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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Judicial

Subseries ID: 001CL-0078

Subseries is: 001CL-0078
Folder is: Judicial
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
136  0078CL-001  Judicial  January-August 1981  Complaint about bankruptcy court; complaint about treatment by Infractions Bureau; protests fine and probation; need stronger judicial system; critical of family court in enforcing child support order 
136  0078CL-002  Judicial  September-December 1981  National Criminal Justice Association bulletins; protests sentence given son; critical of judges in family court; information about the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee study of eminent domain p 
136  0078CL-003  Judicial--Judge Aaron Ment  1981-1982  Letters protest light sentence given in rape case heard by Judge Ment. 
136  0078CL-004  Judicial  January-April 1982  FBI praises Connecticut State Police; request for reprimand of Judge Aaron Ment; ask Governor to reduce son's sentence; support for Judge Alvin Rottman; comments concerning selection of judges; compla 
136  0078CL-005  Judicial  May-July 1982  Object to involuntary committal; suggest using state hospital buildings as correctional facilities; recommendation for appointment; concern about jail overcrowding; complaint about court facilities; o 
136  0078CL-006  Judicial  August-December 1982  Complaints against judges; requests release of son's bicycle from police; judge wishes to retire; petition to reduce sentence of man tried for manslaughter; judge requests Senior Judge status; employe 
136  0078CL-007  Judicial--U.S. Department of Justice  1982  Press releases. 
136  0078CL-008  Judicial  1983  Information from the U.S. Department of Justice; seeking grandfather's estate in probate courts; approval of state's Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Plan; critical of the court system, wan 
136  0078CL-009  Judicial  1984  Governor announces expanded review of prospective judges; criticism of judge. 
136  0078CL-010  Judicial  1986  Complaint about family court; announcements from the U.S. Department of Justice; complaints about judges; support for judge seeking reappointment; oppose judge not being reappointed; criticism of the 
136  0078CL-011  Judicial  January-May 1987  Personnel issues; request Governor's intervention in court case; problems collecting child support; judicial system failing; judge requests appointment to Supreme Court; report from Massachusetts on d 
137  0078CL-012  Judicial  June-July 1987  Complaint about judge; requests for consideration for appointment to Appellate Court; protest judgment in criminal case. [Some letters 'bucked to Chief Court Administrator for response.] 
137  0078CL-013  Judicial  August-September 1987  Attorney requests appointment as judge; complaints about judges; recommendations for appointment to the judiciary; asks Governor for help with case. 
137  0078CL-014  Judicial  October-December 1987  Individuals and employers protest jury duty; allegations against police and the judicial system; case before the Supreme Court; attorneys request appointment as judge; recommendations for appointment 
137  0078CL-015  Judicial  January-April 1988  Ask Governor to change sentence; critical of judicial system; protest criminals being let out of jail too soon; protest probate tax; contest traffic violation; complaint about judge. [Most letters b 
137  0078CL-016  Judicial  May-July 1988  Protest low compensation paid jurors; needs Governor's help having case heard before the Statewide Grievance Committee; ask Governor to commute murder sentence; request Governor to offer a reward in r 
137  0078CL-017  Judicial  August-December 1988  Complaint that sentence not severe enough; complaints about judges; grant extension announced by U.S. Department of Justice; complaint about family court; asks Governor to reduce sentence. 
137  0078CL-018  Judicial  January-February 1989  Questions about and problems with Small Claims Court; protest alleged murderer going free; critical of judicial system; U.S. Department of Justice informs state of changes to the Juvenile Justice and 
137  0078CL-019  Judicial  March-April 1989  Report concerning the investigatory grand jury system; complaints about judicial system; complaint about judge; complaint about Judicial Review Council; complaint about attorney; complaint filed again 
137  0078CL-020  Judicial  May 1989  Report on Adult Probation Officer involved in misappropriation of funds; notice of meeting to develop long-range plan for court facilities; complaint about attorney; protest court ruling; personnel is 
137  0078CL-021  Judicial  June-August 1989  Asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; complaints about Small Claims Court; complaint about Superior Court; wants Governor to adjudicate speeding ticket; complaints about Central 
138  0078CL-022  Judicial  September-October 1989  Complaint about court; complaint about trial and sentence, wants Governor to grant temporary release; asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; asks Governor to reduce sentence; sen 
138  0078CL-023  Judicial  November-December 1989  Individual wants to take state and federal courts to court; sentence for drug dealers too light, judge needs to be censured; problem with small claims court; complaints about judicial system; ask Gove 
138  0078CL-024  Judicial  January-February 1990  Requests Governor's help getting child support order modified; object to family court ruling concerning child custody; problem with probate court; complaints about judges; address by U.S. Attorney Gen 
138  0078CL-025  Judicial  March-April 1990  Asks Governor to help find grandson's killer; allegation of corruption among judges and prosecutors; recommendation for appointment to Appellate Court; problems with Small Claims court; complaint abou 
138  0078CL-026  Judicial  May-December 1990  Problems with Small Claims Court; ask Governor to enforce child support order; complaints about judicial system; woman seeks recommendation against deportation from Superior Court; want sentences redu 
138  0078CL-027  Judicial  1991  Audit report.