complaint about conditions at senior housing complex; suggestion for increasing homeownership for low and mo 
113  0063CL-047  Housing  August-December 1990  Homeless shelters seeking donations; New Britain applying for a federal grant under the Public Housing Drug Elimination program; protest Department's rejection of bid; suggest rent control; Independen 
113  0063CL-048  Housing--[Memos to/from Commissioner]  1990  Rental Assistance for New Units Pilot never started due to budget constraints; Report to the General Assembly, Assessment of the Development of Congregate Housing for the Elderly; Small Cities Communi 
113  0063CL-049  Housing  1991  Invitation to the grand opening of Faith Manor, an elderly housing complex in Hartford. 
113  0063CL-050  Housing--Bond Commission Requests  January-February 1990  Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission. 
114  0063CL-051  Housing--Bond Commission Requests  April 1990  Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission. 
114  0063CL-052  Housing--Bond Commission Requests  May 1990  Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission. 
114  0063CL-053  Housing--Bond Commission Requests  June-August 1990  Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission. 
114  0063CL-054  Housing--Bond Commission Requests  September-November 1990  Lists and narrative of housing project seeking approval by the Bond Commission. 
114  0063CL-055  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1981  Bought house with contaminated well, needs help relocating; request information about qualifying for mortgage financing; drawing of sign placed at CHFA projects; summary of the Mortgage Subsidy Bond T 
114  0063CL-056  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1982  Warn new homeowner he must make the house his primary residence or the mortgage will be due in full; CHFA press releases; complaints about mortgage officers, CHFA staff and the application process; Se 
114  0063CL-057  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1983  Federal Ways and Means Committee mark-up of legislation restricting the issuance of tax-exempt industrial development bonds. 
114  0063CL-058  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1984  Announcement that the U.S. House and Senate adopted tax legislation that includes a mortgage revenue bond extension; question about application procedure for mortgage assistance; notice of public hear 
114  0063CL-059  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1985  Recommendation for Executive Director of the CHFA; press release; problems with a VA mortgage; Governor's request to CHFA for $10 million fund for two- and three-family homes. 
114  0063CL-060  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1986  Information concerning a foreclosure; need help finding affordable home. 
114  0063CL-061  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1987  Complaints about quality of construction of homes built by U.C. Development, Inc. for CHFA's Pilot Single Family Construction Loan Program; refugees request assistance with securing mortgage and const 
115  0063CL-062  Housing--CHFA [Conn. Housing Finance Authority]  1988  Question about process of choosing attorneys for closings; complaint about mortgage application process; Connecticut Congressional delegation supports extension of the Mortgage Revenue Bond program; a 
115  0063CL-063  [Housing--CHFA--Conn.] Housing Finance [Authority]  1989  Questions and complaints about eligibility guidelines for CHFA loans for first time homebuyers; information concerning certification of appraisers; press release; protest housing inspection; Affirmati 
115  0063CL-064  [Housing]--Conn. Housing [Finance] Authority  1990  CHFA not fulfilling contract compliance regulations; press release; problems with septic tank in home recently purchased; questions about eligibility guidelines for CHFA loans; Low Income Housing Tax 
116  0063CL-065  Housing--[Elderly Housing]  1982  Towns seek funding for construction of elderly housing units; protest increase in rental fees. 
116  0063CL-066  Housing--[Elderly Housing]  1983  Governor writes letter of support to Salvation Army for its plans to develop elderly housing units; response to auditors report. 
116  0063CL-067  Housing--[Elderly Housing] East Hampton Senior Citizen Housing  1984  Dispute among the construction company, the architect and the inspector for the East Hampton project; investigation of claims; architectural drawings. 
116  0063CL-068  Housing--Homeless  1986  Concerns expressed for the homeless; suggestion for providing shelter. 
