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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Mental Retardation

Subseries ID: 001CL-0090

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1630090CL-001Mental RetardationJanuary-March 1981Drafts of bills appointing guardians or conservators for the mentally ill who need medical or dental treatment; personnel issues; urge to Governor to provide more funding for community programs; criti
1630090CL-002Mental RetardationApril-August 1981Governor defends comments by Commissioner Thorne about a bill allowing the mentally retarded to wear their own clothes; transportation problems; parents object to their child being transferred to a co
1630090CL-003Mental RetardationSeptember-December 1981Comparison of costs for institutional and community-based care of mentally ill by the Association for Retarded Citizens; clients need placement in institutions; personnel issues; protests cuts for she
1640090CL-004Mental Retardation--Facilities1981Criticism of Eliot Dober, Director of the Office of Protection and Advocacy for the Handicapped, for insensitivity, and a call for his resignation; concerns that Southbury Training School not receivin
1640090CL-005Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center1981Reviews of Finding of No Significant Impact regarding construction of the Northwestern Regional Center in Torrington; notes concerning informational meeting about the new center; residents oppose the
1640090CL-006Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center Minutes1976-1981Map of possible site for center; minutes of the Advisory and Planning Council of Northwest Regional Center; annual reports.
1640090CL-007Mental Retardation--Northwest Regional Center news clippings1967-1981
1640090CL-008Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ThorneApril 1980-April 1981Information concerning the development of An Act Concerning the Placement of Mentally Retarded Persons; revised drafts of the bill; amendments to H.B. 5740; annual report of the Supervised Apartment P
1640090CL-009Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] ThorneMay-December 1981Responses to audit reports; Department concerned about new policy concerning filling direct care positions; Commissioner refutes report of the Association for Retarded Citizens; comparing institutiona
1640090CL-010Mental Retardation--Youngberg v Romeo1981Constituents and advocates for the mentally retarded object to Connecticut filing amicus brief in the Youngberg v Romeo case. Governor responds with copy of Deputy Attorney General Peter Gillies' exp
1640090CL-011Mental Retardation1982Commissioner requests all block grant funds be used for Day Treatment Services; nursing homes for mentally retarded children cannot survive on low reimbursement rates set by state; nursing home for me
1640090CL-012Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner] Thorne1982-1983Community Training Home complains about not receiving payments for services; Motor Pool complains about Department Superintendents garaging state vehicles at home; discussion with Elisha Freedman abou
1640090CL-013Mental Retardation1983Draft of the preliminary plan for implementing the CARC v Thorne Consent Decree.
1640090CL-014Mental Retardation1984Family members and advocates object to violent patients being housed at a institution for the mentally retarded; concern about implementation of regulations relative to P.A. 83-39; neighbors oppose se
1640090CL-015Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]January-April 1984Latest proposed Consent Decree; description of internal administrative process for transition of Department programs from larger facilities to group homes; list of group homes; draft of Department's p
1650090CL-016Mental Retardation--[Memos to/from Commissioner]May-December 1984Organizational charts and management process materials concerning implementation of the Consent Decree; information concerning the federal government's proposed cancellation of the provider agreement
1650090CL-017Mental Retardation1985Response to audit report; Governor praises state's efforts to employ persons with disabilities; request to use building at Connecticut Valley Hospital as a homeless shelter; problems with construction
1650090CL-018Mental Retardation1986Labor negotiations; concern about damage to Camp Harkness; personnel problems at the Northwest Regional Center; response to audit report; Governor describes amendment to state constitution ensuring ri
1650090CL-019Mental RetardationJanuary 1-20, 1987Parents object to moving children from institutions to group homes; objections to removing mentally retarded from Seaside Center; parent needs placement for autistic son; parent demands information co
1650090CL-020Mental RetardationJanuary 21-31, 1987Client having trouble getting to work; private service providers cannot keep staff due to low salaries; object to mentally ill being housed with the mentally retarded; client in supervised apartment
1650090CL-021Mental RetardationFebruary 1987Need more sheltered workshops; object to mentally ill being housed with the mentally retarded; concern about parental rights in placement decisions; General Accounting Office report on services provid
1650090CL-022Mental RetardationMarch 1-24, 1987Problems paying state for services; parents complain that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent Decree making residents of institutions first priorit
1650090CL-023Mental RetardationMarch 25-31, 1987Organization developing group homes needs immediate payment to cover costs; model for medical respite for children; update on client who needs special placement; housing problem.
1660090CL-024Mental RetardationApril-May 1987Attorney General's opinion regarding psychological services performed for the Department; parents complain that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent
1660090CL-025Mental RetardationJune 1987Parents need placement for children; parents concerned for safety of children in group homes; personnel issues; concern about underutilization of Mystic Education Center; concern about placing court-o
1660090CL-026Mental RetardationJuly 1987Parent does not want to give up parental rights in order to find placement for son; neighbors object to group homes, allege Department purchased the units under false pretenses; question concerning ac
1660090CL-027Mental RetardationAugust 1987Concern about Governor's intervention in threatened strike by private health care workers; violent client needs permanent placement for his parents' safety; object to policy allowing residents of home
1660090CL-028Mental RetardationSeptember-October 1987Parent concerned for adult child's safety in group home; concern about level of supervision for clients who attend church services; thank Governor for intervening in pending strike at Oak Hill School
1660090CL-029Mental RetardationNovember-December 1987Community Training Home not receiving timely reimbursements; overview of rent subsidy program operated by the Department; state employee wants to remain in state housing while on workers' compensation
1660090CL-030Mental Retardation--[Commissioner Appointment]1987Support and opposition to the reappointment of Brian Lensink as Commissioner.
