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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Legal

Subseries ID: 001CL-0082

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
1460082CL-001LegalJanuary-August 1981Teacher wants termination and Superior Court decision reviewed; State of New Jersey requests help proving a paternity case; allegation that State Police ignoring reports of organized crime; requests h
1460082CL-002LegalSeptember-December 1981Request sentence reduction or pardon; complaint about judge; requests Governor's help resolving unpaid taxes from former owner of business; notice about funding for Legal Services; complaint about att
1470082CL-003[Legal]1982Requests Governor's assistance in settling an appeal and in reviewing a judge's ruling; asks Governor to help with legal problems.
1470082CL-004Legal1983Summary of case, University of Connecticut AAUP v. Governor et al.
1470082CL-005Legal1984Asks Governor to overturn suspension of drivers license; International Brotherhood of Police Officers supports Inspectors in the State's Attorney's Office in contract dispute; memorandum of decision i
1470082CL-006Legal1985Family of murder victim critical of justice system and possible early parole; Governor supports Legal Services Corporation funding of the Connecticut Bar Foundation grant; opposes changing child suppo
1470082CL-007Legal1986Concern about enforcement of state obscenity laws; question about when a business is legally incorporated; allegation of discrimination in termination of employment; parish objects to road constructio
1470082CL-008LegalJanuary-March 1987Minority contractor has not been paid for state work; accelerated rehabilitation easily abused; inmates claim they are innocent; request inmate's sentence be reduced; wants arrest record erased; suppo
1470082CL-009LegalApril-June 1987Removal of Chief State's Attorney John Kelly would help alleviate tension between the Black community and police in Norwalk following a police shooting; protest traffic violations; attorney critical t
1470082CL-010LegalJuly-August 1987State court houses need repairs and maintenance; contract not honored; problems settling husband's estate; request to use services of Dr. Henry Lee; complaint about judge; complaint about court system
1470082CL-011LegalSeptember 1987Fact sheet on Judge Robert H. Bork supplied by the White House; requests enforcement of small claims court decision; adopted children need to know about hereditary traits that could affect health; pro
1470082CL-012LegalOctober 1987Request Governor's help settling cases; documents related to the U. S. Supreme Court case of Leon E. and Mary P. Cooper v. Merrill Lynch Equity Access . . . [and] State of Connecticut; complaint about
1470082CL-013LegalNovember 1987Alleged spies in Detroit; single mother wants to appeal to the citizens of the state for child support; complaint about judge; asks Governor to waive traffic violation; complaint about local police; c
1480082CL-014LegalDecember 1987Problems settling estates; inmate is innocent of crime; alleged illegal discharge from the Governor's Foot Guard; complaints about local police; alleged job discrimination; requests Governor's interve
1480082CL-015Legal--Statewide Grievance Committee1987Protest Committee findings; complaints about attorneys brought before the Committee; grievance against the Department of Correction; complaint about judge.
1480082CL-016LegalJanuary-February 1988Cannot get money out of company's 401K plan; attorneys allege inadequate security measures at court houses; protests legal drinking age; problem settling an estate; alleges personal property stolen by
1480082CL-017LegalMarch 1988Automobile damaged by Connecticut Transit vehicle; complaint about attorneys; requests Governor's intervention in case; inmate claims he is innocent; question concerning grandparents' rights to visit
1480082CL-018LegalApril 1988Complaint about delay in scheduling trial; asks Governor's leniency toward man convicted of manslaughter; requests Governor's intervention in case; problem settling estate; question concerning Governo
1480082CL-019LegalMay 1988Complaint about attorney; critical of traffic court system; complaint about police department; inmate claims innocence; request pardon for inmate; complaint about juvenile court.
1480082CL-020LegalJune 1988Complaint about court system; requests Governor's intervention in case; inmate claims innocence; complaint about public defender; need to enforce child support orders; critical of traffic court system
1480082CL-021LegalJuly1-11, 1988Request Governor's intervention in case; question about jurisdiction over children's' guardianship; inmate claims innocence.
1480082CL-022LegalJuly 13, 1988Complaint filed with Chief Justice Peters against Chief State's Attorney John J. Kelley, Assistant State's Attorney Burton Kaplan and City of New Haven Corporation Counsel Brian Murphy for denying a p
1490082CL-023LegalJuly 15-30, 1988Request Governor's intervention in cases; alleged corruption in judicial system; claim of persecution; oppose court order to allow comatose patient to die by removing feeding tube.
1490082CL-024LegalAugust-October 1988Request Governor's intervention in cases; company is shipping walk-in coolers that do not conform to state laws; resolution of Court of Common Council in Hartford to free Nelson Mandela; protest divor
1490082CL-025LegalNovember 1988Protests treatment in court house because of religious garment (Sikh turban); claim filed against court and judges.
