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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Local

Subseries ID: 001CL-0087

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
1570087CL-001Local1981-1982Complaints about local police; request permission to use state park for fundraising event; if ineligible for federal fuel assistance, should check with the town; complaint about receiving parking tick
1570087CL-002Local1985-1986Complaint about local police; wants English to be official language of the state; asks Governor to make sure teacher gets a long sentence for molesting children; concern about condition of monument in
1580087CL-003LocalJanuary-May 1987Concern for local cemetery; dangerous dogs in the neighborhood; wants Governor to intervene in restoring Holy Land USA in Waterbury; wants swimming pool for school; CB radio interfering with televisio
1580087CL-004LocalJune-August 1987Problems with local police; complaints about motorcycle and traffic noise; complaint about lack of street lighting; concerned about closing of parochial school; conflict with local health department;
1580087CL-005LocalSeptember-December 1987Allege discrimination by staff at Hartford Civic Center; wants help with aviation research; complaints about contractors working on house; complaints about local police; complaint about tractor traile
1580087CL-006LocalJanuary-May 1988Urges Governor to fund the Municipal Liability Trust Fund; complaint about housing court; concern about delays in emergency medical assistance; problem with local zoning board; question about ownershi
1580087CL-007LocalJune-December 1988Concern about a scam operated in Hartford; problems with zoning board; wants to form parents' group to keep kids away from drugs and gangs; complaints about local police; concern about condition of Br
1580087CL-008Local1989Complaints about local police and sheriffs; complaints about property tax; Village of South Meriden requests state recognition; information about home ownership project in Bridgeport; complaints about
1580087CL-009LocalJanuary-May 1990Complaint about crime in the area; urge Governor to help fund capital improvements in Danbury; allege municipal corruption; complaint about contract procedure in Hartford; protest Naval Sea Cadet Cor
1580087CL-010LocalJune-December 1990Asks Governor for new high school for town; complaint about local police; problems with paying property tax; problems with neighbors; question about paid leave for volunteers; petition concerning need