1660090CL-031Mental RetardationJanuary-March 1988Complaint that mentally disabled still living at home cannot get placement in group home due to Consent Decree making residents of institutions first priority; analysis of federal bills concerning the
1670090CL-032Mental RetardationApril 1988Lack of residential and day programs for mentally disabled still living at home violates the CARC v Thorne Consent Decree; resident of rest home seeks supervised apartment; parent protests placement a
1670090CL-033Mental RetardationMay 1988Parent concerned that placement may be inappropriate; parents seeking placement for children; parent critical of perceived lack of assistance from Department; allegation that lack of residential and d
1670090CL-034Mental RetardationJune-July 1988Aging parents or other family members seek permanent placement for child still living at home but are thwarted by the Consent Decree; service providers concerned that state budget cuts will force thei
1670090CL-035Mental RetardationAugust 1988Protest funding cuts that limit placement of adult children still living at home or that eliminate other programs; thanks Governor for restoring funds; settlement agreement to resolve contempt motion
1670090CL-036Mental RetardationSeptember-October 1988Parent fears for safety of child in group home because of another client; protest imprisonment of mentally retarded man for disorderly behavior; protest termination of respite care services; protest D
1670090CL-037Mental RetardationNovember-December 1988Parents who wish to keep child home cannot get necessary services and support from Department; advocacy group protests a client's treatment; aging parents seek permanent placement for child still livi
1670090CL-038Mental RetardationJanuary 1989Advocacy group having trouble getting client placed in a group home; responses to audit reports; clients leaving school cannot get assistance because of lack of transition mechanism from Children's S
1680090CL-039Mental RetardationFebruary 1989Personnel issues; concerns about rumor of closing Mansfield Training Center; parent needs respite care; transportation problems; parent fears for safety of child in institution; parent must relinquish
1680090CL-040Mental RetardationMarch 1989Sibling requests transfer of brother; personnel issues; client needs increase in funds to pay respite care worker; response to audit report; urgent need to find placement for retarded adult; need day
1680090CL-041Mental RetardationApril 1989Protest that parents who keep retarded child at home do not receive services; complaint about working conditions at Southbury Training School; report of group home resident missing; opposes H.B. 7224;
1680090CL-042Mental RetardationMay 1989Oppose cuts to Department budget; concern about change in providers for medical care to clients in southeastern Connecticut; ask Governor to reconsider Department policy concerning do not resuscitate
1690090CL-043Mental RetardationJune-July 1989Ask Governor to reconsider Department policy concerning do not resuscitate orders for retarded individuals; father recuperating from surgery wants retarded son returned home; parent does not want chil
1690090CL-044Mental RetardationAugust 1989Client in supervised apartment wants to return to Southbury Training School; criticism of Commissioner Lensink; concern about lack of funds for day programs for children beyond school age; Seaside Cen
1690090CL-045Mental RetardationSeptember 1989Parents and guardians seek permanent placement for child; thanks for and continuing requests for assistance from Governor's office; audit report and response; problems with Social Security benefits; c
1690090CL-046Mental RetardationOctober 1989Landlord wants state to reimburse for damages to building used as group home; parent seeks permanent placement for child; guardian seeks placement for individual; audit reports; concern about change
1690090CL-047Mental RetardationDecember 1989Concerns about lack of staff at Southbury Training School; response to audit report; Community Associates of Connecticut respond to complaints; parent concerned for safety of son in group home; audit
1690090CL-048[Mental Retardation]--Institutes1989Meeting minutes and agendas of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Living.
1690090CL-049[Mental Retardation]--Mansfield1989Information concerning the closing of Mansfield Training School and the relocation of employees.
1690090CL-050DMR [Mental Retardation]January-April 1990Union activities at National Community Development Corp.; need for emergency residential placement; investigation of complaint about group home; parents seek permanent placement; request additional fu
1690090CL-051DMR [Mental Retardation]May-June 1990Constituent concerned that state is not using money wisely in contracts with private service providers; use of state land for affordable housing; Council on Mental Retardation supports U.S. Senate bil
1690090CL-052DMR [Mental Retardation]July-August 1990Client in supervised apartment wants to return to Southbury Training School; parents seek permanent placement for children; request additional funding for Connecticut Institute for the Blind; Associat
1700090CL-053DMR [Mental Retardation]September-December 1990Private service providers receive contract adjustment that allows increase in wages; ask Governor's office to intervene in eviction case; parents concerned about placement of children with special nee
1700090CL-054DMR [Mental Retardation--Memos to/from Commissioner]1990Responses to audit reports; annual report of Department's Quality Assurance Division.