1490082CL-026LegalDecember 1988Question about access to closed adoption records; thanks Governor for support during L'Ambiance Plaza litigation; afraid of losing her land; complaint about sheriff; complaints about judges; request G
1490082CL-027Legal--Desrosier [v. Mazur]1988Documents concerning a local zoning dispute and allegations of a conspiracy by town officials to block the application. Also includes a court case involving use of a right of way, and a request for t
1490082CL-028Legal--Statewide Grievance Committee1988Object to findings of the Committee; complaint against an attorney.
1490082CL-029LegalJanuary-February 1989Reports a possible felony; complaint about tax preparer; needs help getting job back; opinion about decriminalizing drug use; not guilty of traffic violation; request Governor to direct the state to f
1490082CL-030LegalMarch 1989Praise for attorney; request anti-trust investigation of HMOs; court will not file docket and schedule case; sheriff defends his actions against allegations; decries treatment of Judge which led to hi
1500082CL-031LegalMarch 20, 1989Daycare provider challenges the constitutionality of proposed regulations and procedures that allow the Department of Human Resources to conduct unannounced searchers and inspections. Includes copies
1500082CL-032LegalApril-May 1989Complaint about sheriff; requests Governor's help getting daughter admitted to University of Connecticut-Stamford; complaint about judicial system; outlines federal conspiracy against family; protest
1500082CL-033LegalJune 1989Complaint about delay scheduling court cases; victim's family opposes release of inmate convicted of manslaughter; protests traffic ticket, police are undercover; son at Connecticut Valley Hospital h
1500082CL-034LegalJuly 1989Alleged municipal corruption in Easton; possible mail fraud; inmate or family claims innocence; complaint about police; court order concerning housing inmates on intake into prison; inmate threatens t
1500082CL-035LegalAugust-September 1989Protest traffic tickets; protest loss of home by grandparents who gave shelter to drug-dealing grandson; alleges police harassment; complaint about lack of response from Chief State's Attorney; inmate
1500082CL-036LegalOctober-November 1989Opposes release of inmate convicted of manslaughter; complaint about justice system; protest suspended sentence given cocaine dealer; inmate on release wants permission to visit family in another stat
1500082CL-037LegalDecember 1989Oppose two public defenders assigned to one man; preliminary draft of civil laws pertaining to alcohol and drug abuse, under consideration of the Connecticut Law Revision Commission; protest being res
1500082CL-038[Legal]--Statewide Grievance Committee1989Complaint against attorneys.
1500082CL-039LegalJanuary-February 1990Complaint about UConn Health Center dentists; asks Governor to void his warrant; lawsuits against professionals licensed by the state; protest denial of public defender; complaint about police officer
1510082CL-040LegalMarch 1990Requests information on applying for a reward; request Governor's intervention in cases; inmate wants to relocate to Connecticut following his release from prison; asks Governor to reduce prison sente
1510082CL-041LegalApril-May 1990Request Governor's intervention in cases, including one against a contractor; asks Governor to prevent son going to jail; protests traffic ticket; alleged assault of inmate; want family member to rema
1510082CL-042LegalJune-July 1990Requests Governor's intervention in case; complaints about state police; allegation of misconduct against public defenders; complaints about attorneys; opposes H.B. 5956, An Act Concerning Community L
1510082CL-043LegalAugust 1990Summonses and complaints in two civil cases in which the Governor or the state are named as defendants; requests Governor's help with contested medical bill; complaint about handling of traffic ticke
1510082CL-044LegalOctober-December 1990Foster parents want to trace a child who was subsequently adopted; comptroller slow in paying legal bills; inmate opposes extradition to Connecticut; request hardship license for person guilty of drun
1510082CL-045[Legal]--Letters re Karen Aparo1990Letters supporting and opposing Karen Aparo's acquittal for conspiracy in a murder case.
1510082CL-046[Legal]--James J. Arvis1990Packet of documents proving innocence of James Arvis who was tried and convicted of felony murder and appeals to the Governor from a friend and from Jarvis's wife.
1510082CL-047[Legal]--Jean D'AngeloJuly 1990Case against an attorney hired by D'Angelo to prosecute Hartford National Bank and Trust Co. for misappropriation of funds.
1510082CL-048[Legal]--Domestic Violence1990Urge Governor to continue to fund domestic violence programs and services.
1510082CL-049[Legal]--Statewide Grievance Committee1990Condominium Association requests Governor's intervention in complaint filed with the Committee which they feel the committee did not handle properly.