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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Legislation

Subseries ID: 001CL-0083

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1520083CL-001Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]January-March 1981Oppose any increase in sales or property tax; request certain items proposed for cuts be retained in the budget; municipal leaders and others object to proposed cuts in grants to towns and cities; opp
1520083CL-002Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]March 16, 1981Object to proposed elimination of grants to municipalities, the Urban Problems Grant program and the Property Tax Relief Grant.
1520083CL-003Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]April-September 1981Petition against real estate conveyance tax; out-of-state motor carriers protest increase in annual registration fees; information concerning the Liberty Amendment; Governor's statement to the U.S. S
1520083CL-004Legis[lation]/Legis[lature]October-December 1981Senator Weicker contacts Governor on behalf of a constituent; concern about state employee contracts not addressed by General Assembly; express opinions about federal legislation; students express opp
1520083CL-005Legis[lation]1982Urge Governor to protest Oklahoma not ratifying the ERA; question whether Governor needs approval of legislature to reallocate block grant funds; Georgia proposes federal amendment requiring review of
1520083CL-006Legislation1983Governor urges Congressional delegation to support a bill continuing funding for single-family mortgage assistance programs; legislator urges Governor's help defeating bills merging the Department of
1520083CL-007[Legislation]1984Draft report of the Commission for Study of Current Assessment Methods and Procedures Related to Real Property.
1520083CL-008LegislationFebruary-June 1987Question concerning financial reward for reporting illegal activities by employer; supports legislation naming English the official state language; supports mandatory Medicare assignment legislation;
1520083CL-009LegislationJuly 1987Legislator asks Governor to veto bill concerning mail-in voter registration; opposes increase in motor vehicle registration fees; questions using taxpayer money to help Bridgeport pay for L'Ambiance P
1520083CL-010LegislationAugust-December 1987Support legislation naming English the official state language; educators oppose bill allowing out-of-state teachers to delay taking a basic skills test in order to teach in Connecticut; request exten
1520083CL-011LegislationJanuary-February 1988Connecticut Retail Merchants Association's legislative agenda; petition and letters against using tax money to fund abortions; legislative agenda proposed by the New Haven Mayor's Task Force on Hunger
1530083CL-012LegislationMarch 1988Support bill allowing 15-year olds to work in restaurants; mail order companies oppose collecting sales tax on their products; information concerning a bill to establish a demonstration family resourc
1530083CL-013LegislationApril 1988Oppose increase in taxes; opposes salary increases for legislature; defense of polystyrene containers; need to expand bottle bill; review of legal principles involved in retrospective legislation; urg
1530083CL-014LegislationMay 1-17, 1988Support and opposition for increased taxes; businesses oppose increase in unemployment benefit rates (HB 5056); business oppose plant closing bill (HB 5077); supports gun control; state needs to suppo
1530083CL-015LegislationMay 18-31, 1988Urge Governor to sign bills; opposes homestead exemption bill; oppose bill incarcerating women who do not allow ex-husbands visitation rights; frustrated that appropriation to give AFDC families in un
1530083CL-016LegislationJune-July 1988Frustrated that administrative per se legislation did not pass; support ban on smoking on Metro-North commuter trains but warn Governor of petition drive to reverse decision; oppose regulation of chec
1530083CL-017LegislationAugust-September 1988Support tough penalties (administrative per se) for first time drunk driving; oppose creation of registered care technologists.
1530083CL-018LegislationOctober-December 1988Suggest reducing legislators' salaries to improve state budget; protests overuse of consultants; requests for text of legislation; suggestion for providing property tax relief; urge support of bill ou
1530083CL-019Legislation--Petitions1988Support the Freedom of Choice bill allowing people to choose own pharmacy; disapprove of mail order maintenance drug program.
1530083CL-020LegislationJanuary-February 1989Urge regulation of cable television companies; student suggests imposing fine on person who fails to report a crime; ask repeal of P.A. 87-421 concerning legally liable relatives of individuals receiv
1540083CL-021LegislationMarch 1-14, 1989Opposes proposed ban on smoking in public places; small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legislation under consideration; Town of Bloomfield legislative agenda; support for An Act Conc
1540083CL-022LegislationMarch 16-31, 1989Opposes additional conveyance tax on home sellers; opposes raising taxes on services; oppose gun control; supports state endangered species act; support legislation naming English the official state l
1540083CL-023LegislationApril 1989Governor's position statement regarding income tax; supports gun control; support legislation naming English the official state language; small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legis
1540083CL-024LegislationMay 1989Small businesses opposed to parental and medical leave legislation; oppose two bills affecting farmers and the sale of their land; support funding for hazardous waste cleanup; Governor's letter to leg
1540083CL-025LegislationJune 1989Urge Governor to sign HB 7508, An Act Concerning Privileged Communications between Psychologist an Patient; supports capital punishment; urge Governor to sign HB 5761, An Act Concerning Insurance Cove
1540083CL-026LegislationJuly 1989Opposition to and support of flag burning amendment to the US Constitution; urge Governor to sign or veto specific legislation; urge Governor to veto HB 6188, An Act Concerning Fair Rent Commissions;
1540083CL-027LegislationAugust-December 1989Urge Governor to veto HB 7270, An Act Establishing a State Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure . . .; urge Governor to veto SB 945, An Act . . . Extension of Time for Local Fire Marshals, De
1540083CL-028Legislation--P.A. 89-101 Pediatric Preventive Care1989Form letters thanking Governor for signing the legislation that became P.A. 89-101, An Act Concerning Insurance Coverage for Preventive Pediatric Care.
1550083CL-029Legislation--Petitions1989Support the Freedom of Choice bill allowing people to choose own pharmacy; support expansion of teachers' retirement benefits; oppose requirement that towns enter binding arbitration for teachers; op
1550083CL-030LegislationJanuary-February 1990Request change in out-of-state physicians license fee; suggested Uniform Appraiser Act; O'Neill's announcement of a Five Point Drug Control and Violent Crime Legislative Program; need to enforce curre
1550083CL-031LegislationMarch 1990Urge Governor to change law to raise threshold for public works projects before they are subject to prevailing wage law; support legislation requiring licensing those who perform heating system tune-u
1550083CL-032LegislationApril 1990Urge Governor to support specific legislation; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control; oppose additional gun control laws.
1550083CL-033LegislationMay 1990Oppose Substitute Bill 5753 concerning the sale of farm land; urge Governor to veto or sign specific bills; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control
1550083CL-034LegislationJune-October 1990Oppose additional gun control laws; thank Governor for signing abortion rights bill; support bill (HB 5846) that would protect Long Island Sound through water pollution control; urge Governor to sign
1550083CL-035LegislationDecember 1990Opposes abortion rights bill; questions about abortion rights.
1550083CL-036Legislation--H.B. 5130 An Act Concerning Social Work1990Urge Governor to sign the bill, An Act Concerning Social Work Vendorship that provides for third party payments for mental health services provided by Certified Independent Social Workers.
1550083CL-037Legislation--Petitions1990Support changes in Federal Clean Air Act to provide nuclear-free milk; support HB 5846, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Control; oppose increase in cigarette tax and anti-smoking legislation.
1560083CL-038Legislation--Gun Control1990Color videotape of police officer from San Jose explaining and demonstrating the differences between fully automatic assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles.