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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Income Maintenance

Subseries ID: 001CL-0067

Subseries is: 001CL-0067
Folder is: Income Maintenance
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
127  0067CL-001  Income Maintenance  January-March 1981  Request information on work fare program; request more welfare benefits; question about food stamps; desperate need for fuel assistance; object to being turned down for welfare; criticism of the WIN p 
127  0067CL-002  Income Maintenance  April-May 1981  Urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care; nursing home requests hearing to increase its daily rate; requests Governor's help obtaining a Title XIX number; object to Medicaid recipients usi 
127  0067CL-003  Income Maintenance  June-July 1981  Ask Governor for help getting Social Security disability benefits; objects to fuel assistance program; alleged welfare fraud; Governor writes to U.S. Congressman William Ratchford protesting the cuts 
127  0067CL-004  Income Maintenance  August 1981  Physicians protest difficulty in receiving reimbursements for Medicaid services; urge Governor to fund Title XX services; urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care; critical of Department p 
127  0067CL-005  Income Maintenance  September-October 1981  Outrage at welfare recipient purchasing a home; desperate need for financial assistance; data on AFDC earned income cases that were reviewed; object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patie 
127  0067CL-006  Income Maintenance  November-December 1981  Urge Governor to provide Medicaid for adult day care, he responds that federal cuts make it impossible; data illustrating impact of federal cuts on the state's food stamp program; request Governor's h 
127  0067CL-007  Income Maintenance--Bi-weekly and Management Reports  1981   
127  0067CL-008  Income Maintenance--L.I.E.A.P.  1981  Homeowners protest distribution of leftover funds from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP); Governor submits the Executive Branch Plan for the allocation of funds under the Low Income Ene 
127  0067CL-009  Income Maintenance--[Memos to/from Commissioner]  1981  Executive summary of PSRO Monitoring Approach; analysis of Colorado's Intergovernmental Eligibility Simplification Project; state comments about proposed federal rules; response to audit report findin 
128  0067CL-010  Income Maintenance  January-February 1982  Opposition to cap approach to Medicaid reimbursement; need for medical assistance; questions about an AFDC award; physicians and other health care providers complain about difficulties getting timely 
128  0067CL-011  Income Maintenance  March 1982  Desperate need for financial assistance; physicians complain about difficulties getting timely reimbursement payment; information concerning Automated Identification, Inc.; state plans to correct err 
128  0067CL-012  Income Maintenance  April 1982  Object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patients in nursing homes; town, physician and health care providers complain about difficulties getting timely reimbursement payments for social s 
128  0067CL-013  Income Maintenance--[Lizzi Case]  April 1982  Information and correspondence concerning investigations into the Ferry Point Skilled Nursing Care Facility administered by Damon D. Lizzi. 
128  0067CL-014  Income Maintenance  May 1982  Needs help with medical expenses; complaints about the EDS billing system; concern about transferring disabled patients from New Britain Hospital; problems with Title XIX designation; question about o 
128  0067CL-015  Income Maintenance  June 1982  Department of Human Resources reorganization plan; study on location of regional office for Department; stepparent objects to reduction in child support due to new legislation; needs medical assistanc 
128  0067CL-016  Income Maintenance  July 1982  Protest cut in food stamps; determining eligibility for AFDC; health care facilities and physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments, complain about the EDS bill paying service; in 
128  0067CL-017  Income Maintenance  August-September 1982  Object to private patients paying more than Medicaid patients in nursing homes; health care facilities and physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments, complain about the EDS bill 
128  0067CL-018  Income Maintenance  October-November 1982  Concern about cuts to energy assistance program; complaints about management of energy assistance; need for affordable housing; suggestion for saving on medical costs; protests an alcoholic receiving 
129  0067CL-019  Income Maintenance  December 1982  Protests cut in food stamp allotment; landlord requests direct payment from state for Section 8 tenants; allegations of welfare fraud; complaint about workfare; families not informed of disaster funds 
129  0067CL-020  Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner  1982  Notices to cities concerning non-compliance with work fare regulations; physicians having difficulties receiving timely payments, complain about EDS system; responses to state audit reports; response 
129  0067CL-021  Income Maintenance  1983  Request for branch office in Willimantic; Governor writes letter in support of a grant for Prepaid Managed Health Care; support for Medicaid coverage of liver transplant surgery. [Most letters bucked 
129  0067CL-022  Income Maintenance  1984  Senators Dodd and Weicker respond to Governor's correspondence concerning federal legislation; legislature debating allocation of energy assistance funds; information sheet from National Governors' As 
129  0067CL-023  Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner  1984  Governor approves implementation of emergency regulations concerning ownership of property by AFDC recipients; Commissioner comments on recommendations of the Governor's Council on Mental Retardation; 
129  0067CL-024  Income Maintenance  1985  Report on a survey for psychological services in Medicaid programs; information regarding the SAVE program that identifies aliens not entitled to public benefits; protest federal cuts to AFDC; concern 
129  0067CL-025  Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner  1985  Commissioner urges Governor to support the National Governor's Association resolution on error rate quality control; report on two actions taken by the federal government impacting the Department; res 
129  0067CL-026  Income Maintenance  1986  Health care provider having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; concern about changes in Medicare regulations; supports Governor's proposal for a comprehensive health care program on infant 
129  0067CL-027  Income Maintenance  January 1987  Problems with transportation from New Horizons Village; community living facility for mentally retarded has trouble getting funding from Department; one-man crusade against welfare; needs help with me 
129  0067CL-028  Income Maintenance  February-March 1987  Critical of state's procedures for paying funeral expenses; question what is covered under Medicaid; individual seeks employment in the welfare department; allegation of welfare fraud; needs financial 
129  0067CL-029  Income Maintenance  April-May 1987  Need financial assistance; need help with medical bills; notice that nursing home will not be renewed as Medicare provider, residents object; allegation of welfare fraud; having trouble getting Title 
129  0067CL-030  Income Maintenance  June-July 1987  Protest delay in processing AFDC application; trouble obtaining orthotic through Title XIX; management report from Department; needs financial assistance; need for affordable housing; need medical ass 
129  0067CL-031  Income Maintenance  August-September 1987  Alleged mismanagement of funeral fund some elderly contributed to directly; needs placement for disabled daughter; working poor cannot get medical insurance; protest with cuts in welfare benefits; col 
129  0067CL-032  Income Maintenance  October-December 1987  Food stamps and welfare check not on time; needs help with medical bills; needs financial assistance; protests federal cuts to social services; problems with Title XIX application; welfare recipients 
129  0067CL-033  Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes File  July-September 1987  Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer 
130  0067CL-034  Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes File  October-December 1987  Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer 
130  0067CL-035  Income Maintenance--Abilio Lopes File  January-April 1988  Repeated attempts by Mr. Lopes to get city welfare, disability or state welfare to pay his bills, and to obtain a waiver from taxes. [Some letters bucked to Department for response, most left unanswer 
130  0067CL-036  Income Maintenance  January 1988  Notice that state will not meet error rates for AFDC program; question about regulations regarding assets in relation to Medicaid benefits; needs financial assistance; testimonial of benefits of Food 
130  0067CL-037  Income Maintenance  February 1988  Protest cuts in welfare benefits; complaint about Department; support for additional rental assistance to AFDC families in unsubsidized apartments; needs financial assistance; protest decrease in fund 
130  0067CL-038  Income Maintenance  March-April 1988  New Horizons replies to allegations against it; protests state demanding reimbursement for former state aid; information concerning paying relatives to care for family member; state criticized for not 
130  0067CL-039  Income Maintenance  May-June 1988  Concern about financial health of Yale-New Haven Hospital; praise to state for reducing AFDC error rate; demands removal of executive director of New Horizons due to mismanagement; physicians having d 
130  0067CL-040  Income Maintenance  July-August 1988  Notice of possible sanction against state for its food stamp program; federal administration's views on welfare reform; need financial assistance; concern about new procedure sending AFDC checks on mo 
131  0067CL-041  Income Maintenance  September-October 1988  Nursing homes have difficulty hiring and keeping nurses due to low salaries; object to sending welfare checks monthly rather than twice a month; allegation of welfare fraud; suggestion for solving wel 
131  0067CL-042  Income Maintenance  November-December 1988  Need for emergency housing for homeless, Commissioner describes programs already in place; pharmacy having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; city protests Department audit procedures; pro 
131  0067CL-043  Income Maintenance  January-February 1989  Physicians having difficulties receiving reimbursement payments; needs help with food stamps recertification; questions about Medicare and Medicaid coverage; question why Medicare does not pay for den 
131  0067CL-044  Income Maintenance  March-April 1989  Urge Governor to expedite passage of legislation allowing Medicaid recipients to hire own home health aide; concerns about the reductions in welfare benefits; criticize Governor for cutting benefits t 
131  0067CL-045  Income Maintenance  May-July 1989  US Department of Health and Human Services reinstituting the AFDC quality control disallowance process; press releases concerning welfare reform; protest need to reimburse state for prior welfare supp 
131  0067CL-046  Income Maintenance  August-September 1989  Protest termination of orthodontic consultant for disadvantaged; allegations of welfare fraud; assets of institutionalized individuals are considered in determining eligibility; physician objects to p 
131  0067CL-047  Income Maintenance  October-December 1989  Durable equipment not covered by welfare; need help with medical bills; protest removal of patients from two nursing homes because they no longer accept Medicaid patients; question concerning child su 
131  0067CL-048  Income Maintenance  January-February 1990  Question concerning state taking assets to cover medical expenses; problems getting food stamps; allegation of welfare fraud; protest removal of patients from nursing homes because they no longer acce 
132  0067CL-049  Income Maintenance  March-April 1990  Protest removal of patients from nursing homes because they no longer accept Medicaid patients; object to reimbursing state for financial assistance received; thanks Governor for allowing nursing home 
132  0067CL-050  Income Maintenance  May-August 1990  Needs help paying utility or medical bills; complaint about rules for receiving assistance; needs financial assistance; allegation of discrimination from Department offices; personnel issues; protest 
132  0067CL-051  Income Maintenance  September-December 1990  Needs to find affordable housing; objects to discharge from nursing facility to group home; petition supporting Pre-Admission Screening/ Community Based Services program; press release concerning AIDS 
132  0067CL-052  Income Maintenance--Memos to/from Commissioner  1990  Governor notified of three Department of Mental Retardation facilities recently certified for Medicaid reimbursement; response to audit report; annual report; Governor notified of misuse of state fund