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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Human Resources

Subseries ID: 001CL-0064

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1180064CL-001Human ResourcesJanuary-April 1981Problems with contract between Connecticut Legal Services and the Department; recommendations of the Connecticut Rural Development Council sub-committee on Building Local Capacity; concern about pay s
1180064CL-002Human ResourcesMay-August 1981Urge Department and Governor to continue funding legal services for Medicare patients and the poor; request for information on need for day care facilities in southwestern Connecticut; right to die ca
1180064CL-003Human ResourcesSeptember 1981Concern about Federal cuts threatening Title XX Services, Title XX Training, and supplemental day care; client critical of homemakers who provide his care; support Department's position regarding day
1180064CL-004Human ResourcesOctober-December 1981Request Governor's help finding housing; urge Governor to fund child abuse programs; concern about continued funding for Converse Communications Center; concern about federal budget cuts affecting Tit
1180064CL-005Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportJanuary-April 1981Includes attachments and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-006Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportMay-August 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-007Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportSeptember-October 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-008Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportNovember-December 1981Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports, kept in the same order as sent by Commissioner Manning.
1180064CL-009Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ManningJanuary-April 1981Title XX Master Training Agreement; Rural Housing Improvement, Inc., budget and work program; summer busing program to take disadvantaged youth to state recreation area; grant award notices; report on
1180064CL-010Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ManningMay-December 1981Department to draft of regulations for emergency repatriation plan; report on visit to client in need of financial assistance; problems meeting client's needs; annual report on the operation of Title
1190064CL-011Human Resources--Refugee Resettlement1981Department of Income Maintenance designated by Governor Grasso as lead agency; copy of the Refugee Act of 1980 and state coordinator's commentary; updates on transition of refugee resettlement coordin
1190064CL-012Human Resources1982Review of grant application for refugee resettlement program; impact of federal cuts to WIN program; update on block grant administration; protest cuts to Infoline funding; review of illegal alien pop
1190064CL-013Human ResourcesJuly-December 1982Problems with grant funding for rape crisis centers; information about legislation sponsoring Upward Bound, Student Services and Talent Search; federal audit disallows allocation of Title XX training
1190064CL-014Human Resources--[Child Support]1982Request help getting child support payments; notice sent by Department warning those who are delinquent making child support payments that the IRS may offset their federal tax refund as a result; hard
1190064CL-015Human Resources--[Day Care]1982Appeal to Governor to continue subsidized day care; suggest using schools as day care centers; protest fee structure.
1190064CL-016Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982Policy statement regarding the Parent Deinstitutionalization Subsidy Aid Pilot Program; Community Service Block Grant spending allocations.
1190064CL-017Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-July 1983Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports.
1190064CL-018Human Resources--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1983Includes attachments, supporting documents, and division reports.
1190064CL-019Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]January-August 1983The First Four Years and Highlights of 1982; summary of information about the 1982 summer busing program; report that H'Mong plan to settle in eastern Connecticut, without notifying Governor; U.S. De
1200064CL-020Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]September-December 1983Report on recovery of unexpended program funds due to the state; recommendations on cost containment measures; difficulties staffing the Governor's Information Bureau; Governor gives permission to Dep
1200064CL-021Human Resources1984Survey to gather data for the Task Force on Homelessness; briefing paper on the Refugee Favorable Alternate Sites Demonstration Project; housing-employment data pertaining to Refugee Resettlement prop
1200064CL-022Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1984Information about child support disallowance imposed on Department; results of survey of homeless shelters undertaken by the Governor's Task Force on the Homeless; regulations for child care facilitie
1200064CL-023Human Resources1985Hispanic community approves of new Deputy Commissioner; copy of the federal Human Services Reauthorization Act; information about day care planning; food plan of the Thames Valley Council for Communit
1200064CL-024Human Resources--Memos to/from [Commissioner]1985Recommendations for implementing new federal legislation addressing child sexual abuse in day care settings; distribution of child abuse training funds; summer busing program information; bi-weekly re
1200064CL-025Human Resources1986Opinion on parents' role in the schools; request assistance getting Social Security Disability; concern about lack of day care in Vernon and regulation requiring no more than two children under the ag
1200064CL-026Human Resources -- Bi-weekly Reports1986
1200064CL-027Human Resources -- [Memos to/from Commissioner]1986Present State of the Surplus Commodities Program; response to audit recommendations.
1200064CL-028Human ResourcesJanuary-March 1987Request additional state funds for Cambodian refugees in the state; request Governor's help getting child support payments; report of neighbor stealing personal items from person's apartment; need Sec
1200064CL-029Human ResourcesApril-June 1987Service agency requests state funds; need help finding affordable housing; concern for the homeless; information about World Gratitude Day; Governor approves federal grants to Connecticut agencies; ne
1200064CL-030Human ResourcesJuly-August 1987Request Governor's help getting child support payments; oppose changes to WIN program; critical of Bristol town government; need help finding housing; concerns about application process for the Parent
1200064CL-031Human ResourcesSeptember 1987Social Service Block Grant allocation plan sent to General Assembly and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; need affordable housing; information concerning the State Legalization Impact Assi
1210064CL-032Human ResourcesOctober 1987Concern for the hungry; information regarding the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act; state plan for distributing Social Service Block Grant funds; praise for day care center; request Governo
1210064CL-033Human ResourcesNovember-December 1987Need assistance finding affordable housing; Governor's response to Senator Dodd concerning the Stewart B. McKinney Memorial residence for persons with Aids; disabled person seeks state employment; sug
1210064CL-034Human Resources -- Bi-weekly Reports1987
1210064CL-035Human Resources -- [Traumatic Brain Injury]1987State need to provide medical and long term care financial assistance for Traumatic Brain Injury victims; final report of the Governor's Traumatic Brain Injury Implementation Committee; need placement
1210064CL-036Human Resources -- [Traumatic Brain Injury Case]1987Information regarding family problems dealing with and coordination of services for victim of Traumatic Brain Injury.
