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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Human Rights and Opportunities

Subseries ID: 001CL-0065

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1230065CL-001HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-April 1981Minutes of a meeting held with representatives of minority businesses, and a copy of Governor Meskill's Executive Order #3 concerning equal employment compliance for state contracts; requests for stat
1230065CL-002HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]May-December 1981Letter writing campaign urging the Governor to address the increasing incidence of violence against minorities; requests for status report on employer discrimination cases; Director Green's statement
1240065CL-003HRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]1982State needs to provide services to benefit minority businesses; allegation that employee fired without cause; State Representative Casey concerned about backlog of cases and lack of investigators; com
1240065CL-004[Human Rights and Opportunities]1983Request for and Governor's approval of adopting emergency regulations pertaining to the filing of Affirmative Action plans; review of Affirmative Action Plan; Superior Court decision in case involving
1240065CL-005Human Rights and Opportunities1984Appeal to municipalities to implement the report by the Task Force on Racial Harmony and create Human Rights Commissions; several towns respond.
1240065CL-006Human Rights and Opportunities1985Governor's welcoming remarks to participants in fact-finding hearing on equal housing; protest to being subpoenaed to testify at hearing; Department of Transportation questions contract compliance reg
1240065CL-007Human Rights and Opportunities1986University of Connecticut's Affirmative Action Plan late; student requests information about discrimination in the state; request Governor's intervention in employer discrimination case; advertisement
1240065CL-008Human Rights and OpportunitiesJanuary-September 1987Response to audit report; requests for review of CHRO findings; complaint about slow processing of claims; question about contract compliance; complaint about procedures for filing claims.
1240065CL-009Human Rights and OpportunitiesOctober-December 1987Governor's comments to participants in the fact-finding hearings; requests for status report on claim; CHRO findings in case; request for review of CHRO findings; complaints about Commission and its p
1240065CL-010Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1987Information concerning a conference to commemorate Dr. King's speech at Riverside Church, sponsored by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission; annual report of Commission.
1240065CL-011CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-July 1988Requests for update on status of claim; claimants' directions for handling two cases; refutation of claim by employer; information concerning civil rights for women who take maternity leave; complaint
1240065CL-012CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]August-September 1988Request for Howard Rifkin's recommendations on investigating CHRO; offers of testimony for Task Force on the Commission; annual report of Commission; complaint about treatment by the Commission; reque
1240065CL-013CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]October-December 1988Complaint about lack of communication with Commission; request for update on status of claim; Governor concerned about number of agencies receiving late notices or certificates of noncompliance for Af
1240065CL-014Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1988An agenda, meeting packets and minutes of Holiday Commission meetings; teacher's resource manual on Martin Luther King, Jr.; program and related material from the state's Martin Luther King, Jr. Comme
1240065CL-015CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]January-March 1989Governor thanks members of the Task Force to Review the CHRO; request for appeal; complaint regarding state agency contract compliance; ask Governor to intervene in case; complaints about treatment or
1250065CL-016CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]April 1989Request for update on status of claim; ask Governor to intervene in cases; Department of Agriculture notified of non-compliance in reporting contracts; agenda of Commission meeting; complaint about sl
1250065CL-017CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]May 1989Agencies notified of non-compliance in reporting contracts and their responses; ask Governor to intervene in case; approval of Affirmative Action Plan for Governor's office; disapproval of agency Affi
1250065CL-018CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]June-August 1989Complaint about discrimination at a beauty pageant for girls; report on Coordinated Statewide Investigation of Racial Steering; praise for CHRO staff; question authority of CHRO-issued subpoena; quest
1250065CL-019CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]September 1989Requests for updates on status of claims; Attorney General's Office asked to enforce CHRO findings; ask Governor to intervene in case; complaints about CHRO procedures; Charter Oak College informed i
1250065CL-020CHRO [Human Rights and Opportunities]October-December 1989Attorneys request appointment as hearing officer; claim filed against CHRO itself; welcome new member of Commission; complaint about contract compliance regulations as applied to small businesses; ask
1250065CL-021Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1989Poster to Commemorate holiday; text for program for commemoration; thank Governor for his participation.
1250065CL-022Human Rights and OpportunitiesJanuary-April 1990Requests for updates on status of claims; press releases; explanation of Attorney General's opinion of effect of PA 89-332 on current hearing examiners; protest new age requirement at motor home park;
1250065CL-023Human Rights and OpportunitiesMay 1990Information concerning training for investigative personnel; background information, correspondence and claimants refutations of CHRO findings related to a discrimination complaint against the Depart
1250065CL-024Human Rights and OpportunitiesJuly-December 1990Affirmative Action Plan of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner is overdue; complaint about slow process of investigating and hearing claim; requests for update on status of claims; press releases; al
1250065CL-025Human Rights and Opportunities--Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday1990Annual report of Holiday Commission; thank Governor for participation.
1250065CL-026Human Rights and Opportunities--Memos to/from Director1990Attorney General's opinion on effect of PA 89-332 on current hearing officers; attorneys request appointment as hearing officer; Governor requests update on status of claim; standardized Contract Awar