116  0063CL-069  [Housing]-Homeless  1987  Support for proposal by My Sister's Place for transitional housing; second report of the Task Force on Homelessness; concern about homeless in the state, Governor describes actions taken; neighbors op 
116  0063CL-070  Housing--Homeless  1988  Suggestions for solving homeless problem or for providing shelter; urge Appropriations Committee to approve legislation to provide or expand funding for programs that alleviate hunger; information ab 
116  0063CL-071  [Housing]--Homeless  1989  Organizations want to develop transitional housing; assurances to secure a grant under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Act; concern for homeless in the state; letters concerning 300 families who face 
116  0063CL-072  [Housing]--Homeless  1990  Suggest use of closed hotel as shelter for homeless; suggestions for addressing homelessness; concern about homeless in the state; concern for families whose homes burned; protest city of Stamford clo 
116  0063CL-073  Housing--[Housing Authorities]  1982  Seymour Housing Authority Tenants Association concerned about possible eviction; requests Governor's help in obtaining an apartment through Hartford Housing Authority; adequate heat is problem at some 
116  0063CL-074  Housing--New Britain Housing Authority  1984  Management plan for four projects; report of poor maintenance at Moderate Rental Projects; two facilities are in poor financial condition; Department efforts to collect delinquent mortgage accounts; i 
116  0063CL-075  Housing--[Housing Authorities]  1984  Request for opinion on legality of actions taken by the Chairman of the Bridgeport Housing Authority; Stratford Housing Authority applying to State Bond Commission for funds to build elderly housing; 
116  0063CL-076  Housing--[Rentals/Tenants]  1982  Complaints about tenants; question about protection of tenants affected by condominium conversion; negotiations among the facility management company, the Department and the Beardsley Terrace Tenants 
116  0063CL-077  Housing--Rentals/Tenants  1983  Question about protection of tenants affected by condominium conversion. 
116  0063CL-078  Housing--Small Cities Program  1982  Proposed program statement for the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant program; comments about the program statement; Department preparing to assume control of the Small Cities Program; pos 
116  0063CL-079  Housing--Small Cities Program  1983  State is prepared to assume responsibility of grants for nonentitlement areas; town's application never received. 
117  0063CL-080  Housing--Urban Homesteading  1982  Urge Commissioner to employ emergency regulations to implement the Urban Homestead Revolving Fund; Bridgeport Mayor requests status report of the program. 
117  0063CL-081  Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  January-April 1981  State comments on federal rules concerning Section 8 Housing Assistance payments; information about and from the Council on Development Choices for the '80s; information and call for action about the 
117  0063CL-082  Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  June-December 1981  Protest increase in rent every two years; memoranda concerning Comprehensive Planning Assistance grant applications; notice of grant award; state decision to administer Small Cities grants; federal au 
117  0063CL-083  Housing--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1981  Complaints about the unfinished condition of homes and landscape at the Pinecrest Development in Waterbury. HUD has investigated. 
117  0063CL-084  [Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1982  Federal audit of grants; Governor supports interim regulations for Community Development Block Grants State's Program; proposal turned down; invitation to participate in the Small Business Economic Re 
117  0063CL-085  [Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1983  Notice of grant awards; state comments on proposed federal rule concerning public housing; Governor writes in support of an Urban Development Action Grant application; Financial Advisory Service now 
117  0063CL-086  [Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1984  State participation in Rental Rehabilitation Program Demonstration; list of Department employees and organizational charts; audit of Housing Assistance Payment Program and Department's response; activ 
117  0063CL-087  Housing--[HUD, U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1985  Information about New Horizons Housing Opportunity Program; Governor writes letter of support for West Haven grant application. 
117  0063CL-088  Housing--[HUD] U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development  1986  Transcriptions of public hearings concerning proposed rehabilitation of homes in Stamford; management review of the state's Low Income Public Housing Program; federal audit of Department administered 
117  0063CL-089  [Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1987  Statement of intent to participate in Emergency Shelter Grants Program and copy of grant agreement; information about Fair Housing Month; results of study of housing vouchers vs. Section 8 certificate 
117  0063CL-090  Housing--[HUD, U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1988  National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards to work with HUD and the National Governors Association to improve standards for manufactured housing; grant agreement; anniversary of fed 
117  0063CL-091  [Housing]--HUD [U.S. Dept., Housing & Urban Development]  1989  Request investigation of Bridgeport Housing Authority contractor bidding; Governor writes letter of support for Bridgeport Housing Authority grant application; due process determination concerning evi 
117  0063CL-092  [Housing--HUD] Housing & Urban Development, U.S. Dept. of  1990  Grant application for Section 8 certificates unacceptable. 
117  0063CL-093  Housing--[Weatherization Program]  1984  Information concerning the Weatherization/Conservation Demonstration Program in Connecticut; notice of fund availability. 
117  0063CL-094  Housing--[Weatherization Program]  1985  Housing Authority of the City of Hartford protests not receiving grant funds. 
117  0063CL-095  Housing--[World Housing]  1986  Individual markets his designs for affordable housing, asks to make presentation in person; follow up letter.