1210064CL-037Human ResourcesJanuary-February 1988Need assistance finding affordable housing; concern about shortage of affordable housing; notice of available federal funds for housing handicapped homeless persons; concern for hungry; annual report
1210064CL-038Human ResourcesMarch-April 1988Request help getting child support payments; designation of State Refugee Coordinator; concern about funding for Bridgeport's Office of Persons with Disabilities; information regarding the Legalizatio
1210064CL-039Human ResourcesMay-June 1988Need assistance finding affordable housing; Governor's certification for a State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant; needs fuel assistance but state turned down application; fathers object to child
1210064CL-040Human ResourcesJuly 1988Problem with fuel assistance program; certifications for State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant; dangerous living situation for mother needs state intervention; need assistance finding affordable
1210064CL-041Human ResourcesAugust 1988Application for Child Development Association Scholarship Assistance Program; minutes, financial summaries, book review and reports sent to members of the Board of Directors of The Institute for Livin
1210064CL-042Human ResourcesSeptember 1988Children's Defense Fund sends information concerning and requests Governor's support of The Act for Better Child Care, H.R. 3660/S. 1885; Commissioner Ginsberg's testimony before the Senate Subcommitt
1220064CL-043Human ResourcesOctober-November 1988Need assistance getting child support payments or changing the order; questions state accountability in wrongful paternity suit; update on client who reported problems with apartment; needs services f
1220064CL-044Human ResourcesDecember 1988Need assistance getting child support payments; neighbors protest homeless shelter in neighborhood; family needs homemaker services; annual report of Thames Valley Council for Community Action; lobbyi
1220064CL-045[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1988Urge Governor to support the Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury Association and state services; client grateful for state services; Connecticut needs its own rehabilitation center for victims of traum
1220064CL-046Human ResourcesJanuary 1989Information concerning the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting; need help getting child support payments; complaint about Head Start program; request help with Social Security;
1220064CL-047Human ResourcesFebruary 1989New federal law, Technology-Related Assistance of Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988 and naming of lead state agency; need help finding affordable housing; need help getting child support payme
1220064CL-048Human ResourcesMarch-April 1989Program instructions for State Dependent Care Development grants; problem with fuel assistance application; need help getting child support payments; need help finding affordable housing; proposal for
1220064CL-049Human ResourcesMay-June 1989Critical of way Department handled a request; report on theft of three vehicles from the Department; protest increase in day care fee schedule; need help getting child support payments; response to au
1220064CL-050Human ResourcesJuly-September 1989Application for funds under the State Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities program; New London continues as a medical manpower shortage area; notes regarding individuals in
1220064CL-051Human ResourcesOctober-November 1989Problems with application for low-income housing; information about Head Start grants in Connecticut; submission to State Suggestion Program; needs help finding day care; need affordable housing; requ
1230064CL-052Human ResourcesDecember 1989Notice of award of Ford Foundation grant; information about Gateway Communities; complaint about condition of apartment; Connecticut Human Resource Development Coordination Guidelines from the Connect
1230064CL-053[Human Resources--Commission on the] Deaf & Hearing Impaired1989Client seeks employment; information about the advisory board to the Commission; Governor expresses appreciation for efforts in reaching a settlement for the message relay system; data for considerin
1230064CL-054Human Resources--Thames Valley Community and Day Care1985File was found among Human Resources files for 1989. Commissioner acknowledges proposals for child care facilities; Thames Valley Council for Community Action wanted offices torn down during expansio
1230064CL-055[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1989Bicycle fund raiser, asks Governor for donation; parents grateful that state will fund out of state rehabilitation for son; critical of state support for victims; families need to find placement for l
1230064CL-056Human ResourcesJanuary-April 1990Needs help with debt consolidation; requests Governor's help getting Section 8 certification; suggestions for solving homeless problem; state to apply for Home Energy Assistance funds; need help findi
1230064CL-057Human ResourcesMay-June 1990Problems obtaining a day care license; request assistance finding affordable housing; process of placing homeless in permanent housing through Rental Assistance Program is too slow; request refund of
1230064CL-058Human ResourcesJuly-December 1990Payments to homemakers overdue; problems obtaining Section 8 certification; concern for homeless; proposed social development program; protest withholding of income tax refund for child support; probl
1230064CL-059[Human Resources--Commission on the] Deaf and Hearing Impaired1990Corrections to newspaper story concerning the state's message relay system; request counseling; question of using TDD when dialing 911; question about long term TDD loan program for young son.
1230064CL-060[Human Resources]--Emergency Housing1990Proposal to Provide Temporary Emergency Housing and Permanent Affordable Housing for Families in Hartford, Connecticut.
1230064CL-061Human Resources--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1990McKinney Funding Announcements; problem of Department serving a lead agency to administer the state plan for vocational rehabilitation services; Governor requests explanation of auditors' findings.
1230064CL-062[Human Resources]--TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]1990Family needs placement and rehabilitation for TBI victim; family decries lack of funding for medical and vocational help; Norwalk Hospital intends to apply for federal grant to establish a Comprehensi